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() Tangerine (orange) chiffon cake how to make

Tangerine (orange) chiffon cake how to make


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    Gumpaste Peony - Cake Decorating Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** CAKE TREND ~ Giant Cascading Rose Cake Pt 1 - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    welcome to my giant rise wedding cake tutorial
    we're really excited to be sharing this design with you we created it back in

    and in
    we were lucky enough for it to be featured in a gorgeous wedding
    since then it's been copied all over the world and shared
    and in this case we want to show you a beautiful hombre effect
    it's really a continuation and growth at this design into something that is so
    much more
    so we want to couple with you had a into lock those flower petals
    and really had to create something that is absolutely stunning
    and what we feel is the perfect rice cake
    now the best thing I'm going to date to make agile rice cake
    is to stop building rice we want to do this a few days before we
    assembly anti cake I'm so I generally like to stop that at the same time as I
    thought my baking
    that way every time I do well I yeah on these rises I can leave them for at
    least six to eight hours
    or even tie the knot and now a big difference if you've been looking at how
    simple rise to preach utah real
    and that has a lot of banging in texture in the pedals
    instead with this one way going for a nice soft finish
    so the major difference is that we're not buying the petals
    and we're also going to be fading out Alcala and the reason why didn't buying
    is that when I designed his cake I wanted it today a flower
    thats of Cascade into a beautiful wedding gown
    and has that raffle and the softness and so because dresses don't have to buy
    into them like flowers to a
    the best way to combine nice to was really to just lay off the pills nice
    and soft and PUA
    so the first thing we do is decide on what color
    you want to have euros Bay and if you are going to do
    more than on bright fade out along with me
    of gonna head intake and a soft pink
    and it's just the sugar flavor kala pink
    and I've made four different shades did not hugely different at this point
    but they will become more noticeable when you're rolling them out
    the pedals get quite in and so the color actually is not as pronounced
    as it is when it's right here so we're gonna start with our heaviest
    am I going to do alkyne for our rise in this color
    Hafiz couple appliance and then we're going to continue along down the line
    so I only make for callous in the end we can have more than that as weak transfer
    onto the cake
    as we do that it's going to be fondant in not sugarpaste
    so this is the sugar paste all the gumpaste that we use
    for this rise so
    we can just take a little section of it first and I'm gonna make a rose kind
    so I just make it nice and supple in your hands and then rolling into a pole
    using the palms of the hands and then all I do is pick it up
    pinch with my index finger and thumb to make a point
    use my other time to rest it on so that it doesn't get squeezed
    on that aunt and we just rotating around
    and that's really the easiest way
    some people make them by placing them on they hand
    enrolling like this but I do find that it creates a little bit unevenness
    so I prefer to just eat a peach method
    I K and we can allow that to dry
    I V not so I've got one that I've already prepared so that we can start
    working on Alliance
    we're gonna need to get out of Laurel Matt all about little
    out flower tools now for the sizing
    I've taken
    Peto set
    am cutter in the roses and I'm using a lot just
    3 and and as the cascades down okay quick can actually go to the first size
    in the extra Lodge
    rise pedals so we're gonna take a smallest
    that we have its gonna roll this
    out and we can adapt five pit oats I'm doing a bit of a cheat
    in that I'm using I laminating shape to protect
    this will come in really handy later on and as we work on the largest section of
    the cake
    and it just means that you can roll out a whole pile pedals tuck them away and
    lost a nice and moist
    site you can get them I'm from lots of little shops and
    art supply places of this place is things like that
    I K so we're gonna use a little bit
    shortening onto a table just rubbing it in
    little bit onto the top
    and just pressing down and rolling and we're gonna roll it out quite
    seen so as a rolling
    fluid movements with your whole hand
    you don't want to be chicky at all otherwise you get
    indentations and it will get teeth in places
    such as lifting all the time
    it wants to stick with the shortening some just wanna Kate lifting it out so
    it doesn't get stuck
    alright so it's getting quite
    in now
    ninety one more role in the center
    and then I'm gonna take a little bit of corn flour or cornstarch
    place it down tab that inflicted over just a little bit
