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    Cinderella Carriage Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    the mall the hey can I
    vicinity and welcome back to with me away I recently saw the movie Cinderella
    and I was so inspired by the golden carriage that I decided to make my
    on this at the San I'll be showing the same techniques on
    assembling cutting fasting covering and decorating
    Cinderella's carriage all my tools recipes songs will be listed in the
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    comment and subscribe to my channel cell without further ado
    let's see what we can with Ben for the cake I'm in a super easy pumpkin cake
    with cream cheese frosting
    company with white chocolate Conor you will need some space cake mix
    a sugar pumpkin puree
    and then you need some pants ancient
    and dome sheeple I'm sure you'll be
    so much having mmm
    and last season peachy and hashing you really can't pay with this
    pumpkin cake recipe combine outing
    into one ball mix it up divided that
    to aids hand and I think in Spokane
    making it convenient to give me fishy to me.
    should it's completely cool down before used a
    for this exchange I really can't
    and with the second shit when the bottom eyeball you wanna come be able in saran
    and places
    trustee there you want to eat inskeep into
    you'll need detailee each layer so that it's terrible
    when she at that PTEN prostate NPN
    in explaining with each layer you want to camp
    down so that you keep working on the cheap Paul when he done
    popping into the freezer for fun our internet you meet me
    in Street tend to put it together
    put my name down until around pipeline
    level of the bonnet down and shit
    5 doubt then football's over on to take with him
    cardboard profit so that the whole
    adhere to the bat there's not much that you pet
    getting upset that you find be applied some
    go one thing about cream cheese
    that it breaks down the on it and causing it to weep
    so we need to create a barrier between it with white chocolate
    enough cash but be click when you a set with a nice because it will hire in a
    that to create a clean surface
    he said he and the hand en route the white chocolate to get me to
    imperfections this is the Mercedes up all rolling pins
    and some kitchens he I thought the best Mac and their
    buyer he won t need your money so that s
    pliable then rolling out flat and place in between the two met
    it arson because he can rely upon it without a lot of cornstarch
    in shortening and it won't try al I am NOT a pro when it comes to covering
    my best advice is to use is man or
    bonnet that does not die out that porkers
    surface it really helps the use your hands to smooth it out
    we need to make the wheel in advanced
    welcome done anything too long ropes fines and the sickly too wrapped a rope
    n roll another email to make the detail and then we'll
    and don't forget to get together with some packing hail
    here is my favorite malt but it is only one sided
    I'll be sure you a simple way to make a double play vault
    this is a food-safe reusable mold material
    simply heat in the likely employed over the part that has included with mold
    let insulin apply income any access part
    when you finish you can we now emmys
    over and over again the best part about my tutorial is that you don't need a lot
    and the mall
    disappointed country's main reason some Katie
    to take the country that you already have and play with those
    pieces you can see that the one that I'm using I just leaves heart singer Joss
    so-called edges y león his
    and give you peace of mind can't a lot of people
    asked me where did I get better almost forgot my phone lock okay shops
    kick shows and public continued I'll try my best to get you guys are linked to
    similar one
    this is a great way to practice your designs
    not to settle them into the shape of your cake
    then decorate them your decorating a cake if you don't like it
    scrap it and we do it again he can I think have it is that and home to the
    until you're ready to decorate
    this is my favorite part there's something about needing
    ample art that make me happy it took me a couple years to develop the
    techniques such as keep active seen I sell
    in Victoria is visually to back to follow
    please email me and I'll be happy to send you a link to the slower pace
    I am using yellow gum peace because
    I will be painting over these pieces with the cold later meets with them
    cocoa butter in case any some spots I found pay deductible per
    the cake leo
    the No
    the No
    what makes it great cake decorator is a house till they are
    by how they can fix the problem and make it better there's more than one way to
    make something
    so there is really no right way I makes mistakes on this cake
    there was a plea said that would work but I ended up taking a
    and that's okay to this is Mike Aitken I can make it however I walk


    when used a PG happen options
    him he would alcohol limit action our cocoa butter
    only thing about cocoa butter is that you have to keep it warm
    or else it will start to solidify when she makes you happy later and
    don't Michael even seriously ill catch on fire
    so Jesse mountain ash Alpine a hot water
    the my
    initially I like the sky blue but after peeing in the call
    that blue and gold in it looks so nice so I decided to make some Palin told us
