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    How to Make a Glitter Heart Cake Topper - DIY Weddings - YouTube !!!
    I'm gonna show you how to make a charming cake topper
    and the first material you'll need is a piece of felt
    so I have a pink piece %uh felt here and
    what I'm gonna do to start as just fold
    part a bit like this and the reason I'm folding it
    is because I am going to cut out heart
    some stuff hold that down
    just like you used to do in preschool
    and Kat out half
    of heart and this will make it some trickle
    I never do is perfect fell
    so I always have to go back in hand from a little bit of
    so that I like my shake okay
    so you have a heart shape with that heart-shaped
    I'm gonna take some wire missus like
    basically ornament wired very fend 32 gauge
    you can see it when you can barely see it because it's something
    I'm so i cud of ole Inc
    out maybe like eight inches or so
    so with this arms industry out a little bit
    and was one and
    I miss going to poke at right for the felt
    because it's almost like needle find it goes alright and
    and put through a little bit so that I have a little tail
    online and and then just trust those to secure them together
    I what I'm doing is essentially making a little ornament here
    hanging heart now I'm going to paint it with glitter paint
    and the reason I'm using glitter came as opposed to loose glitter
    is because this is gonna be hanging over cake which is food and i wanna be eating
    so with glitter paint it is it's not gonna fall off
    it's not only any glitter anywhere so I'm just
    sported on a little of dollop here and with a paintbrush
    I'm gone to just helped my heart
    and the reason I chose to work with felt
    with is because I find that this that
    any glitter paint it here's the best
    to felt I guess maybe because it has like a nappy
    texture it's not too sure it's not smooths
    so that the glitter really gets on the fabric
    and you don't need to do a million coats suction see here it's already looking
    pretty good
    I just liked it score might move a little too much
    sir a little bit on okay
    I did a little too much cuz I can just bring it on around to the other side
    so just painting one side of it getting the edges
    so there we go so that's side one
    I make them double sided and I don't want to wait for things to dry
    all the time and because I'm gonna make multiple zombies
    I'm just gonna leave this kinda on my hands and do the other side
    kinda have my hand open
    so there's less surface area that it's touching
    and just paint this other side and this will try
    and not have any of that gray grayish tint to it it'll
    dry completely pink glitter
    and then what I like to do first to dry
    is cut a piece of tape
    I like to just tape these hanging off
    any object you have on your desk he rams going use the paint cap
    how it's gonna it'll be dry hanging and I cannot both sides
    or completely dry so you wanna make a couple of those me sex among different
    sizes different shaped arts whatever you'd like
    and then you'll have
    a variety of hearts like these
    so I created these they're all dry
    they have a different texture now you can see that there's no glitter falling
    which is good for with food of
    and what I'm gonna do is create a horizontal
    hanging line
    basically I'm with my
    wire I'm just gonna tape down
    one and leaving about three inches
    overhanging on the other office and that the tape
    and then calling it out there
    and snapping
    samina position my heart's on the way I want them to hate me
    and I'll start with this one
    I wanna do is just slide my heart
    ornament wire under the horizontal wire
    and in the position I wanted at the links I wanna I'm just gonna fold
    that wire over that horizontal wire
    and then twist
    the wire down
    the rest love dornin wire connected to the heart
    I just need to do me too twists
    Ste and then I'm gonna take my horizontal wire
    I was gonna put my finger in the place love where I want that her to stay
    stick that and through my little loop here
    love what I just wired on and bring it out
    basically creating I'm not
    holding that heart in place
    on horizontal water so now it's not gonna slide
    back and forth so once you have one
    you can just keep positioning them at varying lengths
    so this one all do me closer up
    my finger Apple Inc
    folds hearts wire over
    twist FatWire all-round
    perhaps time on the heart
    I can't run of all my access afterwards
    and then keeping that in place taking
    the and I love be horizontal wire
    and nodding it through
    the loop of the heart
    keeping Matt in place
    like that
    and you can go back and scrunch your wire so that it
    is just one solid string down to the heart
    and then when you have have added about

