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Cake tutorials

Sponge cake with berry juice and jam how to make

Sponge cake with berry juice and jam how to make

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    How to make a fondant bride doll cake or cupcake How To Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    this video make another lemme NHS am
    dull shaped cake this time gonna do it for pride
    so just got a small
    okay to switch just Orange Line that I'm put in the freezer for loan losses hot
    another Scrushy and change shape for that just
    smart screen them in the middle I just got cake bob has the same size
    as mechanic I'm just gonna
    those tough and Jas
    Kit Kat sky-high pain
    I'm and unemployment crime in a mess with it and
    this is just exactly the same as we did in the other
    cake media my metal dial
    K you can use any time KQ
    random attack other fruit cake is very easy to school
    into a ship's I would you ask attackers I'm shocked
    in fact way stuff access it a lot
    impact ap
    just cannot look at what creme just on to my cake
    %uh to it sticks
    ice compress that and Cup
    munching out just cover the whole cake
    in a thin layer but cream
    such a stack up
    quite fun sugarpaste shoes
    me to make nice and soft problem
    need expansion taken up by our Monroe action then I'm just gonna
    no rock band on the cake that with time
    managed to get problem okay come licensor
    make sure you've created your workspace promptly about me
    this is just been under cuffs K
    anyway asap PG&E backside
    right chamber G well covering up
    so many think
    picking up which is can act you back a couple
    much just gonna PopCap
    Allen the top Smith I'm love it unfit mom and fucked
    transmit sometimes how unlike central
    mahatma lays out the top anyway said he
    increases don't worry shrimp in it now
    sweet outlet just can't remember
    mixture and water
    Mike scene between squeezed I'm about sewer
    that and clean em it again decorate I skip it
    now applique can do and he like
    I many small petrol protest
    mom in a day with him into half with this substrate
    Africa effect happen actual wells
    sir I'm just gonna try line where a walk
    each week to go to manage a perspective it comes across
    down here sir now
    petals honest I am apec I mister how one
    in t-town to I'll Tulsa kept going into that
    ahead find the easier to use
    the shower muslim head and do not in mexico
    and you find eurozone
    and it does make you know but you can't just church not sticking to your access
    Alan is just pop a comp
    except time just to use
    rusk attack again he's different sizes different ships
    just got caught how and if you've got a sponge prosecutors
    I'm past and reschedule a hand
    used to YouTube all until just then edges
    not to like that when it
    that bill paid other way around just fantastic
    heat another watch to talk about pactel I'm just gonna stick
    down about marriage a scat like crap
    managing Piemonte
    overlooked them as you can I'm
    and then you cuss tough fight back
    and you stop building above them as well
    so put this one %uh mmm
    must keep getting all the way around them
    well to
    help it off is the section of Paris happy customer I'm gonna do
    is a design compass either cites a and unique edges
    Cup okay so what mondale
    about Twilight fund risk
    outlet by home just how much I miss my comp account it doesn't stick
    an outfit like to on
    not created on
    not gonna do
    is of some strips times
    Cup happen manager that saves
    cracking up manage I'm gonna Cup district %uh
    skycap fact
    yeah shrimp his ball internal
    to Stonehenge now after a plane crash
    sex is not way campaign while hinges
    seaman around a little bit sana your
    Parkway I'm edges so the engine out
    stiffest onto the tracks hmm
    to gonna come up with water and rest
    I'm gonna turn it round HEA march around here
    margins will bring Lee to round the back
    to starting here now
    putting I'm a just make sure it's going to rain
    my head shop just make sure it's
    up in and he can play around the engine her
    into the positions right gonna nice expect scampering around the back
    just gonna
    a laugh halfback
    match stock on gonna do this and get
    overlap he's got no
    to clean up the street from him me

    bitten a lot to I'm sketched in stoppage
    the last piece I'm can use it to Berkeley
    perfect ease edible glitter saccharine
    Anna last one now depending on the place you want
    can filed love ashey in our
    if your money reanimation don't leave a very big gap between
    tame strips the rat I'm
    and quite close to get there and if your husband and I and I'm just
    space them out much each preying on and I'll be cap
    a wider take someone
    going up time at a FEMA to come to the top
    man putting them on the other side now
    is a few monolayers a Mac now I don't get into the close to the top
    made it a little bit ly Dec so when trample
    just wal-mart I'm not feel that last bit of space someone could the fastest time
    no places come in a pine Walker
    a PF credit
    sitcoms patch antenna not on way too much
    about me Farrand crampons you decide
    of the tracks makes me
    stop stern
    she can't
    for a bit more water are to blame
    just on top one me
    previously acted me extra
    scams K so
    and stop the punter Pat McDonough homes
    pieces problem nothing and me dampens
    cut-out yet after I'm
    marty was just use a little bit this at got left feeling
    cap bash I'm just going around a
    package challengers gonna
    I'm estan cam
    claim the edge you want
    stuckey company just
    met the edges
    pain now continue felt aside
    escape its rights to market call
    when coming after cheater so
    because it's becoming more and more difficult to make that happen today
    his place on the actual cake is gonna go out
    now even as his cake inside it just made me smile
    pancake its gonna go on top of on Monday
    his push for downing into the cake
    tragos right to reach bottom bottom just can't handle I know I'm
    when it comes to me I'm cut
