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Banana roll with cheesecake filling how to make

Banana roll with cheesecake filling how to make

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    Edible Images for Cakes - YouTube !!!
    INS's general
    cupcakes in part
    dot com and today I am here to show you how to work with
    edible images enable icing sheets we
    have been using in our hate Kate making extravaganzas not even going through
    um companies products called I see
    images and there are many out there is the sole owner
    you've been trying so hard to have a positive have had a positive experience
    with it
    we just want to tell you a little bit about what you need to do
    if you want to get into using edible aids and adult beverages
    to at a little bit of flair to your cupcakes or cake
    and cookies US law so the first thing that she needs to get yourself
    is a brand spanking new pressure
    and the reason for that is obviously you can't speak company through
    is already gone through because until you find pastors
    not be a good thing I don't think you have a large business
    but before you purchase yours
    he found arm can not work well you have to make sure
    yes the 8 cartridges are compatible with the tight
    page by his law love that it will take arches
    will work with all the pressures that are out on the market
    and this is a regular this is a regular

    look exactly the same when you get your
    8 cartridges the the instructions will tell you how sexual creatures
    you have of output on your knee whatever that means
    until right now just follow the instructions the beach cruiser look much
    one thing that we have found was pretty with Natalie
    is your images on a computer screen isn't always necessarily what comes out
    preacher the colors tend to be a little tiny bit of
    I was just be aware that is your match face places are one of I'm
    and found that pretty people all it just puts little slight little changed
    but obviously working with your picture to its fine
    is notes that so what's up next after that
    you've got your friendship compatible if you had a lady the next thing you need
    to move to
    is order and yourself some edible
    sheets so I see images
    what we thought so far are regular
    eight-and-a-half by lovin site she's they come
    in this neck of steals also visit law
    tight day it's important to keep say post all times
    ski thriller balance sheets
    from air we also have legal size
    lines when I statements for you sheik H of
    pass keys and this one is eight hot

    so already started
    today just show you a little bit is
    own a regular sized
    and a half I love small she CPC
    that just looks like regular peace paper I was very fresh lc
    careful we had course break of summer she's just one analyst
    on as it was a fragile P so art
    see on slide into your printer just as if you will a regular sheets
    rate for it route itself and the first
    image going to be true today going to print today
    is this one I'll
    one of our clients wanted to give a surprise
    his funds so
    all I have to do here set up is press
    friends and fingers crossed hopefully everything works
    so the rhesus
    and wait group predicts that
    on silly images sup from you
    you wanna be careful not to touch the eight-part
    as is West it doesn't use it for a little while to dry
    you're going to grab hold it especially with this
    hit doing it's going to be cut off around that
    round circle punch 9-inch round cake mister savitz's
    I and let it dry next up
    we are going to keep rates
    large eight-and-a-half
    image for another client
    are gonna do a close up for you so we're just gonna get set up
    we'll be right back so now loaded the french-german
    the larger a for size paper now we're going to print
    up this new image means
    as you can see
    you can get absolute an amazing
    quality picture I'll
    me and wallpaper you can put on top
    I'll okay customized for any
    business I do have to say person that doesn't feel she worked for this company
    is absolutely
    very talented another job this is sunny image
    so there's a couple other things I just wanted to let you know before
    I'm we finish haha review I see images
    we do we have the problem that the
    has claw number time see you will have to be cleaning up
    print you present lots of cleaning mass has to happen you have to run me through
    many many times to make sure that s it is being used
    and must do be due to the fact that they ages and abilities
    natural products inside your not that technical stuff this here around
    also online enquiry I Hatter
    contact customer service to find out about the product and a email
    I was in the day so I have to say their customer service
    I see images was outstanding and I was very helpful does
    very proud please see how hopeful
    out they were even though they're located down
    States so what's up next
    is we're going to show you how to put the escalated onto the cake
    London hours I've cut out the edible image
    into circled matchmaking eighty and the next step is really quite easy all you
    have to do
    is peel the image away
    from the backing quite simple
    and it just feels just like a heavy piece of paper
    and then you just wanna lineup where you want your image to go on your case
    new can smooth it out with the violence in their captain have loopholes
    and then where I'm going to do next is unwilling to pipe on
    a border and will be back to show you so here's the finished product over animal
    image cover Katy
    finishing off with a row border out a little bit over an extra touch
    so I hope that you enjoyed learning a new track and a new
    tool to add to your arsenal well you're decorating cakes
    so this was a review on edible images
    using edible ink and edible sheets and we review the company
    I see images and overall are very happy with them and their product
    thanks for watching remember to subscribe to our
    YouTube channel and we'll see you next time *** *** Edible Printing 101 by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Joe from facing car you know
    com we have some video on edible printing
    on our channel and we get so many questions from our viewers that we
    thought it might be best if we started from scratch
    and did some videos on the basic edible printing
    so today we're going to be going through the equipment what you're going to need
    and how to start you're able crazy it's not something that you'd like to get
    so we're going to be using somehow I see images products
    and we're going to be starting for right now
    so wat is set to begin at all pretty you want to make sure that you start with a
    brand new printer
    today we're using a Canon Pixma mg

