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Present Cake how to make

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    How to make Minions out of Fondant Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    do the mood
    how we've got three painting happening lately
    me I made my from of
    of of pop pop pop pop pop
    first the movie going to start a routine
    could deter black over we are going to be
    the meaning and shoes we're going to need through over
    who heats me in we could have put it own
    the cake who obviously your KK to make big-time me
    charles is Lake we going to meet again to both
    this time it going to be like him 18th color
    at you prime blue with a tiny bit over
    powerful only going to make to lead to drop
    one the shoes friendly
    and cast like have been done we putting Flyers I
    cue be from you
    and now recurrent inspired
    obviously one queen
    the phone with couldn't throw into the shape now we have two more than the game
    I'm going into the same with the other one
    act dumb thing put the other too long
    that some planning to do all free and im gonna be there
    over ninety so they could not dry n
    we're not gonna put the medium gordy is not going out
    proof that they make in the terms is down we're going to start with
    been notable they were going to make them is
    & Noble this is the first one was gonna do the same
    with the addition to obviously they have different sized because
    free meaner at different times to
    and now I'm going to make tomorrow
    up to make the thunderous I'm crying
    cue rolled from her phone group
    then using a small Frank sup
    I'm going to Cooper themes
    booty up
    now I'm going to me her
    root for the past
    for the prompt about where dungarees
    configure put enough pressure hey perhaps to third
    this kind of a anything
    features he would be around eight tho because they're going to be
    that parking to make the front market
    I'm going to use through pp
    from now going through I
    them are
    a complete
    I'm can't for people throughout not work I'm pretty
    the Banchory try he can't go to them
    more mum
    obviously remained to know
    need to come someone put a different thing
    pumpkins time for the back room break going to act from
    mom black loop man pursued comp
    now I'm going through our some not Condon
    promote game from mind
    for clip
    to make the knesset from crying
    loose to both crew crazy
    mountain pace from with her ball
    through make their move for the
    actual crying
    now I'm going to feel p classes
    with them lying to them
    from come
    for this kind from going to put a new look
    group gray from Ruth up
    then some up blank
    mountain loop
    now we're going to make I am NOT in hand
    going to need to you north one block
    obviously from behind hemline yellow
    I'm going to throw morning
    lleno pain now
    wouldn't impress down your
    London then and in

