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    Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake (How To) - YouTube !!!
    well have away
    gay guys what make cakes by chopper them in a chain to make this cute Mickey or
    Minnie Mouse cake
    we gonna do is have imprint of the template from the cakes much up for
    Facebook page
    and it will bake
    inch round cakes
    I used
    sent me from the people a well kitchen and bake a secret
    a steamed bake evenly and at very easy to clean so it kinda gay self some
    apart some links in the description see find that way to get them
    these are obviously a great product I've previously purchased them myself
    it was nice to them from the small I'm include the round circle in the template
    just in case you're not using the
    paint you to carry out the ears and placed next to the cake
    separate cakes and then prepare your feeling I've she's the buttercream with
    some sprinkles in it just a little bit a magic when the kids
    cut the cake Anna looks really call them colorful including he is on with a
    little bit about a crime
    and then pipe on your feeling and SME that area
    in place on the top party UK X
    this helps keep the ease from moving when you're writing them
    and it makes or solid cake
    once you finish feeling that you can go through and give it a crime Chi
    I went around the edges and then just making sure is all
    fielding popped into the fridge for five minutes
    so it would chill a bit now that you let that initial layer
    by the crane chill it's going to be easy to lie scifi & the E is white pull apart
    from the top layer
    you are a playa generous coat all around the edges it might look like you're
    putting on too much but trust me this is a really good technique
    get a put-on all around the edge and then on the top
    smeeting at and get this nice crisp age
    as he taking away from it and you'll see that create this little late but the top
    in going to grab the spektr I'm already into wards
    the middle of the cake and that all you need is not straight edge
    on the side it's very effective and it's going to help you cake with a lot more
    polished the end
    rally black fondant not something and then you going to place it on top of the
    and then quickly it push it to the side so you don't want it
    pulling or stretching down you going to put it
    in nice and close and then cut away the excess
    using opponents me that go around and pushed into all the callers
    but just do this gently kiss you really want to avoid
    airing it once he happy with the result you can't run away all the rest
    the existing the bottom up a little bit with the shaping this cake I would
    recommend doing it in small pieces
    just so you don't accidentally bomb the top them black player
    well at small red fun then going to trim a flat line across the top
    and then you should template find out where it sits Matt across
    and then lay your phone and I have a doing the same thing pushing it to the
    Lillian Smith down Smith around the edge with the funds me that then trim away
    the excess
    for this next time I used to fruit stop it's changed
    an 11-play could me he has yellow buttons he's funding if you like
    a grab a circle pattern occurred at 2am and then used a piping nozzle to give it
    and you know border
    in the back with a paintbrush to add in the little button holes
    in the end this place them on top of the cake making sure that the buttonholes
    even be we need that I used a
    long blacks make a fondant wrapped around him tucked into the college to
    finish up the cake
    and the heavy Mickey Mouse cake it's a simple yet effective design
    nephew after the minnie mouse cake he's got a kayak them
    white dots with the same tight circle colors the buttons
    have included a little sick on the template for the rough side
    and then I cut out all these dot and placement do it
    all over the bottom to make by I use the lemon shape from the
    template and then you just fall that in of on one side
    and then repeat the same step on the other side
    and then use a little bit of fun and cover the middle and they have a
    sitting up by and I is the straw to cut out some smaller white dots for the by
    and there you go this year many mass cake this cake is pretty versatile you
    can make
    the one big cake all make to be cakes open the template to hop size and make
    to little cakes that go together if you enjoy this tutorial wanna check out from
    my other videos
    click on any the pictures above you can click on the mini in
    the three-step up and is the EO cake aerial
    all of course but a min thank you so much for watching guys that really
    appreciate it
    to grab more videos and I'll see you next time *** *** Mickey Mouse Cake AND Minnie Mouse CAKE! - How to make from Creative Cakes by Sharon - YouTube !!!
