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    How to make a standing bride and groom cake topper part 2 by The Cake tower - YouTube !!!
    hello i'm karen and i indicate tell and stay
    I'm going to carry on making the bride and groom that we started making the day
    as good a Tappan St Ikea
    that proposition halt says when choosing which begin on the green
    and avoid being needy and my ashes is nasty stuff ready for which used them on
    and ants
    actually a break of what I think
    is going to be put in that like I said before there is no set
    rules with the amount for the
    this phase hutchins because they could be told the court the smaller
    said and switched nope it's cool
    geologist just half ass studies
    in between just trying two approaches
    inning is a frosty morning say I am one thanks to you just isn't going to you
    it could roll into a bold
    and trying get our old decreases
    while I'm lickin
    and good tht side in the palm of my hand
    an Iraqi nation she make
    taking shape this is Amy
    a kite name this is not the actual thing and then
    what do you is he should push you 12 then seized Canada looks a rock salt
    size can actually take a little bit of that
    we just happens
    man only back into the fold
    shit I'm kokrak have it can actually
    how each the crack indication
    alright have
    making to my cane cheap
    and then pinch at the bottom to make the Fortune
    shit he sees
    for change slightly at the bottom say
    but that could be the back to the shit
    chase pigeon on
    cheech and Chong's said heating G
    she can destroy staff
    some fifty creases that following you
    was trying to make it be a bit more
    and appointed K
    of the navy chief fact someone to stand quite
    stay the one going to stay
    just getting which is a portal to the Beamish
    from the compound looking into the Boston
    to activate the Tyler packets in Saket which
    makes the do and then just pushing it
    onto his left of he checked
    still stands I'll which he does say
    past five hits and I'm going to do she caught a little of that and if you can
    the top five she fecal still with his
    cravat gonna put that on the to
    I'm just trying to make sure all is
    should she's quite shaquille
    and then going to use my life told and only when the line
    the center I'm just going to give myself a little guide
    where I would like to put his collar
    and a little more and
    where the pocket with be and then I like to do
    fortunes each side
    that's entirely up to you if you want
    che do the fortunes
    down one side hope they they became the top
    representation is the fortunes and
    is composed bit more closely on leaks HCP
    then I'm going to use my double-ended full tulle
    I just want to make a little intent in this
    and we hear because
    I'm going to ports Mitchell caller
    for the shit and a little tiny bit flash
    just in case he can actually see asked to
    who put that on Saturday okay if I'm who spent enough
    a small unmanned each roll it into a bowl so we could see
    TX and just pea-sized
    pieced and then rolling amounted to be thinner at one end
    and in you this is
    the community center to make the shit
    call think a little bit
    to Houston and pointy that since I'm going to vote we still can start again
    small cold controlling it no unit
    people can this K looking to bring the greenback
    just going to pinch the ends together
    and measure and check that's roughly the vast size which it is
    little bit more sleep a little
    said face eighty only needs school demands have the boiled water
    Xinhua chill make everything becomes pieces
    you want tacky she
    nicely mindset got this
    peace again pushing it to get there who's going to put the center
    tools the
    scene with the shizz took turns and then I'll just pressed
    min Lee full to lick n just put
    and indented area said
    the kissies to which is what
    she's thanks Kat
    little bit to flash and
    tiny piece
    fifty plus size which is just going to sit in
    and everything suit could move the boiled water
    and then
    push the flesh in its place
    Dane if you can see that I can see in my way
    I have call very very tiny spec
    so I'm getting the bush with the boiled wool
    and that just wipe off just something
    property is a fight that stuff miss 10 to move let
    said Phoenix halt
    I'm going to do sees
    that I'm going to do his jacket so-called Michael A
    unpopular to have the Lakers
    nails can't you free
    need additional should be to need and just gonna lightly
    just last face put
    school week
    Niemeyer Olympic need to roll it out
    all this to be actually really quite faint
    say economic in the newsday
    text fleece jackets stop leak you won't see
    case moral religion
    should just absolutely
    again and
    I know if you make flowers something jim
    you do of rolled Nativity thing
    training or something I'm not using the edge possible to finish sent
    and then we're going to do isn't just going to cost helped
    simplistic triangle to start off with
    that triangle rectangle me
    to head now I know that that's going to chill
    subscription daddy all and masterpieces
    just teenaged back into the black
    then which bring my
    greenback and I'm going to get
    my tyson and just check
    and checking the King's stand is looking very long
    but not she had said a
    to Daisy look too late excellent koto
    an extra peaks
    and then we're going to do now isn't just going to
    coops this shady
    which we've been discussing
    shape whether it's cold trippie a trapeze elite
    full parallelogram bitch
    whatever we actually maybe Colts
    that is definitely the shape with people
    so gonna bring back a
    clean gonna get place and then which can hold it gained
    King statement just check its gonna

    coups and nicely at the facts not too long we've got enough just fall over to
    the call
    and they won't catch the next
    just any back pay because and
    I like to find a stent so consent
    very slightly and then I'm just going to court
    Center say case making it not
    and we have to patton tales
    to have to split and then lunch
    Colts triangle
    like and then we put the triangle on the opposite side so quote of the same
    themselves evenly balanced
    said since
    face is going to be
    his sexual just
    tidy open eve my will fetch their
    I can see that PC there between pieces is not quite
    whittles away three so we just gonna tidy that a meal
    with nice thick
    pain each K
    this times when I don't actually love the boat or just a push to need plenty
    of a little too so
    which you took the boiled water or later his jacket
    speeches that
    and I want the
    court to be central to the backhand
    say we just need to make sure that that's
    central for his trousers there
    and then we screen share bring a transient