    of stick it back in the cake
    to just put wetland tation talent since his
    and should just back off like
    pay out much to cope with massive it
    spaus the way of Utah setup just want to make sure they're all the same size
    set for the next to each other just Maxima
    and pay from gonna do now she's put whatever I like to top the cakes
    that sticks to it from my life
    are you can use pertains Wow love on down too much cuz
    otherwise and slide about just to make sure
    from is facing the front on
    and provide like that just checked side
    crack from can now start working on the other side
    existing place we don't need to worry about slashing a wonderful time in the
    background same camp
    know how
    mines tomorrow pin-up manic attack
    into strips again
    gonna cry this time that care trumka
    time ap and what trent want me to come up to her now
    dude try again to the right times
    and when it's okay if you got it right stop it then
    great I exactly anyway
    sana Anthony H
    and Tunisia of
    a Mac candy
    hush can Anna I'm stretched nearly
    as well just keep
    smart aren't back espy I'm gonna
    pic over
    on a kept
    can just gonna
    from inches to
    nice position town am gonna repeat them again
    couple more times to refill did not look back
    Monday from aspect act like Peyton a shit pace which basically
    colour up after lacked
    to just have a local caption left on Yas
    contract UPS carting to tonight
    let's listen just hold it against
    toria happy with it and not perfect shape but it just comes after that
    cap hi Chris Lee I Monday when
    impression I'm place fast pace
    my shit
    tear I'm just gonna home page and tough
    up stand
    action up
    on a piece is a mask and I'm
    on Iran
    members need to act
    the body and head firms to now cock
    sunflower Muslim pet just pile up the FAA
    fresh paprika and should fly John
    to to pick the right colorful after 10 just gonna get they said that makes
    out if sugar a Muslim pace get a bit
    stick a just a little bit tracks to it checks
    first I'm patched of tough gonna do now is make pocket memo addressed the body
    in the back to affect what's up text
    someone s I'm right to it
    almost like a little bit
    a triangle that fact assignments switcher see signs hines
    I it's gonna be alright Sarah
    might take a while Obama I'm
    to be cubic about a Ochsner
    down again the bottom okay gonna do now
    stressed pension love it around here
    to create that the Mac mix-up
    fragment the neck up
    camps Clara
    shoulders no that just pushed and to confirm
    McCalebb factor but where
    mostly Bay just an indentation
    backed she's cockpit a bust K
    I'm just keep trying signees mcsherry happy with this I some
    ok first a look back on
    don't like shelters to mind sonya
    down stomach I come a bit players K
    now ease into halftime tell spinal and intention
    Tennis Center
    together number clean extract
    make sure not too much welcome back
    is from much just
    muddling time aside sir and next as in Chi
    can contract combines just cut not mine
    had and cam
    caused I like
    just play around with it
    me happy my share need to do now
    strain get styles stick in fact party
    team might even funny
    staff from house factor canine
    way you just from a bit per capita top
    we can pick up hadam K
    moment just check goes
    in today dress okay turns to
    that perhaps I can think and
    slightly I missed you like you bright today
    measures tech about the white mom enhanced
    just me
    this bit stuff
    just come stop by around and I sent
    times and
    my night today let's just put it on a Mac
    on Second City how long to me tama
    think this back in about an hour means touched from the
    skylines on my swinger by
    direct mail piece licensed
    me she get
    but to shock should be abstract look back campaign
    out cutlass no mystery writer
    cost I'm I'm gonna do now
    script am better sweetheart neckline
    procedures Cup square equity
    news hot when anything basically this car know that China
    and free from cow no
    china ship but can put it
    against you think a back
    ap if you want tell down time aside
    just take
    can just check happy with that
    K new prohibited its march on back
    be funded I'm about to happen and I'm back that's fine
    can last time party our cost can use
    medical claim
    Spurs I'm
    during time
    am do Scott this extra bit of up the sleeve
    little bit I know collapse ice
    ever since like and party attending Tina allow
    not as opposed to March but nothing but a filed
    s under all the way around class a few lines
    cam from from bet
    to apply mystic
    on track s
    comes down in shape
    to find yes I just and nations can
    scanner press on campus tournament
    to if you actually be quite plain might cut some scenes down
    Minister me
    and cannot writer and bits and pieces to it here on
    signing up times he randomly mine quite plant K
    to any happy with that just gonna put not on the bottom
    can use at my nice in a few months love is stronger sticking
    on campus water to pk
    some passing say much just gonna
    set those polled not know pingback:
    house second Holland she's just like straight just pushing n
    to a happy
    let's make sure there's no rush and where student
    to Chongqing and the middle
    in line PID to strength train them again
    medium and long-term gonna do now is get back perhaps
    to kamar me fresh collect I'm happen past
    just gonna relax on finch
    can I'm just gonna make an indentation hiya
    scar sestanovich which will become happened pay
    when you just gonna have a look against you but if a lot like you dont
    today I'm
    gonna and I'll indentation where
    like around putting up I'm
    mark against
    when chauvinists up I shall it's Gus
    to reflect thing and I'm I am time when it announces contact happen
    so that when a I'm
    to the bottom
    smack China to me thickness here gonna do
    sky now and China
    from cannot fit my hand shaped
    unit change is gonna stick
    I'm whatever position
    you like best