    with some couple letter and repeated the key
    to give this cake only mention that on wheels
    have been on how the chocolate box I had laying around
    agreed into the boy in covering it with find a the last part are the wheels
    any don't wait for it to complete the giant they will break
    so add some paid in jail are well I seem to catch them on
    I had a lot of fun making this cake
    and I hope you guys enjoyed watching me make it both delicious
    to every lang you're helping me make my dreams come true
    Phil until next time have courage
    NB hanging *** *** Cinderella's Carriage Cake- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    I anglers here welcome if it's your first time here
    welcome back if you want viewers and my daughter
    be a from BSP today
    it Iran I am
    now movies not yet we have actually
    this the week before the movies at only a little girl
    she watched Cinderella a little bit like me show
    got really excited to see the new like Cinderella
    an honor that we are going to me this gorgeous
    and around for it started when I show you if you think they're
    out of the ordinary yes and
    do you think maybe actually first thing
    and using more with a body kick to everyday by
    and what do you think it is actually double think
    for can see the edge here so if you can get me these great one today
    other my will to hash key parts together
    and Carmen for you cue track the next thing is really is a meadow
    cookie-cutter this could cutter is about an inch and a half
    Hall which is about you want are going to use it for the base
    are K next we are using
    to really tall six-inch Rams
    when they really tall the 6-inch round for makin
    range him a whole cake mix was used for these two players
    on normally do you have a cake mix for to their
    used ok it makes for two players their
    a six-inch horny and fewer that you can think of
    already untrue we're going to use that skewer
    to sit here K to more
    actually countdown the word that's why he needed to
    she parts gonna use some Peter actual popsicle sticks because their way
    keeper that's okay time we're going to you
    four ish round cake tin just for marking californica
    cookie-cutter that's great gonna be using
    a lot if you ask me this a brand that well
    but you can use any can email print faith and white chocolate
    tempered right uni parchment paper
    this one happens to be a little bit acts of non-stick
    purchase and we're gonna in Parkchester
    like this the future art Pieper
    that marker time and be
    no marked out can't tumor
    basically the app that lets go when a shady
    lia actually through all of these out so that we can decide what we want to do
    for are we of so shares your mouth and tested
    can heat up first and we decided to go with more scatter
    combination this menace but I want to show you can't drive
    absolutely any please sheet for them sturdy even a kickboard
    if I just flat and go ahead and to hear them dreamy
    menu this one right middle you can feed
    I think paula I can have a lot at da to Cantina
    that holding me down making and diffusing
    a clear cut back clear clear plastic piping
    back to be cut just the tip of at he's worked great
    back my plan and he's going to come around
    and you wanted to drop a line
    don't worry if it's perfect for not remember that these are transforming
    fine so they're not be perfect then you just come back in
    and feeling you want to make sure
    on some love you to pieces are connected in
    and you continue and wanna stick he's in the refrigerator
    for only
    minutes or let him drive for

    into their completely dry but I'll tell you
    putting them in the refrigerator doesn't work the nest want to read your snack
    lee also through this out and you basically just go online
    look for horse drawing image
    as print it out and make sure it's the size you want we also had an alternate
    so doubt this force could be
    I'm standing down or
    winning up like so basically there's no magic in this
    we just you'd really you think think
    to come back under yeah I have a home video that shows exactly how I
    did this technique if the I'll get reindeer
    but essentially you just follow your outline
    with one color
    you can see a
    quickly this goes you're just dropping a line you want to make sure it's nice and
    thank inconsistent come back
    and I going to freehand mine the horse
    me but if you wanna drop that out in advance
    absolutely do that to you and
    we want her purse mean just to be big curls
    you have the freedom to make really anyway
    you want okay so next
    you're basically just gonna come back in
    and fill your horse
    with the white chocolate now here's the trick
    once you have an area feel the news minute: acres sharks
    fewer and spread it around that way it's not to think
    now we're actually going to use the other side
    this the site is very flap you can use either
    you may find that more three thank you like better
    went quickly she had to fill in these circular
    her and basically just come back around here tip flows in you don't need to do
    skewered okay we're going used to these you wanna make
    at least four okay we're also going to you'll see later
    train a other ss
    so wanted to show you where Nadal or its gonna go out front and acts just
    a rectangle that I children the same here
    cited are going to support it so I just reminded the
