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--Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) pear making tutorial -Fruits -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) pear making tutorial how to make

-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) pear making tutorial how to make

    --Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) pear making tutorial -Fruits

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    How to make a Bride out of fondant cake topper fimo clay figurine - YouTube !!!
    do the do
    to me could be a bridesmaid dress through going to be moved
    a police farrakhan into
    cut it open because before he had to like qabool
    and this was the only
    I'm going to call waiting gumpaste I'm going to roll some white
    come pace 0 go to sleep if you want to chase the is
    ivory it going to use the I worry
    gumpaste now I'm going to occur
    tonight care am trailing arm
    chain from the two remove
    this one when opening weekend
    can leave an account
    Sims fear and to talk to him
    from truth
    really I'm going to hunt sausages
    and comply on through the protestant
    common now
    with implement on hope all
    day con
    complete your finger sure to disconnect
    created showing
    and remove in differences more than
    on time we're going to
    sold I to pay inside
    home and to make the border with continued
    amber flesh morton pace in

    on today to pay and then mounted
    so we want to make your waistline
    Luna and to make this sure do we have to me
    and I tram movie
    Christian you can make from percent input
    on to the top and now with the shaper
    route going to today the race now
    I'm going to I'm some fund and
    per day hopeful Herman I would bring to from going two years
    this meh which is no many years places
    but today I'm going to use the word just gumpaste
    I'm really some gumpaste first than men premier on
    top warm number can
    ruling pickin gently no
    went into removal in with this month caesar's
    I'm going to be moved any fixture fund
    and mountain Bluebird on temple the
    the number and type some white be to
    just on the time
    now we're going to make behaved is in some from them
    and you're gonna make it my I know
    first the room when I'm a pimp in the meantime
    or the home loan with green tea get this
    be scrutinized then with the leaching from
    going to gym
    in going to create the nose
    now working under the peeps
    pain mood of the team
    on campus the head I'm too pretty
    going to cut mom frankly
    who he is we don't remember Nash
    I'm going to try some more I'm from can I
    circling unwilling
    school group room filled the whole on and on boosting
    I'm going to do the same thing for the other guy now with my knee
    really really compliance I'm going to paint
    I come to room I'm with block
    I'm going to paint free I'm nationals
    and now going to paint by Ruth with from
    brown food coloring
    home to her cool
    outside the I was some grim team from
    with dark brown
    now I'm going to work hard Google
    want to meet some ground to use me p.m.
    routine I'm going to my
    heard it now I'm going to use some pink powder
    this time without her
    to make this happen going to use in brown wooden pays
    ruling to associate
    from me notes occurs who couldn't on men
    and didn't the same put the rest up
    home-grown to move on hand on the left
    me p.m. I'm going to me Cano
    ticket here
    in person to leave cheaper medium
    to make hearing I'm going teen his some
    gray funding me to drop
    not apply lots of glitter
    so look nike's them

    to make arms I'm going to roll some
    flesh fund be cancer free then leave
    something for behind emblem
    we will paint brush handle
    mmm print blankley not
    painting doing
    back to normal
    so just done time
    make we had to cut now
    halfway make and I'm and
    on the other side I make things change for the elbow
    come we can now speaking onto his children deletion
    room I'm gone to from the Honda third
    no one is going to see

    now I'm going to make I feel that this more routes is
    so months I'm
    think fund and now
    I'm going to stick them all together
    in I
    on the address
    with a hand just like Holden them
    amusing and brushed keep them but yeah
    I hope elected into if so please don't forget to thumbs up
    and if you need to the tennis ascribed to get only new media's
    omit any campaign to turn this on cock to correct this
    summit kicked it so yes and much much more have a sweet day
    but then I *** *** How to make the Lego Movie / Ninjago Cake Topper Figurines - YouTube !!!
    hi danger here from pk pk
    I'm gonna show you make them in a gang jagged Kate Tucker be going
    and you need to make me you ain't gonna back to confess to anything today
    when a heightened up you can and then went to the UK
    term to decorate your cake sry a cake at the justices tried to get more videos
    from my channel
    and I'm not what I'm gonna need inch right in re is
    content but I'm also adding a little better tie less had to find incident
    can hide it ap Creek a and more dinner okay you find out more about Tyler's
    Hannah and find I see no description the line
    or setlist materials never mix kinda
    added to my front end are and now I'm just roellinger
    well flatten your a big decision on funding anything my pal NIFT
    roughly cut at a shape that almost like a rectangle
    a slightly tapered at top Kate raffia past two-and-a-half in Amenas battery
    finna maintenance
    are non and it again if any
    peak news mcallen not just got home and it at the bottom end
    to strengthen the town and on to a second term bond fund
    just flatten slightly with my ruler and the company's my Palin on
    again T trim the excess of if
    is gonna be really gays are name and I don't want to be tee shot some left it's
    like being on that note rem
    exist as I guy case in at the bottom there
    and dreaming of an existing K
    now armor its roughly the same name and
    the top section now Manning intent
    and I'm using my room I just depressed that section going on man
    that's just great thanks you know any will send me something like this
    internet site

    proceeding as well okay
    cutting little bitter excess at the top there again KK
    and mountain anything my paranoia cutting the middleman to formally
    and I'm using my room let's just eat right North Station in the middle man to
    separate their names
    you can use my parent not just you cover intends to finish up thanks man
    and then it's looking more like when it's ice-t_ on the figuring
    and just check in at the bottom and the top beating and a nicely
    and putting aside on my pal I my paper right to dry
    i can't. something on the front end up just bowled
    section are and I'm just taking the sizing
    cannot simply Fund Inc I'm just rolling at long
    infection and then trimming besides upsets my sons me
    miss have real measurement I just want a really long section
    companies to wrap around this simple fun dance
    the school for me beheaded figuring now roughly
    wrapping it around said that i'm anne
    gonna show the on at the end and
    I'm being very careful not to refund but I am I still do
    any kind thought this press
    May easy enough to hide
    now I'm going out with them edible glue Pekingese just a little bit a water and
    you brush to do that as well
    case it is wrapping around
    term now rotate May
    just going around
    leaving the front section explains and incoming or the other
    yallop it up as a guy k angering and again tapping
    care and in the last pic get back
    and back doesn't have to be at me cuz it's not really going to be thing that
    and they have the best behaved and I'm gonna put that aside in my Pay Pal I

    December Indian here and if
    I'm using my and Palin not distracting indians
    to make it look like all that material came at the
    ninety-some refund
    again on this road a and I section and a kind of the section
    if he's gonna be one term ni havent
    and second term I'm doing there
    K roughly the same size meeting the edges of their
    I mean been if thank you can run my
    on the bending them if you want to see more like karate chart patterns that
    I didn't do it for the figurine a case and now onto some black front and
    I just wrote an infection about T three man-made peak
    and I'm using a extra want to stick on at
    aren't into a fine thanks I'm using a smaller strong to
    I made that and then use that smaller stroll
    to kinda thinking me you're gonna be
    you know I'm in Jharkhand and
    invade taking check me once I kinda section well
    that it needed it and the thinking hmm
    k just checking
    detonated be and understand a little bit
    indians entebbe her their arms you know
    have to do that beats a case and now I'm pissed
    and knees some really big why are I'm using
    my wife had an agency cut at decision that I want
    Anderson edible green just take
    will just a damper during the brief section to make
    then I went well when def said that when it sits on the cake
    North ability to it now I found that
    on the cake reading need to have all the lines on it was a nice infection
    needed it okay so you got me TD
    Patrick and why is that like I said it just gives you more stability for you
    cases disassembling the perhaps better form nobody
    and then I'm just gonna angry one term now I'm you think she just a prop B
    arms into commission but just be careful that led to his dads dick
    ID can just jerry Coleman awful customer
    Hannes you're on the air
    and injuring the other
    can I feel like my leg at this stage in life he
    give me a thumbs up I like my work media like a and human-like as well
    if you think anyone would be interested in me figurines
    or is bringing a am NJ
    being too tiny for the kids and want to deal a cake
    AK that I'm using them Blackfeet coloring
    to paint on the hind flipper a small brush
    me edible food market is not for me
    and members paying Sunday towns aunty the body
    arm if you don't know what these past the practice green the sun damage in
    min on the internet and you can just basically
    I'm go out there images and paint on the details
    making the figuring slightly different satire
    I just went of each each of the different are
    when Gionta be arranged and painted details on the
    and that basically each not just with the black one I'm
    asleep left and paint them black very well so I'm just needs to be human
    edible paper that
    same here and a shiny I'm and it's like me