    can shoot another
    watchers top them
    and play
    she just a repeat the same them
    session hand here
    today and beholden cement mike Beebe
    did pay screen tap on hand
    come to play in a
    pageant come back the Giants and
    and constraints it's not
    as nice vacation CD in China
    me com sir stand for the party for old
    so that sticker on my car the sad news
    struck down a lot but come want to use
    just popped ap the shower
    repeat the same thing lol if you want
    cannot mines in time speaking loudly
    cocktail my cattle Allah to digest
    Scott control over as thanks
    to in a row track modeling paste
    I'm just gonna track back Commissioner elect into the mix well
    like surges puppet awesome back
    work out where she wanted to go
    contracts just pushing calf on Capp a few
    everything looks best random
    game much on the back burner took
    next to nap now any
    after hat it's happened just
    suffering a madeleine past
    camp and most difficult but now it's time to get in the right manner
    at the right time Texas roll into a ball
    just above I'll stop summit
    manheim gonna CQC sein fein
    strikes ice so many happy with this ice
    she struck shine from into about staff at
    Metro that any cracks increases
    okay monitors just put an indentation
    across the Middle like and I'm
    could just push in that manner fingers to create like some
    I sockets I can use the power too old for that he professor
    now I'm going to Aunt is just pension up here for the chant mister fromm
    back I'm rippin it on my part change
    Palmer yet face is becoming habit not
    online share now can just make sure
    still happy with the size of my head much as Fatima but not us
    to cope yes and
    no ma'am it's not do have a video
    I'm making a basic face if you want to have a look at the video and going on
    aside my fast face and have a look at the links now
    and that take you today gears by expand a bit better about how to do the faces
    San question is:
    I'm changed but man did not paint bashed push into center
    meh monuments
    right-hand man a I'm just gonna
    take up tastic just push into the tension diners can we connect ballot
    working out
    unions same me and I
    change am sympathize with ICICI cam gonna just
    pattern smile model in tow
    not him and imposed by Mindy paintbrush
    in a car well caps
    an easement practical is now people keep asking where his fam
    and got them from cake FAC
    age SGA have dropped them many times and it broke a
    they just think petal craps on the facts anybody that is after buying them just
    look up
    petal craps online initiative time so with a dry brush
    just use in love it pink I'm cheeks
    my just want to make sure event in March from
    face for the ride got a funny way pat down
    now if you want can leave you face to drive to find out
    are you the features in bits and pieces you know squashing it
    and John in my mother she can just are to
    just below the water
    in each of these guys I'm
    jeannie's black I'll East Africa Command at BAM backed up
    you can't have a huge difference between to happen back Sat
    company s first-hand
    just family a couple other ball sphere nice not strained
    I'm even inside tryna Jenkins
    same size quite difficult sap
    when you happy with the size and disconnect and perhaps not and
    allow myself to be done again
    you Mike
    and and I'm sometime perhaps
    and Christian attacked pam
    sugar flour ship products in a brushed finish
    random high-fat I'm past just campaign
    Rams down second
    liked up
    to do it on to screen a few brush
    we can just swipe this way on Jan
    Intel you and being
    Mike tonight gonna get gonna brush from a
    ashes write some shit licorice sugar
    I want just camper
    bethlehem paintbrush
    just gonna
    moms she's
    his see doing side
    these caches besides too much
    when you actually had Tea Party misdirection
    not committed on camera and had n
    just wanna make sure the sticks not to child
    come out the top of the head fact not innocent
    my to
    companies pink can you to read online for calling on
    I'm just gonna
    her Mike tiny
    them said on mom looks a little bit like she's sticking it out now
    mmm time p.m. to now
    semi tackles not just can't
    thing doing
    him pushing hatch on Tuesday
    on Anthony something that's just gonna push
    armed like just make sure it
    angle you like pack so

    in the Hat and then leave
    overnight so the head has had a bit champ
    stay calm otherwise you'll find on map had stopped me about that much
    not play some heads a hot
    time to set time to par-tay are not just mixed Doc Brown
    from hackulous to get committee Muslim paste
    the funk check the pressure and damaged I'm a
    think is a complete different color busway perhaps that
    throughout Wednesday just add love watched back
    the head now again you can use
    and edible claim share today that I'm gonna stop
    back ahead let mommy round mention this one just gonna get low
    house midtech love the FB
    muscling past just throw a suspect in Outland
    monitor is just twitter-like just like
    K pushed on to the back
    had no idea how I yep an entity
    basically online now
    can make major economic health tent file out someone to keep them
    I'll shot
    kicks you get the idea excellent shape this all the way
    safety should now go
    T can continue but the cold everywhere if you want and non-muslim mine
    my friend class tomorrow gonna do half title
    half have it back tens tie his back
    to just rolling wealth and stripped I'm just gonna put on front-runner face
    I'm into the back
    the head manager few days
    thing going on and Lecce gonna do there's
    tough shell then the gap had good
    and finished and don't know how I'll
    you can see it from me camera passion a picture
    she can feed finished and I'll
    K ok thank you for watching
    if you want to
    yeah I would like to see more please click on the images and the Invidia
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    and ideas *** *** Making a fondant lattice effect on a cake How To Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    in this video when she how to make and lattice
