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Cake \"Ice Kingdom\" how to make

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    Bulldog Cakes - YouTube !!!
    okay that today we have to
    Bulldog or and you never hear
    and require little bigger is Taliban
    it but that fell vacant day
    and leave a dickhead at every specific be bodyguard pay
    be are funny
    going to cover him and decorate him
    with never and Pinkie Pie history at two Bulldog that one
    so this is very exciting they're going down five I thought I'd
    thereby okay so
    moving along seemingly here and we have from eyeball
    their sockets pink and we have cover them
    fun then ivory to the darker
    darkened I'm this one's boy
    a little later me the poppy
    we think the happy with but some girls there
    and they recover their heads we
    okay that going are a little bit ugly
    like a little old lady wearing
    bonnet crude good
    and over here a really awkward
    you could be here for look like a dime
    thinking re-think very
    here her a so nothing to fear Cup
    okay so now we have further fun and I said saying hit from behind
    particular pale I was saying the best way to them Obama
    I guess you a lot sooner and you get their
    be their new years yet but you can't deny saying
    take form so many
    tell their in this line is from
    finance okay
    start spring
    here can help there at all
    by you can see me yeah black hi
    like Heather trial
    okay for here finished product we have this
    line pitbull PT and you could be the color that goes on
    be nobody and then we have
    guy cleanin benefit Eleanor
    and are home free and
    just a little pop briefing missus elvis go pretty
    her a reason but that name
    we don't turn around he could be a little fishes
    their you here we go rotating a rotating
    its to Summerlin
    and history feel group
    K *** *** Doggy Wedding Cake | Cake Boss - YouTube !!!
    please have a seat right walking to feel that we need
    the most fabulous wedding cake for dogs
    he installed
    kidding right up too much they were planning the biggest
    dog wedding in history gonna be in the Guinness Book of World Records
    we have a seven-piece orchestra literally
    dressed up in black tie this is the bride
    from immediately I'm sayin while
    this leads knots the basketball its gonna raise
    a lot of money for the Humane Society York my homework is helping homeless
    animals everywhere as
    endangered animals and then as we got to talking she explained it
    kinda more publicity dang kinda raise awareness to help animals
    so we didn't create a question I
    can we get married together and stuff like that so why have to speak
    elaborate all about raising awareness I didn't know what will make and I know
    she wanted a dog edible cake
    human edible cake this p human consumption yeah i think is gonna be
    high command you look good
    all dressed up so why to the wedding
    absolutely her excited to be doing this oMG at the end of the day
    although people buy tickets for Knotts for having a dog what im I know
    the underlying meaning and I know that mean exactly right and any
    and %ah mainly will do an amazing K okay we'll be all set
    are thank you very much *** *** Cake Boss Season 2 Episode 7 - Pizza, Poochies and Pop in Law - YouTube !!! *** *** Topsy Turvy Whimsy Wedding Cake - YouTube !!!
    hey we're by here waiting a and
    of because the couple song I with something
    and collared be there for her crappy
    great colors and their roses
    I'm for airbrushed away make
    bride on write me back
    by Lilly Pulitzer
    really thought about it texter and the straight
    and then from here
    have a little fun *** *** Bonus Scene: Ralph and Ashley Get Tattoos | Cake Boss - YouTube !!!
    so actually want to get set to have this sugar monster that she sculpted on this
    and uh...
    actually corrected you know designing an intro pick up a list
    different takes on admin she gave me her input
    and we can come back and forth until we went awesome she liked
    secretary and my ok an arafat right
    fight to get my bakery out there
    hair and doing everything i can tell for my family and everything
    yet again to get them
    they have
    without going in the very first back to you know hang out if they have to be the
    one thing i like them
    they're going to my present syria
    i've been wanting to get one so
    now bidders
    i don't think it's trapped in here
    this x
    there a double
    uh... still lined up to the in like
    right there it with that
    exactly coaxed
    it's this service is magic words where it's a couple dozen years old
    they call this a tower road just where
    the cool thing about it is that
    if you read it
    start to finish bottom to top
    bright celeste left to right it always does at the same fight latin words
    and uh... that's really cool to be so i was a nervous before but now it's
    actually happening i remember how much i hate even minor pain
    so this will be fun
    style because they're all
    definitively someone's career united
    and all that
    that's great his for bob
    there are a lot of them *** *** Cake Boss Season 4 Episode 13 - YouTube !!!
