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    Ocean Theme Cake. Beach Cake - YouTube !!!
    May and will be dewey eighty am
    worley ocean peak and
    so it's going to get started and is gonna go ahead and first time a
    that some better P on my keyboard that
    and needed a six-inch Keith than a
    be missed earlier today
    you and I'm gonna go ahead
    do a little bit better be damn on here
    you know want be humint
    billing and this is just on
    wat up going on that I have unusual in that rainy but
    its okay it
    I'm next later on
    upside down
    down and this is basically just so that my
    feeling that come on
    now being a film was just say stay inside making
    on UK some next slain
    me and then game on
    and mister my film
    and if it's not funny the you can go ahead
    KK even services
    when it looks like snow
    just pressing down on it and trendy government a problem I can't out
    think key K
    I'm gonna go ahead into
    ill in the thigh and then I will start to
    fast Maki and then distilling in
    where it needs to be filled out seventy
    the whole thing said
    gas AC you can go ahead
    K gonna go ahead with my
    better mean just do you like her no
    and this is movement he crime

    to intimate he that would make them I
    final frothing at home have a lot from on
    hopefully you can see what I'm doing and is pushing him again
    make me but I don't have eighty
    gathering more air bubble on
    way some way come
    about done here what I'm going to do it
    I'm gonna go ahead and just but this in the fridge
    so that my fasting will have time to set on
    so that way when I go back to get my final mare
    frosting it won't be a
    metheny cell you don't really care
    it is a disaster perfect gonna so it's going to go ahead and just
    yeah here and that is in the fridge and then study when it looks like
    at Keith allow my keys in their
    freezer I'm just gonna go ahead and do them my fish
    and I have one of the year ready ready on
    no I'm doing is I have a little peace of mind and just
    marginal honor and I'm just gonna go ahead and just roll it up into a ball
    I don't have either special tools or anything
    for on their or any the iPad Phil whenever I want to be a distraction
    yeah how to do that at Michael mom so I have been to the bombing here right now
    an ongoing event a squeezing out and
    just like this and her sister to me
    the high plain and my are finished
    the fact that so you can see it's time to head its fate
    boosting the dollar an anti
    get this shit but i wanna so basically I can make
    and bigger and little at bad skinny
    as I want so and was gonna go ahead
    and people like this for now and then
    I bring it over a year and a flat tire
    and and I just Lansdowne
    headed in
    and my third fish so that way non
    sticking out or anything that bad
    sons gonna go ahead and just by now the on me
    horns here and then I he def takin
    setback have a2p and I do is I just put a little hole
    for the text is not my forte and I didn't do this
    all around yeah and tied here

    out the status I'm gonna be putting them starfish
    and seashell on this ocean key
    he and with
    the shelves is going to be almost to think that thing
    being though all in doing as I'm just taking a lead into
    I'm down
    and then I was gonna go ahead and just move that I'll
    into smaller interpol and then
    this is actually I'm gonna
    plan it out as a lover and then I'm gonna make this

    almost like a down
    forget your about Jade
    and then I just planning out my bad
    and then I'm doing at the back of my two pics down
    and then go ahead Mr the edges
    one mcwethy town
    line coming across your system
    going this way and then go ahead and just mark that
    name have a little seashell
    and is gonna do that in white candle light brown
    and understand why just repeat the process and how I get
    p.m. our and the south and five fish that i won
    saw so you know that one and done well
    okay so I finished with my National Finance Committee the starfish
    and the cell so now I'm just going to go ahead and bring out my cake
    and then finish basking in Keith might he have been chilling in their
    freezer for me about
    minute sign in go ahead and do that
    find a coat and this is just
    and guy blue color gel from Milltown
    go ahead
    all my
    sites that may keep hearing yeah
    hopefully gave see what I'm doing said basically just
    pressing down against make me and making sure that it goes all the way to the
    and I'm not really looking for a lot of parking on Mikey
    for as little as I hear
    on the key in what i'm looking for without
    hand may come to a show yes
    I'm just going back to fit the theme and he showing then I just got back with
    just over there
    action better clean to cover it
    he can p.m. with moving it out
    and I might do
    might go ahead chain with it out just a little bit more
    where and for how long battle and
    his chain with an hour and then I will be painting
    I'm going to finish this off initially what it looks like
    case I haven't couple hot water and basically getting my
    bachelor in the hot water and I'm just going around
    moving out my Kate
    just like it min night can I usually do this when I'm not really
    moves i on Mikey in for this is not down
    within you be on rack and death
    it so many just go ahead and just finish this up initially when it looks like
    in a little bit k so now that I have my key
    cafe and completed handle in
    different decoration sewn here I had and
    factory and it says built with an
    they will tend
    typically take
    and I was gonna go ahead and in fact no ban

