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- how to make gumpaste almonds -Different things how to make gumpaste almonds how to make

how to make gumpaste almonds how to make

    - how to make gumpaste almonds -Different things

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    Chocolate & Cinnamon Mastic Ice Cream - YouTube !!!
    her this is on this is the cinnamon and chocolate
    mastic ice cream aunt
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    I'm its it's really strongly flavored
    eat some quite taste I think *** *** Mastic pudding, rosemary, blackberry - Turkish Cuisine - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make MARSHMALLOW FONDANT - The Best Fondant Recipe for Cakes and Cupcakes - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Do It Yourself Marshmallow Fondant Recipe and Tutorial. In the past, I haven't made my own fondant. I've always preferred to use store-bought fondant and for some things I still do. But recently I started experimenting with homemade marshmallow fondant and I absolutely love it. This is made out of marshmallows; a little bit of powdered sugar, and most people will be able to find these ingredients at their local supermarket. So tools and equipment that we'll be using for this tutorial: We've got some marshmallows. I'm using mini-marshmallows today just because they melt down a little bit easier than the larger ones but any marshmallow will melt. I'm going to start with a white marshmallow because that way we could color our fondant any color we like. I've got some powdered sugar or confectioner sugar and this has been well sifted so it's nice and aerated. It's nice and fine and really light and fluffy. I've also got a little bit of vegetable shortening. Now depending on where you are, in the US, Crisco is a great brand of vegetable shortening. If you're in Australia, Copha in the refrigerated section is going to be best for your form of shortening. Crisco in the US is a little bit softer to work with so you don't need to do anything to prepare that. But if you're in Australia and you're going to be using Copha, it's a little bit firmer because it's refrigerated so you want to just soften it down in your microwave just a little bit. You don't want to melt it. You just want to soften it down so that it's really really nice and pliable. I've got just some plain tap water and that's just room temperature tap water. I've got an assortment of colors in different sorts of colors which I'll be talking to about a little bit later on this tutorial when I show you how to color up your finished product fondant. I've got a spoon measure so it's a tablespoon measure. And I've also got a wooden spoon. So let's get started. I love this recipe because it's so easy and it's microwaveable, meaning you don't need to mess up any of your pots and pans. Alright, the first thing that you want to do is you want to grab your tablespoon. The recipe that I'm giving you guys calls between
    tablespoons of water, so really it's going to depend on a few varying factors, the consistency of your powdered sugar, the type of marshmallows that you're using. I always start with 2 tablespoons and that's what I base my recipe on. I add additional water at the very very end if I need to adjust the consistency of my final product. You don't want to add too much water at the beginning here because you don't want a sloppy fondant. You want it to be really really nice and firm and really pliable. So I'm just going to take my water and in goes
    seconds. I'm going to do a couple of lots of
    seconds but don't be tempted to just put it in for a minute and a half or put it in for
    seconds. Alright, so particularly on this first one, it's not going to look like too much is happening but make sure that you do give it that good stir in between. So you just take your wooden spoon, make sure that you're stirring it through. You're also distributing that water a little bit. You'll notice your marshmallow is starting to melt and then back in the microwave for another
    seconds. So after our second lot of
    seconds, your marshmallow should be really starting to look like they're melting now but we're going to give them another go just to make sure they're really nice and fluid. Quick stir, back in the microwave. Alright, so our marshmallows have come *** *** Disney Princess Magiclips Get a Valentine's Day Chocolate Bath Ariel Elsa Rapunzel Belle - YouTube !!! *** *** Glitter Putty Magiclip Princesses Dresses Frozen Elsa Anna Belle Tiana Merida Rapunzel - YouTube !!! *** ***