    covered up on Cake Boss
    but is it just the health class this week we're making the cake
    for biggest client have 30-year anniversary the shuttle
    anyone giant stay with me equitable
    what mall whole open up the cake factory lot wanna
    to change things call is the factor it's so big
    I have no idea how this thing gonna come together kick it old school baby
    money for kids comment so I want polls surprise party on that's my
    still on feel like we lack
    more ideas we gotta come up with some new cutting-edge gate
    to put the cattle
    this is calm those big
    every week thousand heat mp3 go out musical
    the group me a familiar
    wait a minute take this bakery to they call me buddy
    on the board
    this is your calls has been very good
    the Bing is it's been so good we barely have enough
    home anymore they can sell our cakes and pastries
    I got some big players to spin columns bakery
    tab all the room we need I'm taking a big risk
    on it giant cake factory in an old warehouse building called La
    one of it's only a few minutes from the bakery but its
    square feet which
    is four times the size a Carlos
    were gonna happen before you jump to
    decorating rooms only have like and freezers
    if this takes off wanna make
    cookies and pastries everyday for callers bakery
    anti-ship all contract my hope is that it's gonna let us start picking up her
    and doing bigger and better pics
    this is my dream for column think and is one person
    who hasn't even seen it and I'm really nervous show
    all right mama walk mall
    poll Wow there's a new hole it's so big
    call pure I would get lost here says mom is retired
    she's been taking a lot of trips which is really good for our but I haven't
    been able to show it to factory yet and broke it open in a couple months
    this is gonna be like a call center solving other
    cubicles I'll be like
    people just taken polls
    I can imagine is this is way over my head here this to work all this is not
    me my mom all always be too hard a bakery
    and she's my mom so horrible is really important to me
    so you got some offices also a okay the common common
    so many rooms
    this is the consultation or you know there's going to be TV screens computers
    this going to a much deeper and
    bigger operation this is the factor to me it's like overwhelming
    which no concerns me because you know you can only do so many things you know
    why you gotta you got to take a risk I know but I'm not that you know I'm from
    the old school
    one daddy moved to Washington Street hero here to lay it all out there and
    and put it out there to make the work that he did this is gonna be my legacy
    I just can't believe I mean how much you John and I mean
    I'm so proud of you so very proud
    I revelry started on
    Washington Street was such a big thing
    when I look at this but this is like so much more
    but I know that you could do it I know you can and you will
    I will so brought to your buddy I love you
    I love you too
    okay I might go back to school because they need com which
    okay you know mom is worried for me
    we're all these changes and I gotta be honest I mean
    on your return I never read anything this big before
    and I got my family's future
    in my hands and if I mess the shop we could all go down
    dome are you guys
    wanna have a team meeting with the open in a cake factory unlocked wanna
    this is big changes coming from everyone calls
    I mean each boss is gonna have to face
    some serious challenge I have a planned
    and it could be the first step in this excess
    up the new cake factory a lock on I think that we have
    very very tell point what I feel like we lack
    is alright its own innovations
    keep making the same takes on the same day if
    forced to come up with some new fresh cake design
    we need to freshen up
    encourage wedding cakes for decades kids
    someone it takes a gonna make it a catalog someone up
    listened running the bakery open new cake factory
    and not to mention have a newborn baby at home
    there's no way I could every on I'm gonna need new leaders tell me run
    and the factory later on in this competition is going to help me see
    who can step up your body ready for yeah
    alright break parenting
    over the next couple days in Dec graders are gonna be
    making their own designs I'm even broke up all my own case into mixed
    but today I'm gonna take one business I have a huge client this week
    I mean this is the biggest and most prestigious client I have ever
    me heat for this week bombing in a cake
    from Mass
    out Kennedy Space Center in Florida where the actually launch space shuttle
    man this is fun for
    to do here process and wash the space shuttle this works at Mac she worked
    there for three months can shovel ready for launch prior to
    and then we were in a three day countdown have an awesome team engineers
    coming here
    and wash station