    relief names then go ahead and did
    think and all-round make me
    on me and I'm not really looking for anything
    perfect on
    hands can go ahead and just do this mickey
    thing homeland the UN
    travel and smile not looking for anything
    me on
    just one more you
    cases just like that and then I had
    year and smart back pain that I have killed
    with the open started not sure what take
    that he's gonna go ahead and test he's
    himself waters on Mikey
    so it looks like
    ways you know not looking for anything for me thanks again
    but I am making sure that my
    mom is film on
    mom just like
    cancer that's not making think so far
    pizza now with the thing
    at carpenter he might have had has restarted masakela kept
    and I'm just gonna go ahead and just pay per month a little bottle in your
    and it could be anything I
    in the evening being added
    different thing are perfect when
    this thing on
    think this morning followed me around the key in this show you wouldn't fire
    people now can I have my key are decorated
    I'm just gonna go ahead and jazz and finish it off
    with have my finding plans to go ahead and give them the small
    tactician the cells lining names gonna go ahead and do decree
    the shown
    men no hidden moving here
    on mmm
    and then I have them my
    starfish that a basically this deputy thinkin
    and I'm just gonna go ahead and just economic he can top
    want to find out where my back is going to be
    I think this will be my friend things going on
    take the time to make key just like that and then I have another one
    then I you want to and dick on like that
    and which
    the morning here yeah I want you I can go ahead and
    these onto the key Nordic region
    and felt be me was going around in covering the whole thing
    namitha go ahead and just finished it off with maybe just some wave on papa
    make he can then also you wanna
    like a nomad K for this is not make a quick fake
    very good at a little bit away from top of my feet sheldon stars
    back everything and anything else to put on the cake but this is what it looks
    like a
    and befriend and the back so hopefully if like me to Toria I actually had fun
    making this cake
    and when give it bans that baby is like ABS have any comments just go ahead and
    leave it down
    and below and if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe thanks so much for
    watching *** *** How To Make COCONUT BEACH CAKE With COCONUT CAKE, Buttercream, LEMON CURD and SUGAR SAND! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to have a cake get it is the depth of winter where I live I need
    Sun and sand and sunshine the old that's right the Sun does shine doesn't I don't
    have Sun but I've got lemons and i dont have served but i lucky so let's get
    started and guys are you working on getting you are you are you on the beach
    or something is that why you're not striving heard for the first time in the
    haddock a kitchen
    I feel like we should have like that for lemons and going to test them entirely
    in a cut them in half and juice them I'm using a reamer it's quick it's easy if
    you're doing a ton of women's you can use an electric mixer and wanna make
    sure to strain out and he not only big season is like a little time we need to
    take our lemon juice and lemon zest over to our stove top to make lemon you need
    to do is that a pot filled with water onto your stove on high heat
    you don't want to fill the pot too much because you don't want the water to
    touch the bottom of your goal once it goes on top the next thing I'm gonna do
    is take my sugar and my lemon zest which I just got on top of sugar and pour it
    into my family still now just stir these two ingredients together has a tendency
    to lump together next I have
    egg yolks here and then I have to pull ads
    which I'm going to crack into the you now have all my eggs into my sugar and
    lemon with these ingredients together until combined
    now my glorious freshly squeezed lemon juice to this mixture and whisk given
    I'm gonna pop this fall onto my father first
    sit and when they see it
    certification and gonna give it a nice I'm gonna let it cook stirring it let it
    cook altogether it takes about
    25 minutes you really see it for him and
    come together now gonna take the ball off the heat
    so that I can add my buddy just a quarter of a cup of unsalted butter just
    stop it from cooking further as well as help it to thicken as it cools just went
    for kurt is fully cooled at room temperature you want to put a sheet of
    plastic wrap directly on the surface of your lemon we're gonna put this lemon
    curd in the fridge to chill and to pick in and you don't want to form the skin
    so that's where the plastic wrap comes in time for cake
    from their pen
    level them and cut them in half
    as usual I have my favorite Italian meringue buttercream and is just creamed
    coconut West in this team of coca net into my buttercream little by little and
    just basically taste it until I R drop at some of its second taste test
    earlier with buttercream I'm going to alternate lemon curd and coconut
    buttercream between the layers of this I'm actually gonna pipe cutter border
    just around the edge because it is a thinner filling I don't want to smash
    out of my cape layer of cake is getting filled with color to my buttercream two
    shades of teal I'm gonna start making my first shades of teal I'm aiming for a
    deeper color and then I'll make my second goal of leadership this color is
    a little bit more on the plus side I'm looking for so I want to add a touch of
    green to it I
    before a beach Cape it's perfect there's gonna be so I love this shade and I'm
    going to just to get an accident buttercream get a later version of this
    color and not wintry at all I'm gonna kick in if you will with my three colors
    and what I'm gonna do is just later on in pieces like teal by later to add a
    layer of white buttercream icing call around
    cab strike the flat side of the palette knife and basically putting this
    together and white property taxes
    I love what's happening on the top of this paper all the better team is
    accumulating it look like it's great that they all looked really high good
    surfing I want to add a few more patches if you really want your colors less
    blended chillier KK between application
    my friend is made of graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar mixed together we
    want our waves to look like they're crashing I am trying to control my
    family with this and daydreaming I made a bunch of fun decorations to add to
    this beach cake I'm gonna start with my palm trees
    maybes by looking for a picture of a palm tree online and illustration I
    printed it I cut it out and I use this as a template to cut this year but of my
    company's palm trees match my t-shirt I've got a pink color and then I'd love
    this color with a little bit of weight room and just gonna paint a surface of
    making home trees and we didn't write this down right now and I'm funky in a
    good way I want to clarify that according to George Michael you
    because I have this great see show mauled and I just pressed into the mall
    and then pulled it out and then I just let the show and there's all these ships
    I just want to add some life to the show I'm gonna use a little bit of pink
    lustre deaths and some pearl luster dust brush a little people cluster at the
    base and then the rest of royal a thing and then I he did it in the microwave to
    it and then I let it cool completely then you need to do this and then I just
    take a four and break into it
    and then I end up with these pieces that I think I know that some of my head into
    frame and hold the stands straight for me no problem I'm going to begin by
    adding a few mineral deposits too much I have no idea why
    now that's something else I like me
    I want everything air bubbles to this case so I have to cram candy beads and
    tragedies and I love the way this is looking coming up to the shore
    better way to spend your time indoors
    do you want some cake *** *** Beach Wedding Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi thank you for joining me today this time
    I'm going to decorate a two tiered wedding cake with beach D
    this day is a very right choice for anybody
    who produces or who receives this cake looking for something simple
    with an elegant statement I'm going to use few basic elements
    to achieve that result I'm going to make a special picture on this kick
    that thing is actually completely finish content with a
    but because me like to bring this send a look
    element to the cake I like to give next detection is key
    with additional royal icing I'm going to
    color this relaxing with little bit
    patch ok and is dead coffee to copy gives the perfect
    I read tone to white icing and you can also try to make some
    brown and yellow colors mixture but copy really
    perfect like not to orangish not to
    brownish it gives a perfect Ivoryton
    to my opinion then I'm going to do
    some little seashells starfish is if I do to stop ish
    I'm going to use very simple to like to Spain
    and the there's nothing in sight there's no
    in sidebar so I'm going to use this little
    and little pocket to give some pictures to do starfish
    and I'm gonna Mobistar issues by hand without anymore we got any kind
    and I'm going to do some and seashells
    which is look like that then I'm going to talk to you about
    couple of different methods then we can also do
    without a pink to achieve that Fisher
    or we can use a cynical most we talk about this later then I'm going to use
    and ginners real sugar corals which the recipe you can find USB section
    then I'm going to use some officer almond rushers
    for like beach stone pebbles then
    a everything going to be very quickly finish
    and one more key I'm going to use also raffia
    you said Oh normal satin ribbon because
    just it something is not in the national debt particular
    doc texture the which can make you some
    unwanted sort of like a position
    that the ribbons anachronistic properly on the edge of the kid
    Shiraki will be a good finishing touch to that point
    first I like to produce my died witches tit
    instant coffee I put a limit of just a few terrible
    orchard yet it makes me quickly but
    just to make sure looked that really nuts because if there's a small little
    pieces goes nice Inc
    it mushers not good enough to not that
    carpet look best naked nast it was released
    mister that not everything it looks very quickly
    so you can just actually checked behind it
    behind a spoon in text
    or with lists for and I take
    not too much just a few spawn of relaxing because I'm gonna make
    very very teen party
    justice much should be morning a I was put to look it up when you get into it
    right I see because we need to make soup specially
    rested well I see it lose the creaminess live it
    so when I makes it just a few like this become creamy again
    because it is little bit of we need so
    I just put just a few drops of this don't put
    too much at the beginning because you can always put a little bit more later
    consider putting too much for the economy go back
    click of a really gives it
    Gooch Spain for their I ringtone
    there's another protocol
    bakers time L so the bakers putting incited
    brown bread to make that bread in a bit more brownish bit more rubbish
    so I also use this phone sometimes but
    coffee is really good use a really sweet
    a nice elegant pirates on a little bit more
    one last time
    that's it
    I'm congressman so I place my case on a turntable
    because muskies always need to turn to take it also twenty will help you to
    make it
    quite easier so I just go like that
    very very teen and don't worry about how it is going to be done because you can
    should not be gained by hand later on
    very quick
    let me just say about how tall that palette knife sure there's a handled by
    if you'd like this is very uncomfortable because you cannot control like
    he like it driving a car without any control
    so if I hold it like this in the middle and put my finger here
    so and make this motion left and right
    so if I Drive like this I dude like that
    if I don't like this I do it like that so it's always
    scraping the and
    always in the right position certainly click the button issue that I'm always
    doing this
    like dislike dislike dislike this but very quickly
    what I try to do
    I never want to have the icing on the water but not always
    under ni idk use it nicey I mean at the moment is not really important because
    I'm not really must be kickin that to achieve it really nice
    it takes to I'm just gonna have like it bit of pictures so despite
    I'm not really careful with that but
    basically in place a book don't get the icing on top yet
    on which day
    that'd but some site
    wanna do administrator to what end up
    just look at water because our stuff from yep
    I finished it dismay believe it drives in the meantime
    just just a slightly water and
    go for it with a hacked everywhere try to even up this icing
    Iran kick
    if you like to have it small picture
    just that very fine rough but very fine
    wrong picture you will be less than that so
    I don't mind now have a little bit more and did
    do the mountains in new merchandise didn't hire in lower
    once I'm sure that everywhere icing is evenly distributed
    then I do this motion just go by
    and like that see
    in no time that you have it even picture on the cake
    everywhere the same
    issue the match to the concept
    at least in concept
    that said and a so we go to the next step
    I'm going to start now all the pots
    I'm going to start with something that I need to rested on table
    a lot longer than other pieces so I needed
    if the dryness it dnt when I'm SNDK
    divided this piece first this will be then two branches
    all week in polished week or something like extension to watch decorations or
    whatever so
    I just take my little yes he
    looking much just alluded like it may be a
    in table tennis more seis and this post is already
    I reconditioned my kurdistan just a few seconds
    finish my career do that
    sausage shape and roll this
    but make sure that the Spartans tonight and ish Jones
    so like it up can be one cm eight-millimeter
    but this one should be goes all the way to
    then but I do I just take
    night idoney dis
    study from that particularly
    cut and then go tener internet at the end
    end up in 0 so I just do like three of them
    here for a pimp different sizes should be no
    I do this one very often many of my pics
    and through useful so it takes me like this
    say issue that is like it the very
    it take to T when I actually and
    just given it up like pressure on him and thing about somebody
    you don't like it and then do this you know that just squeeze it like this
    and then just below him
    but when you're squeezing make sure that you not really them as you not really
    and breaking up
    see here he realize it but I do something
    on booking our fingers I'm not speak english i'm just doing it is
    I give it away like space in between
    and squeezed like this it created that abstract look
    to the branch tempted
    I'm really dislike it's going to stay for a while delight initialed other
    good be dry enough to belong to get at the let's talk about
    she shows no shows is very often use
    integrating because the beach team all
    or motion team or this kind of like it subjects are
    very often use and then meeting about this gonna be
    first thing comes in your mind of course decisions and
    of code is what i do. methods to to do that first book
    you can just buy its legal more like this just got there just roll your
    a gumpaste or or or or plus the ash Kat n roller on peace place in sight
    pushes in take it out your she shows that it but
    I'm not gonna be too much to worry about now
    because I'm not make tutorial how to push
    posse I changed it cynical more than maybe seizure so
    and the next thing that elect tell you
    I find years ago two pieces of is a
    top a rare leads so this is exactly the same thing
    and then I thought that if I put together like this
    is she that from becoming like that here it just pushes like
    you mean exactly right picture around here so some time you come across this
    country is in
    you think about it they can you can use it it should should be a plastic
    it should be like clean the item that you can use for the food
    and I'm using this one or the use I'm gonna show you can follow do it
    but of course this is also not the point here because you may not have descended
    and I like to show you a good how to make mold
    I'll the bus the ash without relying to produce something
    or awesome want to give you some more popular whatever okay
    what I did I have only at little puppet yet probably about
    min so what I do
    I take a pasta dish it's always good to have
    an idea what to do if you don't have any
    social malls or isn't something like that and to produce something to it
    on your own and you can still achieve the result
    so pasta dish
    neatly the practice and make it
    quite fleck like that
    right leadership that would be okay
    smoked on and then carefully
    this is at a plastic piece is actually use in the corners of that
    the wall sheets Wendy when they join together in constructions
    put this on that corner to to cover that edge so
    it's another plastic piece that I'm using for an actual
    that might lead to dead very often so
    put one line in like this and then
    middle line like that room
    that suggest
    read it lines into one spot like that
    I'm actually producing it at pusher
    Kamal that I can use to produce my
    I'm see shows later on minutes drive so
    I just pushed one done you don't have to do that but just to
    gives a better picture yet and you just cut it down
    like that or
    so I need to have
    just like this and it there
    second piece to put on top if I'm
    pick just one noticed put my cutter
    talk and then put another posse on top
    what I do I will destroyed a check because too soft
    so that's right I have to give some time to that let it dry
    up it's better to wait till
    tomorrow you or not but I just did this piece
    couple of hours ago it still it's hard enough to
    get the other piece done so what I do but my cut their site here
    like this and then get another so
    bus the ash
    you could need
    I need to have a bit of starch so
    I just put lit up structure talk this piece
    she said
    so I'm pushing my pasta dish on top of that
    that i won
    so my mold yes finish
    so what I can do now after this fund right
    I cut did posse ash or gumpaste
    whatever a role it
    cut on pieces
    them here and that pushes went together just like
    you do with silica mock you get you're more your own
    see show to glue together show
    I'm I can use from now because this is not the hard enough
    so I'm going to use this month to show you how to do it just think about using
    the same day
    and I also have some freed I one before I'm going to use them for this
    K today I will do few see shows no
    with my couple rare leads mustache
    but just like yours is about maybe just a minute later
    thickness so I take my

