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Cherry oil cake how to make

Cherry oil cake how to make

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    How To Create A Wood Effect On Gumpaste: The Krazy Kool Cakes Way - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Ivan graceful case you know
    says this is Lance has been here with another story this is gonna be regarding
    how to make and would be in effect on campus
    and it'll have been eating today are going to be
    a.m. and you can use any stills anything that comes to mind anything that might
    be seen
    I had laying here an exacto knife casa have this
    Martha Stewart %um has a sharp-edged
    anything that had a hand in hand in the company's I find it for now but this was
    this is a letter opener
    so we have a letter out there that work as well my wife likes the easiest on a
    shame why
    and this is from weldon and this is also
    a two-sided and I T in this medicine has a wheel
    and this one is for state gene and his name is for the
    what a great effect she abhors also known as in Joplin kind I like to use
    welcome ran and jumped and I have brown today lol container to place the javelin
    Helen and and also some vodka you don't have to buy the most expensive and can
    be the least expensive for you can use lemon extract

    after his war ended in an
    a big thick brush is not news for the with manufacture can be done
    quicker separating it started unconditional neon
    to out the used to mine I have to set up a set out it said that
    a half an inch I think measures thick enough to stand up to
    anything you know me this is gonna go against them eight ish tear cell
    I minister in a and it takes about and dated today said right here in the
    if you live in a humid area and might be taking a lot longer three to four days
    but yeah after that I think I now with my hand right
    and when do in the pipeline which
    they don't have to be even its gonna be wouldn't sell you can go ahead and
    cut into that and kinda separated
    he knows the because you want is to go all the way through
    there's one line and we're going to a second line here
    nice n Easy and don't worry about make mistakes once again it is word
    cell nasa reason my wife likes to use this tool
    mission this small a tip here she likes just go ahead and
    just relented now we've got scripted its okay
    is what cell once again this is like almost a worry-free in
    mistake-free project and once
    once it's all done you can't be on WoW simply by creating that
    at IHOP first time I did it them if you want to go deep running down just more
    defined lines
    i'd like this letter opener do that my wife
    last night with me in effect on my the official would grant a factor
    and in the stadium okay
    so what I'm gonna do is fine and drama fire lines now
    with my will tool
    Hobby Lobby or Michaels in your area and
    you just turn on when you just done even have to worry about
    constrain or anything like that standout and yes they sent
    you see strong shirley is either we're going to pick taking place you're really
    see and once we start point %uh von can
    with the enjoyable time and the site pain in offense
    are like mister Miyagi says paint the fence
    always look i Denison so that's what I'm doing here just
    makin my lines here it
    fan is pretty exciting want to see everything come together
    that's our second plan I did forget again one tool and machine and the
    and the end here I kinda will up
    just to give it a rough affect the nationalists at tank is a rough
    fact shows imperfection and the word you can come in an angle
    you like then and let
    including israeli after on down are saying everything
    units releasing the Bakken
    nine stone standing speaker for not staying in close
    we have a plethora of tools: here the stadium so we're able to go in
    come created with him but he didn't get creative as you want as well
    the to Africa yet is a humpty
    no point of and I like to use this just made
    the and I didn't nail marks you
    like berries Indian she can CNN
    you know someone is sending his
    we have to Nampa sent to the board descended into now playing
    and here to scan it sporadically the little dots
    and you'll see why I had that comes out and it's just like
    term nineteen what I guess tonight at that
    but that bad my son and sometimes i don't. uses
    exacto knife to cut out little triangles to give it more of a new professional
    this particular Frank our plaque is going to be used for a
    jungle themed birthday I'm baby shower season
    and as as amazing as it last time I use this tool
    is for his client she and wood grain effect on her
    crack is one so who are the nun so once again I'm just
    trend is left and sound like the cam not trying to work
    the triangle friend various
    and you're like that effect and then once again then on it to be perfect
    my wife or disagree
    and Justin yeah
    can get them Marion okay I went ahead and transferred are not based on two
    last paper now you can shatter dont you wax paper parchment paper aluminum
    anything that i'm gonna staying anything you working on
    send our rent a car baca yeah
    and SK anything about that and poor and air
    our container just a little bit my own internet site and
    when one wasted
    out on a project on anyone I just tried to cover up your body
    because it will evaporate quickly as well use it and is taking some
    send just in time placed inside the Bakken to mix it up
    wearing clown that's why I have a thick one to do that
    to do that he knows dark is the one is lines one
    and this particular one I think we're going to go with this time
    if I need to I can add later just good
    so now now
    we're gonna paint the fence earnest United once again dance and now time to
    paint defects
    and always look at my wife my first met me I'm just a guess cuz I'm Chinese
    Pattana and I got me out here Donna
    don't take it don't a shot and that's it yeah
    okay for now just brush it on nice anything
    nice pic strokes once again
    this is too light which in maybe maybe not
    maven a see others holes are showing up now
    I'm at I might add another coat later I'm not sure
    depend on the hottest driest or begins to dry
    I think I'm like this on i think im just keep it like this
    that's all I guess it is gonna have a jungle theme to it sa private a
    than the border rounded with them
    not sure what color is for the friend but that's basically it
    and that this is going on top the cake make sure you get your the top side as
    well which is going to be my top side
    wanting and
    lot people don't like to use vodka on on case ASA
    and I have anything percent to the dries up and all the content
    is therefore eliminated said it's not a threat are
    in to remain in oklahoma anything done
    but that's basically it we're down there with gramm
    and we have a lot of fun lot the leftover and that's easy cleanup it is
    drink it
    and you're done and Justin and his community that
    but damn that said that so far what tutorial
    wanna thank everybody for watching and this now
    they were on by the way is a soap at
    and a lot the last as where they ask my wife s anything when he get his cell
    that had a gf work that matter when you get that
    and I have to say I'm can't a some
    on good luck with that I'm just getting we get that at Bed Bath & Beyond and
    they cost about $
    dollars and you know I'm about every
    two or three months cuz we and we use in my often every day
    force but you can engine as often as you like but
    that's basically it is for those that were curious about that nurture with
    great effect
    happy enjoy that it's it's quite fun
    remember first time and in their I just enjoy now as an official with brain
    hysteria so one thank all our subscribers are friends
    and don't forget to go to our Facebook and like this there as well
    take care and God bless you up bob *** *** How to Make Wood With Fondant : Decorating Cakes - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Ice & Smooth a Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream - YouTube !!!
    what I have here isn't 8-inch cake that I toward it
    and filled with strawberry buttercream which is delicious by the way
    and then I just let set up in the refrigerator to get firm
    an easy to handle what you need is your offset spatula
    your bench scraper
    and of course you better cream
    and a little paper towel to keep your comments clean start out by just
    lobbying a budget butter cream on top the way we're gonna smoothie cake
    is to remove buttercream not to play with what's on their
    add more so it's better to have more than
    too little at this point just level it out
    spread it out I'm using back-and-forth motion
    not picking my actual up from the cake remove any excess
    I'm just get a some eye level
    surface to start with one-third top is done
    then just go a lot start climbing into the side doesn't matter how get on there
    get it on their starts burning around do
    views the spatula to cover the cake the top insider covered
    we're gonna switch to the bench paper two starts moving its not can be
    completely Smith at this point so holder scraper at an angle
    and with bottom resting on your board and just give return
    start scraping the excess picking up the cake you want to use to from a pressure
    girls you're gonna leave bridges in your cake at this point so use a light
    alright once you've got in the sides pretty smooth with the bench scraper
    not perfectly smooth at this point but pretty smooth I'm gonna clean this of
    and put it to the side I'm gonna switch to my
    offset spatula to smooth the top I just feel like I have more control with it
    but if you feel comfortable with the bench scraper you can feel free to use
    I prefer instead have to push away from me to pull towards me so I can see what
    I'm doing
    in all we're trying to do you is lift off this remote buttercream
    not smooth buttercream across the Cape am
    ones the cake is pretty smooth at this point we're not
    looking for perfection yet but pretty smooth we're going to chill the cake
    infiltrating harding's
    the cake and chill for a few hours it's hard to the touch
    I'm not leaving any fingerprints just moved to Cape we're going you the offset
