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Polish honey cake how to make

Polish honey cake how to make

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    My Little Pony Princess Cadance & Celestia Have Cake Tea Party with Cupcakes Playset - YouTube !!!
    could use world well today looks like a perfect day to have a tea party so what
    do you say Princess Celestia would you like to join me for a tea party I would
    love to like Princess Celestia Princess Kate it you little tea party in the best
    way ever looks like it is adorable
    actually opens up you will open up to reveal this beautiful little table
    setting that is fit for the most beautiful beautiful young teen party the
    whole entire world get lichty pop art decal
    open our little take place at here is our place open everything it up if
    everything in the back door accessories are little tea party that teapot
    but others can't forget about our little presents hanging on the wall here to
    party birthday party so let this crap so literally as we have durable kick it is
    so I'm Anna whatever this case it's just like so tightly linked to this big case
    it's all on the top so it's decorated in these beautiful light pastel colors
    watch it plays music opera cake opening get this party started and check out the
    awesome easy credit here we go
    slow boots for them now to see each other
    chair at least serving but we've got a yummy pot of tea
    but spark up for
    Princess Celestia Luna Park up to Princess Kate I have lots and lots and
    lots of sugar to at this party for some sugary new T Buckley Princess Celestia
    this sure is lovely actually makes brewing noises when you place it on the
    little teapot lid on the table in the Sugar Bowl XLIV when you place it on the
    senate to celebrate with some cake and ice cream that sounds wonderful that a
    bunch of sliced yummy vanilla cake right here on this little platter I got to a
    place with a hard-fought served with a slice of cake and a child got me scoop
    of vanilla ice cream YUM
    here we go for Princess Celestia place the cake and ice cream place the tape
    from Princess Kate it would seem particularly on the bottom of the plate
    at the yummy yummy dessert in printed right on
    good make sure you save room for the gingerbread cookies gingerbread cookies
    that's right we've got three little gingerbread could step we're gonna add
    to our yummy yummy tea party last year you should try and win one of the arms
    or maybe the head maybe later I'm going to have some of my cake and ice cream
    first lovely pressures one more thing missing in this absolutely adorable cake
    tea party is a party presents right here that are just waiting to be opened up
    for little rap gets presence present at the Tea Party leader minute is Pinkie
    Pie here
    of course I wanted to join in on the super awesome party as well
    superfund Tea Party we better get PDF a slice of cake and a gingerbread cookie
    party *** *** Mother's Day Gravity Defying Miniature Tea Set & Macarons Cupcakes - How to by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
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    nice min *** *** Play Doh Tink Bell Pixie Party Table from Disney Fairies Toy Collection Strawberry Cake Desert - YouTube !!!
    are you in the club hey guys looking back to dee Zee TV this is Kaley and
    today I'm gonna be opening up team victory party table this place that
    includes a Tinkerbell doll a lady bag at sea party table tapes into chairs let's
    open a nap and take it out
    here's a closer look at our team
    she has a cute little petal dress on green glittery wing and green pom-pom
    clickers these chairs are so cute they look like a broken teacup and they have
    green and glittery just like
    fleeing and here's the key little ladybug cute
    here is the teapot and teacup they are also green to match the chairs and
    they're teeny tiny and here is the key little teacup is only as big as my pinky
    finger now
    party table the cool thing about this table is when you push this job very
    they can't change it changes from three parties to a birthday party here it's
    kind of funny I was trying to make think about sit down with that she could have
    her chair but she doesn't really fit down maybe I'll just have to fly around
    and walk around or something
    ladybug convert down now well kinda way to sit down and be hard for you to read
    to keep the world is just too big for me I know ladybug
    we can make her in the air we can make her booster chair at a point O
    gonna make them live in the russians work like the question then
    around still right in the middle
    now a debug can be chaired tea and cake I just think about goods and down any
    doubt he just around make sure everybody has a nasty well maybe we can make
    another friend out of Plato really about to have to idea I like to have let's
    make a hedgehog around
    and ladybug first you'll need to different colors of
    Plato I'm using pink and purple make them both into little balls one smaller
    than the other
    the darker colored play dough to be the largest size for the lighter color
    played out
    use your fingers to paint the end and his nose now offer the purple play dough
    and roll it out
    using my pizza cutter dual I'm going to cut the purple piano and belongs to it
    then you don't cut but I'm trying I'm 15 of us Triple Play Doh did it with two
    more steps then you can wrap it tightly strapped around the body of the Hedgehog
    now I'm just going to make I know and now using the purple played out again
    and hear you I little hedgehog friend let's see how he fits in the chair I
    think he's gonna need a booster chair too
    there we go
    I'm so glad you could join us right to lead and just wait till you tried to
    escape like anyone if police ok you guys I hope you had fun taking out team sixty
    party table with me leave me a comment and let me know your favorite part is
    about this place at my favorite is the teacup chairs if you like to see more
    videos I think about click on the thumbs up this is kami for DTC think so often
    played how to make videos *** *** How to Decorate Wedding Cake Tables - YouTube !!!