    s be figuring basically done
    arm is the return the green one
    be now of that and then and
    you get the patent BR we hit the pattern our dessert table
    that my friend created for his son I can actually do the cake
    in this particular case and be going to hell
    than anything they had completed K here and all the little details ahead
    table and in here to thank you for watching i'm
    that the secret that subscribe button and I thank him I work if
    and you think somebody might be interested and he does have a fantastic
    guy and let me know you got
    i love reading your feedback my thing and I think you *** *** How to make Minion fondant cake topper figurine tutorial - TheCakingGirl - YouTube !!!
    he guys is the king girl here today and when the show you how to make many in
    I'll be making three million fishery
    different ways making here I and lake
    these are two colored fun and Johnny and media with have golden yellow and happy
    lemon yellow
    in the blue is with royal blue and opinion play
    I use regular brown for my brown and then Brent
    and black and Lee
    first and gonna make the you'll find it with gun cap powder
    so becomes come peace this will help the dry and harden pastor
    next time mister shipping them an amusing s mother
    help me okay and I'm gonna make one that's longer some other minions are
    taller than the others
    okay number a little blue funding biggest Rica at the bottom and then at
    the Capitol
    and makeup artist Dick fell for the overalls begin long enough so that wraps
    around the back up in many in this file
    throughout this video and using water as clue
    sticky overalls on and heaven cover all the way around
    cut the bottom in and cut up any extra the front pockets Ashley
    curbs on the bottom some uses circle cutter and then make a streak and a top
    and both sides
    include is in for another overall
    general too thin strips for the straps
    have the strap over what the coroner's cuz you be adding buttons
    okay every three min into their overall I munich won many intending ceramic the
    lakes for it
    to with Compete's powder makes it into the black and blue fund
    cut a small piece of the blue for the lake and make a line in the center
    limit the black fun and make a slightly longer than the plea want to stick to a
    make sure their proportional to the mini in
    attention together and set aside while you finish the mini
    okay so now we're gonna make the IFE
    uni circle cutters and make sure their proportional to your figuring
    you want cutters they're slightly smaller and bigger so
    you can have a border for the goggles so I have a large medium and small med
    large when is a circle cutter
    my medium is an icing tip and my small one is a circle plunder
    so when am I many is gonna have
    1in for that and the news on large and medium together
    and then other too many as I could have two spies
    sobbing use the medium and small together
    key and makes a black-and-white fun together to get make refund in
    little a bit thicker so they're gonna be a call calls
    several away fine it make this relief then
    in infantile it will you still fun and make it really thin as well
    and we can shapiro eyes to show you how to do the island blues away circles on
    in with the yellow circles you can cut them to make them into a highly
    so the big one is when he looks like he's annoyed
    and this one looks like he's laughing and excited
    and this will have a normal looking eyes
    seeking a islands on the top and the bottom as well but the people I'm using
    brown fun
    so to make a really small circles I roll a tiny tiny ball
    in a press them with the backup an exacto knife
    soap into same amount of unimaginable to Paul
    leak at the same size people engines pension little bit more for the bigger I
    include a people's on
    and with the black on it a little and cut into strips
    they grew in london mini in all the way around to the back
    summit is shapiro eyes to show you that every turn and we can change the
    expression on the mini and
    he look angry drowsy than traps laid down a hill suspicious as well
    and using animal black marker
    if you don't have one you can make black full color gel with vodka or lemon
    pretty draw circle than a dot in the middle
    a line to connect the dot to the circle
    then go for light to create diamond shape
    in the middle
    okay and then into the middle of it
    people as well
    in with the scene with Amy to people's I'm gonna make the button
    as well okay this part is optional I'm gonna pee on them details you can leave
    this part only like
    I'm using a breakaway color gel
    then diluting it was women extract
    in for the goggles I'm using lemon extract a silver luster dust
    so I'm adding white dot at the corner of two people
    and I'm crossing the park kansas law
    I don't do it the way it was just one drop of water and I'm
    at from lines for the overall
    and impede the card will sober
    for one of the many in and twenty years fun in for the smile
    the other 2 a.m. when in use black edible marker and for the hair
    the first way is making very skinny streams with black pond
    with this method I grew to him lying flat on top of the many
    a final picks up easily evade try getting them to stand up so
    the second me up making here as I use toothpicks and paint them black
    some little toothpaste right for bill
    so right now I'm gonna do the arms so with back fun and a little
    and if you wanna make sure there was seen signs you can use a circle cutter
    commit to cuts for their fingers
    and for the arms and issues in me alone and then just general into strings
    okay so this is one here doubt that many in hand the finest chance can be used
    for this
    with a tiny bit a red and then at the time so
    you can use the same circle cutter so than the edges with that together
    I'm it appeared leaks before set aside to try and that one is for
    I'm a million to standing so I'm also gonna show you how to make one that
    sitting down
    and it's really simple as just rolled
    will find and fully extend cut the black fun and Hannah so both pieces are seen
    signs and northern
    for the shoes so valid for Q scores in the millions
    and when a testament to keep them so the Iranian
    added to stand in Lake and this left from here
    is gonna be a fitting one and I'm gonna want too late
    for the middle man and I'm leaving with no Lake
    that I may claim millions for making is not on this poll and its make this
    Darius while
    especially if you're gonna make in million that's the size or smaller
    for the standing up strands of hair just inserted toothpick
    on the top of the head and if anyone wants it to be green just let them know
    to get it
    okay so here's a tough few other three different hairstyles
    ok and that I make mine a million figurines make it covers
    and show you how to make the difference nice patients at different hairstyles
    in many in it sitting or standing hope you find this helpful
    pieces go to my channel for more tutorials thanks so much for watching *** *** Mickey Mouse Figurine Cake Topper Tutorial - How To - YouTube !!!
    hello I'm gonna show you how to make and Mickey Mouse figurine
    on income peace ok
    the Big Green and making in this tutorial is about
    and here in his picture he's sitting honestok from block with
    okay some say off with the black fun and rolled into a ball
    and this is gonna be his head and then apply compete ami kintu
    into the circle cutter to make it too thin cuz you need to put
    a toothpick in afterwards can crack it was too thin
    set them aside to let them try
    the rule
    thin piece a fun in for his face I'm using
    built-ins koppel a skin tone for the color capital with a circle cutter that
    slightly smaller than the ball
    black funny
    and is a little smart air bombardments him quickly puppet with the pen
    at the top of the circle
    a smart then tell for his and Guyana
    and what color his hair hine and then place in the center this heading clue it
    throughout this video I'm using water as flu ok
    okay so now I'm gonna make the snout
    the spread is can the tricky and hard to explain but I'll try my best to you
    to start over the compass peach pond in immediate and were made
    with your hand to make a pliable there slowly stretch it to the shape of his
    cheeks and
    count to make a slightly bigger than it should look on his face
    cuz still need more material on the side to pack in infielder fights leader
    to create this product which is owed alice marble off on the behind the
    pressed down a rounded so she peed and concealing a top I talking down the
    then we do the same with the to cheeks with that much smaller Paul
    a fun
    museum alling steak and palette knife to shape it
    attach it to the head any shipping gertha all those tight around
    to seal in combining add water and feel the two parts together
    after its done this piece a punishing look smaller and more proportional to
    the head now
    check around the site to see that field
    you can't eat on them balls inside in
    with an exacto knife and cutting out where his smile
    be so you're removing on it out initial look like us they support
    don't care too much I want is fair to remove little by little
    them to cut out a lot ones that have been told to put it back if you move too
    then I'm using my fingers to smooth out the lines
    in I'm also been living a better funding for miss cheney
    cousins too bulky
    personal looks a bit too big so I removing more funding
    with a small piece of black finding cut into the shape of the smile
    and at a small piece %uh red fondant on top for his tongue
    and sorry I did this off-camera without realizing it
    numb the flip it over so I can cut the tongue
    fun and to fuck
    lose out on then use a piece kinda funny roll into string
    include around the map in
    with the palette knife
    press down into the smile line to make sure to strengthen cover it
    now I'm having a bit of water on both sides in the smile and the public the
    and with the mauling stake I'm smoothing the string and piece together so looks
    more like mickey in the pictures
    I'm using a small oval plunger and it's not big enough so I'm willing the way
    find it not too thin
    after I cut them out I pressed down my finger to make a larger
    more proportional to the state could a tiny bit of
    at the bottom so sits nicely onto the stamps in
    ok intrumental is a great shape or size for size
    then at his nose
    with a knife had to smile packet
    que no I'm adding that year's
    he should be trying okay to work with right now commit tiny bit of the bottom
    says more surface area to glue onto a tad
    stick a toothpick into the head and then search that year onto the toothpick
    if you're sure where to put the toothpick
    you can place it near their first the March where the center of the era is
    and then that's where the toothpick should go Mike
    and right now I'm making the people and I'm doing the same thing I did to me
    PI's I'm using a smaller oval tanker in
    if you don't have the oval plunger you can roll fun in
    Paul and pressed
    down your finger
    are rolling
    with a palette knife and Malling think I try to smooth the face to give it up
    any marks in ok
    and for the body roll out black n red fondant cut them with a knife and
    combine them together
    only determined at the bottom it makes it easy to securely onto the cake
    I'm also making to Denmark's for the like
    and then to own rules for the panic button
    well I think peace right on in and cut it with a circle cutter
    then roll up like fun in the same thickness and this will be his like
    below you'll find it for the shoes set this aside and let it dry for at least
    two hours
    baby for putting everything together gonna make the hands
    for the hands for a low white fondant and make sure it's playable
    so needy and warm in with your hands first can add to circles
    in with a knife kind of both I love the circles think at the lines for the
    schrum after signs of the fingers if it looks too wide
    the term after corners at the tips of the fingers
    and surrounding them by pinching them gently
    the rule to streets a fine in one way and when yellow
    they'll be going around the shoes and hands now they have all my pieces and
    put the cream together
    have some black funny ready for that arms to have the body sitting on the
    cake or Styrofoam
    cat that barbecue school were and how they're going through the body
    in at least three quarter up the head and some other and the bottom steak au
    free to put it into a star from or the cake in
    and the last thing you need to make are the arm so
    from to pieces a plan fun and for the times
    attach the yellow strain in the way string around the hands and the shoes
    and lastly and two white dots as a corner these people
    I'm using white color gel you can use for icing
    or fondant then add three black lines on his hands
    am using edible marker and now the figure is finished
    ok thanks so much for watching hope you enjoy this tutorial
    and don't forget to suscribe *** *** How to make a standing bride and groom cake topper part 1 by The Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    hello I'm Karen and I indicate our and
    today I'm going to be showing you how I make my
    standing by Tim Green gaw

