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    Milk Cream Pound Cake (Stove Top Method) - YouTube !!!
    I have to show you how to make this delicious milk cream pound cake in
    nearly three words to describe this cake
    get the latest and greatest and these are the ingredients you need to me
    KK if you have any questions think I'm down in the comment section below and
    I'll be happy after
    the first thing I hear baking powder adheres Clark
    and I using holy Clark here at any
    cardamom powder and make that interesting
    %uh and this is actually my mom's recipe
    she's making this kid and first you gonna actor Will
    bring to a boil added you sugar
    and cream got together and the mommy from by her but you can use a spatula
    with as well
    make this only for about two minutes
    and then you can add one-third of the family now
    one-third of the flyer home
    I'm pretty thanks and you going to do this two more times
    and makes it all hurts well combined
    also after your first edition axe adding your email extractor
    I'll an accident
    this is your last edition I'll the
    ingredient I'll and make them %ah their local minor batter
    and that is the last
    the angst
    makes it for
    and that's it
    everything are enhanced cue are fun
    pan and this is especially me for this doesn't see it has a little bit
    wilson et
    and you can afford a better rate
    and if you want to know how to make this an hour and a half but the details for
    their in the video
    estimate the batter home
    thank us for the parade committee but still and then you going to place that
    other stuff start the frame
    and then place the pan on top
    and put the lid on top and that's how it goes X and of course you can get is that
    in any store if you go and check it and he cannot get it then you can obviously
    this cake and nothing the first you're going to cut this for five minutes on
    high flame
    and the next forty minute
    on the frame ideal a knife inserted comes out clean
    and this is Andrea on map it to you
    peak the key ok said this is after 45 minutes
    a knife inserted in the center cannot clean
    just like that let cool for about five minutes
    and flip it the right over and you can see it cannot so easily
    after cooling here in flight that I take a biopsy show you how good this team
    its though still rich and it T
    army thing just because the garden and the cream
    Kathy the way
    be sure to get this
    a try and let me know how it turns out given you don't know if you like this
    video and also did you get my channel for other videos
    and all Sam this track to keep a bid with my videos we got down below because
    i love reading your comments
    %uh also I would love any suggestion that you have any
    I'll see you soon I *** *** How to Bake Cake in A Pot Without An Oven(DRY/EMPTY POT method) - YouTube !!!
    he'll come to thank you man had tea meted out show you how to bake a cake
    without two of its an empty apartment heard the Sun meted please click the
    link above to hear it in great danger and tools needed so let's get that
    first place a high read into a deep part covered apart and heat up on high heat
    don't have a ride you can use a blade our team I just like this one
    is heating up you can prepare cake pan and a cake batter I'll be using a busy
    cake recipe can find it in content at the beginning of this video
    on medium heat then reduce the heat to low alleged Bigfoot
    pending on the size of the kick your baby in here you have another matter to
    bake a cake without an almond you can check out the sand maker at the link
    above this video and don't forget to subscribe and check out our website for
    more delicious recipe seen the next video *** *** How to Make Cake without Oven (ఓవెన్ లేకుండా కేకు తయారీ) :: Attamma TV:: - YouTube !!!
    at the mall had block suck it suck them
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    similar now the book and Bible begin Jan Amanda
    on-demand dismantle a team done but that a lot of good idea to me
    to conduct occurred just Connie k cool easy-to-understand
    morning twenty and its good im in a bun cake
    heard a litany supply and you don't make it to me
    need for that just conducted in my didn't dismiss the
    at the moment lots of lightning children at home
    Daniel item *** *** Black Forest Cake Recipe Without Oven - Cooker Cake | Eggless Baking without Oven - YouTube !!!
    here in the typical
    should include available to prepare left for st. yes
    fellow existing don't know man sees
    and it's very easy to Bay and days
    David and a big glass case only nannies fish
    fish is this the best its wiest
    juicy p chocolate just while so
    is a say to his place in your city
    India you can check my list for the stores asked me to post
    lull I would have been in the Description box no deflated Lexington
    wait for
    this you have the dignity instead it wake up and I love black boys
    cakes spends forceful bankable
    made a half a cup of Finance make you're a bit more than one foot couple fuck
    that shit about
    cup or you get it yes
    I tablespoons of cocoa or

