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Sponge cake with cream and strawberries how to make

Sponge cake with cream and strawberries how to make

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    Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake - Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio! - YouTube !!!
    high analytical welcome back to my cupcake addiction
    today I have teamed up with the lovely Jan from cookies cupcakes in cardiac
    and we've come together to create if also rain both deals K
    Jen giving you guys the recipe bought this kills poke cake
    and skills first a and I'm showing you did easy and gorgeous decoration
    we did a rainbow cake and cake with our Rainbow going inside
    let's get started I've got making up to Jen today so you need to be fed her
    channel which
    I willing to gamble I to check out a skittles poke cake
    recipe from iPad a rolling pin and I've got them about skittles
    said you sure the I will link to the still standing sugar recipe into trial
    down below
    as well as ambiguous any sugar if you don't feel like using a skittles
    I've got that in all the different colors in the Rain Bird
    I needed some red ribbon melted white chocolate
    three blocks Up Kit Kat I've got some plain flour for dusting my staff is
    and I've also got a batch about vanilla sugar cookie dough so I'll leave that
    recipe and the link to the video if you'd like to watch
    in the Description box below a paintbrush a pastry brush
    a pizza cutter at the rate edged knife paris's
    an edible marker I've got a ziploc bag and I've got five
    large packet the skittles you need as many he can get enough to be too pure
    colors but you'll have plenty of Skittles leftover
    sprinkled on a generous amount on your plain flour and using a rolling pin you
    just wanna brawl at your
    killed cookie dough into like a long rectangle shape
    take a pay cut and you want to cut like a high often
    Oct shape over rainbow SS lightly FINA at the base
    slightly fatter the top and cut this long living in a you can always cut some
    off once baked
    econ add anymore onto a baking tray bake in a moderate oven for seven to ten
    and to the edges just flatly stuck ten golden brown want it completely cool you
    can pick it up in just
    size it up against a side to be okay you don't want to be too long or to be too
    top heavy thundery cut mine off that he a
    come down quite a bit shorter in the cake make the cut using a serrated edge
    take a pastry brush in your white chocolate and you want to brush both
    sides the bottom three inches the cookie
    and then all the way over the back we're doing it because I thank you gonna make
    it will be watertight and it's not good times or more stuff from the cake making
    it soggy
    now you want to use your edible mocca and iight mocked absolutely even
    intervals along the way the web but seven colors I need seven line so I want
    to make sure that I kind of keep each color about the same way
    to apply my standing sugar I started with a paintbrush and just painted a
    little section and then
    place if any sugar on top kind of sprinkling it but this
    actually proved to be problematic because my chocolate with drying too
    fast so I switched to the plot bag method
    so but the watch up in the book bag and snip a very fine tip
    around them painted on the paintbrush squat on them with that
    white chocolate using it you know the book bag try roughly follow the lines
    that you've mocked and the line at the loft color
    and are you feeling about a high of a one other lines at a time
    once you've got that wet melted chocolate you can take a generous man
    and your skill sending sugar and sprinkle it on top
    one simpler all the way on top just kitchen knife to trim it down
    the back edge and that will leave you a nice straight edge be on next color so
    I'm just gonna be moving away any extras
    white then issued a completely dry before tapping of
    any excess for my topic alert I used a piece of paper to
    protect the colors
    underneath that I wasn't getting a ton ingrained in my blue sprinkles
    and I want to get it on a blue in my pain you don't think in the paper she
    adjusted to ride paintbrush
    to kind of clean up any green snuck into your blog
    repetitive all the colors in your a known this is essentially making alittle
    rainbow sugar cookie you spending should be you can you feel fairness you or you
    can use just
    regular sprinkles here you can also just paint on the palate is a different color
    candy mountain or you can cut strips upon that there's a ton of options
    if you've never made a cake cake before the better to separate
    kick capping it is to cut them in to you if you try and break them they have a
    tendency to break a little bit rough but if you cut them they feign not been a
    and then really nice and neat to put together and the cake if you're having
    any trouble with you okay kept sticking to the scientific a
    chill apply at then additional card about a crane so you actually
    attaching to wet but a crane not to drive crafted by the crane
    and then you simply taking your kit kat pieces and sticking them all around that
    want your cake surrounding you just serrated edge knife

    have just a enough line
    into the center go pay and then drive that cookies to write down into the
    you better cut that slate smaller rather than logic because you want to be a
    really snug fit