    religions him in New
    the night place
    say that such least ok
    and then I'm just going to get
    the and stay
    just chipped away slightly said looks like he scoffs
    Jackie a little says Luke
    casual slot
    see time
    this is where you can spend long g'night tweaking
    making sure you think it looks
    K look
    way and then I'm just going to just
    larach with pocket with be
    honor the sad
    and also do a little more out there
    face top pocket hands
    that his him with these checking on
    string to me to suck heat
    because then going to get
    the coach of the stuff fucking the facts keep soft give them another neat
    which malls called him hands
    and going to snap off
    his sweet picked he said me
    text that slipping off
    sleep to Bulls stoked to with WiFi the same size because
    these great be the
    almost check cast
    send gifts to control
    and which a roll this back was in full
    its now want it to be
    slightly thinner the scent and descendant to give see
    illusion if the check
    area hands
    skin keeping trend often
    just meet at
    and then we won't hold it against him
    we don't want each look like he's cool absolutely
    relief at all times already skinny also we will look at it
    look bad Russell to size and
    membrane on my old he actually says that they wanted him to be stock a sin going
    to stay with the largest ice
    and then going to get my knife told
    and backhaul wat tam I'm going to market and then to clinch
    collapsed said we'd like little
    Arrowhead and not
    as I Pinto to the size and push OPP just makes a really nice Creasy to
    can you help a chilling
    stankevich get Mashable
    troubleshoot push down here six years nice shiny
    anyone in groups this with my fingers say that it becomes techie
    and not sleepy what to do
    stick his home in space
    said standpoints cats
    milo triple told lot of holding in hands full to bursting
    I'm just going she's putting a dent this detailed make easy if you choose
    attach hound the next H
    we have a won't
    mind mainly and the page to accept it seen
    do this night Monroe
    play song PQ and the book tunes
    just to get to patch and then decide going to be the opposite side night
    stay with Ange days the line in the sand
    than the average points damn who's this is
    going to be his rights home
    increases to form in the right direction just checked that's going to sit nicely
    she teaches and
    gonna get mission up a little trial
    group sampled water across
    survey love to come with after strip some boiled water
    home and in which each day mccain believe nothing simple is tacky
    actually just like in excess of fun and PSP chappie
    hot sealed movement
    stick the O into placed
    likes day to pick a
    get my logical told and make an indent
    his hand skate
    he's going to check haven't made this
    choose question in the back that because they're going to be the patient a one
    thing sticking and chief law
    anyway because they just make things were all pretty easy to setup of
    to David K now these phones on
    say going to get flash and
    if that's ok in need school
    gain is
    break off peace and try against the patient to see
    said will that be a good-sized
    thinks a should just give it a little bit
    claims that
    and evolved stopped so one would do what it do his head in my hand
    this time so I'm going to put this lion
    and I
    lips going up from the man of
    and doing it Indian his night from the math so I gave
    Ind or at least be nice sockets
    switch ports the eyes in its late-stage
    and where we've got the flesh
    and caller just couldn't indeed a little bit mall
    its commercial
    trial school today
    going to get this one who began as well just to make sure it's
    tacky and not sleepy whoops a daisy
    oculta drew great then again in which put his head
    just gonna support his head while holding too showy with us what you look
    this lame into time and
    just wants me shool is still stunned his two
    balanced and leaving out the way sitting
    okay can just going to break off
    tiny pieces
    little pity poor pieces for
    his he is and
    and that's quite a large
    if whose some that
    special way and then we're going to do
    little gold and just
    Rockies tonight today just to keep it the
    teardrop shape go to reduce taxes
    crease we don't want to spit in his here and the same
    this one and
    and these days he's just a nice little
    let's get some more mobile Waterloo
    mesh the hunchback hadn't and then he's
    easiest in people EA's all
    always Hall
    way say that just below the eyes and
    way way for the math dairy in the eye
    is bent phone on silent
    and hoops one the other
    and when to use the backup not push to push
    and pushing and the same a new side
    and there is hatchery willfully he and the chances of me crazy
    it will come off are you doing this stage
    is looking a bit wonky I'm sorry I need to do justice to the and have a look
    left there is he is looking quite nice
    and then we just going to post possible World War two there
    group of for these news
    and put his name is thing to be fair I need to work on the you
    streaked and
    possible most actually
    take his head off do this in my hand
    see concealed a better sense to put in the bush into their first year
    skip shape its
    more just put a little tiny bit more wat make
    sticky can and then
    weeklies into place
    okay use
    witchhunt little bit more flash full
    his hands Xconomy
    him a today has been emboldened and hung sticking happened
    keep knocking in May and
    on the stage hand haha I and break-ins
    my models having to redo the in
    said up his hands
    bit more calm house
    me from sticking various happens all I'm going to do this is going to rock
    make more pointed one side just inches from the tip and just make
    and such a more
    not gonna make it leaves to be fed such as home
    and then police while do the same
    and then get a list that more people walked with a shovel in the back of my
    getting the greenback which person boating water inside the
    some except me he'd and a little bit to one side
    because on going to do
    is in great shape police hand into the
    so que demanded it a bit like
    he's called his jacket size you know when they just smokin themselves up
    say it's more than action leafed in and
    somebody just still his hand
    and then out that way as well it's also making sure
    that happens more likely to stay in place and not just full of
    J entrance okay
    said level is head back ordinary stood up
    he still stands still botanist and
    fact A's the next stage
    for the delay way to leave him to try
    I'm in the next part I'm going to be working on the bright
    thank you for watching *** *** Wedding Cakes - Popular Toppers - YouTube !!! *** *** Tutorial: Chibi hairstyles - YouTube !!!
