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"" Cake \"Ginger\" how to make

Cake \"Ginger\" how to make


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    CAKE TREND ~ Buttercream Flower Wreath Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hi today I'm sharing the
    on FB lowry lovemaking but being plowed
    and saw any you happy requesting be
    lowry subscribe to my channel don't be
    any lot
    coming weeks right now
    she had me beautiful re make the flowers uneasy
    last week cream recipe at details below in the description
    you can check media FB back at night in some beautiful pastel shade
    I'll peak peach and hurtful I also have some
    in an actual about it being hola as well and pale grey
    I've gone ahead and play happy into Outback
    again and detailed list below every single color I used
    as well T sign went along with it I think we were eating
    two different sizes all a capital T have my trusty
    ball which you know I love
    on everything ok I'll except the have 84 St
    which is just basically like a junkie vision of it
    I have absolute number seven our names here
    as well as extra ok shortly
    and we have lots and lots little parchment sweet
    lab aunty and lastly I have to compete right
    he's anything that you like all toppling contain
    leads pretty much anything he can bind ask that you can play
    Saint Louis of reach because he won't be
    out nice and between I onto the cake
    now the she company we mind on
    p and do you think creates a beautiful thing
    rise the best thing you need to do is just attach
    a little bit into it place passion
    on smeeting damn and just
    want you around at all now making sure holding
    I'm with the I and what
    and the smallest top I'm just gonna do a quick
    regal kind shake you

    all the way around just like
    out flowers that we don't have pics go around
    little rainbow shapes staying with foreign this trial
    and row this time thing
    an apt and happy beautiful
    rise by some hot
    a little regal
    loop it around and do not always been one
    and on next round blaring
    happy final run
    house at least understood to help
    many thanks between flowers and I just take the passion paper
    all placed under P sheet and one thing happen in time collection
    openings bridge nesler I'm gonna be working on it
    a beautiful her close rise Sony

    patenting and process
    this time I'll to layin just a little
    now with all the flowers on me from right to left
    I'm left-handed most people who are right-handed do you find it much
    yet to be from left to right thank you of direction
    and oh and if he was comfortable you
    now to make that point in my rights he did the same little wriggle
    start any place you I think it's right
    and a half and even regal around
    keeping as small as you can
    Sunday evening to go around just
    nice me tools quite long
    now to do final flower we're going to stop me angry
    and building a little kind and I'm going to come across
    very close to me make all metal scrap this trial
    going to switch to our white Angela roe by
    also very close to me
    another row lean just a little bit and finally
    run it comes how much
    would be

    finally making lawson's we tap pale peach
    humanity more detail see Apple awesome
    hey imputed time and we should
    detail once you have a tree full you can pop it into the fridge
    so I'll investing Donna I'll cut
    apps me cream on each round cake
    Thursday take my hail p same colors K
    and pie around the edge
    not alway inge just all
    by that happen each earth me and
    he got my flowers asked and the parchment
    and buy some family
    and some me
    and million lined and buttercream
    taking and blossoms
    and placing them on top and then taking

    late packing tape and then
    perhaps only time I'm gonna squeeze lol
    more Rico just to get and on texture
    you can also see do another idea leaves
    you now but in Boston okay
    and final touches number sheet
    now playing what green into the center lawson's
    and the guys we have out lowry
    K I hope you guys enjoyed left yes
    saw him anymore you but I P I'm here in the east
    Mario the next few weeks and mom he should
    left town don't be found any valid *** *** BUTTERCREAM FLOWER CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are going to make this pretty flower cake using just buttercream for those decorations.
    For the filling between the layers we are using mascapone, cream cheese, icing sugar
    and vanilla. I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net website in grams
    and ounces and cups for you and there's a link to that below.
    Mix that together until it's combined.
    And then for the syrup you'll need sugar, water and coffee, add the sugar to the water
    and heat it until it is dissolved. Then add in the coffee and stir that through well.
    For the cake itself I am using my sponge cake recipe and I'll link you to that video in
    the blog post too.
    Brush on as much or as little of that coffee syrup as you like and then add a generous
    amount of the cream cheese filling. This syrup together with the filling give it a bit of
    a tiramisu sort of flavour to the cake. Stack on the next layer, more syrup, loads
    more filling and then the top layer.
    Mix up a batch of my buttercream and again I'll link you to that video in the blog post.
    Cover the whole cake in a thin layer of buttercream, you could use ganache or whatever frosting
    you like for this part, we're just covering the whole cake..
    Use a spatula to smooth out the top ... and the sides of the cake. Then run the curved
    end of the spatula around the base of the cake in a straight line and then repeat that
    all the way up the sides.
    For our flowers we want to mix different colours and you can do whatever you like. I am using
    a green, pinks purpley colours , yellow and a little bit of uncoloured frosting.
    Take a flower spike - this just makes it easy to twirl whatever you are piping, that is
    why we have one of these. Put a little bit of frosting on it and then a piece of non-stick
    baking paper on top. Then pipe a cylinder of yellow then just add some extra bits on
    top there. Just squeeze and pull up, squeeze and pull up so that it makes the centre of
    your flower. Next take some pink icing and a
    piping tip and pipe around the centre
    all the way around... then add petals going up and down, then just up around and down.
    Keep going around like that until you are happy with the size of your flower.
    Next start in the middle and pipe a tall blog. Then pipe around it with pink to make the
    centre of the flower. Then pipe petals just like we did before and keep going all the
    way around the flower.
    And you want to repeat that with different coloured pinks so that you get some variation
    on your cake and then you want to put them in the freezer to go firm.
    Using your palest pink make some little flowers just piping up across and in, up across and
    in. And keep going so that you have four little petals.
    To make a rose bud pipe a centre in whatever colour you have spare, and then wrap it around
    in the green. Then pipe the flower colour in the centre using a
    tip twisting as
    you go.
    Then take a knife and close up the bud so you can just see a bit of the pink.
    For some extra greenery pipe a blob of green then pipe spikes on the top and all over it,
    around the sides. Place it in the freezer to go firm. And then once it is firm pipe
    a little dot of white icing on the end of each spike.
    Add some icing in the centre of the cake just to raise up the middle flowers so it is not
    completely flat so it looks a bit more like a bunch. And add one of your bigger flowers
    and some rose buds around it. Then pipe on some green on the side and add your next flower
    into place. If you don't pipe that green on first you might find it a little bit hard
    to get in between the two flowers without bumping them . Continue to add more and more
    until you have covered the whole top of the cake. If you live somewhere hot like I do
    you'll need to work fairly fast before they soften. Or you can just put them back int
    he freezer while you are working.
    If you love howtocookthat share the video and give it a thumbs up. If you're new here
    subscribe for more cakes chocolates and desserts, click here to check out my other videos, and
    here for the recipe.
    If you like this style of cake follow ivenoven on instagram she has been piping in this style
    for years now and she is really brilliant. She doesn't know I'm giving her a shout out,
    so let her know I sent you.
    Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday. [music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission] *** *** Perfect straight edges- Fresh Flower Bouquet Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey crazy the teaching henny
    is gorgeous fresh flower speaking at any moment during Green's
    to make simple cometh sugar baking soda
    Amica insist that income potential
    only all together just make sure that the person spoke with first
    know that trying my way
    Brians I have my word oil me and i'm having
    the recipe for all this in the Description box Lee
    you located
    I have by inge
    let y'all
    the ages some no straight you might be
    next at you angry intend to try and make some very
    speed just until combined Chinook
    something like this
    next or you pick into teams that three quarters of the way
    and make them
    degrees Celsius

    next time scoring the site indicating that just leaves me a quick guide
    for cutting top house Magnussen
    to shut up
    I just rated peak and so my night