    TLC not it'll look something like this:
    I have one that I have Crieff
    wired here to show you
    so you can see I have all my ex showing supplier that I haven't turned off yet
    that's okay and from those of so I've it's just secured onto my part
    so now to hang this over your cake
    you will need true paper straws
    I'm these are ruling it they're not plastic their paper which is really cool
    and I have that
    spirally pink on them and what I'm doing is with the T pen
    this fifty penn I'm just got poked right through
    the straw like that really close to one and
    and do it again on a second sure
    like that and then just remove the pan cannot do not even you can use any sort
    of pain that you have
    laying around cell once you have those holes
    I'm going to start with one and here and
    wire great
    those holes
    going in one and street through
    out the other and then just a wrap
    the remaining wire around
    and then all to keep that on the opposite side
    for reading it through those holes
    and wrapping so after role playing it and wrapping it around
    that and was gonna go back and snap of
    all that excess wire that was
    hanging off the tops here
    snapped photos
    and then you can in surface
    into your cake and have a really charming cake topper *** *** DIY Real Flower Cake Topper For Under $10 - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi everybody welcome for anything I guess
    set this week going to be showing you guys how to make your very own cake
    topper for
    under ten dollars so I just went to florist
    and I just button different single stamp the flowers that I liked
    I believe these ones are called free jazz you can correct me if I'm wrong
    but I thought they're very pretty and al again so I got a little bundle up those
    and some babies breath them just been a pet them down a little bit
    about where the stamps are really long when I'm working with them in and just
    wrapping up
    maybe be spratt into little pieces and that so I can add little pieces together
    in SPICE model
    okay so I'm just gonna pick three year for flowers that are really open in fall
    in star arranging there's into a little circle
    and then I wanna surround that with babys breath that first to secure those
    kind of hours together so they don't need over shift around
    I'm just going to use some tape I started at the base
    add the flour and started working the tape down the Stamm
    and badges can hold them together kinda start the basement okay
    and when you're buying flowers I noticed that the fourth-seeded actually have to
    like full okays have different kinds of hours in fact you can actually buy
    single stamp so these
    were each I think it dollar
    persist am
    so it all worked out for everything you see on the table ten dollars so is
    pretty cheap
    and I and start piecing together all of my baby's breath
    and im just gonna put little bundles Kenneth surrounding my little okay
    if you find it's holding like too many stamps that one tiny can just at a lower
    never a little piece a tape to secure these and then continue adding your
    baby's breath
    and once you happy with it
    and skinny use some more tape and again starting at the base the farts
    US star really really close to the base the fire is as close as you can kinda
    gets it secures it really nice and tight
    and i'm happier tho like a bad
    I'm just gonna make sure that everything is nice and secure
    inspired and I can finish taping up the rest to the stem
    thing is a big piece of tape and again start the bay
    and is going to cover the entire Stamm can work and
    angolan going down the flowers in a tape of
    active kind of a protective layer when it gets inserted into your cakes you
    don't just have random stands kinda dirty stems going into your cake
    it's nice in CL and one fact arms and this is what you're OK is going to look
    and then you can cut it tooling and you can set aside a small bowl of water in
    till you're ready to put it into your kik
    now I've already made my three interior naked wedding cake
    if you'd like to see how I made this cake I will leave the link at the end to
    the video
    you can make your own brocade with
    any type of hours that you would like two years
    in not I
    that make your own wedding cake topper under ten dollars
    can be quite costly separate half
    everything stop and here top I
    liked it you ID new video everything only
    channel I keep that going like that
    KK fell after this break
    don't forget fact montana you guys don't
    thanks so much for watching take click here to learn how two tier cake
    and had to make a three-tier naked wedding cake
    to forget to subscribe and you can click here if you'd like to see how to finger
    paint sugar cookies *** *** Polymer Clay Tutorial | Sposi Personalizzati | DIY Wedding Cake Topper | Puntata 1 - YouTube !!! Italian - sposi
    Italian (Automatic Captions)
    Ciao a tutti oggi vi mostrerò come ho realizzato questo cake toper matrimoniale
    ho steso una sfoglia di pasta di colore bianco perlato
    ho impresso sulla sfoglia una texture in plastica semirigida
    ho tracciato un cerchio aiutandomi con un piccolo vaso , e così ho tagliato la base per il cake topper
    ho fatto due rotolini di pasta, li ho arrotolati insieme e ho creato il bordo per la base
    gli sposini nascondono degli oggetti sul retro, sarà la mia sorpresa per il prossimo video
    ho creato poi per la parte davanti del topper un piccolo supporto su cui scrivere i nomi
    si tratta di una base a sezione triangolare su cui ho messo una piccola sfoglia di pasta come se fosse una pergamena
    sulla pergamena scriverò il nome degli sposi e la data del matrimonio
    ho posizionato sulla base un cono di pasta bianca che sarà la struttura della gonna della sposa
    ho texturizzato un altro pezzetto di sfoglia bianca
    lo ho tagliato a forma di trapezio e lo ho messo sul cono
    prima di posizionarlo però ho messo un altro rotolino di pasta bianca per allargare la base del cono e ho arricciato il bordo superiore del trapezio
    ho unito e modellato i lati corti del trapezio sul retro dell'abito
    ho alzato l'abito da un lato ed ho messo la punta di una scarpina che esce dall'abito
    anche se poi non sarà più visibile perchè ho aggiunto altri dettagli andando avanti con la lavorazione
    ho iniziato poi a fare lo sposo, ho modellato e posizionato le scarpe
    sono due palline allungate di pasta argentata, su cui ho fatto due incisioni
    ho messo poi due piccole palline di pasta schiacciata
    poi ho unito due cilindri per fare i pantaloni
    a questo punto prima di proseguire con la modellazione ho messo due stuzzicadenti
    uno va al centro dell'abito da sposa, l'altro passa in una delle gambe dello sposo
    ho fatto una prima cottura e sono passata a modellare il corpo della sposa, sto utilizzando il pro-sculpt
    ho creato una pallina e ho iniziato a stringerla da una parte per modellare il collo
    poi ho iniziato a modellare la parte del seno
    assottigliando il punto vita e aggiungendo due palline di pasta per il seno
    poi la pasta va via via allisciata in tutte le giunture per creare una modellazione più armoniosa
    poi la pasta va via via allisciata in tutte le giunture per creare una modellazione più armoniosa
    ho tagliato la parte inferiore del busto
    ho creato un buco e l'ho posizionato sopra alla gonna
    ho notato un pò di sproporzione e successivamente ho ridotto il seno
    ho aggiunto ancora un pò di pasta per il collo
    lo stuzzicadenti farà anche da sostegno per la testa
    ho iniziato poi a creare il corpetto dell'abito da sposa
    ho lavorato con il punteruolo una sfoglia di pasta bianca per simulare un ricamo
    ho fatto aderire quindi il corpetto al busto della sposa ed ho rimosso la pasta in eccesso
    ho assottigliato ancora il punto vita
    ho aggiunto una piccola cinta, una fascetta di pasta
    decorerò poi la fascia con delle microperle, lo vedrete poi nel prossimo video
    ho creato un'ulteriore decorazione, uno strascico per l'abito da sposa
    che è sempre una sfoglia di pasta texturizzata
    nella giunzione ho messo dei piccoli boccioli di roselline
    ho iniziato poi a modellare le braccia partendo da due cilindri
    ad una estremità ho fatto dei tagli diagonali e all'altra ho assottigliato i polsi e modellato le mani in modo semplificato
    con il cutter ho fatto la divisione tra le dita e poi mi sono aiutata con il bulino per la modellazione
    dopo le ho modellate una per volta e sono andata ad affusolare il braccio
    quindi lo ho attaccato sul busto della sposa
    sistemando la forma e la posizione accanto al busto
    una delle mani sarà posizionata sul retro
    perchè nasconderà degli oggetti
    (la sorpresa del prossimo video ^^ )
    in questi cake topper gli sposi possono scegliere degli oggetti che rappresentino le loro passioni o i loro hobby
    ho posizionato poi il busto dello sposo
    in questo caso ho dovuto spezzare il primo stuzzicadenti e metterne un altro pezzetto sul collo
    con una sfoglia di pasta bianca ho modellato la camicia
    prima la parte sul busto e poi il collo
    ho aggiunto una fascia argentata tra i pantaloni e la camicia
    sul fronte della camicia ho fatto un taglio e dei puntini per simulare i bottoni
    poi ho iniziato a modellare la giacca, prima ho posizionato una sfoglia di pasta argentata
    ho piegato la parte frontale per simulare il bavero
    ho tagliato la pasta in eccesso
    aggiungo la parte sporgente del colletto della camicia
    al centro metto un pezzetto di pasta argentata che sarà la base del papillon
    quindi ho aggiunto anche la parte superiore del bavero della giacca
    con due triangolini ho creato il papillon
    ho aggiunto anche il bordo del taschino con un piccolo fazzoletto bianco
    a questo punto ho modellato le braccia dello sposo
    ho fatto due cilindri di pasta grigia, da un lato li ho bucati ed ho inserito le mani
    la modellazione delle mani è la stessa della sposa
    anche in questo caso ho fatto aderire il braccio al corpo e ho posizionato la mano sul retro
    la prima puntata di questo tutorial è finita, vi saluto e ci vediamo alla prossima con il seguito del cake topper ! ciao ciao! *** *** DIY Happy Birthday Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hi guys will be here today from I love doing things crafty and today I want to
    share with you how easy it is to make your own cake toppers using the
    Silhouette Cameo so don't know I do like to make fancy cakes for my kids for
    their birthday but sometimes I honestly do not have the time and this is a great
    alternative for that so to begin the hardest thing are you think is to select
    the forum that you like the font that i'm gonna demonstrate with you today
    here is cold serious selling and I believe I downloaded it from dell.com
    the next thing you want to do when your program is to weld all these letters
    together and then groups and once you're happy with your resides a to her big you
    like this one in particular is eight inches across by
    think it's perfect for regular standard size cake so once you've got that done
    your program just ended and cut it and what I've done here is our used oil
    paper it's kind of like glue but with oat over message glitter and the nice
    thing about this paper is that it comes with a protective backing so it doesn't
    and I use that it's kind of like then I would say chipboard paper and I had used
    it all up so then I just looked at another card stock and use that as well
    so you wanna go through these two layers together and then top it off with this
    layer so I'm gonna go ahead and start my bottom layers of paper here this one to
    the top
    you know when he flew god's go back with a little pin and kinda clean it up for
    it dries lot stronger was too early years driving and lay flat for a while
    then what you want to do is flip it over and grab a couple toothpicks and and
    kind of figure out where a little bit of cardboard here that's ok all you want to
    do is kind of determine where you want your toothpicks in here at the bottom of
    the Y
    well obviously touch the cake so you wanna take that into account when you're
    going to be used toothpicks ready to go here a little bit on the