    everyone thought I love you have asked me how I make the hammer are not going
    to return
    inside I decided to make this a tire so let's be
    so they have a team can too easily divided into two sections
    the bangs and the back there so with that in mind
    show the tax issue that we're gonna make so for something to show you how to make
    regular straight hair
    then I'm gonna show you how to make a ponytail and offers trendy hair
    and I'm also going to show you how to make fronting
    things and also how to get a call greatly affect with Kappa stuff
    this is where I'll have a total of six parts of put the time code for each
    specific part in the Description box below
    for fear they need to refer to one specific part just click on it from
    put the third with material: so personally I'm going to be from polymer
    and for the skin and is going to be using Flash Lite by
    you know quite you can use whatever you like from other brands
    are you know perhaps more and Colby
    if you have a compact that people think these it'll be very helpful
    but it is not necessary
    you know of be needing acclaimed role and some sort
    I got this roller in the same set as I got a pocket call then
    and you know be meeting from for
    played this is just a razor blade you can use the part played as well
    and all these material can be found at Michael
    so for some going to show you how to make long straight hair like this I'm
    suppress you wanna condition you play very important that you condition your
    claim while
    because you want to clean teeth of this'll be easier to smooth out later
    I wanna flatmate into bullshit
    and you want it to be about happen only I think
    and then make it the appropriate whip
    wrapped the clay around that she be like headed here
    and then just pinch the top
    and then use your plate to coming up
    and then use your fingers or patrols to smooth out the top
    so here's what it should look like
    now I'm just going to take to little triangles a clay
    and add it to the side up there
    and smooth into the top like it before
    that's it for the long straight hair
    next on the show you how to make
    hair with the ponytail like this one so again condition your clay well
    roll it out and then wrap it around the head
    want the clay to stop at the base of the neck
    and then again hinted at the top
    and then cut off access in smooth it out with your fingers
    or with the

    for national something like this now i lock repair
    each side
    and smooth into the top of my head
    so this is what we have some time
    and I'm gonna be making upgrades so here just rolling out along think
    and just cut it there
    you can start grading remember going to be breaking
    way it will be a fat also just take your time and be careful
    and now I'm just attaching it to the head
    and then smoothing it out at the top for now the ponytail designs done
    next I'm going to show you how you can make this
    trendy hairstyle in
    so first again condition your clay and then flatten
    out at the half way around the head
    and then in China access to smooth it out you can just roll it between your
    next make a lotta long teardrop shapes for the hair
    so just make sure you have enough would
    and then slowly one by one attack strips
    on to the head
    and as he attacks them send them out tractor unit action on the hair
    if you find that there's fingerprints on it just taking a toll on smooth it out
    and against me that the top as well
    turnout this design is that
    here's what the three hairstyles for quite from the back answer now let's
    move on to the bank
    so let's start with so flat now small pieces clay
    and then cut one edge to make a flat edge
    mention it to the appropriate size next you want to cuddle slut
    into the edge in the clay and now all you have to do
    is attacked it to the cheapy in
    in trim off any excess that you might happen
    and then smoothed out ok
    so here's what it should look like
    next on the Shanghai can make from side bangs again condition your claim very
    and then form them into long cupcake and flatten out between your hands
    just attach them one by one onto the TB
    in the pattern that you want you can try to copy the design and I think here or
    you can come up with their own
    so once all the strength I N Smith out all a bit
    and there you go
    Sun eximinds shadi hai get will greatly affect the chalk pastel
    so here it means impacting and
    on a post it note I used my razor blade to skate box on the top pastels