    but means have
    couldn't make to pick her more I'm and
    then we need to around fingers
    you there beach in p.m. and good now
    the freshman I'm going to
    boom every turned only
    the passion
    they will be easier to start
    the from now
    I'm going to attach get prime up
    home to the phone with me ending no
    we're going to
    hand own to the on
    can drink you couldn't see anything on the left time
    no you didn't include show I'm going
    to her team
    seemed cool now I'm going to paint behind
    and I didn't he noted but both has warned green
    them one brown so I'm going to start with a clean
    up I first
    continue with the brown
    can now I'm going to paint the can't build up
    wonderful girl good for me
    hard to my client on being
    time now
    weekend for the bomb to today
    and sick there's still something
    day you think you have the a main gate two from the line
    and it is really food on
    don't *** *** How to make a Standing Person Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody its live here again good to see you I have been around for a
    i havent I have been in the middle of I'm movin
    and my new kitchen itself also man and ready to you sir do trials
    so I have been on act like I don't know maybe a million times hit
    to do a saint Oporto re also I have haha since I
    here it is any topper tutorial and he may have
    I'm seen via Etsy I'm mind topper
    we've done and over here have a little see any
    Kyle and I'm going to show you how to do that not this one particular but just
    you know
    hat maker so that you can up I this information is your own
    hers eating use it for a guy poverty
    easier for a girl he did you like East I'll give me her
    wait maybe skirt so whois information well I
    translate well and you understand how to apply it so I show you my tools that you
    need to gather
    and gets a
    so the tools that your gonna need to do this and in proper
    and our sons cake pop sticks
    or lollipop sticks even get these at the cake store michael's joanne's have them
    even think walmart has them
    it's like paper flower pots 6 you're going to need some
    wire cutters to cut the the six an exacto knife
    a couple tools for modeling aren't these the ones that I use
    and this is the one that I used to shape the head and eye area
    this is the one that I used for the temples in there mouth area
    this is the one that I use to add details and make lines and
    put in the mouth and that kinda stuff so but whatever you feel like
    works for you will be fine many a little bit short me
    keep your fingers waste from sticking a little gun where or water
    come with a stylus and water next to get together it's good for going fine it
    and semi powdered sugar and then you're also going to need some bond
    so I have all my fun and over here
    I color-blind as I need it if in fact that I have leftover
    so this is this my alamat finance that I make
    you can see the recipe I'm I'll tutorials can of
    and effect color this thing for the pieces they need to feel like I've read
    Luke brown for the hair red for the shirt
    and I am get those ready and I met
    a teaspoon F Tyrus powder into
    I'm each chunk a finance I'm gonna make
    about and a half cup find out about that much
    a color and then add some kind of powder to make it stiff enough and I hope that
    you dry
    you can also use CNC powder and that's it
    that just makes it harder so abt let's start Korean are fine and get for it
    so that all my indifference or ever
    finance ready here I read
    and blue like a turquoise color I every black brown
    and some whites and I just wanted to save a quick
    if you're fine it's not smoothies and in it it's just needs to be heated up a
    little bit and needed
    and I always add another shortening to kind as a
    rehydrated just really pull it
    this has the tie was added to it so it's
    pretty anime firm unstable you know it can hold its own weight
    stand up like that doesn't drip over so
    I'm if your finest use of adult I Los
    Anna this is about half cup
    so you want to add a half teaspoon for something small like this
    I just started dip it in the time los container
    just out a little bit to it so you will take some practice to get the right
    that works for you for it should be cracking her
    have a rough texture just
    work this until it's nice and smooth
    and then for him all these thank you
    got fat well overcast they don't perhaps
    often if he's a Styrofoam
    to I'm work with your figures on this is like a
    kinda soft squishy star from the back of my packing place
    but any kind of air travel do even Mike floral phone that you get from Joann's
    that will work just fine an so
    for the only that to her support system listening to:
    is me the way
    CREE Q fees
    on top six going to get
    material and the first thing to do is kinda decide
    about how a
    call you once a person to be mine usually end up being about
    eat inches or so Tahoe
    you always make the legs am taller than you think
    so here
    makes delays about two-thirds of the person's height
    her torso shorter and that I was just looks better
    some just kinda throwing this out to you long skinny
    ruch and
    one-fifth the middle to be a little bit fatter
    that's where the police can't be this is going to be our gal
    so water lakes to be skinny
    cuz girls usually wear like tired jeans
    guys I hope so
    miss reno where skinny jeans yes
    K no offense to denounce
    so on I'm making this into a you she
    so that aspire to be the butt and this'll be the legs
    and just kind of making sure the thicknesses are about the same size
    and going to
    session campus feet that to be too sick
    cut that flat
    going to take my stick here
    in just thread it through one of the lakes
    and the way I'm just gonna hold this in my hand here
    and start the bottom into sir source
    putting firm pressure on the piece if I'm here and train guided up
    through the middle of the lake until it comes out
    top like that may do the same thing
    to the inside
    if this doesn't if you get this the first time don't stress
    just a you know start over
    trying to get so now we're just going to define where
    the sky and the lake area is going to be about halfway through
    and I also do like a little crease for the butt
    and I could have pushed down backed by
    area I'm
    pushed him back five area so that the but
    sticks out further
    to find where the year
    the caps are you don't have to do this part
    I just like to you just gives the
    legs a little bit more realism
    trying to find where the cancer and things
    usually flat now the bottom
    helps hopes that lay on top of the shoes little bit better
    she has something like
    looks like this click
    leads to find
    scum the same links
    up two goals in first are found to make sure
    at the legs are going to you fit in there okay
    you want than the stands then
    makes shoes I'm just being a little bit ago
    gum with right against them the bottom there I
    makes use crease simple
    just take a small pieces fun
    get into and she
    nicotine she and make
    mark for where the heel is going to be
    do the same thing to the Insight
    training issue since I S
    when she put these on front side
    Ste share
    and then are shooter polls already ready for some
    just like that Justin to the point where the shoes are touching
    and we're gonna let this dry we don't want to be messing around with this
    and trying to build up the body while its
    on while it's Wes and socks because
    will squish the lakes and we want the lakes not be shortened stock
    one thing I will do it's just I what's
    insert another another one of our popsicle sticks just right up into the
    torso area
    well this is still soft unity quite that
    on a little come here
    and isn't that right there
    then out the top here to start the beginnings of a waste
    this finds you
    on term of this extra
    cuz I don't need thing
    if you want to add details like winds on the side of the jeans
    are like crease lines
    for the FAC now's the time to do it
    someone like
    pock marks of all these little details on things just at two
    the finished product little zipper line maybe
    can define where the crotch is that fit
    let us try for a few hours or overnight
    right as always safest but if you're patient any craft I was in there
    if you are should be good for track finish the top part a first-inning
    okays our legs are all dry now
    nice and firm so nothing's gonna switch down and we're gonna go ahead
    our next where which is going to be the shirt
    saris take a piece if I meant work it
    so it's you know tyson
    soon if you have these little cracks in their
    this is just for me getting dry it out some this may take a little bit of
    shoreen just work that in there
    just gonna rehydrate are finding it
    okay so our legs are nice and firm gonna start
    making the shirt be
    and I've got
    bloom I'm going to use skin
    shaken see this nice well and is going to you
    whether just little bit of I've
    find it and sometimes pattern aka name is gonna at a little bit Alistair
    it's not a specific amount shouldn't have to kinda make the final feel little
    bit firmer
    hander had district where
    if you add too much you're fine it's gonna start cracking you need right out
    want that roll it into the sphere
    think that get all mines out
    and then flattened one-sided
    spring pressure between the palms that's kinda for body shape
    and then going to use my
    large fault for to
    make indentation where her body is going
    like this for for hips and stuff what her shirt to fit over that
    so we're going to user bolt for
    to make a nice big hollow shape inside the shirt
    so that it fits naturally over
    I feel a little dumb girl on her
    jeans so that
    its sticks all weekend just going to you
    sure even all the way around in
    pushing because she's a girl I want her to have a little bit of a feminine
    figure want her to have a little ways
    you're always kind of working from the bottom
    with figures he I wanna be working on stuff up here
    before you finish this stuff down here because then
    it's just gonna get all smashed down a mess that's you start at the bottom
    get that where you want to be and then work your way up to the top
    just give her a little blue vintage
    shaping with my fingers here
    Justin define just pushing towards
    push up towards up towards the center
    that guys to find to where I want it to be
    you want something to be pointy
    like a news for boo just
    push towards where you ever you want to find
    to go Nash got some moves and this is where her
    her shoulder is going to be her
    other shoulder
    just take as much time as you need and get her
    sheaf the way you want
    memories can use our fault holtz's flattened
    site to make a place for where her arms are going to attach *** *** How to Make DIY Marquee Fondant Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    marquee letters are huge right now we're seeing him in tears everywhere
    hang on the walls and homes restaurants and clubs that have your next take with
    them will be you think the letters from
    cutter set there was some companies
    that it went into the light grey well you're gone peace two-month sixteenth of
    an inch thick to make this easy use the
    fitted with the pink eye brings the
    airport with cornstarch in the distance toward I think both your messages using
    the letter cutters from
    cutter set press firmly on your letters to ensure a
    clean cut laser cut letters on your dusted board sticking once again
    Reuters com pays to one sixteenth of an inch thick use a ruler and the founding
    trimmer to cut chips this year should be three-eighths of an inch thick you won't
    need one chip for the edge of each letter each year so there long enough to
    go around the perimeter of each letter use gun glue adhesive and decorating
    brush to paint edge of each letter attached your script to the top of the
    letter when working on the letter O
    do the inside struck first use a spatula or your fingers to straighten up the
    strips he's a tapered spatula to grease the gun pace we can achieve a sharp
    order allow your compass letters to dry overnight
    three-year letters with silver color message to achieve a shiny appearance
    you i think
    and a decorating bag fitted with tip
    white dots evenly spaced on your letters to look like light bulbs using these
    marquee letters you can create words and phrases they can be used for any
    occasions like birthdays showers weddings and anniversaries what they're
    creating hurdles would you like to see tax tell us in the comments below be
    sure to subscribe for more inspiring ideas visit us at twitter.com
    i'm cathy thanks for watching *** *** Bunny rabbit cake topper model - YouTube !!!
    hi guys in this video to my fellow cake topper which is gonna use of our model
    MPA Dr Nitin heart I got so much stuff you know
    used just died about cigar palestine involve going to the head kept going to
    be quite top-heavy and you can use rice krispie treats that you made into a ball
    shake this one cuz it's not gonna get you so we just gonna stop by making a
    lot of current share without thank you nice and it's not going to the top
    still quite round it is I had just gonna say on the top just gonna use right just
    making sure enough we can roll out over the bar with you this man I'm just gonna
    shower love it it will start around a bit of water on the inside of back and
    push this now
    around obviously wasn't big enough so we're going to keep fooling around just
    gradually stretching it covers the bomb planted a member which but you want to
    keep the bottom and in fact the bottom remember which bed and was just gonna
    check is not optimistic that foster care now obviously if you've got rice krispie
    treats in the post I mean it might be want to put me in this edible rather
    than cocktail sticks that nobody's gonna check and i was just going to throw
    caution to the back
    onto the front face of just took it to slower and halfway down my face think
    this piece of pink and charged me know is like so I'm just gonna push into eyes
    were on inside to go to polls even though this is the chief of the barriers
    for entry is getting them even an evening of water in each of the eye
    socket and we're just gonna roll to black and white again I gotta do
    colleges from the year he's can put a man on man action he displayed in that
    you can use a knife you could not stick those islands on each child just like
    the back to a black again just gonna make some peace nice to try and get
    similar thickness and if you can just used and pieces just got a little bit of
    water each best to get them stick to the brush if you can just being around all
    you gotta do the same here the signed
    mara is if you're going to start another war
    each side to dig into tiny pieces of sausage sandwiches couple of libraries
    with a pink cheeks using some dogs I first got some federal crop dust on a
    drive papers here and put a link to a get out from the description just gonna
    be small amount on each cheek is where I sometimes and deploy sided so what we do
    now is just attach this to the phone just gonna put a lot of water on the top
    of a blow to push this into your body just make sure it's going for us at the
    moment leaning forward a tiny bit too much to do is gonna put it back in the
    body now better able to see where you are from the shackles of all the time
    and that's why it looks like he could make you are up and so taken two bowls
    of why I'm slightly now are the bottom line at the top
    into the tops just twice
    so just come back to the pink to look at all of which were gonna stick now the
    bottom of each for its love of what we gonna put that place that in the bottom
    again put in a bit of water
    gonna push them to put them like so we're gonna roll out just got over could
    just going to use this number is likely to get a little bit longer is from the
    could just see his like again at 11 taking some pink to do the same the
    center but he's a smaller this time look see how much
    I'm so glad to place
    on top of each year pushed onto the back of the rabbit just back
    a few minutes to keep my class and when you know the security can go I just
    dropped a glass behind the time being just what's driving interesting because
    it decides he wants Elena cut and again just taking white model and paste to
    pieces just gonna rather than becoming one and I'll go just gonna stick them
    either side of the body and I'm sure you need to undertake as well so get details
    just gonna have a round ball now I is in the way back the bombs to squeeze them
    in between the years and then to bomb again the very moment for aid from
    inappropriate for trying to the back is quite true anomaly anyway even if I show
    you from a different angle so gonna put some more tonight on inside of each
    other we literally just gonna pressure after the body either side could talk
    show you another angle nasty can see a little bit better there is finished
    thank you for watching
    if you liked this video I would like to see more please click on the images of
    the other videos suggested also please do subscribe to my channel using the
    button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen you can also visit my
    website on my Facebook page to see more cakes and ideas *** *** How to Make a Frozen Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Jen from cookies cupcakes think I had not come
    today him here with one of my favorite little people in the entire world
    what's your name Irish this is elsa
    she's my niece and i've been waiting
    for so long to make her a cake
    and what's your favorite movie well we
    her role as the end so I heard your request for other frozen cake
    but I had to wait until my niece %uh became
    so I could show you how to make a frozen cake with her
    so today
    real how to make a frozen cake
    so we're going to be using it candy here now I showed you how to make hard candy
    in a previous video
    we're also going to be using white buttercream and we're going to be using
    white standing sugar they're just like little clear pieces of sugar
    and usually him find them in the sprinkle I'll we're going to be using a