    you want to drive them out you can they need to be
    about two-and-a-half three inches long and just make sure this line matches
    that line
    and then I made our system
    window shutters that we did about like this artistry handed
    me something else so the nice thing about this you can make as many as you
    want you haven't wasted anything
    because you just not back down if they're not mine
    what anything right now at the click a to analyze day
    so i'd used to be a little light so I'm actually going to
    actually painted icing
    on the side changes
    later here
    and players skinny this champion Nathan
    you mentioned that he is not let let me know Hewitt
    did you manage the rounded top the
    here we have been pretty bad and I minister adding
    the cell
    certified you can that here
    seriously here and
    and canned fish hit rate
    so I'm using my
    trademark the track and
    this is Jess the edge aidid left-back
    made kept up sup
    I have been different sized he said
    pain how and I
    using that St corner
    that left there angling think
    in are creases here that we needed their
    could and just
    holiday you see it me
    some pretty round way key some
    minute thank you did a tease me
    million K and I just text
    there around ed
    happening on by so
    when I thinking only and moon
    around now we're just going around the recipe it
    he had it is to be
    perfectly round it doesn't have to be
    even if the pumpkin tell
    at e
    I am just ramping
    here and
    sometimes here bad in it
    Osaki nation you had adventure
    safety now
    and use
    this do you think there is buttercream and you certainly get them
    ball and it's really really is faulty and
    hot water or a spray bottle and he just kind
    missed the key any level here
    there and really it doesn't work as well
    with tapping sorry

    test where me Philly everyone
    said so what we did
    it we got aren't
    any in the middle IMEI
    orange hands which re real
    said here
    and many here the wheel okay silly
    are me here he really hold it
    and you can
    around me and a
    hindi na around and its
    Senate you can
    here or here cash
    lot googling and
    CE there's no way K you know
    fashion and hugh
    so it
    really helps the air person said
    many are
    hell hole in her said so
    we have to be very careful don't
    hit you hard cell each in hell
    that carrying
    gal and the eighties
    clean furs UN actually used
    and go little
    n many event
    C&C leave me he'd
    already here can email accessory
    and as you can feel it put a lot of sparkling John there which is weird
    and this is this is for the door and shutters
    and these are for their driver to say
    and these are going to support and so you can see that
    again we've made extra because you never know
    and things definitely do great so placing the door
    for me any of it fassulo and
    so I'm just going to me
    now him
    mister door on realized that we needed
    ehlmann over
    pumpkin to be goalie turning all
    later a transforming kid
    carriage as we decided we wanted hairbrush hard to get that transition
    so a minute problem with it Saturday
    go and do something changed for you said but we're
    by thank you own cake decorating do it now so
    got a rush here
    minute using liquid hollering
    and I did around here in like me there
    like hand here round
    %ah Andy layering
    no here just player
    around just start yeah how
    you air here
    my let
    hi their
    I layered
    at just billion
    be okay
    Nesta it there we got later
    really wanna this showering for
    just gonna but this is actually called diamond shine
    and she said p but it was the closest thing to that sa
    Cinderella types for we so
    as much whether so you can see
    that we me double and at first it was just an accident we
    make him wait relief at the pump was going the way it was and where
    so we actually I'm the for
    on their over and i really like the way that it don't Matta can
    birth and China few fidel K
    it did not make it there are
    last year cambrian
    really fast month there dresses that
    persons bench enough run now
    but the min pension have and you can see they don't they're not an exact match
    the front
    my like that here whimsical
    gurney sorry
    and they're all friend
    in which one me
    him and
    really me here pretty
    yes in the AC
    certainly not further worsen and what we're gonna do with her dad are
    I dick to the back to Kors
    and stick it as far back as you can don't you wanna make sure it's stable
    enough that it actually
    hours so we're going to
    just on him
    you really really want to be seen
    remember me anymore said
    as you possibly can then we will break
    and you don't want to know the thing to me lot
    in me and an upset they are stable
    so I have tolerating
    going to me him the thing
    in everything
    serving ready next horse
    really him
    now don't night
    resting because no more and more
    me nah my yes
    murrow's be me he's mature
    mine my thing
    really here with them gong
    sorry turn I he get gorgeous
    and Mary just so much here for me
    yeah glitter really important you can do this K
    with your a a couple quick day
    we did putting nobody can deny right
    but that touches the board really up
    for I think we did this again I actually put