    am just using a brush to brush it on and then attach it to the TV into my
    any access they wanted a careful about fingerprints yet to make sure your hands
    are clean
    again to smooth it to the top in the air
    and so that's what the painful like now I'm just testing the rest of the hair
    with the same cap a stealth
    so that the finished result
    so after adding some accessories this is the first to be
    this is now on the ponytail
    and this is the last one
    track adding some final touches his at the time look like
    to remember that this is all about patience and practice
    so don't worry if you don't get on your first try I hope this is helpful and
    thanks for watching
    back *** *** Cake Toppers Update | 2015 | Wedding Birthday | Customized - YouTube !!! Italian (Automatic Captions) Italian (Automatic Captions)
    . ciao ciao a tutti il video di oggi ho deciso di mostrarvi tutti gli ultimi
    gettò expedia ha realizzato in questi mesi
    partiamo prima di tutto targhetta per degli sposi sul divano anche sicuramente
    avrete già visto perchè ho pubblicato il tutorial alta tensione a piccoli
    prezzi qui sul canale a partire da giugno a di quest'anno
    e quindi cosa che capita perfino
    i tuoi anche le foto fatte durante il taglio della torta perchè sono state
    invitate al matrimonio di valentina e massimiliano erin grazie ancora
    moltissimo per la bella giornata che abbiamo passato insieme
    ostro un altro che top perché ha realizzato hotmail giochi e mi è stato
    ordinato neanche voi
    sto anche di questo qui alle

    sto alcuni dettagli
    e perchè questa vita opera verona spostano in che di mestiere fa
    l'architetto netgear verona sposo
    chi si occupa di secolari di telefonia mobile che ha la pass
    pioneer fai da te per cui
    lo sposo al cellulare in mano e poi ha la cassetta degli attrezzi interrail
    pagate e la sposa invece alcuni oggetti vecchi caratterizzano. il mestiere dell
    architetto io e te abbiamo fatto capire i tutorial e per realizzare questi
    oggetti che caratterizzano sia lo sposo della ficuzza
    questo tipo di te testo per me è il modello più semplici e tra quelli che
    mi vengono ordinati cioè semplicemente con ipod posti in piedi
    e comunque anche io ho te
    ciò che caratterizza per cui quando mi andrete a chiedere un preventivo se ti
    interessa questo tipo di articolo per questo è il prodotto parte e poi invece
    che si vogliono aggiungere altri personaggi ho altri dettagli più
    ferrari prezzo va ad aumentare in proporzione e quando quanti oggetti si
    vogliono aggiungere ad esempio pedretti viene scritta terrazzo subito a success
    si io rispetto a questo sono stati aggiunti molti personaggi
    perchè sono andata aggiungere un canarino e be'
    in due gatti
    anti brigatti eee poi c'è anche la figlia della spontaneità
    e infatti lo potete vedere in queste immagini è uno dei che il top r più
    ricco di personaggi che io abbia mai realizzato
    era fino ad adesso e ci sono anche altre caratteristiche particolari di queste
    thinkstock per perchè hello sposa vestito da carabiniere perché fa il
    e la scorsa hanno voluto un velo pietoso. qui applicato una di quelle
    delle lettere
    la in organza ostini l'organza centri estivi di lizzano normalmente e per
    confezionare bomboniere devo dire che ti aspetto
    rispetto al solito belloo che ma faccio io con la pasta polimerica
    è comunque molto più trasparente è una cosa diversa più carina
    se vogliamo più particolare
    per realizzare di altri personaggi mi sono state inviate le foto quindi le
    foto di tutti e tre i gatti e le foto dei loro da pierino e anche il fatto
    della figlia hotel le foto di loro stessi e neanche inviato le foto
    naturalmente dell'abito da sposa te avrebbe indossato e' nell'ambito che
    avrebbe indossato la figlia nel giorno della cerimonia questa è una cosa che
    chiedo un po' a tutte le risposte che vogliono essere ritratti e con i loro
    e' solo che sto per essersi sente che è miobambino una foto della prova
    dell'abito ora ho anche una foto dell'abito rtaa catalogo e io cerco di
    fare qualcosa che sei più somigliante possibile
    e' la stessa cosa accade anche per il booklet e quindi mi serve
    per sapere più o meno come sarà realizzato sara cascata separatore
    e che tipo di fiori ci saranno le quali saranno i colori dei fiori che sono
    stati scelti
    così che io possa fare qualcosa che stia piscine il più possibile
    era poi alle booked del giorno del matrimonio
    questo è un altro che it appeared che ho realizzato