    this place is amazing I can't wait to see what these guys want from me
    legitimate you guys for you to Mike introduces me to read a
    in Dana point charge have drawn a big party
    to honor all the employees work on the spatial
    salicylic doing good too long and I'm so excited to be here I guess I mean
    you know it's like every boy's dream to be an astronaut on
    and I can't believe I'm in a fire right now
    it's nuts well this is a startling Press now it's our
    we will conclude the program this year the last month's schedule for

    the space shuttle program is coming to an end
    I can't believe they want me to make cake you know we heard that you're the
    and that you make the best case that allowing cards here
    I am very excited to make this cake then we can make
    the space shuttle the rocket boosters
    we can make it on the launch pad to do this
    spoken I of course what about making it left off
    then we can make it on the launch pad just spoken fire
    of course what about make it left off I don't know what is going to be
    I mean they'll be some sort of backs I'm gonna make you guys breaking
    this is ness our sound like a kid in a candy store
    but I love this place whatever you could show me
    the more the better
    weapons so
    what do you think
    tears so sweet body present a challenge
    in what will the deckers come up with some new kicks the thing is what is an
    so gotta go around and see if anybody needs help right now
    beneficial yeah yeah
    sure no wisely
    well the fact as is helping killing is not
    making a sport here
    Victorian era que month kinda feel the Victorian stress
    you know gonna do mine but I'm still here welcome everybody else
    million and thank you like
    to help me get inspired this nasa cake the actually let me see the space
    shuttle Discovery
    books even get to go inside
    actually see cockpit
    and then the show me with takes this thing into outer space
    that service has been Atlanta that's where the engines are
    us that's a power yeah yeah he would get three main engines
    and to well read about them yessir for
    in orbit and they need to stay here
    being this course shuttle his boss and I mean it's going to come to me
    how amazing happen real stake
    and when I was pretty cool that we get to do whatever we want to duplicate no
    yeah actually have been wanted days I'm like that for a while actually what I
    can do
    you know has been located to do Deininger for all right Mary yeah he
    said the mayor
    here illegally okay that merit
    right now is that no one no one wants to earth ask you so that he wants to do a
    painting a view
    for this by cake for the store would you like best
    about it yet you wanna make it fit to play here
    come with me tell me and in pictures
    you have to make me a little bit cuter little bit then are a little bit you
    know perky a little bit
    different turkey good morning by Jordan
    Mary can't help being merry so I'm gonna
    do my best to make her happy just make sure that you make my siggy little
    niceee in a little tacky doing here real good
    you know inside a beautiful soul so if you could paint that that would be
    fantastic excuse me I want to slash your tires
    bomb no lasting
    I get to do BOM at nasa is to go out to the launch pad
    in seemed every all stacked on ready for its final flight
    you see the external tank here to suck at this year's
    of yet one of the best news out here ewing
    kid new schools call so I'm hoping
    gotten a good tour today and you are all I deny
    so inspired to do this K I mean
    I feel like itouch history today I mean I wanna make this king
    less of photography outstanding recite every can't wait today
    to get to see this K possible big tits
    gonna make up five-foot high shot that
    including external fuel tanks the two large posters
    and of course the space they said they wanted byron smoked
    saw I'm gonna give and then I'm gonna take this cake
    the next level and do something never done before a guy's
    a Momir come on over lesson I just got back from nasa mean
    what an experience John Estrada I like to send some people unhittable
    among and say hello listen 30-year anniversary the shuttle
    anyone a giant king
    what do you guys think you see James five-and-a-half foot six foot tall
    rocket ship can't go to class must feel anymore
    but as always s for these pics bigger and bigger and bigger
    we're gonna come to use that a now his chest muscle impossible
    because its nasa mean stay with me to speak with all
    I mean it's Cup
    the years is because its nasa I mean
    is it will commit to speak with all this week
    we're making a cake for biggest client ever
    its heart Sabah nasty nasa
    it's the shuttle program's 32 anniversary and finally here
    in a prone a huge party for all the employees gonna make a replica
    dissipation ok and we're gonna make a blast of I mean it's Cup
    Paul that's the plan I'm gonna figure out the schematic to know what you're