    had a perfect to decorate cakes like a part
    so misty just clashed
    a cake for this was a cake to me and Justin hype because you can spend that
    much time tracking meat-axe and I have to
    after next p take a decent greaseproof paper
    pack okay today
    fit around okay seth has all the way to the backstop
    every style lap anti-trust come to talk
    K I use that I I'm if that happened like Sarah
    this it's just about my apartment slightly up
    to just make sure you work sex is pleased yes
    so after taking train and the game
    patent have top ahead DL
    mid-air collision I'm these just caused by hot
    left over now it's just fun day stay if you find slow pace of
    to use and just makes analog modeling
    flour paste with and she just that'll be easy to use
    such a phenomenal access hotfile
    discuss stopped around
    should read easement bacon
    just mentioned it's a nice in stock
    tell how
    gonna run out reasonably and ask the beginning of it comes up
    peace and prosperity paper just try
    much well Ron Payne she began her son Tesla
    touch takes about a minute and
    place for Greece repay help atop
    and I'm just gonna cut around
    so that nice pretty much the same size
    makes to I and hinting
    and Iran I'm just cut a net camera
    edge peacekeepers I and
    used moment
    companies pay down I'm just going to try and
    unrestrained head the on the outside
    cake faced ass scratch training
    reason fees increase for paper and me
    is just so that makes you love it here up to today
    on tire K K
    to I'm just camera tanga com I'll just sum sex and
    up to just guessed to it too much and any use
    this ship protect he can use whichever one you want my
    white entirely up to you
    I'm just gonna stop in the center
    AXA now they get back
    you in the Eve the less chance is a few accidents but im right if you only got
    China pricing between
    each you know cut-outs you find
    Tesla when you do okay
    stuff shrubs best ok I'm
    at he need to draw guidelines to keep them straight line
    do truck guy ninety not just leave unequal space between each one
    cookout thanks
    you see stops to create pattern
    just chime happened to my love ski
    parent tough ask for additional but now
    see he's doing a track
    them build
    dude of
    do guess what gonna do now
    just Ralph estimate the paper just reject extradite
    stay small hatchback
    Jan limit to one side just checkin on the easy for him and put him a cake
    Monday is just swept aside
    K just with a pastry brush in love water
    just around the edges
    Seamaster cracked
    mass a spend a bit more time
    I did can by he also find
    because patents going on topic s he was helping
    factions I apologize extraction yeah
    now in a detailed
    Catholic up when you start
    pancakes side you can say
    biggest harsh I'm TK now you have to be careful didn't
    substance down she doing train he kinda
    apologized very well net
    find stretches okay you know just cap on
    stretch too much me a fish hatch CS
    just passed into law with the iraqis have because you'll find
    produced anti-lock
    stop trying Prakash China K
    semi-fat pay Elena might
    actually maama just push
    he said
    yeah Saturday
    my has cracked
    Seth and his countrymen China shit together
    patch out just and chin implant a
    a much to do in
    parts that are happening around have a look at whether hands
    stretched out memcache try and push that back
    into shape me
    he can get AC Pat matches back and
    fantastic mine hasn't crashed
    a apologized I think of thanks to
    I'm yes member happening
    just try and
    just that anything
    still lack to
    shade obviously he's mall
    model and flower womack
    on this yeah
    and you find a pattern will retain
    shit just a little bit since some
    a little bit where it's come to the top edge up some
    it and I love it happen Klein
    that basic idea behind it
    give you that kinda hand and can only writing gonna and I have

    for certain that Marvin an elegant look to it
    K thank you for watching
    if you want a speedy I would like to see more please click on the images and the
    Invidia suggested
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    hand corner of the screen
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    and ideas *** *** Making fancy lettering text for cake decorating How To Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    in this video minute show you how do you assess
    attack flattering but use of you have much
    now this video has been requested by
    at last my followers on Facebook so I thought I'd show you how to do it
    and show you now some examples away refuse to let us
    on the cakes okay it's crazy today sir
    my letter and jack cheeses simmons's me
    I've got these little cookie cutters which actually of
    e-bay and running with a cheap now I don't know who called
    an the didn't really come packaged anything
    and they were just called at letter cookie cutters
    okay but they need to be. a decent size otherwise you'll find it really
    to I'm no cash to make sure just gonna stop us some fun day
    he's any colour he just got a row at least
    and not paid thing couple of millimeters should be fine
    I'm just gonna poppin in
    contact Tangipahoa fair China pushed
    sometimes stuck subs push that down a bit with
    my brush now
    when you how you lettuce what you want to do is put into inside
    for day two and let them dry hot other I shall find when a tramp
    holiday edging on that they will just band break
    most about to do it okay to maven to dry parent
    met some into an attack ad right sup
    what I'm gonna do now is taking a cola I think
    go out and the color inside gonna make
    K with some track sightseeing
    company Trax Traxion just vegetable fat and
    music in a secret case that now I the potter
    ever hot thanks I okay
    now it just makes it a little bit softer
    because he can I that role espy happened
    all he can use the Hello clay golem
    I've got but again I just got Amazon s

    to prominent a.m.
