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Sponge cake with white chocolate and orange zest how to make

Sponge cake with white chocolate and orange zest how to make

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    Laptop Computer Cupcakes! How to Make Mini Tech Cupcakes with Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back my
    fiction today will you be making miniature laptop cupcakes and actually
    teaming up with the guys over at Squarespace
    then making the world a better place by helping people to create great online
    content so I thought maybe laptop computers was the perfect way to
    collaborate with them on this video
    on labeling down below if you want to find out more about quest faith
    today's laptops can be color coordinated so Mac or PC
    I got you covered to make a little laptops in
    cupcake defrost I'm only looking up perfectly possible buttercream frosting
    combine the purple today but any color you like
    allege that recipe II ivankov shake-up
    a paper rush a shop not a regular night and then a really small shop pointy
    with some tap water they didn't to standard size Lego bricks stuck together
    which is the perfect size you guys to measure a laptop screens I'm making a
    plain black laptop today so I'm just going to be using black fondant
    but if you want to make your Apple Mac laptop you need gray and white whatever
    color you like
    good on a rolling pin under a fence near my computer screen using edible images
    so if you don't have access to an edible printer
    I will lead to the template down below and you can muster the time said that to
    local cake decorating style and I'll print out the edible printers for you
    but aluminium foil for setting Allen laptop shapes on today
    Anna also got just across matter chopping board so that we don't damage
    the benches
    let's get into it the first thing you want to do is you wanna Tara
    a decent length on your aluminium foil and it doesn't really matter how much
    folded in half and keep it as flat as you possibly can we folding it and then
    folded in half again
    make sure you know adding any creases do and that you can use scenes all your
    really nice and neat & Shop and all up you wanna folded about four times so
    it's good enough strength to support your laptop
    open it up to it resembles an iPad laptop and put it off to the side
    sprinkled on a tiny video calls now not too much or you'll end up with what spot
    all three black fondant
    and that's what you might find it around the neck of lower before rolling it out
    don't know if I'm not too thin he had also mentioned I
    out a little bit a pilot or CMC padded to help mindset a lot faster
    if you don't have that how do you can still do it they gonna take

    hours to set if you have the talent RCMP
    they in effect that 6 you think I'm disrupting the top of my phone and also
    the back to make sure that I've got no white spots on it and then taking you to
    Lego bricks which I'm not good at being the perfect size
    these tiny little laptop screens place it down got enough room around the
    outside for a little
    after Educomp you to screen and then push it down really family
    that can make the in did your computer screen in some way that we can stick
    that edible images
    once you've done that when you guys to a very very faint
    outline feel keyboard but you don't want this to be TDP slep gap in between the
    screen and the keyboard
    about double the weight up the outside edge all the little laptops
    and then disposition on a book again and gently press it down
    not too hot taking your not now you wanna cut on the side love you too
    little Lego brick mocks
    leaving a little gap for the ass edges of your screen and also cable
    cutting away the top and the bottom he should have a nice rectangle pay
    feel OK board now you just want to use the age all view Lego
    block and you going to play set in you need
    rose okie entitles the unit 6 at the little lines
    he contended telling them I don't block and then pressing it down
    quiet family not enough to cut through the fondant but them enough to give me
    and not the lyndon for those keyboard keys
    using a narrow edge if you later blocked you just gotta knock at
    realigned evenly spaced on either side we're gonna do the other one for the not
    because you want to leave that bottom line as the spacebar
    say taking them back up my not not the shot point I want the fashion pack
    I'm going to just position Ron at the top the United here that I put the point
    of a knife
    into the top over the line and Justin offense to a cave
    and the rich and the knife upside down and kinda come in it backwards rather
    than trying to do the whole on because you never get any
    finish said a point about not going again up against the spacebar
    to do those bottom take eighth that's a neat if I F and to achieve this look
    press tonight then where the top two keys in the bottom two keys join up and
    that's okay war
    all done Michael trackpad I'm using the backup my knife again I'm just going to
    lines and to longer lines to create just a small indented rectangle in the bottom
    section of your computer
    I'm continually checking my laptop to strike because you don't want these
    edges to be
    anything other than debt strategist a ruler and not for a couple rulers
    and just pressed much the edges to make sure you got that beautiful straight
    edge rectangle
    take you to image now and if you're having trouble getting his of the
    backing paper I like to use a really thin not
    and just sliding between the image in the backing paper but if you have any
    trouble pop it in the freezer for five minutes before you attempt to remove
    gonna make it a bit easier to handle
    heritable images really carefully and if you cannot find a way to access to them
    you can just use
    finley role what fun and edmark is to make your own designs
    to that were not too much to make sure to get it right into the corners a few
    little computer screen in Denmark
    make sure you completely cart that really you don't need it more than once
    or twice
    you don't want too much water on your screen just a really think I
    take your edible image nonprofits right that will in debt which should be
    about the perfect size but you will need to take his the back and you're not
    and just press it gently around all four edges to make sure it's really nice and
    with your laptop screen to finish a laptop you just need to take your shot
    not now
    and with the shop side pushing Indian running between the basic the screen and
    the top of the keyboard
    it needs to be quite deep but don't capture isn't something like this
    take our oil laptop stands now and when you've got a possible
    this it will
    have been away since you can dress it up against the El Pollo box just given a
    bit of support
    phone to laptop in half on that little thing that you've cut
    and when you place it onto the stand make sure the back on the screen is
    up against that for oil to make a little tiny my life now you're taking aim
    really really small little ball of fun then
    and you just wanna roll into a ball and then rocket intake cut like a bit if the
    jelly bean shaped
    when you wanna take a really sharp knife and is going to make one
    we line across the front about a third of the way down
    and then one coming right down to was the front at that pace
    down towards the center cut looking like a simple math a little mouse button
    to frost your cupcakes in at flat top style you wanna scoop on a ton of
    frosting more than you can in need and then use the backup
    the not to kinda squish it down so it going out over the edge is the pick up
    Kate case
    what the fact that you're not and then does run the flat back a few not around
    the edges to give it up that high flat
    edge and then you want to use the back to the knife again just a flattening of
    the top smoothies you can get it this isn't bright Stella frosting that
    doesn't make
    any fancy equipment taking a laptop now and you want to think it's right down to
    the cupcake with that little mouth beside it
    they've got your completed laptop cupcakes these on league or just perfect
    for any
    TechNet perfect for any guys that absolutely love your laptop thanks again
    to Squarespace the inspiration to create gorgeous little mini laptop cupcakes
    make sure you check out that link them below if you want to find out more about
    them at also have a
    percent of your mic a correction viewer
    thanks very much for watching *** *** Polymer Clay Computer / Laptop Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys they were making a major laptop please note that all the meeting
    planning greatly missed but there you can use any cars want although she
    wanted indefinitely at what he tells me changes to the design this is just a
    fairly basic version begin by making a stencil from people who want the laptop
    then routed the New York black clay and cut it out
    until she have great clay and do the same thing
    of clay and used to be the same people keep on getting chills our fingers to
    clinton's who have the claim
    take it and use it to make it then I'm left up to me to make the two partners
    back off and cut a couple of inches *** *** HOW TO MAKE AN IPHONE CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - ZEBRA CAKE - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Today, I got so many requests for an iPhone cake…
    Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!
    So today, I will be delivering, I will be making an iPhone cake, and to make it
    interesting, I am gonna be making, for the first time ever, a Zebra cake.
    To represent the white iPhone and the black iPhone, which ever
    So, let’s get started!
    The things that you will need today, will be:

    small scoopers, I’m using
    a cup scoopers.
    Vegetable oil, baking spray to coat the pan, you can also use vegetable grease
    like Crisco, whatever you have, and zebra cake mix!
    I love Duff’s this is a really good 1, but if you don’t have zebra cake, all you’ll
    need is
    chocolate cake mix.
    It doesn’t matter what brand, they’ll work just fine.
    Let’s put these together.
    So in this bowl, we’ll be making the chocolate cake mix.
    Pour in ‘ze chocolate! And in this bowl we’ll be making the Vanilla white cake mix.
    Pour in the vanilla!
    They’re each gonna have
    cup of water,
    cup of vegetable oil for chocolate,
    and 1 tablespoon for vanilla. Then for chocolate cake you’re gonna add the whole egg.
    Then for the white cake you’re just gonna use the egg white.
    So crack it, and jiggle the yolk back and forth!
    Ta-da! We got our mixes put together, here’s our chocolate mix and our white cake mix
    now we’re going to blend.
    And you want to blend the white
    Now you’re gonna take your pan and grease it.
    Make sure you get all the corners and the bottom.
    And what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take a scoop, and you're gonna alternate,
    and pour them directly in the center and then the cake will slowly spread out.
    And you’re gonna start with chocolate, because technically you have a little bit more
    batter with chocolate because we used the full egg, instead of just the egg white.
    And then very quickly after, you want to work pretty quickly, so your cakes don’t set
    and pour it again, right in the middle, and it will push the chocolate out.
    Fer-der! Here is zebra cake. We just layered and layered and layered!
    And that’s what it’s gonna look like before we put it into the oven.
    So you're gonna preheat your oven to
    and this time you’re gonna bake for about
    it just depends on your oven, so keep an eye on it.
    Ding! It’s done! Once your cake comes out of the oven, make sure it’s had
    plenty of time to cool, and then what we’re gonna do is we're gonna level it.
    So get your cake leveler, mine is, become janky! He only has
    we’ll have to take off his
    and we’re just gonna level it to make it flat.
    After you’ve leveled your cake, you’re gonna take of the top, oh, oh, oh!
    If I can! Oh looks so cool inside!
    I printed this picture of an iPhone, and that’s the size I want my cake to be, it’s
    gonna be a little bit of a smaller cake, but that’s OK!
    We’re gonna put it in the middle where we leveled the cake, and then you’re gonna
    take a big cutting knife, and cut out the shape.
    This is the same technique that I used when I made Link’s shield cake.
    I’ll put a link to that… They… There? Somewhere!
    Once you’ve cut out your shape, I’ve got my iPhone cake shape, you’re gonna take
    vanilla buttercream frosting, and frost the entire thing.
    Once we’ve frosted the whole cake we’re gonna lay down white fondant.
    So we just put the fondant on top of the cake, and I’m just pressing down lightly,
    so that the fondant will stick to the edges of the cake. It will stick to the
    icing like glue.
    And we’re just gonna do 1 corner at a time so that the fondant doesn’t bunch
    together. What you’ll do is just keep pushing down, keeping it tight.
    And then you’re just gonna take a big kitchen knife, cut off the excess fondant,
    and then reposition.
    After you put fondant all over your cake, we’ve got all of our white fondant
    on there, we’re gonna take gray fondant and roll it out with this rolling pin.
    I’ve put down this white stuff on the table, is a little bit of powdered sugar,
    not flour, but powdered sugar so that the fondant doesn’t stick to the table.
    And we’re trying to get a really long piece here because it’s gonna wrap
    all the way around the cake, to be the border of our phone.
    I found this crazy little roll-y thing at the store, it’s for rolling, like,
    strips of ribbon that are even, and you can adjust them however you want.
    I set it to 1 inch, and I’m just gonna roll out my gray fondant.
    Now that we got the basic fondant on the cake, it is time to decorate!
    I’m gonna be using black frosting with a number
    make the little speaker.
    Now you’re gonna take white frosting and do the bottom.
    Now for the final touches, I’ve made little teeny apps out of fondant.
    I did these all last night, so they’re already pre-made, then I’m gonna
    take a little bit of water and a paintbrush, to stick ‘em on there.
    Ta-da! We did it! We made the iPhone cake, and my very first zebra cake, so I’m
    really excited! We got the iPhone 5! We have
    rows for your apps and
    the bottom row! Eeee!
    Thanks you guys for suggesting it, this was such a fun project!
    I’m really, really happy with it. If you have any other ideas for any other
    Nerdy Nummies, please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to
    make ‘em happen! And also, remember, Nerdy Nummies comes out every Tuesday,
    so don’t forget to subscribe and it will remind you! Erwah!
    OK, thanks you guys, thanks for watching! Bye-bye!
    Meep! *** *** How to make a Chocolate Book HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC *** *** Tarta Minion Stuart - tutorial paso a paso | fondant cake | Quiero Cupcakes! - YouTube !!! English English Spanish Spanish (Automatic Captions)
    Hi, Cupcakers!
    Today I want to show you how to make this Minion cake
    This is Stuart, my favorite Minion
    There have been a few hours of filming,
    but I tried to summarize the most possible to make a video
    entertaining yet practical
    I hope you like it!
    To begin, we will be filled with chocolate ganache
    You can use the cake recipe that you like
    But to fill, I would suggest that you use ganache
    Thus, the cake will be more compact and stable
    To ensure the top floor, we put four sticks cakepops
    cut to the same height as the cake
    and we put a little ganache to set the top
    on the other hand, we make a hole in the center of a cardboard
    and on this base we fill another three layer cake
    We put the cake upside down and We introduce a wooden stick by the
    hole we did before
    also we introduce the other part in the previous cake
    doing this we ensure that both cakes are glued and safe
    thus, we do not at risk of being move or fall
    and sticks we put cake pops before they will stop for the
    not crushed lower layer cakes
    If you look, the last biscuit I put up what I have not sliced
    So we just have to cut a little edge to which a spherical shape on top

    Once the structure is finished. We cover the entire cake with
    chocolate ganache
    The ganache is very useful for fondant cakes
    It is firmer than buttecream and doesn't wet the fondant
    So once we get since the fodant on the cake
    Left with perfect form
    we make an initial coverage and We took to the fridge to harden a little