    hi guys so mcentee Creative Cakes by Karen to have super excited to be
    showing you how I created these Mickey and Minnie mass cakes
    they waited all that had to make said let's get status and I can show you just
    have to do them play a self
    I have here everything and need to make Mickey and Minnie and you can find a
    full list div
    own with the materials he is in the Description box below if anything I need
    to do is create the shape of the ease
    say using two of the cakes and paint cut them in half
    any news mickey's template to cut at his keys
    I select screen and the little secret
    Best Buy I ever pains was a giant Mickey mass
    in fact he would have been a lot bigger than me at the time because I was only a
    few months old
    can you remember your face pic emailed
    anything somebody craven going to stick the ease and the face to the cake but
    I delay %uh feeling and it popped the top players card
    a place to be kissed him play it went up at the keiki am going to Cafe like just
    a small Amanda cake from the party
    so that I get the correct come to love me Keith face
    there what's left on the exact same process too many
    I'm going to cover both the cakes in buttercream frosting and let them sit
    for about
    to form a slight crossed over the safest
    facing a piece a paper towel I can place it over the frosting
    instead me that the buttercream you think the heel at my pad it's time to
    cover the cakes in fund it now n he after all that
    black funded making sure it's light enough to cover the side tattoo place it
    on the cake
    before peppering the cake and eat sessions and simple syrup this is going
    to help the fund insti to the first team
    it was like a clue the month like if we place the funded on k
    I can wake unsleeping it down the sides doing
    coming off the excess
    and using my hands to you Rep over the cake annex in chile all the fat kids and
    make his face
    once but cakes
    Bain Capital and a nice and funny be ready to be decorated
    here have cut at the faces from the template
    anything since King
    funded Beach FL that took that pic message
    bank to cut around ok
    but I position them on the cake and I'm happy with the placement I can stick it
    and with a little bit of what happened
    leading into the eye is but also it cut then at the templates
    and can then use these pieces to cut the Y and black funded pieces I need for the
    to position the eyes in exactly the right spots
    I'm going to put it in play and the cakes and use it as a kite
    to position the eyes
    a base if they nosey upon them to stay and get a little bit so when several it
    a nice bowl of black funded
    I'm just going to play set over the template and slowly flattened and Ramya
    funded until the shape matches exactly to the template
    net to this day I stand out I fraud at San
    didn't speak to like funded which I use to frame the eyes
    and also form the crease above their noses
    for Mickey and Minnie's man the easiest way to create the Saif and is
    by a kid rolling out then strips effect funded
    and placing them over the template it's a good idea to let the fun didn't see it
    on the template for a few minutes to dry add a little in the way take long
    because the Stanley a thin paste the funding
    this way it holds its shape otherwise
    if you place the fund in straightaway onto the cake it's too soft and you
    could end up
    inadequate shaped math so what's the fun in his status to hide it I can stick
    M&T the Cape fully pyrenees eyelashes
    for the inside of a math several deaths in black and red funded
    it can at the template and used it as a guide to cut the funding
    and stick them onto the cakes
    at this plane Mickey is all come play and he looks as handsome as ever
    but I still need to edit bay for me so once again I'm using the template to get
    section a perfect Bayesian the state funded if he wanted
    you could even create a three-dimensional by Finny
    to make the Polka Dot
    I'm using a straw to cut at some white funded and ticket hit by
    that cartoon like appearance going to process and pink skips a plaque funded
    and stick them onto the bay to create the creases
    in East Bay needs at least a narrow say to really hot in and become nice unfair
    before positioning it onto her head
    and heath et at my adorable a Mickey and Minnie mass cakes
    guys I've been wanting to make these cakes from long time now and I'm so glad
    I finally got around to doing them
    I absolutely love hey easy they way to make in have gorgeous looking they tend
    to have
    I hope you're saying enjoyed watching me create mean micky
    and I think we're going to give it a big Mickey Mouse themself
    they make sure you click on the subscribe button then be sure to tune in
    on the net if the cation say you stay up to date with all my weekly videos
    you might also like to check out some of my other races bps which I have fun
    screen now for you
    they don't forget to let me know hey if you happen to recreate you have my cake
    so recipes
    by leaving me a comment below of connecting with me on Facebook Pinterest
    Instagram or Twitter I really do hope be fine the opportunity to present them in
    stay by making your very end
    Mickey and Minnie cakes I look forward teaching in next time
    and as always thanks for watching
    well *** *** Mickey Mouse Figurine Cake Topper Tutorial - How To - YouTube !!!