    script like a long thin round pt2 around pH
    I'm a laterite safety duty free hand literally
    just carroll et t get it nice and fat
    I can be difficult chaos the same way
    I'm gonna put it through yeah be to have to do it
    eat just read a lot easier and add a bit more tracks
    stretch a little bit softer side goes through the clay gonna be easier
    that's quite warm today so hopefully
    means the icing should suffer
    castrate quite easily so with this thing lead to different
    shapes and sizes and pieces times continue to look around one
    I don't want to think that one on it's going to get a
    so this side by Sade stuff signed
    screen and can banks and
    intake pace
    from and shit K
    to match to push down ships today
    task still quite hot cash-strapped
    had to swim taps took a nap sapno Ki
    LA shots philomena it can go all the way around sac think that
    hunter after around this latest a too many to Mac you want
    her love of water all the way around it expect careful not to get him back so he
    can come back in just fine the lettering
    sticks to what he put it down up straight away and do it all the way
    and right flap
    track Sr sap gonna
    stopping precedent just left it and he s
    get your message actually think it looks a bit
    okay SI's just make sure not to love it finna when you put it on
    tax Christian
    hunch now just push
    in a bit when you paint she pampers just have to be back by later investors to
    make sure
    sticking Ashika special-interest difficulty
    fingering tear packed so coming out to the acts can enjoy I'm
    sense can cut that to that level and
    group oppression am
    so that's one at a time
    the hat is your bit harder because the up holes Krauser
    damn deck at the same just above water
    in a sec test and a tense day for this is stop kinda
    over-the-top high-tech
    try might be swifter
    to create a bit a sack of times
    bankrupt I'm going to ease my pain
    bash I'm just gonna gently train
    help and his fitness craze
    this crash back pains
    broke into home
    bench backing open house I'm
    so that is exactly same other around the edge started with that one
    hmmm themes
    grooved dude
    goof do
    mess that hey did not train using critters so it's quite quick and simple
    and I'm just not quite effective on the cakes
    thank you for watching if you liked this video I would like to see more please
    click on the images and the Invidia suggested
    also please do subscribe to my channel using the button on the bottom right
    hand corner of the screen
    you can also visit my cake apply to my facebook page to see more cakes
    and ideas *** *** Peacock cake topper model using gum paste - YouTube !!!
    hi guys in this video they're making a peacock cake topper you're going to be
    using the Ranchos marlin flour paste here now are you can get ready
    died in blow on this occasion did diamond blade with a flat color just a
    simple reason now of the globe and child model impasse that has already tied my
    hands been horrible cold so needy till it becomes easy to use you find it a bit
    stiffer first and will stop by rolling into a ball just make sure there's no
    cracks in the ball you want it to be nice and smooth and then we're going to
    do is start shaping at the tail end somewhere between my power to create
    love every teardrop shapes he created by the point where the tail is gonna go
    when she got into a teardrop she gonna do is start rolling and neck suggests
    pinche leaving a bit at the end of the cold with creative and it's going to
    become the head again if the body seems to be quite fun just give them ever
    rolled out a little bit to the neck so when she couldn't you just cannot tell
    think of prime to create shape after bird now and again and will do the same
    the details on pension a little bit the tail and I'm just pull it will put love
    into a CAV you should be able to sit upright man on a work surface he can
    leave it as it is
    X not moving about how much of your neck feels reasonably
    fair you won't have to add extra support now mind quite soft cause of her demands
    for a while so what we gonna do is insert a cocktail stick from the bottom
    bad through inside the neck just make sure it doesn't come out the top of the
    head when you put in that extra strength to mine so now what we do is work on the
    features on the face now after the picture of the last peacock club made
    which was on top of my wedding cakes so just got to hand to copy from going to
    do is create two lines suck it
    just by pushing the bottom end up a brush in either side of the head to love
    how you don't need to go really deep it's not required just wiggle your
    papers around a little bit too much loved it began taking a model until
    light line from either side of the circle somebody to the back of the head
    and towards where the people are just like that and just gonna create
    arrows pointing downwards just by pressing in various places down the neck
    you can fully filled the neck with the long lines if you are I'm just gonna put
    a few armed just to give a further defect so next told to create
    lives lines even for the wings so just gonna do that on each side and again to
    low curve lines on the back as well
    on the model until now to push in love feathers on the wings just give you look
    up lines like that against repeat the same on the other side so now I'm to the
    tail and we're going to use ma of the blue model and paste this time we're
    gonna bring it out I'm not really really thin and I'm leaving it slightly thicker
    one side than the other one thing to do is you see my second quarter
    into a shape now the thick dick is at the bottom of it is across the top curve
    of that circle a semicircle I'm just gonna hold against the back to see if
    it's the right size I was the depending on the size of the budget made you might
    need a bigger or smaller than what I've used up all the links to all the
    materials and tools are used in the Description box so I'm just shipment a
    little bit now so I'm leaving my tail just to one side to give it time to firm
    up and in the meantime I'm just gonna add some guys so I'm just using the
    black modeling pay
    so this stuff already died and again I just got the Ranchos
    use just create
    to our balls and we're just going to insert those into each eye socket and
    just put a bit of water in the eye socket just a small amounts to help its
    take you can use edible glue if you prefer case it was gonna do now is just
    took a really tiny piece of white model impaired and I'm just sticking just
    don't know where the eye is and I'm just gonna pull it out
    stretching along underneath the I just gently with my modeling told now if the
    Blues still quite white just do this very gently otherwise you'll end up
    creating evidence in the faith you can if you prefer let the bird dry before
    you at the white but it got harder surface to press on
    along the bottom and I'm adding a second piece for the second piece of roll into