    just so that it's not to attack you when I got a touch it and you can buff much
    to the delight
    so you don't see any white now and separate the laminating shaped
    and the first three that we cut we're gonna hide away
    India we're going to be using it in a couple of minutes it's not very long
    but you can generally take things under the laminating sheets
    for good
    minutes or so I site that's just a little tip that helps you
    to have to keep constantly rolling out
    k will teach a more to look at a place that onto al blue floral mapped
    always wanna keep excess
    tucked away nicely tries out superfast
    Tai Chi so move face
    we're gonna take a large have ample tool
    and just halfway on and half white of capital
    really gently gonna roll around I'm holding it like
    I woulda penso staying around the edge so hard for people to should be on the
    blue and hop should be on
    your pet ok and it just helps to soften the edges
    and it gets a little bit of movement for us
    now taking a chicago il and a small paintbrush
    we don't want too much glue on we're gonna paint one of them completely
    and the other one about three quarters at the white up
    okay so make sure that we've got now one that's tried I just place it directly
    pick it up tuck the bottom edge
    in and then taking one side ruffled
    all the way into the center and for the other side
    over the top he don't to be in to shop at the point
    it's just meant to be nice and gentle and soft
    and I take the entire thing pop it down on a second one
    lifted up again tucking the bottom and I just gonna kill by so these are really
    no pressure on the top you don't join these petals at all
    really nice and soft okay so that tough first row
    and because it's I on the cheap pedals and they suck really closely together
    we can go ahead and put an X liar on immediately
    so it a cast
    do the exact same thing as we did with FAA first
    just halfway on and half way of
    I can't now this is where it's a little different we're gonna take
    a toothpick and when we've got an even number this we want to have them the not
    all cold inside why
    so I'm gonna kill the right side of two of them and both sides up want
    so do I chief s we talk underneath
    with a toothpick pick it up slightly and she's your index finger to roll it
    and then release it you not try to squeeze it at this point at all it's
    just a gentle could with
    and then just 3G toothpick out again now this one
    we're gonna do them the right side and then the left side
    and that just makes it a little bit more cotton style:
    we don't want anything to be two angular with this because as it cascades down
    the cake
    we needed to flow on so we're only going to do a subtle
    don't pinch it or anything to accentuate now
    out clue this time it's just going down the left hand side
    from about half way up down into the middle
    and the reason why when opening on bodice is that we want to look like it
    on filling so we don't want to attach it
    with glue over the whole thing or cinch in too much
    okay say taking our rise I like to work of folding I have %ah
    the and of my first row take one of the ones that you've coached
    Co just once back place it on
    touch the bottom make sure that going the same as we did before
    but now we're just gonna press and the left side l
    open they were gonna take double coat
    Tackett in just by a couple of millimeters
    again attach the bottom and the left side
    and he can roll it enhance
    last one Tuckett only by about a millimeter or so
    touch the bottom and then
    kill it around so you pressing on all of the left side it's
    and then leaving the right sides nice and open
    profit up make sure that they're not gonna fall all the way back
    if so you just want to keep the little press on the very tallest pot a bit
    too so that it stays in otherwise this is ready to set
    I'm like I said about six to eight hours at least
    I or I not so we'll be ready to do affects row five when this is done
    anatomy lab now respond to dry way going to move on and we're gonna get the next
    size cut inactive seeks
    and that's how we're gonna make five petals going around brosser gonna fight
    out the color a little bit
    sigh with added a touch of white to Al pink
    it's not a huge change
    it's not even hardly noticeable yet but
    rolled out
    things get a little bit ly tops I O the other thing to remember is
    we've got a few more shades did go down the line
    and we don't want to end up with pure white petals at the base about hiking at
    the top
    we want to still have a slight hint and teenage Akala
    so we don't want us to fight it out too quickly
    so it is rolling really fluid clout
    shortening and an eighth
    couple more also we do need it to be fairly thin
    K so add
    a little bit of a cough hour
    straight that through and buffet away
    and that was just prevent it from sticking
    there's nothing worse than cutting our beloved days and you cannot budge them
    on countertops site the bitter conflict our
    now arrange them into as