    cup of over cuba half a teaspoon of baking powder
    teaspoon of
    and baking soda and 1 teaspoon of governing extract
    so the ex Taq baking it just lately
    lol greater than a guy I did about got just so I can buy it at
    vitek with helping making the difference between our side
    an hour gaping am going to hit this annual fee and then them to prevent our
    get back to yeah
    quality this happening to prevent a bad back Utes
    first for the butter not a woman who is this
    this is slated for field
    select sector should look at this big kiss
    and it is light and just saw a potential a scheme did a really nice
    our do any up against me ok
    feat this and get it its my
    dividend teacups what advice so this is looking for a light and fluffy angles
    made it look I won't do now I don't cry Indians to a
    what and when to go now is
    sipped our grain nutrients mentor
    ok we'll they devoted and
    the getting Crk
    and you opaque this gaiety and
    this award and want to do is as
    favor a que first before the indictment yeah
    now something
    little bit of me the meeting
    gave in CL get back to and a liar
    water now actually boiling water yeah I did vote
    to get his phones off make a and get nothing and like
    order their own book for this or any
    nice in with ok
    for my cake by eight NCAA missus like this consistency
    morning that he stands in the sea so now next
    act this store gay as we get out right at the peak yet to see anything yet
    status you can't deny about seven inches languid someone
    on Flickr and are baking paper
    ok but if and at the Savoy already our next
    at our get back to listing
    and now exact this two-hour ok you have to go for it
    hitting up from five minutes and of record heat up for more than five yes
    we just want to be hanged by the neck is more more than enough
    access to our UK might think going faster
    yes organism be careful this is really like
    his heart
    next hour he
    so OK to keep it in the same to after about

    extending the check with its turn on our an HR the plane is at the lowest
    the day that proximity being heard in the next licks open and check
    I guessing about five years the work because your hand
    you can see okie has a reason they were you
    they've just been nice yet always one because you know if it's because back
    SAT under that the pic becomes only the CIO you guessed it comes up the AT&T
    Sobol all day or anyway hopefully next
    you okay
    hide saw on this is a dirty
    don't go to war this now
    our key is just being here four or five VX now
    and to lose in the safe
    next time for the ski into a make
    good so using a screen you can't deny me
    ok it is he okay
    it is a big slanting like I by
    you can easily fix ac don't worry if the game goes so goes the pics then
    X in this big gay boat but a pit bull
    watch me paper while
    see this source when he is when I
    ex tax: for this into a queen economic looted next that they are sure they see
    the Big Green everything for this that forest cake
    yeah I have jay-z their age and he knows he is mad if you make a delight
    lactate is looking for a very your way supermarket
    the that ATT 3G comes as US you get bored and want to do is
    scale issue is here for our
    she was it up for cake
    so yeah we have this US it up from March
    and work that we do next is
    he issue isn't some more sugar
    to make you anymore again yeah i order banning the use anything
    actor see have to it as
    less sums up
    so this mission to find enough though is that he
    this and a this year hiatus because I'm on the watergate and the sugar is melted
    and IISc shot to fame
    there will be able to get in
    text the ball pretty and the bed I love chocolate shavings
    yeah I have

    about six handed mitigates handle actually look at this
    but this man should be fine enough
    get started big where did this stage
    the end of this this act before testing this before doctor everything through
    three games
    don't always this of this and it becomes
    SOF meets this is non David B
    in I'm going to keep this for the info
    X in the face now you can see this
    is Sophie
    after that and all this this wonderful teen
    its it happened before
    okay have more information so perfect many
    it would be a and shop
    appeared shoes work
    everything is very now our for you JD's
    ID that is the code issues at the move the seat and he had only katie's
    our captors hearings I have kept it in the freezer for working next anything's
    you have a defining the word she was set up and no a chocolate cake
    so text art ascending getting see their dad for
    tactical and made a fax from up they see that it was here
    this cake is based off the DVD and like
    skating duty years now tune Loko ke
    day like this that is that this do it like this
    from the mic
    and for this
    get a healthy eight collect some blows so more than willing to do next is
    place on mean yesterday
    it does not yes a lot it sticks the bottom
    next I have picket making thirty fires
    and only fucking gets cranky
    you can see a meeting right now this is the Black Forest Cake
    we get rabate last antagonism completely Graham but from Wednesday
    in CS and get guns which I got from my
    I said media just it broken from
    passenger and show you how to complete this if to the next speaker sumptuous it
    up with its
    on FB message case it usually
    gish is used
    you can see now our spine just don't believe that you on a date like this
    acts for me and now and the topic of note of
    me I like to look in your just mean say to make you
    as affiliate
    would definitely be fine now accent katie's
    theme at issue
    radio might need it is will get you can see a to be the ticket
    X abruptly
    again who is this and
    and we speak and black