    the bench creeper and Wade Queenie the course
    have some paper towels keep it clean and
    a separate bowl to scrape the excess buttercream into you
    I don't want to add it back to my bucket buttercream because
    this buttercream won't be reusable so again we're gonna angle
    our bench scraper to the cake and we're going to use at this point me
    fairly firm pressure against the cake but not against the base
    your your cake board and we're just a scrape off
    extra butter cream I'm
    I'm gonna switched my offset spatula to smooth the top and similar to icing the
    cake I'm gonna pull towards me
    while I turn a turntable instead of pushing away and
    what I'm trying to do was just get rid of this roughness on top in the
    nice clean corners and also scrape off the roughness
    across the whole topple the cakes or just removing excess buttercream
    and the the finish underneath is going to be very small
    and make sure you keep your utensils clean so that you're not
    dragging buttercream across a circus and
    in meeting marks done
    and very heavy split cake on
    them *** *** How to Do a Crumb Coat | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    Hi, I'm Katie. Today I'm going to show you the best way to ice a cake without crumbs.
    Really simple process. Here I have two layers of the small layer cake. It's about a six-inch,
    but you can do this with any size or shape, and a big bowl of vanilla frosting ready to
    go. You could either make your own, or you can buy it, if you have to. But I prefer that
    you don't. But I'm taking my big, kind of scoop, on my rubber spatula, and I'm just
    going to fill the center of my cake first. So it'll be ready to go. Not too much frosting,
    just enough.
    You can see I'm using my large offset spatula, and a turn table so I can get a nice, even
    layer on my cake. And that's it. If you really want to make sure that you're cake won't move
    around while you're decorating, it helps to take a little bit of that frosting, and just
    smoosh it right on the bottom of your cake platter, and that way, it won't move around.
    If you really want to make sure, just pop it in the freezer for about
    minutes, and
    it'll set up nice and firm. But that should be great.
    So you could see, I don't go all the way to my edge. I'm just leaving a little bit of
    space so when I put my cake down, it's not all going to come out the sides. And then
    you can top it off. Beautiful. Just press down nice and firm. And then you're going
    to see, I'm going to put a big, giant dollop of frosting right on top, and I'm going to
    use my tools to just work it down the sides.
    So start out with more than you think you need. You can always add more later, or you
    can always take it off. So it's just easy to get it on there first and not have to worry
    about it. So I have my big dollop, I have my offset, and you can see this turn table
    is great because I can spin as I go, and I'm just lightly working it. But once you hit
    the edge, this is a crumb coat, so we're not looking for a thick layer of frosting. We
    really just want to barely coat the surface, so that when we put another layer on, it'll
    be nice and smooth. Any crumbs will be caught in this first layer, and this is called a
    crumb coat.
    So once I get all the way around, you can see, it starts to move down the sides. I'm
    going to take my tool, and you could see, I'm just angling it down and pushing the frosting
    down the side of the cake. But you could see, it looks totally messy now, but that's kind
    of the goal. We just really want to cover this with frosting, as quickly as possible.
    And you can see now, I'm just turning and pushing, turning and pushing. And you should
    really be able to see your cake through the frosting, a nice, thin layer.
    Once you get it kind of all over, if you feel like you need more, like I might need a little
    bit more, be careful when you're digging back in. If there are any crumbs on your offset,
    just be careful you're not getting it back into your bowl of nice, clean frosting.
    You could see, I'm almost completely covered, and the last thing I'm going to do is go in
    with my bench scraper, and if you get frosting on your hand, just eat it. But all I'm doing
    is just angling and pulling it towards me. You could really see the cake through. That's
    the goal. Don't be afraid of that. Don't feel like you don't have enough frosting. This
    is only your crumb coat.
    So now that my sides are all clean, you can see I'm doing the same thing. My edges are
    kind of rigid. I'm just going to angle my bench scraper and pull towards me. And that's
    really going to clean up my edges.
    That's how you do a great crumb coat. *** *** 8 Tools You Need for Cake Decorating | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    So when you're decorating the perfect cake there's some simple tools that you'll need
    to do the best job possible. And we're going to go over those today. It looks like there
    are a ton of tools here but depending on the cake your making, you may only need one or
    two. So, let's go over the list.
    To start with the basics I have here this called an offset spatula. It's a nice small
    one. Perfect for really tiny cakes, cupcakes. It's just a great smoother of any type of
    frosting. Great tool to have.
    When you get into bigger cakes you have a large offset spatula. Also good for hitting
    people. It's a great tool to go around and smooth out your frosting. Really good to have.
    I like this one with the wooden handle. Easy to hold. Great to work with.
    For stirring frostings, for transferring frostings on to cakes a rubber spatula. Can't live without
    it. Great tool to have. I guarantee you'll use it every day,
    times a day, for a million
    Moving along, when you get a little more complicated, if you really want a beautiful smooth finish
    all over your layer cake a bench scraper is a really good way to go. This allows you to
    work your cake in a circle and you can just smooth out those edges and make really clean
    Even more complicated, not to scare you, when you get into fondant, rolling out fondant,
    you'll need to sift with a little bit of powdered sugar or cornstarch on your table and then
    you'll use a rolling pin to roll it out. Nice and thin. About an eighth of an inch. I like
    to use my french rolling pin. This is from my grandmother. You can use the kind with
    the handles. It's great too. Whatever you're most comfortable with.
    Last, but not least, a fondant smoother. Similar to the bench scraper. This will smooth out
    your fondant the quickest and best way possible. If you try to use your hands a lot of times
    you'll get fingerprints. It will kind of heat through the fondant a little bit. It will
    start to get too warm. So this is a great tool. Just dust it with a little bit of confectioners
    sugar so it won't stick and just push it all over your cake and all the way around. Really
    nice smooth surface.
    Last one. Piping bags. These are disposable piping bags. You can also buy the kind that
    are not disposable. But I like these because I can make a mess and I can just get rid of
    them. Ultimate laziness.
    Piping tips. There are a few different kinds. And what these do is they go right into the
    bottom of the bag. You snip off the top and you can pipe all sorts of different shapes
    whether it's stars, beading, lines, anything you need to do for a gorgeous cake every time.
    So those are some of the tools you'll need when decorating the perfect cake. *** *** How to Ice a Cake- Smooth Buttercream-Fondant Look - YouTube !!!
    main crews and I'm gonna be doing and damn
    on hype with buttercream make so I'm gonna be making a two-tier
    waiting P and this is my second tier
    I really the main a reason thirty-year and
    I have aboard and this is yours for I seen this keyboard I'm not going to be
    but as you see I caught my boy exactly the same
    as my cake right now and make a guess
    from cold and I'm gonna give it a second cold so is
    nice and small so what I'm gonna do
    is and manages take magazine
    an usually on my
    make them a year seizes at the bottom
    since is not attached to my more cause I I caught my
    more to this I serve the cake I just wanna attache
    furs so it doesn't move on me
    cuz he usually tends to move so I usually
    start at the bottom of my cake and what I do is a clean my spatula
    I take the eighteen at the bottom line
    both my spatula and i jus goal
    all around Nike as you see
    my whole cake in the bottom has a little love I C
    and right now I'm gonna just put my icing on the top
    and usually people are scared putting icing on the top
    because they're scared going to manage law
    is a matter of getting used to
    but are usually Cup I seen their as is basis
    specially you doing a call to happen a little bit of the ex's
    and then yes that I seen around
    so you're not playing with you Chronicle right now
    I'm going the same cause I see by was
    doing the the crime called because I don't want to be playing with that
    ICM now
    I did put a lot of I seen any later
    I'm gonna use a scraper and I'm gonna take a little bit
    %uh that I see now I'm gonna do the same thing
    I'm gonna be my spatula and I put the icing on the top bunk bed
    and right now what I'm gonna do %um
    wanna go on that lower-level of my AC
    Mikey and and mean
    you that man I need you guys to do that
    all around you cake and there's the big reason for that
    so eighty very important
    that you leave that
    age going on the terrible beauty
    me what you want doing
    you even any that say that site of the cape
    doesn't have to be perfectly straight
    you know evenly now whole than anything
    after these you wanna go with it there
    you need to understand East that after and done
    I am gonna take some of that
    I seen away with a scraper any
    I don't put enough I seen and I have been deeply
    week cool so this is my scraper
    and what you doing wanna do is hold it as straight as possible you wanna hold
    it at level as possible
    any you see here and used
    my turntable
    I'm gonna clean and is
    gonna keep moving my turntable
    and I keep cleaning my exit
    I keep cleaning my
    X's all the time so after I do this
    and have my a straight and young where you can maintain that space