    too and that's because at the Y that i'm gonna kill the edges
    so we're going to just pull them first so I take a poll told
    halfway on halfway off again really gently
    and it just helps to give a little bit amazement
    think I so without to rate we're just gonna take a toothpick under
    just roll the right side on me holding it back on itself
    but not squeezing the next to it gonna do a double Copac
    but again like F this trial when not trying to get a really shop point in
    fact that she got a big space
    at the top with one of these so that they not touching
    and really shop because we want everything to be super soft feeling
    with all about petals so
    like we did with acid have three we're just going to apply clue to the bottom
    left hand side and we can go ahead and do it all of them
    because it does take a little bit for that to set up so I pop that on
    now picking up their rice you can stop any way that you like but I just like to
    start with one that's code back once
    resting and you'll notice that it sits up just a little bit high out
    then after this trial pressing on the left side like we can't
    but leaving the right side open grab on to BW's
    and this time you going to I the lab by at about a thirty taking it in
    underneath by that a third gently keep a hold of it
    take your third one and and the main thing is to make sure that you're
    getting the bottoms to touch
    and also I that you're not rising up too high
    on your petals k let it back down to said he can't read this through
    and a final on
    and it's really that easy was gonna kill them all up and around
    cinch them a little bit make sure that none of the math
    falling completely if they I you wanna grab just a touch
    glue onto that right side but we want to keep them Philly opens a car looks
    really floppy at the moment
    but when we try it we're going to use a drying mat and we get a place it in
    today at and then I've taken little bits of paper towel it up just cut out
    just into little squares give them a little fault
    and we going to use days to help keep the shape
    call their rice so you want to look at unfailing we don't want to be really
    rice that we just want to make sure that they're all staying nice and upright
    and also that there's a space between each of them
    so taiwan ones like hiya
    they wanna stay fairly close so not only do we want to put this out
    but we also wanna allow bit a song tucking it behind
    disperse petal I'm just so that it gives a spice
    between them lifting this one up
    threaded through
    when we can elevate it a little bit more going around
    and the nice thing about Italian is that it doesn't stick
    if you use add tissues or cotton buds or anything like that
    the content it gets stuck onto the Chicago itself
    and then you'll be left with little fuzzy be its side paper towel is really
    good for not sticking
    of K
    that one doesn't need anything looks like it's holding really well
    so we're just going to lay face as it is seeking a the pop them into the oven
    I feet on you up in on a fairly light and and only for a couple of minutes
    which it all
    and a meeting place this entire thing in your often and
    that means that you can go into another row in around three hours a psycho
    otherwise you want to leave it for around I hours or even tie the knot
    X like yeah
    alright so let's have a look and say how a three-quarter roses going
    so it got really nice open pay tolls because we light it
    upright and just allowed it to fill all the Bach with hôpital we've got a
    really nice
    open look it's very soft and you can see that even though we have
    double coat some of them overall would not looking like a shop cotton rice
    but looking much more softer and that's going to help us
    so we gonna continue to to grow our audits
    gonna do the exact same thing again I'm just remember
    go down unique shade of color so we're looking at
    a quite a pale pink now at this stage and we going
    up a sizet to what is the largest in acid
    price cut its
    alright now gonna grab a roast putting up
    once it's getting larger like this I liked tenet I thought to attach
    some going to line it up in between to about existing petals
    I laugh this what I thought I want to make sure it goes
    almost to the center pressing down the left side like we always do
    open it up thread
    wanna be a double Kohls again making sure that's touching
    has sent out and personally the left side event
    but it and Phil to the next one
    always making sure that you'll lining up with the two pedals
    and making sure that you're reaching almost that middle as you go around
    and Phil and just talking last one in
    K and then we can kill it back seat can say
    it's what's is is not usually a full rise but we are going to extend a little
    past these
    so you want this to try can't so there's a couple of ways that you can do it
    you can see the place it directly into hiya and stuff
    it straight away or if its seeming like it's really humid day in its title
    really floppy