    extremely well this
    a sway K for an extended height with them
    for remedial something much to you may be wit
    and I am limiting the top make sure it's nice and tight and then saving the
    and it's going to be the face
    well kick to begin with and I'll help us make this feature
    engine comment
    stuntin went my sugar and mine
    butter together specially
    my mail here as well my expect
    and began high-speed for about two minutes into less entry
    using a special spent that on to you all head
    making people scerzusky what am on FB about
    orange three million them be the top iraqi
    you feel their just UK
    on top precedent make sure its lesson stuff an annual
    between just putting it out like he's insane
    and occurs
    music making sure that lasts until Monday
    down to make to come continue
    the last layer feel like you could even jerusalem some salt caramel
    for you UK comics and chocolate chips just
    created and sensible
    and Kristen just make sure they're all nice and
    together for into the freezer
    I'm going to the engine first
    this anything scraper and just
    table making sure that fasting is nice and tight against the
    freeze them for about
    minutes here
    one that cakes be going your
    and you
    cake from come pick me up
    or your finally essay distance the freeze
    cake making sure to you
    in all those areas but the peaks means that pocket anyone actually
    Isaac two-story que cosa bulging science spend
    income you okay in a thinking this is a very
    inlet casual as well
    season especially tickle
    excess it's great that just makes a lot me
    easy to play fun
    top as well and doesn't have to be to me because
    and the canal
    okay kristin freezer for about 10 minutes now many my final et Albany
    some stuff the top shipping not
    science you honestly it's be
    a lot become this works in a BT I'll
    didn't make even say be shy
    but top
    Wilson make sure you press netting at the bottom
    using it
    statements that speak way and keep your
    base with an angled ninety degree angle you want be nice
    even switched

    hola and shop it's great that justified in his message
    the other in triples rounded bottom and certainly would
    stay actually happen shot
    in script for this and funny chris is just killin me
    buttercream hillside
    problem a reason to be the top too much a
    you not covering UK im
    funding definitely not one said top Islamic
    but again this is becoming buttons that it's just too much about this
    just warmed up my pinstripe hot water and slowly
    beating it crossed my fucking making less than me
    even India
    the Sun kessler Kb
    show has white chocolate many something screen
    liquid cream and make sure that all
    much is nice and
    brief a second and make sure all that office
    nice and healthy year in pieces than
    iPhone announce it down this is for the soul into them
    special shortening every temperature man mike candys heading
    Columbine their as look at oil in the house you chocolate not
    sees me and feature an easy talking here
    else K and that helps you finished say save real money
    which is what you want only and richest isn't the case

    fighting back and just the gym teachers let chocolate
    down the side the key and you want to make sure that that comes on at least
    you don't want to put too much thought into only down the cake into people
    and Angelina kick butt it
    then that would be an issue that great but
    Cincinnati upside down we don't want touching the key
    at the Westin issues too not to be just
    Munchen stretch jeans
    make sure they're all different links as well general
    the top as well
    that's going to secure LK into just system
    full line
    sent I'm still impressive on
    freezer for about twenty cut away at the
    paper limited
    upside in budget
    guys admit that it's done
    this is the most never keepers is but
    more likely than not it's not going to let you know you'll be fine
    many crappy Dayton paper and to peeling it off
    and then reveal recruiting
    totally flawless and straight and
    kita having that I've got my person
    and I got some chips out as well KK
    that is just around all and funded and that's gonna hold
    races together now come sends a very short
    you can see just facing them
    okay onto the cake I used about ten or eleven reasons
    texan bunch with
    and will feel out
    his own space between with him
    no agree with faces and then by
    just this covering
    thing will also go in there with the gym sounds as well
    no just just tens anything
    to beautiful looking cases those little details others will
    allies just so Allah and His love it so crazy that is in between
    land bases like to hide those myspace
    in between
    makeshift top and flair
    days heating
    they had left here and adding some
    Gold Dust that helps my funding not just
    Christian side
    special the excess UCS pushing it out
    it leaves a really legal finish on the exam
    proceeded to paint anything seized
    and first in line at any what this
    seeking to the she say that worked up
    and and that was inside
    fresh his
    USB Kit day here's just scratched his chin
    face once to you week pundits
    me *** *** Naked Rustic Garden Flower Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys fuckin theresa is in this episode I'll be teaching you how to make
    this naked rusty cake tester going to teach you how to make the recipes this
    is a sponge cake recipe adding my soul to my custom sugar my ex gonna be packed
    with a whisk until 9th and fluffy should take about
    minutes then gonna add in
    some vanilla extract and you know it's ready when you can make a figure eight
    with the bed and I have the recipe for this in the Description box actually
    took it from a book called make essential companion by Alison Thompson
    have a link for that as well just gonna fall through my sifted flour until it's
    completely incorporated I'm gonna be really gentle with this case you might
    try to keep as much area batters in my mouth and butt and again just that all
    that through all incorporated and identifying that introduced six-inch
    teens and I've got some baking paper the bond momentum and i have been sprayed
    the science because that was my sponge cake to Ryans and remain resign after
    its baked in a big those are four hundred and seventy degrees in my mind
    took about a good forty minute the meantime dynamics and sugar syrups for
    the sponge got equal parts of water and sugar and again I have that was he in
    the Description box below
    gonna still at lightly and let it come to eight but that simmer for
    after school down a bit and add in some cherry brandy don't have to do this you
    could also just adding vanilla extract lemon extract or anything else we could
    just plain as well
    cherry brandy a knife around the edge of the cake tin to release it and I've
    scored a line outside the top of the cake as a guide and I'm just soaring
    through the cake making sure a tape was a serrated knife by the way and do the
    same with the middle of the cake they should have fully isn't it
    overpaid my boy and cream cheese frosting is how bout of cream cheese
    frosting I thought you go with this may take a pastry brush and just lightly
    brush the top of my first lap because it is a much thicker layer cake I did a lot
    of myself as well just to make sure that it penetrated pretty deep and an ad in
    my shoes rusting just the piping bag really come out because there is a lot
    of cake you wanna even that out
    scented an unprecedented family just continue with these steps into you
    finish the whole key but even just a basic buttercream recipe for this file
    now have a video that will take you to a cheese frosting recipe demonstration as
    well for the three top of the cake I made sure just to add these serb onto
    this sponge section that will benefit today about the top will be claimed not
    to make the rustic look I just pipes some more frustration in the crevices
    and then you can make it as mysterious need as you like this is the moralist
    need a kind of way to do it there's also a different way and I'll teach you guys
    that a separate video where your rusty can make a cake is very clean but this
    year I made sure that it's messy it wasn't too satisfied with thats like it
    going around the cake and eventually I can pretty much the whole cake you know
    very finely buttercream but I wanted to make sure that you can see where they
    take layin started and ended you can see just how thin that layer is and I did
    leave some areas completely bit you could see the cake threat than just
    clean up the top with your bench scraper and here in preparing my chocolate so
    got some melted chocolate wedding in Kosovo just reconstituted coconut oil
    and that helps to stop it from seizing
    adding in jail food color America Liddell fecal here until the bottles a
    loved one and it's in electric pink I'm also adding in some flow code which is
    also buy america litigious helps to keep it nice and fluid and glossy and the
    consistency that you looking for
    should be something like this and put that into my disposal piping bag and
    just run trips around the outside of my cake Nick make them as long or as short
    as you want I aimed for three-quarters down the cake to the very bottom of the
    cake what I just randomly and then you really have to do this plug the turns
    out the flowers covered it but I did a few thin layer of the very top as well
    connecting them all now got this cake to be here that amusing and I'm sticking it
    in just a little bit because I want to make sure that it's going to be visible
    above my flowers and you can purchase this cake toppers
    well the link in description box below is a fresh flowers I bought it was a
    pre-made bouquet of flowers I just kinda chosen based on color the more vibrant
    flowers they were in the bunch these that would go well with like in OC brown
    color so how is it that way and of course them separately I bought the
    flowers as long as you love the way they look they lose little white flowers that
    look like babies breath I was in the back of the cake Islamabad in the green
    leaves that came with the screen looks really really pretty went in combination
    with a cake *** *** Buttercream Flower Wedding Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hi I am today show you had
    people like me hey into life wedding
    hey anything jockeying plowing and Lee
    now and I have any home haha natatorium
    leading no law I'm about being last would like to see
    so many you had he star rises all all
    and really in Jharkhand Hooley also yet
    turned out to be. stunning have made
    I'm really low and I hope each day
    to you me with my
    me haha different Tallahassee I
    hell like the Eris for you
    also analyzed hi County
    and Holland any people are the flowers and only
    to I'll a lower I'll
    we have some hot this way I
    try I flowers Monday
    hard free that wanna show you
    a single rose I'm doing anything and want me happy
    you can always I'm ball young cubans with the one
    the East I in a little bit skinny and
    mean that it might get loud hockey diary hi hun likable
    job hi pendulums
    huh I am
    to a little regal
    and he ended
    he did tall wins you quick with her head can't
    this time little rain does and I
    team now I'm me
    you muslim-led most humanity
    feel comfortable arm-twisting right he
    layering happy are on
    a little bit more popular now now using a
    weekend close he me
    Morris humpty we can all see a one
    on when same little ripple
    wrap-around do
    himself yes being
    that the lappy on
    mmm-hmm regal Kenyan
    I have a little bit more pressure top happens
    sandy just bit more min home
    and head
    now it's he owns I am
    hit just settling
    and his K I regal
    campus Rob
    me me yell
    nice hell while star
    just creating Rico me
    number she with alin create
    mom me
    now anything I'm