    easy having next great spatula I clean my spatula
    every time you see then I'm gonna go to my top
    and I'm gonna try and buy my age
    and I know the beginning I'm just trying to take the a
    schism by seized on really DU too much to find my
    my corner I'm just trying to take that
    a existing I seen that I put to the top
    and when I get
    bear then I start
    taking the ex's and cleaning my spatula
    every time I a the exists out I
    clean my spatula also now we are ready
    for ICM top
    button fag and
    with great bit so I usually at this point take
    this is be buy paper Greatbatch
    more as more there for fun then and I just go around
    Mikey right now I'm doing a little bit of pressure on my cake
    trying to make everything's me smallest possible
    so is light pressure on making
    you don't wanna we should down but
    you want to have some nice pressure on you K and then
    %um your to this site and %um the straight
    you key the same
    of pressure on this day
    love you Kate you wanna go
    all around
    doing the same pain this is for taking your
    those the line that day great
    for left before to have a really nice
    me that I seen
    you know all and
    and be and it can take my hand
    I'm gonna use my being and I'm not pressing at this point I'm just
    lightly going around those ages
    up ages like I don't want to around then I'm just
    just trying to clean them so they look nice
    even strayed there's anything
    you know that this right and just trying to smooth it down little bit
    because I don't like all me side and then
    I go once again do might up
    my size
    time before I just did that
    to you down bad once again
    word p I see take your time is something that is
    especially at the beginning is something that takes some time but remember
    is a matter of practice so the more you practice
    Ethier is gonna be
    I promise you would back to you year busy years
    take me Justin masters so you there acted
    so I hope you enjoy it you need *** *** Decorating with Cake Boss Part 1 - YouTube !!!
    alright so now your cakes baked this time
    trim the top torah Judaism just gonna alright through this cake
    I go easy it's important to love you cakes because you want to be nice
    even for the stack it up sure pushes to decide
    so now that I got my board right put my keycard
    started here now with Philip
    they're pretty much a stick filling their
    now we have that you take our life gonna spread it out a little bit
    when you're trying to spread icing out just try to push you with the tip Mason
    easy back and forth just use the tape take that
    four-foot the know when we fill
    for top-tier bada bing bada boom alright so now we're kicking Phil
    it's time to do
    ice okay what are the important things to make good
    cake decorator is a turntable and I love this one because at the end of the day
    it's easy to use it storm all it can be to turn table using it to decorate a
    or you can lock in conservative foreign on that's like having your cake and
    eating it too
    %uh alright now we're going to take our big here
    and I'm just go to school he is
    the ice in around would squeeze in the big
    it's a pressure control techniques I wish I could tell you by watching this
    video you can work to do it
    it takes time you have to do it a couple times but if you notice
    I do not move my hand I just spin the turntable put a little bit in the middle
    now wanna take or bone knife or spatula my call it home
    we are gonna ices baby of turntables gonna do
    all the work look gently use a spatula
    talk to it caress it you my friend nice n Easy
    to top first come to the sides
    again slowly and gently greedy
    psychic yoga okay
    well let me tell you something it's harder I ciskei perfectly smooth
    than is the cover this cake and followed up that I can promise you
    we'll get to that in a minute the other trick do I tell people all the time
    people say despondent taste good wall I have about a quarter-inch thick
    I sit around I see this kinda like the group which is going to make the final
    votes tech
    we want to go with dick pic I see didn't in fond of
    and it does not affect the taste the cake at all so right now as I have like
    a little poster board right
    smooth it out their poor the top for were looking for
    now is to be nice level so we put farm no we're not gonna have a problem
    now we're refrigerate this Miller come back and do too fond of
    so they let me go mike takes in the fridge my father already
    I am going to role of for I like going out with cornstarch
    could use powdered sugar absolutely am what's great about
    what up to go is my phone no more descend on stickball your day
    rolling and and comes with different size
    little overall was here and use that this all
    know that movies always for kick coverage it's going to make the font on
    inch dick this toll really really helps you
    for those you don't know if I'm not as come like should've played I'll
    really take shower cake decorating up for all the love of
    see-saw get this all lacy can't even look down
    and see the Warriors a touching the table
    just like that perfect just lifted off
    table make sure it's good smell your cake ready
    gonna do is work take our Father wait for
    right over the cake like that take a smoother
    always with top first place
    nice who long to just kind of like
    Paul increase same time you wanna pull down too much because then it'll
    riff Electric is newest first using falwell
    feel your cake later spent the indicate
    is yours to call for the toll road is
    the harness so for the beginning is out there should
    the Droid 2 do it didn't take problems about three inches tall
    this year's about four-and-a-half finest
    on the cake boss I could do that no tags know you got this nice and smooth
    a stack it up a show you my wishlist
    can because we love you it *** *** How to make a gumpaste chair / sofa part 1 - YouTube !!!
    hey guys its main this is a short tutorial on how to make
    the fondant I the gum paste so far that a shooting on my cake toppers
    so this is going to be and I'm hoping real short and it's just gonna be real
    now the materials that you can eat me this would be obviously
    are funded by gumpaste if you want things to set
    quicker use gumpaste but he did not
    in such a hurry finest wine and you will also need
    this I to loving it and indenting tool
    arm from well ten asking
    this cool a cutter if you have the extruder that's fine if you don't
    that's also fine annual sigourney
    Peter gonna need a little bit of Crisco of
    for down for your hands and for suffering the finer the campaign's
    and have those glue to do the parts together
    okay to make the fondant by the gum paste sofa it's
    just got posted six-part so to deconstruct this
    it to the bottom that's one to for the question three for the back
    for the
    and sticks for this K and that's it
    to some people use and star phone some people use rice krispies
    but for simplicity let's just
    use all gumpaste for now and you guys can just tweak this into whatever you
    and in the future on it will be over
    some weight I'm gumpaste is
    heavyweights wet but it gets later when it dries
    sex I'm gonna sink in your cake but you know to be safe some people just do
    something else
    okay for the bottom just shape you're fine or you can paste into a square
    or a rectangle what or whatever shape you would want it
    on yourself a DB and make to these
    so one would serve as the bottom and one would serve as
    the question so just make to love these
    and have them set I'll
    for about a couple minutes okay
    if you put two up these together
    general make this rate now you're going to make the back
    of here so far you put
    toothpick their can also a couple of toothpicks for the arms
    just to secure them now you can shape
    the backup this effort to again whatever shape you want
    cell if we're going to mimic this one
    you could just Megan oval shape
    and again this this process is
    pretty much of freehand and you can adjust it as you
    move along ticket there
    another color will be off but don't worry about it I have another one
    we meet furnace you can smooth it
    as you go
    now the other
    I put in some curves on it just plot
    there now we're also going to make the island's
    for Floyd S&P just need to make
    to sausage its shaped
    figures and chancy
    this is proportional to
    works OK
    is the same for the other one now this week it grew it
    or if it's fun it's gonna stick there anyway
    not to make but further
    people that tufting
    now to make the same details
    just make
    indentations unusual for
    and then make us a small ball
    and that was here hands two circles
    cases thing will be
    to gramm today its gonna said okay
    it's not gonna give us a problem
    looked down upon
    Siri coming to shape *** *** How To Make Gumpaste The Krazy Kool Cakes Way - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is how I making
    a quick tutorial on how I make gumpaste had a lot of people ask me
    whether I make a mess of hot weather i buy it all remaining
    and I have purchased pray make gumpaste
    to be honest with you haven't really been totally happy with any particular
    I started making my own outpaced about your call
    and I really like the texture I really like how it holds up
    so maybe can try and and I may be like it you
    okay what what I is chill make fondant
    sci-fi the wheelchair share a white rolled fondant
    you guys can't find this at Hobby Lobby or at my holes
    and this is five pounds okay it's the big box of a little box
    the reason I like shit by this status because at Hobby Lobby Day almost half
    forty percent coupon then you can plant
    online and so the price usually at Hobby Lobby is $