    and you
    not the case
    not find ate that last year and
    keep it upside down
    of vanity
    death green
    the new getting co-pay
    not at all he went but and to make it UN and
    but hmm
    ok get the Evo
    cake I is and you guys work it comes and
    it is not also presented at the moment selects
    it would be okay without chocolate shavings Jays
    handles its so they're certainly does expose
    in theme
    hmm explore this which authorities
    SOCOM doctors usually completely covered it up
    all that comes a week away bluntly ok
    on the sides
    ok I read it up
    kidneys the sizes but yeah a lot of excess his
    make status you can see okay
    completely covered chocolate shavings
    now not because of its employees ok
    hmm theme
    out that place giggity
    look great in it and how they can note that we can give watching the substrate
    for more careful than shipping
    in and ok *** *** Super Easy Chocolate Mug Cakes (No Baking Required) - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone welcome back to be out of state in which he had anything like a
    pretty clearly conflicting he did
    let's begin
    i'd call it that the ingredients in the description box
    the first exactly right
    technical three tablespoon
    all-purpose flour
    and you can add
    three people
    white sugar or you can you could ever secured by a competitive fight anti-tax
    union adamantly actually abby cohen's abdicate defected from cuba textured
    anneke fifty acted at cornhole eight
    then you can you actually people couldn't pick up unthinking
    cocoa powder
    simply table food of oil icici explain a little because that's what i have to
    think that every flight
    union in act three people from males
    now think that group making the argument talented too quickly
    nike communicated kate because metallica keep up labor
    and you're going to be adding good people food
    after high eighty eight i thought you know what probly want people to monty
    python's after pete if he can to kikwit relief requesting to reconnect
    anything that everything purely and make sure you meets dot at the bottom because
    collected from the bill for counter operative flower
    and then you get the one that bond hai for two minutes
    and then you spent that everybody exactly that different subject
    at at the time according to your next week
    connector connector working undertaking cake mouth just a kinky just a regular
    oats complicated
    coming up in the past may not be able to get the power method it really simple
    and easy departing
    buchanan adequate couples all-purpose flour
    three tablespoons i've sir
    to table dbo
    of unsweetened cocoa powder
    three people
    and don't forget to add the one st
    then you can acting cable boone oil vegetable oil
    then you can add up into thought that if you drop the panel extract
    nicotinic everything fairly make sure you get the bottom
    i didn't define their arguments for taking the community partner all-purpose
    combat you could have been you're not going to meet communion
    now goodman kikwit more about the bag had written to really get the project an
    and the opera but violent
    then two tablespoon uh... aren't people cocoa powder
    connected to the bomb
    when people who know going on
    anything admired added about a handful of nine and i think i because god came
    out active heated requiring overquota and yet if you didn't call you treat me
    differently bird that might keep may come back to top it went to my knowledge
    favorite and i shared with you to talk to believe that i love canal here a
    couple of pictures a dramatic unexpected over-the-counter mattel impeding travel
    all coming up because it was so molly you really think that they can
    government ought to be made by picking calendar wanting
    unprofor eclectic even care death on a life
    faulty for me
    titanic *** *** Crab Cakes made on the Grill or Stove Top - I Heart Recipes - YouTube !!!
    hankering this rosy and in this video I'm going to show you how to make
    easy and delicious crab cakes at any time that you want to get the exact
    measurements please visit my blog
    I heart recipes dot com
    after a crappy
    here I'm going to be using key and but if you want you can certainly
    used fresh crabmeat I have my white bread I
    are you removed the crest from the parade and number
    dies the bread up
    in small or medium-sized keeps in this boy I have some
    onions and pepper GP's fresh or frozen in this bomb what
    empty out my crappy I'm now going to add my onions and peppers
    an excellent at in some limit using you can use fresh
    forced or bot am are really in a bottle images to make his on you
    so now we're going to sprinkle into Old Bay seasoning
    and want to add in math grade and I'm going to grab
    two large aids crack the mopane and at them into the bowl
    is well and a are at room temperature so now we're going to make sure
    all of those ingredients are well combined with are clean hands
    and have a good and smal followed by some
    regular Plano yellow mustard and if you wanna kick it up a notch
    let's at are favorite hot sauce okay if you are not
    a spice lever leave that hot sauce on out make sure
    everything is combined pool using your hands make sure those hands are clean
    it if you could be so kind please be sure to get this video up
    thumbs up I will love you forever and ever warmed up at ease using your hands
    you can find them
    into small or large padded to really depends on you and I'm going to head on
    outside because I'm going to actually
    release pays on top of my Napoleon prestige