    around nomination repaired
    revealed she went and create sauce
    this time every to
    King brown home he said
    from all
    time three
    people moms
    you Natalie haven't lost
    uneasy ally Pawlenty he gonna
    long-held except who really want to some
    the round Center have and
    regal to be top thing

    you know room
    sleeeeeep Andrew than
    come around not GTE Palin green
    just makes little dots around
    he lied aus you know
    you taking him home
    her hands camp to my
    and when to use them
    for hateful lawson's paint
    thinking have been hunting
    into and when hearing nice
    yes more
    no hung saying hun
    she my home you can hire by
    mmm named
    hidden hollow be british slut wanna
    now I'm normally
    hymie said non-uk
    and at flowers mean hot least
    the army some doing my
    but I also want really thought still
    you sir college leaves army aloni
    lol and Hardy me following
    on eBay when I miss you and I'm for I'm
    ahh %uh d people in distance
    crews grain needs to get I'll as well as on a
    hell my and how to help bring
    just teams section has the widest
    can that be on saw and Amina
    the rest bad me I'm
    lot sheehy politicized spruce needs to get lunch
    palestine taking
    hun yeah no home
    messed up wanna huh I unit
    regal me Boyd and then
    turn I'm cell and he had
    wonderfully and only
    me I'm I hashing
    yet tender cool you know how much I love the nightlife
    miss cattle and sheep which is a little bit much
    and I'm Nosferatu me
    you need to have a plan them well
    her even though BRB
    now everything
    reach hunting weekend dela
    I have my
    last get humana
    go ahead and I'll months
    and howling to handle me
    with me hang up
    now on he just spruce eucalyptus car
    the one beloved my softly
    lastly coming to you
    and i'm taking a right green and I have my
    just a little bit yell months I'll
    bad and normally do
    sleeping honey not be able to monthly
    and my don't
    home and topping
    small knobs other hola
    music enormous and green
    number by them
    and a die we had going just letting
    many being lower these %uh
    yuliana lower shiny
    ball not teaching people to I usually

    I you agree the results absolutely stunning you don't like goes to show
    that night intricately I variation in your house
    can really make a huge difference he okay hang gai
    I'm it is homie *** *** Ruffle Flower Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys look into gracie's desserts but
    in the sense that I'll be teaching you how to make wonderful balance an entity
    to stop making a mold for Apple thousand just putting in some
    aluminium and packing it in and shaking it into a house
    just like that
    next time
    carry my fund in some got her funded hot cum paste for this
    and dividing it into you six pieces because voices his father didn't
    using the white then and some soft shell Food Co amusing in which
    think by Merkel and I'm coming in at five different she's being
    from lightest to darkest and as a coloring and arrest make sure to come
    you other goals team growth factors that day
    try it to make their
    flowers will need these tools and I'll leave the names of these in the
    Description box
    delay take you first color and I'm starting off with my life just
    at Olympic on stage and folded
    old and roll it out to that two millimeters in thickness
    take these count and chasing them
    you because they've cut then transfer it onto your sponge pad
    and using your bogus came to just bring it back and forth so you feeling out the
    edges of your so
    and you're all six penny you're wrong would be more that creates a raffle
    and increase even more ruffle when you overlap slightly as well
    place that into your remote we can shape it
    hope you like be more clothes p.m.
    mall the mall close you I will be something abt x
    a few days and then continue with the other colors each time
    I could add a new layer Kayla shades of green pink and a size small a my
    cutters well just plays
    if the top and you can add a little bit with it and and me
    as much to help stick
    mindset really just Kristen to
    yet lane and continue these steps
    I used for
    different sizes also cut is the very last two days I used same smallest so
    cut mmm
    in and make sure that the layers I
    separate from each other you want to be and ice for value and
    have a bit more dimensions had a wonderful sticking together to think
    that you can just so
    pedals fun getting a bit more before
    in for the very last one I am
    going to fold in between my fingers to think they make a really nice one
    men places friend center of power
    you can keep close like that if you like or if you like it to be the more I've
    been you can
    to school those pills back
    into such as the flour into you happy with the way it looks
    by adding more apples and then you can help it sustain
    be more right in ending with the border into the center my fellow that's going
    to help me tweet him a little cold
    ample hello measly backup vocals tools to Chris

    and make sure they're attached
    using that both still to help create the little flowers I'm gonna use
    love and doing the exact same thing back and forth nothing to
    in unravel an exquisite in between making the skin
    this time I'm going to pinch it and that'll help it to remain close like
    that now we want to try
    open otherwise situated right on a flat surface you'll it looks Catholic school
    have really fast sign
    using the element make a little mold here Nepal
    parents at the moment no help to try any nice in
    I would be one into the center
    those flowers just to add him a little gold hell ample
    edible and an unsigned
    pay him I cream cheese frosting so have butter and
    cream cheese the thing that two candidates combined and then gradually
    adding in icing sugar
    I am i since you're gonna six or so
    national C one and then gradually minutes on combined
    can adding you know good teams fielded time to simply happy with the
    consistency interesting

    little bit more on the staff site
    Minister scoring around the top like a candle is lit up
    and that's cool leaves a line for my knife team
    guided through the cake and writing the cake as I'm saying through it images
    housekeeping national
    do the same and as you cut through the middle of the cake
    got to fight inch cake that use for this and it will be interesting to make a
    that I have my kids stick and in piping some frosting
    can attach the next play and make sure it's nice isn't it
    unhappy with their notice press it down to make sure that stuck on
    can continue with the rest the layers the very last year will be the
    bottom of the cake facing up say creates nice but said his first word
    later take away all the X's for students poaching out
    and then move that into the freezer for about
    minutes to say
    in the meantime I'll start my top he was for each
    and to help me work that I am I'm ping arrangement with
    60-inch insignia name with Libby frosting
    below the exact same steps
    and then put that into the freezer
    in the meantime such a sting al fighting's case and got
    a basketweave T huge what and I'm
    having the flat side beating out ways and just making tooling is a fast and
    the bottom
    around Cape twice you know me onto my
    pink rusting am using eighty I'm small a basketweave
    tipped this can you wanna
    boy kicked and continue until
    hold the key is kind you could do
    ATM concrete for this instead and then
    taken me do the same steps yet that just
    come straight ahead and just played
    rusting and taking my been scraper and I'm sitting around the cake making it
    nice and flat
    antique not any expense you can see at the top
    it's missing suppressing such as added a little more in space is over Mt
    and whenever you can and scraper we don't need to be to any
    because it gonna miss now I'm taking my special and and just running alongside
    in lifting of being
    in studying directly next without overlapping it just continue in that
    and make sure to removed all the X's from your special you do not want to be
    in pink on it as you go on for you next
    testrake for the ways you can tell
    provided by him and now we can
    cleanup top make much-needed
    Kinkade my
    flowers have pursued overnights nights and take them out to be
    handling in montana and because
    that fiction had touched the only man didn't get in exposure to the a
    it in try very well say probably be them
    out without the aluminium for a couple more hours to try completely
    when you're and making 80k you want something
    to hold that top to keep from sinking into the pancakes on adding some
    extras weekly used else as well but it's not very happy to talk to some Z's
    straws here you can buy these new bargain storm
    pretty easy to find and I'm going to
    release my for change keep pushing the six th
    just firings shiney remember this is enough resources really easy to handle
    and I want
    and sponge you in person than
    the frosty raised we have got a question to the first time and you can which he
    just licked it off
    reposition thanks make people are the guys that buy him some cuts and
    funded and I'm clinton using them cold americana
    such a fecal got a border color here and I'm just going to cut out
    this statement back and forth to make sure it's nice and clean
    cut running a
    and continuing down the street the
    be news in a really can't make sure its nice little set when I cut crossed
    it's all the same link and with
    and is pressing unto you can make sure that you press the function right down
    to the bottom
    cases touching the patentee will be cut quite get
    the last part into in there to stretch it out fund insti
    beginning political power in to contain an ad libitum alcohol to be happy
    paint and I'm just painting gold
    my board here
    for the very last it and fussing at where I want mine
    flowers to get then adding a little bit of cream cheese frosting
    and I'll help it to stick to make and pressing it
    in the middle careful not to press who fell from the kiddos
    they are still very fragile and could break them people sat in the first thing
    in the back
    that special meeting to make then take you little flowers
    and feel in any areas that you think needs filling
    and coming out coble
    leaves he using a leaf and you kinda and then
    painting days the coping with head
    can easily be frosting the back early am going to hear
    program feel will look nice I like effect leaves come up
    above the hide the cake thing that looks really cool
    and your sweet
    think bring being
    to you rains a
    great you can get
    and here
    creates pundits in *** *** Floral Wreath Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys degrees in
    Ltd me in
    in parliament saying mix n im gonna make certain to its essence of
    on medium speed gonna for any
    should only because it's gonna be about it being a slightly used to make
    but raises you want to be a lot bigger
    sleep leading rusher
    I have a felony got my
    buttercream chip into a piping bag with a number