    what you can do he's rested on to hear and then come back in about two hours
    when it has just added to sit just need to get a little bit more of them
    and then he contended I about and allow it to try
    and that way these pills white full chief %uh back so just be mindful of
    what the temperature is like and what he needed his like
    anything made to because these pedals have been done all the way up here
    it's actually not a high spot the hotspot he is still lower petals and if
    they've tried nicely
    they can absorb the pressure other resting he abdominal out is to die for a
    couple that was
    and then I'll show you how much fun it I thought that allow it to try for the
    rest to the time
    alright to now we're going to grab at Las color that with pre-made up
    so if I did a little bit more white and gonna watch her again
    and we're gonna roll the steps I'm why and this time I can use the first
    in our oversized rice make shaken up but this could see gonna be crawling up
    quite a bit this time
    just moving it around
    Wentzel I'm sure it doesn't want to roll out as much
    just wants to move around and shortening so I just try and keep it steady and
    then stop rolling out
    now the set that I got I love the oversize rose petals
    was actually fairly wide so what I went ahead and did
    because I'm using them constantly for this particular design is I just wish
    in itouch so that they are a little bit longer so if you have a set and they're
    looking much wider
    and I'll show one and not the same as a house it's just that I've given it a
    quick squeeeeze
    because in this design I like them to be a little elongated
    so that's just a little tip but I'm done to give the right look
    casserole around
    now when we get into this final row we want to be really careful about a level
    that we're killing back
    because from now on we're not gonna be coming back anything

    bring it directly onto the cake so what
    gonna do now killing
    to the the right but I'm not doing a really severe it's not going away into
    it's just very slightest age
    and again with at Davos release at all
    we don't want to be obvious way with stopped
    allied try this and why we've started on the cake okay
    have got all of that only going to take now full rise because it is already
    was classed as a full gratis but we're good now going to apply
    out oversized so turning it over again same as always
    lineup between to pay tolls and make sure that you going all the way
    into the very sent us this time pressing on the left side
    then just on fill the right take one about doubles
    again aligning it up both with
    the two underneath and going all the way into the scent of many can call them
    on the pressing down the left side
    without glue as always however
    stepped in a little bit much mikhail putting down
    one more to go
    specially I'm feel that if it's in the white because they sickening saw a much
    all straight back over the top so if they've
    joined all-white into the center now only on killing me can say they've very
    very floppy
    so what we gonna do is you can use that same technique
    unless allowing it to dry on he out the only difference
    is I'm gonna take some of these that I haven't folded
    and just prop them up a little bit
    so separating between H about pedals just so that they don't dry
    attached to each other tank and we can't allow this to drive for only about an
    hour or two
    before we flip all about and allow to dry
    you now follow drying pad we just want to keep this separation
    on Kauai
    site and leave it as it is up to today and then we'll be ready to crab cake
    and stop cascading all those pedals
    so now that I'm Rose is complete well can have a little bit of a look and see
    what we were trying to achieve with this
    so what we were looking for is really nice open and full pay tolls
    had they look like that I'm filling and that will help us to line up
    and next lie is that going on to the cake
    we're also looking for them to be fairly soft to have a little bit of movement
    but not a lot of folding back because from now on we're not going to be using
    has a technique at all so we can keep this hiya
    we've got out 3t cake that we have already cut field cannot
    and covet with the cunt gone for a PIL PIL white
    and we've also print onto an iced cake board
    now if any of that and needs a quick recap for you always wanna go over it
    and that's what I wedding cake foundations course is all about
    he's just getting that flawless blank canvas to work on my dad designs
    I'm so check that if the name to you otherwise a next step
    is to take some about sugarpaste gumpaste
    that we've got in Hampi Inc and makes it in
    with some white fondant now when we doing
    the cascading pay tolls we doing it slightly differently
    and we're going to be working with my sleeve fondant and the reason for that
    his side that it reminds a little bit and
    them %uh throughout this process it doesn't take this long to dry
    so that the shapes that we put it in it was static out we don't want to be a