    okay cool what I want thanks to try
    you like spaceship throw
    feeling I don't didn't want any pussy cat
    but actual shuttle Porter escape me Robbie Boyd
    carbon rice krispie treats in shape for the shop
    ladies and gentlemen we have less of
    following you and Amy just on fill in
    the Boosters to make the two booster rockets
    we're using 6 inch punch bill would put a crimp
    we're stacking them around the pipe now would be to support
    each one is gonna need about
    plays a key
    sizes launch and then
    the external fuel tank we stacked up 13 entrance
    and started getting it all

    the years now that I'm seeing the initial structure this thing come
    I have no idea how I'm gonna make a blast off
    do you know
    this is a really crazy and the big what make important meeting pastries
    than we ever me
    and I got my girl coming up with some new ideas for
    a catalog the web making the cake pop biggest client ever
    and on top of all this the hope to see the build-up
    more okay factory lock
    alright show so this is really well we have to talk about
    occasional more year and I can only spend so much time your
    because of the bakery
    was stored nine kids I am this is such a
    a birthday cake we have better stuff that may because we like you know like
    scuba diver
    treasure chests this is one of my nose cold
    that's exactly what a kid likes yes save somebody diving for treasure chest again
    he may shock
    sometimes is going on out there what is split at night
    well you know this well this came out of nowhere square has the better
    a missing
    that the greater I got up here east-west
    my god that hand carving rocket ships
    just like the Pioneers is too but if that's okay
    I can probably communist shuttle at a rice krispy treats
    you chose the wrong one piece I doubt it thank you
    this journal getting covered with white pomp
    okay to cover the pipe me did you get started putting
    monarch on the solid rocket boosters on
    all the different pieces up this nasa gonna look good
    I just home we put this all together every defense
    Boston allied running back and forth from the bakery did not get back to it
    my pretty tired at work n
    on top but baby call has been yeah
    school late now he
    loaded call
    this about told we're still having a really hard time getting to sleep
    and the wheat rye rocking him to sleep we try walking in
    up and down the hallway
    don't know what to do
    hi I know honey I know you frustrating you worried your grandmother but
    the lorry he's gonna be fine as heart is on me
    it's even harder on my wife Lisa we gotta go see the doctor again
    will go see the other are whatever you want to do and at this point
    he's not eating right and he's crying all night walk with changes formula
    we've taken the doctors but it just seems to keep getting worse
    I love you too
    but really great to have my mom back in town for the next couple weeks
    by make I haven't read the piece of it delicious
    you play so much energy light for the paper they gotta
    but still it was an arm
    mommy bert is coming off so I wanna trolls
    lifespan that's a good idea the thing is is
    I just want to feel special you know what we're all the world to unlock gonna
    I just wanna know that there's a tradition in this paper you will not be
    not change their first Valley
    before her birthday I really gotta make her great cake to show her
    that will always remember all routine never forget where we came from
    stay true to who we are is that again he okay
    dunya get a dominant start the unionist Rd I hope you
    somebody's got us all running around trying to make his case for the catalyst
    and I haven't had a chance to stop by because a
    try to help everybody else but I know what I'm gonna do
    everybody's going these big fancy wedding cakes but I know from experience
    that per ticket sell the most
    song gonna do my own twist on a particular it's a booking
    with cupcakes added on top sought something that can easily be produced
    and we can't sell a lot of the build
    someone came up with a great idea for this cake he's making a birdie cake with
    a portrait
    the only thing is the poor guy chose my sister Mary's
    model skin her
    my budget that's my little bitch because I just love my job
    smiling me my say in all likelihood
    like me you know mary kay mentions looking at the painting issues
    and screaming about how she was smiling Hysen
    and making it look at the pictures gave me break seized
    unique by
    lady making a picture view out a bold
    everybody's going strong on the case to catalog we got this nasa cake stock
    repressed now it's time I decide what I'm gonna do catalog kicks
    well you just gotta pick one and always sunshine is one of my best cake
    demeanor we've made a lot of pics together five years ago
    hi came here you apply for an internship
    full body and never had an internment are never had a girl were up

    along with me like a son to the Solomons