    helped to grab some squares
    all passion to make the booking
    sinister a man but with the skinnies
    skinny it facing and
    and make sure that you but a king is nice and cool you know it much much
    better cream
    the piping cousin
    the one from you and state mounted
    me sending
    matching nation going around
    always spinning be Nalin
    the back
    Justin team head
    times around certainly came
    will be done to me
    it's important that you put cream used this
    generated back a little bit City is facing up
    Minister naked
    take paper and that's it on a baking tray
    nixon and make them blossom
    say got the skinny side putting up and
    going to be hit
    the excited nail

    just like that and he went to build a different going to keep going
    and when you know muscle a pleasing
    also me should strength building that
    and then little yet
    sent now the six powers it did
    still using the money to take
    make make that up
    that I'm thing three-time one
    exchange 3 you can leave it like that it's a fight
    hesitate field L full me
    know how
    was a kid
    just Shin
    my and these have been sitting in the freezer for about fifteen
    action he
    system wanna colored and home
    says guys too much green
    teacher members
    said just
    make some good going Mike Green and little
    and he faces in between
    bed even word
    to turn always looks beautiful
    hand said
    thank you the and
    well them
    News king
    and again when a high it will be staged
    I have some campaign for colored goal with the American Gold
    and it's just enrolled in some corn starch to make sure it doesn't stick to
    the mall to the comes out nice newsy
    my little promo old here and pressing
    all in really fairly i really wanna make sure they get
    all that and end to end up with lamps or
    missing them spaces in Bobst
    take my spatula
    run it flash completely flat
    in silicon mold things exactly nations
    and turn around Nini noodle
    back just pull back and I'm pressing play terms
    against the back the mold this release it ninety one more just
    and Spain might be
    wanna nothing fancy
    you know going with my gold diamond
    touch used read it again
    cakes in vegetable cream competent manner
    decided I want some gold pearl still in the eighties well not saying

    and adding a little bit about what a at the back these girls aged
    too full
    thank you hindrance
    he's in particular
    me think watching anarchy
    ok *** *** How to Make A FLOWER POT out of CAKE! Chocolate cake, coffee buttercream and edible OREO dirt! - YouTube !!!
    it's had a cake it Tuesday and this week I feel like guard me mother's Day is
    around the corner it could just get your mother a potted plant but also make her
    a flower pot cake
    I'm gonna start off with moist chocolate cake similar one cake with coffee
    buttercream good personal favorites and the other two with rich chocolate
    ganache and then I'm going to cover my cakes with beautifully colored fondant
    that will looks so stunning once we add our flight time to get gardening my
    bride does government let's meet the biggest flower I started off with

    inch white chocolate cakes level them and cut them in half then I flavors of
    vanilla buttercream with this is really easy to do and really tasty and
    effective I like to just use a really good quality instant coffee or in a
    little bit of hot water keep it in a jar shake it up
    dissolve it and then that it completely cool and then you have sort of like a
    thick concentrated coffee to add to your buttercream and just keep tasting it
    until you like it I'm gonna use my delicious coffee buttercream two-layer
    my chocolate
    time to shape this cake to look like a flower pot cakes are six inches in
    diameter I'm going to place a five-inch cookie-cutter on the top just to help me
    shape and taper these cakes into a flower pot I cut my cakes from the top
    down working around and around tapering the shape of the round cake and just do
    it slowly but surely take your time and the good news is you get to eat all
    about chocolate cake for coffee buttercream that you're shaving away was
    like a good shape and gonna give it a crime coat places in the fridge to chill
    it and when that butter Amos Mason said I said once more to get it ready for
    edible for the top of our flower pot I'm gonna crash some Oreo cookies in a food
    processor I know you can buy Oreo cookie crumbs but I've chosen to use the full
    copy so that we can get the white just the way that potting soil look at it
    also there might take some of that cake that we leveled off the top and that the
    food processor too because when I make that together it'll give the effect of
    them luscious which I pre made other Firefox and gonna start by covering my
    first one the weave at a flower pot
    first a role of a small piece of fine then and cut a circle that is the same
    diameter as the top of our cake then I place that circle on top and smooth then
    I measure then I measure the
    I love to know then I measure the circumference
    of the cake and roll out a strip of fun and that's long enough and tall enough
    to go all the way around
    bring it together at the top of the cake every flower pot has that little lip at
    the top
    hold in the dirt that's an important detail in this case we've gotta do that
    use a ruler cut yourself a nice trip
    here's a little tip take your pick up and placed it on the same size cape and
    that it was baked it this way we apply our strip we could have a little bit of
    a Libyan we flip or pot over it will hold our dirt
    each round
    don't have time *** *** Mini Flower Pot Cake tutorial - YouTube !!!
    looking to raise these days that spot in this episode I'll be teaching you how to
    make these miniature forgot my little multi-year they'll be baked mac aching
    and just greasing the inside with some extra caution am also adding in some
    regular plain flour and I'm going to run it against the wall of the inside of my
    old ship it out into the next mall it's just make sure that the cake and ice and
    doing it just a little bit above be a bit call that way when it makes it a
    crisis over a few more natural-looking shape and into a preheated hundred and
    eighty degree of
    degrees Celsius and for about
    minutes might eventually
    five minutes might take one more look at least you can see how they're rising the
    remote mountainous or those that are dynamically I'm gonna stop me
    freezes and I put this on ebay just political insight into the Rose mold
    grow your
    in one such as well opinion president mix with the ship me in style and then I
    don't really quick and easy to do
    going to go over them with little bit of steam using a hand-held metal removal TX
    this we have nice and I'm using the same as a guide you made my night begins with
    the cut through that way it's nice and strength then put a and nine or a small
    special on the inside run around the outside of a release it from the moment
    take a small cake buttercream in East York account up there make sure doesn't
    have anywhere I'm using it thirteen tip and the
    and running it facing the mad
    about half a centimeter so away from each other you can use around to be like
    instead I just like the lines and the way you make a basket weave is you
    overlap one of the lines lines overlap and then as you go up to keep you out
    it's now the
    lines are you previously skipped you now
    overlap somebody cream then you can tell you that all the way up with this
    particular has really nice texture lines in it
    make the line that you would normally find a neighbor we
    it's not expose that way doesn't dry out and assembly races adding a little bit
    of cream small dollar raise my rose on top of a lifted because
    on each key
    to make the lead I'm using a piping bag holding the tip then cutting it to
    create this triangle wipe out for this really really looks good if you add
    leeson abundance I went all the way around the league and cup the top of the
    key and it just gave it a really pretty finish at the one in the middle is bound
    to continue with the rest of the UK
    basketweave covering