    to hold that cookie in place now once you could even play
    you want to taking one featured your schedule colors and place it at bay
    over the rainbow at the law I love the color that occur response to the Red
    it'll go down below the redline Exeter Exeter
    my chosen design yet looks amazing but does require a bit of time in
    ghetto plaything probably about
    to 40 minutes all up I think it took me
    so basically I'm just following the line from that fact Cal its ghetto
    I'm coming all the way around the outside edge in the rain by
    in the one direction this is designed to look like the rain both kind of come
    into the cake and it's continuing around
    on top of the cake so an actual uniform rainbow thought a shape
    oppose a deorbit time poor you can just take all your skittles
    and shot them straight into the Company K which all baby the time in separating
    with any k cat /k get better have we been around the outside which covers up
    the line that you get in the middle of the cake at family block but it also
    holds everything together tho I opted for
    threatening him with a knife big red bar which matches the man after dole's rapid
    the final Potter backache and I think the most impressive is taking up to
    one-third NP skittles wrapper
    so be nice when you open them you wanna paint in the new zip lock bag a bit of
    melted white chocolate about the top
    inch or so on the enough back side about packet
    sticking that backside up against the back side love your cookie and leave a
    difference on the packet hanging open
    you need to support that for about 30 seconds author and do that chocolate
    stout to become tacky and stop to set
    so they've got your absolutely gorgeous skittles
    rainbow effect cake it's always kind of like an allusion effect
    you've also got that fabulous kills poke cake recipe and it kills frosting recipe
    brought to you by Jen
    over at cupcake carrier I'm leaking too heavy a and hes channel down below I
    feel like I said make sure you go and check her out
    as though it does thanks very much for tuning in to my cupcake addiction *** *** Beautiful Rose Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    its benefit from cape style and today i'ma show you how to make this ginormous
    rose cake it's cool and so pretty all at the same time as well be sure to give
    this video a thumbs up for now and show you exactly how it's made cake I have
    gone ahead and buy to think things round case I've used my vanilla cupcake risky
    at the details in the Description box below for you and it also made up some a
    sweet butter cream and often today in a really pretty shade of like the other
    recipes and I'm using it for modeling chocolate you can find all the things in
    the Description box logs everything can be made it home at three and
    three-quarter inch circle out of a cake flight I have a lot of
    inch square
    cake board especially the cutting I have a cookie cutter that is also a queue and
    three quarter inch as for a paintbrush and an exacto knife I'm gonna be easy to
    paint brush with them clear alcohol just to help the modeling chocolate stick to
    itself the first thing I'm gonna do it by k
    money is that each cake and if
    you don't have the capability can always do this by hand
    out pink buttercream and I'm going to apply it to act like light and then
    attach that to the best of my out and now it's time to apply more buttercream
    filling ladies and then go ahead and put the top of that cake only directs this
    continued healing layers and chill the paper is based in like an hour ago
    heading into the fridge for a good 10 minutes so I don't do it's just a way
    that cake a little bit at the base here just to come back to win this board is I
    don't take much to really look like the face of a flower
    waste could even that little bitch and the petals around it and i'm looking
    Qatar just a market weather center give a little bit of a press the key to not
    have too much at a time when I just cut out just a little way and now i cant
    stop working day that's really important during this cake is not and shield
    that's what mine looks really belief is that it's not that cold and that makes
    it so much easier major don't have a real close to it really because gonna
    get lots of body from the petals a cheaper way
    a little bit of space and that we went for a buttercream now wanna go ahead and
    plan from coast to the whole cake
    back into the fridge for another few days but now I'm a playa final coat of
    but agree on the bottom and inflammatory and work on the job
    by crimson I got the cake and pop it down when it takes off my doctors to
    pick and roll it out just using a brain matter I dot com I can do so by two and
    three-quarter cookie cutter and then I'm gonna cut just a little bit more than
    half and then could I take this and this is gonna be on the top of my flower
    a second circle about two-thirds of it this time just to blunt the edge to rate
    around the top shape and I'm gonna take a cookie-cutter one size up cut it out a
    bit more than half to get up and just pinch the edges of his
    battles you
    want to stop by having the left side fairly close and late the right side of
    town to stop we have another pic tool that you can filter the talk again maybe
    not opened last one and I feel the pedals just at her church sometime in
    the same size but we're gonna come around here the same technique keeping
    it open on the right
