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Napoleon how to make

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    Part 1: Tiffany & Co Jewellery Box Cake - YouTube !!!
    antibody here today I okay
    i gotchu hey what I'm going to be doing it and doing it
    chicken & Company jewelry box hey soul
    wifi here and might white target for tonight
    weight which I fire of Rs and I
    thank you mixing colors not quite hit me color I think
    to call it a bit darker so what do you think ASAP
    well ten fight with you
    at El Pais so I'm just taking just a little bit of
    me I farm and and grabbing a little bit early
    color and then blending into connected my phone and
    gonna work in on to I'm working at any age
    cash it and hold it and right here I thought my
    rolling mat and matt is actually
    from broken down in one inch Chris sold my case today to
    making it any tension where cheek I am
    original mix for me to roll out and what you need predicate
    you take your five-year cake measured by the height
    thank you hey mickey

    hate a
    kind B&Q inches to take your time
    height totally
    inches and total so I'm going to roll out
    farmhand and let me just like me Peter when I'm rolling it out
    you know we're calling really well from
    what he also is some Crisco just angry such a massive hit your funny
    sick you get when you roll it out and place it on your cake and a list of
    not really nicely him to continue working it
    track shit gummy and funded it actually
    I've made homemade prominent hey me
    hack mitterand and shaker hand
    the top my head I can't think about the other ingredients have it
    like if you can't buy it more time
    meeting no me
    think that frequent couldn't helmet
    him company home
    usually on going to put it in a creek comment right
    I in
    the only going to do is rolling out now for cake
    typically and I like it should be at least
    headquarter quarter-inch thick
    service guy here not you can actually
    rule and fight have it could be
    I welfare square thank you Peter
    the kite for circular key economic rights restored
    small I'm specialty
    funny believe it or not I you can't hire
    capture the wall and I could cut it to decide what I need
    show just quickly showing you guys just read it
    feel better understanding how away to make testify
    posted credited staff and my facebook page in
    sure everybody you can check it to see how we're going to do that any special
    to NCSU
    my little world and my passion thanks for joining me
    and hopefully all have an opportunity you for more videos
    he care I *** *** Ring Box Engagement Cake - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    and I am NOT
    I think savor it easy and engagement
    my hankies and I'm so excited to make this cake
    I'm really happy injury he enjoys it
    said to make the box
    I'm actually just using a light bar box that I had I wrapped in saran wrap and I
    am just using some extra funding but I had laying around from an old cake
    I rolled it out and I'm wrapping this around the late Bob box you're not gonna
    see this part of it
    you wrap it tightly and then chairman
    size now this is a spacey that's gonna set on top that's just gonna come out
    afterwards I'm just ask you some icing sugar so it doesn't stick to my black
    font and when I wrapped around
    he just brought some black sergeant and cut out a long strip
    use a little bit a water just on the bottom part you do not want to put on
    the top part so we can take back out
    and then just wrap your black fondant around
    for the lead
    I've kinda a black Times Square and then
    a black long strap and I'm just using a little bit of water intake the crappy
    now around the square
    to seize your fingers to help push
    in the aginst reach him at his size and then you really just wanna make sure
    it's nice and smooth and has a nice seal around it
    let that said overnight now
    after your box has sad for a few days to really make sure
    it it keeps its shape you can take out that spacer
    and now we're gonna cut the pillow adage is some white bonnet that's gonna set on
    top to seize a Labatt paper towel to help
    hold the pillow up into place about a dozen kinda keep an eye on you
    and then you just ready to put some the details on your box
    so I've just cut out some whites trent and I'm just gonna wrap these around my
    box on each at the edges using a little bit of water to help stick into place
    and then just romanticize
    Andina do the same thing with my lead when you're doing the lead make sure you
    leave a little bit
    extra fondant on each ads have the box so you you turning over you can just
    wrap it around like this
    now for the bad I'll cut whether the strips in half
    fault over at the hench and then pinch it together
    you wanna do without with both edges
    and then pay and Nevis Jap across the center pinching both and
    as well house that would give the little bit of a raffle the fact
    and wrapped around the bottom but that on the top your box and issues a little
    bit a paper towel
    to help prop the bow I and you want that
    to let Sat overnight as well when you take out the paper towel
    you're both gonna be nice in 3d and held up in shape
    for the ring and a roll out some thick
    white fondant cutter a circle and then with a smaller circle cutter
    you wanna cut at the center bahut and then just estimates and suffered last
    and use using some at Uppal jams that I got a cake decorating store
    you can pry get these online is bile is a little bit of water and a setting them
    into place
    is a really beautiful and really easy to work with
    now I'm just gonna cut out slot in my pillow
    so that we may bring consent into it very carefully set your bring into play
    it's easier to do this while your ring
    is by if you do it when it's dry the ring maybe a little bit too delicate
    and then you just wanna push that into place
    now I've already covered my cake
    in pond and if you like to see high cover cake in pond in step-by-step
    I will be putting a link to the in my description below and I just rolled out
    some black pond in kinda a long strip and this is going to be the border
    that's gonna wrap around the bottom
    match have my cake and you just really wanna rap fat
    a rounds and impatient in and make sure it's nice and smooth
    now I'm just using a small flower cutter and I'm just passing
    and and I need you back going around my border and that's just can't add
    a really nice detail how we're going to carve some lines and and it's really
    gonna bring out the border
    and just using a knife and just drawing a line
    in between each other flowers and then with the center
    the ninth I'm really just poking and all over the place I love the sinner the
    not just gonna make the centers in making love actually detail
    make them look nice Sen think are the lines that are gonna go
    on the details of the paddles and then the rest levine's that are gonna go
    around the cake
    I really love the way that this locked I thought that elected very
    Allegan and the saddle it it really out in
    extra detailed the cake and now you're a dip at the rest your decorations on
    senders can place my bring box on top intake at the paper towel you don't
    really want that anymore
    and then just put the lead kinda fun and angles that you can see both sides in
    the lead
    I really hope that you guys NJ video this week and don't forget to subscribe
    to my channel study
    seen xx that you're an actor they don't miss it
    video and I'll see you next week I *** *** SIMPLE FONDANT ENGAGEMENT RINGS TUTORIAL - YouTube !!!
