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The cherry blossoms how to make

The cherry blossoms how to make

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    How to make a standing bride and groom cake topper part 2 by The Cake tower - YouTube !!!
    hello i'm karen and i indicate tell and stay
    I'm going to carry on making the bride and groom that we started making the day
    as good a Tappan St Ikea
    that proposition halt says when choosing which begin on the green
    and avoid being needy and my ashes is nasty stuff ready for which used them on
    and ants
    actually a break of what I think
    is going to be put in that like I said before there is no set
    rules with the amount for the
    this phase hutchins because they could be told the court the smaller
    said and switched nope it's cool
    geologist just half ass studies
    in between just trying two approaches
    inning is a frosty morning say I am one thanks to you just isn't going to you
    it could roll into a bold
    and trying get our old decreases
    while I'm lickin
    and good tht side in the palm of my hand
    an Iraqi nation she make
    taking shape this is Amy
    a kite name this is not the actual thing and then
    what do you is he should push you 12 then seized Canada looks a rock salt
    size can actually take a little bit of that
    we just happens
    man only back into the fold
    shit I'm kokrak have it can actually
    how each the crack indication
    alright have
    making to my cane cheap
    and then pinch at the bottom to make the Fortune
    shit he sees
    for change slightly at the bottom say
    but that could be the back to the shit
    chase pigeon on
    cheech and Chong's said heating G
    she can destroy staff
    some fifty creases that following you
    was trying to make it be a bit more
    and appointed K
    of the navy chief fact someone to stand quite
    stay the one going to stay
    just getting which is a portal to the Beamish
    from the compound looking into the Boston
    to activate the Tyler packets in Saket which
    makes the do and then just pushing it
    onto his left of he checked
    still stands I'll which he does say
    past five hits and I'm going to do she caught a little of that and if you can
    the top five she fecal still with his
    cravat gonna put that on the to
    I'm just trying to make sure all is
    should she's quite shaquille
    and then going to use my life told and only when the line
    the center I'm just going to give myself a little guide
    where I would like to put his collar
    and a little more and
    where the pocket with be and then I like to do
    fortunes each side
    that's entirely up to you if you want
    che do the fortunes
    down one side hope they they became the top
    representation is the fortunes and
    is composed bit more closely on leaks HCP
    then I'm going to use my double-ended full tulle
    I just want to make a little intent in this
    and we hear because
    I'm going to ports Mitchell caller
    for the shit and a little tiny bit flash
    just in case he can actually see asked to
    who put that on Saturday okay if I'm who spent enough
    a small unmanned each roll it into a bowl so we could see
    TX and just pea-sized
    pieced and then rolling amounted to be thinner at one end
    and in you this is
    the community center to make the shit
    call think a little bit
    to Houston and pointy that since I'm going to vote we still can start again
    small cold controlling it no unit
    people can this K looking to bring the greenback
    just going to pinch the ends together
    and measure and check that's roughly the vast size which it is
    little bit more sleep a little
    said face eighty only needs school demands have the boiled water
    Xinhua chill make everything becomes pieces
    you want tacky she
    nicely mindset got this
    peace again pushing it to get there who's going to put the center
    tools the
    scene with the shizz took turns and then I'll just pressed
    min Lee full to lick n just put
    and indented area said
    the kissies to which is what
    she's thanks Kat
    little bit to flash and
    tiny piece
    fifty plus size which is just going to sit in
    and everything suit could move the boiled water
    and then
    push the flesh in its place
    Dane if you can see that I can see in my way
    I have call very very tiny spec
    so I'm getting the bush with the boiled wool
    and that just wipe off just something
    property is a fight that stuff miss 10 to move let
    said Phoenix halt
    I'm going to do sees
    that I'm going to do his jacket so-called Michael A
    unpopular to have the Lakers
    nails can't you free
    need additional should be to need and just gonna lightly
    just last face put
    school week
    Niemeyer Olympic need to roll it out
    all this to be actually really quite faint
    say economic in the newsday
    text fleece jackets stop leak you won't see
    case moral religion
    should just absolutely
    again and
    I know if you make flowers something jim
    you do of rolled Nativity thing
    training or something I'm not using the edge possible to finish sent
    and then we're going to do isn't just going to cost helped
    simplistic triangle to start off with
    that triangle rectangle me
    to head now I know that that's going to chill
    subscription daddy all and masterpieces
    just teenaged back into the black
    then which bring my
    greenback and I'm going to get
    my tyson and just check
    and checking the King's stand is looking very long
    but not she had said a
    to Daisy look too late excellent koto
    an extra peaks
    and then we're going to do now isn't just going to
    coops this shady
    which we've been discussing
    shape whether it's cold trippie a trapeze elite
    full parallelogram bitch
    whatever we actually maybe Colts
    that is definitely the shape with people
    so gonna bring back a
    clean gonna get place and then which can hold it gained
    King statement just check its gonna