    for those of you interested in this studio file I will posted for download
    on my blog just look under the freebie section I'm going to try and make the
    SVG SVG file version of it as well for those of you that have cutters and would
    like this as well so I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial on how to make
    your own cake topper
    if you do I would love for you to share it on my Facebook page or on Instagram
    wherever and just take me thanks for stopping by if you would like to play
    video today please give me a thumbs up and subscribe thanks bye *** *** DIY Guide to Making The Wedding Tree Cake Topper: Flowers - YouTube !!!
    while welcome to weddings wire DIY and today we're going to be making
    the flowers on the jar so here we go
    alright so I'm going to fold the wire over
    towards the end they have about two inches above the bar
    then open gym area half an inch below point
    home wrap the wire around the
    doubled up section are strain while
    use my finger to round out the first panel
    it's like a teardrop just like the leaves
    and I wrapped the long way around us and for our
    you do it again a mini all-round the wire with my finger
    material rap again
    all the way around central lines
    do it again of
    trying to make the teardrops roughly the same jail
    the Rams 0 yet to actually read the wire on tight girls the
    wall guys the last night I'll
    Nike wrapping around lower than the last one and I read that one many times
    the bus mechanisms them a lot of kind of style and flowers
    as well maybe teardrop decidedly thinking plantains
    flat-out Megan a little more ugly and I'm
    and want readings land and I'll
    hinge the end than last time