    are but I got something to tell you
    what's up I got an opportunity to be in a program at school that point
    grammy Spanish nine months earlier you might not know this
    but a few years ago sunshine started taking classes
    to the governor's this great up but
    thing is have to stop working this way
    and I know it
    huge thing it's bad but
    saying you can't pass it up
    I know that you've been wanting to become a nurse for a long time
    and they've worked hard in school for cyangugu
    more on a mission because I don't miss you
    and I've been around here by I understand

    over the years a lot of the boys have given
    my first girl or I me that's just the way it is
    we all gotta grow change accept new challenges
    sometimes means lived
    well-read better
    this week were taken a next step in my new plan for call
    what building apt new cake factory unlocked walk
    this is a mess undertake I mean
    sedan or myspace and it's consuming a lot of my time
    bought inevitably it's the future of my family
    that's good meanwhile at the bakery
    I've assigned all the decorators with task coming up with a new pic ideas
    for the cattle and its gonna show me who's ready to step off
    and be somebody if new pig bag my cake
    is a three-tier Mason ivory or white and I'm going to have brush embroidery come
    down like
    cash p just published on a basketweave
    basket with all a nice little I'll come in at a stool sample to follow the
    maybe by the chantels lead my ship back
    giant rocket common bro well working
    for the biggest client we ever had called bakery
    nasa looking at record work covering the fuel tank orange pom
    Solanki I
    time putting all the windows details on the space shuttle class
    I press the slant up against the Panthers are there
    achieve this year and I think act wisely pick it up
    who could make this cake watch sup but
    K quiet good the TCU
    drew is affects got books kinda movies
    crazy kinds does anybody who can help me make this cake like
    it's him to make a key for nasa this great no its report and
    has been on the cake almost limping off and no you know I'm a crazy guy and I
    know you're crazy to sell absolutely we could do something cool
    I can draw some of his real quick if we have a scissor lift here with a platform
    that's like this
    the rocket would be on here this way we would have a really good stable platform
    as yours scissor lift goes
    up like this the rocket will go up and we could
    but the pyrotechnics in here that shooting down
    I think drew as a good one the thing is
    he's gonna be doing this as a fact shop but at work would report and I trust
    I want this cake to look like splitting of fireworks
    and it is the real deal know it'll be it'll be awesome
    him and I i trust her brother hi to see you guys sure
    they got right when deal
    speaking we got this big is a surprise birthday cake Obama I got Frankie dnt
    carbon black on white cake for the whole
    believe his mom is bearable special twist
    we're using a little gonna hazelnut flavored butter cream
    trustees or not of bright
    and some nice text Obama's gonna lock
    Obama surprise birdie gave isn't whole design inspired by my bother
    drool interlocking hearts iced in buttercream
    all kinds a buttercream flowers that's old school way
    well I decided to get my sisters involved
    on you guys right couple words the describe mommy
    kinda put around on the bottom and a father hatched
    swat the first word what you think a few months glass
    love being outside say the he's a very clear here
    energetic oil about oil she began to change
    you do Bigha
    you some stuff yeah
    my alright guys
    everybody bring on the case gather around
    this new catalog i'm looking for. cakes that are different
    some new innovations case that people will look at
    just wanna buy
    I take a moment tell you guys
    what a great job you old I like
    all the cake so much I think they're all great Liz
    cherries he did a helluva job time in black and white has a great country feel
    Rachel classic
    beautiful flowers wedding K flawless clean work
    want are a few pics right person to make a portrait of
    place and you're an artist he truly an artist borrow
    love the best we've been on it the color combination with the flowers
    just phenomenal I think the people gonna really like Frankie
    that's an awesome K people gonna wanna buy it
    for a birthday party it's just a little spin on it typical pics on there
    it's beautiful and I guarantee you will result
    the side that he helped everybody set up their cakes and get them started
    stepped up as a leader you know what the visions to lock wanna
    and what we're doing that I wanted to stay I mean
    inevitably I wanted to see you guys kinda p orcas
    me and every single woman these cases definitely going our new book
    ball guys everybody did a good job gonna have a good knowledge
    and I'm call I'm proud of my team