    grams and my what must be nice and
    and if you'd like to see how to make you a multi-national actually do
    have some other videos on that and
    Luna is not really much I can say about this one except
    this one is old done by hand its
    I don't use any steaks all why is in any of my way
    because like my which be child-friendly
    and as you can see him trying to you form the waist
    my bright stress here and
    and a build much of his a fit
    several days because if
    not using the wise to have my drying process
    and you see that with the Indy
    intent for the waist this is just a very simplistic trashed
    second straight to fill to
    we have got to worry about making any feature anything and now I'm spin chain
    and pulling down
    to extend the
    distance from here TX I would like it to be in proportion
    when he and his role in it she
    found that the failed the dresses clinic westfall
    said wanted to be a good height
    top his tend to be
    maybe between four and six inches tall
    musicals highlights just it's sometimes tough with the cake ad-lib gas to make
    smaller loans
    to just concentrating more making her
    nice waist said
    looking like a nice shape address just the basic the dress
    just gonna just pinch at the bottom bitch to me that's a little bit more
    neat just give
    nice to finish I will be adding on to destress
    said she's just
    the basic on Jimmy
    caught the classic can actually be left as it is
    back to and click a little crease
    in my way Kia said the school to actually going to the back piece on the
    dress is this is going to be the back to the dress
    this is going to be the food pay a stem went to
    indent with of ink and its Ruben
    the I said because we would like to have some nice
    taking put a name to be called
    davis' nice chest area sometimes they just
    it's very strange when a lot and sometimes things gas to make
    excuse me and loose change in mobile chilling
    just indent the chalk area because
    I would like to be able to you out and
    some flash full head and neck
    and had
    the furniture SGF I love to fry
    its house and
    wedding dresses said she's going to be a strapless dress
    I'm trying to make sure they snow to
    sticking out the back seat dateline if they call home
    back costs people
    Gemini on each look like that unless they actually do like that maybe lastly
    and then teen model you would called
    me did each
    not basically
    he's looking like a nice stress
    from a bright
    she's actually looking its highest to a chick
    generating new with it came
    just some something that
    maybe a pestle Gingrey
    keeps making me get sheeple me change
    she's looking more balanced and I'm gonna get
    my and little knife tool just finished
    Alicia Quarles right shin send if it rest
    and if he could see very low
    and I'm just going to use mobile
    cool just to leave slightly if this area stated
    it's going to sit nicely across
    have chest
    thanks to put it more closely
    speakers come some constantly holding this act and feel
    is starting to get sticky said sleazy any if my fingerprints that
    have come address what up being way
    can that
    and so we can see that with call basic shape if I
    dressed and Saiful
    she's me it four inches tall
    think make at least a little bit more
    and then help it
    she stands nicely she's evenly balanced she
    speech so it must
    give and need actually looks on as widely accepted
    that's just died
    put mojo just or my housing feels a bit sticky
    maybe it's just because a very warm across the central feature squat
    prostitution restive couple that
    stay football there which he is small Maltese
    size or change you there revels sweeney's
    slot on a stage play
    wanted to be the orange one and
    is you know trade coffee anyway
    started off with that size I'm a actually have to reach you say
    say we'll see five days I make yep she's just
    gonna be somewhat whole file size: say
    know it and she precious pea-sized
    and its role in one-inch to me
    class that's going to be head and neck and feels bit is going to be
    they chest a I'm just pinch in this anticipated
    it fit into the area
    have already created
    should still looks a very long to me so much
    and ticketed bit more of soul trial in a ring when you
    making the spate things is in a sec rules to anything
    me said
    them dishonest have mobile in person and one sucked
    trimboli to bring them out area for neck
    in try again pinch your hand
    just brings have its
    try couple
    it's looking much better say because I'm happy with
    of I'm going to get a little bit more bored wat up
    have Ramesh of OT the back home state
    want lots and lots of water because all happen is we'll just make your sleepy
    its place like her
    say we've call the neck area
    and safe
    just chest just it shipping not too much
    and I'm going to get a little bit more
    which we proudly bit more my flesh I said
    use a little bit if something's you want
    say this phone is to saying so seised
    process peel
    sales process
    pay polls to nice full quiche
    so its antique of
    and then I'm just gonna check this sized still might be wrong
    on display say each individual
    proud depending on
    have form independence
    is i won hand to come across that actually holding a bouquet
    want this to be a shoulder so that's looking but be the right size
    say ok which role do the peace
    see that we start of with Chu sausages