    hi my name is Kerry Wood and I'm the owner and leave the details to me about
    leading consulting here in Austin Texas I'm here to talk to you about how to
    decorate your cake table
    some of the items you might need to decorate your cake table are
    Christmas lights voters in candles
    in white or clear you're toasting flutes
    and your top UK to critique a table is is
    something that's a little tricky because you think you wanna do cousin decoration
    a brain
    attention to your cake table really you like eight your cake table as simple and
    as soft
    and as elegant as you can because you spend a whole bunch of money on wedding
    and grooms cake you really want your cake and your groom's cake to be the
    so I often tell my bride to make sure that they keep their
    wedding cake table simple in color quite
    or cream or a soft color and another great thing to do with the cake table is
    take twinkle lights and actually place them underneath
    the linen to make sure your lawn and ripped completely to the floor
    and then you just simply place on the floor underneath the table
    simple white Christmas lights there five dollars at your local craft store
    a couple of strings to bring around your cake table
    another great cake table idea is actually William
    place your rental order for your cake tables is
    tech actually ask your rental company to give you wanna on wheels
    because them when it's time to cut your cake your wedding planner however your
    menu planner is
    can and their staff can wield the cake out on the dance floor
    which is a great place to cut your cake because that everyone can see you and
    you can use whatever decoration you've got going on around the room to use as a
    it makes for a fantastic photographs another fantastic thing to do on K
    tables is
    candles lots and lots of soft white lighting
    simple clear votives that are inexpensive you can find them at the
    dollar store
    with simple white candles to showcase the cake table
    another great thing is to teach make sure that you're toasting flutes are on
    your cake table
    and also I recommend using your Tosca K and water to
    your bridesmaids bouquets and just gently placed those around the
    add to the table to give some floral and some collar tier cake table
    and my name is
    carry again I'm from Austin Texas and I'm here to help you on how to decorate
    your wedding cake table *** *** How to Arrange an Afternoon Tea Table - Formal Table Layout for the Perfect Hostess 1940s - YouTube !!!
    your have
    social function Africa returning Peter Frampton home in very enjoyable custom
    and saw what happened traditions
    these rooms are not arbitrary but have grown on the way should
    each woman to please her friend Johnson
    an amusing of white men and craft for the people is considered getting crime
    I might cry are on embroidered croc for one Italian cock work is preferable
    him at it is better suited to the time occasion crime crackdown thing that your
    friends can enjoy
    you showing off her likeness might happen you're gonna
    every consideration the Crocker spread much greater
    no not at this time Anaheim evenly at this time
    centerpiece the flowers is low and the colors harmonize with the roster
    rearrangement the crime
    Karen problems are given to arranging the table
    have been given to me issuing the invitation
    to the try some rest and the preparation on the phone
    joan is unsure of what type of candelabra should be use
    Martinez reminder that can go should not be placed on the table now
    I'm wrestling on to be right and use that as the principal right
    that's necessary in pension
    candelabra are chosen which are not too high
    and which will hold enough campbell's to furnish sufficient light
    the candelabra time and place where they will like the table and get not
    interfere with the
    serving not placement the exact
    and for metrical giving a feeling of balance in the design of the arrangement
    exact missing details
    now tremendously and giving the final impression
    after faction car
    team is not the only drank that may be served as a team
    copy may be offered up on and
    service need not be himself over China where maybe use
    and replacing the peace that the first requirement is the very practical wanna
    putting things where they may be reached and use with the news
    the rules and that a good on this that's always practical and logical
    the reason behind he truly is not hard to find
    you are creating others as you would want them to treat you
    the car will happen earn conveniently