    coups and nicely at the facts not too long we've got enough just fall over to
    the call
    and they won't catch the next
    just any back pay because and
    I like to find a stent so consent
    very slightly and then I'm just going to court
    Center say case making it not
    and we have to patton tales
    to have to split and then lunch
    Colts triangle
    like and then we put the triangle on the opposite side so quote of the same
    themselves evenly balanced
    said since
    face is going to be
    his sexual just
    tidy open eve my will fetch their
    I can see that PC there between pieces is not quite
    whittles away three so we just gonna tidy that a meal
    with nice thick
    pain each K
    this times when I don't actually love the boat or just a push to need plenty
    of a little too so
    which you took the boiled water or later his jacket
    speeches that
    and I want the
    court to be central to the backhand
    say we just need to make sure that that's
    central for his trousers there
    and then we screen share bring a transient
    religions him in New
    the night place
    say that such least ok
    and then I'm just going to get
    the and stay
    just chipped away slightly said looks like he scoffs
    Jackie a little says Luke
    casual slot
    see time
    this is where you can spend long g'night tweaking
    making sure you think it looks
    K look
    way and then I'm just going to just
    larach with pocket with be
    honor the sad
    and also do a little more out there
    face top pocket hands
    that his him with these checking on
    string to me to suck heat
    because then going to get
    the coach of the stuff fucking the facts keep soft give them another neat
    which malls called him hands
    and going to snap off
    his sweet picked he said me
    text that slipping off
    sleep to Bulls stoked to with WiFi the same size because
    these great be the
    almost check cast
    send gifts to control
    and which a roll this back was in full
    its now want it to be
    slightly thinner the scent and descendant to give see
    illusion if the check
    area hands
    skin keeping trend often
    just meet at
    and then we won't hold it against him
    we don't want each look like he's cool absolutely
    relief at all times already skinny also we will look at it
    look bad Russell to size and
    membrane on my old he actually says that they wanted him to be stock a sin going
    to stay with the largest ice
    and then going to get my knife told
    and backhaul wat tam I'm going to market and then to clinch
    collapsed said we'd like little
    Arrowhead and not
    as I Pinto to the size and push OPP just makes a really nice Creasy to
    can you help a chilling
    stankevich get Mashable
    troubleshoot push down here six years nice shiny
    anyone in groups this with my fingers say that it becomes techie
    and not sleepy what to do
    stick his home in space
    said standpoints cats
    milo triple told lot of holding in hands full to bursting
    I'm just going she's putting a dent this detailed make easy if you choose
    attach hound the next H
    we have a won't
    mind mainly and the page to accept it seen
    do this night Monroe
    play song PQ and the book tunes
    just to get to patch and then decide going to be the opposite side night
    stay with Ange days the line in the sand
    than the average points damn who's this is
    going to be his rights home
    increases to form in the right direction just checked that's going to sit nicely
    she teaches and
    gonna get mission up a little trial
    group sampled water across
    survey love to come with after strip some boiled water
    home and in which each day mccain believe nothing simple is tacky
    actually just like in excess of fun and PSP chappie
    hot sealed movement
    stick the O into placed
    likes day to pick a
    get my logical told and make an indent
    his hand skate
    he's going to check haven't made this
    choose question in the back that because they're going to be the patient a one
    thing sticking and chief law
    anyway because they just make things were all pretty easy to setup of
    to David K now these phones on
    say going to get flash and
    if that's ok in need school
    gain is
    break off peace and try against the patient to see
    said will that be a good-sized
    thinks a should just give it a little bit
    claims that
    and evolved stopped so one would do what it do his head in my hand
    this time so I'm going to put this lion
    and I
    lips going up from the man of
    and doing it Indian his night from the math so I gave
    Ind or at least be nice sockets
    switch ports the eyes in its late-stage
    and where we've got the flesh
    and caller just couldn't indeed a little bit mall
    its commercial
    trial school today
    going to get this one who began as well just to make sure it's
    tacky and not sleepy whoops a daisy
    oculta drew great then again in which put his head
    just gonna support his head while holding too showy with us what you look
    this lame into time and
    just wants me shool is still stunned his two
    balanced and leaving out the way sitting
    okay can just going to break off
    tiny pieces
    little pity poor pieces for
    his he is and
    and that's quite a large
    if whose some that
    special way and then we're going to do
    little gold and just
    Rockies tonight today just to keep it the
    teardrop shape go to reduce taxes
    crease we don't want to spit in his here and the same
    this one and
    and these days he's just a nice little
    let's get some more mobile Waterloo
    mesh the hunchback hadn't and then he's
    easiest in people EA's all
    always Hall
    way say that just below the eyes and
    way way for the math dairy in the eye
    is bent phone on silent
    and hoops one the other
    and when to use the backup not push to push
    and pushing and the same a new side
    and there is hatchery willfully he and the chances of me crazy
    it will come off are you doing this stage
    is looking a bit wonky I'm sorry I need to do justice to the and have a look
    left there is he is looking quite nice
    and then we just going to post possible World War two there
    group of for these news
    and put his name is thing to be fair I need to work on the you
    streaked and
    possible most actually
    take his head off do this in my hand
    see concealed a better sense to put in the bush into their first year
    skip shape its
    more just put a little tiny bit more wat make
    sticky can and then
    weeklies into place
    okay use
    witchhunt little bit more flash full
    his hands Xconomy
    him a today has been emboldened and hung sticking happened
    keep knocking in May and
    on the stage hand haha I and break-ins
    my models having to redo the in
    said up his hands
    bit more calm house
    me from sticking various happens all I'm going to do this is going to rock
    make more pointed one side just inches from the tip and just make
    and such a more
    not gonna make it leaves to be fed such as home
    and then police while do the same
    and then get a list that more people walked with a shovel in the back of my
    getting the greenback which person boating water inside the
    some except me he'd and a little bit to one side
    because on going to do
    is in great shape police hand into the
    so que demanded it a bit like
    he's called his jacket size you know when they just smokin themselves up
    say it's more than action leafed in and
    somebody just still his hand
    and then out that way as well it's also making sure
    that happens more likely to stay in place and not just full of
    J entrance okay
    said level is head back ordinary stood up
    he still stands still botanist and
    fact A's the next stage
    for the delay way to leave him to try
    I'm in the next part I'm going to be working on the bright
    thank you for watching *** ***