    approximately the same size
    K and then
    right near the and I'm just gonna
    pushing a role the slave named this is forming hey
    best I any do simplistic
    hands on this scale because
    find it hard to me hansel nice to me and which was half
    a simplistic and looks nice
    some kind of way hedge say
    gain which cheese sandwiches along he's pushing inside me
    stir can and then im just pinch it
    just two thing that said
    to Dave's kitty shape up the but
    so much bullshit it's actually a little bit like a flat spin
    shape anyway

    now if call hadn't
    and this is going to be shown to say a backhoe
    way from the wrist area
    to shoulder area
    I'm just going to just put Hulu
    was grateful little line me see them blind
    K and this is for what happened
    just help give it because when everybody brings their own
    they'll actually have a natural crease say little things like
    of find and have it more appealing
    details and hits a month this form solitude and
    listing watch and then we could
    fold the all bench-scale
    and get some movement boiled water
    I want some boiled water here
    cease their shoulders going to be and I will say one two hands to be
    he wished he would be Holden
    at the UK said which put the
    all mall hold the soft shoe you
    maybe be easy for si llegan
    I'm just gonna put on the half I was fined each demo with my list and
    and in my well him on its books came in
    just see free papers printed
    thanks very much of a favor free
    mind was going to flake
    their stay thanks you too can play
    and call me this is where she's going to stop
    I'm no
    well was still here we can just pull
    each the back at rest we can just do
    to the dress
    whose he's I'm just gonna go across this
    me on them in the opposite direction
    just to keep the illusion and
    is and can we see go
    like a corset style the back and
    that is why she thinks States
    she's helping us to stalking
    writes a passed the House and
    them from going to do lost scum going to get the clay
    you his way any questions
    so always going to gauge day is just me
    the trials ist
    we don't need to do anything else clutch houses to July
    stated day I want
    rock solid say them when I start to Hyrule
    we've got a nice Fame foundation to help instant nasa streak
    said I hate Oakleigh
    cuz according to you my description
    Mike Green is laying great she
    each said I'm just needed to speak more except in a two-stage snow
    QY makes the black the white to get the proper to make Declan I don't want you
    to have
    she trickling in with streaks
    wouldn't be happy with how I would have happened without that something I
    what I like
    for his wall I would be helpful
    lost safety one which do damage control
    choose Bulls the same sort of stuff nice
    stated with a bikini point
    and I will she and just fine spliced
    next enough right just how I wished
    do the Pridefest veto the base team self-harm each
    she's nice said
    cables same size
    keep question laptops a doesn't run I am
    each something to reach way said
    face palm we've got the ball
    and then we're going to make and nice
    hostage but we're going to her house effectuate want
    and deal now could be wrong on this one and after we do this week
    that to screen she
    have at roof
    day so we've got us a sage
    time to bring back the bright know we want each
    his lax to be approximately able to her waist now
    nice of the
    only to a snap this much of
    raw my life back into the bowl
    and see the difference cell
    takeoff same sort of a man's
    from the oval what's
    usually the same size seventy do the same weekend
    job creation when people call Saleh has
    very warm writes a
    way to roll it in two years sausage
    try came to see what sort of size that looks like
    next month's World stew
    quite school to the fact that he has struck a bill said
    from going to do to me pinch at the pot the Traxxas
    Angeles donahue with them
    still not happy still
    these bolchi pic the beginning
    but that's okay it is
    practice in not been doing this he is not still called
    the fish time
    every time say
    its always like this
    every single writing gene make his name used said
    measurements Italy should be the same matter if I send them out if I said
    every single bright green is complete individuals to
    strategy's going to me
    same thing K forget get this thing sold
    you measurements Friday
    way little the variety and
    the mixtures clist people liked
    and this is one of my favorite place to do as well because this is complete ted
    as collectibles he dissipation
    latest much is polluting something
    militia hey say looking much better
    size now slightly higher than their waste
    like it it by the time is call
    he's and jacket on everything on
    gay movies about just nice
    to national to make sure that they see
    his two-seam I dosed in the way this case in only hey
    if you actually make damn
    and you feel that you right at the end everything looks a little bit
    small there is
    techniques to be able to achieve make
    study tool much to make an election they will say the same so to size
    is frozen assets more
    and one which J
    yes the bach if he selects a backhoe
    way I'm just going to put some little in
    said just two days see that's the back to the Travis
    Cisco nice crease stop
    from the same
    alone sleek look creases
    ahead and then which show that match the balloon will try to screw
    boiled wool to down one side and I'm actually
    SME in the census green tacky because I want these
    to stick together nasa since gonna put them together pressing at the bottom
    and teach stick their necks
    to get the say they look like that I'm not
    A's what we've made it safe for today
    and they're going to be left now too dry someone said run.
    weakened little the next ages thank you for watching
    for me *** *** Snow White Cake Figurine how to by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    wasn't think a prank said I'm NJ and today and teaming up with Sharon from
    crazy cakes by Sharon she's going to say a quick israeli keep snow white cake
    you can check at her for tutorial interest media with the government
    I'm gonna say hey Craig a snow white cake topper figurine
    to place atop the papers on
    I'm gonna create this figurine by moving
    a mount that have creating eat cake and Howard Greg mahlich remind me never said
    pinky ring tutorial
    you can see the NBC yeah I came ammonia using
    a real doe
    there Katie crack the face at own damn
    libido skin colored
    a test it with them
    fourth round
    and impressing into my mouth
    never get anything at the moment
    parents moving and that the rock
    engines around him
    using FTP
    getting problems that may have formed
    and placing it in a container to drive for several hours
    and placing a little bit of what
    and pressing it down with them mighty people
    and smeeting as the with my thing
    have done the same for the other I and their immediate trying to keep them when
    and pricing in with the team games
    K setting that aside to dry can't
    now I'm dissembling colored fondant
    voted interior a similar shape and I take the day
    down at the bottom America shapewear crazy it or say
    I'm using my brush teeth to help me showed you can use muddling through CT
    just get reshaping to get the waste being
    and grading the test area
    now hold up and have been a
    incumbent President just said that nato second on top
    and they have made time t the name
    just throwing to shape reports and me
    ninety the second me
    growing up in the frame name and again shaping
    the anchor and women in Kent and to shaping up for
    likely just to make it look more like a
    looking at her and just shaping it
    so that she crosses her name
    impressing in Epping
    no auntie craning her neck area just
    shaping summer skin color