    you just continue alternating that in mind when
    you leave and you are *** *** Chocolate Flower Pot Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    thanks for joining us in the modeling chocolate flower pot cake class
    we're going to be covering a bunch of different things to do with modeling
    and we going to be making these gorgeous flowers with that which he can
    8 we've got some came the stakes and then
    it all chocolate thought I O that's going to be really put in a different
    experience for your guests
    now so we hope that you really enjoy this class there's a lot of stuff to
    that you will find that working with my link chocolate is very easy and very fun
    and the first thing that we're going to do with
    loud pop cake he's gonna take a cake that I've been baked and cooled
    I let these rest covered up and crap
    overnight and now we're going to take them out layer then and get ready to
    fill them out with a beautiful
    in Osh
    after we cuddle up ally is the next step is to attach it to a cake
    flight CYO on for size smaller than how K
    remember okay kiss a seven inch round so I'm cheesing
    6-inch round and that why walk get just a really nice
    to flower pots in a way going on where there's a slight
    change out from the top working dance more at the bottom
    but not too extreme so I'll we're gonna take
    to some about doctor put Kannauj and
    which can apply some onto the board itself and
    just a speeding a little bit over the base of the cake
    now because we're going it's a small lot what I'm gonna do is placed this
    on top rather than placing the cake on eat second bring it over to HIA
    and just make sure that's lined up into the center
    site is gonna rest up now in the fridge
    for around
    I mean it's also I just so it'll be them enough that we can start
    cutting and slicing it
    and next with their cake is we've got mad at the fridge
    we're gonna take 7 inch cake plate as well place it on top of the cake
    I'm gonna flip the whole thing Ariba we're going to take cash shop right
    we're gonna start working from ass seeks
    and just fading cutback out to SF inside
    not too severe just keep it at an angle and to you find out
    how much he can cut off sigh
    we don't want to guide just to the board
    we actually want to come in a little bit so that there is room to build a well
    of Kanata round the cake so continue on that same spot
    until you get the angle that you're happy with so gonna flip the entire I
    think I have %ah
    and can remove
    at top just that we can say to back ache again
    now what we're going to do is working away from the top
    we're not going to cut anything off the top of the cake itself
    we're just gonna hang to stop saying the board down below
    in exactly the same as we did say on ass
    out before so I standing here holding onto cake
    just a really gently pressing into the cake as you go down
    and just coming down so they can say
    the board
    to now that we've got a cake
    the fridge it's chilled we're going to take a
    placed on top and flip it either and just like we said a calming it this way
    this is how we're going to get our shit as well summation is my fuzzies
    and we also want to make sure it's scented on this port
    way going to take in ash that is just a little bit soft top
    then what we're working with for the feeling like this
    silo of popped into the mic wave 30 percent

    seconds so just taking a little bit on the spatula apply it to the Sun the
    bringing up and also working it down
    use a fair bit because you can always scrape it all
    we want to make sure that we're going all the way up to the top and at

    seven-inch board at the bottom
    I K so we're going to take
    ask right up and you'll find that we need to have it on a slight angle it
    needs to be
    take that you because we've got a six inch on top
    and we've got a seven on the bottom Spanish come around
    scrape a little section are
    I can say how much extra we had that Tai Chi it just means that what we're left
    is already looking beautiful coming around
    and basically what you want to do is get to a point where you can see
    both the top buoyant and the bottom board
    and missus a super fast way to get off so I
    should say you can ashing times cut in half if you haven't been using these
    kinda techniques
    their like I
    site which can claim this up because this is advice
    so or make sure that there's nothing the amp turn it over
    now we can say have flawless it already looking
    now to get this off up chocolate all I dot we just can t
    pry with a finger tips lil sections
    all I've up just to help lift it because it's almost like it's
    suction on now once its mating can lift that %uh
    pilot with Nash the top
    so gonna come over just a little bit
    just at the sides and the top mate
    uncut now in taking alija
    scrape up and working
    in one direction don't go all the way over the edge you wanna be chest back
    and feet
    so that you don't take that edge of Family Guy
    alright so one final time
    all one going to do is just have the seven angle
    and just go around and left up all of that excess
    that was over the sides we want to raise it up so now we're gonna let rest
    and there's a couple choices innis because the modeling chocolate
    is not found in and it's not going to I'm react in the same Weiss
    you can refrigerate this for a period and then get
    out will chop off the top and we can work with it or you can let it rest
    either not at a cool to room temperature just like you would be the fondant cake
    now I'm gonna show you how I made the terra cotta kala
    for al pot am I went ahead and when I made it I added
    Center go to college just to help it long and to make this process
    a little bit easier and I'm many some clouds we've got some colors are they a
    basically terra cotta is a tricky conical it to Mike
    and they do make akala ko terra cotta unfortunately it's still not quite right
    out when I do these artwork in it into a few different
    chunks surrender having one big amount that will become really really soft
    maybe adding a lot of liquid to it gonna work in stages
    the good thing about that means that if you do too much
    then you can also add a little bit extra and water down the collapse of oil
    a little bit more forgiving this why which can make a little bit of a whale
    we do need to add more terra cotta so
    this kit a little bit of that in the end
    and Libya chocolate brown
    just a couple drops just been a
    push that into it a little bit too so that it doesn't pour out onto my
    table homework French and we saw work that around
    so it takes a lot more kala
    to teach modeling chocolate that does find so I
    he can be a little bit more heavy handed with it
    now everybody left a different shade of terra cotta
    am I'm quite happy with this shade
    am if you want to be a little bit more muted or you want to be a little bit
    more pink
    at you can add a little bit of marine to it
    helped turn it down just a touch but it also adds a little bit more
    walked back inside that's a good choice if you want to be and a little bit more
    biased as well it's working around
    the finding is getting a lot softer and so we doing this ahead of time
    and just going to allow to rest before use that on app cake
    am particularly a big batch like this want to put dat hollering
    we want to give it an hour or two before usage for the next thing we're going to
    is we have some cake pop sticks
    I've also got a cake pop stand that I used just as like a drying rack for me
    am I don't use it for displaced but it's really handy
    to be able to use it now taking a callout
    you can say that this is much
    them I still pliable but it's much better than what we're working with
    when we added a collar in so
    all of these flowers am I going to work with the central kind
    so that's very common for women EDP reason rises we don't usually do with
    chill apps
    but we need a good basis to be old
    everything on so I'm doing the same technique
    as were I to with our sugarpaste gumpaste
    basically I created a bowl and you can say I'm using my index finger
    in my thumb to work around on one side and this one is just holding it in place
    trying not to squeeze it
    work your way up take it a really nice point
    and that is it just a teacher of shape
    now we're going to insert cake pops take and
    fairway stop play that two-thirds trick or the way up
    make sure that there's no getting around here and that's it
    issued an arrest and dry like that
    the best flower that we're going to work on I
    juleps so we're going to get all about I yellow
    kinds I've started to chillax already and it only takes to like this
    to do a chill up so it's really fast for the quick I'm going to be using
    a lodge chill it cut up this game is set up to
    and have chosen to use the largest one that they had grab some sugar glue
    I'll paint brush rolling pin and also
    we're going to be using two shapes I'm cut-up of parchment paper
    or baking paper as far as making this flower
    it is quite different to a regular chill up now only
    chill a test a man's in them and batton we may be
    to it he to something saw you that's why we're using a kind
    other than that we're gonna be easing
    and the same techniques as we will be shipped pace and there's nothing to
    it's actually a little bit faster and I love ATF side
    don't be nervous about working with chocolate and it's a great medium
    and you get the hang a bit really quickly side to soften it up in your
    one sheet of parchment pressing down just to give it
    had stopped pleasure other shapes tried over the top
    take a rolling pin and we can alternate between pushing
    enrolling wanna just
    stretch this app at we're not going for
    as in as gumpaste or sugar paste
    and they seem to be a little bit sick up or otherwise field trip
    and we ought and from time to time
    the other thing you want to do his pickup the parchment paper
    and just separate it otherwise
    if you just got them trapped together doesn't want to grow and move youth and
    roll out as easily
    and the key thing with this is to make sure that your center isn't staying hy
    so always working from just before the center out to the edges
    so is going to separate it
    flip it over and separate again and the reason why I'm doing that is so that
    when we cut the map they not completely stuck to this we've already got it made
    me think
    so we're gonna cut out three so
    normally at this stage he would fold the edges soften and and instead what we
    gonna do
    is just slightly rolled them to make them a little bit wider
    now if you got to do this and it's really sticky
    he can either put this back on or you can use a touch of cauliflower
    if you gonna do that I just shake it onto the table had a little bit into
    your hands and just Rob
    and that way it stops it from being sticky but you're not left with the
    pata raise a Geo to really can't on how the plane any pressure at all
    on case and now we're going to do
    is just brush some sugar clue
    working from about halfway up on the left hand side
    working right into the bottom and not over this
    age the reason why we do that is so that we can tuck under each other
    so don't apply clue to the whole bottom ha of
    K so again take al modeling chocolate
    kind can affect petal
    and we're actually gonna lay it down make sure that eighties about Alcon Inc
    and touching the bottom so tender and he can say
    to attaching the bottom area now
    make sure it's trite after that meeting and
    just dead heat the left saw it you can say i'm only took it is so different
    it hardens and holds its shape really well so
    again but an attack and %uh by that a third of the way
    but make sure that they're a good height to each other
    K rolling around again and hearing the left side that keeping the right side
    tuck by a third
    make sure the hot the same and wrap around you say that
    overlaps so first thing I want to do is secure the bottom
    push the mall in cuz they will Smith into themselves because the chocolate
    so now when we pick it up you can say that you can see the kind one Hyde
    leetle beet so we're gonna press those left sides
    you that had the glue and keep my right side
    out but we're just kinda fan around and just tight-knit
    a little bit you folding and folding like that
    and just means that from the top you can see anything at all weekend any kind
    stunning when you look really low that you see a shadow other kind
    now we want to go ahead and do all about
    at first liar so do all three and then come back for a second one
    thank okay so we're going to take our kind that has after for Sligo
    and we're gonna line up so it's hot why again same height as the last
    halfway to write with those two met
    your place this one talking at the bottom
    maybe not right side open
    overlapping taken under five and a third
    week I'll
    and again this time a donut up by too much at all
    and coming around
    now we just want pressed on the side too little bit but Don Smith and what did
    because in chilled you can always say
    HR the pale say don't miss me that Tanner white look realistic
    now on going to do is just separate days the paint
    to make sure that we've got some amazement and some lift
    and now we're going to be making my favorite which is the rice out we're
    going to be using the same basic techniques as what we teach
    in a simple rice I'm but instead working with pollen chocolate
    sigh this is gonna have to Reliance I'm you can allow a trying time between each
    minutes and that's about all we really Nate so I superfast
    and really easy now
    the cutter that I'm using for office to is actually the largest instead of
    cut its am I'm gonna be working with two sizes
    on this today one is the largest
    about seeks the auerbach is the first one
    in an extra-large how a giant oversized rice it
    am side if you don't have the oversize want then you can use
    the regular one that you have and a stop to cut you can roll with a touch more
    give a gentle roll now
    this time we want them to cover the anti kind so we are going to cover
    almost all love it without gluten so
    we're going to work our way up on both sides by about two-thirds to
    three-quarters the way
    okay that way though he to each other
    and they let heat to our clients I 10 days around
    now we want to line it up so that
    its higher than alkyne
    placing out around talking to a backwoods
    coming around and synching
    at the top whether they touch always overlap on one side
    either way is fine and just missed that
    I have a working on the back pressing it down
    that she first went on working to the exact ops its alright
    lay it down on that making sure
    same height bring it up and discolored around like a bit awkward
    smoothing the possum as we go
    cut three apt
    give a lot
    role just too wide net and just means that there's going to be more overlap
    between the petals
    because a standard rise the mic obviously don't have the kind that lot
    to teach
    saw it we just want to stretch them he'll be it okay we're going to use the
    same technique
    thought we did with out chill petals working from a left side
    about halfway down all the way
    into the center saw
    actually wanna do first is very much like we do
    with ash arises we going to kill the inches back
    now we've got three so what I always like to do is
    pick up the ECI a to cow toothpick and a
    role on the right side to the pill on Lee
    for two of them not so capital
    tuck underneath and just curl around
    now just make sure not squeezing as you could help otherwise you end up with a
    stuck in modeling chocolate so it's not like sugar paste that just lets go I'll
    it really like to stick to just about anything so curling
    and then release and you can put satellites
    now final third pedal we're going to do a double kill which is exactly what we
    do with all
    now pedals in the simple rise we have three
    meeting to that have one kill and one that has a double
    site picking up their first one that single
    you can stop anyway I usually like to stop saddam just
    overlapping the right side of the hooded petal
    but there is really no I perfect spot have to heat a
    making sure that its tank ap at the same heights not going any higher or lower
    and just attach that left side like we did
    with actual apps okay
    taking and double cold one now are only going to I the lap
    Pentucket and up by probably about a quarter of the way touching and pressing
    the left side down and making sure that the high is saying the forest
    now I can come back impressed that first
    I can keep that side I penny either lacking but only
    tiniest bit pressing down
    now left side to attach think telling our right side
    I have %ah and killing our right side think I
    so they've lined up so that they'd just overlapping each other
    just lift all of the petals make sure that they've got some movement
    between just like you would with no more should arise
    so I'm gonna let that sit for
    minutes and we'll be ready to go. I
    we're on to a final rule
    takeout limit more this time because the vanity five petals
    and we're using the first one in our extra-large
    or oversized rice sets I after the peak
    now you might not always perfectly get you five he might end up going to
    or three in realizing he had more than enough as long as you get an extra piece
    of parchment paper to light them on
    they can sit there for five or ten minutes and I'll be fine
    and any longer than that and you what been calling back as easily and all set
    to crack
    you do have a lot a bigger window to work with them they need to say
    style Calif top might miss
    couple of them i've %uh and