    everybody stepped up and most cakes will be calmer catalogued
    with the exception of one ski Frankie
    really showed me some smarts leadership during this competition and surprised
    Frank escape
    is going to call bakeries window so I decided to let me oversee
    the special effects but this nasa dewey's gotta make sure the troops comes
    up with a plan
    that's gonna work has a baby right here sends a serious huh
    we got this peaks is a lift it's been like this huge cake
    he would talk to some serious height week we can ignite the pyro
    first I just let it sit there for me like she and then
    then we'll just raise the picking up citrus plants to Matt shocking on the at
    the sizzle
    them at the Byron Lee K as he set off the fire of
    hill with the whole contraption and a look just like the shuttle thinking of
    I had some my Nubira wrong that's cool
    the plan is good but we all know planning something
    actually making it happen through different things
    in past
    kick it old school baby
    as he blessed of God mom's birthday cake I'm making a classic cake like that used
    to make
    it's a double heart cake the Lougheed ice Monica
    be used every case like this single
    these are my favorite a snow going berserk another bylaws filed on SEDAR
    reading books these talk like this
    there's a role earned dollars now used to make a look at my club
    semi quick I know now
    little sayings there right words the describe mommy
    no longer %uh
    of one to
    please log let's hope it won't happen upon
    okay okay program I'm still not supposed to be lifted anything heavy
    from my hernia surgery the guys lifting this Nasik
    we got the fuel tank and rocket boosters completed
    in the shop is almost done on
    all looks like a spaceship good
    everything to the bakery head back to read goldwell
    things are actually under control for Mom elope
    and then I get a phone call that draws me for a loop
    wake up come they'll come they'll what's hot
    wake up calm down calm now
    what's hot streak I get a call from least
    our newborn baby call ok warning anything all did you call a doctor
    good news is the doctor can see right away but that means
    I gotta leave right now
    listen the bad news is the nasa cake needs to get many
    and put on the road to Florida and I gonna b day to do that
    I can stick around because I gotta go to doctors with my wife I need is to be
    followed through it on the scene in
    but exactly the way i won secured beautiful
    no question this Frankie it's on you
    Hill Frankie in charge of making sure the true special effects work
    now I'm gonna give him the responsibility of making sure
    that this cake is attached to Drews lift correctly and the kids in the trunk
    make sure this is right make sure to secure the truck
    okay in you my friend driving down there
    I trust you guys be you know this is something I gotta start to do more of
    put somebody in charge trust the mighty because I can't be everywhere at once
    big crowd
    place in a bit said
    the line
    lazy there's an easy by justice rich and rabbit
    watching according to a on display drew lined us up
    money time is ticking away every minute count
    we gotta get his pic mounted on this is a list before we can drive it on the
    just but you got
    go for you got it yes way of hard work and Italian
    yesterday go the
    alright couples go somewhere we're almost there like okay
    cool easy any guy that we got it that's it
    okay so it's not clear but
    guys check it out
    of course cakes
    yesterday here its this cake has a long way to go
    mass is not around the corner soft body organs is truck something goes wrong
    the new for
    the maybe call has been sleeping well
    earnings now he's not even write
    release up really warm

    you share me know if this card
    the first four weeks of his life was beautiful cock then I started noticing
    one bottle that he was bus was one long way from
    he wanted it but every time he socked him such meaning
    okay the new theme Hill
    which I'll it's never easy wanted them a sick
    by just hope everything is gonna be alright Rooney
    theme the babies who have
    reactions to the for protein that's in melding pamper them also had
    reactions to the protein that and so I theme
    the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a three-week trial
    hypoallergenic formula
    I did
    that's right for three weeks but he wasn't taking it get a hair loss
    yeah he's a sick man john Allen the bottom unfaithful
    one drop that's a big I
    my own kids I was like you find the canopy Int'l
    I can bring you a gallon have it at the bakery
    going to make it like gonna make him a cake you put a drug tunnel in asthma
    very protective mother
    but I'm gonna follow the doctor sends and hope every night that I go to bed at
    tomorrow's gonna be there is any
    the new what a relief I hope this new formula
    does the trick for call any I really don't wanna leave
