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-buttercream,icing subjects hat of cream how to make

hat of cream how to make

    -buttercream,icing subjects

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    How to make a standing bride and groom cake topper part 1 by The Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    hello I'm Karen and I indicate our and
    today I'm going to be showing you how I make my
    standing by Tim Green gaw

    grams and my what must be nice and
    and if you'd like to see how to make you a multi-national actually do
    have some other videos on that and
    Luna is not really much I can say about this one except
    this one is old done by hand its
    I don't use any steaks all why is in any of my way
    because like my which be child-friendly
    and as you can see him trying to you form the waist
    my bright stress here and
    and a build much of his a fit
    several days because if
    not using the wise to have my drying process
    and you see that with the Indy
    intent for the waist this is just a very simplistic trashed
    second straight to fill to
    we have got to worry about making any feature anything and now I'm spin chain
    and pulling down
    to extend the
    distance from here TX I would like it to be in proportion
    when he and his role in it she
    found that the failed the dresses clinic westfall
    said wanted to be a good height
    top his tend to be
    maybe between four and six inches tall
    musicals highlights just it's sometimes tough with the cake ad-lib gas to make
    smaller loans
    to just concentrating more making her
    nice waist said
    looking like a nice shape address just the basic the dress
    just gonna just pinch at the bottom bitch to me that's a little bit more
    neat just give
    nice to finish I will be adding on to destress
    said she's just
    the basic on Jimmy
    caught the classic can actually be left as it is
    back to and click a little crease
    in my way Kia said the school to actually going to the back piece on the
    dress is this is going to be the back to the dress
    this is going to be the food pay a stem went to
    indent with of ink and its Ruben
    the I said because we would like to have some nice
    taking put a name to be called
    davis' nice chest area sometimes they just
    it's very strange when a lot and sometimes things gas to make
    excuse me and loose change in mobile chilling
    just indent the chalk area because
    I would like to be able to you out and
    some flash full head and neck
    and had
    the furniture SGF I love to fry
    its house and
    wedding dresses said she's going to be a strapless dress
    I'm trying to make sure they snow to
    sticking out the back seat dateline if they call home
    back costs people
    Gemini on each look like that unless they actually do like that maybe lastly
    and then teen model you would called
    me did each
    not basically
    he's looking like a nice stress
    from a bright
    she's actually looking its highest to a chick
    generating new with it came
    just some something that
    maybe a pestle Gingrey
    keeps making me get sheeple me change
    she's looking more balanced and I'm gonna get
    my and little knife tool just finished
    Alicia Quarles right shin send if it rest
    and if he could see very low
    and I'm just going to use mobile
    cool just to leave slightly if this area stated
    it's going to sit nicely across
    have chest
    thanks to put it more closely
    speakers come some constantly holding this act and feel
    is starting to get sticky said sleazy any if my fingerprints that
    have come address what up being way
    can that
    and so we can see that with call basic shape if I
    dressed and Saiful
    she's me it four inches tall
    think make at least a little bit more
    and then help it
    she stands nicely she's evenly balanced she
    speech so it must
    give and need actually looks on as widely accepted
    that's just died
    put mojo just or my housing feels a bit sticky
    maybe it's just because a very warm across the central feature squat
    prostitution restive couple that
    stay football there which he is small Maltese
    size or change you there revels sweeney's
    slot on a stage play
    wanted to be the orange one and
    is you know trade coffee anyway
    started off with that size I'm a actually have to reach you say
    say we'll see five days I make yep she's just
    gonna be somewhat whole file size: say
    know it and she precious pea-sized
    and its role in one-inch to me
    class that's going to be head and neck and feels bit is going to be
    they chest a I'm just pinch in this anticipated
    it fit into the area
    have already created
    should still looks a very long to me so much
    and ticketed bit more of soul trial in a ring when you
    making the spate things is in a sec rules to anything
    me said
    them dishonest have mobile in person and one sucked
    trimboli to bring them out area for neck
    in try again pinch your hand
    just brings have its
    try couple
    it's looking much better say because I'm happy with
    of I'm going to get a little bit more bored wat up
    have Ramesh of OT the back home state
    want lots and lots of water because all happen is we'll just make your sleepy
    its place like her
    say we've call the neck area
    and safe
    just chest just it shipping not too much
    and I'm going to get a little bit more
    which we proudly bit more my flesh I said
    use a little bit if something's you want
    say this phone is to saying so seised
    process peel
    sales process
    pay polls to nice full quiche
    so its antique of
    and then I'm just gonna check this sized still might be wrong
    on display say each individual
    proud depending on
    have form independence
    is i won hand to come across that actually holding a bouquet
    want this to be a shoulder so that's looking but be the right size
    say ok which role do the peace
    see that we start of with Chu sausages