    at her right the cream and sugar at her lap
    convenient for the gas to work for the team is kept in mind in the place in the
    to Jonathan just sure where the cops
    should go by putting herself in the powers place and starting the poor
    easily finds the most logical location for the cup
    at the right gonna have always been strong practicality
    and consideration for others June
    should not put her hand into a cup from which someone else will drink she
    shouldn't back the cup so they might topple
    that the most Cup should be stacked only
    too high for a better yet not fact that all
    these are simple matters but they have more on accident and embarrassment now
    not priced when I got my reverie pick one up receive a couple hot priyamani
    and still not have to move that around to reach the food that is offered
    afrikaner under the table my plates and cups are arranged in the same way
    perhaps teen will be served at
    and coffee happy hour are on the table arrangement are
    same rapid to and balance animus way
    the symmetry of the design is mankind proctor the arrangement
    will added sure to the program fact in making the completed cable
    max problem joan is concerned with is not placing a
    from and napkin she wonders if there are rules as to where they should be priced
    and if they should be placed in very particular way
    and of course the answer is yes they should not be
    backdoor piled up might be playing family and staggered forties and picking
    them up
    napkins and have been for Mac that are
    happy napkins which match the tablecloth and their arrangement that way
    after the attractive appearance at the home table and rearrangement take shape
    we feel that we are being guided by to principles
    minus the practical concern about serving food and drink
    we have our is a matter showing confederation
    Moraga on one hand we want our gas to enjoy dinner sandwiches NP
    without Manning serving interfere with their conversation
    and enjoyment one another's company on the other hand
    we won't be arrangement graphically pleasing as a tribute to our friend
    rectangles strike down firmly fixed will give intimate life
    Rahman friendly tone the flowers will
    their color and fragrance not known also will be
    the my prime sandwiches and cakes that are pleasing to the eye
    as well as to the tape microphone are well
    but not overflowing it is a simple matter to bring another plate when one
    of these is empty
    talk to replenish wanna mad measures have not thought candies
    and now on our table arrangement is almost complete we may begin to attack
    on South to see that
    everything is in writing a and in proper order
    Africa arrive in
    see the table weller first impression we wanna
    orderliness simplicity good time related on notice that the arrangement is also
    practical and efficient mapping omitted
    such as prices have lemon for those who prefer it to cream and sugar
    me when are being sure that the draft can with the greatest with convenience
    and without interrupting our conversation with friends step to the
    table pick up a napkin plate and spoon
    acceptor couple team from the poor trapper she moves along the table
    helping herself to ram into the maps or can be
    random sandwiches okay and can't we be sure that she will enjoy the flowers and
    the Campbells you to find cropland night napkin
    yeah crock misimpressions
    as proper table arrangement that ratio are coming from
    good thing and friendliness *** *** Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess Castle & Play Doh Tea Party - YouTube !!! *** *** HOW TO MAKE A PIZZA CAKE ft Grace Helbig - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it’s Grace! Grace: Yay!
    Ro: From, It’s Grace. Grace: Perfect!
    Ro: I’ll put your links down below, she has an awesome channel, you guys should go
    Ro: check it out. And, she’s a fellow author. Grace: Huh, yes!
    Ro: I have her book right here!
    Ro: There is a section in here all about food. Grace: Yes, it’s um, it’s a loose
    Grace: cooking section, yes. Ro: It’s yummy! My favorite recipe is the one that
    Ro: combines Mac and Cheese and Nachos!
    Grace: It’s hard to hate that recipe… Ro: Is it called a mon, a ma-na…
    Grace: Mac-Achos. Ro: Mac-Achos. Grace: Mac-Achos, rolls off the tongue!
    Ro: Yes! Well, speaking of yummy food, we got so many requests from you guys
    Ro: to make a pizza cake, and, I thought you guys were talking about a
    Ro: cake that looks like a pizza, which is what I made before, but then some of you
    Ro: were saying, no, no, no Ro, the other one!
