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    Cake Prank - Couple Cut Off Their Heads For Wedding - YouTube !!!
    went to people
    is Wednesday another hot day mission %uh ft even then your question had to be a
    is Kuan Yew stock in let me know levy responses below
    in no bomb opts not gonna first to really spend the most time on this one
    are mere now celebrity neared Rob Horne admitted that he did in fact smoke crack
    he came out in a random public statement to the media which he prompted
    the media to ask the question has a vast me question
    where hand gesture and when I
    certainly very kosher you asked me he asked me a question
    back in May you can repeat the question not a confession came as a shock
    and ford also admitted that he use illegal substance and
    recent as about a year ago which is which in the time that he was elected
    nothing to look here's a clip on the confession yes I have smoked crack
    but in all do I
    I might add it no when every time I tried it I
    probably more like drunken stupor is probably approximately buddy year ago
    I answered your question you ask the question properly
    I'll answer I'm personally for me I did lose by the media respect for the man
    have spoken to many miterrand tell you where is a nasty didn't and yes I am a
    horde supporter because he definitely in dedicated to doing what he was elected
    to do
    but on a personal level just like many other Torontonians
    I felt deceived I'm was deceived a short while after his public confession
    forget addressing media again where you again he apologized for his
    and big republics forgiveness but you know guys I guess this is no surprise
    right because which politician is 100 percent to pull
    and I really don't believe that we should put politicians or any other
    public figure
    on some type of moral pedestal because everybody has flaws
    everybody's gonna make mistakes so is it and then a world that mere Rab
    following day used crack cocaine no
    my issue is just the ball basil I am however Rob Ford said
    this I wouldn't mind you can tax the correct questions you ask the question
    out answer it all really the like mommy getting all into semantics mister poor
    you lie
    not a mere made it clear that he won't be resigning and he actually can be
    charged you can eat up a criminal offense because there's no hard evidence
    that he's actually in possession of illegal substances
    all in all the mayor did let a lot of people down but I don't think that this
    is a big enough scan known that would cause him to lose his job
    especially when it comes to 2014 election in October
    who knows what happened during the winding up on Rob Ford in the near
    now it's a new thing you probably don't care about or probably do
    Katy Perry has the most opulent in no way round and it's up to me
    back because a new report just came out that reveal that the pop singer has the
    most followers on Twitter
    and a Tamil film and is she has over forty six and a half million
    Twitter earns or whatever you call people that used to it up she followed
    by Justin Bieber
    and league on the Internet please I'll isn't that something
    horny email when it topped Remos following people is
    I guess girls really I run in the world but speaking on Twitter I'm
    booms there is a key deep a reference in there somewhere
    agreed marketing company has created that tweeting bra
    Wow even inanimate object weeding nowadays
    lot have mercy well as treating bonds are parked on breast cancer awareness
    and whenever leaders wearing the bra
    takes it of born do that to you that is sent to your account
    and any reminds people to get breast examinations
    but before you leave go crazy and CEO I want that we didn't
    Ron no not relax begun got you bra can only be tweeting Greek
    at no moment and finally you know normally weddings are
    every team like puppy and happy turkey and all pretty and chewed
    but one couple took them about up til death do us part to a whole new level
    20-year-old naturally sides there and her husband David side simply spent
    forty hours making his key
    indicated the depiction on the Kapiti did head that's the most graphic
    when he got and we're amor see who'd enough like I know I love DeeDee sweet
    food but sweet foods that not only gotten
    and me if I never knew this was the key can I thought to be mad at people in a
    room I would go
    the rights and the children to a wedding cake like this because her husband is a
    fan of scary movies we're watching a horror movie and I was always interested
    in stopping like likey
    especially in Northeast so i tot how need when it be.