    but with the coupon comes out well you like about fortune box
    so it's a lot cheaper than buying gumpaste already made and you get all of
    the time pace
    for very little price okay all right let's talk about
    China Los the service this is a catch-all said I and it's basically the
    same thing but
    for some reason sometimes it comes in two different labels missus
    rx international hi titles Potter
    this is the same thing we can but it's not too different labels
    you can find this at any takes up I place my case a pipe a sells it for

    this last up very long time home
    and each one is about 2 ounces well it is exactly chances
    and if you cannot find titles powder which is what these are
    you can also buy up contract against
    or gum arabic which serves the same purpose
    okay okay I'm so
    the recipe today it is basically an shoes hair on your chest so
    the only difference is that this is the way this is the comment that I use
    okay so what I do is when you open here
    your box ok okay it costs
    it should be which the
    packages so each holidays
    of China have passed K Anish
    what I do and basically take
    large on and I headed up

    even plates
    for mention are fine chain
    a want half cheese old
    your child's
    K all services on all parties
    so here's my pic of ongoing like us.
    take my shade any bouquet call attention
    for and breaks you need some although Greece
    and I always have tons of fun case
    on hand haha spotting favorite so all I can do is
    you take one other for break stay already cut you can take half a teaspoon
    up your child's powder or whatever what are you seeing
    some traffic and or your gum arabic
    okay and for every
    break it's half a teaspoon of titles
    came saw like to soften it up a little bit before I start
    and basically you are just
    meeting the fondant into the title stop
    you wanna do this class of leaked to the press staff should quickly
    main your child exploding
    scope flying everywhere say you need any
    that and really well you don't need for ever
    just you know enough so that you know that
    but I also spend well blended cheer
    pace so I pretty much do this
    Chahal I don't see any white powder residue left at all
    on my on a work surface
    that's pretty well one day I don't have any more white hot on my surface
    and so what I do is I just make
    a giant chill or learn how to this thing here
    and the reason I'm doing it just because I'm gonna cut it up into equal portions
    so that I can
    cover it our wrap it in saran wrap with plastic wrap
    so that I can story because I
    small pieces at a time you know what I have a
    air because it does try pretty quick K
    solve this
    about of okay
    also like you I have kept this
    into for call of hearts all
    firsts i cud metal bond
    hope this happen at all and then i cud
    this happened
    so there I got for parts
    and iraqis and plastic wrap
    so quite a bit of gumpaste
    added just at half a brick that comes in the five-county Fox
    well to find it don't forget thanks to find out your
    percent coupon
    it is a lot cheaper you can get a 23 dollar box a fondant for like

    so I hope this helps let me know if you guys have any questions
    I can pretty much you do this recipe
    with any type of fondant and a if you make your own marshmallow homemade
    and all you basically do is
    for every two and a half pounds %uh your homemade fondant
    you will use should take to teaspoons
    up titles powder alright K so let me know what you think
    hope this helps somebody and if you have any questions let me know k talk to your
    body very soon take care
    aback *** *** How To Make Mini Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hey guys received
    with me became I've got my butt
    and the clinic me school
    Mike ship
    and beat until fluffy being an ad in my vanilla bean paste something in the
    would have been sleeping you'd like scored
    at in yours
    sour cream
    and you know
    but actually enjoying
    just until incorporated
    and my hugh a and its competitors
    has a very tall edges that's what you want paper but I N
    and you can spray decides if you like as well anything
    a special session predicate even
    to go to help you that's me even if they cut off
    degrees Celsius for about half an hour
    missing do check it because it is P in and could cook a bit seniors
    well comic LA's
    using paste should
    on in well Ron
    it's become really think
    I'm gonna say adding in Mike ala miscues gold by American

    list bachelor EU mess
    cannot just
    fine should just
    noonan for pristine
    should reaches rent
    keep climbing think you can always remove the excess
    its a lot easy to work with too much than it is to work with too little
    in the concert scraping off gently
    make sure it's nice and clean otherwise
    if you were to take a No minutes try you have a scanner will be
    and transparent no layer between
    which doesn't look very nice today men to the same phone
    based molds base metals into a baking tray and that's it for about

    hours into the class and random computer cake bakes for half an hour
    and leave it on the counter cool down
    completely but an enemy
    set on medium-low speed into South school speech that paled

    me I little bit
    the this stage in at about

    maybe for now we'll see how it goes gonna
    min and then deleted on medium to high speed
    for about
    minutes with me the that I think
    the mountains truck into the fire it like that
    and expand
    that in mind a vanilla extract skid

    he is me
    that No
    thanks to take my unless we cut here we
    for each Mike
    just the Rams make sure you've got to the very
    make some so-called cake smile
    way a little Jens not
    the maybe in the world
    face him
    attachment sleep
    nation cent
    and through the whole purses
    back because if you try to use your special
    and trying yes will
    is capable find
    slated ease minimal touch
    basic country and free between
    first Boyd
    City down thanks a lot easy first I have my
    a humongous not yes IBM but
    we but I'm gonna use and facing at least its mention
    that an answer run it for a
    magnet right up to the edge that skateboard
    message to help us guy now
    scraper as the scapegoat the excess
    special very Jimmy
    th in make sure they have all the space kind
    when using your bench scraper have a nice and medals at the ninety degree
    mmm scraping
    was in fact that down month
    sweep of the excess cages to keep your bench scraper
    from my special hot water
    no help just even surface that the cake
    Intel not there me ninth
    getting anything
    okay the circle shaped K squeeze
    posting on under hot water again and I'm going slow here in mickey
    just means good
    just a mess if it's a small corn flour analysts at rolling out my funded
    you the thing about it because it's so small
    doesn't take long to relief fund and it doesn't have to be
    and been eBay going to be a little bit because that way
    it hides all these lumps and imperfections quarter of an inch bigger
    bigger than that
    he's funny yes
    messing up
    you can see it
    fund actually coming away and thank keep reading
    that was expected happen to sleep
    shirts area that's
    really clicked it yes so when you pull
    doesn't chain
    me actually
    cooling Pacific thing
    race King tactic
    %um since these just came out now
    this still a bit tacky which is the best time to be putting
    lead us to expect from them custom called
    huge which fresh and
    just mine
    crash to sleep P
    things just
    then to attach help lower I'm gonna go
    bit past the inch
    little to the side as well like minute then the Middle Miocene
    right K
    be sitting like that say pushed