    Grace: Pizza, that looks like a cake!
    Ro: Yes! So today, that’s what we’re gonna make you guys.
    Both: Let’s get started!
    Ro: The things you will need, will be: 4 tubes of pizza crust, I will also
    Ro: put a link down below if you’d like to make your pizza crust from scratch,
    Ro: I have a really yummy recipe. But, if you’re in a hurry, or you want to
    Ro: save some time, these are a really good option because they will roll flat
    Ro: and you can cut out all your shapes really quickly.
    Ro: You’ll also need pepperonis, mozzarella cheese, and a can of pizza sauce.
    Grace: You’ll also need: Cooking spray, a knife… Ro: Mmmhmmm!
    Grace: A cutting board, a baking sheet, and an
    Grace: high sides and a removable bottom.
    Ro: Now let’s put it all together!
    Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do is open up our pizza crust tubes and
    Ro: lay them flat across the baking pans.
    Grace: OK, this is one of my favorite parts! Oh you twist it? I do the peel.
    Ro: How do you… Oh! Grace: Peel it and then hopefully it pops.
    Ro: Oh, right where it says peel and pop?!?!
    Grace: Peel and… Ro: How did, how did you do that?
    Grace: I’m sorry, we hardly know each other, I know this is very aggressive.
    Ro: How do you? Grace: And then you, Ah! Happy New Year!
    Ro: Oh my gosh that’s so cool!
    Grace: We missed a step, we need to spray some cooking oil into our pans!
    Ro: Yeah, let’s do that, OK.
    Ro: I feel like I should do that for you, you’re like…
    Grace: Look! Ha-ha! Modern woman!
    Grace: Here you go.
    Ro: Ah! Grace: Ahhhh!
    Grace: My favorite kind of science, is dough exploding out of a tube, hello buddy!
    Ro: Oooooh! OK! Grace: Now what do we do? We’re rolling it this?
    Ro: Here, OK, so you just roll it out so it’s the full length of the pans.
    Ro: Roll ‘em out like a rug. Grace: Oh, like a rug! Ro: There we go!
    Ro; And you just want to make sure to make it as flat as possible!
    Grace: OK!
    Ro: A dough band! Grace: Yeah!
    Grace: Now we’re gonna pop these in the oven for
    Grace: and then take ‘em out.
    Ro: And we’re gonna do one more pan, so we’ll have
    Ro: We just popped our crust out of the oven, and it’s still warm, and now
    Ro: We’re gonna cut out
    into each, so you’re gonna take your pan
    Ro: and pop out the bottom. Grace: Removable bottom!
    Ro: OH! Um… Grace: No time for Music Ro!
    Ro: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I just like it!
    Ro: OK, you’re gonna take your little circle, you’re gonna place it at the end,
    Ro: and your sharp cutting knife. Grace: Wow. Ro: And just be careful, and just
    Ro: cut out a circle. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
    Grace: Oh! Ro: Like so!
    Ro: We’ve got our circles cut out and now you’re gonna peel off the excess.
    Grace: Oooooh! Ro: And these make good snacks! Grace: Huh!
    Ro: Look! We got out pizza… Pizza pie…. Oh!
    Grace: So now we’re gonna throw our circles back on our baking sheet, put them
    Grace: back in the
    degree oven for 3-4 more minutes!
    Grace: So our circles are done and they are cooling and now we are going to make
    Grace: the sides of the pizza cake.
    Ro: So what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna open another tube of crust.
    Grace: I can do this. Ro: Grace I’ll have you do it because you’re really good at it!
    Grace: Thank you, it’s the cheapest form of therapy there is!
    Ro: Just rip off the paper, give it a pop. Grace: Ahhhhhh!
    Grace: Hoooh!
    Ro: Then we’re gonna roll out the dough again.
    Ro: Now we’re gonna use this as a guideline. Grace: So where am I cutting?
    Ro: Uh, about right here, and just go all the way down.
    Ro: So we’re gonna cut two long strips. Grace: OK.
    Ro: Now we’ve got our dough cut and now we are gonna line the pan all the
    Ro: way around with the dough, so you’re gonna take the first one, just gonna
    Ro: pick it up, bloop! Grace: Ohhh! Ro: And I’m just gonna line it up.