    minutes we took the cake and improve the coverage
    once we cover the cake
    we took her back to the fridge the end of the ganache harden
    Now let's do the same for the small cake of the Minion
    I have taken parts of five slices discs
    For these discs
    I cut with a round
    fill and assemble all layers
    and as before, we cover the entire external cake with chocolate ganache
    Once ready also we put there in the fridge
    Now we can start with the fondant
    the first thing I will do is cover the base with fondant
    Where we will present our cake
    We extend the fondant with the color as you like
    Once we have assured us that we have enough fondant to cover the base
    we put edible glue on the surface and stick to the fondant
    before flip, cut and retire the excess fondant
    Carefully, we turn and smoothed the surface
    to texturing the fondant I will use this cutter
    I think it has a fun design in accordance with this cake
    We just have to go by pressing a little cutter across the surface
    we have the base ready for the cake
    to the glasses of the Minion, we need thick fondant hoop
    with a round cutter cut the outside
    and we use a smaller cutter to empty the interior of the glasses
    with a marker we make a slit on the outside of the glasses
    now we do eight little balls
    and stick them on the outer perimeter to make the rivet of the glasses
    we also make 2 cylinders with a slit in the central part
    these will be the glasses hinges
    We stick them on both sides of the previous ring and let dry
    Meanwhile, with white fondant cut a little circle
    With a roller we flatten the edges
    And to model it better, we help with fingers
    This will be the pupil of our Minion
    Now, cut a brown circle
    And we make some little marks simulating the iris of the eye
    we stick a little black circle above the brown circle
    and make the brightness of the eye with a white circuit
    Before it hardens the glasses, we do six holes with a toothpick on the back.
    We introduce sticks cut in half and glue them
    We put paper under the hinge to not fall
    And now let it harden well and we will cover the cake
    As there are parts that can be hide with rubber of the glasses
    we can make the lining of the cake in two parts. Which greatly facilitates this step
    Put glue on the half bottom... and put the yellow fondant covering cake
    So we placed well with the hands and cut the excess
    We smoothed the fondant to make it polished
    And with a scalpel we equate the top
    We put glue on the top of the cake, and we cover with another piece of yellow fondant
    So we settled with his hands to acquire the oval
    and smoothed with the trowel spatula fondant
    Cut the fondant excess
    We smoothed again on the separation line
    and we already have lined!
    Prepare a strip of black fondant with a slit in the central part
    And so the stick will be straight,
    we will mark a line around the pie as a guide
    We glue and stick on that line
    And as you see, the separation of the two parts of yellow fondant is completely concealed
    And no! I have not been cut short strip of black fondant. In this part,
    will be the glases of the minion
    and that the separation will not see anything at all
    A resource widely used in cakes, is the use of polystyrene
    Also known as Styrofoam
    This will give us more height to the cake, without making more layer cakes
    In this case we use a
    Put a glue on both sides of the fondant to secure it to the base
    And put more fondant and glue on top
    Carefully move the cake over the Styrofoam
    And thanks to the fondant will remain firmly in place.
    Now let's clothe our Minion
    We started doing a blue strip of
    And mark one edge to simulate a pointed seams
    put glue on the strip of Styrofoam and stick the fondant
    The we settled well with hands to fit the yellow part
    On a sheet of paper I have made this pattern to the front
    and rear Minion clothing
    The mark with a tip ...
    and we cut
    With oval cookie cutter, I'll cut it will be a pocket
    And for the braces, two short strips of blue fondant
    With all the cut pieces, we will mark the details
    Adjusted by trimming the sides of the pocket
    And we mark the seams all around
    We also mark the other pieces. We don't mark the long side
    in the front and back pieces
    We mark the straps by the two edges
    We made a circle of black fondant and mark the birthday's boy initial
    The minions have a "G" of Gru
    But I prefer to customize it for the event
    Stick the outside and inside of the letter in his pocket and reserve it
    For the buttons, I use a silicone mold
    The truth is that it is so easy to make them
    But with a little patience, you can do it with hands perfectly
    We put some strips of fondant as a wire threaded through the button and ready
    Buttons are ready!
    In th cak, put on the front of the clothing
    And before gluing, we mark the seams of the pockets on the sides
    We put a little edible glue and attach it to the cake
    Now we can set the pocket in front
    And also we glue the back of the clothes
    With chopsticks, we set a paper circle with the same dimensions of the eye that we did before
    This reference will serve me and be easier to place the mouth between the eye and clothing
    With a round cookie cutter, we pressed only by the bottom and we will have marked the mouth of Minion
    To accentuate the line, I mark them with a tip for fondant
    To make the eyelids, we start from a yellow circle the same size as the eye did before
    We cut the top and the bottom
    Slightly smoothed the edges with your fingers and make sure that the
    internal has not lost the shape
    With glue, we stick to the cake the pupil we did before
    Remember to put glue on the edges so it glued well
    And over the pupil, we set the upper and lower eyelid
    For the Minion hands I use a heart-shaped cutter
    And make his fingers with fondant cutter
    Once ready, stick them to the base with edible glue
    We will do two yellow cylinders to make the arms
    And with the fingers, flatten one end
    At the other end we put glue and stick a string of black fondant
    We paste it on the little hand and stick the other flatten end the cake
    Before gluing the straps, mark a line is the corner of clothes
    They will be under the straps, simulating a little tension on clothing
    Once marked, stick the straps making sure to cover the end of the little arm stuck to the cake
    Using scissors cut the excess and paste the front and rear straps buttons
    We continue with the tiny pie of the minion
    We covered the cake with brown fondant
    So we settled well with hands and cut the excess
    To be more polished, perfected the sides with spatula trowel
    We also adjusted the height of the fondant with a scalpel and soften the edges with hands
    And to cover the top, use white fondant and a cookie cutter
    This is shaped like paint splash
    But we will cover perfect for mini cake
    We put on top and settled well
    We place a glue strip in the central part,
    and a white strip stick a and crush a little with fingers
    Well, you get the cream filling in the cake
    With a little fondant and glue, wh stick the mini cake to the base, at front of the minion
    We put glue on the bottom and stick another white strip to dissimulate
    the line between the base and the cake
    To give a more festive touch, we cover the top of the cake
    with a little glue and colored sprinkles
    Now with two strips of fondant we will made a two color candle
    We wind the two strips and cut the leftover ends.
    with the help of a foam, we roll the two strips
    until get a cylinder
    and now, cut the ends
    With orange fondant, we make a drop shaped to simulate the flame of the candle
    We set the flame to the candle with a glue
    And to fix it to the cake, we introduce a stick at the bottom
    and insert it in the center of the cake. I will sure the stick candle not fall!
    Now we make a blue cylinder. And cut in half
    to be a legs of Minion
    For shoes, we start with a black ball and crushed thumb
    Stick the shoes with glue to the ends of the legs
    And we press for securely fastened
    Now we stick the other end to the minion body
    As you see, we need the small cake as a reference to know where legs going
    We glue the other leg
    And with a flat marker make a line in the shoe
    The Stuart minion is a very well groomed gentleman with middle parted hairstyle
    So, I made this template to mark where exactly are the
    hairs that have Stuart
    Once marked, the widen a bit to fit well the hairs of fondant
    To make the hairs, we do some strips of black fondant with one of the most finite ends
    And once we have all the facts, we equate cutting them with the same length,
    all at once
    With a stick, put a drop of glue into the holes we did before
    And we're introducing every little hair in place
    Now we have the mini cake stuck to the base,
    we can set the pupil of minion so you are looking to candle
    We use the glasses to mark the spots where he will set
    With the help of a stick, prick the fondant
    Thus, is easy to set the glasses after
    Before gluing the glasses, we painted with edible powder,
    to have a much more realistic metallic appearance
    We put glue on the base where they are tapped sticks
    And in the black strip of the cake
    And carefully, we introduce sticks and pressing a little to make it stick well
    Also we pressed the hinges on the black tape
    And now we have our Minion Stuart ready!
    The truth is that it was very fun to do this cake
    I enjoyed the whole process!
    Although it is also true that gave me a lot of pain cut the cake
    I hope you feel encouraged to do it and to send me your pics with your minion cake
    If you enjoyed wathcing the video, let me know with a like!
    Do not forget to subscribe to the channel to not miss my new videos!
    See you next week with a new video-recipe
    See you Cupcakers! *** *** How to apply Fondant to Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    show you how to cover your cake in fondant to get those beautiful nice
    sharp corners and I'm going to use my element which is on my website are some
    company dot com slash recipes committing to a kind of tone down blue screen I'm
    gonna take a little but I've read a little bit of blue you can make your
    case of your cake any color you want when you first I always recommend that
    you keep this up until it's very very warm that's going to improve elasticity
    because it's been sitting it's very stiff and crumbly right now this is not
    usable you gotta put it back in the microwave for
    seconds until
    it's nice and warm you wanted to be to feel very warm like you just made it and
    then we're going to need it until stretchy before we even attempt to cover
    it okay so this was in there for 30 seconds very warm start meeting this and
    it at first he seems very small talk March and it's very crumbly to do
    something that's called the tacky method of media on your hands
    this is gonna actually help moisturize the phone as well one hand here
    poll like Kathy this helps reactivate the stretch and it also helps reduce air
    bubbles and it's a lot easier to need and sort of doing this
    like this is a lot of work on your back to this is more a workout for your arms
    counts as your workout for the day as well see how beautiful structure that is
    now you want to do that every time so I wanted that it could appear dry and oily
    and cracked and crumbly is actually just not conditioned this beautiful perfect
    churchy funded ready to go a little powdered sugar down the board here the
    frequently move around as you get stuck to the surface of your table for sure
    down if you need it will be from green color take my gosh cake that their make
    sure you don't have any chocolate on your hands
    that will get onto the surface of your phone and you get onto your room all the
    way around that the top first we're going to fluff the dress everywhere
    where there's a truffle just gonna pull it out
    press against the cake
    you'll be able to do it one hand like this go a lot faster just going slow for
    the purpose of showing you the technique oh I forgot to mention if your fondant
    is not sticking to your ganache then you can spray it with a little bit of water
    before you add your funded doesn't have any problems so I don't usually worry
    about any of that a lot of people do go around with my sneakers that any good
    fiction get that phone up against the cake I have this special goal that I
    like to use for my six inch rounds otherwise I use a cake pan but this is
    what i do to finish off my kicks finding you can keep use that for later
    chilled you can handle it pretty easily looked it up put a ball down or a small
    object that has a flat surface in a wide base of the small works out perfectly
    good is pretty stable and it's just more than a six-inch you know ok so it works
    out perfectly for this again make sure you don't have any chocolate on your
    one senator on top once they're inside gonna go around what
    you have any bubbles between the surface of your taking your funded they will
    turn into tumors take care of them now where they will come back to haunt you
    does this happen when people say how do you avoid bubbles
    well it's just inevitable you just gotta take care of him not cry about it
    move on with your life
    chocolate somewhere away from the surface of the
    extender after you
    have probably have a little bit but if you have butter cream touching it that's
    fine you can remix buttercream in to find it but you can't remix chocolate
    to place it on the cake for it I like to use the boards from Cape support
    solution dot com recoded there's no reason why not
    now we have our cake on our board and now you were free to decorate your back
    as you please that's how you cover can thank you guys SO much for watching *** *** Kissen Fondant Torte - Pillow Cake Tutorial - Polster Kissen Fondant Kuchen - Kuchenfee - YouTube !!! German (Automatic Captions) German (Automatic Captions)
    Themen gibt es genug
    in Winnenden
    so war es dann schon ganz lange auf meiner Wunschliste an Sachen die ich
    gerne mal packen möchte und jetzt bin ich endlich dazu bekommen
    ich hab die Kamera dabei laufen lassen und zeigt euch jetzt
    wie ich kenne out of Machthabers ist relativ einfach
    ich war natürlich ganz von vorne an vielen stellen streichen
    ich hab mir als Basis als eigentlichen Kopenhagen einfach nur so eine Art
    verliert ein von der Gruppe noch packen
    der könnte benutzen was ihr möchtet denn Biskuit würde ich nicht unbedingt
    nehme aber «Ansonsten zerlegt eigentlich
    hat die viele Optionen
    was er auch noch machen sollte ist dass sie das am besten
    der Quadratestadt backt ich hatte keine quadratische BAG vom deswegen musste ich
    meinen Bagram benutzen
    der Slider nicht quadratisch sondern rechteckig das heißt der Karte gesehen
    ich hatte schon ein Stück abgeschnitten
    das ist jetzt will einigermaßen
    ordentliches Quadrat habe
    das waren ungefähr ich mein
    mal 20 wenn ich mich nicht täusche
    um wenn ich das Gefühl habe dass es zwischendurch nicht besonders Kartells
    um ihr hat das ist
    der Fall ich hab das Gefühl dass ich hier so eine Art Knie
    Technical abdeckt aber mir fällt wäre es schwer
    Fälscher Lkw in Sachen Schild akkurat
    wer zu schneiden oder generell zu kleben damit sei arbeiten fest
    wenn es etwas konnten Anvil
    dann ist das wirklich so das liegt ja nicht an euch
    zu landen
    Océ abgesehen ich habe da etwas Creme aufgetragen das ist einfach Neumarkt
    meine nicht mehr zurückdrehen
    die habe ich jetzt sage testet um unter von dann zu arbeiten
    ich hab einfach nun relativ
    ein großes Ziel er Schicht aufgetragen Decke wieder drauf
    was jetzt gerade noch Sehtest das ist die vier Kanten die
    das ist die was weit nach unten drückte
    und an das hat schon so ein bisschen vorne geht
    seit einer ganzen das gefällt Ecken runter gedrückt und dann direkt in den
    Minuten durch Türen damit alles viel stabiler wird und wie
    vielleicht absteigen können
    wenn ihr jetzt ihre schneidet wie ich das mache das heißt immer so leichte
    Koffer rausschneiden Kopf dass er ein
    seht ihr Messer nehmt mit schöne
    Szene Vestas England stand
    es ist auf jeden Fall zu Ross
    und immer schön schneiden und nicht
    den Kuchen zerdrücken
    Janek Rieke in relativ sauberen Schnitt
    der nächste Schritt bei mir nachdem sie sie brauchen ausgeschnitten habe weiter
    so Schmied oben die Kanten sozusagen auch noch ein bisschen
    abgerundet aber quasi
    dass das abgleichen und Gas nicht
    dann habe ich mich war scheinbar auf den Kopf gedreht
    um und das macht das ganze noch sage nochmal
    das ist jetzt unser Open also unser und langsam Rottenburg ist jetzt wird jetzt
    für immer unser oben bleiben
    und er macht das ganze jetzt auch noch mal
    er hat dadurch das ist nur dass auf den Kopf gedreht habe hat mich halt unten
    Schlamm Dreck Prozent
    auch diese leichte Form dieses abgeschrägte
    ich muss mich aber nicht ab kämpfen mit dem Messer der und Norbert abzuschneiden
    hat mit den
    Siri mein Leben jetzt da geschieht viel leichter gemacht
    nach dem kurzen treffen was er jetzt wirklich nicht hier war
    fange ich an mit die komplette Theater einzustreichen
    um hier bei meiner ersten Schicht bin ich ein bisschen sparsamer Cook dass ich
    meinen alles abgedeckt habe
    und ist
    das Produkt werde ein gestresst Markt Prinzessin die Kinder gewandert

