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    Make a Giant Cupcake Beach Bucket Cake - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Beach Bucket and Spade Giant Cupcake Tutorial where
    I'll be showing you how to make this great beach bucket cake with spade using your giant
    cupcake mold. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I've got my giant cupcake just on a bit of
    a cake turntable or a lazy susan, we sometimes call them -- totally optional. I just find
    it easier to show you guys how to do this with one.
    I've got an iced cake board. I've got a great tutorial on how to ice a cake board on my
    channel and I will leave links to that and our Giant Cupcake Basics in the description
    box below. I've used our Giant Cupcake Basics Series to bake and stack my giant cupcake
    and so my edible chocolate giant cupcake case which I've made using candy melts today instead
    of the dark chocolate ones that I show you in my other tutorial. Obviously, you can make
    those any color you like and you will end up with a different-colored bucket.
    I've got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting which I've just popped into a piping
    bag with, I think, that's a Loyal number 20 piping tip. It doesn't really matter. Any
    piping tip will do. I've got a pair of scissors.
    I've got a nice sharp knife. I've got an offset spatula. A regular spatula
    or just a knife will do, the back of a knife. I've got a length of black liquorice strap.
    I've got some red sour strap. Now, this is as long as I can find them. So I've got several
    of those. They're going to need to go around the circumference of the giant cupcake. Just
    bear in mind if you don't go with a red giant patty pan, you want to change your color of
    sour straps to suit. Otherwise, you can also use rolled out fondant.
    I've got some blue chocolate. Now this is just regular white chocolate and I've colored
    it using a little bit of color-paste. Make sure that you don't use liquid if you're coloring
    chocolate and you can of course also use candy melts.
    I've got some ground up, just you can either crash them by hand. I've used a food processor
    for this. But this is just regular shortbread style biscuits, so any sort of a biscuit that's
    not chocolate. And it's going to give you that lovely sandy effect.
    I've got a teaspoon. A zip lock bag.
    And I've got here a baking tray. Now on that baking tray, I've got a piece of baking paper
    or greaseproof paper that I've stuck on to a piece of regular paper. And on that piece
    of paper is a picture of our lovely spade template. That's [all] located on my Facebook
    page. I'll also leave a link to that in the description box below.
    Let's get started. We're going to move this giant cupcake out
    of the way. We're going to start off with this lovely
    spade. Now I'm going to do it facing me just because it's a little bit easier for the piping
    type work that we're going to be doing. So take your zip lock bag and that little spoon
    and just spoon some of that blue chocolate into the zip lock bag.
    If you've just come across our channel, please make sure that you go off and hit the Subscribe
    button. We upload several times a week. We would absolutely love to welcome you into
    the My Cupcake Addiction community. And if you subscribe, you won't miss a thing.
    Alright, so I've got my lovely blue chocolate in that zip lock bag. And I'm going to take
    my scissors and just cut off a bit of a corner there. So this is going to fashion it into
    a bit of a makeshift piping bag for us today. Now with that piping bag, I'm going to trace
    around the outer edges of this spade. Now on the handle of the spade, I want to go quite
    a bit thicker than the handle showing there because it does need to support its own weight
    in this cake. So I'm going to come down quite [aways] outside that initial handle that you
    can see, really, on either side of that. And then coming across. Don't make this top bit
    too thick, your actual, I guess, the little sides of the top of the spade. You don't want
    to make them too thick. With the handle, you do want the chocolate on the handle to be
    quite thick so really make sure you give in a good squeeze. Don't be too shy with the
    chocolate because it does have to support the weight in your cake.
    So you can see there, I've got quite a few little ridges and bumps and all sorts in my
    spade. And I'm going to show you how (Inaudible
    on a tray. You need something nice and solid. You can also use a book or something like
    that. But it needs something nice and solid so that when you give it a couple of good
    taps. What you get there is a nice, relatively straight spade.
    So what I'm going to do from here, I'm going to use just my finger now. You can also use
    a knife. It's going to go [around] the edges of that spade. And just neaten it up.
    Alright, so there we've got our spade handle, ready to go. I'm going to go and pop that
    off into the fridge until it is completely set.
    While our spade handle is setting, we're going to do a little bit of work with our giant
    cupcake and get it ready for spading. So, I've got the giant cupcake back over here
    where you can see it. And I'm going to start off by taking that piping bag.
    I've got a little bit of a gap here in between... I've used chocolate ganache on this one. But
    in between the top layer of cupcake and the ganache and the top of the patty pan. So I
    want to close that up. I'm going to use my piping tip and I'm just going to squeeze it.
    I'm squeezing it quite firmly so that it not only sits on the cupcake, it also kind of
    pushes into any of those gaps, just really fills them in, giving us a nice, neat and
    smooth side to work with. Now, with my giant cupcake, I will also mention,
    I didn't crumb coat this because I wanted to show you. I've just carved off the pointy
    tip because I want a nice rounded sandy bucket. If you wanted to do like little mounds in
    there, you could if you want it to look like little sand hills. But certainly take the
    top off it off so that it's not looking like a giant cupcake. It's now more looking like
    a little bit of sand. Alright, now using my offset spatula or the
    back of your knife -- always use the back of your knife, it's just a smoother finish
    -- I'm just going to kind of crumb coat it. But my top of my giant cupcake doesn't actually
    have that many crumbs on it so there's not too much to be done in this crumb coat.
    Alright, now with the sides, I'm going to take that spatula and I just want to smooth
    out the sides. And I actually want to smooth them out not on an angle with the cupcake.
    I want to smooth them out quite straight against the cupcake. So you've always got like a little
    wall. A little bit more frosting on the top just
    to cover up some of those black bits. Not that it really matters this one because it's
    going to have sand all over it anyway. Alright now, next stop, we just want to add
    our sour straps. Now the sour straps are really going to make, I guess, like the lip of the
    bucket, and they're going to lift up the sides of our giant cupcake a little bit so that
    it is looking a little bit more bucket-like than like a giant cupcake with sand on top
    of it. So you want to start it as close to the top
    of the giant cupcake case just covering it because you want to give it as much height
    as possible. But you do need to just cover that line of, I guess, where the cupcake and
    the giant case join. And if your frosting is nice and fresh and just been spread on
    as our as has, it should just stick to the frosting.