    any showings
    cutting the bottom you know and then placing it on top
    bring it together with a little bit a border
    and placing
    and wooden skewer innocent and to secure a deal
    hammering at Mels from there
    you my crops not to cut out there %uh
    cutting a circle and the middle
    and shaping it I rant
    it or sent
    Pam growing in our dentist technique bring some
    bold in tunis it
    coming off the exit hands moving and I'm
    memo that a little bit have been from day
    haircut in her diplomatic path laid
    and road at to discuss the other

    just add on Tues rain
    facing a ti peak
    and attaching restraint with a little bit what on
    can vote at some red from

    and I'm using a big strong to cut at some little I
    both pathways Mistral said that happen cut at the Ivor hey
    and I am just attaching it on Tues lane
    can test their shaping her she using my
    the bottom of my front just to shake machine
    angrily at until thing
    numbering his term edible marker and amusing ATP
    to get major in the bottom on her I no sense
    current the rough shape her people a rant
    using my black and american Registry dry and online at the top
    and I got nato and her I'm action
    hair coloring and that Brown a portion of I
    just might be joining on the areas
    but leaving cover white
    again using my teeth P
    just to get me drawing in the morning of the alright
    and then roughly going into shape opinion
    people area
    drawing yeah I left here
    and again here
    occurring in her on and you might be
    me a pic the like button learned of a quick add to favorites if you wanna
    thank you for the future reference

    I read edible marker just the color in heat
    in enjoying in her eye brown
    Memphis attaching my hand
    parenting I am using from Blackburn drinks a proud to get into strips
    are not counted up to 1m and I'm attaching it until hymns
    one on each side and then a smaller portion from the middle section of the
    using my TP just create a crack in the middle
    I'm at. /p did he create condemns
    attaching they hear on with an innovative

    attaching the little red headband on
    a vote on the bill read from her and I am creating a little buttons
    and attaching it on to him
    okay coming at the gap back to him
    and attaching investor transfer him here
    using T people can just create more Kingdom
    not on TV here term his rowing at Henry
    threatening your home and tapering Henry and head over a random
    thriftier having the anger
    and cutting a kind in a portion of the former firms
    and cutting opinions
    taping Jeff Green's
    and that's her and downs
    making a calmer abroad as give them what hundreds
    I'm attaching it around and showed
    area teams
    I think Liberty she just to hold it in shape as it strains
    and amikacin herm
    threatens the Unity p
    make it more secure
    the pinching text just creating a tiny little at home
    think rating and it only together on the at home
    I'm using our little edible
    gaff tape
    cheeks you have been a crazy man
    what was your favorite Disney Princess commitment that belie
    he gently lick that smell like
    to place
    packs %uh
    and that feedback might snow white cake figuring
    that the st. take at Sharon pic to try and hurry
    crippling here to get into
    deputy subscribe to my channel
    and if you guys are looking home or to try and keep in check and let them take
    figuring he'd to see how I create
    the moment from the face and heroes this summer might have it gives me
    cake print anything thank you again for watching you guys have a fantastic day
    the more *** *** Cake decorating - how to make Hello kitty cake topper - YouTube !!!
    so to get a body what you need and to create
    that kinda shape and the shaped up and on the height
    and the side that your dollars going to be and
    creating a pretty baked also I'm
    obviously going to make really big I'm
    bottom so right here all of this
    doesn't really matter because I loved it gonna be hidden by ruffles
    so once you have this shape
    you're going to take a toothpick and you're going to dip your toothache
    into them water and simply
    poke a and the mill a your
    far timepiece and what this will do is you're preparing
    I'm this fee is right here which will and what you gonna do
    as you're going to roll out and shaped like this with white fondant
    and you're going to apply a little bit water and glue it to you
    p because a huge some pink fun dont I kinda have to cheat because
    I have to make like her mclean so I'm just gonna roll out a little bit a
    White Pond and and basically earth
    apply it like this with a little bit a water
    again and clean practice hot what you will do is use
    a square cutter and medium-sized
    and then you're going to cut to have them one for the front one from the back
    and why I wanted to do with basically take best small cutter
    and you're going cue Chi
    halfway your creditor
    think that and this is gonna be
    her neckline same thing
    quarterback cleaned
    May 3 with your fingers don't be scared same thing near
    I'm take a piece
    apply a little better water a little bit of water
    goes a long way
    and molter two-year existing
    p to do this skirt
    very simple you're going to take a big fat I
    are brown cutter and you're going to cut
    your ping pong time for whatever
    bond and here color you want to use and then you're going to use
    a smaller cutter not a smaller
    but kinda medium fry and you're going to cut
    and the meadow to think that then from here
    going to transfer that onto your phone pad you're gonna use