    Minuten das richtig pushte kündbare alles viel stabiler und feste

    und jetzt gehe ich mit nach
    wirklich groß Ziethen Schicht von einer Creme
    nochmal der drauf
    und die ewig mit auf jeden Fall
    ist die richtigen mir dass es einigermaßen gleichmäßig
    und um
    Meineke bringen
    ganze fahren einfach ordentlich aussieht
    und den Track
    das nicht mehr so ein Stück Plastik Daten
    das kennt ihr glaube ich mittlerweile sagen was meint ihr kann wie Hiob dass
    es wieder dieses Stück Plastik war sie aus einem Frischkäse decken einfach nur
    mir ausgeschnitten habe
    er erleichtert mir einfach total die Arbeit
    um anstatt zum Beispiel zu nach hatte
    Vinke Palette als «umfassend» alles ist zu nehmen kann ich da mithalten
    Meinert mit meiner Hand
    das ganze so Formen das ist relativ schnell gleichmäßig abziehen kann
    weder zählt also ich bin jetzt jeweils
    einmal über jederzeit ein- zweimal drüber gegangen und schon bitter so
    das heißt den Trick kann ich euch wirklich nur ans Herz legen
    das macht euch das Leben viel einfacher wenn ihr Seite beim spannenden Formel
    ich habe einfach nur
    da hat jetzt vier Sekunden Essen
    denn nochmal drüber gegangen ganzes ganz auch wieder in die Kühlung
    und dann wird das komplett durchgeführt das ist alles richtig
    hart und kalt wird
    kommen wir zum einschlagen
    und das kann ich jetzt gemacht nachdem eine Platte komplett ein da durch die
    Pflege ist ich bin jetzt wie immer macht hat sich ziemlich Kapitän das nicht
    anders trainieren
    wenn ich nicht sagen würde Hofer Tittinger von Karma
    ein Gefährt habe ich das ganze in Türkis von Patti versandt so verpassten
    das heißt ganze Mann aus Rheine mit ein bisschen Speisestärke
    und jetzt beim einschlagen das ist ein schneller zieht einfach und das ergibt
    sich schon fast von alleine
    ist als nur darauf achten dass sie dazu erteilt die vier Ecken als einmal Leben
    gerettet und dafür zieht jeden Fall meint eigentlich nur
    über die ACN nachlegen
    ich glaube dass er kämpfen ich ganz gut
    und der Rest fällt schon fast von allein als dass ein schlankes Super
    Super einfach bei dieser Form meiner Meinung nach
    ab der Abfrage gesehen
    dann habe ich mir mein nach seinem Namen hat natürlich alles zu recht getrennt
    und weggeschnitten
    über sich jetzt Gleichmacher
    nachdem ich da das Gröbste Schmerbeck Corner ist das für das ganze noch mal
    ein bisschen ausprobieren ihr könnt sehen beim einstreichen weiß eigentlich
    schon relativ ordentlich aber trotzdem gibt's ja noch so die ein oder andere
    Kante diesem bisschen der deutsche Markt wo ich nicht ganz gut eingestrichen habe
    ich bin jetzt einfach mal restlichen Fanghand
    tritt mit den einmal zusammen damit dass alles ordentlich ist
    ex-prinz Meditation das in Art
    jetzt nehme ich meine Kunden von dann bin ich eben abgeschnitten habe
    Hermann pries jetzt die ganze Torte aus
    ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen dass wenn ich das jetzt mit dem
    Normalfall an Blättern macht die sind ja
    quasi unter konnte Dieter nachher Kanten eingelegten quasi
    und Erwin Diarra Fanta von Antje z ein Polizist das alles so ein bisschen
    gegenseitig aus und habt
    um Celine
    verlaufen kann Umzugswagen
    ich glaub ich verstehen
    von den restlichen die erste Schicht Ball ist etwas zu werden nehme ich will
    einfach nur dumm für Frieden nach Produkten sei
    oder das einfach einmal alles ab und das war
    der nächste Schritt war dass es mit dieses im Hotel ihr seit genommen hat
    aber ihr könnt auch genannten einen Kleinlaster einfach nur benutzen ihr
    seht ihr das ist die Form so ein bisschen verloren hat und eben da wo
    geht das
    vom Himmel
    Umwelt gestalten haben das Heft mit diesem
    Art Mode geht heute ich einfach noch ein bisschen ein Versuch
    die Frau noch mal so ein bisschen raus zu holen
    Chicken von Heizung Wesel unter geht weiter drunter
    damit wieder bekannte sie mehrfach reinbekommen
    das ganze ist dann ist man auch noch weit
    Michael Spreng Chapman hat
    und dann habe ich mich gekümmert
    und die sitzt muss da und hier müssen halt ganz schwer gefallen
    gleichmäßige streiten zu bekommen wenn ihr dann einen Vorschlag ab ist das
    vielleicht machen könnte glaubt sie nicht Essen
    bei zu richtet da gemacht hat bin ich das nicht ganz optimal
    ihr seht ich habe einfach mein Lanier genommen hat das immer leicht angehalten
    und dann mit einem Spitzen
    einigermaßen Spitzen modelliert wurde
    hab mir mal so Markierungen eingezogen da kein gesehen
    wie ungleich das ganze war
    aber nach erkennt man trat sein Amt nicht mehr zur Halbzeit nicht
    okay und da haben wir dann unser raubten Muster
    relativ einfach das heißt wie er markiert euch eigentlich nur sagen
    dann habe ich mir einen Bautrupp und Normen zu etwas kleineres
    und überall wo die Schnittpunkte von dem Parkett bestens ein fest nicht
    Markierungen sind
    mit dieser Typ meint Portu Rheine und um
    machen halt so eine Art
    Vertiefungen Leichtle einreihen
    wann der nächste Schritt
    Eltern wüssten ja und dieses Modell in Tuningen Titels Stern den ich weiß
    nicht wie krank
    das ist eigentlich auch in jedem MMO the Year Platzeck sagte Tanner
    es ist einfach einmalig
    durch den Vornamen Cihad Zwangswandelanleihen sein wissen in die
    um ich will aber Heicks diese Stern