    approximately the same size
    K and then
    right near the and I'm just gonna
    pushing a role the slave named this is forming hey
    best I any do simplistic
    hands on this scale because
    find it hard to me hansel nice to me and which was half
    a simplistic and looks nice
    some kind of way hedge say
    gain which cheese sandwiches along he's pushing inside me
    stir can and then im just pinch it
    just two thing that said
    to Dave's kitty shape up the but
    so much bullshit it's actually a little bit like a flat spin
    shape anyway

    now if call hadn't
    and this is going to be shown to say a backhoe
    way from the wrist area
    to shoulder area
    I'm just going to just put Hulu
    was grateful little line me see them blind
    K and this is for what happened
    just help give it because when everybody brings their own
    they'll actually have a natural crease say little things like
    of find and have it more appealing
    details and hits a month this form solitude and
    listing watch and then we could
    fold the all bench-scale
    and get some movement boiled water
    I want some boiled water here
    cease their shoulders going to be and I will say one two hands to be
    he wished he would be Holden
    at the UK said which put the
    all mall hold the soft shoe you
    maybe be easy for si llegan
    I'm just gonna put on the half I was fined each demo with my list and
    and in my well him on its books came in
    just see free papers printed
    thanks very much of a favor free
    mind was going to flake
    their stay thanks you too can play
    and call me this is where she's going to stop
    I'm no
    well was still here we can just pull
    each the back at rest we can just do
    to the dress
    whose he's I'm just gonna go across this
    me on them in the opposite direction
    just to keep the illusion and
    is and can we see go
    like a corset style the back and
    that is why she thinks States
    she's helping us to stalking
    writes a passed the House and
    them from going to do lost scum going to get the clay
    you his way any questions
    so always going to gauge day is just me
    the trials ist
    we don't need to do anything else clutch houses to July
    stated day I want
    rock solid say them when I start to Hyrule
    we've got a nice Fame foundation to help instant nasa streak
    said I hate Oakleigh
    cuz according to you my description
    Mike Green is laying great she
    each said I'm just needed to speak more except in a two-stage snow
    QY makes the black the white to get the proper to make Declan I don't want you
    to have
    she trickling in with streaks
    wouldn't be happy with how I would have happened without that something I
    what I like
    for his wall I would be helpful
    lost safety one which do damage control
    choose Bulls the same sort of stuff nice
    stated with a bikini point
    and I will she and just fine spliced
    next enough right just how I wished
    do the Pridefest veto the base team self-harm each
    she's nice said
    cables same size
    keep question laptops a doesn't run I am
    each something to reach way said
    face palm we've got the ball
    and then we're going to make and nice
    hostage but we're going to her house effectuate want
    and deal now could be wrong on this one and after we do this week
    that to screen she
    have at roof
    day so we've got us a sage
    time to bring back the bright know we want each
    his lax to be approximately able to her waist now
    nice of the
    only to a snap this much of
    raw my life back into the bowl
    and see the difference cell
    takeoff same sort of a man's
    from the oval what's
    usually the same size seventy do the same weekend
    job creation when people call Saleh has
    very warm writes a
    way to roll it in two years sausage
    try came to see what sort of size that looks like
    next month's World stew
    quite school to the fact that he has struck a bill said
    from going to do to me pinch at the pot the Traxxas
    Angeles donahue with them
    still not happy still
    these bolchi pic the beginning
    but that's okay it is
    practice in not been doing this he is not still called
    the fish time
    every time say
    its always like this
    every single writing gene make his name used said
    measurements Italy should be the same matter if I send them out if I said
    every single bright green is complete individuals to
    strategy's going to me
    same thing K forget get this thing sold
    you measurements Friday
    way little the variety and
    the mixtures clist people liked
    and this is one of my favorite place to do as well because this is complete ted
    as collectibles he dissipation
    latest much is polluting something
    militia hey say looking much better
    size now slightly higher than their waste
    like it it by the time is call
    he's and jacket on everything on
    gay movies about just nice
    to national to make sure that they see
    his two-seam I dosed in the way this case in only hey
    if you actually make damn
    and you feel that you right at the end everything looks a little bit
    small there is
    techniques to be able to achieve make
    study tool much to make an election they will say the same so to size
    is frozen assets more
    and one which J
    yes the bach if he selects a backhoe
    way I'm just going to put some little in
    said just two days see that's the back to the Travis
    Cisco nice crease stop
    from the same
    alone sleek look creases
    ahead and then which show that match the balloon will try to screw
    boiled wool to down one side and I'm actually
    SME in the census green tacky because I want these
    to stick together nasa since gonna put them together pressing at the bottom
    and teach stick their necks
    to get the say they look like that I'm not
    A's what we've made it safe for today
    and they're going to be left now too dry someone said run.
    weakened little the next ages thank you for watching
    for me *** *** How to make a Bride out of fondant cake topper fimo clay figurine - YouTube !!!
    do the do
    to me could be a bridesmaid dress through going to be moved
    a police farrakhan into
    cut it open because before he had to like qabool
    and this was the only
    I'm going to call waiting gumpaste I'm going to roll some white
    come pace 0 go to sleep if you want to chase the is
    ivory it going to use the I worry
    gumpaste now I'm going to occur
    tonight care am trailing arm
    chain from the two remove
    this one when opening weekend
    can leave an account
    Sims fear and to talk to him
    from truth
    really I'm going to hunt sausages
    and comply on through the protestant
    common now
    with implement on hope all
    day con
    complete your finger sure to disconnect
    created showing
    and remove in differences more than
    on time we're going to
    sold I to pay inside
    home and to make the border with continued
    amber flesh morton pace in