    other sugar coats and one up the regular kind of ice cream cones
    and then for the cakes we're using these
    to a six inch cake and
    but the cool thing about this cake is that you can do any size that you want
    any flavor that's what
    and then what do we got here I'll set up well kinda sprinkles are those
    call from a snowflake sprinkle summer going to be using snowflake sprinkles as
    so as to what you're going to do is take a big scoop
    icing can take a big scoop racing I'm and then rub it on their
    good job and that's gonna help
    the little cake stick onto the big cake
    threat for a little bit more over here needs morning nine
    cap okay you take some or all that for you
    good job do you like doing his part
    mom prepay seen on doing a great job using a spatula
    good job do you think that's enough
    okay so you can put your spatula down if you want
    and nominate pick up this big cake not help me put it on there
    k hold it ok good job thank you
    just like that okay so what we're going to do now since we're going to build the
    that else's castle is on so what we have to do now is take some more earthy
    a single and we're gonna put up here to help the Colts tix if ya want some right
    knee and sheer
    there you go perfect
    and now can you put a cone in Mac in now
    I think little pile there no help at stake good job
    now we need some rain here right beside it km per another little sis
    move little bit there and a little bit over here to help you
    jerry curl K now this column
    goes up like that right there he put it on net shop K
    now I'm gonna do something checking him in a DEP that in there
    and then can you put that up there he returned and that's going to help
    stick can well you did a good job
    now we're gonna put another call
    over here he reach around there should I K like
    okay you give it a try good job
    and the cone can go up there till so that's how we build the mountain
    so Nextel so I have to do the next part because it has a sharp named when I'm
    gonna do is I'm in a car
    out the mountain going around the cones at you just put up
    because this is going to be the part where
    else's castle girls son is going to start cutting
    out around that little corner and then I'll be back with all it's done
    now do you think you want to snack on this little piece of cake he
    okay I'll put it on your plate there there you go
    I'm gonna keep carving and you can enjoy some cake okay so now that we have our
    carved away what you need to do well says take all your
    I think and you're gonna cover all the for you gonna start to cover all the
    inside of this cake
    so while you're doing that I'm also going to put icing
    on the mountains here or you can work on the mountains to
    okay that sounds good you can agree
    to hub so we're going to cover
    all over the front to am gonna cover
    the front on the cake and well and we're gonna cover
    everything up so it's always okay so else I can you help me hold the night
    shona crazy and we're going to cut
    are hard candy into Longstreth
    in order to make all year L
    I handful so they're going to be about this in shape and they're going to be
    nice and pointy so we're just gonna keep coming
    and tell you how I love our peace that many yep
    okay so we gotta love our pieces cut out now they're long and pointy so also no
    need to put them
    on killed the princess else's castle
    so can you put this peace up here to beside the
    center one track got it keep it up here
    home click your and the next one
    loom bomblets go with that one how bout
    can be sticky in debt and k let's put it up next
    she hop now your little one on me and
    and put your little one up next
    go it's super sticky in it
    Marini yeah I knew penetrate their
    awesome move around a little bit very go
    good job and then I'll put this one overhearing
    okay can reach in over there he put over there
    good Charma thank you great now we're gonna do the front
    %uh the castle next so we have our back to the castle ready now we have a
    smaller shorter pieces
    we're gonna put those in the front so it when you open up for Stosur
    got a little guy is casey you choose where to put them
    we can put them okay well put them in the back a backdoor castle
    you okay so that's perfect decline in front
    like baths and then we can put these one on either side of the front
    input alan dow miss when here
    working tomorrow public we're right there be great if you put it right there
    yeah tech perfect take an hour
    he has its own after that because if you look in the movie
    else's ice castles pretty pointy isn't it
    cheaper from John few want over here
    and yep ok even put that one in the front
    they can be fun to the castle here perfect
    thank you now we need to put on a sprinkle
    okay so we're going to do next is I'm you put some sugar crystals down to make
    the snow glittery
    now said you wanna put on some snowflakes on the cake your
    you put them on everyone looked really cool I'll
    only good yeah you can put lots of snowflakes on in lotsa sprinkles
    just makes it really shiny
    known as much as you want
    home with you get snow in Minnesota long
    yeah how you guys got lots this year didn't you
    do you think you have as much as elsa does it hurt Ice Palace
    come no not quite as much as her
    mmm up next for going to work on the border
    so next up we have chunks of ice
    now who are the ice choppers in the movie
    who tops the ice in frozen turns Chris top
    and the IAEA's chapters
    yeah okay so let's take a piece a nice you choose one

    use missed okay now let's play a little bit of icing on the back to make
    it sticky
    and then put it all on mir and it's going to be like a border around the
    K and we're also gonna make a border around the bottom of the cake so
    commuters another piece a nice
    militarily Acer's sugar sugar candy
    in the sugar cane your ace we think
    I'm certainly in his sugar
    socialistic anything on now put it right on the bottom there
    make a borough had for stretching
    well you could bring candy good okay so now we're gonna finish it off
    and then we're going to find see if we can find some frozen people to
    finish our key car so what I've got here are some other little characters
    from the movie I families on Amazon so you have else in your hand where she
    going to go
    working player on the cake reaching perot confronted her castle
    oh yeah actually turn around so she can see all for people
    there what town is also live in and
    well wasn't Air India
    we have hmmm what did she do she frees a whole town
    before she TA didn't she but who rescues her
    wears on a keeper on on the cake she needs to be there too
    sometimes when you guys play as you in your little brother Leo have to be our
    more heat they'll be nice in embarrassing for him when he

    good job three for the rest the characters on and then we'll be back to
    finish on the podium
    me when we come down here was fen
    so thank everybody for watching and I hope you enjoy learning how to make the
    frozen cake
    and I want to thank my very special guest else after visiting us today
    he's a good night everybody by everybody
    thanks for watching member to subscribe to the channel:
    see but yet
    on the
    could of kid ya and
    keep good at on into
    picture ATB he
    hefty hija
    K and them and nopee
    cue RNAs he
    he W X
    why and me now
    no man I A he has
    name this time won't you sing me
    me half *** *** Cake decorating - how to make Hello kitty cake topper - YouTube !!!
    so to get a body what you need and to create
    that kinda shape and the shaped up and on the height
    and the side that your dollars going to be and
    creating a pretty baked also I'm
    obviously going to make really big I'm
    bottom so right here all of this
    doesn't really matter because I loved it gonna be hidden by ruffles
    so once you have this shape
    you're going to take a toothpick and you're going to dip your toothache
    into them water and simply
    poke a and the mill a your
    far timepiece and what this will do is you're preparing
    I'm this fee is right here which will and what you gonna do
    as you're going to roll out and shaped like this with white fondant
    and you're going to apply a little bit water and glue it to you
    p because a huge some pink fun dont I kinda have to cheat because
    I have to make like her mclean so I'm just gonna roll out a little bit a
    White Pond and and basically earth
    apply it like this with a little bit a water
    again and clean practice hot what you will do is use
    a square cutter and medium-sized
    and then you're going to cut to have them one for the front one from the back
    and why I wanted to do with basically take best small cutter
    and you're going cue Chi
    halfway your creditor
    think that and this is gonna be
    her neckline same thing
    quarterback cleaned
    May 3 with your fingers don't be scared same thing near
    I'm take a piece
    apply a little better water a little bit of water
    goes a long way
    and molter two-year existing
    p to do this skirt
    very simple you're going to take a big fat I
    are brown cutter and you're going to cut
    your ping pong time for whatever
    bond and here color you want to use and then you're going to use
    a smaller cutter not a smaller
    but kinda medium fry and you're going to cut
    and the meadow to think that then from here
    going to transfer that onto your phone pad you're gonna use