    Markierungen sozusagen Conference ist nicht so schnell
    Platz einfach einmal einstürzen
    ich habe dann ein bisschen übung und runter rechts und links gewackelt sie
    sich auch wirklich alles schön abzeichnet
    wir benutzen das nämlich jetzt gleich zum besten als Vorlage
    und das ganze muss dann noch mehr zu vertiefen und den ganzen Nachmittag
    hinein Dimension zu geben das heißt aber eben ein Stein
    dann habe ich mir dieses klingend Uhr entgegengenommen
    und damit meine ich jetzt
    diese Art Kreuzung dass dies jetzt also vier Seiten davon ziehe ich bin quasi
    noch mal so ein bisschen nach
    damit das
    nicht so ganz verschluckt wird weil ihr könnt ihr sehen
    wenn die Parlamente noch immer setzt dann
    verschluckt sich das Muster leider so ein bisschen und um dann nochmal
    nachzuhelfen Geh ich halt mit diesem Claim Grün einfach nachmachen
    und Armeniens noch mehr Tiefe zu geben habe ich mit solchen ab oder
    er nahm das hieß es
    was war da
    Sapphire mutmaßt einfach Grün Blau schimmert Bruder
    diesen Schritt müsste mich machen könnt ihr euch auch zwangsweise Spahn
    ich fand das hat dem ganzen aber noch mal ein bisschen was gegeben»
    und zwar pro da ist einfach nur
    die Vertiefungen die wird gerade noch mal so richtig schön
    nachgezeichnet haben der Krimi the Pooh der Schiffsmitte bisschen Glanz aus
    dann Tat sich dazu per Motor ein von Party for St Rheine
    und dann ist das Muster um einiges ab fertig
    das ist so die
    wie der größte Arbeitskräftebedarf übersehen
    dabei sprang das Ergebnis zu kommen
    auch Kinder können jetzt rechts erlangt haben sehen
    wie das musste dann doch zustande kommt am Anfang sieht es macht nicht viele aus
    das Endergebnis ist natürlich kratzen zu passen
    machen habe ihn mit der Hand Seiten kein Tor an und errang Tepco weiter
    dafür habe ich mir einfach dieses
    beim Spitzenmodell ihr Pulver Namen und haben
    versucht das einigermaßen gut zu halbieren
    zu markieren Quartier
    das heißt einfach nur
    ihr könnt das gilt zum Beispiel auch ein Zahnstocher nehmen
    und das einfach so eine Art Markierung der einziehen dagegen wirkt nämlich
    zu einem ganz zarten von man steigen auf
    und damit er besser eine Torte kleben bleibt und das ganze etwas leichter
    machen einfach zu sagen Markierungen
    ein als Helfer für höchste Zeit verflüchtigen umworben
    und dann habe ich mir für ein Kleenex 2 damit reichen von Hand gefüttert
    wenn ihr also überlegt denen erreicht an
    um an zu schaffen ist auf jeden Fall eine Super Investition ich bin
    jeden Tag dankbar dafür ist dieses Ding habe
    einfach mitreißen von Hand gefüttert hat jeder gesehen
    dann sondern ganz normale
    kleine Runde Thriller
    vorne drauf Neeson stand aus Märkten Lasten jetzt Krieg ich das ganze mit
    Zucker Kleber an
    so Kurt Weber Video findet Weg ihr wie immer unten in der Infobox das alles
    verlinkt Aktivisten solltet
    unten ist
    Rezepte Test nicht und auch Montreal und jetzt zeigt er es nicht
    ich pendle mir einfach ein Mann mit Mainzer Partie bei dieser markierte
    Linie nach
    dies mit Adelheid Hochtief habe
    von dort geht es denn jetzt einfach um
    Reisen von Armstrong ein
    einen der letzten Schritte die Pietzcker nachmachen ist
    Smith diese Art von Quast
    die einen hätten seien das gediegene stellen dafür habe ich mir diese
    m reicht nicht - wie man Spaghetti Telethon an meint wächst bei der drang
    der weiße Fahnen das immer noch satteren hatte hat sich nichts geändert
    ich meist mit einfachen unten anderen Trailer diese ganz ganz zarten langen
    Strecke aus
    und dann habe ich mit diesem bisschen portioniert und eingeteilt das ist
    ungefähr ein paar Zentimeter habe
    genauso viele
    das wenn ich das an meiner Tat erhalte
    das was bis unten
    auf dem tief sitzt bei ihnen liegt
    Hertha könnte sehen in welche Richtung das geht und wie ich genau das meine das
    ist Super Super einfach
    macht aber auf jeden Fall was sie erreicht
    Wentz das sieht immer so Postern ist das total einfach weiter das Team kläglich
    oder kommt
    das heißt die Kleid einfach noch ein bisschen was zusammen
    schneidet das abwandern könnte das müsse anhalten
    und dann ein bisschen Zucker Thema ankleben
    uns gefallen
    gut ich hab das dann bei allen Vieren Acton gemacht
    das geht hier auch
    jetzt habe ich mir diese es
    Silikone Form den genommen
    UNISCENE Schleifen zu machen
    weil ich bin damals halt noch ein bisschen was gefehlt
    vielleicht hat mir das den Namen
    kann aber auch zum Beispiel eine große gern einfach North Claim ich glaube dass
    er auch ganz hübsch Ausländerrecht iMac mit den Perlen die georgischen auf
    um ich hab mir verbracht hat gegriffen
    das ist eigentlich etwas für Jahr
    für micht nicht Knete
    aber für was anderes zu basteln das heißt es ist auch hier wieder so ein
    bisschen zweckentfremdet
    wenn ich aber zum Beispiel bei Amazon
    umschleichen Silikon von Nantes Form ein gps-chip dann sollt diese was in die
    Richtung auf jeden Fall bekommen
    das gibt's zuhauf
    von verschiedenen Firmen in verschiedenen Preisklassen
    ganz ganz einfach
    ich habe mit die Form einfach nur ein bisschen mit Speisestärke ausgepowert
    hat Ghana
    entsprechende Menge von Nantes in meiner Form reingelegt
    das ganze wieder rausgeschmissen
    und dann setzt man sich versieht sich Kai von Appen
    das machte dann natürlich auch an allen drei anderen Ecke noch
    Nein kam es gestern zudem zudem letzten
    Fini Ching Talstr
    und das war dass ich mir hatten bis zehn goldene
    goldener Farbe goldenes Bruder kümmern habe
    weil man mir um diese ab Helmut Faden und breiten
    und es bleibt ein Mob habe weil ich einfach nochmal ein bisschen aufgreifen
    damit ist sicher alle Freiheit
    zusammenzieht was vorab Ansicht was Farbe angeht
    so habe ich mir halt
    das ist zum Beispiel Take that oder von Pierre baumeln aber das gibt's auch von
    ganz vielen verschiedenen Anbietern
    das finde ich jetzt einfach nur zu relativ robust die Kahl
    auf meiner
    Hofmann Schleifen auf die kleinsten
    und auf diese
    diese lange
    Seiten hat
    dazu sagen
    finde ich das auf
    natürlich auch eine rundherum
    und dann war ich mit der Torte auch schon fertig
    bald auch wieder relativ einfach
    mich hat das Ergebnis total gut gefallen
    das kann ich jetzt von einer Lehrstelle an Sachen die ich gerne mal backen
    möchte auf jeden Fall abhaken
    Berichte dass ein Leck gibt es nochmal
    ich Hoff war auch zugleich das Gefecht genauso wie es mir und meiner Mama
    gefallen hat die Wörter dalassen Häuschen
    wenn ihr was anderes von mir sehen möchtet bis Georg League die am besten
    genau fest Rechte oder Linke Video wer mich etwas wissen lassen möchte oder
    Fragen hat einfach unten in die Kommentare Kommentare schreiben ich
    versuchte Rentner darauf zurückzukommen wer noch kein Abonnent von mir vor dass
    hoffentlich kann ich ganz schnell nach einfach auf das auch von ihm klicken
    und ansonsten hoffe ich dass wir uns im nächsten Donnerstag Silvia Wiedersehen
    macht's gut die lieben *** *** How to Make MARSHMALLOW FONDANT - The Best Fondant Recipe for Cakes and Cupcakes - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Do It Yourself Marshmallow Fondant Recipe and Tutorial. In the past, I haven't made my own fondant. I've always preferred to use store-bought fondant and for some things I still do. But recently I started experimenting with homemade marshmallow fondant and I absolutely love it. This is made out of marshmallows; a little bit of powdered sugar, and most people will be able to find these ingredients at their local supermarket. So tools and equipment that we'll be using for this tutorial: We've got some marshmallows. I'm using mini-marshmallows today just because they melt down a little bit easier than the larger ones but any marshmallow will melt. I'm going to start with a white marshmallow because that way we could color our fondant any color we like. I've got some powdered sugar or confectioner sugar and this has been well sifted so it's nice and aerated. It's nice and fine and really light and fluffy. I've also got a little bit of vegetable shortening. Now depending on where you are, in the US, Crisco is a great brand of vegetable shortening. If you're in Australia, Copha in the refrigerated section is going to be best for your form of shortening. Crisco in the US is a little bit softer to work with so you don't need to do anything to prepare that. But if you're in Australia and you're going to be using Copha, it's a little bit firmer because it's refrigerated so you want to just soften it down in your microwave just a little bit. You don't want to melt it. You just want to soften it down so that it's really really nice and pliable. I've got just some plain tap water and that's just room temperature tap water. I've got an assortment of colors in different sorts of colors which I'll be talking to about a little bit later on this tutorial when I show you how to color up your finished product fondant. I've got a spoon measure so it's a tablespoon measure. And I've also got a wooden spoon. So let's get started. I love this recipe because it's so easy and it's microwaveable, meaning you don't need to mess up any of your pots and pans. Alright, the first thing that you want to do is you want to grab your tablespoon. The recipe that I'm giving you guys calls between
    tablespoons of water, so really it's going to depend on a few varying factors, the consistency of your powdered sugar, the type of marshmallows that you're using. I always start with 2 tablespoons and that's what I base my recipe on. I add additional water at the very very end if I need to adjust the consistency of my final product. You don't want to add too much water at the beginning here because you don't want a sloppy fondant. You want it to be really really nice and firm and really pliable. So I'm just going to take my water and in goes
    seconds. I'm going to do a couple of lots of
    seconds but don't be tempted to just put it in for a minute and a half or put it in for
    seconds. Alright, so particularly on this first one, it's not going to look like too much is happening but make sure that you do give it that good stir in between. So you just take your wooden spoon, make sure that you're stirring it through. You're also distributing that water a little bit. You'll notice your marshmallow is starting to melt and then back in the microwave for another
    seconds. So after our second lot of
    seconds, your marshmallow should be really starting to look like they're melting now but we're going to give them another go just to make sure they're really nice and fluid. Quick stir, back in the microwave. Alright, so our marshmallows have come *** *** Hacking Fondant! Step by step on how to cover a round cake! - YouTube !!!
    time for find and my favorite part of decorating a cake can you want to know
    how I do it you're about to find out for this cake which is nine inch round cake
    I'm using two and a half pounds of funding the first thing you need to do
    when working with fondant is to need it really well get out all the air bubbles
    you wanna sort of soften it if you live in a hot climate and you find that your
    phone is getting sticky while you need it you can put a little bit of vegetable
    shortening on your hand if your phone is sticking to your service while meeting
    you can just use a bit of icing sugar sprinkled onto your surface and knead
    that into your phone as you go to stop that from happening
    bond and is simply a sugar dough mainly made up of different types over and it's
    used to cover case it's great fun novelty cakes you just roll it out and
    cover a cake and smooth it on as opposed to ice and you can click calendar when
    you're happy with your needing what I like to do is save myself a bit of work
    by bringing all the scenes down underneath your wallet and then
    flattening out your fun to just to help you better so now what we're going to do
    is a nice layer of icing sugar don't worry because we can scrape away and
    brush away the excess no place here fondant down on terrorists like to put a
    little bit icing sugar on the surface of my phone it just a light sprinkling and
    then I actually sort of brush most of it away because they don't want to stick to
    my rolling I like to use a regular rolling pin to roll out fondant and what
    I like to do is travel in every direction at first so back in
    to say
    and then diagonally just so we can maintain that round circle
    you do after press in order to roll it down but I tried to go a little bit
    gently just to keep it nice and even I don't wanna push all the fun out to the
    edge and have some perspective Finneran something bigger try to maintain and
    even as you roll you might notice everybody like this baby use a nice
    little short pin and just insert it on an end goal goalie into the funding into
    the air bubble and then use your hand to brush the air out of that hole directed
    the air out of that little can keep your phone went and at this point what I like
    to do is start to rule from the center out this is a great time to scrape away
    any of the excess I said sure you have on your fund in I use a plastic scraper
    and what you do is just
    just like I can tell them I fondant circle isn't big enough just by looking
    at it has to be large enough to cover the top as well as all around the five
    to the cases were gonna pick up this whole piece of fun and treated over so
    keep rolling I liked your iPhone then an eighth of an inch thick that does take
    some practice at first so every single time just trying to get a little bit
    thinner than the time before this is what I called game time play time I call
    this cake time so you want to work quickly when you're picking up your
    phone and this is very important it is heavy it can slip it can rip it can drop
    it can crack a lot of things can go wrong at this point and you don't want
    that to happen I like to pick up my phone with a friend relief in which
    unlike this ruling pen doesn't spin you can pick up on it with this the problem
    is its heavy so when you pick it up your phone might just roll right off and you
    don't I learned that the hard way to save you the trouble just rest your
    French rolling pin in the middle of your circle over this is a good time if
    there's too much icing sugar just brush it away is that will soar to stop your
    funny bone sticking to your cape pick it up you very careful when you do this now
    working quickly to rate this fun and over your cake you want to get to the
    corners first that's the most important leaving down just with this part of your
    hand down the sides of your fondant you're gonna get fooled with a fondant
    sort of overlaps and what you want to do stretch them out and use the palm of
    your hand
    just lightly pressing against your cake when you get to a full you sort of pull
    the falls apart we get flat and then work it toward your cake and you're also
    depressing down so that the excess fondant is moving away from your cake
    and you're also moving any air bubbles trapped under down and away from your
    case I just like to cut away any excess funding just because it's getting in the
    way now time for fun its new there what I like to do is work from the top
    outer edge and inward that's what I like to do you will usually have an air
    bubble on the top of your kids once again use your trusty pin and just
    inserted into the air bubble and move the air out of the ball now you can use
    your finance new there to smooth out the sides of the cake I like to start at the
    top and you want to just press the flat surface onto your fondant pressing it
    into your cake and then I like to sort of move down this way if there's air
    pushing it down once again and when you're at the bottom basically cake you
    really sort of one or not only press into the cake the press down onto your
    cake board now what I want to do is sharpened up the edges of this cake just
    a bit so when I'm gonna do is used to
    what I like to do is place one on top of my cake that sort of pushes the funding
    outward and gives me a nice sort of and then this second pundits whether you
    work up toward the top moments with it so I'm starting to see sharper edges on
    my cake and really what I'm doing is using this smoother as a ceiling and
    pulling this up with the finest to meet the other one and you also want to take
    your comments will go back around because we've been using a flat surface
    up and down we might have created some richest senators me working with there
    is a lot of Eric this crease a bit with a handle that rather than a pin is to
    just left from the bottom
    release that air death so once are fine and is nice and smooth and you're happy
    the next step is to cut away the excess you should see a nice clean line down at
    the base of your cake and before you put away the excess keep in mind that
    funding has elasticity suspenders it bounces back after you got it so what I
    like to do is take my fingertips and actually push this exercise into the
    case before I now they were cut away the excess fun and I'm going to use a very
    sharp paring knife so you want to cut right on that clean mine is close to the
    cake as possible but slowly and cut me we had the point of the shirt might just
    pull away all your texts responded this cake is as smooth as I can get it for
    now what I'm going to do is put it in my fridge to chill for
    minute it is true
    that the fridge makes pundits I have a special friends that has been altered
    not to do that
    here's a tip for you guys if you have a regular fridge what I used to do with
    empty space in my fridge and turn it down to the
    lowest setting possible and I would only put my cake in there for about