    Ro: You’ll see it goes about half way.
    Ro: And if you’ve got a lot of excess crust over here…
    Grace: You might have to perform some surgery! Ro: Yeah!
    Grace: OK, this one goes on the other half of it? Ro: Yeah.
    Grace: OK. Ro: OK, you got it you ready? Grace: OK… What?
    Ro: You got it! Grace: Oh my gosh! Ro: Looks great!
    Ro: So right here where it’s overlapping we’re just gonna pinch it together.
    Grace: Now we just finished lining our sides, so now we’re gonna start building
    Grace: this Pizza Cake! Ro: Yes! And we have six of the little pizza rounds right
    Ro: here, but we’re only gonna need to use five of them.
    Grace: So pick your favorite five and make a tiny pizza with the last one,
    Grace: use it as a frisbee for your dog, there’s lots of things you could do!
    Ro: Oh! Dogs would love that! Grace: That would be a very quick game of frisbee!
    Ro: Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!
    Ro: First thing you’re gonna do is take one of your curst rounds and you’re gonna
    Ro: place it in there, that’s gonna be the bottom.
    Ro: Ooop-ooop-ooop!
    Grace: It fits perfectly!
    Ro: We’re gonna add a little sauce. You want to go a little easy on the sauce,
    Ro: because there’s a lot of layers!
    Grace: So the opposite of what we’ve done here! Ro: Mmmhmm!
    Ro: I like my last layer a little saucy!
    Grace: Ro this is an intervention, I need you to lay off the sauce!
    Ro: You want to throw some pepperoni in here? Grace: I love throwing pepperoni!
    Ro: These little, little guys over here.
    Ro: Now a little cheesy cheese!
    Grace: Now next layer? Ro: Yeah, next layer!
    Grace: Boom! Ro: Crust, and you want to do some suace?
    Grace: I’ll do some sauce. Ro: OK, I’m gonna lay off the sauce this time!
    Ro: Now we are gonna decorate the last layer! This is the top layer.
    Ro: So we’re gonna take one of these, and remember you’re gonna have one leftover,
    Ro: to do with, what you will. We’re gonna place it on top. Grace: OK. Ro: Boom!
    Ro: And then, the saucy sauce! Grace: Sauce!
    Ro: Now on the top layer, we’re gonna do it like a normal pizza, we’re
    Ro: gonna do cheese, and then pepperoni!
    Grace: Oh, you switch back, I see!
    Grace: Now that we’re done with the cheese, before we put on the pepperonis,
    Grace: we’re gonna fold in our sides, to make it look like a real pizza crust!
    Ro: Mmmhmm! All the way around!
    Ro: Start folding, bewp-bewp-bewp! Grace: You just fold it in like that.
    Ro: Little pepperonis! Grace: Beautiful!
    Ro: Throw them on top.
    Ro: The last step is we’re gonna bake this one last time, we’re gonna pop this
    Ro: in the oven at
    degrees for about 25-30 minutes, and you’re just
    Ro: gonna keep your eye on it, you’ll know it’s ready when the crust turns a
    Ro: golden brown!
    minutes… That’s so long! Ro: I know we’re gonna have to wait.
    Ro: It’s OK, we can play with my dog in the meantime! Grace: Yes! Give me Cookie!
    Grace: Our Pizza Cake is finished! Now what do we do?
    Ro: OK, you’re gonna take your hot mitts, because the pan is still hot.
    Grace: OK. Ro: So you take these little oven mitts, and then you’re gonna
    Ro: pick up the pan. Grace: Pick up the pan. Ro: You got it, and put it on top
    Ro: of this guy. Grace: What? Ro: And then you’re gonna push the cake out through
    Ro: the bottom. Grace: Oh! Ro: You got this, you got this!
    Ro: OK, so just slowly, it’s a little weird. You can use anything you’ve got at home,
    Ro: a jar, I had this little… Container. Grace: This is weird!
    Ro: Look! Grace: And it’s working! Ro: Look! Look how cool! Grace: Did I do it?
    Ro: Da-da!
    Grace: Yes, removable bottom, comes in handy again! Ro: I love it!
    Ro: And then, you’re gonna put it on a plate, any plate that ’s big enough.