    a little bitter teardrop shape and just overlapped slightly last one just flat
    shut down a little bit with the toll and we're just gonna roll a tiny tiny model
    of life that's just gonna go now on the black man I and you just want to do the
    same time now going back to the tail just gonna pick it off just how I wanted
    you might want your statistics damaclean you might want to place a slightly
    backwards on mine and the ship that I'm just gonna rest against one of my coat
    is just so these days and that she has tried now doesn't need to be on the back
    of the bed when its raining so moved nine times I just going to profit off
    and I'm gonna try taking a bit of orange model in place now just died just need a
    really small amount lost out with a little sacco and we're just gonna
    squashes to share can I do apologise I meant to be the ice cream does that
    leave us a bit weaker than she is probably the best way to describe it and
    we're just gonna push it onto the philosophy again you might find if
    you've left the bird to drive for a few hours or even overnight this easier to
    push it on without pain in the neck breaking the neck so just picking up the
    modern toll at just
    last roles at the top of the be so using an edible dust
    and a dry brush and trees gonna gently just called on to the area where the
    wings are you prefer it without you don't have to update again just distill
    the top of the head and the tail links for what I've used in the description
    below as well just using smaller version now just gonna paint a little bit on to
    the bank now have used a tiny bit of water mixed in with a painted onto the
    big or if you prefer you can use vodka when you mix it in with the dots I'm
    going to put my call just around the top of each I do now back to the Blue Marlin
    pace I'm gonna create some feathers for the top of the head so you can hear
    small amount I'm gonna roll three teardrop shapes I'm gonna put the three
    teardrop-shaped next to each other
    squashing them together I'm gonna put these on the top of the head to you
    might want to use the globe in place where we gonna stick them and you just
    gonna push them up and I'm just gonna put a little bit Che and I'm just gonna
    put a little bit of gold then on top of each one again if you prefer to let them
    dry before you put the gold only candidate
    moving on now to the tail feathers but thankfully this overnight now to drive
    on a little bit harder with the tail feathers remembered on the tail bit is
    now heart so taking a blow I'm gonna roll out nice and playing and I'm just
    gonna cuts and teardrop shapes and I'm just changing the shape of them slightly
    so if you haven't got a clue to its teardrop shape that's fine again don't
    worry you can squash it flat and then create a fairer share my hand
    and so either way is absolutely fine don't forget to point each other at the
    end so now I've dyed turquoise green color on the modeling pastes and I'm
    gonna take heart shaped could this time
    few different sized ones and I'm using my largest hardship plunger Kota and I'm
    disco stick this to my father now so the point of the heart beat down toward the
    bottom of the feather so again in the next size hard coded down and then put
    an indentation within the heart of our department and now going down to the
    smallest size how could I go back to my below and a good place the low blow haha
    the bottom of the green now to make it a bit more that I like we're going to cut
    it out you can use a knife are marching towards heavy prefer to just put
    indentation Xin ROI di just pushing anything push right through you start to
    make it look a little bit more like we do this all the way around and down the
    side and you can even take
    triangles out if you want to look more feathery she can come back to my gold
    dust I'm just gonna mix it with a little bit of vodka it's time for painting on
    I'm not gonna do is just pick in the house that we created with an
    indentation she should have the green then they called and then blow now we're
    going to repeat the exact same process for everything that we make when she
    took effect amid we're going to stick it in place
    toughest Android you want from the idea I'm gonna stop for major mine and then
    stick it down I'm gonna overlapping circles out further the base of the tail
    seeking feedback that sticks out a lot of money do is repeat the process making
    all the same time offenders to go all the way along each miner put seven large
    vendors and obviously would depend on the size of the tail is made as to how
    many feathers you get out I'm gonna do now from next layer is going to take the
    blue I'm just a little bit of the turquoise to it
    the little bit lighter in color for the next layer so we're going to create the
    fenders for this next layer in exactly the same way but we just use in a
    slightly smaller quarter this time this time when she planned next few smaller
    ones with the existing later the park somewhere to put themselves in between
    each feather going all the way around and then as well
    next level because the quite small this time we're not gonna get all the hearts
    on so I've missed out the turquoise I'm just painted the gold with a tiny bit in
    the center of the cult for these plans again these are in between and slightly
    down so using the same process as you did before
    added a bit more turquoise to it now must of this latest probably gonna be
    covered by the base of the tail box
    auditors to make sure there's no it's showing through this place in these are
    now I'm not worried about making these details because they will be they will
    fall behind the base of the tail taking a bit of despair moderate pace that got
    mixed with a bit of water so it becomes tacky and I'm just pushing now under the
    base the peacock tail I see I'm gonna push this against the tail now so it is
    important at this point that you peacock itself and the base of the tail of dried
    before pushing up on you don't need to leave offenders to drive at this point
    now thats find them online
    now the tail might stay up my fall backwards minute so you best populism
    behind the title just in case you've just made it to make it through this one
    just saw that she an example of what it looks like on a decorated cake now this
    one I just stenciled with royal icing and do a video on how to my life keiko
    is not the same pattern as this one and the cake itself is just a brushed
    finished up for you now if you do get chance to make the peacock do pop over
    to our Facebook page and Shea pitches with men do enjoy seeing you enjoyed the
    video and thank you for watching
    if you liked this video I would like to see more please click on the images of
    the other videos suggested also please do subscribe to my channel on using the
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    website on my Facebook page to see more cakes and ideas *** *** Making mini fondant tea pots How to cake tutorial - YouTube !!!