    So you can see there, we've got our first one. If you do get any of these little sort
    of -- I don't know -- lips sort of coming up. We'll attach it with a little... You can
    just fix it up by attaching it with a little bit of melted chocolate. Mine seems to be
    okay. So I'm going to just meet up the next one. Now unfortunately, this is the only length
    that you can get sour straps here in Australia. So if you do live somewhere where you can
    get a nice, beautiful, long sour strap that goes along in one seamless wrap. That is even
    better. Now I've got just a little gap that needs
    to be filled there so just grab those scissors. Measure out how much ruffly you need, just
    cut a little extra. Now, we want to take those cookie crumbs.
    And you do want to do this while the frosting is still all relatively fresh on there because
    once it starts to... Once it's in the air for about
    minutes, it will start to
    form a little crust. So when you can get it as sticky as possible, that's fantastic.
    This is the messy part. So just...those crumbs just on top and just press them down. You
    don't really want them falling off the cake as you get it out to the [venue]. So I like
    to just put them on top and press them around. You can see how lovely and sandy-like they're
    looking there. And they're also making the hugest mess. I think a little tidy up might
    be what I... As you get to the edges, just pop your hand there and that will help you.
    You can kind of damp the sand in there and then swipe it back up. It just saves a little
    bit of the mess and saves it getting all over that sour strap or whatever it is that you've
    used -- if you've used fondant or modeling chocolate around there.
    Alright, I just give it a nice little pat off to make sure that you've got it all nice
    and stuck to the frosting. And then if you want, you can just put on, I guess, a bit
    of an overcoat just to, so that it's not so neat and perfect. Press it up with your fingers
    a little bit so that it actually looks like proper sand and not like you've smoothed it
    off too much. Okay, so I'm back and things are looking a
    lot neater than they were a couple of minutes ago. I've also retrieved our lovely spade
    handle from the fridge. And I just want to show you, once it's set, it will literally
    just come away from that greaseproof paper. You shouldn't need to peel it off or anything
    like that. It will just almost already be lifted off it. So there's our little spade
    handle ready to go. Now what we want to do before we insert our
    spade handle is we're going to use this liquorice strap as a bit of a bucket handle. Now, once
    again, this was the only thing that I could find that was long enough. If you had long
    twizzlers or if you had [Wanka] straps that were going to be sufficiently long enough,
    that's fantastic. So what I want to do is I just want to make
    sure that I'm really joining that up on both sides of the cupcake. You don't want it to
    be too far forward or too far back. So I've pre, sort of, measured it and I just want
    it to be kind of hanging down underneath that sour strap. And we're going to use a little
    bit of... red chocolate would be better but I ran out of red chocolate making my giant
    patty pans so I'm just going to use a bit of that blue that we've already got in the
    zip lock bag. And I'm just going to pop some blue chocolate,
    not too much. I don't want it to seep out. So a bit of blue chocolate on either of that
    black liquorice strap. And just position it down. [I'm just] going to do it a little bit
    this way because I've got a join on the sour straps and I don't really want to stick it
    on a join. So I'm just going to turn it this way a little bit. And I'm going to attach
    one piece there and one piece there. So that's actually touched on to the sour strap. I'm
    going to hold those for a few seconds just to let that chocolate kind of become a little
    bit tucky. I'll turn it around for you. It 's a little bit hard to see with this camera
    angle so I'll definitely be putting up some great still shots of the finished product
    so that you can see from a side view what it all looks like.
    Alright, I'm pretty sure that chocolate's going to hold. If you can hold it until it's
    fully set. It's always better. And I'm going to kind of risk it and just keep going with
    the tutorial. So, if you happen to have a shell mold...Alright,
    now shell molds are so easy to come across. They sell them in almost all kitchenware shops,
    all cake decorating shops. They also sell premade shell chocolates. So I've just made
    a couple of just white chocolate shells. You can make them any color you like. And I'm
    just going to kind of pipe a little bit of a line around the bottom.
    This is a bit of an optional extra so you don't need to. I just think it kind of neatens
    up the bottom of the giant cupcake. And if you've got the shells, it's just a really
    nice little extra touch in there. They're really easy to make.
    I really want to try and show you, guys, some other ways to use your giant cupcake mold.
    (Inaudible 11:42) hates with all cake decorating stuff is when, you know, people feel like
    they've got a [some or] tool for everything. So the more uses you can get out of our tool,
    the better. So I'm just going to spread out some of that sand. Beautiful.
    Now, I want the bucket handles to really be the front of my cake. So I'm just going to
    take some of those shells, kind of scatter them around in that and just push them right
    into that buttercream frosting. So I'm just going to scatter some around like they've
    just been collected at the beach there. Alright, so we've got a couple of just little assorted
    shells. Now finally, before you go insert in your
    handle, your spade handle, just take your sharp knife and just make a little incision
    because we really don't want to break that. So I want to insert it into a bit of an angle
    on the side and sort of facing forward. So it's going to go... You can see here, I'm
    just going to make a small incision. I sound like a doctor, a doctor of cake.
    Alright, make a small incision and you really want to make sure that you push that spade
    handle down into that lovely incision -- nice and gentle with it. You don't want to break
    it. Alright, so there you have your giant bucket
    and spade cupcake. That's ready to go for your next beach-themed party.
    I really hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned for lots more from My Cupcake Addiction.