    minutes if not an option for you at all just set your side so that firm up a
    little bit at least on the surface my cake is covered in fondant it slightly
    chilled I'm gonna show you how to cover up his hand slightly creepy if you
    should have any this is just royal icing which I usually have on hand just take a
    little bit royal icing on the small offset politics just like Reeses all
    patched up now I can move on to decorating *** *** How To Make Mini Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hey guys received
    with me became I've got my butt
    and the clinic me school
    Mike ship
    and beat until fluffy being an ad in my vanilla bean paste something in the
    would have been sleeping you'd like scored
    at in yours
    sour cream
    and you know
    but actually enjoying
    just until incorporated
    and my hugh a and its competitors
    has a very tall edges that's what you want paper but I N
    and you can spray decides if you like as well anything
    a special session predicate even
    to go to help you that's me even if they cut off
    degrees Celsius for about half an hour
    missing do check it because it is P in and could cook a bit seniors
    well comic LA's
    using paste should
    on in well Ron
    it's become really think
    I'm gonna say adding in Mike ala miscues gold by American

    list bachelor EU mess
    cannot just
    fine should just
    noonan for pristine
    should reaches rent
    keep climbing think you can always remove the excess
    its a lot easy to work with too much than it is to work with too little
    in the concert scraping off gently
    make sure it's nice and clean otherwise
    if you were to take a No minutes try you have a scanner will be
    and transparent no layer between
    which doesn't look very nice today men to the same phone
    based molds base metals into a baking tray and that's it for about

    hours into the class and random computer cake bakes for half an hour
    and leave it on the counter cool down
    completely but an enemy
    set on medium-low speed into South school speech that paled

    me I little bit
    the this stage in at about

    maybe for now we'll see how it goes gonna
    min and then deleted on medium to high speed
    for about
    minutes with me the that I think
    the mountains truck into the fire it like that
    and expand
    that in mind a vanilla extract skid

    he is me
    that No
    thanks to take my unless we cut here we
    for each Mike
    just the Rams make sure you've got to the very
    make some so-called cake smile
    way a little Jens not
    the maybe in the world
    face him
    attachment sleep
    nation cent
    and through the whole purses
    back because if you try to use your special
    and trying yes will
    is capable find
    slated ease minimal touch
    basic country and free between
    first Boyd
    City down thanks a lot easy first I have my
    a humongous not yes IBM but
    we but I'm gonna use and facing at least its mention
    that an answer run it for a
    magnet right up to the edge that skateboard
    message to help us guy now
    scraper as the scapegoat the excess
    special very Jimmy
    th in make sure they have all the space kind
    when using your bench scraper have a nice and medals at the ninety degree
    mmm scraping
    was in fact that down month
    sweep of the excess cages to keep your bench scraper
    from my special hot water
    no help just even surface that the cake
    Intel not there me ninth
    getting anything
    okay the circle shaped K squeeze
    posting on under hot water again and I'm going slow here in mickey
    just means good
    just a mess if it's a small corn flour analysts at rolling out my funded
    you the thing about it because it's so small
    doesn't take long to relief fund and it doesn't have to be
    and been eBay going to be a little bit because that way
    it hides all these lumps and imperfections quarter of an inch bigger
    bigger than that
    he's funny yes
    messing up
    you can see it
    fund actually coming away and thank keep reading
    that was expected happen to sleep
    shirts area that's
    really clicked it yes so when you pull
    doesn't chain
    me actually
    cooling Pacific thing
    race King tactic
    %um since these just came out now
    this still a bit tacky which is the best time to be putting
    lead us to expect from them custom called
    huge which fresh and
    just mine
    crash to sleep P
    things just
    then to attach help lower I'm gonna go
    bit past the inch
    little to the side as well like minute then the Middle Miocene
    right K
    be sitting like that say pushed