    now before you go and purchase a printer you want to make sure that
    edible ink cartridges are available that are compatible with the printer you're
    looking to buy
    if you need a list of those types of compatible cartridges in printers
    just checking I see images dot com and they've got that list there for you
    so messed up I'm gonna move to me so these are the edible ink cartridges and
    they are filled with special food coloring
    and they go into the printer just the same as any cartridge would
    and I'll show you that in a little bit I'm if you find that you're doing a lot
    of printing rather than re buying the cartridges each time
    you can buy these bottles which are refill inks
    and they come up this nozzle attachment on the top and to refill cartridges
    all you have to do is just pop up this little tiny rubber pup
    and then turned the nozzle down there get a squeeze and Philip up so it's as
    easy as that
    so next I i wanna talk about the frosting sheets so the ice sheet we have
    here today are from
    I see images dot com and they come in a field day
    and you want to make sure you keep them sealed as they may dry out
    if you don't if you leave okay so what these go through there basically just
    edible paper and they go through your printer just like a regular pizza
    at the back isn't just a clear kind of transparency backing
    and that he'll of once you're ready to put your image
    onto your K and when the image was on speak a
    it on bonds with the sugar whether using fun enter buttercream
    and it just becomes one and you can't even tell that it's um
    an additional piece %uh UK so it messed up I'm going to show you how to put the
    into the printer okay so solo EP cartridges all you have to do is pull
    this tab here and then you wanna turn it over
    and just gently take off this plastic one
    now if you see a little bit a bubbling you just want to tap it slightly
    is so you just don't make a mess inside your prince had here
    and I'm just going to you slide it in ok
    and then just press it down and there you have it
    so I'm you want to make sure that with these I seeing
    I'm with the edible ink cartridges there is an expiry date on them so you just
    want to be aware that
    and what we found is that we have to run it
    once a week to stop it from clogging so i really suggest you do that
    and also way it doesn't clog because it does sometimes do that
    I'll the first thing we try is that we run the printing
    cleaning cycle which is on the printer I'm and if that doesn't work then we go
    to a steamer
    and star third thing is what we have to do we look at
    is um changing out the printhead so
    those are a couple things that you can do if you find that your
    I'm cartridges are clogged now
    we also will be doing a couple upcoming videos
    on how to print with the edible printer and how to decorate a cake
    with what we've printed on the icing sheets so make sure you stay tuned for
    those because we're excited to make those for you
    I'm these products came from I see images dot com
    so if you've got any questions you can check them out for more information I
    see images stock combo put the link
    in the show notes below for you so once again everyone thanks for watching we
    love to hear what you've
    got to say to us to leave us a comment and you can find us on it
    Google+ Twitter and Facebook see you next time *** ***