    hello I'm gonna show you how to make and Mickey Mouse figurine
    on income peace ok
    the Big Green and making in this tutorial is about
    and here in his picture he's sitting honestok from block with
    okay some say off with the black fun and rolled into a ball
    and this is gonna be his head and then apply compete ami kintu
    into the circle cutter to make it too thin cuz you need to put
    a toothpick in afterwards can crack it was too thin
    set them aside to let them try
    the rule
    thin piece a fun in for his face I'm using
    built-ins koppel a skin tone for the color capital with a circle cutter that
    slightly smaller than the ball
    black funny
    and is a little smart air bombardments him quickly puppet with the pen
    at the top of the circle
    a smart then tell for his and Guyana
    and what color his hair hine and then place in the center this heading clue it
    throughout this video I'm using water as flu ok
    okay so now I'm gonna make the snout
    the spread is can the tricky and hard to explain but I'll try my best to you
    to start over the compass peach pond in immediate and were made
    with your hand to make a pliable there slowly stretch it to the shape of his
    cheeks and
    count to make a slightly bigger than it should look on his face
    cuz still need more material on the side to pack in infielder fights leader
    to create this product which is owed alice marble off on the behind the
    pressed down a rounded so she peed and concealing a top I talking down the
    then we do the same with the to cheeks with that much smaller Paul
    a fun
    museum alling steak and palette knife to shape it
    attach it to the head any shipping gertha all those tight around
    to seal in combining add water and feel the two parts together
    after its done this piece a punishing look smaller and more proportional to
    the head now
    check around the site to see that field
    you can't eat on them balls inside in
    with an exacto knife and cutting out where his smile
    be so you're removing on it out initial look like us they support
    don't care too much I want is fair to remove little by little
    them to cut out a lot ones that have been told to put it back if you move too
    then I'm using my fingers to smooth out the lines
    in I'm also been living a better funding for miss cheney
    cousins too bulky
    personal looks a bit too big so I removing more funding
    with a small piece of black finding cut into the shape of the smile
    and at a small piece %uh red fondant on top for his tongue
    and sorry I did this off-camera without realizing it
    numb the flip it over so I can cut the tongue
    fun and to fuck
    lose out on then use a piece kinda funny roll into string
    include around the map in
    with the palette knife
    press down into the smile line to make sure to strengthen cover it
    now I'm having a bit of water on both sides in the smile and the public the
    and with the mauling stake I'm smoothing the string and piece together so looks
    more like mickey in the pictures
    I'm using a small oval plunger and it's not big enough so I'm willing the way
    find it not too thin
    after I cut them out I pressed down my finger to make a larger
    more proportional to the state could a tiny bit of
    at the bottom so sits nicely onto the stamps in
    ok intrumental is a great shape or size for size
    then at his nose
    with a knife had to smile packet
    que no I'm adding that year's
    he should be trying okay to work with right now commit tiny bit of the bottom
    says more surface area to glue onto a tad
    stick a toothpick into the head and then search that year onto the toothpick
    if you're sure where to put the toothpick
    you can place it near their first the March where the center of the era is
    and then that's where the toothpick should go Mike
    and right now I'm making the people and I'm doing the same thing I did to me
    PI's I'm using a smaller oval tanker in
    if you don't have the oval plunger you can roll fun in
    Paul and pressed
    down your finger
    are rolling
    with a palette knife and Malling think I try to smooth the face to give it up
    any marks in ok
    and for the body roll out black n red fondant cut them with a knife and
    combine them together
    only determined at the bottom it makes it easy to securely onto the cake
    I'm also making to Denmark's for the like
    and then to own rules for the panic button
    well I think peace right on in and cut it with a circle cutter
    then roll up like fun in the same thickness and this will be his like
    below you'll find it for the shoes set this aside and let it dry for at least
    two hours
    baby for putting everything together gonna make the hands
    for the hands for a low white fondant and make sure it's playable
    so needy and warm in with your hands first can add to circles
    in with a knife kind of both I love the circles think at the lines for the
    schrum after signs of the fingers if it looks too wide
    the term after corners at the tips of the fingers
    and surrounding them by pinching them gently
    the rule to streets a fine in one way and when yellow
    they'll be going around the shoes and hands now they have all my pieces and
    put the cream together
    have some black funny ready for that arms to have the body sitting on the
    cake or Styrofoam
    cat that barbecue school were and how they're going through the body
    in at least three quarter up the head and some other and the bottom steak au
    free to put it into a star from or the cake in
    and the last thing you need to make are the arm so
    from to pieces a plan fun and for the times
    attach the yellow strain in the way string around the hands and the shoes
    and lastly and two white dots as a corner these people
    I'm using white color gel you can use for icing
    or fondant then add three black lines on his hands
    am using edible marker and now the figure is finished
    ok thanks so much for watching hope you enjoy this tutorial
    and don't forget to suscribe *** *** Mickey Mouse Cakepops! Learn How To Make Mickey Cake pops - A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Mickey Mouse Cakepop where I'll be showing you how
    to make this great Mickey Mouse cakepop, the perfect accompaniment to our Minnie Mouse
    cakepop and sure to please the Mickey and Minnie Mouse fans in your family.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I've got a cakepop ball. Now I've got that pre-rolled. We do have a great recipe and
    tutorial for getting your cakepops to this consistency ready to decorate on our channel
    so I will leave a link to that in the description box below. I will also mention, this has been
    refrigerated for at least
    minutes from being made so it's quite firm to touch.