    just think that
    an effect on
    watching Pinterest and thing *** *** How To Make A WALKING DEAD BRAIN... cake! Red velvet cake, fondant and raspberry jam! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to had a cake it I'm feeling a little under the weather today
    so bear with me
    the Walking Dead premiere is a few days away and how long is round the corner so
    I thought I've got a cake
    ultimate I certainly feel really hungry I wanna call Kevin McCallum Kevin base
    of this human bring kiki is red velvet cake batter than a portent she would
    eight inch round full
    get that don't she but this whole day has been off for me because I forgot to
    turn my other than
    I love you so all of the red velvet batter in the pan and
    it looked so once my cake is cooled I just carved away all that extra matter
    that looks really creepy and then i turn my cake out of the pool and began to
    carve so just hit hard with the sides to get it a little bit thinner and then I
    carved away just a little curved underneath the brain
    and I carved out this little crease between the brain hemispheres I'm really
    looking to just create a base shape for my brain because most of the shape and
    the detail is going to come from the funding that I lay on afterwards
    wasn't happy with the basic shape of my brain case I sprayed with simple syrups
    and give it an ice cream coat with my Italian meringue buttercream and then I
    put my brain cake in the fridge to chill guys ready to touch of my lips to you I
    feel really dry now the microcode is chill and I Swiss cake one more time I
    don't have to be as particular as I usually am what I need is for the
    buttercream to help my fund it
    time to prepare flesh colored actually pre died from fondant with burden the
    golden yellow and a little bit of black shelf color I better on my flesh colored
    fun into tubes so I can recreate this rainy I don't we wanted to try out some
    new role a few tubes at a time
    about four to six inches in length and just picking up all the phone off
    rolling it and to choose and then applying them to the brain and starting
    again and doing this completely free and I don't think two brains look exactly
    alike so I'm just going to go for it
    always weird research something like this was you feel like you're not doing
    it right as you lean it's such a small piece but the more I added the more
    confident my God to keep going
    lower quadrant and I covered that and to bring upside down it's really cool
    because I love my head of brain doesn't really have any flood services at all so
    I didn't want like he glad I added 12 along the bottom all the way around and
    then even at the front of the brain at the bottom and that's how I began I
    really wanted to keep the definition between the two and then not because
    it's not perfectly symmetrical I wanted to keep this definition clear so I put a
    ruler in between so that when I added the funded the other side it wouldn't
    touch and stick to the fondant I had already
    of my flesh colored I knew I wouldn't see the whole service is my brain is
    gonna be so I wanna just recreate he sort of soft rounded shapes you see here
    so I rolled two bowls of fun and Latin America bit to fit under my brain and
    then I used to love from my medical kit rather than a sculpting tool and I just
    made these lines just like you know the cerebellum lines when I'm happy with my
    cerebellum and it's looking go ahead and place that my cake stand first and then
    add a little more fun for support before putting my bring cake on top of time to
    get my brain cake in place I carefully lifted up and make sure that the back of
    my brain is even with the cerebellum underneath they just don't care of the
    few more details I'm gonna use one of my trusted medical tool to further indent
    the little sort of herbs and all the little corners and
    toral you interpret really you know the brain to release you know I really
    should have learned my brain terminology before doing this video but to be honest
    googling human brain just open so I really want this brain tumor voice and
    fresh items I am seedless raspberry jim is just Russia on all over my breen
    getting into every little corner every little nook and cranny every curve and
    especially developing a ton of gym in the middle between the two years or
    something like that
    this cake look like a bring its actually kinda scaring me but *** *** How to Make Fondant Like on "Cake Boss" : Fortune Cookies & More - YouTube !!!
    failed hi
    and I Artem chief confectionery officer lady fortunes dot com
    and I'm here to show you how to make fondant like on Cake Boss
    I fondant is
    really a delicious in easy to make I
    covering for peaks cookies cupcakes anything you can imagine
    you have the option of buying pre-made store-bought
    fondant or making it from you're using this
    easy recipe right from home arm I always prefer to make it was scrapped because
    it's always more soft and pliable an easy to work with you don't need a
    microwave it
    and it's just and it's also on cheaper
    it actually homemade fondant arm is about five times less expensive than
    so that's another added bonus so let me go ahead and show you how to make your
    own fondant
    we start with on one-pound both marshmallows you need to get like a