    Thanks very much for watching. *** *** Beer Bottle Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    everybody was married in and welcome to the show and today is fathers day today
    first and it is just an indicator and we're expecting we're expecting her
    first and so I wanted to make him something really special and something
    that would really like so they're shooting generally less beer yeah you
    know the box office before but I don't think so I thought it would be fun to
    try out how to make like a beer keg with like the sugar bottle
    sugar sugar and then just require a change of camber kit so what did you
    think this was cool yeah no I don't remember ever seeing your father say I
    don't know
    but I never noticed and I something and this is really what it's it's crazy look
    at the detail on here and see me and stuff like that idea that something is
    really sweet you know he claimed I think I think it's really cool so he could
    have this kind of like set up but if you want to make both of these cakes this
    could be linked to the gas people this could be just like you know I wish and
    you are part of my Patriarchate in the description sheet oriole for he and I
    step video tutorial burger cake for free otherwise you gotta pay
    bucks for it
    this tutorial and like so much to do
    all right let's go ahead and get started with making this cake here and we start
    with my my cake is chilled in the refrigerator so that it's facing from an
    eye toward them on top of my turntable but you could pre toward them you want
    to and I'm feeling this cake with orange and cream butter cream which I really
    really like really likes and that is actually just like daily cruises
    American buttercream recipe mix with crumbled up or Oreo cookies and it just
    takes like exactly like a milkshake think it's delicious and this is a
    marble cake so it's just like my chocolate cake and my cake recipe marble
    together and that recipes available on the web
    my website under the recipes imagine that they're just continue to stock tort
    and fill with buttercream and I'm just using a regular given to dive to thwart
    my cake that's what I prefer I really like how he handles but she could talk
    with whatever you want to
    the cake handles really well because it's been sold if this was like a fresh
    out of the oven KK would probably crumble and I'm just moving now
    buttercream leftover filling park and no point a piece of plastic wrap over my
    turntable to sort of catch some Crohn's could trim this kick down a little bit
    we want this to be the shape of a bucket so about halfway down just trimming off
    like a very very like sliver amount of cake because you don't really need to
    trim a whole lot
    to start looking like a bucket give it a slight so you
    don't have to Lake do anything drastic and I didn't chill this before I started
    cutting I just went ahead and started cutting it because the tickets already
    show the plastic wrap kinda catches all of our tix groups and stuff
    clean and I'm applying a crumb coat this is something that I always do is just a
    thin layer of buttercream around the the cake to kind of Ceylon all those all of
    the end and tried killing of the buttercream so that when we apply our
    next layer of buttercream we don't have any cake crumbs stock and are outside
    Dillingham cold cream coat and this is just like just very very thin doesn't
    are you can really see the case through the buttercream is just posed to be
    something that just seals in the crimes and it also seals in moisture so this
    just it's a great thing if you need to put your kickback in the refrigerator
    for a few hours once you become code on their your kicks not going to dry out so
    this was back in the refrigerator for actually overnight I'm applying myself
    or buttercream and I always start with the cop just moving it out and training
    in kind of doing the same motion over and over again just got my buttercream
    get level and then I go ahead and add another layer of buttercream to the
    sides but my offset spatula to actually get to specialists from peace report all
    his rapport à la cama really like their their spatulas and their bags like
    Raymond everything they have not like the perfectly now we're going to scrape
    down the sides this is my actually my girl cakes gigantic bench scraper so
    it's really great for these talk aids and I'm just angling that just adjusting
    to keep that in all that we cut into the cake going and scraping off the excess
    and kind of spackling in buttercream back on and scraping it off
    I might put in an authentic you know like you would sparkle wall just in case
    you've ever sparkle the wall you'll know exactly how to do this process
    just moving out the lumps and bumps so now we're gonna make some ice cubes are
    some melting ice and all this is just clear my small but I get from City Cakes
    on its website but it didn't leaks in the description at the premade I small
    but super easy super duper easy to use just melted down in a park or in the
    microwave and I'm pouring these into a brownie silicone mat so it's safe for
    heating up to
    degrees or something like that that's just fine for using
    Isilon and makes these great cubes and an extra I'm pouring onto us to use a
    sort of pillar ice crushed ice cream later that cool make the sugar bottles
    to use this medicine cone and we're going to pour some ice melt down into
    that and the link to where you can buy this particular mold is in the shop as
    well the first thing you do is you know secure them all together with former
    band and I'm going to use some masking tape to make sure that the seal is nice
    and tight because the first time I did this the ice was not so great that we're
    going for
    feel kind of the home all together with masking tape and more rain and again I
    got this I small from stomach aches and she gave me this perfect brownie ice
    melts I didn't have to color it or do anything special to it I just melted
    down in my pocket
    and that was it I was gonna pour directly into the hole and I'm not down
    about probably like two cups so basically fill this cavity you really
    careful obviously no more bring yourself this is like
    agree I small cavities
    all full just poor excess out back into the pot still tops basically and just
    hold you over the pot forever and going to just places on top of the year to
    finish dripping until school takes probably are not like
    minutes or so
    far too cool but I just do other stuff well it's like moving in our ice cubes
    that we made so after I you remove them from the silicone mat and when I
    actually should be with us and Pete Campbell a torch expensive like
    or something and these are great for kind of clearing up the surface of the
    ice adult I'm just gonna get a little softer surface so instead of them being
    used cloudy ice cubes now they're like super clear actually the amazing sugar
    artist Ewald Notter I saw him do this on I think I was like just like oh my gosh
    amazing so this is our excess I smiled at her silicon mat sold firmed up and
    I'm just cracking into some pieces this is going to be basically her fill our
    and you can reuse this ice and also you didn't use it all for this project you
    can put it into a bag industry melted keeper using its pretty amazing stuff
    reason I'm using my small set of real sugar is because it doesn't crystallize
    as much as sure does but we're not really gonna eat this is mostly looks
    nice and clear the sugar cubes are I start to really keep clear to life in a
    minute do is spray the Sugarcubes with a little bit of vegetable oil and this
    just keeps the humidity out of them and stop them from getting cloudy and
    crystallized you now that our bottles are all set up we're going to remove our
    rubberband your bottle doesn't turn out like I said you can always break it down
    and rebuilt enough I totally fine of all of our tape carefully start pulling back
    the the top part of the mall you know when I just rip it off just going to
    kind of get me started loosening things feel the top offer you there were no
    certain losing the sides and do the same thing with the bottom piece and then
    we're gonna make three of these so I just kind of have my Sugar Minott I
    smile inside the other in that spot three hundred degrees so that by the
    time I'm old as it up and ready I got my ice and already melted down still hot
    ready to pour into the mold again and then I just put the party back into the
    other and after her degrees make sure you use gloved to pick up the pot bring
    your hand and keep things kind of efficient and that of course spraying
    the bottle with the vegetable oil keeps it from getting cloudy and makes it nice
    and shiny
    it was I was kind of amazing first time I did this I was like wow that was way
    easier than I was be that would allow the bottom that's totally fine
    for this are you smiling chocolate and i actually buy mine from sweet tactic is
    in the description and I like their modeling chocolate just because it is
    just like the perfect consistency for ruling things out it's like firm but
    really pliable how she does it it's kind of anything but I just taking a little
    bit of the white and the little bit of the brown and I'm making eight light
    brown chocolate marble this with the dark brown to kind of make a marbled
    would look like about equal amounts I'm just gonna break them into logs I guess
    back onto each other
    roll down twice to roll it again
    twisted but this is kind of like how you marble something you could do this with
    fondant to create this really cool marble pick me and I actually learned
    this from my really good friend on cakes she did this with funded I was like wow
    that's really cool textured look happy with it you can start rolling this out
    with it probably are but the width of you know you would find in the venture
    and the Chocolate Chunk what's really good about accepting textures better
    than fondant those so I like using this match is actually a wood Matt Wood Green