    endure them he going to do this kind of more Sen
    and when this is going to create
    there be it a lot of Route right here and don't be scared
    to press if it gets sticky you some corn starch
    go wouldn't do that only around
    you can come back
    you don't like how it looks and then when you get
    that the desire look you're looking for
    which i think is okay we're going to take your doll
    you create it and simply slide in n
    that is why
    I want you to do defeat first so that
    kinda gives you that guideline where to put a skirt
    an once you have this you can apply a little bit
    water right here so that it sticks out together
    so you basically a fact I hear pieces together
    one on poverty Heather and the last pizza
    your skirt we're going to put other water
    and band you're going to Bowl
    there right here at the top like that
    you want this to be folding up and
    feeling playing that right
    thing I want us to look like that
    and a Kyle certitude about you simply need
    hiii at the thing color that your you think for to dress
    and he created type a detailee
    you will need this kind of tool cause teaching tool
    and basically what the that is just it that the stitching
    back at the metal simply put at jewelry
    so again putting a little bit a water
    alway around your DAW
    you wanna hide this little part right here
    so you're basically just going to put this our way around
    just like Beth and here you go
    so in order to do to have you will need to rest with P parts
    you can make it yourself if you wanna save money but this is pretty thankless
    take a pack abs or two or three depending the fight that you're doing in
    my case I use three
    so wat they did that created a ball and an I created
    air oval shape because Hello Kitty does not have around
    shape it's pretty much oval as you can think and it's pretty
    large and then as soon as I made
    my a shape that I want I'm just gonna measure it
    with the actual dollar had created
    I like the side are not
    and don't forget that Hello Kitty has a bigger had
    and actual body for in this case that didn't quite
    you're going to roll out some white prime-time and your
    I going to put the White Pond dont on top
    appear rights crispy and you're basically going
    to mold and right here
    have to match style years claimed his crappy
    act fast and there's no need to put
    anything here and to glue it together
    because the right crispies so sticky that
    ills actually going to it stick to your
    prime-time so you're just going to
    molter on time on top
    a here rice crispy like so
    so once you have to shave that you desire
    you're ready to glue it to your existing
    p so you're going to
    but other than a water where you put your toothpick
    and you're simply going to you and you can pay a little bit
    at the bottom of town this is gonna act like a
    ok glue and then simply
    Press down
    and there you go
    you'll have
    this glued
    and it's not going to make a lawyers you're just simply going to use some
    on top again and you're going to create two triangles
    the same five and you're going to
    I maybe do a little bit increase in the middle
    because that cat have that little
    creeks in america and you're simply going to
    apply a little bit of water and I like to do this
    that kinda thing time and the reason why
    and think that I know if they're even
    are not Spaniard cloth
    going here glue it on
    here fun time P
    can don't be scared mold it
    I use this cutter to make the I
    but if you don't have this cutter you can simply use
    black font and and shape your peace to Anna
    oval shape so this point you're going to glue that
    to your peeth and you don't need anything out but water
    I bad water hi
    and filed on axe like a group that is not going to it
    so hello kitty hand I
    pretty much marks
    their apart they're not close to each other so
    put a little bit of water on your PC and another check what I do is they have
    toothpick I wear it and and I take my piece and what does that
    is basically an pic to my arm
    to thank and have easier for me
    to work with from
    NP take your piece and
    apply it to your faith
    now to do the whiskers is very simple you're just going to makes
    very pinstripes a black bond on
    and you gonna do think that them and
    again you're going to a pilot above water
    on top of the I in the middle of the I
    and at the bottom on the side
    so take
    Wesker and
    apply it where you put water
    that get toothpick
    left you
    peace and
    again simply
    put it where knows we're gonna roll out and oval
    shape but yellow on BART and
    again put a little bit of water I'm
    them creamy EP
    to make it there are you gonna use a small side cutter
    and a smaller one so
    you're going to cut basically 3p third and then what you gonna do if you're
    going to use this kinda to rate will you have even the back cover brash
    and you're just going to press ray here
    way here in the corner
    you're going to do that the same thing with the
    and AP and you're going to create
    thank a little shaping the almost like a balloon
    state like that
    play that and you're going to put a little bit of water
    and glue both these with the
    together and take this smaller rampy
    and earth glue it and
    the metal noriko this is the Hello Kitty
    bout and then frankly
    taker doll apply a little bit of water
    where you want a bow to be
    and truth put on top with your water
    and let it roll out some farms on and cut two pieces that are both the same
    and what you gonna do you as you're going to cut
    each and one of them at an angle like this
    in like back
    and then at the other and
    you're going to just car
    in cut appear think that
    and you're going to mold their to create
    I hand like that
    apply a little bit of water on each side
    and will both have your piece set *** *** How to make a mermaid cake topper - YouTube !!!
    the dull
    hello and welcome back I am Elizabeth Merrick
    and I'm here to you teach you how to make a
    edible fondant mermaid copper I've made the stopper
    dozens of times super popular on my Etsy account
    so I thought that you guys would like to see how I maker
    and this is the most popular one and I'm gonna go ahead and show you all the
    different steps you can fast-forward
    or pause or whatever and just
    comment if you have a question and I'll try to answer as soon as possible
    have fun okay the first step
    the mermaid tutorial is can make your base
    and this is just the peace upon and that's been rolled out a
    added from Tyler's to it and this is a pops call
    stick and basically use this
    and I'd make it and then let it sort of dry out for a little bit helps nice and
    so that it up easier to work with and didn't stick
    I make several home up that one-time and
    I use the popsicle stick to basically hold up the mermaid
    and you know this doesn't have to be solidly
    in there its more for support inside the mermaid
    so I'm just going to you I'm you know this company that there for a minute
    wanna start with the tail you can use
    whatever kinda green you think looks nice good amount
    %uh it's easier to start off with you know more than you need
    can take that away then to a
    you know not have enough and have to redo it
    Tony that till transmitted
    roll into a ball up
    a little bit here
    ty los water tell us water is just I was pattern mix with water and mix kinda
    gotta pay
    that good for up
    good for going sugar pieces together up
    now we're going to roll this peace for trying this out with her hands
    making one side skin year net actually usually do this
    on the table so my left hand is basically kinda staying in the same
    and the right-hand disorderly dry in the Far Niente away
    a fair point
    about long enough
    scam look here in the mermaid has
    apart everybody that she's sitting on and then her tail
    wraps back around her so I'm kinda defined
    where that area is just using a tool am
    just gonna kinda make an indentation that tells me that
    that this part if there's her torso where I guess
    panel with the lower part of her torso and this is going to be
    her legs in this is gonna be where it
    curved back around someone and then this
    think so may concern over
    flat spot where her body is going to be sitting
    part in the truck
    and noise background windows open and Sat tell you have about
    like like this ship in men
    I'm going to take this popsicle stick are
    lollipops excuse me and just press that right up through the centre
    up feel we're
    comes out on top just set that right back on their
    like that
    they were just gonna bring the tail around up
    mmm bringing this to a little bit of a point so that it looks nice me attach
    the fan
    make sure lollipop stick it Nathan straight up and next thing I'm gonna do
    is take a
    high beam kit that has
    a a.m. a hole in the in the bed
    Nikki smaller can be big depending on your preference home
    this one's a little bit smaller something as this one and we're going to
    use this
    to make some scaled no way you make the scales
    is you just facing the mermaid and is serving all
    we're just going to present by nooo
    do a few rows at the youth you seem excited like a
    a little you shape
    doesn't have to go all the way around doesn't have to cover the whole thing
    I just use it is more like impression
    be and idea scales
    doesn't have to be perfected
    this is just a really easy way to do scales
    he could do this for dragons or if you're actually making a fish
    but some
    one-sided her a little bit when she's gonna have long hair
    so I don't really worry about the back where the French because
    we're gonna put then around her waist here
    doesn't take very long
    just like that a little bit of white fine in here
    mix it in with a little bit green
    so that be then is lighter
    then be actual body
    I think I just that contrast looks nice here's got game
    sticky so upon it marginal for men
    tends to get sticky if it's too soft
    so I just at you I just didn't from Tyler starter
    work that in there in it gives it a better consistency
    sees your with up
    that out
    up a little bit of powdered sugar damn
    not cue thank you but near
    and just for some variety consider doing a typical fan
    may use this cutter which is
    a I'm bonuses called
    camera cutter it's like a frilly flower
    mine is going like that anyway
    cut like so him
    did grab my bald
    made a couple different sides of the ball calls here gardenia
    a larger one and a s'more good
    I'm just going to you far from the edge
    I don't want to be too then because I don't want to break
    but want it to look like a cut out here
    use this smaller one
    if there's any residue sugar on your ball too little stick
    signature nation them clean
    battled edge a little bit
    minutes thank you put some lines in here
    make it look like

    what I was going
    mind here
    lift up our little tale
    much bad to get inside
    on up that looks pretty
    him leave some space here for her
    hair up
    and then I'm gonna let this dry overnight and so that
    when we put her body on than a dozen squished down the tail part that we've
    already made
    so we'll just continue this on tomorrow up
    okay welcome back or on day two making our mermaid fondant topper and
    you can see that it's a nice InformedKnow and
    I'm I've got some ivory find it rolled out here
    and just divided up into four pieces this is going to be the head
    this is going to be the body and these two pieces are going to be the arm
    and I am I'm a show you did good had a
    to make these these pieces now and I'm gonna start off with the body
    and you know you can see about how back big it is in comparison I can give you
    an exact
    amount to find it to use I can just say you know be proportionate to
    however big you made your curtail here so I'm gonna start of
    with a pinching in the waist that the upper torso is
    bigger then the waist because you gonna have
    to make room for the breath and the
    shoulders and neck and then I'm going to
    sorter pinch this lower torso Darren
    to make room to go on to be
    he'll hear during depends
    now is make the waist Wayfair
    than it needs to be because it's worth compresses when at when I put on
    when emperor together and to the to come to the right spots about this shit now
    re: if you couldn't see that I wasn't paying attention this is the sheet that
    we have now
    mind pension the neck
    that and then the year
    and Megan
    shoulders and waist and then gonna make a couple a breath
    you could add these on
    with couple separate pieces upon and but I just
    change them and and am the threaded ends up looking like a Barbie
    torso to me these torpedo blooms and
    you know this is fine and so it had a lot of stretching yes and give to it in
    kinda bounces back a little bit but a
    if you used modeling chocolate you could arm
    be a lot more detailed than things or stay where they are
    so I I tend to over exaggerate everything environment
    and then it sort of compressors back to where it needs to be
    because it's tricky
    mind he is one of my fondant tools cue
    a define a clavicle and
    some neck debt definition here
    up you don't have to do this
    this is just what I do and
    studying anatomy is a good way to amnesty and
    your find it figures better up
    and then I'm going to take area lollipop stick here
    just put that up to the metal up
    then take some
    Tyler schoolroom but some on the tail
    stuck here
    moves right there
    mmm make the neck fenner
    honored to have a very good huge and tiny neck
    and as you can see that's really
    call so I just pinch of the part that I don't need bust
    smooth on her torso area
    I feel like this is a little too thick had a little too much
    extra sundress gonna smooth at down to the point where
    I think it looks good and I'm just gonna cut off the extra
    gold by Kim shape
    flattening boobs now another moved to bestie
    member into teens just a little
    moved to hear you're a little belly button like that