    along fewer suspended the whole
    or you don't get a lot worse for
    I E a lot one other thing
    you're working in any kind he do not
    him out do it oil life and work out just
    beautifully you do everything day in advance of
    dry but in he working Cantina
    anyone keep everything refrigerated are you ready to put it on your
    so really really really important
    it that you wanna he
    with peaked at 3 at bikini first so if your delivery
    he delivery by and
    put it where did
    for every going to David
    party where then budget because you do not want
    to deliver anywhere now great endured
    be happy so definitely it colony
    St encina had hit
    at really good but you know so many your
    are doing cake shop now yeah I think that your comment here
    family so is cord K it is like a
    cash so I had a great time doing this K
    you did here oh yeah lot are super excited for Cinderella
    let us know anything and don't forget to send us your pictures PR
    crossing on Facebook and UK and also 2wd RTR
    got lots of %uh on .co.in
    soon don't forget his chance did
    time she is going to be doing Easter Bunny
    lot ask me she could use cocaine so
    head on over to me is K *** *** Cinderella Carriage Cake- Di's Sweet Treats - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone son this video I'll show you how I mean a Cinderella carriage cake
    by no means am I am professional so I am doing it to the best of my ability
    and %um I know I can be better but relief a try
    still be far I get hit for comment just know that they will get
    deleted so don't even bother anyways
    to make this cake you'll need a World ten Ball pants but
    to get the round she and I'll post the link below
    where you can find it I claims both depends on a cookie sheet with their
    says easier chance as always you first one spray your pants for baking spray
    before putting cake batter into it
    I'm using the pan baking spray and then pour your kid better in iPhone mind
    you don't wanna fill a complete a top because overflow and will create a mess
    rather than a cake so place your cakes in the oven and bake the cakes for
    however long the recipe asks for
    I think the cookie dough cake for about
    salt make sure it shot put the toothpick
    lets you can't call complete before starting the next them
    suffered a max that
    you want to level your cake so they are even and then you want to carve
    outrageous on the cake so place your cake together at the moment and card
    I cars for red just like equal distance around the cake
    if you want to you can carve more bridges I only that the top half but I
    suggested in the bottom half as well too
    be for prostate i cud just a tiny bit of the bottom
    so I can have a flask surfaced so when you place a cake on top of the cake
    board the cake will be more stable
    and whatever role of the cake board and then finally it you can foster cake
    cross between the cake and then I put chocolate just because I was making
    cookie dough cake and then sandwich it's okay X to gather
    and then frost the whole cake I've been across
    on the ridge us up the cake so that when you play stuff on that on top
    will be more noticeable and then place a cake in the fridge
    while you're a lot you're funded
    to cover this cake I music post up a farm in
    that I bought from Michaels as the perfect color for when you think of
    but of course you can use any color you wish once you have your fun then rolled
    take your cake utter the phrase and then gently placed your
    rolled fondant on top of the cake star smoothing the Fonda and this smooth out
    the ridges so you get the pumpkin the fact
    so smooth it out and then chairman of the unnecessary funded
    now for two wheels you wanna go to Sallys two days ahead
    so the fun they can Hardin I am using wifi on this
    if you want you can use a rough drying up the wheel so all the wheels will be
    I is a circle cookie cutter as my god Apollo large
    I want my wheels to be if you have an extruder
    gone then that's perfect because you can make a long rolls for this part
    if you don't then you can roll out long shift by hand with the fun that
    roll it around to form the will shape and then repeat with the other wheels
    now you have a choice to be there just going to Wilson a fun are some are on
    the other side
    I did all four wheels
    now you're going to want to roll out your wife on it we altered or slash
    window for the carriage
    saw on your wife on that cut out on oval shape
    and then what the purse dialed will find it cut out curtains for
    brush water on the back and that place onto your carriage cake
    also what the why fund into the small spiral spire the top
    up the coast and then for the side and then attach the wheels to coach
    you are you I dance is supported on solid rise
    order we of will crack forty top spirals and on the sides
    poke a small hole with a toothpick and their places files and
    brush a little water on the ANSA secured in place
    I also spent a little bit of gold color miss on the cake for finishing touches
    him I wanna do the stuff before placing the wheels the door since files
    also instead of using the gold color meant
    is you can use to %uh gold or silver colored dots and that
    then it's how I made the Cinderella carriage comin
    thank you guys SO much for watching and I'll you guys in the next video in *** ***

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