    I did are severed head met all my good man just look at me
    detail does would members pictures make me go but Neways people that when my
    Bison's on your team alas it was on as you get what you like most about you do
    men is what you guys comin didn't send
    to dance again for turning into another hotly debated I'll ft news I will see
    you guys
    on Friday to not forget him on these but put up
    Instagram on the name contains and million good okay
    so until next time I'm here I stand man can die and regional not rub on jimmy
    caan blackmun
    home male way *** *** Gay Couple Denied Wedding Cake By Denver Baker Jack Phillips - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    adtech phillips is a baker that is based in had denver colorado and sheet was
    approached by a gay couple that's getting married in massachusetts but
    they're having a reception in colorado i have a couple is david mullins and
    charlie cracked and cast the speaker to bake them a cake to celebrate the
    working well jack phillips refuse to do so uh... because he doesn't like days at
    let's watch the video primer first comment was
    we're getting married
    and then he came to separate their immediately not selling a cake
    to a gay couple was wrong but more than a cake to jack phillips the order of the
    phillips says he takes every kid person and what make you cake for an event he
    doesn't believe should even exit forty came to that point
    group was founded uniform
    compromiser believes
    maybe when it comes to that
    recorded your cake
    to review the real
    uh... captain by complex uh... late okay
    no is so i'm conflicted about this one
    look uh...
    of course you should discriminate against
    hello also believe that right
    of might be a similar d_n_a_ denial of the american writer
    now they're not
    technically getting married in colorado is having a party in colorado
    i disagree with the their shopping obviously but at the same time his
    appointment and says
    one dollar and albicans
    is a huge percentage of the country that the groups with them
    in over seventy percent of republicans agree with him
    it at nearly thirty percent of democrats agree with a fourteen percent of
    democrats strongly agree with that because so far we listen to all those
    people know you've got a blue live by our rules because those people are erin
    shank those people are honestly
    and not and you can end up on what
    it needs to be day and these are the people who think that you make a
    decision at some point in your life that you want to be day
    which is ridiculous right
    there was a point in this country where we thought it desegregation was ok the
    majority of americans were in favor of it right but we want
    has that because we realize it was wrong
    and we have to move past discriminating against gay people and by the way just
    to give you some insight on the laws in colorado
    they have an anti-discrimination law which basically states that place is a
    public accommodation cannot discriminate on an individual based on their sexual
    alert on so on your second point it's nearly indisputable so i'm i'm losing
    cyrus argument
    beaches that you know
    they in huge percentage of the he said in favor of segregation
    and it's a woman's right small businesses and i have the right to run
    anywhere like within a very because that
    that all the sudden blacks take on any restaurants in the south and that's the
    problem we have that's the problem we had to get beyond right
    but not on the strawberries the side of it real
    i feel like they're is some argument for liberty that allows you to be wrong
    that allows you to say hey you know what let that guy run his business
    in a way that that is going to hurt his business because you know you won't have
    but would have a check for labor into the lab dropping this is the center
    and he says is one of them with the consequences gets less business us to
    shut it down to shut it down okay
    and you know
    we're so positive that there they go and i am i'm equally as positive as you are
    but then there are people in positive that was a girl was an odd lot internal
    god's law and they feel so bad for us to go to product out that it cats
    scientific research as opposed to god's law
    i think that's more important and i also know that
    also on twenty limited democracy and i want to respect their work
    the pain
    the problem is they're not respecting the rights of american citizens
    so the question is how do you resolve that in my mind and so lords national
    you know whatever
    cutoff you want to do over fifty employees and cetera that i think
    there's no question that you've got the serve everybody uh... et cetera now and
    in this case by the leases i will serve gay people this is like i'll make them
    any other country as i will make it for wedding cake ezell blvd marriage
    and and i might be wrong about it you guys go and beat me up on it but there's
    some part of me that thinks let the guy the wrong let me just jump in really
    quick uh...
    there's a difference between
    in having the ability and the entitlement to state your opinion and
    then actually putting those opinions into action and in this case is putting
    those opinions uh... which basically lead to discrimination into action so
    and that's unacceptable he can do that amin in my personal pain can't do that
    and legally he can't do that but isn't title to his opinion and he can you
    please if he wants to anne chick fil a serves uh... yeah gay customers i mean
    not now because i'm sure didn't really go in that restaurant anymore uh... but
    they can't date obviously support anti-gay organizations they have an
    opinion when it comes to the gay community but they still served
    uh... day customers you see what i'm saying so there was a difference there
    let's let your feelings cherry
    if this son you know small business owner decided to refuse cakes the black
    would you be okay with that
    nam tyndale libertarian street i mean if you have any of you have any he had some
    fun of those christian guys like me you know what
    idle servers the moslems right for profit and i don't care
    as well you know
    at lake or assistance anybody of any religion the says oh you're in a fierce
    you not i don't want to your wedding i mean it you're not even having does not
    even in your wedding
    and so your gonna lose their humanity
    i wanna make your figure burkhard have added also i will get another check like
    i say the u_s_ are probably right exists
    it bothers me my god *** *** The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever - YouTube !!!