    endure them he going to do this kind of more Sen
    and when this is going to create
    there be it a lot of Route right here and don't be scared
    to press if it gets sticky you some corn starch
    go wouldn't do that only around
    you can come back
    you don't like how it looks and then when you get
    that the desire look you're looking for
    which i think is okay we're going to take your doll
    you create it and simply slide in n
    that is why
    I want you to do defeat first so that
    kinda gives you that guideline where to put a skirt
    an once you have this you can apply a little bit
    water right here so that it sticks out together
    so you basically a fact I hear pieces together
    one on poverty Heather and the last pizza
    your skirt we're going to put other water
    and band you're going to Bowl
    there right here at the top like that
    you want this to be folding up and
    feeling playing that right
    thing I want us to look like that
    and a Kyle certitude about you simply need
    hiii at the thing color that your you think for to dress
    and he created type a detailee
    you will need this kind of tool cause teaching tool
    and basically what the that is just it that the stitching
    back at the metal simply put at jewelry
    so again putting a little bit a water
    alway around your DAW
    you wanna hide this little part right here
    so you're basically just going to put this our way around
    just like Beth and here you go
    so in order to do to have you will need to rest with P parts
    you can make it yourself if you wanna save money but this is pretty thankless
    take a pack abs or two or three depending the fight that you're doing in
    my case I use three
    so wat they did that created a ball and an I created
    air oval shape because Hello Kitty does not have around
    shape it's pretty much oval as you can think and it's pretty
    large and then as soon as I made
    my a shape that I want I'm just gonna measure it
    with the actual dollar had created
    I like the side are not
    and don't forget that Hello Kitty has a bigger had
    and actual body for in this case that didn't quite
    you're going to roll out some white prime-time and your
    I going to put the White Pond dont on top
    appear rights crispy and you're basically going
    to mold and right here
    have to match style years claimed his crappy
    act fast and there's no need to put
    anything here and to glue it together
    because the right crispies so sticky that
    ills actually going to it stick to your
    prime-time so you're just going to
    molter on time on top
    a here rice crispy like so
    so once you have to shave that you desire
    you're ready to glue it to your existing
    p so you're going to
    but other than a water where you put your toothpick
    and you're simply going to you and you can pay a little bit
    at the bottom of town this is gonna act like a
    ok glue and then simply
    Press down
    and there you go
    you'll have
    this glued
    and it's not going to make a lawyers you're just simply going to use some
    on top again and you're going to create two triangles
    the same five and you're going to
    I maybe do a little bit increase in the middle
    because that cat have that little
    creeks in america and you're simply going to
    apply a little bit of water and I like to do this
    that kinda thing time and the reason why
    and think that I know if they're even
    are not Spaniard cloth
    going here glue it on
    here fun time P
    can don't be scared mold it
    I use this cutter to make the I
    but if you don't have this cutter you can simply use
    black font and and shape your peace to Anna
    oval shape so this point you're going to glue that
    to your peeth and you don't need anything out but water
    I bad water hi
    and filed on axe like a group that is not going to it
    so hello kitty hand I
    pretty much marks
    their apart they're not close to each other so
    put a little bit of water on your PC and another check what I do is they have
    toothpick I wear it and and I take my piece and what does that
    is basically an pic to my arm
    to thank and have easier for me
    to work with from
    NP take your piece and
    apply it to your faith
    now to do the whiskers is very simple you're just going to makes
    very pinstripes a black bond on
    and you gonna do think that them and
    again you're going to a pilot above water
    on top of the I in the middle of the I
    and at the bottom on the side
    so take
    Wesker and
    apply it where you put water
    that get toothpick
    left you
    peace and
    again simply
    put it where knows we're gonna roll out and oval
    shape but yellow on BART and
    again put a little bit of water I'm
    them creamy EP
    to make it there are you gonna use a small side cutter
    and a smaller one so
    you're going to cut basically 3p third and then what you gonna do if you're
    going to use this kinda to rate will you have even the back cover brash
    and you're just going to press ray here
    way here in the corner
    you're going to do that the same thing with the
    and AP and you're going to create
    thank a little shaping the almost like a balloon
    state like that
    play that and you're going to put a little bit of water
    and glue both these with the
    together and take this smaller rampy
    and earth glue it and
    the metal noriko this is the Hello Kitty
    bout and then frankly
    taker doll apply a little bit of water
    where you want a bow to be
    and truth put on top with your water
    and let it roll out some farms on and cut two pieces that are both the same
    and what you gonna do you as you're going to cut
    each and one of them at an angle like this
    in like back
    and then at the other and
    you're going to just car
    in cut appear think that
    and you're going to mold their to create
    I hand like that
    apply a little bit of water on each side
    and will both have your piece set *** *** How to Make Cute Wedding Cake Figures - YouTube !!!
    hey guys has a gun I put together this little video
    to show you guys how the wedding cake figures turned out for
    my friends AJ and Christina's wedding a
    both are really gifted musician so they want their figures to be
    holding their insurance so AJ has guitar
    and christina has her file then chose to do it
    and Amanda slash and a missile because that's why
    favorite style and this is the making of so for tools and materials
    wanna run through a user is super skopje firm
    which is the gray version up the Scottish family have clay
    on that status of the TV kit
    so here we have some
    gauge wire
    copper wire they can find at Michaels or Joanns
    and that's gonna be use for the Skelton have the fear
    I make sure you have pliers to work with the wire
    and for sculpting tools just you know just basic stuff nothing fancy a lot of
    look like dental tools
    so the first thing I did was drawn to scale what
    I'm the figure with that like so I did play a cartoony version Anna
    slightly realistic version and ended up choosing this version which is sorta if
    I think
    in between kind over
    design and the reason I tried to scale
    is because you gonna make the scouts and
    I love the wire so is our fires and he's got a matchup
    the the skull
    or armature and you wanna sculpts
    the head the reps and the hips and once you've done that
    matches all up to your trying you make sure you check the box
    and the peking instructions I think it's