    per questo che conta per me è stato ordinato dalla sorella dello sposo per
    fare appunto una sorpresa agli sposi nel giorno delle loro nozze
    per cui anche quelli sono state inviate
    in the photo ostia dell'abito da sposa amnesia di entrambi gli sposi e delle
    loro cagnolino come potete vedere nella scritta per insieme a loro
    e poi appunto realizzato
    ma questo detta perchè è stato un dono
    elis pessoa clicchi mi arrivano dei messaggi nervi persone appunto che
    vogliono regalare
    tenere un cane tappeti spontini
    air appunto anche in questo caso
    euroinfissi hanno disponibili le foto di quelli che staranno gli elementi
    della giornata della notte per me è più difficile venire incontro
    poi alle richieste
    letto alle peculiarità del matrimonio che questo che il tatto londra
    e anche su modello base ma semplicemente guarda giunta di campagna vino mare
    agitato ancora un altro che età per particolare per un matrimonio in cui
    correre in rete gli sposi sono in moto e insieme a disposizione anche loro figlio
    anche in questo caso mi sono state dichiarate photo sia della moto giochi e
    dell'abito della posta e le foto di tutti i trailers tonazzi a quale stato
    che mi hai indicato. come sarebbero stati
    i vestiti e lo sposo i miei migliori racconti amore
    ebay tweet guida tv di ieri la redazione meteo bandog
    per quanto riguarda le tabelle matrimoniali e questo è l'ultimo che ho
    svegliati detta perché ti manderò a terni
    sony italia realizzati mese ebay ordine architetti eventi particolari se
    it's sentivo appetito a perdere 2 danzatori di cui ms design tutorial e
    sul canale spero che l'abbia visto
    fairytale - a qualche settimana fa via garibaldi per due bambini che hanno
    compiuto italiani hanno festeggiato lo stesso giorno con due torri gemelle e'
    onnivoro auto iscritto a perdere col suo personaggio questo nome sulla torta e vi
    faccio vedere solo pochissime maxi-incendio comunque vuoi vedere che
    ci vediamo in dettaglio nel video tutorial
    disdetta per adulti si evolve in serie tatuaggi itatoopaint - l'inaugurazione
    di un appassionato e il logo del negozio era proprio sbaglia vino che state
    vedendo con dietro una lunati formaggio attivita avanti un piccolo topolino nel
    il che parte sta ferma lento opera mi ama mi sono rifatta porta un immagine
    che mi è stata inviata
    infine anche se non ti tratta da te e di okay. prezzo vi mostro un altra delle
    azioni che ha realizzato
    qualche settimana fa per matrimonio si tratta di un tabellone mondiale
    qualche anno fa ne ha fatto un incidente iphone per tanto tempo non ne avevo
    fatti recentemente è una mia ambiente
    la mia chiesa. di a realizzare
    questo sabato per il matrimonio nella tua vita
    ma lo faceva leggo il regalo. alla sua amica
    aveva deciso l'udienza è la vita la vita è l'amore infedele diaz
    viterbo like nel tavolo degli sposi c'era. la foto con immagini booking
    quindi walter pensionato da internet e le foto delle piazze di roma
    gli ho stampate su carta fotografica ma l autore di cagate come se fossero.
    delle polaroid. antichizzato il borghi
    e poi ho realizzato totali impaginazione dei cartoncini anche questi giorni che
    mi ha chiamato e poi ha aggiunto una serie di dettagli
    come ad esempio il country
    harley bottone che blocca night bianco
    dei piccoli cartoncini
    permettono l'inserimento dei cartoncini con i nomi sul taccuino bianchi questi
    qui testo
    i tabacchi devo però i cartoncini che balla sui tavoli a giudicare ametista
    bologna questi i dettaglidella realizzati quagliarella tvs portrait
    vinci quindi se no cosa vedere a queste polpette plotter da taglio piccolino in
    formato a4 con la quale appunto ho potuto cagliari tutti gli effetti del in
    tv tanto tempo fa mi era stata chiesta la recensione di questo macchinario
    panorama trovato il tempo utile per metterli alti d'aria. video porn dalla
    recensione e per quelli che ti interessa
    ancora la salle di un commento gatti
    comunque potrei
    fare questa recensione hey prof di milioni il mio secondo canale sperando
    sempre 3d trovare il tempo di fare anche qui
    sto per voi io spero che le mie creazioni che iniziano via studente se
    volete contattarmi
    la penitenza prevede per il cancro
    vespa è piena di questo tipo di reazione potete tranquillamente
    contattarmi tramite il modulo atto il mio sito internet
    io adesso ti saluto ci vediamo nel prossimo video ciao ciao *** *** Fondant cake decorating - how to make a baby boy christening shoe topper - YouTube !!!
