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    Cake Middleton - YouTube !!!
    the Ideal Home Show everything he needs to turn your house
    into her home including cake most people would agree that cake
    is definitely a good thing sponge cake ice cake
    cupcake and of course wedding cake but this is something completely different
    the Prince William and cake
    sorry Kate Middleton cake when the ideal home cake decorator of the year
    top prize hike
    you know do something different other than this round
    your wedding cake like and the people not gonna order
    K you know
    with this follow the sign fell I use this opportunity
    its talents myself to make escape without the benefit of the royal couple
    to model for her
    Michelle worked with images from the internet to create a perfect cake
    culture and even with best kites she can be better
    it's a good idea today and I thought long time but
    apparently not long enough for me you know to me like this
    not quite there yet I don't know if they might be insolvent
    I don't I hope they like it forget about Kate and Wills opinion
    but did other visitors think lives and nothing like a
    it's interesting it
    I'm lost for words
    respond printed I think it's beautiful out like it
    I think it's fantastic I really do like
    yes but not much Aaron me what happened to that she must
    ATL good is it just me or do now is following you around
    but the main question has to be how the heck do he said think
    I hectic yeah I think this place
    laws gets cut his head off picketing I don't think that's a good
    fell if you got got from the top
    what's up and keep it *** *** The Master's Department prepares for the Royal Wedding - YouTube !!!
    there will be a a a reception held at Buckingham Palace
    following the the wedding ceremony
    and all approximately six sixty the
    work that you've seen in the kitchens I was so the
    preparation for a reception am
    and shows an example all summit the canopies that
    to we prepare there's a repertoire of
    probably a.m.
    different canopies
    I'm and these recipes that on and rotated over
    period time so this is a good selection
    and you you will have seen today an example
    all Cole canopies savory hot canopies
    and a sweet can is and in the staterooms
    a.m. here you will have just seen preparation
    for show Barack gain for a reception
    and receptions depending on my size
    will be based in the state department's demand for a large reception will use
    all of the
    staterooms including the picture gallery this room that we're in which is blue
    drawing room the white drawing room and the music room
    the wedding is obvious he a a very exciting event for all
    self we fortunately do a great number of extraordinary events at Buckingham
    and this particular year is is sir
    no different to many others but apart from this particular particular event
    we follow that quite soon afterwards with state visit from
    President Obama so it's a very busier in a very busy occasion
    that's very much example the working the working Palace
    where the wedding is going to be a very special event for
    for the whole say a within the palace
    just pitches a certainly for
    stay kitchens and that proxy general where
    will look

    chance lot so I at of
    wedding shaking that we
    is removing
    wanna much high-profile events we could have wish to be

    special we title of star
    a from called we were with closely with fairest
    colleges throughout the provinces which are too
    try to offer them work price
    here Alex when we large say
    state banquets for example a
    last of way or nice bit be
    time we have student colleges
    at nine might be pro share
    or less this year sports and
    its good good opportunity for the students
    to to get instructions work
    of a an option C to be about
    day large back Alice
    and right to ferocity Alex release
    see as the buddy
    showers said we're able to to Grady
    as K at how
    young take members from workplace
    really is rate of change
    anytime in at stake
    way least
    thanks if it's workplace a
    and then we involved general
    training process within within stay and all
    all the chefs right side between all different sections kitchen say
    make you a little bit time i straight up time
    working with with may fish preparing sources
    vegetables new
    cross-section about thing a.m.
    and then we highly say you liked it to see them develop within that same we
    number stop been here for
    twenty-plus years we've got a number of stuff that
    have stayed with us for three or four years
    I'm going on things to tight fantastic positions
    michelin-starred restaurants or private houses
    sry office from capitol *** *** Indian Artist Paints Royal Couple as Wedding Gift - YouTube !!!
    as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at London's Westminster
    Abbey capture a worldwide television audience
    in an artist was hard at work putting the finishing touches to a painting of
    the royal couple
    he was present the painting as a gift to the newlywed
    any notice from Amritsar city has been working overtime
    to put the finishing touches to his painting a British Prince William and
    his bride Kate Middleton
    he hopes to present it to the royal couple as a gift after the wedding on
    Jack Jack single barrel has drawn paintings have several celebrities in
    the past and sentiments gifts on their special occasions
    remembered on being bent on the boyish-looking no the
    this is a very important marriage which is happening now
    and I thought that the royal couple would be receiving many prisons from
    around the world
    so I also want to present it was painting to get married in
    the post-election session at the moment thinking
    in group also says he was keen to personally meet and give the gift to the
    royal couple
    enough but the party but I sent one painting to the Indian President
    Pratibha Patil
    and I received a reply from here I also sent a painting to Barack Obama
    and now I wish to personally present this painting to the couple
    britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot on Friday at
    London's Westminster Abbey
    the ceremony was watched live on television by nearly two billion people
    around the world *** *** Fashion Icon Prince Charles Steals The Show In New Zealand - YouTube !!!
    Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall continues through
    royal tour of New Zealand on Monday
    but the game of basketball Charles was embraced by a sportswoman and took it in
    good grace
    as he wiped his sweat from his face the Prince then moved on to local
    promotion event called sheer brilliance according to
    GQ magazine I am a a fashion icon
    and them so I just want to know that
    I'm wearing some very very smart gents that's a
    at New Zealand will rule meanwhile Camilla was guest of honor at a local
    primary school joining in the cookery class to help make carrot cake
    of the royal couple for United outside the SkyCity Convention Center
    with a shook hands and chatted with onlookers one woman said she had been
    following the to work closely
    up shaking hands twice now this morning at Millennium Institute a serious diet
    the museum and I am NOT very impressed Prince Charles and his wife will attend
    a cocktail party
    and meet renowned New Zealand opera singer Dame Kiri Te conaway
    at a reception on Monday evening they have no public engagement scheduled for
    Tuesday *** *** Candace Cameron Bure and Raven Symone Share Thoughts on The View - YouTube !!!
    dime guest host
    Candace Cameron beret and Raven Symone went head to head on Tuesday's episode
    have you
    the ladies discussed whether a bakery in oregon had the right to refuse
    baking a cake for lesbian wedding though no harsh words were exchanged
    their debate revolved around the context religious belief
    Simone believe the owners at the bakery simply youth the term to discriminate
    beret alternatively suggested that baking a cake for ceremony inherently
    tied to their religion
    gave the owners the legal distinction the required to follow the letter of the
    and there were two faith do *** *** How to Play Chess - YouTube !!!
    How to Play Chess. Impress your friends! Learn the game of kings and queens. You will need
    Chess board Chess pieces and opponent. Step
    nearer to you, is white. Put the queens on their corresponding colors in the back row:
    white, four squares from the left, and black, four squares from the right. Step
    bishops to either side of the royal couple, and the knights next to the bishops. Place
    the castles, or rooks, at either end. The pawns fill the second row. Step
    of the game is to corner your opponent's king so that it can't move anywhere without you
    capturing it. Step 4. The queen can move in any direction, over any number of empty spaces.
    The king can move only one space at a time, in any direction. You cannot move the king
    to a space where it could be captured during your opponent's next move. Pawns move forward
    one space at a time. On their first move, they may move forward either one or two squares.
    If one of your pawns makes it to the other side of the board, you can exchange it for
    any other piece. Step 5. Rooks move in straight lines, forward, back, or sideways on the board,
    over any number of empty squares. Bishops move diagonally in any direction, also over
    empty squares. Knights move in an L shape, two squares in any direction, and then one
    square to either side. Knights can jump over other pieces. Step
    play! White always moves first, which gives that player the advantage of always being
    one step ahead. On the first move, white can only move a pawn or a knight (since only knights
    can jump other pieces). The player who controls the center of the board has a strong advantage.
    Step 7. Capture pieces by landing on a square occupied by an opponent's piece and removing
    the piece from play. Pawns can only capture by moving one square, forward and diagonally.
    Try to capture your opponent's most valuable pieces: the queen, castles, knights, and bishops.
    Step 8. Use your pawns to capture your opponent's pawns en passant. If your opponent moves a
    pawn two spaces on its first move and you have a pawn in a position where you could
    have captured it if it had moved only one space, you can capture their pawn as if it
    had moved only one space. Step 9. Either rook can make a special move to protect its king.
    If you haven't moved the king or the rook yet, and there are no pieces between them,
    you can move the king two squares toward the rook, and transfer that rook toward the middle
    of the board, in the space right next to the king. You cannot castle if your king is in
    check, or would pass through check in making the move. Step
    that it is in position to capture your opponent's king on your next turn, the move is called
    "check." If they move their king out of check, or move another piece to block your attack,
    the game continues. If they can't move out of check, you have put them in "checkmate"
    and won the game. Did you know The number of possible variations in a chess game has
    been calculated at
    to the power of 120 – more than the number of electrons in the
    well it is a very special occasion because I think
    that same
    mediate there hasn't been an heir to the throne
    who's been divorced so it is something that's commemorative people will want to
    to keep in their collections for the future
    don't no I don't be guided by in any
    in any way shape night seamlessly
    he should be honest and yet
    very K he think well its a pink it's not very
    it usually nice to do that
    the something to that one little people will find it I know
    Republic his you i mean
    its its commemorating dimples
    thousand *** ***