    just think that
    an effect on
    watching Pinterest and thing *** *** How to apply Fondant to Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    show you how to cover your cake in fondant to get those beautiful nice
    sharp corners and I'm going to use my element which is on my website are some
    company dot com slash recipes committing to a kind of tone down blue screen I'm
    gonna take a little but I've read a little bit of blue you can make your
    case of your cake any color you want when you first I always recommend that
    you keep this up until it's very very warm that's going to improve elasticity
    because it's been sitting it's very stiff and crumbly right now this is not
    usable you gotta put it back in the microwave for
    seconds until
    it's nice and warm you wanted to be to feel very warm like you just made it and
    then we're going to need it until stretchy before we even attempt to cover
    it okay so this was in there for 30 seconds very warm start meeting this and
    it at first he seems very small talk March and it's very crumbly to do
    something that's called the tacky method of media on your hands
    this is gonna actually help moisturize the phone as well one hand here
    poll like Kathy this helps reactivate the stretch and it also helps reduce air
    bubbles and it's a lot easier to need and sort of doing this
    like this is a lot of work on your back to this is more a workout for your arms
    counts as your workout for the day as well see how beautiful structure that is
    now you want to do that every time so I wanted that it could appear dry and oily
    and cracked and crumbly is actually just not conditioned this beautiful perfect
    churchy funded ready to go a little powdered sugar down the board here the
    frequently move around as you get stuck to the surface of your table for sure
    down if you need it will be from green color take my gosh cake that their make
    sure you don't have any chocolate on your hands
    that will get onto the surface of your phone and you get onto your room all the
    way around that the top first we're going to fluff the dress everywhere
    where there's a truffle just gonna pull it out
    press against the cake
    you'll be able to do it one hand like this go a lot faster just going slow for
    the purpose of showing you the technique oh I forgot to mention if your fondant
    is not sticking to your ganache then you can spray it with a little bit of water
    before you add your funded doesn't have any problems so I don't usually worry
    about any of that a lot of people do go around with my sneakers that any good
    fiction get that phone up against the cake I have this special goal that I
    like to use for my six inch rounds otherwise I use a cake pan but this is
    what i do to finish off my kicks finding you can keep use that for later
    chilled you can handle it pretty easily looked it up put a ball down or a small
    object that has a flat surface in a wide base of the small works out perfectly
    good is pretty stable and it's just more than a six-inch you know ok so it works
    out perfectly for this again make sure you don't have any chocolate on your
    one senator on top once they're inside gonna go around what
    you have any bubbles between the surface of your taking your funded they will
    turn into tumors take care of them now where they will come back to haunt you
    does this happen when people say how do you avoid bubbles
    well it's just inevitable you just gotta take care of him not cry about it
    move on with your life
    chocolate somewhere away from the surface of the
    extender after you
    have probably have a little bit but if you have butter cream touching it that's
    fine you can remix buttercream in to find it but you can't remix chocolate
    to place it on the cake for it I like to use the boards from Cape support
    solution dot com recoded there's no reason why not
    now we have our cake on our board and now you were free to decorate your back
    as you please that's how you cover can thank you guys SO much for watching *** *** Ganache Dripping, Cake Pop Decorated Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys for countries these desserts but in the therapy teaching you how to
    make a cake decorator escape up sending an ash better stuff got my watched by
    insurers compound chocolate mix it with some heavy cream and making sure that
    all the chocolate coated and then my craving it for about
    seconds into its
    nice and fluid and cramming some vanilla cake here that I've picked most intended
    in a meeting in two teaspoons of Ganesh gonna be accepted but in the end up
    adding that three teaspoons of a national title and then go to work with
    my hands 'cause when you wake up the spoon you're not going to be able to
    tell what the texts like it's too sticky or if it stays come together so it's a
    lot easier just to use your hands with this now have the recipe for cheese cake
    pops and also the Ganesh in the Description box then taking a little bit
    and testing it out if it closed included in some very sticky looks like this when
    you bet is ready
    that I made some extra connection that's going to be used to dip out chocolate
    cake pops into the bed in a little coat up because I will be adding some
    colleges and I'll just have my finishing up to see using Skype into each little
    cup here are some for SIA SIA heavyset and some lemon yellow
    gel colors by america is combining that in mind set that aside in the meantime
    or pear cake pops that got my keep up sticks you can go into the regular white
    compound chocolate and saying goes to try to pay my cake that's quite a line
    around the top of the cake so I can pull through and make sure it's nice and even
    that laugh Lil do the same when I'm cutting the cake in half and just
    rotating the cake as I saw through your nose on the outside that helps to keep
    it nicely and street as well I'm using a five-inch into the cake for this cake
    putting some vanilla buttercream and just feeling it is well with a piping
    bag also regular vanilla buttercream
    sure that you sent to your cake and then press the damn near the same with the
    other layers as well
    the very top them using the bottom of the cake and that turned upside down so
    my top of the cake is gonna be nice and wet weather use a spatula just remove
    all the excess but if we're not stopping at the site and I'll put that into the
    freeze that just until its license it in the mean time to repair my kpop some
    dipping them in to be colored connection have to reheat this could drive a little
    bit and then off the excess while also reaching the cake topper even coverage
    because we did in the car at the moment it's a bit more fun with the usual so
    you might need to take a while to take you time setting off that exit with all
    the colors I used about four or so colors or so of each color that

    Caicos total that to try and in the meantime we'll take the feeds limiting
    my chrome coach that's just the Manila buttercream them adding onto the top
    making it up by simply adding it really thin layer to revisit the same closing
    of the sides my cake and what that's going to is going to capture all of the
    kid who scrum it'll stop that from entering now finally put it in the
    fridge for another
    or so minutes and then a team your final layer of
    buttercream so flooding it at the top adding peeps that can drive down the
    side of the time filling in the sides as well with extra butter cream and I'm
    adding a pretty quickly here because we're gonna go in later on with our
    bench scraper and removal the excess make sure you get rid of all the
    equipment as well as they can hold out later on the industry that have little
    cake take my bench scraper and I'm slowly scraping away the excess I'm not
    taking off too much at once going around salience scraping off the exit so my but
    that's what my scraper that's less and clean when I go around again
    what you have to level smoothness that you like
    run your script on some really hot water
    life is gonna clear off the top with this touch then observed that in my view
    but this really hot water and slowly make my way around the cake he can tell
    the difference between a nonsmooth and thus moved but it definitely skip this
    step especially he leave anybody can cake naked without adding any funds on
    top are you putting my pic script and review hot water each time that I've
    colors just out of it to the top and using special pushing it out to the site
    and while it's still most affluent going in with a piping bag and just adding
    some extra droplets wherever I see will look nice though because it's still
    really wet and you won't be able to see that that extra traffic was able to keep
    up the license that removed them from their state just like breaking that
    chocolate is accused keep up stick to the kick butt and arrange them on your
    cake hope you like I said I've heard one in the middle to guide the rest so I
    just kept popping up all around that and I helped make it all nice and even in
    between each other
    pick up that I have and I think we looked a lot nicer here is if I used
    more cake pops look so bad after all that I'm adding three of the bottom and
    then just text when on the sides that thought you needed something
    and making sure the very top of the cake I don't want them touching b-sides the
    Ganesh that's on the side of cake I think it just needs to be really subtle
    very differently and you can't be too much for me when I'm decorating it with
    you we will have enough withdrawn and also media *** *** How to make Minions out of Fondant Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    do the mood
    how we've got three painting happening lately
    me I made my from of
    of of pop pop pop pop pop
    first the movie going to start a routine
    could deter black over we are going to be
    the meaning and shoes we're going to need through over
    who heats me in we could have put it own
    the cake who obviously your KK to make big-time me
    charles is Lake we going to meet again to both
    this time it going to be like him 18th color
    at you prime blue with a tiny bit over
    powerful only going to make to lead to drop
    one the shoes friendly
    and cast like have been done we putting Flyers I
    cue be from you
    and now recurrent inspired
    obviously one queen
    the phone with couldn't throw into the shape now we have two more than the game
    I'm going into the same with the other one
    act dumb thing put the other too long
    that some planning to do all free and im gonna be there
    over ninety so they could not dry n
    we're not gonna put the medium gordy is not going out
    proof that they make in the terms is down we're going to start with
    been notable they were going to make them is
    & Noble this is the first one was gonna do the same
    with the addition to obviously they have different sized because
    free meaner at different times to
    and now I'm going to make tomorrow
    up to make the thunderous I'm crying
    cue rolled from her phone group
    then using a small Frank sup
    I'm going to Cooper themes
    booty up
    now I'm going to me her
    root for the past
    for the prompt about where dungarees
    configure put enough pressure hey perhaps to third
    this kind of a anything
    features he would be around eight tho because they're going to be
    that parking to make the front market
    I'm going to use through pp
    from now going through I
    them are
    a complete
    I'm can't for people throughout not work I'm pretty
    the Banchory try he can't go to them
    more mum
    obviously remained to know
    need to come someone put a different thing
    pumpkins time for the back room break going to act from
    mom black loop man pursued comp
    now I'm going through our some not Condon
    promote game from mind
    for clip
    to make the knesset from crying
    loose to both crew crazy
    mountain pace from with her ball
    through make their move for the
    actual crying
    now I'm going to feel p classes
    with them lying to them
    from come
    for this kind from going to put a new look
    group gray from Ruth up
    then some up blank
    mountain loop
    now we're going to make I am NOT in hand
    going to need to you north one block
    obviously from behind hemline yellow
    I'm going to throw morning
    lleno pain now
    wouldn't impress down your
    London then and in