    hi guys welcome tonya's today I'm gonna show you how to make easy fun and brings
    this could be used for decorating cupcakes
    peaks stay by filling out this %uh fund and that you call early summer-like
    which car into tonight's gray colored and then cut out small brown
    using a piping tape cut-out Center to make the ring
    to make the gym I'm using my all and be supplied
    on gonna push it into the cavity and then simply
    flip them all should come out
    fairly easy it's not coming out and you feel like the final sticking to service
    you can also dusted
    some cornstarch
    now I'm gonna neighbors peace with pearl ever scholar
    to make sure that you don't overdo it with the airflow
    because these are really small and they're gonna like
    if you are using too much care and then while they're fresh guys still them
    you can test them with rainbow discuss to give them a nice
    after one side is dried gonna lipid
    and repeat the same thing on strike
    now for the Rings I'm using silver a brush color you can also use
    silver and pearl ok
    month one side
    in her bed and repeat on the other side another be a bold
    both parts ready airbrushed we can put them together simply glowing
    the gym couple the ring using from like
    so wanted to cry you can use decorate cupcakes
    cakes be looking for more ideas for engagement party Scott made videos
    Mon peace an odd this game thanks for watching guys
    enough to next time ok
    ok *** *** How to Make A GIFT BOX out of CAKE!! Chocolate, BUTTERCREAM, and pink and orange fondant - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to have a cake get i'm yolanda today I'm making a cake in a box
    which is inspired by Justin Timberlake and Andy samberg's fabulous SNL video
    leap in a box which by the way we know that Justin gave his wife just good deal
    because they're pregnant so Jessica this one's for you on your birthday next best
    thing a cake in a box
    so first off you have to start by making your boat we have our Orange funded you
    wanna needed a little bit and then place your phone then on your nonstick board
    and roll it out with your non stick what I'm aiming for is a long rectangle about
    eight-and-a-half by 5 inches so you want a sort of raised the middle and bring
    the sides towards it and press down and together well making that kind of looks
    like a bowl ready and then you want to do the same at the end and back end you
    want to bring your and to your metal and to help it even further to stop it from
    sagging of collapsing I like to put little pieces of tissue or paper towel
    respond something soft and just tuck them in choose the sleeves of the bow
    and this just helps it dry naturally in not fully flattened collapse now we're
    making the center of her books are both isn't quite complete
    this piece of fun and is going to become the tales for our boat and so I cut a
    two inch strip in a cutback strip in half so I have two and then as a final
    time through just gonna cut diagonally on the end to make the tailhook real
    estate and once again we can use our trusty paper towel to help us
    mold and shape the way we want the ribbon to drive realistically and give
    it to life we're gonna step aside to try and now we get to a yummy part the cake
    baked one cake I leveled at one inch I perfectly and then I cut off both edges
    to give me a six-inch length and then I cut the
    inch length evenly into three
    pieces we shower take some simple steps just to help keep it moist I like to use
    a little special when I fill a square cake just to make sure that I get the
    edges now that we've added are finally we are gonna cry me Kotar cake which is
    icing it really finley in a layer of buttercream just to glue all the cake
    promise to the cake around the sides and on the top will really Perfector square
    when we i SAT for the second time now that we've done our crime code we're
    gonna place in the fridge to chill for
    minutes I'm gonna roll out are
    fondant I'm using this gorgeous red I call it
    raspberry red mixed red and hot pink and I think it's now we're gonna chill these
    firms have fun and get back to icing on cake
    if you're not as confident with your square cake don't worry you can chill it
    again and you can touch up with buttercream and use your handy ruler
    until it straight take your time it's good practice my cake is chilled and my
    fondest chilled something to pull them out of the fridge and get started
    decorating so now I wanna do from our first rectangle of funding is cut out
    all the sides to cover our gift box cake because the fondant sheep a little bit
    bigger than the width of a cake or just gonna cut away the excess of on it that
    you see sticking out on this side if you find that the top is not quite level
    than what I like to do is fill in with just a little bit more butter cream we
    are gonna cut one of these the sticker rectangle to the size of the top of our
    gift box now it's time to cut some strips for my final piece of funding
    that will be the lid on our beautiful taking about here's a helpful trick on
    how to apply these first off we want to use water and a brush fondant
    with water a little bit of water just sort of starts to melt away and it will
    stick to another piece of fun and help you get a nice and straight I actually
    cake absent as you can see I started with the two shorter sides once
    again and this is because I want the scenes to all be on the same side of the
    now we're gonna roll out some orange fun and I like to do it on a nonstick for
    just so I can get it nice and thin and we're gonna make a beautiful decorative
    pattern for our lives just to really give some just chillin give just a
    couple anal let's get real gonna chill these while I wrote another piece of
    funded now we have our children cake and are chilled financed trips out of the
    fridge and we're going to apply them to our lives and we're gonna have a little
    bit of water or so that we can stick them turkic I'm just gonna cut
    quarter-inch strips of the orange fondant back in late on top and cover up
    seen now I'm gonna use a sharp knife to cut diagonally across both strips where
    they need
    just a little bit more embellishment before we placed these on our corners
    actually want to just score them a little because if we wrap the phone and
    around the corner it will wrap but it might crack a little bit I'm gonna place
    this gift boxes gift box
    I'm liking the placement of my bow so time to glue it down and I'm gonna use a
    little bit of piping jelly you can you should you can use royal icing this gift
    boxes looking so pretty but I think I want to take it to the next level with
    these really pretty gold rush days I just thought of another perfect
    embellishment that I have lying around
    have an extra little gift that I made that a dump its just eat food coloring
    marker is it really think that just to move right this week nobody's wife don't
    you dear Jessica I'm leaving you for Yolanda from how to kickit actually
    bothers me that just gets we love notes from trust
    that I broker gift tag but we still have our cake in a box this beautiful
    beautiful gift box chocolate cake on the inside layered with vanilla buttercream
    and then covered in this gorgeous raspberry bond in Orange fund in bright
    pops of color with a beautiful bow on top and some little golden
    embellishments to match our real gift box and I think its smashing you know I
    just a thought it over and even though it's your birthday you're ready just in
    now having his baby and I know you got to open his other box so I'm gonna keep
    this cake in a box and I'm gonna eat it too
    channel *** *** How To Make Mini Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hey guys received
    with me became I've got my butt
    and the clinic me school
    Mike ship
    and beat until fluffy being an ad in my vanilla bean paste something in the
    would have been sleeping you'd like scored
    at in yours
    sour cream
    and you know
    but actually enjoying
    just until incorporated
    and my hugh a and its competitors
    has a very tall edges that's what you want paper but I N
    and you can spray decides if you like as well anything
    a special session predicate even
    to go to help you that's me even if they cut off
    degrees Celsius for about half an hour
    missing do check it because it is P in and could cook a bit seniors
    well comic LA's
    using paste should
    on in well Ron
    it's become really think
    I'm gonna say adding in Mike ala miscues gold by American

    list bachelor EU mess
    cannot just
    fine should just
    noonan for pristine
    should reaches rent
    keep climbing think you can always remove the excess
    its a lot easy to work with too much than it is to work with too little
    in the concert scraping off gently
    make sure it's nice and clean otherwise
    if you were to take a No minutes try you have a scanner will be
