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    Transition Between Spring to Summer in the Garden | P. Allen Smith Classics - YouTube !!!
    you would like to do is
    go back and look at some other things that were so great
    this past spring things like let us the Granada
    ok week let us is fabulous and it did so beautifully in the color you can't beat
    it and then there's that little Tom
    bomb bibb lettuce is so delicious with a bumper crop up gorgeous cabbages well as
    and the strawberries well I can't imagine them being any sweeter than they
    were this year
    now take a look at the shard this is one of those vegetables that can take some
    heat so they're coming on
    beautifully this is one of those plants that
    I love to eat but also love to look at it so it's a feast for the eyes as well
    as one for the taste buds
    I like to grow it in Rose like this because I can harvest these gorgeous
    for the kitchen but I'm also grown in containers
    you can make an outstanding container plant a focal point in a bad
    or just sitting by itself among flowers
    just take a look at the color of the stall it's really gorgeous isn't it
    now what I did hear that planted these in pot seas were actually pea pods which
    biodegradable too little plants were already started with a plan to me you
    can actually see
    evident to those containers as you look at the base of the shard here
    now i wanna talk just a moment about some flowers that were great performers
    this boring
    Kash the delphiniums have been fantastic
    its close cousin the Larkspur this one called
    Imperial giant wasn't far behind it
    just spectacular and of course there was a little Laguna sky blue lobelia
    as well as Bluebird Meco I love those blue colours particularly in this boring
    and of course the to look at this boy well it was stunning both go look cool
    and warm side of the borders you know there's so many correlations between
    building a house in building a garden take a garden for instance
    you have to have the framework in the structure behind me you can see the
    stone walls are created the terraces
    and then peace is a page that will be really serve as a canvas to paint
    and then you have the pattern of bad and he's a spell your trees that frame the
    and then you come into the planting of colour lots of colour here
    largely blues and purples but we vaccinated
    with some chartreuse in the way of the scoliosis in these beautiful zinnias
    if you look at the house we started out with a red
    brick house well we change the caller
    to the butter yellow lime wash Red Roof
    columns were placed on the front which really helped three proportion the whole
    and then finally the shutters have gone up and what a beautiful accent they add
    to the house
    so you can see each of these elements play a role in completing the picture
    now though shutters I was a stickler for wanting something was very authentic
    we're trying to create a house that reflects American Greek Revival style so
    I wanted
    shutters that really work and that's what we have we have bifold shutters on
    the kitchen
    so you can actually close up all three of those windows
    we're shudders across the back and the front porch they were really well and
    an element of authenticity a recap appreciate you coming by and checking on
    the progress
    I just want you to see these gorgeous shutters they do look good now hope you
    look great look fantastic i'm just thrilled with from you know we've got
    the solid ones
    up down here on the basement level and then the louvered ones above
    now which is a traditional application it really looks nice and actually
    brought something I want to take a look at
    yeah yet on what you feel this and tell me what you think about me know options
    mahogany now not really it's actually a synthetic shutter
    you can tap it looks almost exactly I'm
    like western red cedar shatters Eric Sep is not what it all
    it's all made of a synthetic materials so so what would be the advantage I love
    above having a synthetic showed a reverse is what we have here
    wells all about maintenance I wanted downfalls in a wood shutters it's gonna
    require ongoing maintenance man at the pain
    you know I at various intervals whereas a synthetic shutter this actually has
    a automotive great pain finish on which will last about twenty years israel
    kickers absolutely that's incredible
    the recall notice on the synthetic when there's this little metal guard here the
    top just like we have on the woodwinds
    yet there is one other things we've noticed with looking a lot civil showers
    over the years as a
    the point to BK on all shattered typically are at the joints
    and that's because water basically honors and the joints sure
    where we put is a trip capping which basically sheds the water away from a
    and even a synthetic shower has a joint everyone protect out as well
    we know we've actually taken with a similar approach on the the top to the
    columns on this house
    to keep water from getting out and into those joints well it's it's a good
    detail it's a good practice and
    it's all about maintenance
    next *** *** Vegetable escabeche recipe and pickling tips from Jordan Winery's chef - YouTube !!! *** *** Preparing a Spring Garden with Raised Beds - YouTube !!!
    hey everyone welcome two new pots pans and pioneers
    today I'm gonna be planting in my raised bed
    and I hope you'll hang out with me
    and hand observe how we're doing he planning
    I just our organic Gamo
    free garden in the suburbs mom
    gonna need one
    need minor banana
    good the keep out fun perhaps the green energy keep mine
    rock thing
    get a better pieces scissors
    complained enough Texas climb
    really really strange taxes from
    we always need to make sure
    water changes related plant
    well you know ability to retain water implants because
    their water research that we have true important killed
    right things in your planning bad move to protect everything had the drought
    and heat
    fired for no reason
    gonna be me you
    and time drainage rockingham
    complied with a grin from eaten
    don't have a helper here today
    and partly a funny video
    cubic feet her now
    no one has to prepare come China make a very thin
    your heart
    putting fun
    mechanic can
    in here people always ask you know how can you be sure everything's organic
    Eugene you can be learned
    he returns and yeah
    about you keep owner who is using a chainsaw
    can a break at
    oil that I can because there's a lot of bpm
    about member yeah a lot of people
    go to the grocery store to buy another
    min and I tried to grow at least