    not here mediumship each other or almost identical but just this little variation
    will really help to make it look more natural hair except just cut a nice
    because I just want off the border he's the edges just like we have been again
    working on the left and leaving the right thing and ships just a little bit
    make it look more realistic
    gonna keep the pedals really think at this point we still want to come back in
    just pinch the edges that's really important thx nice and deal with it till
    you come back in between being a touching the left and leaving the right
    hoping you just leave it up a little bit hard to us
    commercial color makes five petals open and really individual and unique in a
    patent and show you want them to be the most Angely wanted them and then brought
    the edge to soften around each of the fridge for
    seconds or so so they'll
    keep their shape on the case
    take off and come along little
    now the moment of it is not looking too so he can go ahead and apply a little
    bit of clear alcohol and set up a little bit more come back just separate the
    pedals just keep them you know that make the calyx five entry and then wrapped
    them around ok to do that I'm just gonna cut out
    angular leaf shape not too far for the week in the public's
    we have had so much fun making this cake I would love it if you would leave some
    comments below of the color rose that you would love to create if you'd like
    to see more cool cat you took place here we always have the latest videos in this
    playlist and remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos we have been
    on Tuesdays and Fridays *** *** Coworkers Watch Porn: Cake Farts - YouTube !!!
    looks like it's giving me a kiss
    hi everybody welcome back to another wonderful episode of coworkers watch
    porn today you guys suggested maybe one person suggested it to watch cake farts
    yo no one can hurt his reign of what you're about to ask Anna rudely
    interrupted you take parts is a woman that sits on a cake and parts it's as
    simple as that he's making them so nearly as bad
    know how this was very very tame compared to the last one that we did
    which was prolapse ames' would you rate just click off but so you know ok I got
    into this video and rain also has video coming out which is a reddit fifty-fifty
    that we did in the video annotation just make sure you want to block off thank
    you for joining us today and why don't we get underway right now I think you
    really like this one i've seen the section of the sexy lady i remember i
    well truth be told I don't know if I can find anyone sexy that sits on a cake and
    then gets up and parts and then makes a video editor water sweetener house
    eurozone soccer pops in the background was chocolate she loves chocolate he's
    Russian or some sort of European feet
    looks very well I think I really like you start I think the trick is to
    actually because I need you to hear these words ok well the first reaches
    the whole experience but wait what
    wait what now here is where everything changes your life is about to change
    Rana UCLA yeah she's ready get ready here it comes to ready Rana
    don't come out come out I'm really curious how anyone control their farts
    this much so let me know what you think after I wasn't even sexual that was just
    you know what kind of thing the cake is chocolate so it looked like poop
    it was disconcerting to say the least and that's why I haven't watched two
    girls one cup at this point I don't like really not into the poop thing bothers
    to say the least that's what I draw my line and I don't see anything coming out
    of the program synthesis really last last week was so traumatic along with
    your ready fifty-fifty that I figured this one would have to be a tame one is
    definitely not the worst thing that we watched by far is probably this team
    will ever watch so when we step it up next week what grows thing do you want
    us to see next week it has to be porn related yeah once again let us know when
    you like a stone watch next weekend
    you know what if it's just gone down there near grossing up for whatever kind
    of anything that comes to mind *** *** Cake Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick Movie HD - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    I made a list
    can I have checked on the internet thing different mix
    whose art transition think this motion
    king and the problems except
    mine how's it going one
    them I'm doing really well
    I want you to verbalizing said Nina pursuing side affected
    chick jumped off the freeway overpass landed on a flatbed
    track heading to Mexico your body got stuck in customs
    for like a week before noon as has been could even claimed
    way to go Nina schedule is a little bit wider
    should be good teachers haha I'll
    come by and pick up dressed my stuff I think if
    perhaps we don't see each other
    nice now I had by Dean Anthony
    Tetris can can heat and friction actually gotten
    really nice ball back what time
    then it has and I'm not
    a stocker I mean not in the traditional sense
    in a just a city wanna come but was
    me what are you telling test and even like you
    now the National side a compact
    myself kid commands used
    present is home and outside get off my property I can switch places
    I would I wanted to tell you
    the jewish keep seek take to me
    me pay do you want to get better
    really Saint Clair act
    on *** ***