    on today to pay and then mounted
    so we want to make your waistline
    Luna and to make this sure do we have to me
    and I tram movie
    Christian you can make from percent input
    on to the top and now with the shaper
    route going to today the race now
    I'm going to I'm some fund and
    per day hopeful Herman I would bring to from going two years
    this meh which is no many years places
    but today I'm going to use the word just gumpaste
    I'm really some gumpaste first than men premier on
    top warm number can
    ruling pickin gently no
    went into removal in with this month caesar's
    I'm going to be moved any fixture fund
    and mountain Bluebird on temple the
    the number and type some white be to
    just on the time
    now we're going to make behaved is in some from them
    and you're gonna make it my I know
    first the room when I'm a pimp in the meantime
    or the home loan with green tea get this
    be scrutinized then with the leaching from
    going to gym
    in going to create the nose
    now working under the peeps
    pain mood of the team
    on campus the head I'm too pretty
    going to cut mom frankly
    who he is we don't remember Nash
    I'm going to try some more I'm from can I
    circling unwilling
    school group room filled the whole on and on boosting
    I'm going to do the same thing for the other guy now with my knee
    really really compliance I'm going to paint
    I come to room I'm with block
    I'm going to paint free I'm nationals
    and now going to paint by Ruth with from
    brown food coloring
    home to her cool
    outside the I was some grim team from
    with dark brown
    now I'm going to work hard Google
    want to meet some ground to use me p.m.
    routine I'm going to my
    heard it now I'm going to use some pink powder
    this time without her
    to make this happen going to use in brown wooden pays
    ruling to associate
    from me notes occurs who couldn't on men
    and didn't the same put the rest up
    home-grown to move on hand on the left
    me p.m. I'm going to me Cano
    ticket here
    in person to leave cheaper medium
    to make hearing I'm going teen his some
    gray funding me to drop
    not apply lots of glitter
    so look nike's them

    to make arms I'm going to roll some
    flesh fund be cancer free then leave
    something for behind emblem
    we will paint brush handle
    mmm print blankley not
    painting doing
    back to normal
    so just done time
    make we had to cut now
    halfway make and I'm and
    on the other side I make things change for the elbow
    come we can now speaking onto his children deletion
    room I'm gone to from the Honda third
    no one is going to see

    now I'm going to make I feel that this more routes is
    so months I'm
    think fund and now
    I'm going to stick them all together
    in I
    on the address
    with a hand just like Holden them
    amusing and brushed keep them but yeah
    I hope elected into if so please don't forget to thumbs up
    and if you need to the tennis ascribed to get only new media's
    omit any campaign to turn this on cock to correct this
    summit kicked it so yes and much much more have a sweet day
    but then I *** ***

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