    you cutter
    run few pieces of debt let me just make
    for and actually what I do
    make that six then I can show you two apiece for display ok
    at this stage
    what I do is but I'm onto each other
    so if I do that the process pieces doesn't get
    dry quickly so I can work one by one just put them like this
    and then great one by one yet
    but it yet just on the on the edge for the some talk
    just push start young bitch
    to get whether this my perfect
    she show with operated
    and I have this little plastic all that yet put in there
    I'm sure you'll find something soon we're in your environment
    like this wish for the best
    on and more
    okay but I do know
    I'm gonna use my my homemade mall
    which is its the right a little bit now
    just I just did about two minutes ago three minutes ago
    when that it just fits nicely so what I do
    here like this make sure that you put it put me in the right direction
    work that
    which then
    steps of:
    place a kid
    he wants to do the job okay my time
    okay now I have this piece is your
    done it before so they're not that shot showed
    so how I do that I just take reasonably good
    what I can do I can take it has to be done Russian and put them together
    and place it yet but if I do that I have to wait till tomorrow
    just to distrust sir and then use that the washer not yet
    just a good because I'm going to continue to make a try to make no what
    touch love it and play city
    arranged finish drives I'm gonna should be there
    right I think so you don't you talk with animal China continued everything
    finished a more sexual I'm going to show you know
    how to make starfish without any mold
    without inkatha just using pain without
    inside part I'm going to use this little hole to
    make tea starfish the textures and I have here
    air-conditioned Leslie ash
    which is just warmed up
    the Michael
    only oil sprayed
    on the table so that these doesn't still on the table
    I give a good need to pass the action and
    this and Washington
    into reasonable scientist like this
    mister on staying in turned to a ball-shaped
    than Latin with a bit and
    not be to create the stock then after that
    each section you put
    by just pinging
    in different directions
    see possibilities good material to that because standing it isn't really
    shaking down
    thank you places some on the base hit
    and if some indentations
    reduce painted from center up
    and then just you look it up
    moment like this don't make it like the press
    star pitcher is it life preacher should discuss slightly
    keep in a bit of a moment continue
    with on the fight
    if you ask me the question can cut this
    rosters for Swedish star Petr yes you can
    but I was younger now we don't have any cutters
    so I can show you without
    United something constant your hands
    make sure that the tapes are really sharp
    that makes it interesting
    there's another way of doing this congress booklet you can take
    something like this it's like a spread plastic piece up
    you can also take her Bishop Robert unfolded
    corner like to and pushing a justice of the user
    in my spot fish almost ready
    it is to rest for a while to get a little bit right did I mean I can lift
    up like this now
    it's no problem because passengers using that possibly teach but
    just wait for another
    minutes to before we put on the cake now
    I'm going to remove the plastic lining which is protected
    well with coated and wouldn't work on the lead
    so it now because we not gonna need work Missy anymore
    I can remove this one because they don't could be a little bit difficult
    to pull all on the need to decorate so
    I just special need only slightly we don't see anything on the time to read
    the book
    so I can just you know the actual without any problem
    but just loosely yet start
    karaoke did you only care
    at from the point very
    cake is and DA
    of decay he was just came from this point so you will not you don't see it
    my place to take on the turntables
    from now on I'm still intended and
    certainly take KK different directions
    so I have here yes which is natural Dhaka
    up I just select about four or five pieces
    for each it here and
    just make sure that all
    long enough so I just simply holding like this
    koran the cake is almost almost dry
    it's already getting a to give a
    like that and place your finger here
    your second not doesn't do too tight
    but one statement the second not we can actually pull
    question because nothing treasures ima like this
    so it just goes left and right so the governor I'll do the same thing with a
    top no
    so this is also about us what basis and
    this time I measures that not in the same same
    that's it said on the second not you can call it because it's not going to just
    so I was just job first little bit
    I'm chocolate on again in the right place so don't be don't have to have
    long pieces are after the crash fish I'm a visual
    little bit more to make it right from now on
    unit all the criticism everything what I need
    to decorate this beach thing
    really kick its day so I have my to take a
    witches tit
    cm and
    both ears are soon partner hight and
    I have my couple of seashells yep
    in some of them I didn't I didn't stick it because I like to use it may be a
    not really opening up like this I have here hours the
    our special microwave sure occurrence which is actually nothing else and
    piece a posse of with additional some icing sugar police look at this recipe
    to find out how to do this and I have my spikes
    or what do we call like tweet or or or branches
    I will only use one of them but I prefer to
    produce couple at them because because the initially producing different
    direction different shapes
    I like selected based on to fees on top and I have
    five pieces of starfish it may be just
    doesn't matter
    and I have my almond and should refuse
    to use it I said Pavel beach towels
    and I have also little bit of white girl I see
    to do everything the I would also suggest that if you have to use this
    in when you doing it quickly you may also use some white chocolate
    to basis more to have two more security
    so first thing I do I will put some of these
    the my career call pieces on top but I lectern stick up to myself
    that I can see the composition is trite so
    I like to go
    generously request is nothing to harm to that
    so like to turn it like this because
    will be more drastic looking your then I have my second piece
    on top I liked pollution is such a way that
    I get beat up pipes just like this
    alright not I like to put
    medium-size did Carl on each level
    but not exactly on the same direction
    maybe little bit let me the joints on stupid
    one here maybe one
    like you x
    so electric like its not to me everything online
    can create like one middle live it left in the truck
    so degraded more natural-looking and the next thing is not to put one of Dez
    brunch on top just resting here a
    I'll activist station to get it really
    if finishing the spiky bit inner-city here
    just put it there lived up here and wrist unit
    it's done okay
    not the question is
    where do I put this now I have my see show
    you see in sight it you conceded whatcha
    so I just put my well it seems like it and cost it up
    yes %um and I like to use some but I see
    in behind too good so i think is the best book
    stop it seeking one
    i cant use different positions and of course this one here one day
    I was but one here I have this
    quite open one whipple much that button level
    that's it now like to put some
    edition once but elect place for starfish don't they
    next show if I need so
    I like to select the best starfish wanna talk
    she's this fine generously here
    and risking here I see the doc profile
    on the front said
    and one here inch
    stand in each song probably distinction
    but maybe here just random nothing wrong
    if you use that what despite pocket that type
    one here
    doubt but one more here in front
    that's it so if I turn it on you can look at from the front
    coming up that's already it's only flow there
    but is not
    percent completed to that is some parts here
    that's not really be NT something missing it
    and also I'm a chance not to put
    little bit more so I have here
    another show I can extend the bottom part
    bit more here maybe this Wed
    doesn't seem so I so don't put anything in sight
    with this and I have also
    couple shows which is not open
    so I can placed with their maybe one
    yea I think this nothing nothing necessary to put
    more load on it so I will put public more
    couple stones which is beyond drug use
    and fish taco nicely when he
    locations quite important
    when he loan
    so serious that I'm not just to everything on it
    sorry to still use a little like it
    the key and in composition you know just composing that that
    arrangement according to the the feeling up with one of the judges
    inside the show looks like a coach there's one more
    yet possible to put in I'm
    I'm what else so