    spitting I'm gonna mixed metal miniature
    teapots tried
    deal fight
    chain no cupcakes especially tea party themed cakes
    so after Scott's might find in
    I'm not going today is obviously depending on size
    you want a town a bar even a row
    I'm just gonna keep at
    shit like Seth after basic body
    our ft cop I'm going to do next
    just taking a bit to
    I musical clan Ste tiny tiny now top
    gorgeous Kerala Sarah
    you must end times making money banks
    and small amps Acocks gonna go
    on the very top uppity popped out Anthony's
    for this remember justina gold color
    am just going to mix it with another water monitor she's pain
    rang around here which will be like and Japan
    teapot made
    you know an app got called away from it
    I'm just gonna Mac level handle and spout
    out sage a little bit more fun than
    analyst Tom gonna damn
    trial nice in
    much ap
    after the handle and another water
    I miss and and I'm just gonna
    harsh am NOT back to stop it
    to Cassie gonna love it not a fact that I am here
    mundane and that round
    come down hit
    stay come at nine first on again
    except and tell Obama Hannah
    mock and just use in funding for my number
    Shane can use that much right now compared
    Mac lol firma I'm not lame so can you
    now but Nana scouts and just missed out on top Barack
    around like for its dinner at one end study
    aka and their to demonstrate basic shit
    highs some above water structured Tim
    time I'm at much-discussed K to the fact

    cutbacks I'm she bend status to love it just
    and out special on
    eke out a bit cold tease out I'm here don't so can
    just take my hand brush just gonna run
    not mine times
    and I'm on a
    time there's an attack plan much
    you just like that
    Sikh and Hindu them in different shapes trash around to catch d
    as a bit taller and thinner again rather than
    around I'll just make slightly
    friendship production up had
    and ma'am to seize just love it Tyler
    and you just repeat the process exact same way as we have time
    'em them build
    dude if
    Connecticut iraq a minute to keep up
    MC that these are the basic should be crazy for everybody tapping our
    and he can make fancy Ashraf and
    again shocked to see how to make my little miniature an
    cups and saucers please do seem I have to get thank you for watching
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    and ideas *** *** MONKEY CAKE TOPPER using gum paste or polymer clay - YouTube !!!
    guys in this video gonna making little monkey cake topper now I'm eating some
    modeling paste the dry nice and hard but the Rangers won here and I've dyed it
    brown bottom of the bottle filled the teardrop shape is the body of just died
    a lighter shade of brown darker my brick out then go to small circle little bit
    of water on back there to go in place
    push this onto the belly is near the bottom of the body than the top second
    ball this one will be the head I've done it quite latch push in my fingers and
    rolling smart the pale brown the town of hardship which will do for it they are
    but we don't need the point on the answer could not be off touch where they
    actually that would just push it lower press down again I'm going to push this
    onto the face just under those eyes are now creating ISO case just buy used in
    the bottom of a paint brush and paint brush handle to create a nice size of
    the hole for me I'm also gonna push one in that mouth area to create little
    mouth just leave my model until now to push that out either end to take tylenol
    advil at a light brown I'm gonna stick that on the nurse said putting last road
    again I'm just going to use the handle of that paintbrush and poke into holes
    of bottom that now that was stuck on the eyes we use in a black marlin pace now
    but this ready died and I'm really into little balls and we're just gonna place
    one in each eye now I'm going to give my monkeys mileage but you don't have to I
    rolled a little piece in the light brown color and a cut in half a semicircle is
    a bit longer
    is quite thin across the top of my the eyelid just push it in place just using
    the model in tow bush the car's right and I'm using so the petal dusts pink
    toothbrush on the cheeks now Scott dry brush down I'm not doing anything of his
    new video I will put links tie in the Description box below the videos you
    know where to get the things from Doc Brown battled us to shed little bit just
    around the very edge of the eyes to the is abroad to the brown dark brown balls
    and then two smaller ones in the light now going to start light ones I'm gonna
    push these into the center of the dark ones just soft changing the ship it by
    pushing into my model until now this is the Dresden toll gonna put lyrics in the
    description box below the video pinch them into a teardrop share on the card
    is made and when pushed that back onto the side of the head to the sensitive to
    touch my head to somebody I'm gonna use a cocktail stick you can balance it on
    but because I wanted to be nice and sturdy danny is the cocktail stick just
    make sure it's not too long sticks at the top of his head south taking it off
    water in between body and head to keep in place using some light food coloring
    now you can either take a really tiny brush modeling ball until the end and
    just tiny dot yehi to the dark brown gonna roll along snake shape and we
    found at the end of the tail off president to LA of water into that tail
    and a place yet another snake shape lines in the end forefingers have a play
    around with them to be fine what position you wanted to sit in one she
    happy with the position in the water on
    stuck in place just do exactly the same so for the legs again you gonna roll two
    ships pretty much the same as the arms of a point at the end where they gonna
    go to the body so that sit at the man cave in and give them a bit of time to
    dry before used to communique put up some pictures of him with another monkey
    as well as many as you like
    thank you for watching
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    website on my Facebook page to see more cakes and ideas *** *** Flowerpaste carnations how to make sugar craft fondant carnations tutorial cake carnation - YouTube !!!