    gonna make sure that we always t3 that have a single coil
    and two that have a double
    now bass pedals already large enough so we didn't have to do that extra step
    %uh rolling out
    role on the month the right side and then come back and do the same thing on
    the left
    I can from halfway just down the left side
    K so we're going to take alittle half price that we had started
    the first thing that we going to do is I'm gonna take

    the single rolls and I always like to ocean right now
    there is no perfect white because its three and five econoline
    ap in the spices side taking wanna double
    and I've left it by that a third rolling
    making sure they want they this time a little bit higher
    in the restive hours but only by I'm a female inmate its
    and then what double
    Cape rolling in your hands single
    lay it down n roll
    and roll them
    so now we're just gonna come back in separate summer faces not to stalk
    to another you can say have got whitmore the spacing
    they had to skill that back a bit
    now run to a final flower we're going to be working
    without hearing you can say already have gorgeous all of them are looking
    we've got a nice variation in the shape at the pedals as well as and callous
    and so I have gone ahead and made a couple about PI niece
    an Amish walkthrough on the whole process up making one
    cya we don't need very much preface liar
    its on the three petals on I'm using set all
    it comes in Santa four petals on using the second
    and the fourth in the range am so we only need to roll out array and the
    once you get the hang of this technique you just fine that repeats itself in
    lots of different flowers styles
    I case of an attack at best one gonna make sure it's a little bit higher
    then what our car needs pressing the left side
    at but leaving the right side I pen just make sure the bottom is attaching well
    come round now if he gets in a bit sticky on your hands
    you can just rub some corn flour between your fingertips
    just to make it easier to hold on chill
    again by that a third like I C can say that right now we can say
    out the kind so is gonna pressing now left side Ste
    exactly the same as what we do with actual now it really need this time your
    modeling chocolate has become too soft
    you can pop into the fridge for about two minutes a side but he laid into
    longley forget about it
    it will attract moisture in and it will actually end up being sticky s
    so I just be really careful sets up a time %ah if you're going to do that
    between lie is
    so we're going to take annexed
    said we've got three to us I am applying the blue
    and Unitus
    in these that we've got the pedals quite separated
    and now when montauk it starts to warm up and start to get a little bit sticky
    they gonna wanna stick to the back just naturally
    I'm so we want china Boyd that and get that nice opening can say hiya
    again nice and I pen so the check that i'm gonna do is put a little bit of
    just along that right side
    particularly down need the bottom not enough that you gonna see hope I love
    but we just wanna help it along justice to separate really and
    just leave each other line a little bit
    otherwise they tend to wanna akin to get up and join us want
    UK 7 preface one down keeping at the same height
    again what we've always done press the left side down now
    the fabulous thing about this particular Cuddy's it's really easy
    to know how much to overlap you can say that is a
    peak deep halfway through I'm gonna
    tread annex
    it ghosts directly lined up with at halfway say overlapping exactly how of
    each petal you feel it flop around a little bit more
    because you're really only applying pressure to the base
    give a good squeeze at the base cannot
    make any fingerprints or anything like that I but just squeeze say a
    and they can come back take you found and actually place it through
    and allow it to curve around your thumb and that way hôpital get to really nice
    shape to it
    but it stays separated so we're going to let that dry now
    and that's all that paper with Don
    now there's only one more thing left to do
    a slough is and then they're ready two guys so and what we gonna do is just the
    rise is online I'm gonna be applying a calyx
    and so that's just and a little bit of grain
    it's going it's so the star-shaped if you've got a calyx casa or a Jasmine
    kinda will work as well
    I'm going for the largest size that I have we want to be and it just say a
    little bit and grain poking through
    on ice rises sigh I'm going to go ahead
    I've made some almond chocolate that he is our half leaf green and half arsed
    green and
    where the land it to rest a little bit after coloring
    now sometimes when you're adding a little color in it does get quite soft
    so even though we've allowed this to rest
    I'm gonna show you a little trick cheering ace am so that you can't figure
    out what to do
    if you've rolled out some about wanting to quit and its
    a little bit too sticky site press it down try it on to their
    its helpful to know what to do when things are right
    but it's also really helpful in case to know what to do when something maybe
    doesn't turn out the way that you expected
    and so that's what time did that cost as are all about is just walking through
    all the scenarios but got
    a can save it
    wants to stick a fair bit it's actually wanting to stretch
    and break a rather than leafed up we can go ahead and cut out shapes
    out if we like or we can place this directly in
    as the deets day a
    so if I tried to lift is now they were just completely break so tired gonna do
    is pat them all down make sure that now edges lifted
    place out patch from paper on it again to protect it
    just make sure it's stuck on an when a place that into the fridge for literally
    one mean it I'm like if you leave it any longer
    he will have issues with extra moisture and we'll get to Stefano want to break
    as you bend it
    so one minute on like I always just and training from the fridge the whole time
    and so will put that away and you say how much easier it's going to be to work
    with now
    alright I've got they sat at the fried chicken say they've got a tireless
    commitment to them but I for all
    therefore a little bit stiffness as well so I'm gonna come back
    unpeeled this I Y
    and you can say that we can lift it up
    pick up to age as I never pick up just one with a kelex
    because otherwise it's pulling on that and causing
    a little bit too much trying so I'm gonna tennis I thought
    in the palm of my hand and strong right away
    apply some sugar Kalou
    to the center just coming out by a couple millimeters on