    Madoff used for ceramics but it works really good cake decorating obviously
    I'm just putting them at that X amount onto the chocolate cookie sheet and put
    it to the fridge to firm up cuz it's only thought right now so i'm not
    spamming up let's go ahead and prepare bored you get prepared as any way you
    want you had some special oil or paper whatever you want to use that I just
    happened to have this like tissue paper then I really thought was cute so I'm
    just putting that over my board because like a
    inch square I'm just holding
    the edges over in securing them down with tape masking herb packing tape just
    pulled into corners over like you would a president like barely had enough room
    to cover the edges with paper cutting it close but I really want to use that
    paper so was determined to make it work
    covering everything should be on some phone features while I always put from
    feet on the bottom of my boards so that when you go to pick the board up it's
    easy to get your fingers underneath your competition KK actually mark you down if
    you don't have your board raised up off the ground was a poster board with the
    word form or chilled cake covered in a layer of bonded to this is just my own
    fondant recipe that I use all the time
    dyed brown just in case you're wondering about the new will I used two
    tablespoons of water and set of three and what I'm doing a lot of food
    coloring actually only do one tablespoon of water and then food coloring so that
    it's just not too soft
    the new wellness very soft new powdered sugar lumps in their gotta sit that part
    of german girl it onto your really gonna go ahead and draped over are prepped and
    iced cake sticking to it a little bit
    squished together basically covering everything anyways that big of a deal
    to hear ice bucket one of those things like on the spur of the moment I was
    like I'm going to do this I don't know if it's actually like necessary but it
    going to Texas with the exact and I remember you can save your fund it even
    if you were to mess up and Terrell this on and off the cake you couldn't save
    that finding reuse it is no need to get rid of it I just put my back in a
    plastic bag so now we're gonna go ahead and attach are chocolate flats to the
    outside of this cake so first thing to do is cook my entire surface of finding
    a little bit of water to get sticky cuz I want my chocolate too sick to make it
    good and you can use piping jealousy 12 but water works fine
    you need to make sure it can be taller than your cake so I was like six inches
    tall by 6 inches tall so about an inch taller than however told your cake is so
    that's how I told you want to be but first you you wanna make a nice straight
    edge cutter was quite firm now this chocolate so quite Press quite heard
    quite a lot of marking the six-inch mark with a tool get my height correct cut
    off the excess
    easier to control and I can just kinda like snap off the top to do you measure
    using the width of the ruler as I was just kind the easiest thing to do and I
    just kept on going until I use my entire piece chocolate actually like just
    enough I don't know how I did that it was like guests exactly how much they
    need it but if you're good at math you could probably calculate exactly how
    many of these lads you needed but I mostly just guess you need to do is just
    shave off a little bit of a sliver halfway down each slat because these are
    going to attach to the cake at an angle so we need to make can't be perfectly
    square gotta be sort of like manner on the bottom as they are in the top so
    that when we leave them side by side they match up perfectly onto the cake
    about so much if there's a gap between this is a local city you're realistic
    kind of you know wouldn't bucket so much with getting the slats perfect
    continuous flat roll out a piece of great fondant long skinny people briefed
    on and probably about you know thirty inches long or so and I use my Wilton
    ribbon cutter cut about an inch thick white piece of ground into this is just
    gonna wrap around the slats gonna look like a piece of metal realism trim down
    one edge a roll this up into when I always be covers like fruit by the foot
    roll if you're really young you probably don't get that but you're older than

    you know that
    hold together to create the look of
    and I just put one dot her lack of story now it's time to assemble but some of
    our broken icing on the bottom
    bottles inside and the label label for your bottles the link to where you can
    buy them and print them out as in the description but if you're watching this
    on my picture on page then that was part of your downloadable materials if you
    were $5 patron or better if not then you can go buy it or you can make your own
    that I'm just pushing the be part of the bottle into the cake and then I'm just
    putting some ice cubes behind the bottles to keep them from falling over
    weight nothing bottles are super light
    arrange them how everything looks good
    basically secure with ice cubes last thing I want to do is just paint the
    very top of the bottles with a little bit of silver lustre dust mixed with
    vodka just kind of makes them look a little bit more realistic
    if you purchase the hamburger cake tutorial you could make one of those to
    go with it or you can just serve the bucket up as is but that's awesome and
    here is the finished Thursday cake with the labels that you can purchase on my
    Etsy links down in the description or you can get them if European my picture
    on this also in the early bird cake tutorial you can buy my Etsy or if
    you're a patron and you got it for free
    hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial on Father's Day cake epic Thursday cake I
    sure enjoyed making it I'll see you guys next time thanks so much for watching
    IUD that bottle honey
    me too sugar so right

    *** *** 3D Champagne Bottle Ice Bucket Cake Tutorial - Sample - YouTube !!!
    I set up
    my as rush system so I have here
    every gun that he's
    in work with gravity safe I feel my colors and talk
    it will just all done by gravity and he just wasn't a channel
    and then when I push to button which and then when the pair will pick up to
    paint and no spree so I'm using this for
    airbrushing purpose show colors I have
    water only four plate and then
    to make this colors a lighted yellow
    green and black
    so I'm gonna use does for it
    plain color which is torture and make ticklish lighter
    yellow green different tones and in black
    so let's talk about this one little bit so
    what I see over here why I prepare those goes because I can see here
    as a medium tone green there's a yellow here it makes a little bit of
    of also bringing site and then on the very edge
    there's a bit of darkness which I used its like the
    black in that then I have some the reflections of Windows
    whenever this bottle has been taking a photo
    there was a window there but every time there's been no
    it reflects on the shiny surface it makes it shine even that
    people ice shiny because of the restrictions of the some like points
    so I liked definitely the go on this point
    and then create that that little spot on the local to make this shiny look
    so where do I do that if I place my bottle here
    so is this you got to see it is a goal coverage yet
    which is not going to do something here and also this label will go up here
    which is doing here so I can only do it on this on this
    only on this age which is about about here so
    first I will turn the cake into the position
    that is the won't and I like to see my a shiny beat
    exactly in this spot so I'll take this
    the colorful seven she does I can see because very small piece I'll cut
    and I'm gonna cut this strike here it actually
    slightly shake or influenced by that
    bottle shaped so just got this strike like this and then
    apart little bit more you like this so there's no window
    is dat that shop at the end I just cut
    like this and then this is David the upper part
    little part and I guessed it middle section here is the bar of the wind up
    so sprayed with water here its
    and this part is I like to have it because
    is a set blog de gaulle coming here and a label coming here
    so that should be the right spot just like this
    yep that's right
    okay I'm pretty happy make sure this
    everywhere sticky does not get otherwise the did this straight-talking between
    that stop so no I'm going to
    is identified here I start from that yellow color
    on the search Ste
    but you press it only the air comes off and I went up a little bit back
    the paper of and defense so much a
    pushed back then I have this much of a close-up that's good
    so that I take it out stuff similar state to be closer
    and I will create that medium medium-range ok to greet
    lil bit more trivia kissed
    Ste shoes
    sheesh she shots
    scotch sheesh
    she she I look so it's also a test
    should rightish bit more like ish great those different tones
    on the selfish okay now I'm gonna Goldman dockery
    there certainly church
    as I see that just right after the yellow sauces
    sheesh she hi she huh and I
    dan it. I would go a little bit more blackish
    on this idea and completion the pic speech
    I leave the gravesite ended up like insights to make it just watching Doctor
    shoes and if they're going to look at part and see how this looks like and we
    can also spray something
    in the quiet she should reassure
    Sean Preston much just slowly she hi which
    she I
    I think I mean I will not leave me alone so you
    shoes she think it is just that
    whole thing is a bit more yellowish short just more or less
    yeah I would be more now
    this this pp sis
    show as issue that appears to be to watch some just gonna go
    little strike you green Ste
    she so
    that green about of the bottle I will just
    leave it like it is d quite happy with this one so I can see that
    labeling is will be just right scored demanding or talk
    do do
    my *** *** Decorating with Cake Boss Part 1 - YouTube !!!