    and transparent no layer between
    which doesn't look very nice today men to the same phone
    based molds base metals into a baking tray and that's it for about

    hours into the class and random computer cake bakes for half an hour
    and leave it on the counter cool down
    completely but an enemy
    set on medium-low speed into South school speech that paled

    me I little bit
    the this stage in at about

    maybe for now we'll see how it goes gonna
    min and then deleted on medium to high speed
    for about
    minutes with me the that I think
    the mountains truck into the fire it like that
    and expand
    that in mind a vanilla extract skid

    he is me
    that No
    thanks to take my unless we cut here we
    for each Mike
    just the Rams make sure you've got to the very
    make some so-called cake smile
    way a little Jens not
    the maybe in the world
    face him
    attachment sleep
    nation cent
    and through the whole purses
    back because if you try to use your special
    and trying yes will
    is capable find
    slated ease minimal touch
    basic country and free between
    first Boyd
    City down thanks a lot easy first I have my
    a humongous not yes IBM but
    we but I'm gonna use and facing at least its mention
    that an answer run it for a
    magnet right up to the edge that skateboard
    message to help us guy now
    scraper as the scapegoat the excess
    special very Jimmy
    th in make sure they have all the space kind
    when using your bench scraper have a nice and medals at the ninety degree
    mmm scraping
    was in fact that down month
    sweep of the excess cages to keep your bench scraper
    from my special hot water
    no help just even surface that the cake
    Intel not there me ninth
    getting anything
    okay the circle shaped K squeeze
    posting on under hot water again and I'm going slow here in mickey
    just means good
    just a mess if it's a small corn flour analysts at rolling out my funded
    you the thing about it because it's so small
    doesn't take long to relief fund and it doesn't have to be
    and been eBay going to be a little bit because that way
    it hides all these lumps and imperfections quarter of an inch bigger
    bigger than that
    he's funny yes
    messing up
    you can see it
    fund actually coming away and thank keep reading
    that was expected happen to sleep
    shirts area that's
    really clicked it yes so when you pull
    doesn't chain
    me actually
    cooling Pacific thing
    race King tactic
    %um since these just came out now
    this still a bit tacky which is the best time to be putting
    lead us to expect from them custom called
    huge which fresh and
    just mine
    crash to sleep P
    things just
    then to attach help lower I'm gonna go
    bit past the inch
    little to the side as well like minute then the Middle Miocene
    right K
    be sitting like that say pushed

    just think that
    an effect on
    watching Pinterest and thing *** *** Earlene Moore Demonstrates Gum Paste Gift Box Creation - YouTube !!!
    I'm early more and I wanna show you real quick way to make from
    boxes you good news for gifts for Mother's Day
    for birthdays for bridesmaids gifts but Federer
    already have a one-piece a.m. gumpaste
    are fonda road at here I use funny because I live in an area where it's
    super super dry
    so fun that works for me but if you need gum paste you can add some tyler's to it
    and I've taken these craft sticks and line them up to work in this role in out
    to get it the right thickness sell rent their
    but then I'm gonna take my old this is soo
    and it's a pretty lil heart shaped so I'm going to
    imprint with the back and I need to up on
    so we just kept those
    and a few go in a little bit new credit
    where you imprinted its okay there's extra that back
    is imprinted a little bit bigger than the actual mild
    now with them to you death
    the back end it with cornstarch
    and I'm a little little bit thinner got one
    month it looks too thick to me after I cut it
    know if you've handled things for a while it sometimes things just feel too
    came home late
    over-the-top I'm not gonna press it down on the inside
    this is gonna be the bottom for the box so
    I don't want but inside lace imprint I just won't cut it out for me
    firm pressure don't press it too hard are you make the little
    reach lay down and we don't want to lay down we want us to cut through
    need to get her to really need is rather
    Roman works just as good as role in it okay
    so now we have the bottom about Mark's and wordlessly that to the side
    now the top mmm field
    do you think even rolling it with the crest exit
    of Tuesday back and this is gonna have two layers
    army so it doesn't need to be back thick
    gambling on tested on the backs on
    over the mountain this time not im
    press it down inside the mild relate to cut it
    now press it down
    in fact that molten morley seeded keep it from moving around on your
    and if you haven't couple places that just don't cut plane just wrap it
    that'll take it right all
    the young person famine there really firmly
    I have often thought brash icon
    at a hobby store put tape around it here because this little metal piece kinda
    cut into my fingers have put take their protect me
    and then rubber band around the bristles to hold them together
    and then I just really pound EGP
    don't be gentle you wanna press that all
    in the intentions so you're gonna see that pattern begin to come through
    on the back if you're fondant gumpaste is roughly am
    and you tear a hole in it don't take it out and throw it away
    you just take another look at peace a farm been a gumpaste lay on the top of
    make sure it's stuck to it and just do the same thing you don't have to redo
    okay then we won't go around the edges
    clean them up
    the ones that are pretty symmetrical lean use both hands
    they're not meant to call it that little harder and make your brain debate
    okay you could pull
    out and up and that's how to loosen them
    lay it down n roll it out there now if you're detail is not
    in a pretty
    right back in there that center flower
    I want it more then I got so
    and put it right back in because the detail is so deep people feat like back
    him prepayment for some the other motives to put it back in your detail is
    not so
    the any won't do that now see that
    flowers monthly raised so once you've done a few these
    you'll learn when it's got enough detail when we need to pay it back in Marion
    pounded a little bit more so now we have a top and a bottom for our box
    we have to let those dry because we have
    am apiece already cut out for us
    this is just a long strip
    that you could use a ruler to cut it arm
    I have a little cutter I'm running gonna show it to you
    because you can buy it and that's not nice
    so if you have the PM me cutters are you just have a ruler or whatever you just
    need to cuddling
    them I used happen jail are royal
    I think and today without happy in jail so we're just coming use the PAP in jail
    am just gonna put little been a pop in jail just to make it sticky
    about a quarter and change around the age
    you know when a lot
    excess but you wanna that it kinda think that home
    edge to your box
    trend that the Getty messing with it okay
    now then I'm gonna been this in hath because I'm gonna point down here
    so that point our t have
    the p.m. and that's where I'm gonna start and then just aidid
    arm age come around to you
    in fact point moment trim
    all little I may have to trim a little bit more that was just a preliminary
    tree indicate
    excess now and this is way too much snow
    given to them wanna lay
    rat over that happen jail
    just keep adjusting
    think you get it to great fit make sure you can about a quarter remained
    all the way around this needs to come
    in just guru
    okay so and trim this a little bit more
    when this
    over here to meet dreamy
    run you rates come when you just put a little
    happens you know those two are to me
    and stick them together
    and there's your sad that your box so you havin had to you
    have a pattern our ruler anything he just
    do what it takes to make it meet
    that works that's the simple one that's just a little heart month from now we
    have to let that totally dry
    before we go any further someone move that
    over this peace gonna take a little bit
    a pearl death and a flat brush
    I'm just gonna brush across the tops
    just so I get the detail I want to paint the whole thing
    I want just the detail paid if you get too much
    on your brush then it's kinda gone down inside but
    it not gonna by the whole lot
    if you get a little prairie not intending
    okay so you can come to see
    that that make sure detail how okay
    so when we're gonna let that dry at
    a pearl dust and lemon extract makes okay
