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(Cream Puffs) Profiteroles (Cream Puffs) how to make

Profiteroles (Cream Puffs) how to make

    (Cream Puffs)

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    IZZY CAKE TOPPER Jake and the Never Land Pirates fondant model - YouTube !!!
    hi guys in this video with McCain is a fun jake and the neverland pirates and
    we're just gonna make remodeling paste to have him and asked him to put up a
    picture just to use for guidance from Staten with some modeling pastes I just
    dyed brown thick sausage shape I'm gonna send it to create low fog hollow point
    where the terms are trimmed with a knife to make a little bit I'm doing exactly
    the same with the other one just put them next to it to the to compare the
    size you only want to be quite small deep purple here have used for the
    long piece just trimmed and and I'm gonna put two pieces together for the
    likes out keep holdin up against the bill so you can see how tall she wants
    to find that the legs don't really need to be very long at all just the name
    just a little bit the bottom of each their likes and just a bit of water to
    the top of the boot on the bottom of the likes I'm gonna cocktail sticks into
    mine just give them extra strength he can use to get into it if you like we
    can do it without if you're in a bit normal rush like I am then the Celtics
    will just help nasa Park real thin piece of brown again till the same as the boot
    color I'm going to cut a long thin strip of place this on top of the boot and
    distribute back bitter water and there to make sure it sticks employers can use
    it to book you if you prefer buyers find water works fine for me and do the same
    with the other people have died some pink just a pale pink now for the
    birthday and throwing that in total current share and Andres shrim in the
    bottom so it's nice and flat you can just hold in front of the comp tastic
    see him see the height of them behind the body some green trim the top US tix
    saludo park at the top of my body when I stakes on the edge of the body around
    the bottom just slightly so that when we put the body onto the legs of overhang
    from the top
    little bit of water on the bottom of the body
    and then push down to the mags on this cocktail sticks to create low thriller
    on the bottom and just using my maudlin toll to just press in all the way around
    the press in labor small space press it again and it just creates a nice curved
    effect on the bottom of the top next take a cocktail stick or pieces
    forgetting I'm gonna run it through the day but we might probably about an inch
    served to stick out the top of the head will go on don't push it too far down
    otherwise it will come out but my body next to
    and balls same colors the top
    that we're going to be meticulous slaves from just stick them near the top of the
    body with Ben pull to the side the same size as well now have died if flash
    color and a police in the Description box below twelve different food currents
    and all the equipment abuse but this is a skin tone mixed with a little bit
    chestnut brown and I'm really shake and then take a little piece after we need
    for the neck pushing the cocktail sick make sure it fits in at the top of the
    neck down at the bottom trim down to the next not too long for the AM
    long sausage shape that can happen in den around where the risk is leaving us
    with a little bit the end which were gonna punch down to create a hand after
    and that hand a small triangle out of one side of the hand that got just the
    fingers until they ship that they're in the position that you put them and help
    them against the body to commercial and critical and he wanted to be and then
    just check by Holden against body again that still looks right now I'm putting
    in an awkward position so I'm gonna run a cocktail stick through the arm through
    the body just be careful when you pushing around on a cocktail stick
    around the ship it also make sure the cocktail sticks not too long that comes
    at the end of your hand at the same pink that we've been using to the top
    a long thin piece and we're just gonna push that lines in effect the same as we
    did on the bottom of the top and then around and if they are just gets a real
    friend just need to Stop then do exactly the same thing so I went ahead and got
    quite a large bugs the flesh color and I'm just put in a slight indentation
    across the center so it's halfway up this and I'm gonna pinch at the bottom
    to make the chin and management oh and she's gonna push this street in create a
    little mouth and eyes widened slightly with the pointy end of the tunnel of
    love the skin color of water to just stick that in place again and you want
    to keep the nose small and I'm just using the point into modeling tool again
    to just put in to last roles Sanders ribbon gently with my wife put the area
    just to make nice I want to find a petabyte really nice and thin could do
    little circles disney on ice
    jagged edges if you could through my husband to line up the two eyes and just
    trim off the bottom of each I so position and my gun fixed and then had a
    lot of water just to make sure the second place up too much otherwise
    you'll find the eyes will slide about the face a little bit of brown button
    pierced here just a tiny bit and then to squash each ball like we did with the
    white guys going to trim a tiny bit off the bottom of each one and then Jacob is
    going to be picking up in the I get to the bottom line is that buck this time
    two cycles banks and small
    gonna pick these up the ISO just what the center of the brown bag which had
    dropped that no black circle in the middle of the I Andrus pushing it and
    love it flat out with them up and tom is next to Rolla in peace
    a few black and just put a small amount on the edge knife put too much water on
    the Blackwell the dying in the black will seep out and run across the face to
    push around the top curve and just try to get to the bottom corner to press too
    hard to make my mark on the face black really then an across the ferry point of
    what we called and one position that for a little eyelash and pick the place you
    might find it a bit later pick up the finger so I'm just to clear my
    paintbrush just take a really tiny piece of why it was important for little
    highlight and I like that and just do exactly the same with the other eye for
    the mouth we want now that we've made with some white marlin pierced just push
    around he happy to fill the space and then I'm just put a little line into you
    can see the top and bottom safety and just use the knife for that reason some
    edible ink pad told us that the cheeks just brushing unlikely on each cheek
    links to this in the Description box below the idea he kind of got everything
    from now the air is just too small round balls at the flesh collapse were gonna
    push those on either side of the head quite close to the back of the head
    news in the hands of a paintbrush push that in the middle of each of those
    balls I just gives us a bit more shape so I want some young Muslim prayers for
    my earring
    two small pieces some random license then I'm going to stick around that air
    and when to push it on an emphasis in place around a little bit the same for
    the two tiny little pieces and browse others a little point on either end just
    a tiny bit and I'm gonna stick those in place on the face with a gallon of water
    and a little bit you don't too much water on
    so we finished her face had some side I must like sideburns to just take two
    small pieces I'm going to push them just come slightly above and in front of the
    body that for both sides and then got the pink that we've used for the top of
    the circle and industrial and Alabama and this will become habit and under
    license then check it fits over the house in the lot on the top of my head
    and ran the back of my head to stick the bandana to try and bring it comes round
    two just behind her ears back so I'm gonna push it down at the back and I'll
    create increases with decreasing the findings were just felt those over the
    side like that trimmed a bit off the back just running down a little bit with
    your finger of water under the head I'm gonna push that place onto the cocktail
    stick just check that she stands up because with the head been quite happy
    to fast forward too far back as she will total earlier so sweet little strands of
    Hannah just wrote two small pieces of the brown again to the same cohesive
    force and bands were just gonna stick those in place for the love of water
    edge of abandoning the front of the head looks like it's peeking out from under
    her Banda so for the tie at the back of the bandana we're just taking a teardrop
    shape on the back with overhead with a bit of water to take in more of the
    brown for the half will start with two round bars or make each one into a
    teardrop shape and then we looked around and you brought to a plane or train
    factor end of that teardrop shape and that will become happy tails when push
    that the back of the head and pushed onto the backs of rounds going to stick
    to as well do that both sides so that she is finished I would like to have
    time to dry before you sticker on the kick or anything if you enjoyed the
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    more of my creations thank you for watching
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