    can put one more beer
    one more at the bottom you
    as far as i'm concerned. I think the compositions finish
    ultimate lot most things in it some time until you can see by the from
    from Cameron this is the way how we do
    it s is simple beach team tweeted I hope you like it
    now is you don't forget to share your pictures
    in comments or questions if you have read us thank you for the time you spent
    median estimate today I look forward to have you joining us again
    on the next to tell
    my *** *** How to Make a Beach Wedding Cake - YouTube !!!
    who wouldn't love to have their wedding
    on the beach right I mean the beautiful backdrop the waves the sunless San
    in my opinion having a wedding on a beach is really
    the ultimate in beautiful wedding so not all about can have our weddings on the
    beach though
    right so let's bring the beat to our wedding and we're gonna go ahead and
    decorate this
    cake to look like a beach wedding
    as you can see right here I do need several
    specialty items to pull off the whole look
    love this wedding cake first of all I had to go and buy
    to Adirondack chairs which really in my opinion ties
    this whole theme together you can do without it and you can go the
    traditional route and put the
    a bride and groom on top of the cake but I'm gonna go for those two beach chairs
    to really tied this theme all the way through to the end now I've also picked
    up these
    chocolates here and if any of you guys are familiar with these
    these chocolates are actually like a hazelnut chocolate filled
    and I just think there's so good now if you guys can't get those are don't want
    to use those you can absolutely
    make your own chocolates just by getting a chocolate mould like you see right
    here now these are some that I made
    I with some white chocolate and I've brushed them with a little bit of luster
    to Brian the mob there's also fondant I
    molds that you guys can use to make seashells I mean there's lots of
    different options so you don't have to do exactly what I'm doing right here but
    so do love these chocolates right here I also have my
    famous graham cracker say and hear some people like to represent
    stand on a cake with brown sugar I just don't really feel like anybody wants to
    eat a mouthful and brown sugar
    and crushed graham cracker crumbs are perfect way to represent
    saint now I do have a special check that I wanna show you guys
    and it's how to make coral out have white chocolate so
    I have some outside markings white chocolate here and you can use regular
    curvature baking chocolate if you prefer
    and as you see I do have a big bow love
    ice and basically what I'm going to do is just poor
    this white chocolate down over the ice
    I know right what are you doing
    chocolate and water in there enemies but where do you see this check because it's
    ice and it's not melting yet the chocolate have
    enough time to solidify and take shape around those
    ice cubes
    that what we're going to do is chance where
    our chocolate ice cube mas o
    chaos that we just made and put it out onto
    a cooling rack as the ice cube smell
    and what you're left with are some pieces up white chocolate
    that actually look like coral so as you can see the
    white chocolate is starting to set up and the ice cubes are gonna be melting
    leaving behind the shape of coral so I'm just gonna set this aside and let those
    ice cube smell as they need to and in the meantime we're gonna get to
    decorating the sweating
    as always guys thanks for watchin Gretchen's bakery be sure to get all the
    best recipe that Gretchen's bakery dot com
    and I'll the thing home
    param *** *** How to Decorate a Simple Beach & Surf Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody today I'm going to
    show you out to decorate fund uncoated cake
    when the beach and septic as you see I have my cake
    on the table yet it is
    sentiment might get
    pensioners any other kick it could cause a size
    but has to be caught it with on that because all those decorations
    older styles and methods and any use today it has to work
    on the phone then surface I will decorate his cake
    very very shortly and very very the
    simple steps and I'll use couple of tricks also
    so police prepare all those things one is young stable
    if you wish to follow me at the same time otherwise
    police sit back relax and enjoyed a tutorial
    by just watching it these are the tools
    materials recipes and you dance
    need to make this cake inductee
    so what I have over here for support I have
    and ever ash so if you do in case
    often Tom or you do kicks decorating cakes
    at work you must have and
    rush said so it is very useful
    told and because you can do things
    very effective T in very short time so
    what I have also here I have fund on
    into textures I you like my phone dying to talk peace
    and at edition licensure into the hot
    I'm going to use it instead of busting your to make the questions
    I have s such container yet
    I'm can use it s rest in pieces on that surface
    in the shape but I wish I have been out of it I will need it
    and couple of different colors of liquid Palace
    yellow blue and brown and some water to wash the RBA
    and I have my drawing here you can go to our website
    in a state of calm and print this the if you wish
    plus the time double sided tape little bit of
    terrible used on K and few decorations
    and I'll show you vision up to do it and I have also
    two different picture of relaxing one of them
    is not listed
    so I use

    month by Cyntia and I add a little water
    to make this low-key so because I detailed like it
    bubbly picture above the shocked face on that little dots
    on that starfish so I will you start from
    or I have to use packaging materials to push to
    fun into the right chest for the shell and
    little bit of brown sugar it using s
    sent and or not send a minute gotta Cesar
    and that's all about it I may be forgot something but and show you
    while I'm doing it I'll I have also to be support
    I'm in a pocket inside it Sep so
    let's start doing today croatian first let's show you
    how to make this support I don't support yesterday
    it was one day morning enough to get this this texture is nice and hard
    if you don't use ice insurance I did
    London you will take maybe couple of days to dry so that's why
    me the ice sugar it takes a lot shorter so
    after that you don't need anymore cutter or whatever
    just rec'd on done tested on
    just the shop at the size of jewish
    I'm not gonna show you 3 however you look at work can just chill
    your own fish so I think this is just enough for me
    so I just haven't got paid first
    and now what a meeting that the table
    get limits the key it sometimes Gooch because you can't
    shape day from then on the table variously it doesn't really slippery
    but some time is good too sticky then you have to be cleaned it to the surface
    so it is already just to that
    natin long Bowl
    and first a sausage
    sticky cleanups and then
    one site use shopper
    just like this and turn the other site
    that's not gonna shock so
    just that like a bullet shape
    are now what we do is just
    push into but this one this part
    is very nice that picture yet it push down to same time
    it creates like it fine Tenere sites
    so issue that she just like Tina in the middle
    sticker so its second happening at once
    just go also use the Site inch
    best and then all for dysfunction
    almost a and
    just and places like this
    and then touch with a plastic knife perfect shape
    outside symmetrical
    questionable chapters
    like ok now
    I have here and she's very soft I cannot use it right
    fish to be rectitude right so I have these two
    wooden skewer I use shop site to go inside it
    you have to be careful don't go to other side just go
    from the top you can come up here but not
    underneath it just little bit ernie and pushing it
    same time if you go in like about 56 centimeters morning up
    you need to have to is that one
    just like this make sure that he don't
    see on on-site if it's happened polka dots
    and and do it again let's see what happened yet
    Alex much so that's just it
    how to make the sup okay let's
    places on site yet the difference ice
    it doesn't matter you can newness ice as you wish
    second one I will show you know how to make you stop
    ish very simple again just about
    much difficult need
    just watch this
    now strong like this
    make ball lighten and that
    peach five sites flatten the end
    peach one more time this story so
    flexible we can actually push left and right till you get