    going to use a ball toward to
    make an area and her shoulders like this
    and that's gonna be how we attach the arms
    you don't have to worry about a scene because her hairs gonna cover that
    is mostly just want nice
    a nice place to put the
    arm attachment
    particular headpiece here and you may have seen how I do this and my
    a my am pregnant lady and
    tutorial but I'll show you again I S
    start of with them can define where the eye socket
    Mb chan is going to be so
    have two spots where the where the eye sockets
    in the chain is going to be and I just serve take my
    put my two fingers right eye sockets are and
    just sort of can shout to define
    chain area and the mouth area
    and issues my ball pool to her
    care define that area little bit more up
    know I'm going to punch out where the nose is gonna be up
    on pinch the channel that
    thinner her face should look
    lichen Micah nice little hole with a pointy little chain
    define her cheeks are
    just making sure the bridge of her nose is slender
    find the bottom after knows a little bit here you could spend as much time on the
    things you need to you
    new can you know you can practice a few times
    you don't like the way your first one turns out you know
    squish it up and try again
    I like I like that the way that looks there
    turned up but looks
    couple nostrils here
    define the engine name
    just going to get the top of my
    and lollipop stick their
    wet hand about in the center
    crash site on usually hold my fingers on the side zipper head
    so that am she doesn't get
    deformed as I pressed down done
    as needed
    picture heads down low
    member when you're making face which is symmetrical
    to look at it from straight on the front
    make sure that your cheap
    your head you know is
    even on both sides memnoch from the side
    to make sure that the profile looks good on the other side
    don't have to worry so much about the back but as long as the front and the
    side for a good
    you're probably good lower released her Peter Lewis
    her outta control
    and then we're going but for most shells bombs which is muddled
    and I'm not gonna put the declaration on her face until her head is dry
    take a few hours or you know
    you could do this overnight again if you felt like
    we in another day just remember that
    when you're doing things like this patience is key
    in less you're using modeling chocolate which
    firms up pretty fast you know you you really need to wait for the steps for
    each one to dry otherwise you'll everything what smush down as you're
    my poor little
    waste Sen on now
    out from my leftover green
    back here so you can still see migrate there
    sprawl that out morning
    flatten slightly put them up
    just attach
    likes you
    now I didn't just magically know exactly how much
    around the waist I just an experienced in
    can kinda guesstimate but if you
    made it too long or too short
    you know just kinda see how much longer how much shorter you need to make and
    just make a second piece
    so there's a little wasted
    put on her arms now get the shoulder area
    damn and her arm is going to be
    think I'm gonna put like a little rock here is normally her arm would be
    on the ground but I've meter
    pretty tall
    so I've made a really tall so if I made her arm long enough to be on the ground
    might be maybe just just a tad
    cad cute all some just gonna take some
    some gray and white here to serve marmalade
    me a break it up into two pieces here
    and sir make a rough Little Rock
    mother flapping to so that
    she has somewhere to put her hand and asthma cleared
    unkept sweet acre arm fondant that we have already here
    give it a couple needs so I am
    way to define where the hand is first start rolling out
    my I just pinch dinnerware
    the rest and the
    elbow or going to be work my way up into the shoulder upper arm area
    can see about how big were getting
    and just pinch of what you don't need
    honor he and forearm
    upper arm
    bring to you make the fingers
    zoom in a little bit here see you can kinda see
    when I do going to you
    make a cut where the fam is going to be exactly
    out mom wine
    little fingers
    all men
    you take my fingers in
    gently role each one
    to take away the sharpness
    from the cuts
    bring him back together
    and then gist
    place that onto her figure
    want her hand to have eighty and natural curve to it
    so wouldn't bend it where the album would be
    must want this to be fairly close
    to her body
    to find hand
    but see how long you need to be make sure that these are even
    miss arm is going to be on her lap
    make sure you put the fan on the opposite side
    on to
    rules fingers
    action together

    inch turn her body
    makes more sense
    let's do some peeps for her show
    scallop eat here and this is super easy in
    to do the shells just take a little
    bobbitt and
    flatten this
    nine-year to whatever you want to use
    to just to find for more times
    not C breezy
    news but that over
    give her her little show bro
    you know
    and Minister adding some hair not going to finish
    because I want summer hair to be
    to gently fall over her eyes and I'm not going to do her eyes
    until her head is more firm so we're just gonna try and get things a little
    Tampere to attach the hair
    the scouts gonna be Burnett
    but you know obviously you can change the hair color to
    whatever you want I'm just gonna take a little bit my ivory
    and some brown just give it some variation
    gonna start with the back no longer species
    first and its basically the same technique over and over again
    sir I was some brown fallout
    skinning tendrils and usually the speaker in the middle
    good kinda like
    and stalin michaud
    hair extensions are happy there
    you to do this and red more blonde
    and I just tend to think things look better
    when you very and the colors
    and the whip Rangers scanner
    curl the ends a little bit
    give it some character
    been through it followers
    him stop about their you
    one more here
    and what her part to be on the left side so
    perhaps wary attach it to create a natural part
    bald spot in the back school him
    fill that in
    mass one
    attached repair
    make sure there's no gaps
    men after this is drying up a little bit I'm going to
    on your face and finish the hair
    okay the miami has set up
    her head pretty firm here
    some going to finish putting on her
    final touches a pair and then we're gonna paint on her features
    with some food coloring he's gonna go ahead and apply them
    gun glue all over again top where each time I put some finer
    centerpieces to finish
    always remember to curl the ends look more natural
    going to put a little few little lines in here can find
    just the area where the pardons
    before I finished the hair
    many go ahead and paint on the facial features
    min to use a a really small
    detail brush and
    some food coloring
    that from bloom month in black
    this is a food coloring Penn
    I'm going to use to do her eyebrows
    apologize if you can't really see this part
    do I going to start off with balloon
    percent the same
    no looks a little funny name
    will look better fact
    then on to the black free the eyelashes
    then we wanna finish with some white highly
    miss just gives life to the lives
    just put on a few more I'll actions
    couple in indications were the smile
    me when this gonna finish eyebrows I'm not her eyebrows her arm
    for hair you can see why
    you don't want to do this par into perfect system
    because can get them away
    on the very left peace is a little starfish
    the top of her head than usual but a yellow
    much you can use a cutter for this if you want to camp
    its as you've gathered by now probably I just tend to do things
    by hand
    she saw a bit faster for me
    just goes right on top of her head
    there you have it are finished a mermaid
    freaky you
    ready to go on top of the cake
    mica said you can change your colors to suit
    whatever you need I hope you enjoy the tutorial
    don't forget to subscribe to the channel: into next time for next
    thanks for watching *** *** Cake decorating - How to make an elephant cake topper - YouTube !!!
    I get a damn wanna show you how to do this really cute elephant cake topper
    hope you enjoyed the video to create a scholar I use some cornflower blue food
    coloring and I added just a tiny little bit
    a black also and then you get this nice
    I'm boo hoo grayish
    aid this type of shape which is almost a triangle but you don't want this to be
    point you want it to be
    a little bit rounded at the top and then what you do
    as you're going to you a toothpick
    that you're going to you dip in water
    and simply put it in a meadow
    and what this is going to do as when you're going to
    hatch in his head the whole entire piece it going to stick
    very nicely and once you've done death you just put this
    can I round shape
    and then you going to then
    wanna be and by rolling like this
    just hearing your fingers final one
    this rain here flat best part ray here
    around and the partly here
    mom so what you have to shape it you want
    you want to create a hole right here in a metal
    so you're going to use eight-point lead tool that you have
    only use that the by Wilton
    and simply go in fair lakes
    so and create the crease to this point taken I
    in create creases all the way down
    just this just going to get
    a nice backpack
    to create here's what I do with I used to it
    medium fry the leaf cutter and
    I don't do it quite then I come into it little bit quicker
    so that when a user is kinda tool which
    I'm going to use I'm going to make this
    peace quite larger and longer
    and the reason why I don't use
    the bigger one it because the way to back for the piece that i'm gonna do
    obviously if you're doing
    and bigger topper
    cake topper then you can use that but for me it's not going to work
    and what you need to do as create
    around shape ray here and keep it
    been I just then once you're done doing bad you can
    canopy put your pieces together not by gluing them but just put them together
    and just measure air you like
    or not how it looks at how it will look
    see a kinda like that it kind it there by eight

    you can have them playing let it dry
    and when are these little Clara cups
    to create arms very thankful rollout
    a the same color font aunts and
    cut in the middle what you need from what you're looking for
    as two pieces at the same size and you gonna make this
    piece right here fenner and this p
    fatter so simply but using
    both have your fingers
    like that and then
    just measure the link bet you
    do me take a knife in cut entangle
    both and create it per
    and flute the edges
    what this will do is just gonna be much Ethier freeh you
    to do what you have to get the building the tire
    put your PF
    next to your body and just
    leaves where you want that kept to be
    so you just gonna squeeze like that to create
    ok I never al shape
    and do that with both P third
    both peace said
    at a friends makes out
    and then you're going to create and share on demand now
    by just using some kind of a small
    round cutter
    to pieces find on the same side and
    again one and is going to be fenner
    then the other and
    and this part right here you're going to use both if your fingers
    and you're going to squeeze like that
    you can even use