    but means have
    couldn't make to pick her more I'm and
    then we need to around fingers
    you there beach in p.m. and good now
    the freshman I'm going to
    boom every turned only
    the passion
    they will be easier to start
    the from now
    I'm going to attach get prime up
    home to the phone with me ending no
    we're going to
    hand own to the on
    can drink you couldn't see anything on the left time
    no you didn't include show I'm going
    to her team
    seemed cool now I'm going to paint behind
    and I didn't he noted but both has warned green
    them one brown so I'm going to start with a clean
    up I first
    continue with the brown
    can now I'm going to paint the can't build up
    wonderful girl good for me
    hard to my client on being
    time now
    weekend for the bomb to today
    and sick there's still something
    day you think you have the a main gate two from the line
    and it is really food on
    don't *** *** How to Make a Fondant Ribbon & Bow | Cake Decorations - YouTube !!!
    Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
    in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds -- wedding cakes, birthday
    cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I
    will be talking to you about cake decorating. So we have our airbrushed cake and now we're
    going to add a ribbon around the base and a little bow in the front. So we have our
    color. We're going to give it a little bit of a knead and we want to sprinkle a little
    corn starch. That'll keep it from sticking to the table, and we're going to roll out
    a long strip so start with the shape that we want. We want a long ribbon. So that should
    be long enough to wrap around the cake. We have this fancy tool, it's a scissoring roller
    cutter and it allows you to cut a strip very easily. To make it look like fabric we have
    another roller that has a zigzag edge that will add stitch marks. You could also add
    polka dots. You could also have a texturing mat to give different looks to your ribbon.
    To glue it onto the side we have a mixture of water and meringue powder. We'll start
    with a flat edge, and you can cradle the ribbon so it doesn't stretch with your other arm
    and just apply it with your other arm as you spin it around. When you get to the end you
    can use your exacto tool and cut along right where it meets. There'll be a little seam
    but we can cover that up with the bow. So that's our ribbon, and then to make the bow
    you want to cut out a shape where it's skinnier in the middle and wider where the bow edges
    will be and then a little skinnier towards the middle again. So it's kind of like an
    untied bow tie. That looks how I like it. We want a little bit of glue in the middle
    here because that's where the two ends are going to stick together, and then I also like
    to glue a little bit on the outside of these because that's where they're going to scrunch
    up into a bow. So put that in the middle, and the other one. A little bit of glue, and
    then you want to scrunch it up as if it was tied and you can create a couple folds to
    make it look like it is fabric. Give it a good pinch. So that's the basic bow. I like
    to put it on a foam. That allows it to dry a little faster and keep it from drying too
    flat. Then we want a strip to cover the middle so on your extra, cut a little piece that's
    wide enough and you want it to extend and wrap around the back as well. Flip it over,
    a little glue on the back. Flip it over, with your exacto tool cut off the extras. Then
    you want to just let it dry half an hour to an hour. That will stiffen up and we'll be
    able to place it right on the side of our cake. *** *** How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant - YouTube !!! English English
    hi I'm Beth Somers from the Wilton Test Kitchen and I want to show you how
    easy it is to cover a round cake with rolled fondant
    I have my round cake all set up here ready to go
    it's on a
    inch cake board and I have an
    base that's
    at least 2 inches larger than your cake and as you can see
    it's very level all the way around that's the first thing that you need to know
    because then we can ice it very nice and level
    so I have buttercream icing here at a thin consistency which is the perfect
    consistency for icing a cake and you're going to spread it onto the cake just like
    you would
    if you were just icing it normally leaving it as a buttercream
    iced cake you want to make sure that you get it as even
    as you can it doesn't have to be perfect at this point but as even as you can
    because the more even it is the more even your fondant will be
    over it so I'm using my
    angled spatula here and making sure my top is nice and flat
    and I have a normal coating of icing here
    a normal amount so if you prefer a quarter inch a half an inch
    that's what you should do: okay so that looks good because it's nice
    and flat now I'm just going to move to my sides once you have your cake
    iced the next thing to do is measure the top and the sides because that's how
    you're gonna figure out how large of a piece of fondant you need to roll
    measure the height of the cake multiply that by two
    and then at the diameter my cake is just about four and a half inches tall
    and eight-inches' across so that's how I know how big I need to get
    now you're going to take your fondant out
    and begin to knead it
    you need to knead until its pliable before you start rolling
    and the new decorator preferred fondant as much softer
    so it actually goes very quickly that's really all I need to do.
    simply roll it out most projects will tell you to roll to about an
    of an inch
    thickness and I'm using my
    Roll-N-Cut mat here as you can see if you're just doing this straight on the
    countertop you might want to put some corn starch or confectioners sugar
    underneath the fondant to prevent it from sticking you can also if you like
    pick it up
    and move it like I'm doing once in a while so that it doesn't stick
    kind of like pie-dough like that you want to make sure that you're always rolling
    from the center
    outwards and never fully over the edge of the fondant
    so that it remains consistent all the way across
    and again we're going for an
    of an inch thickness it's better to start with a circle
    because it's easier to finish with a circle if you start with something
    that's really misshapen it's harder to get it there
    now I'm just going to cut the fondant to the
    size that I need eight inches by four and a half inches
    I'm going to need about a
    inch circle after you get your fondant cut
    to the size that you need rolled out and cut going to want to make sure that your
    cake is ready before that because the fondant
    will go on right away you can't let it sit
    out too too long or it starts to dry out so what I've done I've just loosely
    folded the fondant
    over my rolling pin once just like that and what I'm going to do
    is start at about an inch
    away from me so that the fondant in the back
    is touching the base and gently roll my rolling pin
    out like that so that the fondant will drape all the way over the cake
    now you can see it's draping nicely and it's covering completely
    and from here we're going to use a combination of our hands and the fondant
    smoother tool
    to gently adhere the fondant to the icing underneath
    and then start pulling the fondant
    away from the cake as you use your hand
    to slide down it to get rid of any
    creases so always pulling down away and down
    from the cake as I go so that the creases actually come
    past the edge of the cake so that they're on the cake board itself
    as opposed to on the side of the cake that's the trick
    just to continue pulling and smoothing down
    and this fondant is really stretchy decorator preferred fondant works
    really nicely it also drapes really nicely over the cake so it's very very
    easy to do this cover rotate the cake as you go
    so that you're always able to see the part that you're working on
    and just going all the way around pulling it out and smoothing it down
    don't worry if you have a a few little lumps we're going to go back with the
    at the and after everything is adhered
    so I've gotten almost all the way around and here a lot of people have problems
    this is the tricky bit
    it's adhered on both sides and then there's this flap it's okay just pull it
    out one more time you're going to loosen it a little bit on
    either side there from where it was attached and just pull it
    again a little bit more so that all of that draping comes
    to the bottom of the cake and then over
    onto the cake board itself see there's a pleat here
    but there's nothing here so now what we want to do is take our smoother
    and go all along the top and the sides to get a nice
    clean finish and you're going to go all the way to the
    cake board here to create a nice
    tight adhered fondant
    if you get the bubbles in your fondant you can use a pin
    to insert a pin at an angle very gently