    percent perfect shape and
    you can't take too much time it has to be
    done quickly otherwise doggett
    skin be not so much
    so try to make it disc on its quite inside
    you can also use a pizza crust or forming into like
    you can put in
    but I'm not convinced now this party with enough practice
    shotgun yet so
    when you do this you can just pull it out to spikes
    as long as you wish okay
    when you put it yet some extract
    and you might tell you that I have a relaxing
    softer so clean you do like this one disliked this becomes John dish
    but this one if you do that it is not so
    spirit his like this
    she liked this punished like
    like the shape is maintained this from getting
    roundish getting flight so despondent use that on
    so one

    one to

    large ones
    can go originally out so much smaller and smaller
    on each spike
    at the end everything become wrong
    that's it that this might starfish okay
    now let's get the she shows up
    very simple
    against some more I'm in just

    by the way
    I had no tonight and also roller
    to add it into tools list because I'm gonna make it short n
    and so small and then I don't need much to
    put on the table much starch or something you can also use
    on spray you like
    cutter I do too
    protect I'm going to start I'm not
    so already do you place it
    on talk to star artist
    start from millwork like a question on it
    so that plastic knife has got take and
    teen site so from dictated you push it
    this height on the star from it gives me good possibility i cant
    my fingers on it so push like this but don't push too much here
    just on dat shit and then trying to target
    always true position this corner
    side by side nice n Easy
    take your time
    that's it now I'm not sure you one more
    I start from center call gradually on the site
    left and right
    see I'm not using default or any pressure or whatever that's only good
    so I have here starch container
    you can use the icing sugar
    went to Casa sugar or flour starch or whatever you wish
    and then just put despite little bit shipping in Effingham
    in India and put in here and it will hold
    into shape tomorrow than you have a beautiful
    show really to joint
    so that's what's happened after that I joined a spun together
    went white chocolate you can also use rsync
    and then it will take some time of course to dry so
    that is looking good for me okay
    that's ok are we going to do and these are the
    preparations for the operations when working on it to mention
    this fun is the my
    oats and rely sick so
    what's happening he's oats be shipped flat pieces
    and quite economical very cheap and then I have a ride i sync
    and I actually make the icing on a bit more
    Tina so how to do that just add water in sight
    and green color and then missions together into it
    textured that it doesn't really become I like a small piece of the
    mixture it has to be only the royal icing
    he joining the watch together into that texture
    is like it quite sort of like it and up struck
    something useful or so for Mike declarations so and also
    I have two pieces of and Rogers undershirts
    and so you can is also super aren't help digest
    to makes the croatians picked it up I'm going to do my
    ever she know so miami's to create
    on this cake two different color almost Hall
    use T blue site which is the sea another site his dissent which is yellowish
    brownish color
    so so up but the
    I don't wanna do it like this so
    leftist assert rightist blue and leftist sandy
    and I don't wanna also do it like to suggest by I'm gonna you I'm gonna
    that diagonal shaped here from