    a backup brash
    anything to help you %uh really
    when you do that with both your mouth
    cutter and creates creases
    only around
    breast some water and
    glue it on the side
    to create the as real out some away
    and black farm dont and simply cut it with around cutter
    I use these plungers right here
    with stair I love them so just take
    here white first and
    include to UPS using some water
    and again
    brash a little bit Panamera love
    your way
    mmm and and also
    can create definition
    next to the I S
    with a knife again
    and I have the option to either way 24 hours
    before going your pieces together or
    you could
    blew it together right away but the thing is that database
    is not gonna be sturdy enough but because I'm doing the video and it is
    going to show you
    so hi water ray here
    and then glue your I had
    and then this is importan
    you can not the time to shape it however you want
    right that
    and also goo
    your years brush a little better
    in the back on the back of your head
    green due time
    create detail what I did air I wrote out some
    find on and using a sharp knife cut
    little piece this lake so ID and and then with a little bit over water
    I brushed the back and I just simply include
    might peace my little appeal to my LFS
    and to finish it often given night interest what I
    dead as I hear some pedal that
    poppy red color I love death perfect to make
    red cheeks and I simply use the dry and using
    a clean brass I just brush it to
    my piece and then that so
    I hope you enjoy make video *** *** Inside Out Cake with Edible Gelatin Bubbles from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    normally this is the cupcakes and cardio doctor today went to be showing you how
    to make an insight outtake from the Disney movie now each section of the
    cake has a color coordinated memory or to go with the characters color now the
    big giant lines of those are a gelatin bubbles that I'm going to show you how
    to make in the tutorial before you get started on that I want to invite you to
    come over to the apt periscope where I've been having lots of fun doing live
    broadcasts and getting to interact with you guys over there so the information
    for where to find me at Parris Goebel be in the Description box below
    so now let's get started on this inside out tutorial to make the cake we're
    going to be using large bowls were going to be using some smaller ones and for
    buttercream we have purple yellow red blue and green and arcade that's going
    to be a pre-made a tenth round cake and I've gotta discovered in a really thin
    coat of buttercream and what I want to show you how to make next are the
    gelatin bubbles to make the gelatin bubbles are going to need of four packs
    of gelatin now each of these packs is seven ground so you going to need

    grams and total we're going to be using half a cup of water now we're going to
    need each color from the emotions and I'm going to be showing you the green
    one and I'm going to be using some luster dust as well you're going to need
    cake pop sticks and you're going to need a little small balloons and these loans
    happen to be water balloons and I find them the to be the perfect size so the
    first thing we need to do is blow up our balloons quite small which is why the
    water balloon size comes in handy but she can use the bigger ones don't blow
    them up very much I'm taking the end of the cake pop sticks and I'm just taking
    it there by the Little Neck there and it was going to take a piece of really
    strong tape wrap it around here so it's attached to the cake pop and hip hop
    skip and then just put it into a star phone holder there
    and they'll be able to stand upright once you've got your balloons made now
    this recipe is going to make about eight gelatin balloons so you are the gelatin
    bubbles sorry so you're going to need to double what you see here too so you know
    and I'm gonna take some non stick spray and I'm just going to spray a piece of
    paper towel and then I'm going to just kinda gently dab the non-stick spray
    onto the balloons and that's going to help the removal process a little bit
    easier with your balloons prepared we can finally get to the gelatin part so
    in my bowl here I have my
    grams of the unflavored Joe
    I'm going to
    sprinkle in some lost on us now you can be as generous as you want to just going
    to give it a little bit of a sheen to the bubbles and I'm going to put in a
    squirt of my color now remember you have to do that for all of the different
    colors for all of the emotions and then my water so I've got everything mixed up
    here it's going to thicken up right away as I start to stir and once I got it all
    mixed together I'm going to put it into the microwave for about
    until it is liquid so you can see a thickening up now and when you put it
    into the microwave it's going to go back to a liquid and that's what we want ones
    are gelatin mixture is back to being a liquid asset any
    min to solidify
    again just pop it back in the microwave to keep it liquid so it's going to take
    out a balloon and I'm going to dip it in to the gelatin here so I wanna come up
    pretty close to the tip or two here where the cake pops ticket and I'm just
    rolling around in there in a minute pull it out let it drip a little bit and then
    put it back into the cake pop stand here this chunk of styrofoam and I'm gonna
    repeat with all of my other balloons to let your bubble solidify in the stand
    for about
    hours and then they'll be completely hardened and i got really
    lucky with this one
    and the balloon pulled away from the outer edge and I can just pop it off
    here just like that with the bloom kind of still intact which made for a really
    easy removal that's a lot he case most of the time though I have been that
    lucky so what you have to do in that case you can move your take
    stick around here and here and here and just slip into there and then around
    here and then you just need to be late to use kind of like a stripper or the
    back up here to pull the balloon away from the rest of it so I'm gonna do that
    to all my colors and will finally be able to get onto the cake decorating so
    I've got our cake here and I'm going to mark every five inches around the
    outside here because what that's going to do is give us five different sections
    four or five different colors so that's going around and I'm going to market
    every five inches now using a ruler or a straight edge I'm going to define my
    marks that I just me and I'm going to press into them so they go all the way
    up the side of the Cape like that so I'm just going to find each of them and do
    that the last thing I need to do in order to segment the cake here is to
    take my ruler again I'm right where I marked all of my parts and was going to
    kind of mark them going towards the center just like this until I got my
    cake divided over how much as sections divided and my butter creams are down
    here ready to go and I'm going to take my blue frosting first and I'm going to
    just go outlining right on the line here and I'm just going to fill in this
    entire section with blue and Amanda go all the way down the side as well I'm
    smooth with a offset spatula with the blue done I'm moving onto the green and
    I won't bore you by showing you all of the different Roger the little sections
    here but what I'm gonna do next as I will do the yellow and red
    and the purple so I'll be back when I've got the cake covered in all of the
    colors are going to put on the gelatin bubbles next and the buttercream may
    have crested and if that's happened to you all you have to do is put a little
    like blob of buttercream on the bubble there and then it will help to stick it
    right to the side of the cake where you want it in place so I'm going to fit for
    up here and I've got my buttercream on them already and I'm just going to stick
    them into place and then repeat for all of the other colors are now going to
    make some curls with some stainless steel wire and this is going to give our
    goals different heights on the case you missed taking couple into the wire and
    I'm just wrapping it around the cake pops stick here like this and what
    that's going to do is just give a little bit more kind of a fancy look to the
    cake so once you've got your wire up like that you can take your dog ball and
    with the end of a pair of scissors I'm just going to poke a little tiny hole in
    there and all you need is just for it to break through that our hard shell and
    then you can take the wire and just poked it into their like that and the
    gumball will stand up to the final step to decorating our inside-out cake is to
    add our bubble gums and I'm going to put this one in here with the wire is gonna
    shut it down far enough so it stays standing up like that and then using
    some additional buttercream just gonna put a little doubt there and then put a
    big one on there and then also onto the green and then all around the cake I'm
    going to cover it with a bunch of different with a gun balls and I'm also
    gonna leave this section of the cake for a special part of the cake design so
    there you go everybody how to make an inside out
    cake as you can see I have put the little characters all along the spots
    that are perfect for them and they are the
    the absolute right size for cake like this and I'm gonna put a link in the
    description box for where I found them so you can get them yourself
    the other thing in putting in the Description box is a really fun little
    quiz and it's just little quiz from Disney asking about how which character
    in inside-out are you and i got sadness and I even tested Paul and he got
    sadness as well so to let us know in the Description box or so in the comments
    which character you get if you take the test is funding so thanks for watching
    remember to subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys all again in the next
    video *** *** How To Make: The Ultimate Alice in Wonderland Cake - YouTube !!! : Today we’re showing you how to make the ultimate Alice in Wonderland cake. To begin, we’ve already baked our cakes and allowed them to cool. You will need a
    layers. Cover each tier with buttercream and place them in the fridge to set for at least
    minutes. While the cakes are chilling, form the diamonds for the top tier by rolling out blue fondant. Once it’s
    an inch thick, use a pizza cutter or knife to cut the shapes. A ruler can help when making straight lines. The cakes are now chilled and we’re ready to cover them. Add a final layer of buttercream; which will act as glue for the fondant. Next, knead and roll out the fondant to about
    tip. Then add the roses, which are attached to small pieces of wire. The tree is next. Start by making the general shape from brown fondant and then roll it out to make it flatter. Use the same gel to attach it to the cake. Place on the leaves in the same way as the roses. The playing cards are added to the opposite side and now the cake is really coming together. Here we’re making the Cheshire cat. The same basic structure can be used to create any of the characters for this cake. The best way to start is by thinking of the individual shapes that make up each character, from there you can manipulate them to look like you want using tools or your fingers. Finally, with a few finishing touches, including giving Alice her rightful place at the top of the cake, we’ve finished. Have you made a literary cake? Tell us about it in the comments below or show us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License Show more Show less Comments •
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    *** *** Bunting Cake Topper Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    the don't like it
    row I miss you have to make on teen
    picked all say he won it now I have made his mother
    from UK in our wedding invitation but I in the
    ac said to make I think
    to pull within an AES I've got
    colors here all
    gumpaste now you can have whatever cuz you
    jesus thank others I discomfort four different ones
    amazon.com kind of a dusting of knife
    paintbrush I moaned San edible name
    to you wooden skewer this put some