    now we have a drama Tom and we have a drop bottom
    that have been pearl dusted and they have them
    little box that's dry so now I
    want to make atop if output this
    on their and gave it to somebody and tilted
    its gonna find all
    so we need to make a little piece that goes under here
    that will fit just inside here
    to keep it from flying all so
    me role out a piece right quick if you get a little peace upon them
    and it's a little too dry put a little packing chillin
    put a little Chris go on your hands and a little pop in jail
    in marinade will just bring it back to life
    this doesn't need to be very thick
    needs to be pretty them
    get through this XSL the way
    that should be them that okay we've got that peace
    ready to cut out some now we wanna take
    our little bar but a piece of paper
    over it and pencil gonna take a pencil
    me get some lead here and we're gonna feel kinda were there age
    is and we're just gonna do wrapping net revving
    is just to plan for that outside age that moxie
    so you can go
    all the way around it just outlined the out further that marks
    such think you can get the idea have to do that
    so I've already done that and so it would look
    like cell and take a pair of scissors
    and you're gonna cut p.m. about and 8 the Vonage
    all the way around cell that you have a little from our peace
    that will fit down inside their okay
    here's the peace that we have cut out and we made a little masking tape handle
    to fit on me that will fit right down in that box
    and come right back out because we have a handle on it but if you turn that
    upside down it's not gonna fit the thing
    because we just free hand made our little box
    so when you put this down on here you wanna remember what the top fund
    is and if you need to make a mark on it
    make it examine it whatever you need to do you don't go through it
    so the team know that that's the top side cuz that
    important k then we're just gonna cut this thing out
    and I'm can bring see credit
    okay and we know this crowd is our top side
    so we know this has to fit down
    in here with the side up so
    that fan i'd has to glue to this because this is
    that topside here cell our little X goes on here
    who will put a little pop in jail
    comment in fact make it stay still
    got corn starch on our board so that makes it slick
    so it'll move and not just stick to it
    but then when we want them still with them
    flattering on we only want just enough to make it sticky
    we don't want excess if you have
    exit from the air in its gonna slide around
    something we're gonna take this
    and put it right im Center have our top
    excited them
    some now when we put the lead on our little parks
    that should fit right inside that heart
    and now if you killed it it's not gonna fall
    okay so with
    it doesn't fit tight buddy fits close Anna
    that he keeps it from falling off so now you could put jelly beans in there are
    red hearts
    or the little hearts for Valentine's
    or and
    the cake decorators
    sells these to the bride's and he tell them
    instead to put my charms that the bride's in the border the cake
    let's make these little boxes in them around the cake made brands may get a
    little box
    in the inside is a little pearl bracelet you made on the elastic
    thread with the charm army
    and so they have a little keepsake box that they came
    put on the shelf where they need it the matter okay
    this little far is Matt it from the Rebecca mild
    and it's done the same way
    except you see your shape family inside has to be a little bit different
    and the shape in yearly it has to fit only in fact it was done the same way
    with the reading
    to make the make it fit inside it was
    airbrushed and then I've got a little bit up the glitter
    disco dust step on it because
    think most people are not going to need it and then they will seek ones that are
    on it
    were rice paper than a airbrushed and also
    dusted with a little better glitter stuff and the goal was done just exactly
    like the pearl dust just brushing it over the tops
    okay so any a bill a smile
    that have that my shape the Peggy my old
    the Marimo least a little triangle
    there's there's a multitude up on that you can use to make these little box
    if you have just a round cutter
    and you want to do the same thing one
    the bottom cutter I i cud to one for the bottom
    one for the Tar and then
    down cutter
    I'd take and am dust
    the strip that goes around it and wrap it around that inside cutter
    and I put it right on the air with that cutter
    and then one I go to cut the top that fits in there
    that cut with that thing color
    so then this is the main little
    I am Kathy my old and some companies sugar grace on top of that mild and this
    is just some in the CK
    pearls I actually cut to them
    PCs and then left the straight piece on the CK pearl
    and just made a sandwich have that
    K so
    whatever side cutter he got whether they're oval round whatever
    you can take any the small pieces are you can take
    at elements from the animals this is the new share in my own
    and because this is all in edible
    sparkly stuff I made this from making
    clay and this is the make and clay
    so you could make these keepsakes for
    a senior high school game get near parity reigns or something like that
    newsmaker little box to keep on
    in the same thing you could do it for the bridesmaids
    am I think you can make at least who have these maybe three
    out on this one packet to play me it's like for money
    on packing so it feels like campaign
    it's just wrong firm gumpaste and news water
    teen soften it down but if you add much water it a friend more
    needs air-ground see you don't have to poke you turn them
    okay have fun with it *** *** HANDMADE GUMPASTE ROSES USING WILTON MIX - YouTube !!!
    healthy show you how to make handmade gumpaste roses using roped into gumpaste
    mix i made about six large handmade roses you think this through I figured
    out that you need a can opener to open this
    entire mix in to go in the water and stir this until it comes together does
    the table with some powder shaker and moved to come pay certain bow and meet
    minute be but they keep it fresh two-minute
    eventually it becomes less sticky places in an airtight container for a
    fifteen-minute just a table with one third of a cup of powdered sugar and
    need to Santa powdered sugar
    minutes if you want to color your just divided
    in half or whatever amount you need to divide it in and color that my museum
    economy threat food coloring and Disney the color until it's fully incorporated
    throughout the whole gun peace
    not using any fancy tolls or any screen to make these flyers I'm just going to
    use a very big sheet of saran wrap
    want to divide our own pace up one for the base is it's the calm and we need
    sixteen pedals like
    balls going the biggest piece into account the account
    and there as I'm going to shape them into balls each of all using into saran
    wrap I'm going to divided up there is not a place it one inch apart on the
    saran wrap so I could all at once rather than doing it one by one and is using my
    mind especially in town making if I
    if you used any tools or a nap saran wrap it will most likely tear to
    surround rap so I just use my hands flip it over and it is staying in the plan
    and just remove it runs around rap
    and once we have our
    petals think of this as a one three five and seven in
    the first pedal will cover a cone completely read all wanna be able to see
    the tip of the cone
    the next three pedals should not really opened up too much it should be kinda
    close tightly and and the next photo goes above the last petal and not
    opening up still
    and our third party till now opening up our next five petals we could start
    opening up a little bit more of a not too much and I'm just placing over the
    last petal
    this is the second
    UIC requested that I nary is my last Henry drove his video and this is the

    pedal and friend last seven rows you can open up and just go to town
    and I'm just make newt more bigger wider
    just pinching off the base excess ever going to use that for more roses later
    and disrupting it and using my fingers I'm just going to give the flowers from
    care thereby just like roughing up the pedals a little bit we don't want to
    like we don't want to pedal stuck to perfect disclose such thing as like a
    perfect storm moving off excess of the bottom base if you like this too much
    you know my short of auto
    up the bottoms up in toilet paper yesterday fever and lead them in a box
    overnight so take it hard in her to get placed in an airtight container you for
    watching my video please like comment subscribe you have any questions
    comments down below and I *** *** Vintage Jewel Cake ft. Wilton Mold | Renee Conner - YouTube !!!