    most of us can recall having been forced to wear as we bridesmaids dress but when
    the bright choose a questionable draft for her own big day we can't help but
    wonder hope she thinking badly here is a list of
    wedding dresses that are
    certainly memorable but not for the right reasons the ugliest wedding
    dresses ever the topless gallon some brides take it to the extreme to get
    attention all eyes are already on the blushing bride is it necessary to make
    sure they get a blessing to this wedding dress style is delicate and feminine
    what makes it so awful is the cleavage accessory that barely covers her nipples
    too much skin competence is important for a woman on her wedding day and it's
    ok to show a little skin but there is such a thing as too much we're glad this
    Privacy feeling confident but a friend or family member could have explained
    the difference between a wedding gowns and wedding night negligee pregnant
    belly Dr ok now we're starting to see a pattern competent brides and cruel
    family members yes it is adorable at the brightest pregnant on her wedding day
    but the kind of belly dresses really not okay she seems pretty ticked in this
    photo so maybe someone had called her and just a little too late
    flower power we get it she loves orange and she loves flowers however what you
    both have to be on her dress and most importantly why are there buddy flowers
    on her chest
    also the groom color coordinated with her dress let's not even get started on
    that foot high crown not for a bride dress we understand you're becoming his
    real-life wife me it is exciting but why displayed on your backside for everyone
    to see
    let's not forget to mention the color coordinated outfits and matching wedding
    party attire
    plated earrings with her name in the middle paint stripper dress it's
    perfectly fine not to wear traditional dress but a penguin with tool and cutter
    outside this outfit seems more fitting first strip club in that special day
    combine that with her trying to peep crown and hearts my friend of her dress
    and you have yourself a fashion faux pas times

    too much cleavage it's understandable that on her special day the bride wants
    to have all the attention and rightfully so but remember that your friends and
    family who are attending will most often not appreciate a boom over share on such
    a special day we bet most guests make sure to take pictures of the bride from
    the neck up balloon dress talk about unique would you be worried about
    popping a few balloons while moving around during the reception also why is
    there a colorful balloons behind her head and shoulders much like that of the
    queen's crown I'm scared to see what our pipelines War two sexy dress this prize
    certainly didn't leave much to the imagination this wedding dress seems
    more fitting for what usually takes place on the wedding night at least
    she's sporting boy shorts but not precut guess would have been given more of a
    peep show rather than a wedding ceremony rainbow bright dress uniqueness is
    highly sought after by brides on their big day but this is just a disaster to
    make matters worse the groom dug up his real baller shirt to match the bride it
    can be quite adorable when the bride and groom match or share a common theme but
    the amount of colors we are exposed to is just overkill hopefully they provided
    sunglasses as a gift in order to cut the glare *** *** Updates on the Couple Who Refused to Make Cake for Gay Wedding | "Glenn Beck Radio Program" - YouTube !!!