    hi guys today I'm gonna show you
    to make these really cute christening she is hope you enjoy the video
    using a template you going to cut your pieces
    either with fun time or with gumpaste just make sure that you do couple other
    things that are very
    an important and the first one is when you're ready to cut your so
    make sure that you turn your template around
    so that you have the right and the left foot
    and not the same but obviously it's like taking a number two
    and this kind have to rate here at Cardiff teaching tool
    if you don't have a teaching tool you can use any other two
    even now a knife a butter knife because
    the night has all those crease s and you're going to stay its
    your piece only around
    showing you're ready to goooo both
    pieces together by applying a little bit above water
    at the edge love europeans that uses creative number
    to and you're going to mold the
    to your cell think that
    and as I say and all my shoe to two rows
    it's very important that you let your pieces ones
    you cut them dry a little bit air dry
    so this is much easier to molded
    after to your cell Seattle need anything and tried to hold my peace S but
    obviously one thing it's very important if you're using gumpaste
    I you cannot dry it as longer as fun dont
    a because gumpaste drive quickly
    such to make sure that side if you're using gumpaste
    to just let it dry couple that men have not
    like I would normally do it font and 15 minutes
    so once you've cut number three you gonna stitch
    earpiece all year round just like you did with number two
    and then you're going to create little holes so on your tablet you gonna see
    there's a guideline where you just press and create to crease s
    that I have made rate your disk in the beer guidelines and then you think is
    you may use us little holes to arm
    create your guide and you're just going
    to poke it and create
    a whole perfect cause like this with your trial at a bit of water early
    and just simply glue it to your cell
    don't be afraid
    mold it nicely play with that
    cut to strive to fund on to create the shoelaces
    in order to know the right length you will need to measure from one and
    to another and then to do point you're going to apply a little bit of water
    on each side inside
    and the holes that you create it and you're going to just stick
    your farm dont in there you can use that tool
    make sure that is inside the hole so that
    he looks like it really
    inside and then you're going to do that
    with a top plan also
    a little bit of water I'm huge sigh and again
    take your fun dont and
    go through it to your piece
    so then you gonna take I longer is chai and what you will do
    as squeeze the and on
    each and one of them so that's you
    actual it will give you that really nice affect
    on your shoelace and N you're going to
    really squeeze
    the middle part of it so you get something like that and this part
    again using a little bit of water you're going to glue it
    in the middle I have you shoot youjizz
    created right here up some missing out a bit lighter
    the cell and if you want these to be more
    open you can put a little bit of water
    wherever you want and just put your
    leaf where you want it so it gives you that
    I am technique where you can
    actually have crashed into a Duluth
    so to create the loops what you need to do is cut and that this chai
    and this is the Panthers have the size of your project as well
    and basically it gonna take each and and
    you're going to create this kind of shape
    and you gonna squeeze it in the middle of then you can apply a little bit of
    and just glue your bow
    your Loopt to your show
    to make across you'll need it little edible
    SuperBass and basically what you can do
    as just using a little bit a edible
    glue you're going to apply them on your shoe
    and just put your little sugar balls
    on top of it and they're just gonna stick nicely
    to it then you're going to
    pet for Alliant and
    to on each site
    and then if there you go simple as this:
    I hope you enjoyed this video *** *** Making a Fondant Lightning McQueen From Disneys Cars How To Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Wednesday video and make
    Lightning McQueen cock for a cake topper
    and and I'm just makes abnormal
    find way a little bit of flour modeling paste
    and welcome paste so I'm just gonna about half a beach and
    managers next big part I cabinet color up next
    %uh rat can see it completely die happens and
    gonna stop I squashing down
    I'll a fun time narrow it now
    as well came in kinda funny at the back
    best to I'm just gonna cut time now
    back stop back and also
    us we've got so much news the back to the CAF
    to scanner
    keep pressing just Jenna from scantron tiny
    either side just straight now a map
    happened sir rounded edges don't lean back and everything
    man just right to I'm gonna
    press check I'm just here with my finger and now
    to this but he
    and push in Jan here my finger min police
    up which will pay up on it down yep
    and kissy keeping a rounded edge I'm
    from Anna around
    judges I decided here just a little bit now
    vintage indentation in hand same
    do it the indentation Kaspar
    times you game side chinacn
    side cuz me

    cap on your left in a
    me around Sen his class of turning
    around a bit just cuddle
    peace in fact is compact I athletic amazing
    around a little bit easier sir
    just harass me how many months in Bobst Afghan act scanner
    Smith and respect and makes
    reflect basics happen ish foreign
    Monday now it's just I'm Maxwell long
    windscreen to and also smacked intentions for the tires
    sir managers using a modeling tool I'm just gonna Hannah
    kosch sp ok just checking I'm
    act kinda create love it much member attire
    how I Tina
    its country and passions
    and pushing Apple yeah you much do not
    part-time each catch
    screenshot line
    spot the windscreen nowhere
    the windscreen
    K got my straight line
    and I'm gonna up and around
    top inch mine
    top me to the side
    to keep can't
    contrast Canada
    my head and i sorry
    I'm gonna game smell smile fun out
    science acting UK again on
    to scam pressure line
    I'm even though myspace
    either side larry's had liked Annika and personal in

    an Amscot
    and push it down now that apna now
    stern you
    when she got gap em was gonna create an intentional homicide
    his math I'm what we're doing is we're giving santee
    that fill in the gap swatting at
    sky and in tissue rise bootcut stop
    online arms crossed prime up
    and on mushroom
    the top man screen Scott
    time it does now compare time mid-air
    online I'm back kept him into their
    me and she's from last I'm
    at the top cacas bring it down Matt
    up gap between snack in between
    us back ap and you to repeat the same
    site to take it back
    that we had leftover just come out like
    not to think start a bit and
    gonna do is make it seem like that which
    study cap sup
    I'm to think
    in and
    cinema happen back and I'm
    ship catherine's might be just a tiny bit back
    times camp
    Anna thanks
    when it is ready stripped cop
    ballistic on ok underneath
    este so that creates a to but Mexico
    steagle ethical cabinet