    everyone and welcome to my youtube channel in today's many minutes for you
    probably made the spinning heel kick for this video I came to her with a bunch of
    my friends for collaboration featuring Wilton fondant mold collection will have
    a link for the entire playlist at the end of this video where you can find
    links to each individual project in the Description box below for my video at
    other project featuring wilkins new wedding Jul Matt this map features a
    variety of beautiful jewels but we'll just using several of them for this
    the top tier cake features a broke with a fabric ruffle behind it to do this
    bonding companies mix but I rolled to a member
    Rihanna machine and so are making poor and the little rock walls by mostly one
    of its during the Middle just been trying to gather it a little rough then
    just a passing each of the individual ruffles into a circular shape
    end I decided that this needed a little bit more to buildings from using a strap
    planning companies make an adjustment attach the poor record prompted this
    then the set that aside to let it set up a little bit
    now a greater mortgages first prepare the molds by letting them very lightly
    with a little bit of cornstarch then laughing the match against the table
    part to knock out all the excess powder and working with a

    and gumpaste
    makes you want to use a little bit at a time and roll it in fact than
    your mold from the center out pushing it through just for them I'm using this
    circular broke the mold first and as you can see it makes it really easy if you
    have just enough of the front companies make through just fill the cavity and it
    easily pops out for a nice clean mobile apps
    next time you use this flower shaped pool and again using just enough to fill
    the cavity at the center out and push it out towards the edges making sure that
    you're not overplaying your cavity makes it so much easier because you don't have
    to trim your hedges at the end you have perfect peace all in one go next time
    you use the more than
    dropped or shapes and I rolled the ball into a kind
    of a little law to help it build this shape a little bit better than just like
    all the other ones you've just enough to fill the cavity and it makes life so
    much easier because you don't have any rough edges and will need
    of these
    for the pattern around the case what's a few extra time
    and the next mold reusing is the smaller of the two teardrop shapes in your gonna
    wanna make sixteen
    in the last two years from the wedding Jul matt is one of a longer ban you
    gonna wanna roll your funny long skinny row and we're using the bottom that it
    banned and you just press the skinny roll down into it and this is where
    helps again be thick enough to just fit into them so that you don't have to trim
    anything at the end and if it's not quite level you can go and have little
    pieces to the back
    I find It really helpful to mold on my pieces for safety keep them on a cookie
    trade covered with plastic wrap in the meantime so they don't vote too much
    it's not so important with us we're capable I have a flat side of parotid
    week certainly this would really be a big help now miniature painting a lot of
    my pieces goal and I'm using this edible gold paint by Rainbow deaths but
    edible and I'm using the dark metallic and I'm finding this out a little bit
    with vodka because the pain itself is pretty thick and for this first circular
    pro-peace and was gonna paint the entire single
    its power and then apparently the platform gold
    and the jewels themselves I'm painting just with the super pearl that I made
    using thought you could of course just use any color luster dust if you want to
    have a color other than white children
    next work on the street peace and again and painting just the flat part in this
    cold in painting with chores with the superpower
    and the single teardrop will also with the superpower he rarely have my cake
    that's and covered with bombing to use light blue for the top and this lady for
    the bottom and this is a
    inch and a quarter inch
    a medical thing and the border so I'm using a piece of ribbon just to measure
    the perimeter of my peers and then using this as a guide to measure fondant
    gumpaste makes that I have brought three are often I'm going to happen in order
    for the bottom here and then a three quarter inch border to the Top Gear
    and then I'm can use the goal picnic and paint these waters cold
    and by Liam also painting most advanced gold
    use your comments civil the Kings on rather than make longer strokes
    now that all the decorations for prep and hinted we can start adding them for
    cake I'm starting with the golf fans on the bottom here I'm adding the
    craftsmanship and leaving little overhanging studying at a corner in the
    hope of a nice
    the top here I find it easier to roll up my band into a poor first and as long as
    the plane ride it should be no problem and just go around and add that the same
    next door at the broached the topic here and I'm starting with that followed
    protocol which would write enough to set up till percent taxable amusing in there
    hoping gel as my
    the spotlight and understand agree that they are between the top then typing on
    the back of their ground beef and add that right on top of the rubble and then
    imma be used my glue and add the flour piece on top of that and then layered
    and you may just need to hold it in place for a few seconds until the
    programs for now I'll begin the bottom here
    declaration by putting some events in OpenGL on the back of the studied pan
    and unblock
    I want the placement which is a top BB the top one-third and I'm starting with
    the middle of three bands that i'm gonna put on each site and this will help me
    get my basement correct we want to leave a little over to account for the bulk in
    thickness of the additional bands but you've been crammed full heads over here
    you can see a kind of smudged some of the gold paint on my partner with the
    hoping she'll be in and just using an exacto knife crime spree tonight so I
    added another been on top of that first formally laid down in here I'm putting
    one underneath it and that creates the good ban for decoration and now I'm
    going to use the three-piece cruel and I'm starting in the middle and just the
    group is armed and make sure the third perpendicular to one another and are
    also I thought the two of these jewels and other and fertile and during the
    centre of defence space it out on a ball hit but of course you can use a ruler
    the exact
    enemy used the teardrop tools and go in between your bills again one on top and
    one on the bottom perpendicular to one another and I'm also eyeballing me but
    you can count on the band and that might help you if you are in that our cabin
    and you just continue this problem for all four sides exist bottom here in the
    middle and this will help you line up replacement
    and you just repeat the pattern of America
    and that's it i hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you could give it a thumbs
    up and don't forget to check out the other projects from the Hilton Bonnet
    more collaboration you can click on screen now for the full playlist
    each individual video in the Description box below thanks for watching and make
    sure you subscribe so you don't need new videos *** *** How to make gumpaste cigars for cigar box cakes - YouTube !!!