    alright so now your cakes baked this time
    trim the top torah Judaism just gonna alright through this cake
    I go easy it's important to love you cakes because you want to be nice
    even for the stack it up sure pushes to decide
    so now that I got my board right put my keycard
    started here now with Philip
    they're pretty much a stick filling their
    now we have that you take our life gonna spread it out a little bit
    when you're trying to spread icing out just try to push you with the tip Mason
    easy back and forth just use the tape take that
    four-foot the know when we fill
    for top-tier bada bing bada boom alright so now we're kicking Phil
    it's time to do
    ice okay what are the important things to make good
    cake decorator is a turntable and I love this one because at the end of the day
    it's easy to use it storm all it can be to turn table using it to decorate a
    or you can lock in conservative foreign on that's like having your cake and
    eating it too
    %uh alright now we're going to take our big here
    and I'm just go to school he is
    the ice in around would squeeze in the big
    it's a pressure control techniques I wish I could tell you by watching this
    video you can work to do it
    it takes time you have to do it a couple times but if you notice
    I do not move my hand I just spin the turntable put a little bit in the middle
    now wanna take or bone knife or spatula my call it home
    we are gonna ices baby of turntables gonna do
    all the work look gently use a spatula
    talk to it caress it you my friend nice n Easy
    to top first come to the sides
    again slowly and gently greedy
    psychic yoga okay
    well let me tell you something it's harder I ciskei perfectly smooth
    than is the cover this cake and followed up that I can promise you
    we'll get to that in a minute the other trick do I tell people all the time
    people say despondent taste good wall I have about a quarter-inch thick
    I sit around I see this kinda like the group which is going to make the final
    votes tech
    we want to go with dick pic I see didn't in fond of
    and it does not affect the taste the cake at all so right now as I have like
    a little poster board right
    smooth it out their poor the top for were looking for
    now is to be nice level so we put farm no we're not gonna have a problem
    now we're refrigerate this Miller come back and do too fond of
    so they let me go mike takes in the fridge my father already
    I am going to role of for I like going out with cornstarch
    could use powdered sugar absolutely am what's great about
    what up to go is my phone no more descend on stickball your day
    rolling and and comes with different size
    little overall was here and use that this all
    know that movies always for kick coverage it's going to make the font on
    inch dick this toll really really helps you
    for those you don't know if I'm not as come like should've played I'll
    really take shower cake decorating up for all the love of
    see-saw get this all lacy can't even look down
    and see the Warriors a touching the table
    just like that perfect just lifted off
    table make sure it's good smell your cake ready
    gonna do is work take our Father wait for
    right over the cake like that take a smoother
    always with top first place
    nice who long to just kind of like
    Paul increase same time you wanna pull down too much because then it'll
    riff Electric is newest first using falwell
    feel your cake later spent the indicate
    is yours to call for the toll road is
    the harness so for the beginning is out there should
    the Droid 2 do it didn't take problems about three inches tall
    this year's about four-and-a-half finest
    on the cake boss I could do that no tags know you got this nice and smooth
    a stack it up a show you my wishlist
    can because we love you it *** *** Popcorn Movie Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    i think is I'm she ABC Ekpe tonight
    a movie thing completely caramel popcorn
    I love caramel popcorn I think everybody does and so we're going to enjoy this
    delicious cake
    and show you how we made it now this is how the skate it to make a little
    where we going to play birthday boy's neck so got a cap in black fondant
    accent I lies to its hand I'm gonna roll and huh
    out squish need
    go to thing on me because it does need to stay
    slightly upright coming along
    just making it a little bit smaller one direction
    million simply take an exacto crops not
    god damn bit less than a centimetre
    only about a quarter in each and then we just gonna allow this to try
    once s try I'm going to cut it and let it is practiced a boy's name
    %uh gonna little cookie cutters the fun because the names fairly short
    he have a longer than you might decide that you wanna hi with my life
    instead my going for be in at this time
    and then just caitlin is getting a little regal
    and just and he's the end up a paintbrush
    just gently pop much all analysis
    now I'm not to line them up
    first before I could and should one just like get spicy
    vigilant want to have that
    and just take a little bit should google and just lifting up the letters
    very carefully and he spots
    tests and glue and then put them back to him
    ruling out a long p I'm going to use that
    to make a little arrow shape said top the clipboard
    I case and how we have along upon
    that headed up into smaller sections
    we're going to need six in total and basically they don't like bill
    high-rise something online the Moxie
    I can get nice three Indiana an international
    you as well as a little crop not and we're just trying not the ages
    make in touch with some sugar girl
    now asking allow this to dry
    so while I'm clapboard is resting gonna get Donna
    take I'm bank a giant cupcake Cup giant cupcake pan
    and I'm still mired in a little bit and then stacking up until cronkite
    first so the first thing I'm gonna do is just
    take off very very top just to make it a little bit more level
    and then I'm gonna go ahead and put a feeling liar
    now while I'm still cutting
    this particular one I just wanna change shape this time just a touch
    so messed up by taking off the chart and I'm just gonna shade
    damn we did this Texas
    Justin is not quite as much gap between the base and the tall
    an outline take a turntable
    I just want to use these not an easy and Kate plant
    I'm gonna tactic sack and to feel tax
    little bit I
    India never gonna take best shot
    taking second half and then hank
    on top
    talented same again
    for a second one brush up any with crimes
    wanna of the cake and I just gonna set
    on top taking them on a crane can we just get it to you
    nice little crown clutch on the whole cake
    and that will help to see you in the incident dry happens
    thanks I like to try and keep it very very top on
    no uncrowned for as long as possible just to get myself a little spot to hold
    now that I have preached time to get a good coat
    so it's gonna didn't bite and work top
    because we don't want that to be done and limited now popcorn on
    months ago lawman
    which is going to come back and great hit with
    scrapie yeah remembering to keep it a slight
    angle so just one to keep it so that the bottom is a little bit skinny and
    Hall because we use
    beautiful but a crane looking ahead now and cover
    respondents right away now rolling at San
    what on dat am already freemen she might take a little bit earlier
    before it had bought a crane on and needed to be
    about four inches high and and its widest point
    top it around $
    around so wanna make it a little bit wideout
    hola and four inches because only a slight Hakimi
    to make it easier to cover any you have watched out loud pop latham