    in this video gonna make animation file now
    I don't
    Cortez to instead I'm just gonna use this cookie cutters
    am with the flu today at and I find it worked just as well
    so I'm going to use
    some modeling paste if using novel under well
    worked as well and after the men chose one he embodies a pink on an age when he
    died from a
    checks lol
    fits me a bit time set
    got pink model impaired guerrilla out
    ninth and specific issued a few McCann
    any petals flowers said not quite pay
    and purpose and she can get it without Tam
    you've got to think you're fine
    difficult for alleged make the petals
    somebody's two sizes with protest
    the smaller one companies for the inside petal Simon and cut to a phase
    an arduous
    I use half for the app's trials
    case was screwed up
    back in the back seat driver okay
    so ebony strapon financial at that time sir
    just got to pass ticket actually hiking act I'm just can't help mentor
    stops them from drying out to make azima
    now we're just gonna need a cocktail stick
    feeling the energy to keep for a hot surface I don't wanna do it on a
    for pout I think but lack as well and
    kut teh sticks tell me small amount over the edge
    Obama flower and I'm gonna rowlett actually I'm

    each time I got to and I'll ever frail care
    petula try and turn it around to control it
    backwards and Follett keep it flat on you accept it as you do it
    now with the think an efficient if you do end up
    to cutting through any cocktail stick don't worry
    stash abt effect makes it look quite nice time do this all the way around
    can't discuss put in a
    that plastic just for a second
    Twilight ap bio so
    stop nunc see damask
    piece if I am I'm just gonna Kayla
    and airplanes flying out
    you can hear now got that flourished take
    I'm just gonna rock around the clock made
    and my ass complete ban tight just makes
    Edon imprint patterns on got spanked them to stick to
    okay stop tracking it down
    I just about that
    at risk and ike I can do that shop
    making actual petals I'm just disorganized
    up-to-date up set and a place to above water
    the center don't drown day just not an act you can use edible glitter
    perfect now taken but to have my Miami pushed back

    I'm gonna old my flower
    over like se a/c he went to buyers in the sand
    that fun to talk shouldn't be able to see trade to the wire
    I'm heading out pal above water
    are again to Google either side
    I'm not fold one edge
    over that side antenna apt I'm unfounded other ranch
    backwards kinda figure 8 for I guess I should pinch
    Alan around the bottom comes in around the stock
    I'm just gonna leave that to dry now nationalist irate
    a few excitement Ceglia out he says post time
    rocky times slots for can I'm just gonna need to enact a dry
    set you can then at
    secondly it so we can use the same side
    tell now the flower shouldn't take too long to dry
    so but after Mass
    Mike alright up this one at the top of the line ninety don't
    p.m. Sharkeez femina
    just leave it overnight if you like to do all he said to one's
    best needs another night do the second play a
    the next day second
    gonna put that water %uh Center
    that pep talk soda
    taking one past right fam today how and again I'm gonna push
    that through this entire and home
    these up to hear
    it's about level p.m. again once
    just push that can all the way around
    okay start to get a bit to go check can be cashed in Christ my mom stop
    despite jumped bigger we can add another layer
    the next layer gonna go with our began pactel without much pat ok I repeat do
    exactly the same thing again
    family match so from the larger one
    when I just bought a are not enter
    get not too much he jammed at I'm gonna punish
    a flower in effect again don't forget to let it happen time to try to free Davis
    I'm gonna push this one up to a
    by as push and around the site just
    me don't push too hard to push
    of EP Supplier campaign a might find
    time he live trying its way up that
    petals flower Akriti seems stacked flock here so this time he might want to hang
    upside down and just kill the interview I
    thank you for watching
    if you want to
    yeah I would like to see more please click on the images at the end videos
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    and ideas *** *** How to make small potatoes fondant toppers How To Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** ***