    Lakewood baker who couldn't make a wedding cake for same-sex couples cannot
    cite his religious beliefs in refusing them service because it would lead to
    discrimination this is according to a Colorado Court of Appeals lot that you
    can't you can't use your constitutional right right
    the decision is the latest victory for gay couples who won similar cases in
    other states gay rights supporters and religious freedom advocates have
    passionately debated whether individuals can cite their beliefs as a basis for
    declining to participate in the same sex wedding ceremony I got news for you to
    the death to the death I i i you could do anything to me if it goes against my
    religious beliefs you're going to have to kill me you can't force people to
    violate their conscience what kind of country we turned into he wanted to see
    if you if you wanted that to be true you should have put it in the constitution
    it is in the constitution of its it's the first one so did anybody diamond
    important then if I mean number one did you forget about it before by the time
    you get to the very end they should it's bound to get more heated after the UE
    Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in the colorado case
    jack Philip owner a masterpiece cake shop declined to make a cake for Charlie
    Craig and Daniel mullins in
    they were married ms juicy plan to celebrate
    in California after the ruling Phillips faces fines he refuses to make the
    wedding cake for gay couples Phillips is maintained he has no problem serving gay
    people at his store but making a wedding cake for same-sex weddings would violate
    his Christian beliefs
    same story stories you are again one right how how do you wait a minute I
    think I just a second I'm trying to address I understand I'm still in the
    United States of America right I still can't I can't cite my constitutional
    right to the right of conscience I don't know how you can make a cake
    if this is allowed to stand every bit of your constitutional right is gone it is
    and is not judge needs to be impeached yes
    removed from office yes he does that isn't believable ruling that you can't
    cite your constitutional right but pat why why blame this on the judge when our
    own law schools no longer teach the Constitution they teach progressive case
    law so they don't teach the constitution why should a judge pay attention to the
    constitution and they don't write they appeared they'd only do case law that
    was the progressive move in
    and armored and and look at the even the
    Supreme Court has done that yes they look to case law they look to global
    case law they don't look to the Constitution anymore we better stand
    gang really had better stand *** *** Cake Artist Designs Severed Head Cake for Her Own Wedding - YouTube !!!
    well one woman made the wedding planning process a little easier
    by designing her very own cake and it turned out to be one of a kind
    28-year-old Natalie sites are who works as a cake artist created two heads
    made to replicate her own facial features and also for group
    vote for the heads were severed bloodied and quite brutal looking
    now only describe how the decision to craft the seemingly bizarre cake came
    about stating
    we were watching a horror movie and I was always interested in school thing
    like like cakes
    especially in the face when she asked her fiance David who is a huge fan of
    horror flicks what he thought about the idea
    he simply replied a scary-looking wedding cake would be amazing
    the couple's nuptials were held at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema
    located in downtown Austin Texas that's where the cake was officially unveiled
    all the guests nobody except the bridegroom knew beforehand what it would
    look like
    adding a little shock value to the best deadly admitted her grandmother wasn't a
    big fan of the bloody desert *** *** Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak Out | The Daily Signal - YouTube !!!
    girly home we're just trying to live arcade
    we've been mischaracterized I mean Saturday's on many different occasions
    there is never any intention on hurting mister growth
    ever we're not perfect people
    baby boom in business news good
    real the shop but we bout was gonna be some to provide for the family
    income so my favorite memories in this price sounds really silly but
    and when my daughter would be helping out we can to prosecute back
    I actually had break this bar to
    my kids you know how to take the number and
    being able to pass something they've done to them gonna mom showed up
    like any other time I asked I what the bride and groom's names were
    and she and for me at that point that it was too broad I was very apologetic
    I did not want to hurt her feelings so I'm sorry we
    don't do cakes for same-sex weddings that was last night and seen or heard
    anybody in the situation for about two weeks when I received a complaint with
    the Department justice in the mail
    I was not even aware time that Gordon had anything on the statute they were
    prohibited me from turning down the order
    after this happened I had a lotta protest going on
    down right over on the street after the issues with the referrals
    the lacquer wedding business because about I'm
    we didn't make it through rejoice to to close the shop on September

    the state has brought charges multiple charges against
    Anamosa climb and the complainants have
    stated that they had damages emotional mental and physical damages
    that would add up to hundred fifty thousand dollars there was no doctor
    there's no psychologist no expert testimony