    try to do it
    for some and family to
    percent homer
    Hyundai not even close to
    percent always try
    to do the right thing
    whatever we have had
    lumping them immediately
    hand waited all day
    but there's no noise guess what there's more this is why can't we
    how we don't have a name
    like you have to miles behind him
    here again much haha hmm
    you waterhole not perjury
    your computer
    you make sure I'm home
    all your big client
    especially broken a
    mike Beebe Stanley telling grade
    you know by him
    me having my him
    home I might happen to build moving I could step down into the
    rabin yeah
    okay I'll be right back and not a complete game
    okay guys
    got my he analysts container
    when were you planning ham heritage
    hmm manner
    coming from splash Malik am NOT to use all he's in the container industry
    he working at hammer
    and am tournament
    pretty big yeah
    he time can I feel like picture
    his arm a crackdown pumpkin seed Thomaz and
    hmm cabinets
    gonna get any relief from
    powers harm
    no idea why today alarm
    my him
    miles you can hire
    meant you harm that you can find everything you need you can
    keep doing it until here
    home right
    now we're going to get modern
    and I'll show you around rest PR
    okay here's a juror and for
    my suburban and vegetable garden
    here's one of my raised bed I've got and carrots
    and this one right here and they were just planted yesterday so I got to
    foresee them sprout up and and so I'll be doing an update when they come out of
    the ground in
    hmm start rising above the earth there so we can see 'em
    and and water in just about every day I live in taxes in so it's pretty dry year
    am in our spring is just starting to temperatures ranging from

    degrees and sometimes this
    soil dries out and a planted this
    maple tree right here this oriental maple tree
    next to this it's so pretty and it's starting to spring out
    green leaves and server let's check out the other
    the other things
    I've got some bell peppers and this part right here
    and there are already shooting at get some leaves nm and this is my
    strawberries I've got a missed one have also
    home got this all its all organic and all GM Oh free I'm
    ordered all my scenes from johnnie seed company farm
    C&S is garlic have labeled this one
    so this is our garlic we have and
    and my potatoes are coming up
    really really really well and I suspect they will start blaming
    soon and these are yellow gold
    potatoes but I want to build a case that much sorry
    I am growing yellow gold and these but cure-all miamians
    I got a bucket here get a bike you here
    and they've gotta back it here and I've got another bad here in North Canton not
    turn into
    a bed for me to be able to do that
    as well army
    but see and clean up
    barrio every year I have
    all my feelings for my tomatoes not get going
    Anderson bell peppers but I need to provide a little bit hopefully they'll
    make it
    when I get those on in
    the ground soon home
    but see men over here is what you saw me plant before
    I'm there's a lotta noise out here today
    ther guards
    kale this is for kale and these are just plain yesterday
    I haven't bought me these beds because their ways tired to go down the steps
    right here he bought me
    and this is going to be
    am carrots in remain
    what is this all summer squash and cabbage
    now I didn't empty out the suitcases
    I'm going to wait me come down here so you can see topped all these are
    for as you can see
    they are had
    their waist-high farm able to stand
    I had and be able to harvest anything out are key and we're trying to find a
    place for corn
    and I don't wanna put it in the ground and because if you look at
    there's this is step back down them
    I don't trust the soil here in urban areas so
    I'm not really convinced that the soil is organic and so
    I hate to put a Gamo free organic seed into some
    grounded on I'm confident used to be cotton field here in Texas
    so and the ground here is really dry
    and it's it's hard it's difficult and we did some cleaning yesterday
    these are our first to clean but I am
    these are our time
    blueberry plants that we've got going
    helms I can zoom in and the
    they're doing really well there's one
    are two different varieties a boy berries fire
    remember them all is from below and here's another one that's doing very
    well and this is a whole lemon balm
    this is coming up over in a strange place because I am planning here
    I actually planet over an affair to
    few years ago animal Rosberg speed is extremely limiting
    so and anyway that's all for now thanks for joining me and I'll give you an
    update and we do so
    when we start to see some birds everybody have a great day
    dude *** ***

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