    right do the same wrapping technique and modeling chocolate
    you know that I just want to give it a little bit helps to do that
    hit from told wuyda too skinny like
    fell into a creek measure and we've got
    no problems there gonna do just come alongside
    create a slight huh
    and they're not coming back in measuring so many now top section T
    she's I'm for about twenty wanted to be on the safe side
    and then I'm gonna measure
    now for Anaheim because I'd rather have too much than too little
    campaign you a slightly smaller rolling pin one of the lucky ones that I E is
    after doing sugar flowers and the small and I'm just gonna roll it up all night
    you know put this up here we can't let go with that products get messy as I do
    the body cream and we just been pressed up against the side of the cake
    trying to make the abortion
    Linea okay now coming
    i'ma so we can see we've got a good article at just gonna
    Rob impressive onto the cake came down and take crops not
    am just gonna treatment back to where they joining
    I can see where the dent yes
    just slowly and gradually cut through that just pressed us together
    now just gonna
    how this did hanging around but I'm just going to you
    given to the press get a feel
    away the top of the cupcake he is and then we just going to trim around
    he worried just how a little bit less you can always keep coming back
    now this is where you can take an assortment
    our last meeting had whatever you want to use to smooth it now
    you know we all know that I love that only what Laxmi this
    company's wholly two-line an just to go around and press
    and make sure that the pond attaching well to the buttercream
    not ruling out some bread
    to make astronauts and I've using a
    laminating sheets which you keep watching Valentino I love these things
    and I like them because something like this you have to make quite a few days
    and me cake decorating sometimes the longest things
    our little things like these waihee comic in a big batch
    drying out and no crack if we get them on Gate II anchee
    from office supply flights and in that way
    he can use that dominated obviously late as like a little pocket
    and it's the handiest being knife and to protect you funded
    so that he can do the section and then chop block
    so now I'm using a Monte proven cut-up if he don't have one
    eighty can use a pizza cutter and just measure across
    out although management are in the materials list down below us to check
    that out
    and I'm just gonna roll and makes them more stripes
    and we need chemo cut the bottom of
    and I just wanna make them about Porsche side
    now taking some sugar glue
    you can be. blew all clear alcohol to do the state
    we won't come along and just put some glue
    onto the cake itself now we know
    we want pre-strike where st. yes could be one hot
    at and then we just gonna come along touching
    abortion slowly going up
    and giving it a little trim on top
    we just might come on always paint ashley blue again
    and then attaching
    and now that would put us drops on get ready to put the right thing on the top
    to do I'm right boorda I'm gonna be easing
    clay extruder I absolutely love these doing right thing
    him on the craft stores there around twenty or thirty dollars
    and this one I actually more than that for because its
    really good makings brand and I love it
    and basically what you need to do is just wall a little sausage
    Avant poppin break up your excess
    and I'm just using the largest circle that they had
    and he just wished
    now to comply
    little bit should lead to the top
    lonely gently arrested
    coming around when you reach the end just wanna give it a little sneak
    where is it with your
    now I lasted nice fund's debt
    is just sad cut to a degree
    and then apply whole out delicious caramel popcorn
    now it's time to stop sprinkling
    tiny advice and we just gonna work our way
    %uh and around
    we can play set clapboard on now that is completely dry
    and eat we have out who the heck if you have a cake idea that you would like to
    see us create
    leave a comment below you can also follow us on Facebook tweeter
    and Instagram and you can't leave this message is on what you would like to see
    in our next lesson *** *** Celebration Beer Barrel Cake - YouTube !!!
    everyone to demonstrate this year they're OK and you can actually risen
    here so we had to start off I have my pistachio cake batter and I'm going to
    inch round cake pans with parchment paper and fill them with my
    pistachio cake batter and I'm going to make these at
    degrees for about

    minutes you'll know when the cake is ready when a toothpick inserted in
    the center comes out clean while it takes a cool and I am boiling one and a
    half cups of water with two and a half to three cups of sugar and I'm letting
    do get to die hard ball stage we're going to use the sugar mixture to make
    some sugar ice cubes for our cake if you don't have a candy thermometer you'll
    know when the sugar mixture is ready when you drop the ball into cold water
    and it stays brittle in the cold water when the sugar mixture reaches the heart
    bastage immediately poured onto an ice cube tray make sure that you greased ice
    cube tray with vegetable shortening I used vegetable spray and it kind of
    colored my ice cubes yellow in the end so you might want to stick with white
    vegetable shortening if you want to keep might clear ice cubes and also at this
    point if you want to add color or colors such as blue color the ice cubes any
    other color you can add that now then poured onto the ice cube tray and let it
    cool in the fridge not that my kids have completely cooled I have leveled them
    and I'm going to fill them and stack them
    I insert my dolls for the bottom of the cake and I continue onto the top part of
    my cake what I did for the top part of my cake is when I leveled it for three
    of the layers I cut out a six inch circle in the center of each case so
    that we have a big indentation in the middle then I stacked and I saw them
    together after I've cum coated fault cakes with my buttercream I am stacking
    them together and then I'm going to give them a final layer coating of chocolate
    ganache the ganache that's a better and firmer than butter cream so it's good to
    use it for sculpted cakes and kicks are you really want to hold their shape if
    your gonna start to get to harder clumpy Deborah spatula and warm water and that
    should soften it up a bit once they finish has said it's time to start
    rolling up the fun didn't so I'm holding off some brown fondant I'm going to
    start by covering this cake and sections so I start off by covering the top part
    of the cake first if the ganache is too hard just grab a brush and some water
    and brushed over the cake before applying the fondant over it I am role
    in the funding over the cake and pressing into the hole so that it gets
    inside the indentations and into all the creases and an unjust smoothing it out
    with my hands I've measured out how wide and long I need the strip funding to
    cover the perimeter of my cake and I'm going to do this in two sections what
    I'm doing right now is describing a little fun didn't rule and creating some
    wood grain detail on to the funded
    I start off by rolling one half of this trip over one-half of the bottom part of
    the cake and then I rolled other half over the other part of the King one that
    completely covered the cake and smooth the fund an hour I am driving my little
    fun tonight and create and strips around the barrel so that it looks like actual
    wood strips around the cake then with some food colors that I've mixed up I
    mixed up some brown copper and burgundy I've dilute it with a little bit of
    almond extract and I am just brushing this around the cake to give it all