    the damage is that they're claiming I word absolutely not caused by us people
    also lose
    it's the hardest decision to make because you don't wanna hurt people not
    our intention want them all and I just wish more people can understand that
    about them you know that if he heard it wasn't them as a couple we serve them
    in in the past you know and it had to do with their bench we just couldn't that
    particular moment
    could impact ATK
    yeah I J take a job
    and pain garbage you garbage guy and
    and encouraged to guide our I
    and and you know from what we're making
    from the shop and compared to now its liquor Inc and
    not half the government's not just going after
    criminalist this business affect going after them
    individually we're talking about a person's
    paycheck we have the state saying no
    with my kids we're going to be punished for what the choice I made
    through punishment for denying people there's a little rain
    how serious the crime is that her accusers
    is the first time I'd say like a warning tough question you're really I mean no
    I don't agree with that law so I don't think they should be I think there
    should be a fine cuz they broke the law
    if they won't sell you a cake go to differ bakery
    I think the market is probably a better queen
    go about doing management
    combining them they certainly find or something
    as it's not fair comic
    the Cape
    plenty good and maybe he should have to pay for the wedding
    we're just trying to live arcade
    them and we're trying to live I'm
    how we feel got my time
    you know we're not out here trying to bend somebody or make something
    feel better hurt their feelings but
    you know be
    we have to make choices for ourselves I don't think we should be able to force
    anybody to go again certainly
    this country I think that we all can live you know peaceably together without
    having to force
    our will on somebody else and that's what the situation is Roy
    turned into can somebody for somebody else to do something against their will
    and state organs said yes you can
    just because I own a business shouldn't mean that I can't
    have a religious belief and be able to practice
    my religion in my workplace and I think that
    everybody should be able to do *** *** Till death do us part: Couple create gruesome wedding cake made of their own bloody severed heads - YouTube !!!
    a film buff couple had a gruesome wedding cake made of their own severed
    heads Natalie siders
    cake artist spent forty hours creating the cake to
    match her movie themed wedding
    those heads a lifelike with blank so listen eyes hair matted with blood and
    bleeding severed necks
    they were placed on the whiteboard with a banner draped on the basis of key
    ready til death do us part
    she said they chose it because her husband David siders
    is a fan of
    scary movies
    we were watching a horror movie and I was always interested in sculpting
    lifelike cakes especially in the face so I thought I need would it be if I did I
    severed heads missus scientists said
    and dave was like that would be amazing she told ABC
    missus scientists created the head standing up and then put them down on
    the side for display
    the cake went on display at the couple's wedding in US teens Alamo Drafthouse
    Texas a movie theater that serves food and alcohol
    the inside of the cake was a colorful confetti vanilla sponge
    I wanted to do something a little goofy and funny so when you cut into it it had
    a bunch of different colors she said
    it was all topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and modeling
    missus scientists said I didn't tell anybody about it so it made it really
    interesting to see people's reactions
    everybody was shocked and love did
    she admitted her grandmother was not so keen on the cake
    although she said she appreciated the detail and how realistic it was
    missus side is posted photos of the cake on her company website and it drew mixed
    one user posted there is no way I could eat that while another wrote I hope
    there were no kids there
    but another user wrote it would not be my choice for a cake but I would just
    love to be able to sculpt and sugar this way
    regardless of my personal taste I can only respect such phenomenal skill *** *** Edible Wedding couple cake topper by Roxana - YouTube !!!
    I can is this a trick them from the Youth Championships email McQueary
    into them official you Miley me my first
    waiting couple K tempers well
    they were impressed release event it then she's going to give this a fifth
    for some money on her family home a friendly
    Inc mom in she happened to me
    them with his characteristic
    me them then
    the price rain
    these leave her home since from here and she
    his home in this roses fucking and differences
    me heard train miss you can see
    she's wearing this
    you you in
    I'm in in
    him from in Queens Quay
    this p well tank repair him
    feed I hope you like them and they help elicit
    usually them in and she make a room look good
    care with he's and remember if you learn you looking at maybe just please
    subscribe to this channel
    which is rick Seaney him and for him very just make sure the word
    on the right channel and the username he has to say
    proxy name on the phone every I'm I have a few to reappear
    the may help you to meet you on Peter pipers so please suscribe
    in a for the tutorial rain here in print see me in mind the freemen
    well thank you see in the next few bank *** *** Refuse to Make Wedding Cake for Lesbian Couple | WWYD?[한글자막] - YouTube !!! *** *** CHRISTIAN COUPLE FINED $135,000 OVER GAY WEDDING CAKE PORTLAND OREGON END TIME NEWS - YouTube !!!