    y at as my hat is and
    also cut out it was him play each
    the badness ABC's two centimetres down and two centimeters across
    and also called peace and
    little crikey kinda letters even push
    in said they're gonna spend out just married him
    have you bet thank her for any name okay thanks for selecting a construct the
    to Flagstaff AZ hand abundant element something to take
    want my and wooden skewer as panda fastest
    OMW I am okay and okay enterprise why at and
    and at the end of the sq m and Lincoln Neb our
    enter hong I from one side I'm gonna days just
    back around poems
    in Iraq around twice
    thank and then ask Anna past
    is private to get down now and notice but the next one on
    you've got look at kinda what you wanna say I am to how wide you want and
    so I messed up my next to you around here said what you want a
    is just place the end of this year way you want it
    I'm just commenting
    a exactly the same and
    map that round okay on this tournament even have to embrace
    I'll aunt and okay said I just angled
    and metal just so we hangin downside a subspace I can't
    and then we wanted day is discussed of back
    accessthis mezzo at the other side
    about to eat down and why wouldn't a is to you
    exactly the same thing on
    this time I K
    and then just to you exactly the same again say just twist that around
    twice and then
    I okay so then he had me
    and ice I'll our

    okay so taking the political cuz I for him one candidate is kinda work how
    more all did I want the main and so many from light to dark
    and their way I just come home
    for right now and we're gonna take it all
    triangle that would cut now or sound
    easy part not fully one day he discussed the sow
    cut to you long edges best
    and then in the second straight across the back
    but we went to a he's come up about half a cent meet up
    and cut it slightly bigger and then went the triangle so based on that we just
    weren't written off
    the two to columnist from the edge about him play
    kinda up to the extreme and see
    end up I've kinda diamond chain and they do that for
    all the pieces so and she need 350 tonnes
    okay so it is one special when it is cut out
    even taking these really small kine letter in buses
    what we're gonna do you just push those into this isn'ta
    each other
    tracks and then at once and for all that discontent a
    and our bunten why I am and starting with the fact that
    I'm we just gonna take some NBA
    and fit I to an end action me that we actually have on the top
    and skin and come in that in and
    a and then taking a lie and you just wanna
    ready actual flight comes the and we've got the two
    credit top planes he's gonna push to why is slightly down
    onto that is and my scanner
    slick action
    me that down and they have
    your fast cash
    go all the way along
    and I had in terrorism
    okay so this first letters
    up study the possibility
    lacks in different directions and just say it like
    bit blowing in the wind so that we have on lettuce
    attached and I just on the second phase I just end up the bottom corners
    dies okay so what made you can indeed
    nieces of East time some
    nobody knows on each a komanse
    client class I and then we went into it is late that for the gum paste
    to Hardin and then waking day is playin you wanna hatter's
    or use isn't it he's just trim the
    and the witness he was down below just Senate
    what length ya que se come out K
    just as much as you want in the K and and then
    is on winning say he yes you know I'm thinking to buy
    I we hope you enjoy this video immediately
    I and he left he won't get it was a piece I
    Jose yes okay *** *** How to Make a Monogram Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm done parent a certified pastry chef
    and master sugar artists I to serve well I think hyping
    stenciling in filigree course pancake made dot com in this course
    I teach many of the techniques that are used to me a first-place
    at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in

    check it out if you want to have an in-depth look at how to make
    stenciling the cake fresh embroidery and much more
    in this video community Jamaica well I think monogram
    if you'd like to take this a step further come join me a cake made dot com
    am gonna teach you how to take that monogram make a topper
    and place it on a beautiful well I think handled cake
    for getting a head start the actual letter I like the script or italic
    if you're not comfortable hand drying them you can find stencils like these at
    your local craft store
    I'm gonna tell the reason I just on the other love the shape that the elf
    we're doing our outlines first then we're gonna fill them into the little
    bit a filigree in the center to give it a bit a strain
    I'm any use a tip to because this is going to be something then again you're
    gonna handled gonna be fairly tall
    indelicate for use a slightly heavier tip but you're not panic when you pick
    it up
    from the start on the corner and gonna follow the one line
    again if you don't hit exactly
    the pencil mark don't worry you're the only person who knows it unless it's
    really often it doesn't look like your letter anymore
    if it's a little bigger that's fine want to show pigment on
    I find when I put my arms on the table I had to pull off sometimes it's actually
    if you don't rest your arms anywhere there's the basic form the L
    and we're gonna add on those little parts now that are going to give us room
    to put some filigree work
    some astonishing join appear on the inside
    papal letter from on the wider in seiner
    and getting error jam by the tip
    then blowing my precious ok thanks anne always think about that mean s
    in the part where I started go it's really impressed
    fix it so it looks like it's one piece that we don't have an extra line
    gonna start
    on the senate here again had some icing
    by rest in
    and stop the pressure chances for getting up the first layer placing
    always make sure the star and stop pointer nice and clean we should they
    should look like they're almost one
    seamless peace to get too little sections one analyst
    over here on the turn
    handing off almost for that last one met up with the original
    outline and one on the bottom
    wanna make this bottom part just a little bit ly thanh
    not quite as big as some other areas but just a little piece
    give us an added strain to me that I put it on there
    national panel that peace okay
    sup I can take this on your way and you can see
    that a basic out so what I want to do now is fill the insider the eligible but
    it as a certainty that the whole peace comes together
    so again just some random do s
    and the so there's no right or wrong here you just can fill it in this is
    gonna give you something that added strength when you go to pick it up so
    the morning
    in there stronger that handles gonna be I'm gonna go ahead and put some of these
    in the oven just a given trial a bit faster with the light bulb
    don't turn you temperatures on to show my pal that's enough heat to help this
    move on
    it's so pretty much filled in
    all the open areas so now I'm gonna start you can pick any where we start up
    on this and
    and I'm gonna pipe those will be borders home to you
    just little bee partners on him essentially we're doing it for two
    reasons we're gonna make it stronger again but we're gonna cry a little bit
    extra top
    these be borders were gonna put gold so they're gonna have that external touch
    on the top
    I mean to quickly move the central central a/c have more access
    too many pattern if you don't want to put them in the oven you can go ahead
    but then the certain dry
    in and you can start if you wanna start my bottom come to the top it
    or start in the middle I don't wanna do almost the whole outside line and fill
    it in come like a different type
    the actual outside and this partnership to be a
    we have that last little section at the el nino
    %um your pay me three nations
    so this is your pipe filigree Albergo let that drive for a little
    now letter else had time to dry are in a very carefully put the plastic back
    pick up the L but this time we need to put our letter
    back over on its other side and pipe the border on the opposite side
    we're doing for two reasons 1i have the front the back the same
    well so I make a little bit stronger this is going to be a difficult I love
    the pickup
    the first the first time around straight down hand underneath nice and flat so
    you can catch that release
    peace thanks a real gently can take it
    easiest way the whole that your two hands input but over
    and replace the debt before peace cannot for Anna
    attach that backed on thin pieces sometimes a myth
    but only border that's gonna pick it back up
    just play channel curl where it belongs reported across
    don't panic yet just sugar the first family ideas on a green polo but I think
    we're that came
    separate and touch it up now that we're gonna make it so much stronger yen
    so don't worry okay
    but that's it really that same be border falling all around
    all the way around the out you'll see this makes it quite a bit thicker
    lot easier if you to him don't think that thats missed
    standpoint anything so they reply to learn that and we let that certain dress
    from little bit again we want to set
    that we can paint the gold on their and put that accent adele's gonna pop up the
    that's how you make a row I think Billy monogram for an in-depth instruction I
    have take this into a three-dimensional monogram popper
    and many other royal icing element check out my course I'm typing
    stenciling and filigree a cake made a con *** *** Rainbow Cake: How to Make a Rainbow Cake by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    downtown are going to be making this a rainbow cake
    it is rainbow layers on inside and it's decorated using the pedal tipton will
    show you how to do it video
    with remove battery so I hope you like every most good
    all rainbows today so let's get started so to make a rainbow cake
    we're going to need prepared buttercream and prepared vanilla cake batter bowl
    these can be found on our channel and will provide the links below
    we're going to be using red orange yellow green blue and purple
    jail pace now these are Merkel urged else
    and they give really vibrant colors to your cake so try those ones out if you
    haven't before
    we're going to using six different balls in order to dive both
    %uh are buttercream and the cake batter
    for decorating the cake I'm going to be using it