    really nice stained wood color to give it a little more life and a little sheen
    to it I am spraying it with some gold color mist spray from Wilton then I'm
    gonna be my black joke color and just rushing around randomly to give it a
    nice distressed look now with some black fondant I created from thin strips and
    I'm going to add one at the top
    leave in a half inch of space and at the bottom leave in a half into space as
    well with the end of my background piping tip I'm adding circles around the
    barrel and I've added a nice little Victorian looking label in the center of
    the front of the case
    now since I have been setting up in the fridge for quite a while I'll let them
    out at room temperature for about 10 minutes and they should pop right out I
    did spray the train with vegetable oil they're kind of oil these funds is going
    to put them in on that and just wipe off all that oil I've also made some sugar I
    start fun just going to break it into little pieces now I'm going to add my
    ice shards and ice to inside of the barrel
    for a final touch I made some ropes and I'm to spraying them with a little bit
    of gold colored spray and I am going to add this as the border for the bottom of
    the cake
    are beautiful beer barrel is complete then they label which you can add
    whatever you want their fit for a birthday or any time and any preparation
    you can add that I'm the little label we made the beautiful ice cubes made out of
    sugar never melt and we gave it that ninety wood grain texture it looks like
    an actual beer barrel have left to do now is your favorite beer or wine bottle
    of champagne bio anything one adding here finishing touch
    things *** *** A Day at the Beach Sand Pail Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    know summer is upon us and I have the perfect summer cake for you we are gonna
    a couple at beach back its in the San everything to make each other think so.
    for on top wanna so to start we need some RAM case
    I have a fix it ran here any five-inch around
    okay so we're going to make a small bucket here and then I've got a sixth
    and aid in a minute steak over here you can also we have a
    have a seventy
    age I'm but it doesn't really matter we're going to start down
    me okay self start with the small ones
    may just get the top of here
    and turn making it level
    you need a round circle the places I'm
    I have a six inch car point here just for a little bit about a clean my and
    people here you can either cut these in half in film if you want you just need
    to make sure that you have a really good
    stiff buttercream damn for the feeling and just remember
    you are gonna card in a little bit so don't get the feeling too close to the
    I'm just gonna use and just like this
    sand between
    get on the cake and not on my hands be helpful
    has been a little bit banking
    pain again this when you could go ahead in UK to
    of illness also you want case I just gonna put this on top
    and I need car deanne
    dissing up
    I of
    K get some these rap it is here
    weekend he said forget covering these
    and rolled fondant so just SAT and yet trumka
    basically a pic compote buttercream start on top
    me and Heather icing flew over the edge stem science
    make exactly sliding a little bit on that board once you get the buttercream
    down to the base
    it'll help prevent you keep from sliding Nikki already know I had a little bit
    about a claim under needs to signing
    okay so I'm guessing about that where you indicate scraper like best
    at an angle income and the end
    and then come in from outside
    come back okay so at this point we're just wanna go
    that go ahead and stick it in the freezer for about
    minutes let's set
    it will go ahead and give it one more smooth over and while that's in the
    freezer will go ahead not will cover next
    didn't seem
    0 *** *** How to make a Double Barrel Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** How to make Cakepops! NEW IMPROVED Cake Pop Recipe! Firm, stable and perfect for 3D Cakepops! - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to kpop recipe let me show you how to make this gorgeous
    really study and really stable chocolate flavored cake pop get started now the
    base ingredients for a cake pops recipe today we've got some dark chocolate
    we've got some within cranes that's good about a
    percent milk fat it is quite
    a heavy cream in at the top of cream you'd normally whip to use with the
    dessert that's the basic strike a proper ingredients along with al-qaida no I'm
    gonna leave all of your measurements in quantities in the Description box below
    I'm just using cupcake today because they always break through so I always
    got plenty around you can also use a whole cake or even a store-bought cake
    for this because I'm gonna turn them into some gorgeous little cake pops as
    we go through this tutorial I also got some sprinkles I've got some jeff is
    which are a lien chocolate but you can also use red M&Ms or red peanut M&Ms for
    a similar somali pop sticks the melted dark chocolate for dipping I've got a
    microwave-safe bowl and just a couple of spoons so let's get started now the
    first thing we going to do to make a cake pop mix is going to take that
    chocolate dipped into the bowl and we're just going to pull of the cream over the
    top of that cream in that regard off into the microwave for a minute I'm
    going to migrate that for one minute and then stir and then another minute and
    then stir until the cream and chocolate is completely dissolved and that
    chocolate has completely melted through the crane but do make sure you just do
    it for one minute intervals on just a medium-high speed in the microwave
    that's what it looks like after a first minute so just take his food and just
    gently stirred around so you can see that chocolate melting
    and starting to really blend in through that cream give it a good stir until you
    are happy that your total you can and then it goes back into the microwave for
    another minute after a second minute in the microwave
    this is what you've got now I'm pretty happy that that's cool going to melt
    through nicely so don't be tempted to our microwave it make sure that you do
    give it a really good staring between you don't want to burn that chocolate
    Minister that I'm pretty confident that all those lumps and bumps are going to
    come out this cake recipe is one of my absolute favorite we have made cake pops
    in the past with buttercream and they work and they're fantastic recipe but
    I've been making them with Nash lately just because it's a lot sicker and it's
    it's a lot fairness are rather than getting that really sweet frosting
    tastes of your regular butter cream cake pops what you end up with a really rich
    5g kpop always more like a truffle and it just seems to hold its shape a lot
    better it's really good for the different shaped cake pops so you're
    sort of different characters and things like that that we make on a channel my
    cupcake addiction if you wanna see some great cake decorating tutorials but it's
    also recipe make sure you head on over to a channel insist you charles finished
    and have a look we've got nora many great ideas for decorating your cake
    pops alright so I'm happy that my kind of good nationalist you there is not and
    smooth so I'm gonna put that off to the side until we're ready to use it now
    here comes the mint tea pots and make sure that you've got clean dry hand if
    you're using a full take just chop it up into smaller portion it's just gonna
    help to get a little bit easier to crumble up so I dislike take the two
    cakes and just crumble them together you can crumble them in your head
    easier to sort of use one cake to crumble another it's a little bit