    I'm gonna make this their color separation
    in the middle somewhere here so I will use the
    the help of it up you know for some it like that
    stenciling kind of thing something is just a normal paper
    and I just heard a soft in fact irregular shaped like this
    you know just that
    centers meeting with the water is never be exactly stakes on menus test
    I know for shaped so I like to do this
    there somewhere on here is to do another one suspect
    if I take no blue other and Sprague
    destruction I will most probably go underneath
    so that's why many turn respect I'm gonna sped up no
    from destruction so the public not coincide like that
    so ever rush
    you have always won paper here to try collars
    the new
    the new
    the new
    the man
    the new
    the new
    the man
    the new
    the new
    the new
    the new
    the new
    the man
    the new
    the new
    the mud
    the new
    the nine
    the new
    the new
    the new
    0 everything but they need to decorate his cake
    is all ready on this sport here so mikey is already
    ever rushed and just let's put all those things together
    very quickly first thing I will do I'll create some full
    on the see justed where two-way meeting to the Saints
    so I just have these relaxing and then
    practice on this age just like that
    without any fear and actually just as you see that
    I'm just curling the de-icing on the surface
    and then that's for the fingers back which
    but nothing course the front just like this
    and also like second time koran
    and Russia touched it again just acting
    just acting did H which the icing is
    finishing on the blue Park and that cases like
    wave it is going to descend coming back
    so I like to get second line here one more time but not
    all the way just maybe small pieces like this
    and also called back hurts
    with your fingers again just like this and make sure that
    your finger strokes I'm not reasonable
    so just method internet picture
    just like this but never touching
    disorder site only on the plane icing backwards
    so that actually create that that way look
    on there lucia thanks and next things I like to do
    Eddie all those decorations on surface so I will use some truckers
    I don't even eat it piping bag just go like this
    and then to cheer essay
    shadow on the saint
    the short
    it actually ended up here and
    right here
    live it back hurts and to watch to you
    like facing to you but bit leaning backwards
    pushing on the way in anything go inside it cake
    in a bit more like to support actually pushed into
    sent so while that
    chocolate is too soft I'll take in a bit of
    brown sugar and sprinkled on church
    it is said just like this
    should russia is pretty much the same color St
    sent color recreate with it rush not much
    just a better special effects
    and that should be enough
    or pick somebody and
    what's next I liked but some green that's probably it to be peace are just
    gonna break into small pieces
    electing at one point
    maybe but I like this
    just in a doctor that and
    want and push behind you know there's always green
    limit abortions orkut beyond also to
    beat site so one hi
    uppers like this and I'm flex just behind a bit
    at least a bit
    like this
    that creates a nice back ranch
    of two support that may have right in front
    this issue up again just leave it up to you
    touching right here and then the
    you can just place to a
    starfish just on the surface like this don't have to be
    hang in touch grew in summer right and then
    one or two officer Beach staunch
    like this
    and then one officer sewer pearl decided
    the show it looks like a tell I have the
    pretty much there the only thing is what's missing here
    the ribbon and Andy inscription so I'm gonna meet description not
    so this a smart idea that to make description like it
    do form of the waves because if I I can use a chocolatier
    maybe that is better idea just use white and then
    it creates the writing that looks like a wave when the wave go back to the sea
    it creates the leaves did to fall on the surface
    that's right happy birthday so to do that don't you have to be a bit more
    and not so strict be cheeky
    so Justin practice
    Sanchez creating it don't like made like
    apps missing at T me I don't
    I think beyond their I just have to do that
    ribbon I'm gonna place my ribbon
    around the cake now so mainly a brush indicate there's a bit of color
    stain stays on that on the port cycling this one up first
    just care a minute just a slight lead en ok wasn't much
    so it okay the I'm using tear even
    it was a two-time emmy do case hear any cake
    sitting on the boat they will be berry little
    get between even that many thanks to Kate
    on talk to the kid is also gets in between so using the ribbon
    to power that will get so very practical idea
    so we often do that so this is a quite basic like this I mean you secretary
    she's very simple and cheap even so just aren't
    like this measure first and the overlapping
    aren't so let's say about it
    some committed
    and I'm always using double sided tape twisted
    one site that's it
    behind justice T and stopping moving on the cake
    and another one just yet
    I want to join is exactly come in actually started
    from Cisco like this as
    from to kick matched on
    so and then after that like to make a smother the ball
    so that st. one site about
    that just for that nicely like this and
    holding like that or on a gate
    holding like this and
    let this month go so this is actually how it is
    position like that overlapping little bit
    and Australian a small piece of website
    that States yet in the middle and
    remove and push them down again like that
    so thats see just the beginning an internist fun
    around despite man used this time the bit longer
    maybe about
    cents a minute and just go
    in the middle Australian like that
    you know that and chop this past
    and stuff from center
    are like this or aunt
    and together again so
    actually I join it at T or dates to get it
    i've still left and right available to Louis
    on top of that other one right in front like this
    so then it's fun
    cutlet that
    actually this is just a small little touch
    finishing take first
    that's how that happens
    my simple basic beach and certainly is not really to present
    now it's your turn painted I'm sure you going to do
    may be Jobe wish you good luck if you like to drink
    this template please go to you now as we know it from you can join us
    three and you can freeholder seems very easily and you can also have access to
    all recipients
    so I hope you enjoy this field and
    I miss you on the next to you mission right here
    my phone
    do *** *** Ocean Wave Cake - YouTube !!!
    and where the exam here
    and l_a_ california
    and i'd like to show you how to make and unseemly
    okay we catch it catch an hispanic
    cut here
    you know we catch
    and we have a way
    isolate with icing
    undi inside
    nearly seven on
    push again
    and then we'll take some icing
    output behind it
    turned it down
    we need to have a little i'm this size to bring the way down
    we need to add a little on their side
    going the way down
    and it can be wrapped that's okay
    through a little bit more over here
    pull it out
    there we are
    so this is
    virginia's ever asheville
    mailing address
    feeling in the air france
    and i'll go over the top of it so i won't get dressed
    montgomery spring
    brown and the allies
    different levels
    planes premium
    community is so why
    debate either
    just elections in uk
    and then come back here on the way
    into the white underway to get that kind of the finished work
    we can put a little bit a wide in here
    smoothest out a little bit
    it will take
    a palm tree there
    and one here
    with so good about this came is that it's
    you can use it for any changed you can use it for sponge bob you configure pipe
    people there
    you can use it uh...
    do you know in status
    birds anything you want you can change it to be anything you want planning
    figures today
    annual impact at
    a blue border
    eat candy heiress a red border a yellow porter anything you'd want
    this isn't just your either sell
    and then we can't use any color we won a game in the center
    ideas and a better place
    give that kind of a windfall and
    isn't that little faces on the star status
    this is just as self and i think that easter baskets and
    and i cut my own
    diagnose with that
    and i feel that with hiking jr
    and i taped all the way around really care their scotch tape everywhere
    this would be good
    and taylor rents out it'll stay for months at a time
    that yall it will stay well tiny in here just like
    just so you can see how find online yes it'll stay that find all the time it
    while chain
    you could pick tell buyers art hiking jail in here
    animal state beautiful you can use it over and over and tell its all time
    and i use this for a fine detail
    for cake decorators if mark delivers a wide variety of license in toppings
    ranging from icing basis to ready to use icing
    cannot sell their idea of what's happening
    fit for any application impressive
    for more information and products and recipes and decorating ideas
    this event that you are declining *** *** Beach Hut Diaper Cake (How To Make) - YouTube !!!
    hun combat Tom today
    have a cool idea gonna make the beach cash that book a
    let's see what we need far we can meet them be trashed
    I'm I thought that diapers the forty
    on nossa
    its in our I used the site one day
    bus income I debt that one baby beer
    in make that
    brand get
    its in like this some to rebel
    toda remain as the ones that be good
    minus on the and sound
    school baby spoon in
    am half this one is gonna
    when they conduct jam umbrellas
    Menards you a cake like got bombed
    Party City and that does sound
    flaccid correct is look like this on
    but you'll have to buy to local because they can a small
    I'm hand with the car
    destruction paper and scrapbook paper
    yeah useful im
    to get some stuff in the MAS a badass
    on for their babies in the bath
    nasa's this pretty cute like that cool idea
    and they kept them for more
    one cheap for in
    week in the US BB&T im
    sister my and group gun
    cell let's see how we stack
    on for us them to me
    is now BS I used the
    formal coppola there yeah
    and this thing gonna be a key in by Antoni &
    I'm you can wrap it up to
    people Rakhi like that on
    I show you how to make the polls are we gonna meet up for one
    income I don't use the scrapbook paper
    I'm I'm gonna show you one first though
    year old that died both out with their BB n
    I'm gonna use only three die first and we can I roll with the
    scrapbook loading my
    p.m. now
    and squeaking a little bit like this high South
    yes we just him up
    and we cannot continue to do mom
    the mom to go okay I'm
    than that the full cost I'm
    I'm gonna make the bottom mom pop up to huh I used to

    in amino is lei can be to whale
    on yes and on this I
    gonna be life I and
    campaign on this I gonna be

    gonna be forty because him to
    tool see it too
    in tool on here in them you know between he and
    on this I sewers
    this type of us were pretty good when the alarm
    take off on a patch you just you knock
    roll with their it now travel ban latest is
    EC an asteroid that day until
    and then I'm you're gonna use the
    what the car hani no for posts that whole
    to grow them here we did not want India
    between that gap you not like this
    at the four corners four corner because certain a
    know you hold a poll
    they'll under
    receiving blanket
    so prima we cannot forward to receiving Brent get
    you know a row I you can see
    size it is for them
    and distant make them mass with I'm
    buddy Carter bottom latest
    and you can rapidly I'm eat
    thing you mom that making different
    here to how I'm afford it and now I'm
    I rap that they are receiving blanket
    later keep track see make these
    an arm you can use that PF to hell is paved
    fullest on each side because the hell is whole
    see can then be looked like this and you know and
    the AEM weekend just made Ford it nice and neat
    impact me mad these
    even you can pack in that day per him sigh
    see is no nice and deep
    now I'm we have to tree
    blanket left I've been up for the
    to friend get we can now put on
    pop to bottom
    is gonna be look just look mass
    made this and calm a
    we gonna cards here which it gonna come wanted
    paper at that everything they wrap up to
    rubin a row you can lift arm
    I'm friend get on pop unreal happen to live in
    look nice to me and now I'm weaken them either
    lockport cop let me show you how
    now I can I am there are and we can impact the form for
    gonna be fourteen inches and sick teen
    inches long me cactus I L
    now i cant Yahoo krakow I'm now gonna cut
    on top does
    inches thing by the weekend pat on the hand
    the first rare make this we not cut through
    only the to clear a paper right newsweek unfolded mmm
    yet IRA kak gonna be look like this
    now we can now I'm pack to and try it
    triangle so they're gonna be sick interest lie
    and two inches car
    now have to try and call I'm we can %uh huh
    rule with them love
    hola yes box I and the hell is home early
    Gucci he only kept close I
    girl the east side
    said me my role was bit
    I'll per pay now we can accomplish I Milan
    talk to roll I hope the whole
    from East Side the corner we just for
    its tool made this in Hamburg now
    p.m. fit their fear around it
    because a mi is strong and boarded would be well
    on both full sack
    okay so the umbrella toothpick movies take around
    you more posts from gonna be leaded letter
    all too real for yeah let's go
    feel now I'm gonna put them
    who last good descent keeps I far
    and unless good so I think for on top to look
    and I'm both sides with output that pay it
    them to care and XI is
    his I'm be done it down
    we'll ask good arm I put on da
    law im at that the last
    receiving blanket actually they come at four packs now
    as is gonna make their on what they call the walk away
    to the beach
    now the basic history math and now I can
    somehow its history and you can
    anything you I'm in power we come back
    you've got my is not that bucket is it down and math under PPP if
    this to stop monkey and the mom's
    and make that some this pool in and even I make now
    later took it on top
    is I'm re from the pipe cleaner
    and like that does sound I'm
    the band police this
    in it and even they kept us on our China
    and he is very minuscule manly in here ready to let this airport
    in actually prolly that bomb life that how I
    away that crazy shirts and boy yes pretty cute too I like he will not
    so I'm deficit thank you for watching me I'll see you next time with a cool idea