    him SEC goes up our track
    out can even tranfer she wanna
    indentation I and
    filed and
    huh to that school what's
    just have to do this threatening
    track me checkups
    I cashed
    watch back out you can use Clichy
    fatties double play water stars

    after scam price
    I'm can schachter
    fast and the next thing
    Dale is working in some whales for the whales
    just rolled far also back from a nap track to run the mile
    I and have been
    to we're just gonna mcintyre's by hand
    sir going to stop at the bar
    ice crushing it just a little bit like ap committee gonna roll it around
    app to create attache I'm not keep the tires cry
    fact okay and just check size I stay
    its roughly in Holly painted area
    okay am NOT and not been a bit in fact if
    is just make on impulse is to obey
    Sahara cap email please turn it back to side
    after them again by but I'll Scosche can't do that
    to anything this to time
    should check fit I N
    holes at main town even in çanakkale
    the first
    that's fine him aside
    yes and Hyundai
    issues create extra indentation nine months minutes round
    lobby smaller then you try to
    finds mention %uh misma some
    I'll criticize turned upside down just gonna
    harsh slightly in the middle ap
    water I'm maximum heat mystic
    and I'm place way dont asset sticky an
    and I team
    to see it Akron's II
    so to than this one
    is cannot a actor
    and Prashant
    I can actually see it looks like it

    and I'll back in a row
    percent increase from I'm screen past
    action our this looks a bit after that
    his some tights
    filled with cum flower me tights not
    walkmans I
    Tina just need a strong man
    and went straight seles over here
    thing throughout my day
    kismet indentation spam
    feel through the icing sacked I'm just gonna her
    atwater chest I miss
    here way from and Spain chica
    not much
    maligned mess-up
    back-to-back so
    and he pressed
    me he should say
    me the line imagined me cap
    mean bond s top and she got shot
    she haven't Redknapp within that time he made
    just the Kaffir $

    ran you to team an intact an actual model
    hatch L
    fragments fender smithtown shot
    match announcement tonight
    cop cook couple of rectangles it headlights to
    just gonna cut copper strips just read this man's
    ever so slightly narrower one hand
    yeah just happens
    seems side have to pay Sun
    I'll I'm its gonna
    pace happy Heights
    apologized public upside down nice
    doing he smash on that
    hand picking up
    just got home against from now
    style think I think for me squeeze on hasta
    ischemic its meh many happy with them just
    watch back and
    out is back windscreens gonna do in black
    so peak second same as we did front
    with these low going to us
    and just a repeat that again
    so gonna denounced eyes on sale that's right
    I let's again the same way we did the windscreen
    drama s the indentation Allah T has warmed slightly higher
    this will keep my right now p.m. you have to go to about half way
    and he went out bring it down
    this one mean
    mom last stretch across this
    I lol nah just check and
    thanks to
    kinda take this fight
    officials Dr on stick and red bit
    over-the-top sent a camera to get
    around just need another
    back asked and
    scandal actress this thing
    mapped how pick this up
    and I'm the top stop by community
    feelin ingestion
    makeup mine
    Shin and home now
    today centers serenade
    at black and just a couple in high school tech and little bit
    play tonight Pittman fair simply ready Ralph
    already tagged need to be a tiny bit
    lamb her life hacker
    tips control app
    I'm just gonna at apt to say
    calls scanner
    what's icicles me South China Seas
    masterful to get
    challenge them contest camp
    stick phase
    engines discussion anti-semitic I just
    time beginning mom thing tied
    to tonight just come now to a black
    cuts percent said
    tents chairs from the dots into mousehunt
    it isn't hands
    she can see see the signs in its crash out
    margins century chastised
    mister Sen
    so I'm going out just taking up blue food coloring
    I'm just gonna paint times just to look back
    to miss tack mean age
    mom and mmm
    ninety town same here
    p with the hi
    on a bit the details now cause I'm
    to very much disliked much stress on it time
    Sat just got a sugar flour
    makers I'm here at just under the tank of water
    just because we're not doing a lot of the painting can damage
    now cop hi geez not gonna do
    is just very carefully from
    small line of Sam me
    %um current
    game if you act as you can and
    the when screen as well passengers paying
    each hash
    nineties on
    did must section big bet
    in range so can orange
    an orange car
    she's Catholic painting hatch this headline
    heater can and next gonna
    see what's now a on
    his difficult to church hampshirites
    I dare stop the past on
    untac share just check
    feinstein's a.m. fine
    safety that's committee picked caps to Texoma
    iraq still
    same bank traffic
    think explains absolute mint and
    that water thank you massive
    I'm and gonna stick squashed
    and push
    into his path AXA
    just use in atlanta push
    engine Anna so that kinda goes to the bench
    plant now
    how lines in media
    me Deepak genocide am
    Monday I and cross st %uh
    timer mom
    to how
    Siena if he finds econ tell me
    aligning campaign I'm in
    top gonna do now extabit left
    tires co-starred in a sense isn't
    tie it after two days after stop with it
    right rowlett I'm just gonna use
    stack contact the fixed last thing Titan tire
    I'm water Astana I'm just gonna haha
    in tennis and gym entire trap
    and using Intel I'm just gonna
    slight intentions each
    tennis last
    came just a part-time doc
    and center history is
    tackle atwater
    in the center tire ac
    tax time managing how much I love released and
    stricken red around the edge than the same I think race track
    to keep it
    she can sir
    was gonna cut some water I am Mikes
    on edge China
    cash online much now
    sky exxon match ramp grain as last time
    to just be net from on
    now can yes
    chain share economy a secular share
    and ice masses and
    any she just gonna do that help test have a good friend for a great have
    gotten a frame
    just put same again just ingrained scholars will somehow
    and Justin tiny like doctor sent
    guys so I'm just gonna
    her time artist on the very edge
    black I'm China an anti man's
    tackles thank him
    mom that change is gonna push them
    and kahane me
    that water Cana
    you got medical printer be campaign of
    on different doesn't think he's got out kinda
    manageable intact and hey
    meant I'm gonna make my
    like just left now
    attention Tina anyway on now I'm just need him to try
    East cakes
    and injected yeah and he spoke
    thank you for watching if you want a speedy I would like to see more please
    click on the images and the in a video suggested
    also please do subscribe to my channel using the button on the bottom right
    hand corner of the screen
    you can also visit my cake apply to my facebook page to see more cakes
    and ideas *** *** Sugarcraft Step-by-step: Modelling heads, mouths, noses & ears Part 1 - YouTube !!!