    make a point straight in my view on that i'm gonna
    push the players through this basins to give my pedal chief
    just working through this please try not to bend the rules and
    well and then use rations down
    which opens up below you can open as well as well
    you also can repins the point if you want there to be a very sharp detail
    are rights last

    right now we're gonna be feeling the panels in the top

    taken into account
    just like the leaves Devon and I draw to cross
    0 I'm blowing and blowing on well I do this
    nearing the end
    do it again guns
    so for this the other panel
    you may have trouble if you're trained with heart
    because it's hard to get to where needs exams
    sexually is if you flip the flower overruled
    even access the back read first am on top coat and Rod across
    by blowing on it to dry in
    well pain fun room
    it's ready for filling they know we're gonna color and the pedals
    with whatever color you want I'm doing confucian lurk
    so I flip it over we pay on the backs to preserve the clarity of the wireframes
    all rights this is the back of the flower this is a
    part that really won't be seen

    my pain then

    and here
    you can now control the opacity I love
    your color panels if you paint it just one then layer
    with the semi translucent no apology
    the light will go through it plexiglas if you want you can do a couple layers
    or use a more opaque politician like really want both will reflect on the
    case in the Night Football flower girl and you see the wireframes
    he knows it's a little cloudy um that will clear up
    and if it doesn't you can pain over it with thinned right now attaching to the
    then I just wine the extra wire loathsome
    around trying to make it fit in the grooves
    up the wound wire that makes it the branch serve with the grain
    love the Marlins
    it's on pretty tight and I conclude this long lines
    makes writing and
    the *** ***

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