    %uh *** *** Craft Review: Beach Chairs - YouTube !!!
    our beach chairs
    or lawn chairs
    patio chairs Dec chairs have I think you get the idea
    we make the ES I think play about your girl
    yeah I think I want to stay here go and
    to tastic they're holding up great
    just made a popsicle sticks paint and Khloe
    civil supplies for a great project and they look pretty close to the real thing
    I mean come on this is totally a beach chair online chair
    up patio chair you know I'm just gonna caught
    a lawn chair that's what it is a lawn chair so I think they look like
    real lawn chairs only just about thought that pic
    unless you make one for a smaller top because then it's like
    okay or a larger dog cuz then it's like
    like that pic yeah
    only for eighteen-inch star chair we used
    jumbo popsicle sticks and we had to extend them
    by cutting them and adding a lot extension so that we got them the right
    and we don't look them up to mix them I nice and strong
    inches have a lil bit more weight to them
    and we wanted to make sure that the sturdy enough I don't think it's pretty
    cool that we can get a piece of wood
    furniture for
    inch doll for just the cost them a couple what
    pot yeah something totally worth getting excited
    a discovered there's a 40-foot tree called the dragon tree
    in this actually in insects name the Tinkerbell a reply
    blatant I can make

    inch doll furniture using popsicle sticks
    yeah me no seriously its cracked
    is awesome and is perfect for the summer but if you don't wanna play but the of
    course you have to give them somewhere to sit
    frankly my the Northwest swell text
    to anything to drink think that completely crashed
    that's right to this video didn't happen to his crap
    for coconut milk but I can't seem to remember where we placed it
    cell I'm just gonna have to make another one good thing these are pretty easy to
    because trust me you not wanna keep those dolls waiting

    but let at in the day yeah I'd
    on the beach well
    we hope you have fun but this bad let's crack
    slut the
    would we want to give a shout out to you
    Marie panda Watson
    and the coconut can easily be resized ring

    inch doll we just used a larger natural beat
    then used to cut piece of the copies try and set up a paper clip
    oh yeah and these are my favorite to look for cutting popsicle sticks
    they are actually for a wire cutters I found them at the craft store
    in there about nine to sixteen dollars look at that cuts right through it
    no problem it's a little expensive though we just waited
    on until michael's happened those 40 percent off coupons and got them
    at a discount cell huh *** *** Cake Boss Season 1 Episode 9 - Soldiers, Sand and Salads - YouTube !!!
    on this episode people we have two boys
    twins have a number up
    hook life's a beach
    this is called
    be we Tempe
    go out
    from you be
    his body the pool
    so budget Jersey Bankers do whatever you wish warts waterlogged
    stores in the world toys you never been
    toward that's a piano
    perhaps Scott come to the bakery and tell me what this cake
    boys actually for uniquely FAO Schwarz the toy store
    ball the did birthday there we were like but that we got to do with it
    place have averted kaso
    we think of something point the nor ensures the at least
    new my soul to take okay of course there's a big piano
    here you like big piano key
    we have like two wooden soldiers what are the soldiers make
    sons names good
    all everything their sports classic toys you know
    walks teddy bears and discredit me
    on wonderful kinda boy sticking realized
    we Wed some ideas on how to build
    burdick nope
    all looking too big for soldier
    I long
    cooperate one soldier because they're his or
    I think this looks awesome you know its brains
    where is pretty straight you know it's going to be make
    I think this one mean point to the store not gonna like this
    the world's gotta look a lot of boys
    ok is a present
    the big just gonna be black top I think
    you you know what everybody's gonna understand the piano because
    with his inspiration
    alrighty much got back to work ninety
    ever use what's Cape the first thing that pops in my head
    is typically a gold because it's like hottest thing in the world
    the second thing that comes to mind is that we sold
    different toys Witcher FAO Schwarz team old-fashioned toys
    pool toys that you can just get any toy store for sale
    do everyone's working what's called the
    sold whenever you make figure standing up
    you need a support system freedom constructed
    soldier and that was gonna fill
    yes with at the six inches up
    this cake is his leg that disrupts your own treats
    around his leg and then will power pick up this week's
    they going to do is help funny when you first see if you like what the hell is
    is really like a toy soldier when I'm done the next thing I did was talk to a
    cheating get
    shape that i won up
    dirty I sister like let me put in the fridge
    the ticket called rocket ship
    here for constipation
    for cake
    thank I hate doing
    body he
    K needed Cape
    awesome run a beach club Jersey Shore it's our tenth anniversary
    he said
    again sometime each team type thing into
    for poor answer back peach
    me you know be key
    with see and then like water coming up
    waves comment on the edge maybe like a light cord
    maybe some towards one growers here in the world
    there hip
    disagrees him
    cell here
    one we can eat salad up
    my sister Mary home the sisters are always given as a hard time about what
    almost to lose weight you would chubby sistas
    make that
    all sports lose more weight than you
    uses any me so
    I don't marry uses Winthrop
    vision one week the most weight
    way me Maldini Frankie verse Lisa
    madeleine Marion grace Hills
    okay views way were canceled
    okay if we way use wash
    gonna wash dishes go
    scale called BD official
    keep by like
    percent buddy
    new we girls gonna win this thing no matter what did T
    step on the scale make
    week be waived away
    when step
    the whole check alright okay let's get back to work
    wats cake but he's pretty boys the 1 I've been telling a joke
    as well like Penelope wanna talk good
    free up sites this loop
    no time scope
    I said yep
    to please let's cut strips good
    caught these keys in a line them up put him on top
    anywho bring school
    agreement ship
    do screw he's
    soldiers decay no
    them whispers fans we did
    black sweet black walnut and put in a row him
    next did was put his code modeling chocolate for the flesh tone
    and as I put layer by layer
    boy soldier don't look better in bed
    black with me will did
    and every come together really was born look like a toy soldier
    Hill hadaka I ago
    a mustache
    we really want to make FAO Schwarz
    toys sold and it was gonna look awesome
    this seems like a good work
    all right now niceties have a heart attack my sister stole
    is that the guys have a sitter Wed
    exercise baby
    on the board budget summit I would say
    I worked bed
    never seen the inside boys in shape
    will be ready for swimsuit season in no time point reminds me
    it started speech okay this beach okay
    disagree key for me to get all involved in
    because there's so many different element all make pieces
    and then putting together a long day and it's great
    other people he is in other people's imaginations
    taking all so i cant beach balls
    I got pulled Danielle
    Tony and Christine make model figures
    the mall remmy
    of bill clinton Isaac the Penelope
    liza truffle butter as the building cuts
    round cakes the layers me like a little too
    controls kinda so did look had a look like a little
    me in kinda like the way the beach does three more
    won't be no you
    a peach what's called
    is actually brown sugar which is pretty simple brown sugar really looks like say
    life's a beach the water for the beach
    K actually type use the flu between
    caller and credit is put in a word
    top water me whole
    we found out guys join this gym Lee
    we do it we doing well you have any trainers something
    I ask by how many more you got
    the rocks good what else the challenging part is beautiful cake
    just the side I mean it's a big big you can be top
    seen strategically week place all the people wanna meet the people like so
    you want to empty it's gonna look just right girl bikini
    really you Hill work as a kid
    or Kylie with a little bit a hair in the sunburn
    was aware I think really make pop
    to keep of I think police dept really nailed all
    hears it elements which will kick I think that everybody worked hard
    pushed we got the job done I'm happy with you all to look great you'd
    looks cool it looks like a beach he did a good job
    shebek so we drive
    get the beach ball
    keep not sweating and
    we did not wrap soul so or so good
    by case was
    amazing emailed the team housing shells
    lifeguards you know just what we asked for
    he got a perfect right soul realistic
    field like that the pay
    it's the money it's what we strive for last

    or going out there all
    have frozen margarita on the beach well
    we're getting back to work to the beach make me even more determined to get in
    we decided to stick too much light pastries input
    the serving size man sweep
    insiders ball this to my sisters
    trying to bend the knees for to get pushing himself
    only been a sold-out my sis
    dole exercised Joe
    to see them at the gym you like nice treat them like top
    i cant Mike up
    or hands white-robed
    after we had the boy soldiers up the piano was gone cake was gonna look
    withdrawal teddy bear
    published the blocks
    train here
    did the train travel up to I'll
    boys steamed up
    we meet so many different things it started look great
    itself back to you
    little says temples all right angle Christine
    put a little bit a poppy seeds stop a Trane because it was like a call
    parts all couples poppy seeds were on the Palk told
    a perfect this pop pic of the poppy seeds with meal
    besieged great I C one over there
    thing and stop yep
    K it was really starting to come together let's maybe just get
    happy birthday
    guys we think we like really
    which are fearful but its sold
    here him and I the nice to so customers