    out Alex points now
    gonna take our audience and basically
    we're going to thread it through so that's why we chose to do the lodges
    calyx because we're gonna be making
    a very large hole unit we don't to break
    turning it upside down gonna push that
    all the way down push it in today
    too so that it makes perfect clay eventually the stem is all going to be
    the same
    grain now pressing just for applied that clue and then killing the rest
    now we're gonna go ahead and cover ass Tam's
    so right now we just have cake pop sticks which a white
    we want them to make them look like they are real flowers with this damn
    and eventually some leaves as well CYO I'm going to apply some
    all of the doc grain for all type I'm choosing not to use para film because
    it's gotta love shine to it
    stay the night easy to use and very stretchy and we want and it's much more
    natural looking so onto something that mapped so
    all we need to do a is cut into some strips gonna take a flower
    I'll stop with the rise so that we can see how we apply it and make the calyx
    basically just like her film has some stretch
    just doesn't have quite as much to write the and we want to pull it
    with definite its and it will stretch it and it will make it gets to Kia
    then we're going to stop way up at the top
    next to a kelex just gonna play sit there and hold it without found while we
    will wrap
    all the way around and go
    once we've got that there's no what showing
    at the top so then we're gonna give a little squeeze again
    and just roll it out and start rapping on a slight angle
    working our way down hold on to the top a bit longer
    and just slyly coat and and every time we may if with stretching as we go
    now you don't have to go I'll all the way to the very bottom
    because we do have to insert this into the CAC
    to now what we're going to do is just chop atop
    of but got all that excess cash now
    if you get into the fridge if he didn't leave it overnight and just let question
    fridge for a few hours
    am what its good idea to do it now
    is just leave it for about
    minutes before we take on
    the next steps I out before we start applying the jam
    and working with a modeling chocolate he just wanna let this get up to temp a
    little bit
    now and next step point going to apply so at chance air
    to decide to backache we don't work on top at all because this is going to stay
    exactly Anthony's
    so it looks like to in a flower pot so I've made some jams share
    I'll add it to cooled and I just kinda pressure on
    really really lightly we don't need very much at all
    now are going to do is just give it a really light need
    just to make it nice and supple I've gone ahead
    and take a nap eight big section all parchment paper or baking paper
    we're gonna be working with I've gone ahead and measured the cake
    and we need to be at least
    inches so of my mind about