    and I'm what we're going to do gonna put into our microwaveable bowl
    and we're going to go ahead and add to that on
    we're going to at about 3 tablespoons of butter
    now you can leave the butter out a lot of takers leave the butter out
    I prefer the butter in my fondant because think is it more of a
    butter creamy policed I like the butter and their
    but arm again you can leave the broader out your fondant
    if you prefer we're also going to go ahead and add
    and we're going to add
    sorry tablespoons love point sir
    let us use the regular pie photos corn syrup
    that you can buy in the supermarket
    you most likely have something like that in your pantry
    what I do is I usually take some the marshmallows and put them in the back up
    but I just get everything out there
    all that good stuff spoken gonna give it a little bit over
    mix here Scott you don't get it incorporated into the your marshmallows
    this is so easy and what we're gonna do is we're gonna put it into our microwave
    and we're going to go ahead and cook it
    on regular he for about one minute
    seconds while that
    is melting we've already pre-measured here about two pounds
    of confectioners sugar com you need to use confectioners sugar do not use
    fondant sugar or granulated sugar or turbinado sugar
    or any other kind sugar because it won't work so we've got this going over here
    also got my kitchen 8 setup on you if you don't have a KitchenAid home
    you can use a hand mixer with like that like up hope attachment
    um and here we go
    we've got our delicious marshmallows right here
    or we're just gonna go ahead and mix them around a little bit
    ok now we're going to go ahead and grab powerball
    so we're gonna go ahead and bit our kitchen a
    with our hook attachment
    ok and we're going to go ahead and take our
    marshmallow mixture was gonna spoon it right out and say it comes out
    easily that the addition of the butter to the butter really helps make that
    marshmallow just slide out just like that
    now we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and add our sugar
    and I like to add may be about to happen time
    just stir at a little bit just try to get it incorporated
    so you can see it's already forming like a doe
    and what we're gonna do is you
    you you could need this out by hand you don't necessarily need to
    use a mixer I prefer you think the mixer
    alright so we've got this
    in our mixer along with the SUP and you're gonna start offer
    really slowly we don't want all that sugar to distill
    pop out at you about this
    whom he recognises down and we're gonna make sense or forms like a nice
    I like frontal for Paula that said
    and all that sugar dust
    ok so we're going to go ahead and that just that now
    I like to put on gloves when I'm working with the fondant
    because the gloves so ill latex-free on their gonna go ahead and make it less
    sticky and less of a mess to clean up later on
    for have to run and washer sticky hands
    alright now you always wanna go ahead
    work with sugar you put sugar confectioners sugar again
    on your hands on your work surface
    I'll wanna go home hopes up with the hope
    and up
    out think this big Cooper
    delicious fund hey we're gonna put
    right here on our work surface I'm gonna go home just put some more sugar on it
    and we're just gonna go ahead and start meeting at on all my goodness this is
    feel fine I'll we're going to use a scraper to go ahead and scrape up
    anything extra
    I recommend using a you know when you when you doing this
    wouldn't surface we've got steel countertops in this particular area so
    that's where we're using
    this and their ego we're almost done eating it
    but this is pretty much as pliable gonna get oh that's just beautiful
    and there you have it those simple easy steps
    supports will have you making fondant flake on Kate Plus and for a fraction of
    the price
    still for more ideas
    on this and other great cake decorating tips
    please go to lady fortunes dot com that lady fortunes with an S
    dot com face *** *** How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant - YouTube !!! English English
    hi I'm Beth Somers from the Wilton Test Kitchen and I want to show you how
    easy it is to cover a round cake with rolled fondant
    I have my round cake all set up here ready to go
    it's on a
    inch cake board and I have an
    base that's
    at least 2 inches larger than your cake and as you can see
    it's very level all the way around that's the first thing that you need to know
    because then we can ice it very nice and level
    so I have buttercream icing here at a thin consistency which is the perfect
    consistency for icing a cake and you're going to spread it onto the cake just like
    you would
    if you were just icing it normally leaving it as a buttercream
    iced cake you want to make sure that you get it as even
    as you can it doesn't have to be perfect at this point but as even as you can
    because the more even it is the more even your fondant will be
    over it so I'm using my
    angled spatula here and making sure my top is nice and flat
    and I have a normal coating of icing here
    a normal amount so if you prefer a quarter inch a half an inch
    that's what you should do: okay so that looks good because it's nice
    and flat now I'm just going to move to my sides once you have your cake
    iced the next thing to do is measure the top and the sides because that's how
    you're gonna figure out how large of a piece of fondant you need to roll
    measure the height of the cake multiply that by two
    and then at the diameter my cake is just about four and a half inches tall
    and eight-inches' across so that's how I know how big I need to get
    now you're going to take your fondant out
    and begin to knead it
    you need to knead until its pliable before you start rolling
    and the new decorator preferred fondant as much softer
    so it actually goes very quickly that's really all I need to do.
    simply roll it out most projects will tell you to roll to about an
    of an inch
    thickness and I'm using my
    Roll-N-Cut mat here as you can see if you're just doing this straight on the
    countertop you might want to put some corn starch or confectioners sugar
    underneath the fondant to prevent it from sticking you can also if you like
    pick it up
    and move it like I'm doing once in a while so that it doesn't stick
    kind of like pie-dough like that you want to make sure that you're always rolling
    from the center
    outwards and never fully over the edge of the fondant
    so that it remains consistent all the way across
    and again we're going for an
    of an inch thickness it's better to start with a circle
    because it's easier to finish with a circle if you start with something
    that's really misshapen it's harder to get it there
    now I'm just going to cut the fondant to the
    size that I need eight inches by four and a half inches
    I'm going to need about a
    inch circle after you get your fondant cut
    to the size that you need rolled out and cut going to want to make sure that your
    cake is ready before that because the fondant
    will go on right away you can't let it sit
    out too too long or it starts to dry out so what I've done I've just loosely
    folded the fondant
    over my rolling pin once just like that and what I'm going to do
    is start at about an inch
    away from me so that the fondant in the back
    is touching the base and gently roll my rolling pin
    out like that so that the fondant will drape all the way over the cake
    now you can see it's draping nicely and it's covering completely
    and from here we're going to use a combination of our hands and the fondant
    smoother tool
    to gently adhere the fondant to the icing underneath
    and then start pulling the fondant
    away from the cake as you use your hand
    to slide down it to get rid of any
    creases so always pulling down away and down
    from the cake as I go so that the creases actually come
    past the edge of the cake so that they're on the cake board itself
    as opposed to on the side of the cake that's the trick
    just to continue pulling and smoothing down
    and this fondant is really stretchy decorator preferred fondant works
    really nicely it also drapes really nicely over the cake so it's very very
    easy to do this cover rotate the cake as you go
    so that you're always able to see the part that you're working on
    and just going all the way around pulling it out and smoothing it down
    don't worry if you have a a few little lumps we're going to go back with the
    at the and after everything is adhered
    so I've gotten almost all the way around and here a lot of people have problems
    this is the tricky bit
    it's adhered on both sides and then there's this flap it's okay just pull it
    out one more time you're going to loosen it a little bit on
    either side there from where it was attached and just pull it
    again a little bit more so that all of that draping comes
    to the bottom of the cake and then over
    onto the cake board itself see there's a pleat here
    but there's nothing here so now what we want to do is take our smoother
    and go all along the top and the sides to get a nice
    clean finish and you're going to go all the way to the
    cake board here to create a nice
    tight adhered fondant
    if you get the bubbles in your fondant you can use a pin
    to insert a pin at an angle very gently
    to release the air and then just smooth back over it
    that'll happen once in a while and then I'm going to use my fondant
    trimmer here to very
    carefully go around the cake
    I have one little seam there so I'm just going to go back
    and resmooth it out get rid of it
    I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and cutaway
    the excess fondant as close as you can to where the cake
    meets the board
    again making sure to turn the cake as you do this so that you can always see
    where you're cutting
    and I like to do it in smaller portions rather than go all the way around in one
    big strip because sometimes the fondant
    might stretch you don't want that to happen
    so tiny little strips is my preference
    and there we go all the extra fondant is off of the cake and just one more time we're
    going to go around
    if you have any buttercream on your board I have a little bit wipe it up before
    you do your final smooth so that you don't get anything
    on the side of your fondant
    so one final smooth just like that
    and there you go that is how you cover a round cake with fondant *** *** How To Make A WATERMELON out of CAKE! PINK VELVET cake with BUTTERCREAM and FONDANT! - YouTube !!!
    into your not gonna be victory you just gotta model modeling don't you have the
    right guys or it doesn't have a problem with me and I don't have a problem with
    that i'm gonna be a pink velvet cake that's right like red bill that pink and
    I'm gonna special that cake with chocolate chips to represent watermelons
    and then I'm gonna come of this cake in white fine in which will represent the
    rind and paint the outside to look exactly like a problem with walter is he
    is a little bit quiet don't just saying you could talk a little bit more
    I begin by making
    inch round pink velvet cake as well as a board pink
    velvet cake that's nine inches round in diameter I removed them from their
    parents and the ball and level that was my ruler my serrated knife pink powder
    keg is just red velvet cake but instead of red food coloring I used to take a
    break from chocolate chips into each cake layer as well as the boy sort of
    put them in half way but chips always thinkin cake batter they have wait I
    begin with my classic Italian meringue buttercream and I'm going to start to
    diet and what I actually did this time was I used red butter and mix it to my
    white if you want to make my Italian meringue buttercream I have a video
    tutorial a walk you through every step
    just click the link right here don't know Walters face right now we split
    when I feel this cake I actually want to fill it with a butter content to the
    same as the cake so that we slice of watermelon you just see pink and feeds
    like a watermelon I know and I know what I didn't even cut you open to see the
    inside so you're both coming
    and as a fill the layers with the pink tinted buttercream I also put some chips
    in the this is a really seedy water mount you know the CD watermelons rate I
    know your seat but I know I told him in order to staff this watermelon cake I
    start with one round cake buttercream with chocolate chips another round cake
    buttercream and chocolate chips another round cake buttercream chocolate chips
    and then the ball cake with dome on top a watermelon wouldn't have AK Press in
    it they don't know what I have to tell them so I don't have to carve this cake
    really but I do have to cut away all of trust so that we just see pink
    watermelon and then white so I just use me straight in knife to go around the
    cake over their job and all the way around to cut off all the edges of the
    10th time to cram Co my watermelon and pop it in the fridge to chill before I
    said once more
    my cake is chilled and take it out of the fridge right walter
    smoothly as they can and then it's time
    I roll up my wife on in and cover the Cape
    it actually kinda look like a chubby ghost when I first covers the nice thing
    about it is it doesn't edges so you don't have to worry as much about your
    funding cracking her dripping down the sides it's a nice gradual curve on the
    watermelon rind is perfect now I need to paint this cake to make it look like a
    watermelon and my model hasn't even shown up yet are you out partying last
    may I mean really tired feet I couldn't find them I don't he was probably a
    juice bar or something like that so I called Walter had to go pick him up
    finally got walter my kitchen it's time to pay i didnt mixture of different
    Greens Adam kelly green and some ma screen and then I had actually a little
    bit of yellow and a little bit of red so if you'll notice watermelon they're very
    like there's a lot of depth to them you know it's not just flat screen it's not
    i know i know im trying to tell them so I start by painting this sort of way to
    screen out here and I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't need to provide my birthday
    paint the lightest coat of green onto the watermelon I Russian on liberally
    and let it sort of drip down and make sure to cover the entire time I went
    back and deepen my green and then I sort of speckled all the way around the cape
    with paintbrushes speckled try not to think about it too much
    keep it looking natural all the way you're really deepened my food coloring
    to get this sort of dark screen some watermelon a wonderful kind of strength
    so I took the darker green and needs stripes let it drip down and then went
    back and sort of speckled and just sort of blurred out the strip so it wasn't a
    definite hardline
    with the same dark green and just sort of speckled here and there just so I
    thought it looked great I just kept playing with it until walter really told
    me you know
    once the final coat of paint design and I'm happy I'm really gonna let this
    watermelon oh I forgot something you have to add the Little Walter can I show
    them your head
    I guess I made his bottom gotta make the little like now is it called a
    watermelon nothing really when I ask you these questions I'm testing you I know
    what it is if you know it just tried it but I have to make this little known
    outside take a little bit of cream colored find it I use the ball tool to
    push into my cake place the cream fun and crazy a boomer
    a place another piece of fine on top and then I just play around with adding some
    texture and pressing it in until I'm happy with the win and then I painted
    the little love with some ivory food coloring and a green tree
    I told you it was a nude modeling gig don't say they'll tell you that my
    watermelon cake was looking beautiful I'm so proud of it just let it dry and
    then what do you do with watermelon
    yet cut it open in the eat it it's always fun coming into the case but with
    this one I was so curious to see how it looked on the five such a big part of it
    I don't know just how beautiful they are my flight
    big wedge have at this watermelon cake so happy to see the pain shaver the cake
    with chocolate chips looking like a white Honda it looking exactly like
    riding the painted outside just like a watermelon can I offered walking like
    and take a while to her if you like dirty dancing
    subscribe if you don't like dirty dancing watch it like it and then
    subscribe Walters in dirty dancing *** *** Fondant Ruffle Cake Ombre Style Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** How To Make A RUBIK'S CUBE CAKE! Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Ganache and Fondant! - YouTube !!!
    welcome and had a cake it this is happening right the Rubik's ok just a
    weird graphics where I don't want to be in the frame I just want this like this
    I think they're lying to make this move excuse Kate i'd i'd live in Alabama or
    yellow using Wilton lemon yellow and then i've wasted in
    inch square ones
    making started their pens and leveled at each one of those cakes and later it
    into three equal face because I need my Rubik's Cube cake to be a perfect square
    I need each one of my three remaining capes to be a little bit higher so I'm
    had one of the layers from my fourth cake
    each one of my three kids to make the beach higher I do this using my Italian
    meringue buttercream I die yellow using the same Wilton lemon yellow now all
    three of my kids are two inches high and I'm gonna cut them into logs better two
    inches wanted actually made me feel the template in the end all have nine laws
    better to buy two inches it is a little bit com much like solving a Rubik's Cube
    why are you laughing can you to solve a Rubik's Cube fun with mathematics is not
    over yet kids
    because all of my lives are two inches wide by
    up to being six inches wide
    that's right right so I need to cut them all six inches so that when I stack all
    my life together they will end up in a perfect
    this is my show it was you landed yet and sci-fi movie this cake I have
    pre-made black traffic and I wanted to mimic the line you see here in the world
    and I dyed it using the built-in black I think colors and then set it aside to
    come to room temperature since nineteen and spreadable you can make it the
    nature for time to start with one case and sandwich three long together by
    spreading your black chocolate ganache game between the three longshoreman
    damaging them
    here's where you can spread ganache again another layer and then the entire
    cube with more black chocolate ganache
    one particular time to get your sharp edges gotta get your corners Mason sharp
    just Street questions that can make a rounded route this is called a Rubik's
    Cube Gallery with small it's time to cover this beautiful cube in black I use
    four pounds of black all the cake and the top
    my cake is actually a little bit shorter than it is wide which does not make it a
    perfect cue to make up for this in a row like
    find it a little bit thicker
    than the other
    just to make up for that heightens the but in the end I got a perfect line on
    when and if it and then I guess that's where to cut a perfect perpendicular
    line 0 I do pay attention then I Leinbach perfect corner one corner and
    then what I do very sharp other two sides now I have one more jizz big black
    tube the only problem is make it this is why I like posting on instruments
    because all of the pictures are arranged I begin by marking the grid between the
    covers so there's nine sections on every side and the top of the key now it is
    time to roll out every color of find it on the Rubik's Cube witches white yellow
    orange red blue and green now I need to cut each color funding in
    actually don't need nine because the bottom side but I'm just gonna cut it
    when I cut my colored fondant I made sure to cut squares a little bit smaller
    than the squares on the grid so that I would have a black border running all
    the way you may be able to use a square cut if the skies were so perfectly or
    you might need to make yourself a template it's really should I do sci-fi
    with many Temperley imagine I can perfectly like it's not gonna work
    already here
    climate to my Rubik's Cube cakes I just used a little bit of water with the
    if you leave a human below to subscribe but most importantly excused a guys and
    your friends doing with cake punch you not it *** ***