    as what we had without gum paste even though it is technically firma
    it takes a longer time period to them up so this is
    class color that we are working with was quite a pale pink
    we're going to need to go another four shots
    so I'll you can say without darkest that this is where we began
    and we basically need to have that much variation again
    I the formal callous we don't need to make a huge amount
    we've got the athlete is for how many you can aid
    in each of these four all documented for you in the course materials
    that basically for gonna start dividing up how white
    to love the colors
    made significantly more what fondant
    than the other yes so we're going into
    a little bit more in iris Tai Chi
    and then we'll at some can't and so we can take some about think that we hadn't
    and just start combining it with our white
    and just needing that in the main thing
    with this is just to make sure that we don't end up at peel what
    still have a slight teenage at the end
    so up a list calories not gonna be shine on the top of the cake
    at all it's just going to be in the lower section
    that we still want to make sure that every time some color
    now what we doing this you'll notice that
    every time we did a new layer on the rise we dropped the color damn
    where is this time we're only going to be doing four different colors
    throughout the entire cake and that's just so that we can have it
    so don't bleed out at the Rose fairly quickly
    and we still want that center to be the prominent feature
    and the other ones to look like this love just cascading
    so we want the color loss have to happen
    a little bit more slowly as we work our way down
    thing you notice that this combined
    had gum paste and find it feels a little bit sticky a
    then just the regular complex that we've been using an app pink
    there's no reason why can't combine these two
    it's really no different adding a touch a ty los into
    I found which we do a lot of the time without the grains and
    and things like that so I it's fine for the two of them to go to get %uh
    mankind so we've got our
    third kala might just pinch a little bit of this
    so that after final set of color is not appeal want
    that's basically all we going for that's really important that you stole days
    away when you're not using them
    and because I will dry out even faster than the gumpaste
    effing working with because they've got the fondant so I can see now we've got a
    strength of color slowly fading it's not a big difference
    but just fades it apt going towards the and
    so we can put this away now gumpaste
    and then we're going to be working with a skull is so we'll just keep them
    okay this one out and a little trick that I do is just have spiraled them
    around the container
    so that I know I the order but what we're working inside I don't forget what
    I've got more to get up
    so just find a way that works for you with a clockwise or counterclockwise
    and we'll start with the first one
    what pop down a little bit of corn flour cornstarch
    when not using the Crisco because we actually wanted to try out a little bit
    fast top
    so that it will maintain the shape that we like
    we are going to be protecting them in our emanating shapes so he's got some
    size it's a great idea
    otherwise it just means that you have to study the lightest color
    get by Scott get those prone to the cake
    and just makes the process a little bit longer
    and your little bit more on search in
    about how it's going with this you can always add an extra one
    have different tack callous where the maid
    think I so is still going for relatively themed
    he should be reaching a point out where it's a little bit difficult to stop
    looking at op you feel like it might start to take a a
    like I just make sure it may have been completely
    tennis around to a concise sneezy
    and then wheezing exact same size which is the first one in a series an
    famous what we did on a final hot layer about raw is
    and that's important because we want did today
    something in common with the end to this and the start of the rest
    otherwise it's a bit of a severe change
    so just pressing down same as what we did before except the release
    a touch easy a because they don't have the shortening
    now we've worked at all of the amounts that you going to need in terms of pay
    that is based on these being a
    hot cake by the time that they dont if you're working with the toll it headache
    or even a shorter cake
    I'm you just need to adjust it a little bit if you're unsure
    just make an extra half a dozen avait shite that it's better to have a little
    bit too many
    than not enough think I now before we went move on to the next step
    which is softening love the pedals and attaching an his wanna make sure the
    Olivia work surface because we're gonna be bringing eyebrow cake
    going to be working with everything all at once I'm so don't look
    equip around and %uh then we would be ready to stop placing them on to the
    cake *** ***