    to release the air and then just smooth back over it
    that'll happen once in a while and then I'm going to use my fondant
    trimmer here to very
    carefully go around the cake
    I have one little seam there so I'm just going to go back
    and resmooth it out get rid of it
    I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and cutaway
    the excess fondant as close as you can to where the cake
    meets the board
    again making sure to turn the cake as you do this so that you can always see
    where you're cutting
    and I like to do it in smaller portions rather than go all the way around in one
    big strip because sometimes the fondant
    might stretch you don't want that to happen
    so tiny little strips is my preference
    and there we go all the extra fondant is off of the cake and just one more time we're
    going to go around
    if you have any buttercream on your board I have a little bit wipe it up before
    you do your final smooth so that you don't get anything
    on the side of your fondant
    so one final smooth just like that
    and there you go that is how you cover a round cake with fondant *** *** Make a Fondant Cake Bow / Ribbon - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Puffy Fondant Bow Tutorial where I'll be showing
    you how to make this gorgeous and totally edible puffy fondant bows.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I have just a small ruler. I have a fondant rolling pin. If you don't
    have a fondant rolling pin, a regular household rolling pin will do. But if you are planning
    on doing a bit of work with fondant in the future, these plastic fondant rolling pins
    are fantastic. They stick a lot less than a wooden rolling pin or a marble rolling pin
    would and they're nice and small and easy to work with.
    I have a standard paintbrush. It's not a particularly expensive paintbrush. It has quite a fine
    tip on it. I have a standard sharp kitchen knife.
    I have a pizza cutter. You don't need a pizza cutter. But I find this to be a really good
    way to cut the fondant and saves ripping and pulling of the fondant.
    I have a [4-inch] cake board. I'm going to use this to rest my finished bow on. You don't
    need a [4-inch] cake board but you do need something to rest your bow in both as you're
    working on it and when you're finished. I've got a couple of cotton wool balls, just
    standard cotton wool balls and you will need two of those for each bow that you're planning
    on making. I have some water just in the shot glass there,
    just a little bit of water. That's going to act as our glue.
    I have a little bit of Tylose. If you haven't used Tylose before, it is a white powder and
    it's available at all good cake decorating shops. We add that to fondant to make sure
    that the fondant completely hardens when it dries. If you don't have Tylose to go with
    fondant, you can also use gumpaste instead which you wouldn't need to add anything to.
    If you don't use the Tylose in the fondant, the fondant won't set properly and you won't
    get the same sturdiness out of your puffy bow.
    I have a cornflour shaker so it's really just a coffee chocolate shaker which I've filled
    up with a little bit of cornflour. I have my golf-sized ball of pre-colored yellow
    fondant which I have on a snap lock bag. Always get your fondant in snap lock bags, never
    in cling wrap or cling [foam] because this dries it out. The snap lock bags are the best
    option for storing your fondant. So let's get started.
    First of all, I'm going to prepare my surface. So I'm just going to give myself a bit of
    room out of all these...away from all these tools. You do want a little bit of room to
    work with here because we are going to be rolling that fondant out.
    So we'll take our ball of fondant out of the bag, as I mentioned, just a golf-sized ball.
    I'm just going to make a well in the middle and I'm going to take a pinch of Tylose. So
    just a pinch between your finger, sprinkle it in and just knead that for about
    until that Tylose is all worked in. Quite easy. Now with this fondant, what we want
    to do is we want to roll it into a nice ball shape. This is how you should always start
    working with fondant, in a nice round seamless ball. It just helps to get a (Inaudible
    cracks out of the fondant. Now before I finish rolling up, I'm actually going to roll it
    down into a bit more of a sausage shape. Alright, we're going to sprinkle some cornflour,
    not too much, just enough to give us a nice covering. And I'm going to put that fondant
    down, and just rub it around in that cornflour to give the bottom of it a nice even coat.
    Now the reason I rolled it in to a sausage and not a ball is because we're going to make
    a rectangle shape. It's just a bit easy to get a rectangle out of a sausage than it is
    to get a rectangle out of a ball. So you can see I'm just taking that fondant rolling pin
    and I'm just rolling it back and forth. I'm making a nice long rectangle.
    Okay, so we've rolled our fondant out. It's about the width of
    a little bit thicker. But you don't want it to be too thick because we want these bows
    to be as fine as we can. What I'm going to do with my measurements:
    when you're measuring for your bow, take into account the size of the bow this way. You
    want to measure a piece. Your starting piece will be twice the length. So this one here
    is about 9 centimeters and that will be about an
    centimeters length that we would start
    off with. You can make them any size you like. But just bear that in mind that your finished
    product will be half the size of the length of the fondant you start with.
    Now I'm going to just roll a nice straight edge or just cut a nice straight edge along
    there. My piece of fondant is about
    centimeters long so I think that's a great starting point
    for my size of my bow. Now if it's
    centimeters long, I'm going to make it...I want my finished
    bow to be about this wide. I'm going to give it about an extra centimeter on the width
    that I want my finished product to be. I will show you a while shortly. Beautiful!
    Now while I'm here, I'm also going to take another... cut another strip. And it's just
    going to be this ruler length, ruler width wide. Beautiful!
    While we're not using this fondant, I'm going to pop it underneath that snap lock bag just
    so it doesn't get too much air getting to it. Alright, now I'll just cut my edges nice
    and neat here. This fondant (Inaudible 05:30). Okay, now with this bow, we turn it over so
    that we're working with the back that's got the cornflour on it. We take a little bit
    of this water on our paintbrush, just a little bit. Less is more with the water, so one dip.
    And you just spread that water out along the edge and the same for this other edge. If
    you do use too much water with fondant, you are headed for disaster. A little bit acts
    as a glue and a lot will actually eat through the fondant. And it will cost it to not stick
    properly and you'll find that your whole structure falls apart.
    Alright, so what I've done now, I've just folded over a little...about a half a centimeter
    border on both sides of my long edges. Now I'm going to take my
    Try and get 2 that are about the same size. You can tear them off if you need to just
    to look good. And I'm going to sit them in the middle of what will be my puffy bows.
    A little bit of water in the middle which would be our glue. So I'm going to hold that
    cotton ball in place, I'm going to fold that bow over and I want to secure to the water
    this edge here but I want to secure it inside that half centimeter border. It will just
    help be a little bit neater. So we do that for both sides. You can already see I've got
    a nice little puff going on there. Now I'm going to take this additional length that
    we've cut. And I'm going to just cut off a piece, about half the length,
    for this one. But if it's a bit too long, it's not a big deal. You can just trim it.
    I'm going to take my water and I'm just going to spread my water down the length of it there.
    Alright, now this is where it gets a little tricky so stay with me. I'm going to lift
    that bow up. I'm going to place it in the middle. And then I'm going to pull this side
    down and pull this side up. Meet them in the middle. Try to get as much cornflour off your
    hands. Now as I lift the bow up, I'm going to squeeze it. And as I squeeze it, you can
    see that lovely puffy bow forming. You can feel free to work it a little bit with your
    fingers. Alright, now at this stage, while I'm holding
    it. I still got a nice little stable back to hold on to. I'm going to take my knife
    and I'm just going to put 3 nice little marks there,
    the back, I'm just going to take this little extra piece, I'm just going to cut it off
    with a knife. Do be careful. I probably shouldn't be cutting towards myself but... Alright,
    so just neaten that up a little bit at the back. You'll always have a bit of a seam there
    but it's alright. Back's generally up against the cake. I bit of cornflour on that one,