    a new development in the case of the Argan Christian bakers who were fined
    refusing to bake a cake for gay wedding Melissa and Aaron Klein had
    refused to pay the fine while they appealed the ruling oregonlive.com
    reports the state is seeking 9% interest and the right to seize other assets
    until the appeal is decided Monday Aaron Klein delivered a check for nearly
    to state agency he also paid an additional $
    earlier this month the
    money will be kept in escrow until an appeal is decided the client's case
    grabbed national attention this year for its religious freedom and free speech
    implications earlier this year
    CBN devil Robertson spoke with the Christian couple who say their
    constitutional rights are at stake and they're not backing down the travel
    Ferrer animalistic line begin two years ago when a woman came into their bakery
    asking for a wedding cake she came and sat down at some cake third try after
    the bride and groom's name she told me bisbee two brides at that point I was
    apologetic I said I'm sorry we can't do this and I did not mean to waste your
    time and she got up and walked out that was the extent of the encounter a few
    weeks later the client faces civil complaint for failing to provide the
    couple equal service in a place of public accommodation as citation equal
    to a traffic violation in the state we were the mindset that we were fully
    within our rights I mean everybody believes that that added you know that
    we reserve the right to refuse business you know any reason the couple
    originally sought just $
    the price of one of Melissa's custom cake
    but organ Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian decided they deserve more
    rewarding than $
    in emotional damages he then ordered declined to
    cease and desist from openly professing that they won't serve gay weddings
    because of their Christian beliefs then turning down the lesbian couple the kind
    of had to close their business and have spent the past two years fighting to
    protect their religious liberty and now they fight to protect their freedom of
    speech its First Amendment free-speech you look in had a government agency
    telling a private individual what they can and cannot say this should scare
    every American I'm shocked at the fact that I wasn't even I wasn't even charge
    like I wasn't even charged I'm told I'm being told that I have to be silent and
    to me that's what I don't understand that that doesn't mean I don't see how
    somebody can tell me to be quiet and frankly I i'm not going to be quiet
    about my faith Hans von Spakovsky of the heritage foundation says the kinds could
    seek legal action against commissioner of akhiyan for his clear prejudices in
    their case I actually think they have a potential civil rights case against of
    AKI and he clearly has acted in a biased prejudiced man or he's acted as judge
    jury and executioner in this case and as a competitively against him because he
    also feels the ruling is intended to intimidate other Christian churches
    should be getting behind the kleins but I have no doubt that they are not saying
    anything about this because the clear intent of the state of Oregon
    Commissioner bakke is to intimidate the Christian community that's why he's
    opposed this huge punishment on the client and it's very clear that
    intimidation is working area and Melissa have seen makes the port from Christians
    and Portland even the churches and then I'm not saying all of them at a
    percentage of the church's said basically they've made this mess they're
    on their own inspector Michael gurney from Portland's Multnomah University
    these this mixed reaction as generational I think for the younger
    generation they don't understand why why Christians would refuse them it's it's
    not that they see this they receive the act of baking a cake has endorsing is
    just a matter of equality I think we're going to see more and more of this
    encroachment upon religious liberties and I think that that we have to we have
    to really be prepared for that despite the hardships and long road ahead and
    Melissa remain confident God will see them through for me personally it has
    been I mean it's weird to say but an amazing experience I've learned so much
    through all this I God has taught me to trust him this know also that in the
    last days perilous times shall come
    for men should be lovers of their own selves covetous posters proud
    blasphemers disobedient to parents
    thankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers
    incontinent fears despises of those are good
    traitors heady high-minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having
    a full-on of godliness but denying the power there are from such gone away
    anyone who tries to run for office who actually believes the bible be
    considered to finally we are cycles
    we will be called things that were not and persecuted not for being followers
    of Christ for being radical fundamentalist to do not know the true
    way of Christ which of course is love and tolerance you go down as the
    greatest bigots haters of mankind in history have already come after your
    children and for most of you that got them and got them to the public schools
    and indoctrination the university and indoctrination and you wonder why your
    children come out not serving the Lord because you fed them right into the
    Devils now so little by little the net is closing round and then it's not
    little by little look how fast things are going downhill just a matter of
    weeks *** ***