    for this one and I guess depends on how thick the clay is but
    and I can remember offhand how long it was a big hit
    but here's the baked piece a clay
    and it's pretty hard but shouldn't do that because I think
    shatter it's pretty hard so once you've done that the head
    the I am ribs and hips you wanna put in the rush the bones for the arms and legs
    and be sure to leave the copper showing for the joints because
    in the next step we're going to take this armature and you gonna
    poser character so just like a puppet
    you gonna bend the wire
    and make sure you in a look at
    the figure from every angle and make sure the
    the curves are right and angles are right and when she finds
    the pose that try to capture like for AJ I have him
    can have with his right and hand
    up in the air with the guitar pick once you find your
    the post that you like you when I get some
    so the clay and just with very thin layers
    you can apply it to the copper and you gonna cover
    pretty much all the copper and the reason you want to keep
    the Clayton then is because well as two reasons
    one its its quicker to bake the thinner the clay the
    quicker is to bake and two you gonna add more layers
    so you know create one clay layer
    and Arabic it's gonna be hard and then on top of that
    when it's nice and stable you can add a very thin layer we gonna skelton details
    so scams using the the
    dental tool to prance and clay and this is what it looks like when you have
    added the clay to most the figure you can see that
    he still not his full size that because I know that i'm gonna
    keep adding more layers for detail and the neck is still
    and the copper so showing because I want to make sure that the head
    has the right till an angle to it before I i'm
    make a solid so I'll once you reach the stage
    you can attach your figure to some cork
    so your fingerprints won't go on the finger we want to do is leave some
    on coming out his feet so you can stick into the cork
    and just make sure that you're always I'm rotating your figure
    making sure checking all the angles see that looks right
    and next year liking so he had done
    some consider cancer but work on the head just kinda meet some indentations
    for the
    guys and spree much work on the face I have an early added
    the hair anything yet on this morn just poking out
    on the basic anatomy I guess
    so here you can see that I've added a thin layer
    a clay to his front for his vast details there
    and the tape is used to hold up the
    brake light the jacket as it bakes
    because I without it I think about
    to droop so
    here's AJ's figure I've used a Sharpie pen to use
    just com I just mark the clay C&C
    the eyes I know I did that
    I guess I can see the expression
    other but I am here's a workout
    work in progress have Christina's figure I built are exactly the same way as it
    did ages
    starting with the armature then blocking her up I'm she has legs
    under that dress and so after her figure estan
    actually made a pattern of paper like a real I guess fashion designer
    wrapped it around and then a match the clay to it I just pressed it out
    and wrapped around her and ship that and I think they recite them so
    the guitar for AJ sayers Christina
    comida some work on her mouth but I think I messed up so I A
    and it up to carving out I'm gonna put more clay in
    to to fix it and is using some tape to hold it for hair
    getting her ready for baking
    she's holding her violin the violin is as a separate peace
    I just made it so that she holds it and they can rest on her shoulder
    com and why did that
    but I did
    so moving on to the next shot
    and we can see that homes there's like
    server texture to the figure that's because
    once you get everything big and you like how it looks
    then you can use some sandpaper you starting with russian going all the way
    through the fine
    unionists and all all
    the surface I V figures and that makes it really smells
    and I'll look really nice for pain so
    there's AJ he's looking pretty much done
    and here is the guitar and the black chip PC on the on the table there that
    I got from a shopping bag serve a cardstock an
    I'm gonna cut then keys to that and it's going to be the strap
    for the guitar so it's actually gonna wrap around his shoulder and hang
    on a shorter and as soon as its focus is you can see
    the the hook image so the black strap
    all have a hook just look in there and discourse shelter
    miss desk Anderson
    Sam paper you get from Home Depot for sure any
    hardware store and hear the figures they are pretty much
    done in see they have the instruments
    her beau is also a free piece that just fits
    in here and and balances on top of the violin
    and you can see AJ strapped it books with the copper
    same copper is for the armature goes around her shoulders can see how it
    comes over his back and fix at the bottom of the car so
    ages holding a pic and they're both
    kinda rockin out play music together
    so once you've reached this stage
    and its everything's big scary things hardened I got some
    I house paints primer
    and sprayed it all over the figure
    outside of course and the reason you do this is
    I don't think s so that the acrylic
    whether is your time sticking to the fear and
    when you're painting flash I'm you wanna make sure that the base coat
    is nice and bright and white as the brightest so the flesh tones will be
    very bright
    I painted on the grey the colors would be darker thing
    so this is what palette am it keeps the acrylic
    a nice and wet for have days later a very long time is basically a sponge
    they put water into it and there's parchment paper on it
    richer click on it and it'll stay workable
    so for very long time soon have to keep remixing
    your pain says aging looks like
    with some primer and literally basic
    acrylic Sta I think fancy
    just regular russia's
    annex we have our own more
    other figures just very close to being done is here put in the
    skin tone just make sense of last got some blush on their
    cheeks to bring out some up warmth to their face
    and here's a
    quick shot I took my camera I i apologize I don't have anything
    bigger but I
    try to make his guitar and acoustic guitar because his guitar like that
    and try to make it you know as accurate as I can and
    maybe in the next shot conceived on the violin and you those black
    little squiggly filigree looking things
    so I really happier with the way it turned out and
    a it was a big hit at the wedding and the best part was that
    Asian Christina really like that so that maybe
    really happy as this is a once in a lifetime
    opportunities so home swish
    aging Christina all the best Anna just many many happy years to come for them
    there to my really good friends and it was a great day
    to be there at their wedding so I hope this video was fun to watch and give you
    some ideas about how we can make figures like this
    on for yourself or maybe for your friends or family
    I guess so that's about it Paseo next time *** *** How to Shape Baby Figurine from Fondant | Cake Decorations - YouTube !!!
    Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
    in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds -- wedding cakes, birthday
    cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I
    will be talking to you about cake decorating. And the head you just want to pinch off another
    size ball, and before you start shaping it, just make sure it's the right size. You'd
    rather have it too big than too small. Then just fold it around so that all the wrinkles
    of the fondant are underneath, rather than right in the center of the face.
    So I'm just going to pick the best side for my face. So for the face, we're going to do
    it like he's sleeping so we'll create just some eyelids, rather than drawing the whole
    eye. So we have a tip, imprint it only half of the circle, and it'll be like he's sleeping,
    and then we just want to give him a little tiny, the tiniest piece, into a little ball
    for his nose. And just a little bit of glue where it's going to go, and then for the mouth,
    we'll use a smaller sized tip, kinda like he might be snoring his mouth is open, and
    we'll do that right underneath where the nose is going to go.
    And then we'll cover him with a blanket of fondant, just make sure it's the same thickness
    all the way around, and you want to use your pizza cutter to wheel out the right size.
    So start bigger than you think. Yep, so I think that's about the right size and we'll
    give it a little bit of texture with this tool, it's a wheel and it has a zig zag edge
    and it gives the impression of stitching as if it were a quilt. So we'll go diagonal.
    After you get the quilting on if you want to take a round piping tip you can just imprint
    where the lines meet and it will create the look of pearls on your quilt.
    So now we have all the pieces, they're not glued together yet, we can glue them once
    they're on the cake, so we'll start with the body, arms and legs... So just dry fit it
    where you want to see it first and then we'll glue it after we like how it looks. So we'll
    start with the large piece, and you want to glue it both to the body and to the cake,
    so on both sides. And the head I'm going to glue where it's gonna sit, rather than the
    head itself, that way I can spin it around if I need to. So rather than gluing the blanket
    I'm just going to glue right in the middle of the body, not too far out because you don't
    want glue to show where there won't be blanket. You could use a little piece of fondant twisted
    up, or I have an edible marker with edible food color in the marker and you can give
    him a little curl of hair on the top. And that is a baby figurine! *** *** The Lego Movie / Ninjago Figurines - Cake Topper how-to preview (Link to tutorial in description) - YouTube !!!
    hey guys its Angie he had decided to show you my completed
    rules I think a range there is going to be a tutorial on these really really
    seen want to finish on the editing
    and yet the set for my friend Cheryl his son's having a party tomorrow and she's
    going home ninjago
    themed birthday I'm actually
    saying it right I think it's when Jagger them has been kept telling
    ninja if anybody out at the night is just a
    let me know because I he keeps telling me that I'm saying it wrong but I'm some
    reason I just remember my friend telling me that the cloning joggers
    anyway I've never heard the fall onto my friend mentioned them
    and I just had to quickly and get through them and see what they look like
    and hopefully I've done them some justice
    I'm although and I that they come in all different types of styles of clothing
    and stuff
    depending on I'm how they've progressed
    but I'm yet let me know what you guys think I'm
    also not die about the kasich a tutorial coming up for you guys
    and AM that area and that's if they're figuring tutorials as well
    I'm just in the process of editing all about tonight it's been a while
    but I'll the Casa que is about thirty five minutes long
    lead story on anyway so I am just trying to cut that down for you guys with
    another it's probably a little bit too love you guys to watch tutorial someone
    write that down in two parts in the meantime have you guys have them
    a great day and Sam you let me know your thoughts and if there is anybody out
    there that doesn't know what
    how to pronounce some this particular toys name let me know I
    some like to prefer has been wrong I'm I'm pretty sure the clinton jogos
    but I'm he keeps telling if it there Indigo's anyway
    the men to be like Lego ranges or something ok I think so acting and you
    guys take it
    oh and don't forget to subscribe is well if you haven't already done so *** *** How to make Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony cake topper figurine out of fondant tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Don urge do
    yet have to me
    Lee for me and sign me me
    here Iran gas the most
    my page and wasn't
    no yes that my was
    me some p and leaders
    his heart hair well
    whose who won
    and i won he most he named
    NY many yeah gift-wrapped
    making have a mustache head has to go
    going to make a bowl with them maybe we'll marking paint
    and when heated pressed into mine thank to make them all
    day week into the machine in the mall
    P Diddy shaping tool
    to make I testimony week going
    to make two holes
    and we going to fit with the paint why
    she pays NBC sitcom
    too good I I'm using
    and in part in this well with the I'll
    are you can you spot nice well I'm using
    black for continuing I the
    I yes yes
    and pupils
    that oh missus I'm statement in tap and
    of creating them any thankful and rent
    thankful he
    inflections I missus and Houston send like committing

    at this point we can help them white
    she left pane
    M-one really really tiny
    know the key think making the body and we going to start to we can make the use
    in a ball
    sugarpaste and making existing debt
    however one side is that the login and you had one
    take a dip speak and most in need to be with them or deception want
    form of day for the body itself
    any you since and no one and modeling pays
    and and pressing my inside to make an ache
    at this point we can blaze it
    over tonight
    to athlete ahead
    and we're going to set it to think from the neck to neck
    ending we cannot go ahead
    we can go doing

    and then do anything think with some small left-wing
    and its chemical with them more time
    own a table and then we can run the antis
    economy single-use they here's a small triangle with pres
    and test today helped we can make known the beautiful