    8 coattails that's a Justin opening round one
    you can use any size what you want and for all the cakes I'm going to be making
    each other in an 8-inch round pan so let's get started
    the first thing we need to do is to divide the batter equally into the six
    different polls because each fully colored a different color
    so just using a standard cookie scoop I'm just going to you
    divided equally into all the cake batter is
    out at the mall after the
    cake batters all evenly distributed you want to be. is even as you can
    so that each layer on the cake is going to be pretty much the exact same size
    so now you want to put each different color into the ball
    starting off with the orange yellow
    blue where you've got to read
    we have heard
    0 some just gonna start mixing up one here
    company is a difference between each time I make sure you wash them before
    you put it into another color don't want any color mixing
    to mix it all up and I'll be back show you how to get them ready for the cake
    so what you have
    each batter with the color mixed in you're going to
    Greece your cake pan and then you're just going to take
    all up the cake batter and you're going to dump it into the pan
    and then slowly going to try to work it out
    to the outside up and to get to the edges
    there's not very much cake batter each of these and so you do have to just be
    to be gentle sorry and two just gradually push that cake batter all the
    way to the outside
    when I get that their I'm gonna pop it into the oven
    degrees Fahrenheit and its gonna bake for about
    won't be very long because it's really fanciest wanna watch it carefully
    I'm gonna repeat this process
    that you see right here for each other batters
    so to prepare buttercream for the outside of the rainbow cake
    you going to follow the exact same steps that we did before
    making the cake batter colored you're going to divided up into six equal parts
    and color each with each different color I'm
    before you scholar everything though I want you to pull out about two cops
    all the buttercream and leave it for I see in between the layers
    and then color the rest up so all other cream-colored
    how being mixed and we've got are white
    left up the side and that's going to be used in between the layers
    so just set your icing aside and we'll get ready to
    staff the cake what I love your cakes how big they should look something like
    this beautiful rainbow
    so the next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you left all
    each of these layers and then we'll be ready to stack
    so much of the layers level unless you're going to do was in between each
    you're going to put us through %uh the white buttercream
    and you're just going to smooth around so in a stack each
    just like this and on those the blue
    Press that down make shirts
    even all the way around and then another scoop %uh
    the white buttercream so it back when I have filled up
    and created the rainbow up cake
    so I finish stacking all the layers with the buttercream
    and at this point the cake is very unstable because of the amount of butter
    cream in between each layer
    so before I do my crumb coat I'm going to put it in the freezer
    to let it freeze solidly and then I'll be able to apply my from Cote much
    each year so now the cake is frozen
    it's gonna be much easier to apply the crumb coat
    so I'm just going to the really thin layers going to have lots of icing
    on the outside with the pedal defect so I'm just going to cover the whole entire
    cake like this
    really lightly and then I'm going to show you how to do the pedal effect
    so if this crime Cody and now I'm going to be using purple
    first at the base and I'm going to work my way up and enormous do the pedal fact
    I'm just squeezing my day and then calling and pressing at the same time
    so squeeze and then pollen press
    and I'm going to do that all the way around and then I'm going to switch to
    my blue
    so have my blueberry cream ready to go now when you wanna start your next color
    you wanna start in that gap
    where the pedals were so you just going to do the same thing
    so it's just kinda alternating to the pedals are stacked right on top of each
    they're just a slightly alternating
    so many go through and finish all the different colors in the cake
    and I'll be back when I have completed all other end up
    here's the completed cake with buttercream piping
    and I'm going to take a big slice on a bit so you can see the inside rainbow as
    and after I've done not I will be back to show you
    here's are completed and cuts beautiful rainbow cake I honestly think this is
    one of the previous case that i've
    ever got to make so I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it easy to replicate
    on your own so remember if you like to give it a thumbs up
    and remember to share its and always of course subscribe to our channel so you
    can stay up to date on all of our future videos
    you can find us on Facebook Google+ and on Twitter
    I'll see you again next time *** *** How to Make a Glitter Heart Cake Topper - DIY Weddings - YouTube !!!
    I'm gonna show you how to make a charming cake topper
    and the first material you'll need is a piece of felt
    so I have a pink piece %uh felt here and
    what I'm gonna do to start as just fold
    part a bit like this and the reason I'm folding it
    is because I am going to cut out heart
    some stuff hold that down
    just like you used to do in preschool
    and Kat out half
    of heart and this will make it some trickle
    I never do is perfect fell
    so I always have to go back in hand from a little bit of
    so that I like my shake okay
    so you have a heart shape with that heart-shaped
    I'm gonna take some wire missus like
    basically ornament wired very fend 32 gauge
    you can see it when you can barely see it because it's something
    I'm so i cud of ole Inc
    out maybe like eight inches or so
    so with this arms industry out a little bit
    and was one and
    I miss going to poke at right for the felt
    because it's almost like needle find it goes alright and
    and put through a little bit so that I have a little tail
    online and and then just trust those to secure them together
    I what I'm doing is essentially making a little ornament here
    hanging heart now I'm going to paint it with glitter paint
    and the reason I'm using glitter came as opposed to loose glitter
    is because this is gonna be hanging over cake which is food and i wanna be eating
    so with glitter paint it is it's not gonna fall off
    it's not only any glitter anywhere so I'm just
    sported on a little of dollop here and with a paintbrush
    I'm gone to just helped my heart
    and the reason I chose to work with felt
    with is because I find that this that
    any glitter paint it here's the best
    to felt I guess maybe because it has like a nappy
    texture it's not too sure it's not smooths
    so that the glitter really gets on the fabric
    and you don't need to do a million coats suction see here it's already looking
    pretty good
    I just liked it score might move a little too much
    sir a little bit on okay
    I did a little too much cuz I can just bring it on around to the other side
    so just painting one side of it getting the edges
    so there we go so that's side one
    I make them double sided and I don't want to wait for things to dry
    all the time and because I'm gonna make multiple zombies
    I'm just gonna leave this kinda on my hands and do the other side
    kinda have my hand open
    so there's less surface area that it's touching
    and just paint this other side and this will try
    and not have any of that gray grayish tint to it it'll
    dry completely pink glitter
    and then what I like to do first to dry
    is cut a piece of tape
    I like to just tape these hanging off
    any object you have on your desk he rams going use the paint cap
    how it's gonna it'll be dry hanging and I cannot both sides
    or completely dry so you wanna make a couple of those me sex among different
    sizes different shaped arts whatever you'd like
    and then you'll have
    a variety of hearts like these
    so I created these they're all dry
    they have a different texture now you can see that there's no glitter falling
    which is good for with food of
    and what I'm gonna do is create a horizontal
    hanging line
    basically I'm with my
    wire I'm just gonna tape down
    one and leaving about three inches
    overhanging on the other office and that the tape
    and then calling it out there
    and snapping
    samina position my heart's on the way I want them to hate me
    and I'll start with this one
    I wanna do is just slide my heart
    ornament wire under the horizontal wire
    and in the position I wanted at the links I wanna I'm just gonna fold
    that wire over that horizontal wire
    and then twist
    the wire down
    the rest love dornin wire connected to the heart
    I just need to do me too twists
    Ste and then I'm gonna take my horizontal wire
    I was gonna put my finger in the place love where I want that her to stay
    stick that and through my little loop here
    love what I just wired on and bring it out
    basically creating I'm not
    holding that heart in place
    on horizontal water so now it's not gonna slide
    back and forth so once you have one
    you can just keep positioning them at varying lengths
    so this one all do me closer up
    my finger Apple Inc
    folds hearts wire over
    twist FatWire all-round
    perhaps time on the heart
    I can't run of all my access afterwards
    and then keeping that in place taking
    the and I love be horizontal wire
    and nodding it through
    the loop of the heart
    keeping Matt in place
    like that
    and you can go back and scrunch your wire so that it
    is just one solid string down to the heart
    and then when you have have added about

    TLC not it'll look something like this:
    I have one that I have Crieff
    wired here to show you
    so you can see I have all my ex showing supplier that I haven't turned off yet
    that's okay and from those of so I've it's just secured onto my part
    so now to hang this over your cake
    you will need true paper straws
    I'm these are ruling it they're not plastic their paper which is really cool
    and I have that
    spirally pink on them and what I'm doing is with the T pen
    this fifty penn I'm just got poked right through
    the straw like that really close to one and
    and do it again on a second sure
    like that and then just remove the pan cannot do not even you can use any sort
    of pain that you have
    laying around cell once you have those holes
    I'm going to start with one and here and
    wire great
    those holes
    going in one and street through
    out the other and then just a wrap
    the remaining wire around
    and then all to keep that on the opposite side
    for reading it through those holes
    and wrapping so after role playing it and wrapping it around
    that and was gonna go back and snap of
    all that excess wire that was
    hanging off the tops here
    snapped photos
    and then you can in surface
    into your cake and have a really charming cake topper *** ***

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