    I've got 2 teaspoons. I've got a toothpick or cocktail stick.
    I've got a couple of lollipop sticks and just a knife.
    I've got some melted red candy melts, some melted black candy melts, a little bit of
    melted white chocolate. And some mini Oreo cookies.
    Let's get started. The first thing we want to do is we want to
    stick those mini Oreo cookies into our Mickey Mouse head. So I'm going to just slice the
    Oreo in half. You can twist it if you like. I just like to slice it because I get less
    breakages that way. And just scrape off any excess Oreo cream. You can pop that down there
    for later. And then take your knife and just make a bit
    of an operation here. Make a small incision into Mickey's head on either side so that
    you know where you're going to place your Oreos. Now we want to take those Oreos. You
    want the very flat side of your Oreo so not the one with the logo on it. You want the
    flat side to be what faces forward. It'll give you that lovely Mickey ear shape. Press
    it in to the cakepop ball where you've put those
    not quite meeting up in the middle, so almost meeting up in the middle but with a little
    gap. Now I' going to take those out again and I'm
    just going to dip them into the black candy melt, just a little bit of black candy melt
    on the bottom there and slide it back in. That candy melt is going to attach those lovely
    Mickey Mouse ears to our cakepop ball so that they are nice and firm and they don't fall
    out. Pop those ones into the refrigerator for a couple of minutes just until that chocolate
    that's holding those ears in is completely set. And then we'll get back and continue
    decorating. Back from the fridge and I'm happy that my
    chocolate seal is nice and set. So remembering that the front of your Mickey Mouse head is
    going to be the flat side where your Oreo cream was.
    I want to dip the bottom of the Mickey head so I'm going to take my candy melts. Give
    them a good stir. Always give them a good stir just before you dip, even if you're dipping
    multiples because I find candy melts...It's really quite hard to get them to stay in a
    lovely fluid consistency like you can with white chocolate. I've added quite a lot of
    Copha which is vegetable shortening here. It's a clear vegetable shortening. You can
    also add Crisco if you're in the US. Otherwise, just have a look in your supermarket for a
    Copha or vegetable shortening alternative. And I've added quite a lot there to get it
    to that consistency. I didn't measure it out. I normally do about
    grams per
    of candy melt. But really it's just to get it to the consistency that you're happy with.
    Alright, now to dip our Mickey Mouse head. Because those ears are going to be so nicely
    firmly in place, you can actually hold him by the ear and just dip him in. Give it a
    good tap on the bench so that your candy melt is really leveled because you want to try
    and get a nice leveled dip. So just dip it in about halfway down and pull him out. Working
    quite quickly here, take your lollipop stick, dip it a centimeter in to the candy melt and
    push it up into the middle of your Mickey cakepop. And just tap off any excess.
    Don't tap too hard because we haven't given that chocolate seal as much time to set as
    we normally would after you've popped the lollipop stick in. So just tap it quite gently
    and just make sure you get off the bulk of any excess. We'll sit that aside in our polystyrene
    block where it can completely dry before we move on to black.
    Now that that red is completely dry, we're going to switch over for the black. As I mentioned,
    it's always a great idea to give that a nice stir. Make sure that it's nice and fluid before
    we dip. And take our Mickey Mouse. And you want to dip him in. You're going to
    dip him just to meet just over that red line. So I'm going to dip his ears and, I guess,
    just over halfway. Pull him out. Now I like to tap that off this way and then to the sides.
