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Tarte Tatin ( ) Tarte Tatin (Upside down Apple pie) how to make

Tarte Tatin (Upside down Apple pie) how to make

    Tarte Tatin ( )

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    How to make mini fondant books for cake decorating How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes - YouTube !!!
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    the nice love decorations stigma I'll am
    really quick and easy today thank you for watching
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    and ideas *** *** MINI MUG CAKE - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom) Add subtitles/CC
    Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well first
    things first thankyou to Aaron Williams who composed the new intro music and the loop
    throughout these videos that you will be seeing ongoing so thankyou so much Aaron today we
    are making another mini food from scratch if you missed any of the other mini foods
    there is a playlist up here or down below without further a do I need to show you something.
    As you can see folks we are building up quite the mini food arsenal right here and most
    of this has been sent in by you guys so thanks so much for that my little manicure set mrs
    barry is gradually pinching things from it so there you go but this it is all about this
    today folks check this out. We are making a mug cake and there is good reason this came
    through the post nice card inside look it is a hamper set with all the remaining bits
    of the mini food set I never had and this is going to be used this mug as you see very
    nice card I was sent as you see, nice one it looks like a biscuit from sarah and is
    that joe or jae I am not sure I am not going to read it all but just going to say nice
    one for all the videos hope this card makes you smile they have enclosed what they think
    could be the rest of my fake winnie the pooh set so I will use that so thanks very much
    sarah and joe hope it is joe as I say we are going to use this mug today to make our very
    own mug cake, as usual the rules are very simple we have our mini food plate normally
    we get the food on there but today it is going in that mug we have this awesome measuring
    spoon set this is an eighth of a teaspoon we are going for quantities like that. This
    is an eighth of a teaspoon of flour and I have my mini sieve too lets just put that
    in there I do not know if this is going to work oh yes it is, check that out, looking
    at it maybe too much and also created a snow scene so we will go for a sixteenth teaspoon
    of flour as we need to get more in there, so again the same with sugar so half an eighth
    of a teaspoon so a sixteenth this is some vegetable oil same amount again cocoa powder
    come on tappy tap tap there we go in goes the milk oh yes that looks like hardly any
    but we also have a beaten egg to one side here and I could not really beat a small quail
    egg so a standard egg we use a syringe to get it out. So this is an old syringe I used
    to give medicine to my little girls and now it is used to suck up beaten egg that may
    not be too much so just a little push about half of that wow this is intricate today and
    that believe it or not is all of our ingredients in there so we are just going to give it a
    little stir together I have done a much more scaled up version of this works a charm on
    the channel already but today it is all about the mini food loving. We are making a batter
    look at this. This is the worrying thing I am going to put
    this in the microwave and I do not know if this mug is microwave proof so we will find
    out in just a moment normally you give a mug cake

    seconds but keep my eye on it because it should rise up hopefully and yes it has already can
    you see that oh my gosh I will try and zoom in but it was rising. Normally
    I say but we will keep going may have to do it in little batches haha it is actually quite
    hot. Well I think it has worked but I need to put more mixture in, so I will do exactly
    the same again but more mixture ok take two this one has a lot more batter in it lets
    see how we go wow watch how high that is, it is like a souffl� It is alive look it
    is alive I think that is cooked through it has just been
    seconds I think we will proceed
    with that one. The mug cake has sank down a bit as it is cooling down this is some cream
    just whipped up you saw me do it last time just whipped up with my mini whisk so lets
    put the cream on the cake and garnish it so using my quarter teaspoon thing and toenail
    thing we stick that cream on top and a cheeky grate of chocolate on top like that oh my
    goodness. Better have a taste but first lets put a coin next to it for scale oh yes loving
    it. Extremely excited to try this one down the
    hatch yet again folks it has worked we have managed to scale down a popular food in this
    case a mug cake, any other mini food suggestions do let me know down below and if any of you
    have a mini grater you fancy sending me get in touch and that is about it remember to
    subscribe and other recipe requests let me know follow me on social media all that stuff
    and chin chin. See you next time *** ***