    when you're making cigars for a cig archaic on
    I've seal on a cigar case that have what do not look like cigars on them
    basically what you want to do is make sure that they're is a
    wrapped appearance to it because cigars are wrapped with any
    tobacco leaf so one thing you could do is to go to youtube and look at some
    videos to people who are actually wrapping cigars in itself all
    but you want to look like there's old an edge so you could do that with some
    just like taking at night for something making intercut
    the better way to do it is to actually roll it with gumpaste
    some using this car to show you this is a good way to use up your Extra gum
    doesn't have to be any specific columns me on the inside
    and what you do take a piece a brown gun case like that
    and that's about it same kind of shape that they use it
    they kept the tobacco leaves so that's right shape control
    a water on here to get a little tacky
    you want to be something like that
    mister and then you take the
    singer in
    bit like that you can wrap it so that there's a little bit extra here
    and start doing it diagonally me
    and when i doing this I'm kinda pointless down
    because this is gonna want to get here you want to keep that pressed against
    Center are you don't just be rolled so tight that it looks like there's a
    strike fear in striking mister appears interest space it out a little bit
    said kinda
    poet alone
    me in when you get down to the end sky press the seepage this are
    suspect that little piece of
    and then go back at the time its press that them
    miss that part down and then just gonna look at it and see
    which side looks best so that has a nice kinda even
    distribution at the the rolling on that side
    if I turn it over here there's bike one role here we're all here so it's kinda
    far apart
    but it has a nice hey even distance between
    its but that flyer me
    with the animals bucks
    and when they're all lined up to look like cigars
    and not something else *** *** How to use Silicone Molds in Making a Trinket Box cake Part 2 ( for charm bracelets and necklaces) - YouTube !!!
    okay so here we are or just placed
    the chain of anything good yet but a place to change
    on this side and
    I'm just going to I with a small farm
    walk here body what part of it
    grief over remember
    if you have winds in some parts of your can get parks this will be a great way
    to hide the ones
    make me have a line here and I'm gonna just let go there
    charm drop here so we're hiding the line is we do that and I'm just gonna have
    traded positioning

    with the charm them so
    we have so Mahar loss
    more or from your
    right so we're gonna just
    trying positioned
    good move only
    so I'm gonna have couple them
    home how over here and never gonna
    home so they have fewer than home win over there
    and a plan to have this
    trinket just hangin over here that
    edge love them
    mmm or it could be too big me think about it but I'm gonna get the
    the other chain more and any use it for the necklace
    okay here we have from
    the painting love the bracelet
    and when using here is a Merry color goad
    sheen air brush color I also mixed it with
    some at a beloved gusts so I have gold
    have asked that golden silver gold I don't have a lot so I'm just using
    whatever it is that
    that they have I'm in the mix it with the
    some go up so vodka
    just to hasten the evaporation
    no I'm we consume in here
    so coming from the mall
    we have earlier if you can remember
    we took it out it looked like this
    but it still had um the weight in the middle
    and we want it to look like it has hosted there so
    just thinking my previous tutorial and how to use
    intricate I'm molds and just make the illusion that there's a hole in their
    we're going to do the same thing here and this works perfectly for this kinda
    I'm and as long as you can get away with it and it saves you time
    and do it so get the same color as your background and then
    paint over their parts
    that you would need to highlight
    show like a show you before I'm
    your charms the cleaner they are the better that they will appear
    or when you paint over them because there will be no
    um over hang in there will be no I'm or
    froze on the site now you're just going to paint
    on the chain part and you can leave the middle part
    black in untouched show this way
    you're creating the illusion again that you have
    individual minks but you
    actually have the whole thing is going peace so just make sure that you could
    not just the top but also the sides and that's gonna
    make a huge difference when you're
    from looking at so the whole thing leader or
    create so I'm what I plan to do here is due gold charm bracelet
    and we'll just L turning that with silver for the
    chunky bracelet with a charm and I'm also gonna do another
    called on the other side just two bills have the color for this
    or from
    trinket box
    quick it youth you think that there's a part that's not
    as dart go back in just pain over it when it's dry
    don't go in pain over one a surface over and over because it's just not going to
    this way to do it straight up a bit and then add another layer
    now that's let's go into look at
    this chain which is this for
    narrowest why and for the mold
    you can see that all I'm gonna show you pictures
    I'm a listing on Etsy on but this is really
    really nice to look at because the
    changing part is really good I'm
    the detail was captured perfectly
    in the more
    and again you're just going to paint all in
    or chain part it's gonna take time as you can see
    but I cannot imagine myself making or
    these individual links and not breaking them because I have
    extremely shaky hands
    and painting over there is already a
    alright so when when a pain sometimes I just start with one side and them
    when we're done with that side beef
    flip it and then do this says when he was look at this a little bit
    close or
    because they're gonna see that one we call or just the sides
    okay you it looks like
    the chain is actually more
    his looks he looks like a chore
    so the Morgan kill paint on it the better it looks
    woo I for practice cake is moving
    alright so I'm gonna finish legal part and show you a little bit of the silver
    and they were going to attach this small heart um
    charm over here and they were in a plane on all of them
    and we'll see how that goes okay
    home this is going to be funny because I just discovered
    let cameras too late a rate I'm
    before a a finish up on on this I just wanted you
    to let you guys know that though the charm
    moles there's also been an hour like small
    all circles like this
    where is that like that one I'm but when you put them on
    on the bracelet you don't want that to be seen so you have to make like a
    really small strips
    and make trainee deals like this so that it's going to look like it is part

    now as you %um you finish
    you have to
    kinda twist your project around and see if you have missed
    any part or
    love you reset Inori because usually you're gonna
    you're gonna miss out like one angle and then just gotta go back
    and just we find it
    or make a she around a little
    deeper or
    see on when we turn it then I guess is there some parts here that I've missed
    no worries that's that's the reason why we're
    turning it around and more
    we're seeing from some parts that need
    home some adjustments right and almost done with the goal here
    and and like I said just only
    paint own the middle part
    and leave the middle hurt free
    you clear
    alright I'm gonna finish on I'm doing so
    we touches and then I'm gonna do the gold and silver
    be back with okay so now I'm doing this solar fart
    for a project in here use
    silver air brush color and a lot
    so silver mustard us and him tho
    highlighter dust a super is a lot trickier than gold
    its who morse treaty and I'm
    notice that if weenie
    do a second coat and it's not the right time to do so
    it just becomes a lot more streaky and in them
    the masses just or or so
    but I wasn't just you do is
    wat into your first home court this done
    and then you can come back and do nothing
    for nurse over know says we're using a mole that elevating harles
    reusing this mold and he already has
    %uh the space I'm here
    if they if you want to use from a different color
    make a red or black you could just directly use it
    and you don't have to think about I'm creating illusions ring for like that
    the center is
    already ready for you
    show when you paint on this just make sure that you get
    all the insides in the sides because that's what's going to make it pop
    I'm it's crucial here because I started with all white
    in its against the white background in to make it poppin
    gag make sure they get although the sides in the
    the inside too overview link again when I use the roads here we just use it for
    may be omitted