    So by tapping it this way, you're actually forcing that chocolate down in between those
    ears and you're really giving them nice definition. Now I do have the cocktail stick. I did find
    with some of my earlier ones of these, underneath the ear, just didn't quite get enough of the
    black candy melts on it. So if that happens, just dip your cocktail stick in a little bit
    of that candy melt. This one's turned out fine. A little bit of that candy melt and
    just neaten up under the ears before it dries. And if you do make a bit of a mistake where
    you don't have a really nice neat line there, you can just drag your finger across the front
    and you'll be able to neaten up that line. If you've got any, I guess, if it's a little
    bit uneven. So finally for Mickey Mouse, we're going to
    take that spare lollipop stick and we're just going to give him the
    So giving that white chocolate a little bit of a stir. And we're just going to make
    sort of [long] overly looking white chocolate dots.
    If you love our tutorials, make sure that you head over to our channel My Cupcake Addiction
    and hit the Subscribe button. We've got lots of great stuff coming out as far as cakepops
    and cupcakes go and we would love to have you stop by.
    There you have your Mickey Mouse cakepop, perfect to accompany Minnie to the party for
    your next Disney event. As always, thanks very much for watching. *** *** MICKEY / MINNIE MOUSE CAKE. Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    hey guys I'm back with
    the video today I am making a mini and also mickey Mouse cake today
    I'm actually doing a collaboration today with Jana jump in July she is due to go
    along with the cake being so make sure to check out her deal I'll be leaving a
    link down below to her channels so make sure you check that out right after this
    so with that being said let's go ahead and get started off with
    inch cake
    three here I'm gonna go ahead and just start off with a pretty better treat all
    my poor just ahead of the start stacking from there and just east of my KK years
    to repeat the process with my leaders here
    like a cloth doctor I'm just had to start with the letter from here and this
    is basically just his still in Indy crime just gonna just do my come here
    I'm gonna be using some rice krispie treats in existence of a lot easier for
    me to just shape this Missy behead so I'm just gonna go ahead and just so I
    already have my cake pan mark of how big my peak is going to be so all I'm doing
    is I'm just going to go ahead and see if this into a home and I want my case here
    like this and I want to just make sure that I may get asked all I can say that
    there is not as much air bubbles so I'm just gonna go ahead and just wrap this
    up plastic wrap and put it into the refrigerator to chill for a minute and
    then you can get fired and thrown out when I think I'm gonna go ahead just
    trusting you with my black butter cream and this is just going to be the top of
    my keek I'm just going to go ahead and just from a movie
    into the hospital my head and just past the whole thing
    and I'm just going from the outside of my key to the inside so that I can get
    all be just clean
    and use that for the border on the site of Nikki and I'm just gonna go ahead and
    just start here just going to squeeze every week
    with buttercream and I'm gonna go ahead and do a ruffled border on the set of
    many here and I'm using the fat on the key and the east side facing away from
    the case for Apple
    two layers of ruffles and this is just to cover up the edges of my ruffles here
    and I'm just gonna go ahead and just from the edge here and just like how I
    did with Mickey who's just a small order just bad just gonna go ahead and go all
    the way around this border you just gonna go and finish it off this is again
    but will follow to which is just a big circle to go ahead and finish it off
    with all around on his side you have only put up a post on the only had left
    is her little boat and that's made out of tickets
    ok this is the final product of what my cakes looks like this is the mini side
    and this is the biggest fight of my cake so basically done something very simple
    very easy to do
    anyone can do it again illegally download to Janice channel
    loss so make sure you head on over to her channel so that she can go ahead and
    show you how to make some easy treat to go along with our Mickey Mouse cake
    again thanks so much for watching you guys and I love my channel for more
    videos they can match *** *** DIY Gel Color Changing Mickey / Minnie Mouse Nails Tutorial | TutorialsByA - YouTube !!!