    Grace: So I just touch it? Ro: Yeah, you can touch it with the oven mitts,
    Ro: that’s OK, just pick him up, plop him over here.
    Grace: OK. Ro: And then we can cut a slice!
    Grace: Did you hear the sound of that? That sounded like it weighed
    Both: Ta-da!
    Ro: Here is the pizza cake that we made today! Thanks you guys for suggesting it,
    Ro: this was so much fun to make! And, a big thank you to Grace for helping
    Ro: me today, thank you. Grace: Thank you!
    Ro: This was so much fun, so, boom! We got a delicious pizza, and I’ll be putting
    Ro: all of her links down below, so you can go check her out, she’s got an awesome
    Ro: channel! If you guys have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies,
    Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best
    Ro: to make it happen! And we will be posting lots of pictures on Facebook, Tumblr,
    Ro: Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys make this, please take a picture and
    Ro: send it to us, I get a big kick out of seeing your baking creations!
    Ro: it just kind of like, makes my day. Ok, bye-bye!
    Grace: Can we eat it now? Ro: Yes! Grace: Yes!
    Ro: And now we’re gonna cut into this. Grace: Yes!
    Grace: I feel like we’re in Mission Impossible right now!
    Ro: Yup! Grace: This is very intense! This is very intense!
    Ro: OK, here we go! Grace: It’s cutting, it’s cutting! It’s food! It is actual food!
    Ro: It’s going through!
    Grace: Huh! Ro: Let go! Let go! Yes! Grace: Let, say goodbye to your friends!
    Ro: Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Grace: Oh my!
    Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!
    Ro: Alright, we got a slice over here, are you ready?
    Grace: I’m ready, I’m going for it!
    Ro: Take a little, I’m trying to eat it like a piece of cake, so we got our little
    Ro: forks here! Grace: This is going nuts.
    Ro: It’s just super cheesy so it sticks together!
    Grace: OK… Ro: Are you ready? Grace: Nope, almost!
    Ro: Here, I’ll hold him, I’ll hold him! Grace: We're almost there OK! Ready!
    Grace: Cheers! Ro: Here we go, cheers!
    Ro: Mmmm! Grace: It tastes like dough, and cheese and sauce and pepperoni!
    Ro: Yum, yum, yum! Grace: It’s delicious!
    Ro: That’s a win in my book! I like this one!
    Ro: Grace, you have this one. Grace: Ok. Ro: And I’ll have this one.
    Grace: Oh I see…
    Ro: OK break. Grace: Gah, who knew something so simple could be so delicious!
    Ro: Cheese! *** *** English Afternoon Tea Sandwich Recipes - YouTube !!!
    good the new
    today we can't be making them against a quintessentially
    English of
    let them in cream cheese
    ECM and with crack and that very traditional
    english-language the cucumber sandwich we need to remove
    or the crust from the bread we can fly from there
    Len wife thing if possible
    quite hard
    there now week flies delight and up brown bread
    already to make %uh damages it quite a difficult of time
    sliced bread length weight and keep it really really
    thing so what you can do it the easy road linking
    just two even out and thin it out a little bit
    the mood
    so we start by making that very traditionally
    English cucumber damage and apparently
    the cucumber fan page is supposed to be there is two cracked
    up English tea table you have to slice the cucumber
    if anything almost transparent and this circuit
    in vinegar and from Salt for about half an hour
    we're going to like be battered operate not good nice fresh
    spreadable organic Bhatia you can put
    as many slices of cucumber sewage nice ok will do
    for that of damages will be order thanks I did
    basis damages on a pretty play I think using your best China
    heightens the pleasure taking tool
    the new the new said
    lead famine family kid I've been using a brown bread
    brown bread goes really well with smoked salmon have to cream cheese here
    to which I have added for coarsely ground black pepper
    and chopped chives from the Cottonwood
    spread the cream cheese played by the smoke salmon
    and then squeezes lemmings and now
    we can cut the lead thing descended toward
    Nathan wanna play it and then and a sprinkling of tides
    the weekend battle tied red for the eight-man
    chopped politics roughly at the many
    funded by the master and seasonal
    public many some chocolate
    inspected credit
    it *** ***