    so I have to cast I engrailed employed at a little bit a boy on top
    the at Brushy on I'm going to preheat my Grail to about

    and want to get nice and hot

    at my crab cakes on top now if you don't have a grill you can certainly do this
    on you still top
    just get pay an answer oil and then you go to hit Japan up to about
    me a medium-high to never a point to
    ride the patties for about
    minutes on each side or until was nice
    in golden flip it on over but be careful because they will fall apart
    and is going to repeat that step another three to five minutes only in
    each side but a nice a golden & you are ready to serve I want to thank you
    so much for watching please be sure to give it a thumbs up if you haven't
    and visit me every Sunday analyst days for new video uploads *** *** Molten Lava Cake In Cooker - Hindi with English subtitles - YouTube !!! *** *** chocolate cake making in tamil without oven,cooker and sandpot-easy method - YouTube !!! English English
    In a mixing bowl, beat butter well and add sugar little by little, again beat well until sugar completely dissolves
    Now add
    Now add chocolate essence and vanilla essence -each

    Sieve maida (all purpose flour), baking powder, and cocoa powder twice for even mixing and keep aside
    Now add the sieved maida (all purpose flour) mixture little by little and mix well until a creamy batter without lumps is formed
    Grease the baking tin/mould with butter and dust with maida, tap the excess flour
    and pour the batter in the tin/mould such that the batter is more than
    or close to
    Baking tools : we need Roti Tawa which has many holes and a lid which has a hole
    Now preheat the roti tawa for
    Very important point to be noticed is keep the flame at very low/simmer.
    And if needed keep one more burner-stand to increase the height between flame and mould to avoid getting burnt at the bottom layer of the cake.
    Not to open the lid while baking and bake it for about
    Insert a fork /sharp knife in the middle of the cake to check if the cake is done. If it comes out clean then our cake is ready.
    Allow it to cool for
    mins then invert the tin, the cake will demould itself perfectly.
    CHOCOLATE CAKE IS READY *** *** Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake Recipe - YouTube !!!
    so we might be lie ve the river moore's carrot cake recipe and will you guys
    commented and requested for moist chocolate cake recipe so when they go to
    radio for the dry ingredients here we have cake flour baking soda baking
    powder salt and cocoa powder and ingredients here we have our way he may
    not go away here and that's how it looks on regionally and some butter that's
    I see we will just use chocolate and some cereal first of all let's prepare
    the batter so here's the dry ingredients kinda makes it together first and brown
    sugar and cocoa powder right away he will be able to find the exact
    measurement of the ingredients in the comment or description box below so it
    makes it first
    year ago that's being melted and also called a better way he now makes it all
    and then get out better for trying to fly in the dark ok so now we just need
    to cover tightly and wait patiently waiting
    let me that I see with the topic when he arrived upon the water about how playful
    all the chocolate chips chips and some Sierra this chocolate icing it just
    keeps turning off the set it aside let it cool looking for shy
    comes out clean so now we're carefully loosen it a little bit
    top carefully closes hot on the outside trying to flip it to loosen it can hear
    it's losing that was so it should come out very easily so I let the cake cool a
    little bit and now that I see inside *** *** "Nutella" Lava Cake | Byron Talbott - YouTube !!!
    be with the guys welcome back today ima she had to make a very quick simple yet
    extremely decadent
    that allocates when the best ways to utilize the talent in a desert
    so to get this started get a large mixing bowl cracking eggs in it
    I'm and then you had some powder sugar and give it a good whiskey for about