    quicker you can also just pop all of this together in a food processor and
    blend it up until it's fully combined but not everyone's got a food processor
    I like to do it both ways here if you want to make sure that cake is really
    nice and finally crumbled in your bowl before you go adding any of that can I
    show I'm happy that I've got a really nice find crime there with my cake so
    now it's gonna be a simple as taking your chocolate and cream mixture and
    just pouring it over
    know about two-thirds of it in and this is because the amount of cake you're
    going to have is going to vary slightly depending on how driver had cake is so
    light about to turn around and just have a look at that consistency so what you
    looking for is you want to combine it all but what you want is a consistency
    where you gonna be able to roll into balls and it's going to be able to kind
    of hold its shape you can really add too much when it comes to get but just to be
    on the safe side just that little bit the EU consistencies coming up and you
    can see that cake is just sucking in all of that cream and chocolate mixture
    alright so to test your makes just grab a little bit of a chunk there and just
    press it between your fingers history of compact a little bit and then roll it in
    the palm of your hand if it sticks quite easily you can see them on sticking but
    it is just crumbling a bit if it sticks and pulled the ball shape quite easily
    give it a couple of rolls then it's ready to guard but on months is cracking
    little bit it's not quite there yet so I am good at in the rest of my gonna get
    national great because when it refrigerated and when it is actually
    really quiet firms not like a chocolate truffle chocolate but it helps to keep
    the firmness of York a football which improves stability when you're dipping
    and decorating and reduces the risk of cracking and falling off the stick which
    is probably the main problem is people seem to have with cake pops I know right
    now you've got this is really dark mix and you can see how those cake crumbs
    halved in size so you really absorbed all of that gorgeous cash if you have
    any trouble rolling your polls put the whole mix in the fridge for about
    fifteen minute then bring it back out and stop rolling sometimes it can just
    be a little bit to warm our little bit too moist and you just need to give it a
    little time in the fridge to firm up you're starting to roll your different
    shapes different balls and you're not having any luck to get in the fridge
    fifty-minute bring it out and I almost guarantee
    you'll have withdrawn whatever I'm going to put in the fridge with a little bit
    of parchment paper or baking paper cuz they do stick when they're sitting and
    now I'm just going to take just a bit of a spoonful so I've got a tablespoon of
    about I guess a decent tbsp on a cake pop sizes are going to bury you can see
    there when I roll that really nice holds its shape beautifully roles are really
    nice ball now don't worry if not a perfect bowl shape at this stage it can
    get a little bit of a flat bottom is it said anyway and then we can reform bad
    shape so you wanna rock wall of the pic couples and I'm gonna put them off into
    the fridge for about
    minutes just so they can firm up well I guess that it
    can be messy work but if you're making these kids they can absolutely love it
    because he doesn't like to get a little bit messy with the kids while cooking so
    I'm gonna take those people put them in the refrigerator up to
    minutes and
    then I'm gonna bring the matter to shake him perfectly and dip them in decorate
    their comeback from the fridge and you ok couples and now feeling firm to the
    touch of a not completely sold you don't want them to be refrigerated for hours

    minutes at the most is enough but what I push they don't easily push
    out of shape they want and not as good a little bit of a flat bottom on the
    bottom of your cake pops so you want to just take them in your hand and just
    reshape them as you roll them into really nice bowls I'm just rocking them
    around a rolling them around in the palm of my hand and making them into quite a
    nice bowl now they don't have to be perfect and they don't have to be
    exactly sized but if I do have one to four you won't capable it don't make
    them too big so too often people very great be cake pops but once you enter
    decorations in about
    percent extra thought you kind of think that that's
    about the size that I think you should baby then UNLV decoration and end up
    being gigantic if they're too big to be too heavy and they'll fall of the stick
    so you want something a bit smaller than ago about ping pong ball sized
    the general idea of those bowls and has given that lovely
    round smooth shape I won't worry too much better in the rest of them and now
    it's time to get dipping and decorating
    pop sticks and you gonna take your ball I most like to use the bottom been
    sitting on the train it's not just a tiny tiny bit flatter so just give it
    that stick and just put about a centimeter of that chocolate on a stick
    man take the stick and push it into the bottom of the cake couple just over half
    way so you can say that they've got this not a choclate CEO so underneath it that
    I can attract I'm gonna put it back into the fridge for a further
    that's just going to let that chocolate feels that the children feel is very
    important and it's kind of what holds everything together so you want to make
    sure that your job is looking lovely and firm for you go decorating alright so
    we're back from the fridge or the Fraser River you've decided to set your cake
    balls and you know this because this little sealed will be completely phone
    to touch when you touch it shouldn't trip there should be absolutely no
    stickiness to your chocolates and will be completely firm completely set you
    want to take your chocolate now I just given that another mark wave just to
    make sure that it is really not in fluid and you going to take you capable and
    we're just going to keep it straight into the center and I liked just rotator
    know whenever you duplicate purple you want to make sure that your chocolate
    dipping into goes over that chocolate seal that you've just said in the phrase
    up and that's just to make sure that it's all completely encased now you want
    to top it off and you also want to turn it so you want to tap your rate not the
    actual stick itself you don't attack to hide ya and I think having a rotating
    the pope like this just gonna give you a nice even distribution of chocolate and
    its gonna make sure the chocolate drips off in a nice even wet so you can let
    that you can decorate with maybe some different colored chocolate or some
    candy mountain climbing to show you just a really quick and easy decoration
    technique through really fast
    EV kids birthdays baby showers could include anything you can think of this
    is a great kapok decorating techniques so I'm happy
    pretty well starting to set but it's not set yet so depending on what you want to
    do you might have to work
    relatively quickly here is a polystyrene block to say it might take populist
    arrested in what city you can also use flower farm or something like that and
    that actual cake book stands on the market so now I'm gonna take much
    sprinkles and understand a sprinkle them on just the top half of my cake pop
    around cherry jeff is already M&Ms and just sit on top I'm gonna finish that
    off with a lovely ribbon and you can see there what you end up with absolutely
    delightful a gorgeous simple simple little cake pop I hope you guys enjoyed
    watching this tutorial as much as I've enjoyed making it for you today and I
    hope this cake toppers will become your new favorite thanks very much for
    watching *** ***