    and we need small pieces sugarpaste when it close up there and of course
    so we need purple blue green yen no end
    and finally made
    now we can attach they tend to the body and that we're going to need ed
    a deeper blue and to speaking again
    food & Noble Park did that happen going to use them
    purple blue and green modeling paste instead
    for the hair on top of the head we're going to use
    lleno almond enjoyed now
    leaking think the cutie mark and
    again in using a double
    death some popcorn
    said it noticed my in nineteen
    is meant yellow and do
    now I'll remember this is done
    and if you guys nected PD I don't forget comes out
    I would really appreciate it also have going to recreate November best and
    don't forget to post it on my
    think paint second see your beautiful recreation
    have a think tank why *** *** Edible Makeup Cake Toppers - How to Make Cosmetics Cake Toppers by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    hi un Ange & Levente think a princess
    hit the median might never make it K understand everything he had and make
    the makeup portion so that he can you blame I'm at my right shin now bad
    make a cake you can check out the full kick tutorial
    year within when the end is fiction
    and i guess im pink content indicate that barely
    he an amusing my three centimeters circle cutter
    had at around watching can get me
    pressing and nearing the end paper

    section acting didn't take any accidents like it
    now come here
    minutes and cool
    in general a TK camera Indian
    he's in a
    try than the day massive at nine
    anything in the field more thorough and complete degree in the bottom right
    thank you to strengthen in fact
    I'm somewhat Monday conducting with Mike right now
    banker that doesn't feet any my right hand I
    that more filling than meant roomier
    inskeep like fun things
    gonna keep it had been shot in the calendar
    and American management
    in living room where tactic to the web filling their
    him via hand
    near the parking and on into facets hey at the bottom of
    and gonna cut it untangle on the
    and attacking everything and more than gonna I thought if I could get as well
    have heard it and have a fun day and ensuring and drop
    and valued at kinda have been pushing not valid at and far
    tanker refund just a green went into complaints
    cutting the buffer nothing and making the Tiburon
    reasonably eighty created a ticket again
    testing at secondary eek
    anything from one end to attach
    three pieces senior will be beat in leaps and just see him on and then leave
    in a scientific
    can't find out a gonna make finding
    and flattened
    months and older K cool like fun much I'm gonna take a
    one any
    and flatten the NFIP
    here member question mention keeping
    countryman the bottom are including I
    I don't think creative and everything men in black and just attacking
    download it from that fund hand in hand correct English a

    in the rat uninsured
    must have an account yet he said person to my
    based on May
    your liking money deputy like button below
    and six right do anything mister mckenna their credit more of it
    in the whole and destruction and in a bit fun doing it
    and then ataxia it. man pension
    and in the same the web front-end lost anything in a
    the black to treat migraine and again
    and yeah matisse enemy to compare construction here
    just slightly using my
    that tonight and to connect kinda internet
    meaning take
    and an attached great question from like caution
    thank you intimate portion impressive down you can attach an independent water
    my head and turn ahead here
    you rectangle shape white
    gonna be mine head out to be together with a minimum order
    guarantee them pink
    okay and stupid Monday from the family
    Dec question

    okay at green portion you know them
    but the front and perhaps a sizable because after
    on Facebook you can check out my page happy pink princess
    you get Friday
    and that day
    me okay from IBM shone upon contact their
    day yeah like him
    pension and attaching me and
    three-point entitlement fortune you keep that in mind hi Sean and I
    how are you
    this from
    that apply campaign

    movement has to have yeah

    town me
    mcallen night and then into and then
    again for more than two
    carrying an attempted murder from edible Manhattan
    hmm anything right them no friend on Team
    you need me make at on
    paper and the or you can make effect and
    you can I'm admiration amp and make a wasn't perfect
    remember thank heaven it remains a mystery night in the you need a
    I'm thank you for watching i'm you guys won a fantastic day *** *** Big Hero 6 Baymax Cake Topper How to by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    welcome think a pretty fair I'm NJ in today and gonna say we had to make
    AP heuristic famous capper
    if you try to collaborate intricately added
    trail in the body and me in the fictionalized
    and leaving camp inside
    called my
    the plan I just learned
    and the family and are threatening site

    K eternal life in the air
    mean respect the fact anti-american Berlin rendering
    and managed care Europe

    came in and just gonna kinda heading home these are from the day
    gonna taxidermy they're gonna border for enabling
    they dissect me an
    on earth like a banner tape slightly heavier at the bottom
    paralleling your a little beer
    think any
    and their attacking the term the fight
    still here cereal bowl and
    protecting him tnx on my hand the
    no impact in my hand an opinion eisenhower
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    favorite you recommend
    and growing the hair painted
    protecting living abroad
    but a little light section bono
    lap I'm party unmarried on our
    track and then dimmer
    edible black america singer anytime
    eggplant and friends little bit like the fourth earning playing

    let famous pending be yankee
    need to get more be here mp
    by clicking the link here
    and you looking for more Indian weekend to get my kennel
    you can quickly PTAC
    to carry out public the bottom like to subscribe for more
    very taking UK thanks again for letting good
    gonna have a fantastic day *** *** How to Make Olaf Figurine - Cake Decorating Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    ok and
    this is my first tutorial I hope you find helpful
    I'm going to show you how to make an all-out figuring
    for start up with an oval-shaped might funded
    and is a small leap in to press the top and bottom this will create a month in
    the middle for his cheated
    and then use aside at the stake to create an temple sizable last
    here and coming out with a smile is going to be
    when you get to the bottom Anglian made it to school
    try to cut the edge of a small as clean as possible
    when you at the black a look very obvious if the edges
    method being usable tool to fight in this area
    good growth in peace upon funny income into the shape
    smile ok
    throughout the video muzy to clear the pieces together
    good here I'm using the roundtable mistake
    flattened smile and also using the when heated to fit the funding
    into the corners smile
    for a little piece away fun and don't make it too thin
    put a piece of plastic wrap over it and then use the circle cutter
    around the edges and gives it a dome-shaped ok
    with a very fine brush Pena blue border around the eyes
    for the pizza and makes a few chapters women extract
    with a tiny locally kill
    ok good
    and if there's booze somewhere by accident you can
    your with ok
    I'll he now well string
    like fun for the head
    you can use a toothpick or Nick back tonight engine we push it again
    here if even pick mister
    good now and two point guards the eye
    this is what I like to do have to make smart people
    ATS mark is a pond cut every in the center
    this way I know the two pieces are equal emboldened is a small Paul
    and pushed down with anything try to apply the scene amount of pressure for
    but they're both the seams and
    good rule a small piece of corresponding
    care she knows you can use them me and make the line talk where you can call
    on wood Mike
    and now I'm just really a thin string brown fun
    for the eyebrows
    now the last detail for him head cut a piece away
    fun into a trapezoid for all honesty
    caring and making here I'm using
    competed macomb Kimmy
    MP's paydirt mondale ok
    through the company's really thin than antimatter and a toothpick in
    prop the compete around make sure its field income along did
    the fourth quarter to the their cases per is going into moms
    in the morning and the second
    keep them forget to rule three strands here for all our sorry because I
    did forget recorded
    canine making the party with way companies can be want to buy
    keep tryin period
    if there's a locking good marks you can get rid with
    a smoother tucker at this point too long here so I'm just going to be committed
    the same way and that I need to people's size and D
    here's ok will appease the point find in income in the center
    this way I know that both pieces are the same size respected
    us but aren't the same size so me pinging
    like fun enabling them randomly they can be
    differentiated signs and then use a night out and
    so I let the pre-strike Renee and now I'm going to said
    so I'm using a ver Q score so
    you wanted to go through the flights the body and at least three quarters
    head and then leave some ppl underneath the plan well
    tap reasoning go into the keeper's the minded
    good am attaching is here with wider
    opponent and moving into with my hands
    you can use world AC instead
    this is the last part you can use fondant a collegial
    at to tell me wat people and
    did or log big minutes finish I hope you like my tutorial and thanks for watching
    and don't forget to subscribe good *** ***

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