    the New York take
    drama on
    by soldiers
    game up
    Maria everybody sir
    the boys he will love
    beyond whatever so which
    bird had so much fun making
    by the way
    away would
    my sis just a reminder girls when
    the guys are gonna work answers for that guys the conditions for
    field exercised
    Tony you just said hope
    by hold

    you fifteen-point I think the boys

    the girls in the day wat to wait till
    but it's done by percentages so I don't know how the outcome was gonna call mike
    is always an of Fame
    guys call was
    percent girls

    which makes them
    the I'm happy that we all
    we know
    you guys ready held
    free if
    everybody *** *** How to make a Beach Umbrella cake topper out of fondant - Come fare un ombrellone in pdz - YouTube !!! Italian Italian
    Benvenuti su FrancescaSugarArt. Oggi faremo un bell’ombrellone con la fantasia di anguria, perfetta per una torta estiva.
    E’ così carino che ne vorrei avere uno vero, e voi?
    Iniziamo: per prima cosa faremo una pallina di pasta di zucchero bianca,
    spalmiamo della colla alimentare su dei pezzetti di filo di ferro ed inseriamo la pallina
    e arrotondiamo per coprire metà del filo,
    lo potete fare senza filo ma sarebbero più fragili e dovrete aspettare di più per farli asciugare.
    Ce ne serviranno sei
    e li attaccheremo ad un bastoncino di legno con del nastro per fiori
    e ricopriremo il bastoncino con una pallina di pasta di zucchero bianco come abbiamo fatto prima.
    Adesso stendiamo della pasta di zucchero rossa e la tagliamo con un grande taglia biscotti rotondo.
    Facciamo un salsicciotto lungo di pasta di zucchero verde e lo attacchiamo ai bordi dell’anguria.
    . Facciamo la stessa cosa con la pasta di zucchero bianca.
    Se non si attacca come la mia potete usare della colla alimentare.
    A questo punto lo dividiamo in sei spicchi e arrotonderemo le punte.
    Dipingiamo dei semi di anguria con un pennarello alimentare.
    È ora di assemblare il tutto.
    E lasciatelo asciugare per almeno una notte in una ciotola.
    E siamo pronti ad inserire il nostro ombrellone sulla torta estiva.
    Spero che troviate questo video interessante.
    Non dimenticate di mettere mi piace ed iscrivervi al mio canale
    Vi auguro una buona giornata, Ciao :) *** *** Summer Beach Kit-Kat Cake- Di's Sweet Treats - YouTube !!!
    hey bakers in this video I'll show you how did make a beach cake that is
    perfect for stomach
    I'm just gonna get started by showing you how I prepare my cake
    I am using two 9-inch round pans face cake
    and I so if you wanna stay the path of the baking space
    I am using a chocolate cake recipe for his cake that you can use whatever
    recipe you are
    and they just bake your cake for however long to recipe asks for
    when you kick ass finish baking in a schooling
    you on a collar your frosting I'm using a buttercream frosting but you can use
    any frosting you wish
    in my mixer I have my white buttercream frosting and I'm putting a little bit of
    blue food I into a mixing and so I am satisfied with the collar
    okay so want to take
    cake has cooled are you are to level your cake you see a night
    and then remove the scraps and now it is time for the decorating part
    I'll show you everything I used to decorate this cake Siam using
    blue frosting small kick ass graham crackers
    gold fishies Teddy Grahams offer roll-ups
    Mallory or Platt little plastic umbrella
    and over a bit this is really your decision to her
    how you want to decorate the beach cake but I was a show you how I did my see
    can get an idea
    so first off i cum coated the cake
    she wanna put a good amount of rushing out after the cake a smooth it out a bit
    that put other half over the cake on top of the first one
    and I just trust a hoe cake what if I so the whole cake and made us move
    you are a refrigerator for at least 10 minutes so the crowd favorite
    while that is happening let's make fed
    by making edible fan you artistic you graham crackers
    but the metro planner and just let out so they are completely crushed if you do
    use a blender just make sure you are careful because the Tesla get stuck with
    has been crushed
    so only put a small amount at its height if you do not have a
    blown or you could just put them in the plastic bag
    and then just crashed out
    okay let's get back to the cake
    pool frosting on one side over the cake this doesn't have to be perfect because
    you're putting a creche got Packers for Sam their
    put as much as you are director fussing
    I'm a size up the cake S model out a bit this is the part where you are putting
    you could get
    I is about two packages the stock a cast and they're just glue them in front of
    all right and now I permafrost
    cake for
    are go through this part out and then just stay with that make you look like
    there are ways
    and so are and now the fun part
    you already have a beach but know it's there and like I said earlier this is
    where you can really decorated however you are
    so what the firm roll-up I cut them into small rectangular
    and that use them as speech house and then I put it at a grad are on top
    I for a little bit a frothing behind the Terry Graham as cooler
    and that I just rely on Bella be high
    and then you could go fish is in the water
    but the mouth-watering separate study in fact pair Teddy Grahams arafat iPhone
    looks like its way mean
    you make a look like it's playing in the water and that just
    pretty much make a look like the teddy grahams are having a lot of fun at the
    and there was a red then you on its high around the Kit Kats this keeps a kick
    ass for following
    but this is really option are and that is pretty much it
    this cake was a lotta fun to make and I had received a lot of compliments for
    I hope you guys enjoy this video thank you guys SO much for watching
    to forget to subscribe and comment *** *** Beach Themed Cupcake Decorations, Beach Fondant Decorations - YouTube !!!
    well heavenly creations
    today am going to be showing you how to make these beach
    deemed cupcake decorations to make the flip flops
    gonna take some you fun
    no one out but not super think I'm gonna cut out
    flip flops and for just engineer
    shape they don't need to be perfect in a bit
    be here to talk to knit the back tent-like
    think that mmm
    take a loving friend marine
    rollout sons
    threads is limited Ste
    and taken these
    medium like flap
    so just
    putting on new so
    look like a flip-flop
    actually pretty stem
    for thing
    sign news the same thing
    to the other one standing
    and those parents to them
    that apps you have to push in New Moon
    TM steamy
    man will stand these up
    on a cupcake enhance
    same and on it which she just she's brown sugar
    to make insane they're usually appear

    flip flops to make that
    packet and Carolina Palin back anything
    for antique summer read content we're gonna roll it out
    and we're going to make this scoop
    for the Bakken so I'm just gonna free hand in can out the scoop so
    you need the long part in the handle you can only separate from each other
    no you ni top of the hill know
    yet from pocket park
    woke up and put them together
    take some you know
    are we're gonna put the
    fuck it turn on top of that the action scooper part and i cant no
    top ovett newsroom top
    new you have a little shovel
    and to make the bucket
    gonna make the back in advance yellow do the same thing here
    rolling out
    furnish car out she them back
    personal cut out the actual bucket part
    mean you want to handle par cunt
    mmm take some time can't part
    which is actually moment p.m. given up its
    you know
    tax to handle to it
    sneak and then the cover-up
    yeah juncture here will take a little bit of green
    make it look like there's a lot all appear
    you can hear act on the background
    push you down like that
    and name can try a little designer whatever you want to do with it
    and do you have your
    you shovel
    cited to make the sun shining take some yellow n roll it out
    we're gonna cut a circle out I'm really not cut
    actual hearts a sunshine now
    so there's a ser all mmm
    are gonna cut some things to look like the actual
    Raisin in the Sun Jan
    you incomes many you want
    just keep telling him out the kernel like the petals on
    flower then go behind
    miss sunshine itself much
    you know cuts them out you take
    Sun chain here internet over we're gonna put all these
    rainy some sunshine on the back
    just pressing them
    slowly TN you know
    use a moment me
    like into thankful for you and we've been
    smiley face two-time you can take your knife
    marine take some
    black known
    out and we're gonna cut
    sunglasses at night
    some que no
    music sunglasses look just
    she departments classes half circles
    me when you put these on in places I
    to strike back we have our century hope this video has been helpful and useful
    hopefully I'll enjoy making knees beach themed decorations for cupcakes
    and if you like my channel then you can subscribe alone see more videos and I
    make on all kinds of cupcake decorations for different occasions
    and as always have fun making use *** ***