    hi my name is Elaine thomas also known as missed call me Stevens the cake
    decorating forms
    a great idea that I could show you how I its my Muslim and
    she the techniques are used and hopefully inspire you to have a go
    it is love them yourself
    okay so I'm gonna make your face for your head should I say
    a.m. just show you exactly how I Syria and
    allman wanna show you as well as I actually used to tools to do it with
    is the pool to and the characteristic
    I'm get more more impressive artistic
    guys I I did get just two and
    make smiles to maths my characters
    do everything by
    don't use any notes to the cactus
    and missus China I can all say
    did not use with it and then teeth in with its an
    multitask like eight eight sin
    from falling in love with the characters taken this is why I would show you how I
    use it care to stay actually comes with a little mini tutorial
    and how to use it when you buy it when the two to rate is a show you how to do
    noses and it isn't she has duty UK
    night I'm using an
    fresh could sugar packet modeling paste
    to sugar pace with CMC times added to its and
    to get the Flash Drive used sugar less chestnut

    she's chestnut to get my flesh some people are
    speaker and miss it's terribly is personal preference really
    also need to use a little bit a white to the teeth
    machine they turn and run the ball roughly the size of a ping pong ball
    this is going to be like said the head now is not palms of my hands are
    ripped tracks wifi my hands
    so it is at stake and he's gonna only slightly
    to Macon Akshay okay
    this is gonna be again also Gilles not tend to roll
    said they've got and more pointy chin committee to look
    back to me he was a man I'd leave it
    a lot more and
    shapes in a that point in iss wasn't if it was a child
    I would tend to leave it more rounded okay this is going to be
    woman can say
    organic shape the pointed end this is a
    large and night before I do anything with anything I'm gonna put in
    where the eyes will K this will help guide me for what I'm doing
    the Mac so much you use my my two fingers
    pushing in the center the largest part
    see where I'm going and pool nothingness
    mechanics good mate the eye sockets
    races squashing dentist will cheer when you want to use
    former to put the head in but I tend to not do not want to just
    which came to the worktop now I'm just soften the edges
    where just poped those holes into the head
    this is makin temples nurse completeness you can see windy
    in with my fingers and its gonna wall
    around to bring
    temples before we say can see a slight head
    shakopee rename no use in the ball to
    largest large into them just keep pushin to make those circuits more
    prints were no way exactly those are certainly going to Kansas
    became now leads to help this man you could use a carrot to signal using math
    nerd left
    doses left space by Tina with amounts can again
    so many take care to stick Scott flat edge to it
    morning and so I'm gonna go flat edge
    down I'm and I'm gonna push in to see
    with with the man who can't handle you he's my finger to hold on the chain
    to the dimpled chin it doesn't always
    went pro player in just pushing in flick and I it
    now if you want to bring and then slips largest
    borton under scrutiny my finger and
    make it blendon look that fingerprint
    too slow with
    hundred-man downstream port because she couldn't do the next
    they candid needs to in harangued
    to unstick and the snow the flat edge
    is to talk in
    Egan goes straight into the man's and
    plant to open it key
    if you want to make it a slightly wider smile
    issue the edges of the stick to put a
    and bring it that's my new including
    lovely smile *** *** Elegant Interracial Wedding Cake Topper Figurine - Wedding Collectibles Episode 26 - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone and he held it racial way topper figurine
    I didn't ever since you're said

    its $
    here by Priceline
    the high on his case heard Isabel
    six inches and he
    basement up his pieces about three and a half inches
    next to no wat case hard
    it's about
    ounces we're going to go ahead and do the bakers test now
    this protest shows if the peace cases
    yeah lol its chief of the UK on your wedding day
    months he's did really well so we should have any problems
    and last but not least I'm usually actual size if he's
    compared to you eighty Kelsey can
    give you any other questions please feel free
    to this wedding clicksfull dot com thank you
    do do
    on *** ***