    or two and we were able to create know a link
    for several weeks you know with we just on
    karos a more
    and its very difficult for me personally to hand cut all these in
    shape them and come up with you know even
    spaces for it right now it looks it still looks
    I'm so I'm gonna go back later and we do that but
    I'm going to do some finishing touches on this
    7 gonna make the middle Canova pinkish tolan
    and I'm I'm also going to attach
    the heart charm on this song and make it the same
    I'm color kinda pinkish I almost done
    okay guys so we are done with our little
    trinket box project cake and
    just before you go I wanted to just
    I had just a little tip for this streak in a sometimes that we have if we
    way Casey that if you want
    be less streaky silver and you have time to wait
    what I was it just is add a couple drops a vide good to your makes
    for airbrushing and dust makes and instead of brushing it online
    babbitt on so you're going to see that the silver part is going
    to poor on top love
    are surfacing and the vodka
    or for the alcohol content
    0 you know ovoid good June word the extracts
    are going to evaporate nB This over there so it's much
    better specially for the final once
    a or your final painting
    could just dab it on and leave it but you gotta wait for it to really dry
    I'm with that that makes it a lot neater
    gives it a smooth air finish quite so who because they weren't
    have a very long tutorial and apologize for that I have not figured out how to
    do the
    fast forward thingy what I'm doing it so I do want to bore you with an hour
    paintings Oaks anyway hope you guys enjoyed it I hope those who have
    molds for me before finding new ways to use them
    and for those who want to purchase these I'm selling them
    s sets like a set for the chains so you don't have to buy the whole thing
    a just me if you just need to change you can get them
    I'm the charms you can get them to I my story is WWW dot
    ETS why did at sea that calms last
    shop slash we've got cake so thank you again guys
    and thank you for all your support for my store and
    the Facebook page policy soon but *** *** How to Make Fondant Pearls or Beads for Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hello showing where
    cake com professional cake decorating inspectors
    an working cake are also known for life
    K we do for celebrity he'll go on our website too
    wanna show you how to use that power or bball and
    before use it just a little bit shortening
    my fingers and getting a little be
    sections the next thing that I went to you
    is rollout make sure campaigns cap on their
    and back in very a little bit depending on what size of their
    girls are bi that you're trying to make in this case
    the largest promo makes
    6 millimeter eight-millimeter and ten millimeter make ten millimeter
    I right now that so happen fine
    I go higher on the campaign as you get
    smaller sizes you come now
    just directly with my hand rolled out
    the mixture into a little awk but
    yet rated in a very intimate there then think their
    his to finance ministers and go back and forth
    and the def kankakee is
    happened with the section
    for also I'm going to be making I'm also
    here is okay but if I get to
    much here it's more work getting ready access
    that would be about right bring back in now
    yes mall get a little martian
    my fingertips and just Press down into the mall
    here access
    might take Mike on its leader a little bit shortening
    on the air and I'm just going to use
    top up
    her roles tell and
    and I pull away access for its and now
    happen when it happens to be maybe
    law course quite thick enough you can put some this and the access
    some other excess area here
    yes the now peeling away
    so that all you want to end up seeing any and then
    I'm going what what my finest leather at about a
    degree angle
    polling towards me I can
    screen the access help
    on the side a link from it's getting an ice
    main hedge I'll just across a
    turn it around the same thing from the other side
    all I wanna see that
    all because if I see any rough edges
    its going to show on
    and the way that I would take place at the mall if you happen to get a
    Lawson or something that's and wanna Center
    mines that's okay because you can get these heart and put him
    attachment sections so don't worry
    it doesn't the whole he she'd them way to get this
    out back natty better
    I with me over sorta
    hi her mister
    area probably pressures with them girl
    and really look attractive K
    and the perler bead mall
    are on our website case if I of stock we also carry the font
    /url many everything you need decorate cakes *** *** HOW TO BAKE A WEDDING CAKE - YouTube !!!
    are integrated and showing how to make you don't take this little feeling and
    three tier cake and the Pens I still be
    inches and we need to make
    this recipe like place because our mister Paul is not that big enough
    unless you have supervised commercial seismic jurors likely don't get ready
    for a long day you could always just do one set of cake and another day just do
    that said it's getting too overwhelming for you can find a little while taking
    this twice
    sure you have all the correct pants size I'm using
    and I need to prep
    my pants on tracing out some portion here in cutting them out to line my
    meant to each size it's really important that the butter is soft soil incorporate
    well enjoy better I placed it over my oven wells preheating the whole bit
    softer faster
    measure out all the ingredients flour sugar and salt and added into our
    largest mixing involve that we attach it with a paddle attachment we want to make
    this right Bremen and all those
    showing here and that I'm taking out my phone and time because I feel like if I
    don't do that yet going to actually plug timer
    take out your foolish me time to three minutes every time I tell you to do a
    certain time for something you have to do it also it's just not going to turn
    out right now she heard people who didn't follow the time at all and your
    case came out totally either we did involved in directions lately it's
    really not that you start for the modern times I tell you pick out your iPhone go
    to the park setting and gold two-time red and gold to the minute dinner
    softened butter and mix it on low speed
    two minutes take your phone in time two minutes with me
    Easter two straight coupling between get all the butter and every day
    and then you can increase speed and start mixing it for three minutes
    you can just speed to call and just gradually pour in the milk until it
    national take about like two minutes time in two minutes
    internal the speed and Mexico on high for
    another large bowl combine together the butter milk and eggs and then we list
    this together and in Florida stages will gradually added this mixture into a bowl
    so you just speed to low income splashing out and we just gradually
    added big event like ordinary times for giving it a break and each time so I
    added the first edition and UA
    and a second edition and UA
    lay in your way and once you make sure in there you should turn it back on high
    and mix it for a full one minute and tried to the best to evenly divided the
    better between three different case
    today is take us back in July and smooth the top of the Qing Dynasty preheat oven
    degrees Fahrenheit
    different for each cake out start checking around like
    done trying not to open the oven door too often also it's kinda like green
    area in the end you can do it all over again because we need to take five
    because we don't have a pansy we don't have a giant mechs do we need to do it
    over again around line five or ten minutes after I did the cake from China
    to start making the cake from the pan and taking on my specialist and I you
    can't run it on to decide very gently
    and frantic without the springform saying it's a little tricky but not
    really just place a large plane and just like flipped over the case should pop
    out of course remember to like run especially around the side and her
    dedicated to shift the bottom part of the springform pan still attached to you
    just using my special I just find the part where is like between the parchment
    paper and the pan and just sites could get around the ban bachelor in the
    bottom and just want to double to around travelers each cake before we go into
    the freezer
    and gradually add in the powdered sugar
    sugary each time I remember distribute the ball after each addition
    endeavouring powdered sugar and vanilla
    and in the water and stirred it feat Mr
    minutes until light and fluffy
    courageous until it's ready to be used if you like to see high fastest King
    using this frosting click on my annotation arm to check out the league's
    top alone description box here watching my video please like comment subscribe
    and I *** *** HOW TO MAKE A SUGAR LACE FOR WEDDING CAKES - YouTube !!!