    everyone if the travail here so let me just start off by saying I'm so sorry I
    haven't uploaded in the past week and the two weekends surrounding last week I
    went on school trips so my whole week with catholic and I was doing homework
    that I miss and I just had to make up a lot of tests this week and I'm going to
    school early almost every day and everything just been super hectic I'm
    really really sorry to upload a video on telly with from now on I will still be
    yourself every week for you guys are you talking about I care about is about to

    with I just thought I'd let you guys know that there are so many different
    media behemoths nail designs so these ones are not original I'm sure I went
    online and looked at a ton of different ideas about where it gets fired nothing
    couple different components of each design from different people's pictures
    I don't know whose original designs these are so they can give credit there
    are just so many people who have used the same design over and over again a
    different pictures and I just don't know who started it so I just thought I'd let
    you guys know that this video is not a completely reversible design so without
    further ado let's get started so after painting my favorite be put on I'm now
    moving on to a new coat nail polish and painting this onto my point here in PDF
    now taking my madame grim color changing job polish in summertime I'm painting
    this onto my middle finger and since this is color changing it does change
    clothes as soon as I pinned onto by Neil just give you a look at how sensitive
    this polish is awesome and it doesn't look like it's ok but it's actually very
    opaque adjust the light covet makes it look different in now I'm painting a
    coat of white polish onto my ring finger
    in a meeting a second coat of every color on all of my nails now taking a
    dotting tool in some black polish I am painting on some polka dots around my
    white male and you want to leave its tightly spaced apart because we're going
    to act on the ears next now taking it slowly dawning
    on two main meal and these are just going to go on the very outside of each
    of you
    bigger blocked up we meet earlier
    now using a large dotting tool I'm creating a mickey mouse head shape at
    the bottom left corner of a middle fingers kneel in exile I'm using the
    same size dotting tool to make the ears
    and now if you'd like to turn mickey mouse into minnie mouse you can add on a
    white bow using a small dotting tool
    I'm not creating a French tip of my tongue winter and pinky fingers using
    madame Glam Tote engine polish in summertime the trick to creating a
    perfect french tip is taking a clean fresh and wipe away excess dollars to
    create perfect smile line and now I'm just adding a second coat of polish to
    my French tit
    and now I'm feeling everything in with my top coat by madame gleam
    so that the overall I really hope you guys enjoyed it he didn't forget to give
    this video a big dumb and hit the subscribe button below if you haven't
    already and would like to see more videos from me in like the only social
    media sites in description box down below like always and if you happen to
    your only remedy mouth inspired nails be sure to post a picture she has hack
    tutorial on Instagram so I can see and like threats pictures but he was once
    again overall I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I look forward
    to seeing you and the other guy *** *** Cake decorating - how to make a minnie mouse bow with ears - YouTube !!!
    rollout thumping fun time and then
    using a round cutter you're going
    to cut out some white pieces
    and you're simply going to put it little piece says
    and there's no need to put water on the earth because we're gonna press a downer
    ruling pen
    everywhere on that
    pink world out font Oct
    once you've created all your tot
    than what you're going to do as simply use your ruling pen
    and go over them from and what this will do
    as that it will glue you don't quite fond onto
    black one and its gonna become like when Pete Wentz you practice then you gonna
    cut out
    two stripes about one and a half to two
    inches the white depending on the size that you want your bow to be
    I'm using this kind of
    from Wilton and this is great
    it makes the perfect compact I'm
    stripes that you want so you need to a fam once you have cut bow stripes
    turn it around and using a little bit of water in a clean brash
    fresh some water up to and have one stripe
    and then gathered the other corner like fellow
    and what you're going to do it's gonna take
    both corners rate here and you just gonna lift them up
    p just like that and then
    Hugo NS squeaky so you're creating something looking like that
    once you have to read pretty excess out
    on both right and then
    you gonna put them
    pending up like that when using a little bit of water
    glue both
    kept together
    and put that as I'd to create a middle part
    as quite the same thing so I'm to make
    Oakland whiter up
    and once you have your strap
    again just fold
    both corners like that and then taking
    your bro simply
    a patch test to
    the middle part
    like but you can use a little better water also just to make sure that it
    secure and let this dry for
    a couple of how important not to do that years is that credit you're using has to
    be bigger den
    the actual Bell and what I do at that I A
    cut had two pieces the platform and I'm quite think
    and you can't leave them brown if you want to
    and they did try a couple hours are even overnight
    but also what I like to do as a little checked simply take out
    a little bit doesn't have to be that a lot just has to be like a little little
    tiny bit
    and a reason why do that it's because once you're ready to attach this to your
    gonna be much easier because gonna stand out flat
    on your cake so leave this to try it concluded here simply
    put a little bit of water in the back up to you here
    and attach it with
    both the other ear and the backup turbo
    and you let this dry for a couple of minutes even hours
    if you don't trust 2 Bauder you can also put
    what we call edible at the senate were edible glue
    and basically that is it you can attach
    your entire piece to your cake with cream butter cream hope you enjoyed
    my video *** ***

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