    so we're just going to brush that off. But don't you worry if there's a little bit left,
    we can get our brush later and fix that up. Alright, so that's the main part of our puffy
    bow. Now I like to sit mine up like this to dry.
    And as I mentioned, you can just work with the tops there. You do want to remember to
    leave enough gap at the top there because once you're finished, once this is completely
    dry, you're going to want to pull those 2 cotton balls out with a pair of tweezers.
    So just make sure that you've got enough of an opening. You can see it's still quite flexible.
    So if you want to lift it up, if you want to change the amount of puff that you've got,
    you know, you can really work it to see how puffy you want it and how stubby you want
    the sides. Now I've still got a bit of fondant left so
    I'm going to make the lovely little bow tails, or little bow [hands], I suppose you call
    them these little bits. Just roll that back up. A little bit more cornflour. I'll roll
    into the sausage again. Just roll it out. Okay, there's no exact measurement for this.
    I would make them about the same width as that middle piece. We don't want them quite
    as wide as the bow. You definitely want them to be a bit thinner than that but so long
    as they're both roughly the same. Okay, see how well that pizza cutter just
    chops through there? So I'm just going to even up my ends so that I've got the same
    with the fondant. Now that piece, I'm just going to cut it down
    the middle. It doesn't have to be exact but as close to the middle as you can is good.
    I'm going to take my knife. And I'm just going to cut my little tails...like so. Lovely!
    Alright, now we're going to take our water once again and I'm just going to put a little
    bit at the top of this one and a little bit at top of this one.
    I'm going to go back with the little board that I'm drying them on. I'm going to place
    them down on the board. Now when I place them down, I want to overlap. See how I'm overlapping
    them just a little bit? This will actually form the base so you will be able to pick
    this whole bow up and move it around. I'm going to take my puffy bow. Make sure
    that I'm happy with the puff and everything. And then I'm going to sit it down. And as
    I sit, I'm going to push it down so that it actually sits nicely on those tails.
    Now the trick with the bow is you don't want it to look too stiff because bows aren't.
    They're quite fluid. So something like this is fantastic to actually
    rest the bows on because it gives you a little bit of a... I supposed somewhere for the tails
    to overhang. You might just use this for now or you can rest it on the edge of your bench.
    Now with this one, I love to [take] the paintbrush, just curl it up underneath there. You can
    see there, we're just giving a little bit of fluidity to that bottom tail. You might
    want to curl up one of those ends. Now as I mentioned, don't worry about that
    cornflour. Once it is completely dry, you will be able to take a fine brush or paint
    brush or something like that or just your fingers and you will be able to dust most
    of that cornflour off which will leave you with a beautiful finished product.
    Leave that one, I would say, overnight before adding it to a cake to dry. And then you've
    got yourself a beautiful puffy fondant bow. Thanks for watching! *** *** Sharp Edges On Fondant Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys looking to raise these desserts but since it was set up by teaching you
    how to make a very sharp edges and you fund set up I'm preparing my cake and a
    very sharp buttercream cake is the perfect foundation for this mine but on
    some baking paper that I have staple down to a very flat wood in kickball and
    that's important because they cut wood ones tend to have a bit of a bit of a
    curb to them then I'm putting my cakes on top proceedings the buttercream and
    then just layering all the early isn't up as well and making his case for the
    purpose of the Fund at oriole but usually with layers of cake to seek you
    would add a bit of a shooting in there just to keep it nice and moist and make
    sure they're all scented and for some down to make sure it's all nice and flat
    and level and take my spatula removing any excess from the signs mostly taking
    my bench scraper and removing all that butter cream on the very bottom of
    alkane Inc and you could have special to clean up the sections at the Cape this
    great day the bench gave it didn't clean up let that rest in your freezer for
    minutes and then we'll add out crumb coat so many a whole bunch but
    agreement the very top then sneaking it also some flat and moving that to the
    edges that way I can start covering the edges of the cake and filling in any
    spaces where there's a pockets to make sure they're all nice and field but then
    again in the freezer for
    minutes and we'll add a final layer of buttercream
    and making sure that keeps the buttercream hip gonna go in without
    bench scraper later on and removal that excess and making sure that your been
    scraped is nice and flat and angrier than
    degree angle nice and toll and
    scraping away silly or that exorcist buttercream then removing a little bit
    of the time you don't want to try and go to havel apply too much pressure on the
    side of the cake and I'm smeeting off the top as well and because this is
    going to be turned upside down you don't need the top to be really flat we can
    fix it up later on in select easy to do so later and I run my been scraped into
    some hot water in very slowly move it along the sides of the cake is so smooth
    it off and give it I'm not even finish the same foot up not that it was
    necessary then I let it sit in the freezer for about
    minutes adding a
    little bit of butter cream to attach my cake board and you can also send free
    after attack UK then I'm going to cut off that baking paper and flip my cake
    upside down your baking paper to reveal nice even flat surface with just bet the
    shuttle stages you could probably achieve with better trained than that
    section of the bottom like I said we gonna feel that in with some butter
    cream and then remove the excess with scrape up you can't even tell nice and
    smooth now and I'm really applying some baking paper onto my cake borges safely
    it down on both sides making sure it's nice and tight and rolling out my fund
    until about 3 millimeters in thickness thing with the funding is that he wanted
    to be nice and thin that will create a nice shop and she probably should have
    should continue to let a little bit more but it's still a deployed over my cake
    the first thing I do is push out any air from the top and then quickly secure
    your edges because it is a very sharp edge he very easily cut the funding and
    make it crack at the very top then apply it to the size just by putting down and
    flaring those out those increases and you keep going until you've covered the
    whole case using a small special he had cut off the excess
    just made that down to make sure it's almost an attached and then put my cake
    upside down onto the prepared cake board that we have the baking paper and take
    my Smith is and I'm going up and down against the cake and that'll push the
    front and down to the bottom so on to al
    makeshift non-stick cake food stamps meeting five ways to make sure it's nice
    and sharp and that will pitch the funding between Smith and you avoid it
    creates really sharp edge but you have to assume results with it back up and
    you should have some pretty sharp edges as is and take your phone it's made this
    and just kidding aside and pushing their funders have up against your other Smith
    and moving back and forth in their pension fund and create even sharper
    edges I'm doing the exact same thing you with some plastic acetate shapes and
    this is just a cover of a pocket folder with the exact same action just pushing
    the funding and pinching it in between those as state sheets and we've been
    back and forth that creates very sharp edges London as we did before
    closer look for that looks like a limo close I can go just moving at all and I
    think create very sharp edges on your fondant cakes and then I would
    definitely give East have your buttercream is moving in the shop as
    possible can only be the best base and the best and I think he's you could try
    making a shop with your funded with his life takes a very long time and these
    times it doesn't create as much of a shop and as compared to using those
    yellow and she and eventually just cut that out of
    a portfolio for the color I think in the video I show about maybe two or three
    minutes with leaders working at those edges pushing with funded sideways and
    officers to shape in real life to be about
    minutes to achieve this level
    of sharpness of the corner of my cake will be on clinton does take a little
    depends how much are you willing to put into any of your fitness or not you can
    take a little bit of time and had some things guys enjoy this video tutorial
    and I'll catch you really seen *** ***