    minutes just into all that sugar absorbed in today
    next you have some melted butter followed by some of purpose flour can
    heat the singer's love vanilla extract
    and then continue whisking for another
    minutes until everything is
    thoroughly incorporated
    f course last but not least someone had some that delicious and the talent to
    this i lava cake batters to give it that beautiful rich
    on ninety and chocolate flavored looking for this recipe
    i can't. mixing in town that's completely incorporated and of course if
    you guys don't know how to make it our click the link at the bottom right now
    directly to just a wonderful a homemade Italian arrest
    alright so what's the matter is ready to go Graham piping bag
    and fill in all the way up with the I love cake batter slip the tip of
    I'm and Philly around the cans or your minds away reasoned debate the lava cake
    about three-quarters the lamp with the traffic
    are once and then piping the batter inside the big containers
    I'm atop both would be it airs off with a little brown butter caramel straighten
    us and the batter
    just a nice little compliment to the tower he has done and make a homemade
    brown butter caramel click the link at the bottom right
    and Turkey to just a wonderful rest be then you to babies at
    degrees for
    one-third and they should and shouldn't jiggle once you sir
    staking out to build tell when you're done om Top Model powdered sugar
    and then Hannah
    this is a scam out creation announce that you like crazy
    but salted brown butter caramel and Italian a
    in the formal logic cell really set a system
    of and I'll yeah right just like that's torture
    are I'm so I tested and tell me how this
    paradigm Higdon should be really doing all way
    wall all right here we go educated
    oh my word noon this is you know this undated
    is dangerously delicious clashing this means
    but my goodness you make this fair lady
    she will be very happy nice camel flair to it
    you get is an Italian rape the headless really good
    Wow the cake is really soft velvety k texture
    who nice and melted in the middle I thought gooey touch
    I received it yet like a little cookies be pretty good too did the cooking in
    the middle
    the law five ish yeah I mean did you enjoy that sounds good
    scared right yeah hope you guys enjoy this video if you did please thumbs up
    subscribe column below
    for future in your questions you wanna see on my channel and I see you guys
    next time with another device
    sp by button come back *** *** Baking Cake in the Wood Stove! - YouTube !!!
    so this is the first time that I have could decay in my wood burning stove and
    I don't cookies and roast some pies and stuff like that
    and an early worry so much about them falling if I open the door
    very you're gonna
    on so I got the cake in right now
    it is a coconut flour was cake and
    so what I did is they took my very
    an smoldering fire
    and opened the top it just it it solo the smoker's corner
    activities going around
    I opened up my dampers
    because it might be closing down and yes this took three years to learn
    and then I opened the bottom
    to get it just you rip snorter and I wanna just
    glowing know he returned is the second
    I put another stick in group can you only one tiny ones
    and very dry and the reason I'm building it up right now is I need to reach in
    and turn the cake
    so I'm gonna let that get going for just a bit so that it's really nice and warm
    and the reason you have to turn is good although he is sourced on this side
    so this site will burn the side closest to the fire October and the side on this
    will be perfect this is not an accurate gauge
    up with the temperature inside is and so
    it's been in for
    minutes which should have been long an effort to decide if it
    was now fallen on and now I'm going to
    see if I can get in here Internet
    did me
    eat hope
    Inc has turned everything around name very quickly
    without huge motions I
    come close it again I'm gonna let it cook for another
    and my electric stove
    is terrible its terrible this one is actually way more accurate
    and so with my other stove it would take in
    minutes where the recipe called
    this will have an just a little bit shorter amount of time it'll turn out
    nicer in waster
    I don't know why so I'd let the bill back up
    since a opened it I need the heat to build back up very quickly
    so what I can do at this point is open this up
    can you hear it
    in will start to roar
    and once it has breathed really well
    I will close it back down to about their I'll leave this open let it build up
    just a little more
    I was really careful before the cake in to take my
    an poker
    and get all the ashes out at the bottom to sift all the ashes down into aspects
    which is that door
    so I set it all down in dashed boxes so that the
    the fire could breathe properly if you have too many ashes in the bottom I
    can't breathe properly
    so I'm gonna let go for another 12 minutes to really hurt
    should GRE it will make you cake ball and I will show you
    end result *** ***