    lease and the kids right now but I had a race down to Florida get this nasa Kate
    were needs to go
    because this is a huge job for us
    do for that team
    you workers
    and your family bank the you
    good thing today nasa
    is monitoring its employees work on the shuttle program
    because today the 30th anniversary of the first shuttle launch
    and final year on the shuttle program
    Frankie night with Alice nine but the problem is
    they need me India all right now where are these I
    come on you gotta get here the
    to be honest with you I'm a little worried I just want to make sure
    just pay get your phone bills
    anything can happen on the dow small ride especially if you could be any need
    to be behind the wheel
    all gone
    all by God
    so open up the back door look at the cake and it's like
    a big chunk of the along its school
    gonna be existing were only
    minutes away
    from delivered it with huge morning the celebrate
    years and spatial lost
    no I got here to the old shuttle easy easy
    our next speaker into action did everything asked of me
    changeable well well right
    like thanks very much a pleasure for me to be here this afternoon and
    minutes Hoboken we have a problem
    coming towards me now you guys like that no more how's that
    I mean it could take some real rocket science the parties get back together
    yamauchi's you little school-aged
    it's like I'm an engineer diagnosing
    a technical problem gotta shave it another hair on let
    travel Marvel one incredible see you engineering
    it really is over this past weekend filling in recovering the external fuel
    tank used in only a little butter cream and ponder that we haven't
    and it has given us an opportunity to show the world
    what can be done with american ingenuity group finishes attaching all his
    and we're looking good
    lifted almost
    now we just need to get this in the place for the big one
    in Halo
    Babel Astro now
    we will hang out there and I mean the crowd goes crazy
    I just want to say that I am honored to be here today
    make a cake for nasa a lot of people say it's about the technology with nasa
    but I think it's a little bit more than technology it's the people
    and that's why did show been a success for thirty years
    got what the
    president and the show here
    alright for nafta them back on the map showing boorda
    maybe to do
    alright yeah now alright hey
    counting down I'm not really sure how this whole thing is going to work
    I put a lot of trust and Frankie Andreu at this thing will lift all
    inadmissible delivered why in
    my gosh that is an awesome hey I didn't think it was getting
    for them fires had no idea part pleaded my expectations well what do you think I
    old we have little miss you
    every huh
    thank you I p.m. hired
    in mom a surprise birthday party
    the whole milieu that I surprised
    the yeah but let me tell you no matter how many times we all get together
    never get tired by hired
    all train just golan pro bakery in the stress pool feeling about
    cake factory unlocked wanna really need to make sure the mama knows
    but everything's gonna be taken care of that I have a blessed
    all this crop I'm so happy about it but at the same time it's overwhelming
    and it's scary at times and I just
    you know i'm concerned. how how cute kids will have to work so hard
    no and it's a lot but you know you thank god because this is something that most
    people only dream about
    and so we have to you know take it one day at a time and we'll see where it
    leads us
    drink together we're in it together expose you gotta stick together
    I wanted to draw the sporting to let me know their still
    really really important to us we love you very much
    and noms even though in the world
    on the bakery will win we're going to keep traditions
    and no matter how big or how small your they'll never change
    and we got a little surprise for you there were gonna show you
    arm because actually when you see the surprise
    who owns them more like a II school
    eyes closed line
    this it the heart huh
    i cant you these are all
    adjectives local that makers think p.m.
    this is what a normal okay
    you beautiful your loyal you love me
    the one you gonna appreciate the most here
    just always be my boss in

    cool thank you
    this makes me feel very proud
    when I saw the cake my son may today be pick up my late husband cuz that's when
    the case then used to make a lot the double heart
    had brought me back to let my what my body did which dole
    bashing contrived old school baby that's how we do instead allows
    on taking I mean the whole family is taking
    model risks here on this new cake factory unlock one
    and I mean there's gonna be wrong paint I'm stressed out over it but
    we have to stick together we have to do it the old fashion way
    we have to stay million *** ***

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