    just awesome RAM uncut so now we're gonna do is we're gonna roll it into a
    big long sausage
    just to help us get the shape that we're looking for pick this up
    I of and we're gonna want to apply a little bit of cornflour
    little bit on
    my so this will rub away as you're rolling out
    going it really need to make sure that a rolling pin isn't gonna stick to it
    Bailey gently
    and we can I am for
    a thickness amara height about six inches also
    al que c'est closer to four it'll come up a little bit higher
    but we need to create a bigger than IOC but I so this point one cut a little bit
    gravitate Michelle
    just say
    it's pretty much spot on already in length cut
    some of we know we had at least that gone to just make it easier for yourself
    to get rid of some of the excess
    by going to let this rest in the fridge just a minute
    mainly because it's just a little bits of from rolling out it also because it's
    got a lot of color in it
    I'm so don't worry it's not perfect yet because I are gonna come back in
    out but we just won a place this and just chill it you don't necessarily have
    to do this
    just get a feel for the temperature so now that we've let this
    us set up and just get chill a little bit in the fridge and it's just a little
    bit easy to work with so it's not so soft
    and what we gonna do ease which can amok at roughly how long we need it today
    and which is about
    inches so coming from here
    pretty much spot on which is priced right now plays H is a bit
    site just using a pizza cutter
    come along and straight batters up
    you can see hats maintaining its shape just from being chilled
    after about
    minutes think I
    so now in terms of hot we don't have a huge thing to be wrapping around
    so we want to cut this down just a little bit so
    stop by making a straight line across
    get rid of that
    and then we wanna come up about six inches all side
    will make mock they are
    mark the air just to give us a bit of the cage
    now what I'm gonna do is we're wrapping around something that's curving
    and it's getting smaller up so it's not going to pay exactly the same top and
    bottom we need to bring in a little bit
    first thing and I'm gonna do it he is
    might cut a fad an inch of each side
    doesn't need to be perfect
    because we will be trying it when it's on the cake fat I'm gonna find
    roughly sent %uh and come up by a bat inch-and-a-half
    so got
    a good height they a and this is just gonna help us
    to control that could so that it doesn't work its way
    up the cake when we're wrapping they're working from the centuries always a
    little bit
    AC a and AM
    now we know what it looks like on this item a quite happy with that
    so I'm going to flee this I if %uh
    so it's gonna pride up on both and a little bit
    okay spin it around
    and that way only place I K Kia we have
    the base right up against out by switching to wrap
    from the back so in a place this Appiah
    attach it to now cake
    and when we do this we can say that way touching
    all the way down to the base we're gonna
    press one side all the way can't sleep or other side away
    just for a moment you can say that we've got a fairly straight line happening now
    and we just want to focus on making sure that we go all the way
    to the possum we're gonna take
    an exacto knife or a craft knife
    always best cut off a little bit less to start with
    speck in a straight line okay
    can relive all their little bits
    take a look and just
    Press in with the heel
    on your hands you can be a little bit rough
    because the cake is very sturdy at this point
    on now does have a little bit the same still to it that's okay
    the first thing you want to deal with though is that we have all these excess
    at the top so gonna clear my first and I'll show you how to get rid of
    the Saints so just working our way down from HEA
    coming across
    in Kyle so is something that seemed to really quite tricky to do
    because you've got the modeling chocolate which is usually a new medium
    for a lot of
    and people learning and also the fact that
    it changes in sinus bot it really is
    nice n Easy so looking pretty flawless everywhere
    but if you look closely there is a slot same so what we gonna do
    is actually fiery up we going to melt
    the channel in chocolate and just Robin of
    out that Saints I to sanctuary careful with these because it is an open flame
    the key to this is actually to make sure that the flame doesn't go
    any we need the chocolate we want to keep a really good gap
    and what we're looking for is just a slight change in the shame
    and for it to still be very simply them if it becomes soft drink
    any this process you wanna stop not touch that
    and just give it an extra minute before you go in and rub it away
    site is gonna come along
    quite away from the cake just working on the first
    inch now when I touch it I can feel that
    behind all of that is still quite fair
    so I'm not dent in it in with my fingers
    at all if that was happening I would just wait even thirty seconds or so
    before touching it
    now after we've done this were actually gonna leave it for just a few minutes
    before we do
    our band around to finish off a pot I'm just purely because we wanna let the
    out really sale up them up again in stop having
    I'm that little bit of moisture unit now I cake is nicely said up
    with gotten rid of all that nice same mock
    perfectly so it's looking gorgeous the last thing we want to do
    is just do at top section sigh can take out a little bit more about terra cotta
    immunity the exact same thing again only this off to the side just so that we can
    give it a little Nate
    because this is the access that went around it a little bit them a
    and that's cool Int but we just need to make sure that we can actually still
    roll it out
    side but a little made this time
    we going to be using I Moshiri been cut out you could use a pizza cutter if you
    don't have it
    am but it just maintains the size perfectly and so they are great idea if
    you've got one
    grab that apt like ants I'll
    checkout lanes now I pretty much spot on
    so give a little cut their and
    cool can lose that the minute such rolling now
    made that up to the side which is Kenny's a multi re been cut off and now
    a little trick teasing maze
    means that I actually sot not completely
    at the anti-peace at the end the whole thing want to roll up with you
    he starred in a little bit then that whole section
    wants to stay put because it is all attached so
    rolling he doing this in fondant you can tend to push it through
    but with the modeling chocolate say too slowly roll
    all the way get rid of that we can come back if you need to
    but they do tend to stretch anyway so I hope
    usually fear about a quarter of an inch less that still works at IKEA
    so what we gonna do now is
    because it's quite long and fanned by going to refrigerated van
    just said it has enough time to set up and during that time will be on the cat
    cake ready
    well going to applying James syrup
    we're going to be working with such a big leap sick read that as well
    and thus eliminate a couple minutes oversaturation now I'm just applying
    some sugar cally like I said
    at the top and we're not going to be going too far down because we want half
    is this
    to be raised up and hard for that to be a on existing modeling chocolate
    so that's all we need
    now we've taken a stand out this an
    was chilling for about two minutes was gonna
    make sure it's me the new Smith print cake
    right there we're gonna line it up so that we start working on ass same
    out it's a little tricky to CSA now because we've done such a good job
    in finishing it off and just making sure that with
    hated and modeling chocolate so Smith to get up
    gonna come around just lift
    up you're aiming to be half on half of
    now cake once we've gotten a spot
    I'm going to use this age as a gauge for myself
    and as our come around just about to say
    that it's all lined up really nicely keep moving
    you modeling chocolate along like I
    time gonna take a craft knife fly straight down
    press the two together
    and just make sure that we're not getting a hot
    on that as well style
    was gonna go around making sure that it's attached everywhere first before we
    smoothing down that showing I want to make sure all
    that the whole thing is stuck on why don't you go sliding down a
    cake never gonna find a same
    who is gonna smooth it down with Afghan guess first
    making sure that it's attach
    now was gonna come along and check the bottom and
    just a little touch up where its joint because I should push them together
    sometime in its just got a little bit because I was gonna
    poll that excess all
    come back rammed a
    sign now time to fight this up again
    gonna do a couple of spots with this well we're gonna do is fix a pass same
    I'm also gonna Karan the inside just really gently
    just so that helps too combine these two together so that they really do stick on
    so again away from your cake
    just sad to say a tiny bit of shine who
    chess going around side nice small circular motions
    this is a little bit easier because you can say that the gaskets
    %uh slightly Dhaka as you go around say can see that it's that you've done and
    if it's that you haven't
    and that's all we're gonna do just press that a little bit just so that they
    join together so now I've made up
    tomorrow I think when coming to go for something that's fairly steep
    as per usual its bring a cake on chalkboard it needs to be reasonably
    them so that it will set op which can apply
    into the center and then using a spatula and just touching it to the side on an
    we're going to create some Korea smocks
    and that's just so that we can get some if like going through
    okay will get that off to the side and take a spatula
    to holding onto the cake just to price it lifting it
    up and then we're gonna play sat down
    remembering that we can push it forward
    and then just released that
    someone to take some about grain
    modeling chocolate I'm gonna start making some lates
    now I've chosen to go with some piani
    caches a really nice shaped to them and they're perfect size for this particular
    and the nice thing is that we have panties on their we also have such a lot
    and these are quite similar to chill blades I'm in that they not sing along
    and now right
    but gonna do the exact same thing as we did before except we're going to stop a
    bit short intensive the thickness
    we want these two babe much the car can which I am petals
    now in this design way going to use
    honey folly to have their peak
    but I'm gonna make a few more just that we have them
    still makes three in this size if it can fit the mean
    and then we're going to make about $
    about smallest size gonna pop those
    into the fridge again like everything just a couple of minutes and that is
    all and it's just so that we can work with them we can move them
    no keep their shape really well so now I finally ready to put everything together
    we've had our flowers just setting up and had meanwhile within like an act
    and we have just taken all the ballet after the French side
    a little bit of movement but I paroled in Austin them
    so the first flower that I'm going to use is a chill up
    at the back so I'm gonna take one about a smaller needs
    and just apply a little bit of sugar clue
    going about a third of the way up on how late then we're going to
    press it against how flower and we're just going to wrap
    that around now we're not going to apply heat Amanda prescod
    because pressure also maintain 8 hand always haha
    than what the lates %ah somatic indicate the lake up
    at the single wallets its summer's going to
    press those together just so it joints but nothing else
    we're gonna take that places into the cake
    thank all the way down
    until we reach the sound of the life
    sign now but getting ready to do and next trial
    my going to be doing a PI Ni and a couple now rises
    side taking MP Anne again we can take another lady
    and this time we're gonna be just a little bit high up soaking that means
    that we can go lower
    onto the stand so pressing it against
    and just wrapping around
    K so now gonna start on this site
    now most attending at a slight angle it's not gonna going
    did Streit and we might spin it just that I'll let you guys in a different
    style the press that down
    now we're gonna keep it just so it's a little bit higher
    now we're going to come along and do an next song right
    so then take a roast this time we're gonna leave it with nothing on it at all
    working at the same angle and going for the same Hotch
    as our last now we're gonna work on doing
    another one of our RSS and we gonna do this I'm going to insert it straight
    keeping up nice and high
    their gonna come back and do a chill look now
    come back and do another
    about PR niece and

    a.m. Sams gonna spin around and take a look
    and just get a high right so angles looking good because it's facing forward
    that we just wanna lower some things just by a little bit
    just to get that I cut now
    before we can put our last one on what we're going to do is attach
    the two lodger piani you notice that we haven't used any the really big ones
    and tried to attach them and that's just because they fight too heavy
    so what we gonna do ease gonna spin it around
    and all we're going to do is create a bit occurred
    so we've been doing UT thumb
    as a bit the price and we've been doing since making so what an s-curve
    intent and then we're gonna play set
    against past am
    just give a lot press and that way we can actually have it popping out
    and it just makes the solute more three day coming up besides you don't be just
    within the pot and again will do the same thing with this
    band get a little bit of a kick at this is why
    these covers a so-called just cuz I've got that little bit of movement already
    and again we're gonna place that they are
    like I
    site now are going to be doing is putting how last couple flowers on
    we can pop our
    chill just sneak it through their
    just lower it
    and then we're going to do al last rites side
    same as before we want this to really flourish out
    so we're gonna spin around in God tested sent %uh
    on an angle facing forwards you can see the angle that I've got it at
    and we're going to lower right down
    so they can say all the other flowers
    meant a cup final two and just do exactly the same thing
    which can arrest against and give a little bit of the press
    and that is eat we have completed app now bought
    we've covered lots of different techniques with working with them on
    and different colored mixtures had to make it
    and also had to keep it nice and cool so they can cut out shapes
    and things like that so we have that you've learnt a lot and I'm really
    enjoyed this
    in *** ***