    absolutely not really really excited sharing yes say it's an awful lot of my
    friends last year I didn't get around to doing it but me on these elegant
    beautiful places liners actually here in rules is on them
    you can't buy a bigger ones that companies like three four strips all you
    know how to make easy on it high and this only takes a few minutes to bake

    minutes or so and you can use the life very easily he just doesn't frosting
    onto delays and place it on to decay or get placed on countries quickie so many
    things and it's so beautiful that is actually coming in next but I'll be
    showing you how to make it crash of 1929 use food coloring normally would use
    light skin color changes prior not the color I guess to be a little more and
    you can't get into any other colors like pink blue green whatever you like
    and then we had the titles into the ball and we started until it starts becoming
    clearer look at the little separated but it's okay mister Paul was a little bit
    too big thing but when you missed it by hand and turned against a little
    laborious but only unique syllable of ensure you're mixing it wasn't for again
    using this Thur medium-size bowl watch them Egyptians clear added the parish
    records and then first sergeants and in a very proud of it and start
    and in the corner and stirred and he had many colors like I said earlier like
    white or black people would not right now and you color can be kept in the
    refrigerator up to a week just adding like that makes onto are still call Matt
    just like working here and we gonna spread around do a clean sweep in and
    going back and forth to get off any excess and then we place this onto a
    half sheet pan and
    degrees Fahrenheit or
    minutes but I could
    find for about
    minutes a time certain depends on titties and a lot of factors
    and study just check and it's like peeling off easily and it's not killing
    off easily its most likely need to be returned to the shipping kind of firm to
    touch you can at August 2nd later if you want to I felt like a bit unnecessary
    actually did the second layer and couldn't even tell the difference
    video piece like comment subscribe call me almost assured me to say stop alone
    have been so many questions just comment lol
    and I *** *** Cake Poppin on Periscope: All About Chocolate and Fondant Molds Part 1 - YouTube !!!
    so I'm I'm gonna go through I'll
    I'm all kinds and top tonight
    and including the plastic one kinda like that
    and then
    and actually do a plastic
    I think I'm gonna do you the rain
    there array1 out thank you so much access
    me I V I'm you actually do wanna be's
    tonight meet you
    tilting my head to toe she thinks she keeps tilting her head and i am til
    signing go through the tonight and make one
    hopefully because well I'm
    I wish I could teach classes I would love to teach classes
    and I would be great so if anyone's interested in he teaching
    I would love to do that but actually working really well
    being able to talk to you I this way and it's working out pretty good I think
    now I am so I'm gonna do you any
    tonight and and we'll talk about these kind mall
    like the look on being long
    knock on all and then all whole
    he's prime and
    the yellow kind here like a
    mermaid tails pretty a pretty tough one for people to figure out got a few
    questions about how
    how I did the mermaid tails funny do this
    on camera and cross my fingers that it goes well
    I'll I I wouldn't say
    I'm in it than a master I do you like to share
    tips that I now on I can you stop it and find a
    yet so that's a great question can I use chopped and find it any
    I'm gonna go through ball any chocolate in them and find
    them and I'm actually spun and most because I
    d like to use fondant and most my mall
    sometimes chocolate does work better I I'll show you
    which one they like to use japanese which one like to use one and the
    plastic one
    might be I always use chop
    and am course like these that we you or your
    and like here it's one
    the one repairmen really see this one
    repairman toria I is chocolate in this
    you a course you know I do funny
    Korea's its growth an here
    jam one I had to jump once they have this one
    silicon one crack seeing

    cavities which is nice
    but the shape it can it meant to me it
    it's okay we're doing like huge orders I like to do that this
    I'm that their require pressure
    one with plastic Jim
    now this the me Oreos many Oreos
    their I got on should
    can't remember where I got this one I camera got this one
    but I would recommend getting this one which
    I believe our lowly cake by Allah
    have 1 and this one better I like this one better
    the sheik better it cuter it's more like a diamond D
    got more fact that
    and see where things he can see
    it's pretty faceted where this one
    I can is like taller
    now it's just like I don't like it as much
    so this one I think my case by Ella had
    this plastic Jamal like
    that for many
    Oreos I basically only work with me nowadays
    sometimes a dude been
    cell to the store and got and
    an and she like brashears and how I keep everything
    where I keep all my mall and how to get it now
    which is important just tuned
    peace can you say that again
    sorry I'm up
    back I'm sorry and think I can never get asked the camera app
    well down
    and you haven't tried now i'm a dreamer gonna work on
    I'm funded and capital me
    K that's a good pretty good shot
    for me when I can still see the comment cell
    made my its okay
    you heard from him he just left you
    had I am gonna show the mall
    yes shine them all help
    better me BK
    thank her all I I what can tripod I
    doing I'm using and just the standard camera tripod and
    attached to you like like
    phone attachment China become there's they sell
    own attachments for
    tripod amazingly thank you male
    I'm and
    okay so here we have am I did
    I'm pre pre-show pretty fashion
    and these two right here finance
    this is chocolate okay so here's the small
    here and here malls
    right here and then here's police
    right here and I did these about it
    our girl I wanted to stick the bow on a cake pop
    and they're pretty floppy when first taken out so you can feel now
    panhandling and just saying how I wanna
    I wanna put the lane yes months in the background my stance
    favorite went from plane in the mail all that Disney in that house Selanne
    anybody can see he ran away
    also step for Oreos
    that's great for cake pops and I do wanna
    k-pop am it's not gonna be so great
    so I'm make more live on here
    and and we'll go through that
    at least to a lot of people you sugar male
    and I don't its haven't worked with that
    I'm sure lovely at
    it took a lot for me to just go with fine then and
    I really don't want to I'm sure eventually I will get into sugar Vale
    now's not the time I just kinda
    perfected my name I find work
    in the morn so I just had my stick to that I don't really do a lot alike bake
    cakes I don't really need it
    a lot a sugar mill like a huge amount of sugar male
    and self on it right now is doing it for me and he's
    mall that are perfect for cake pop cell
    I don't know if you can even make sugar mill and are these
    mall easy to work with I'm Sheffield right now
    cell hopefully you can the how easy they are
    I didn't watch the burlap one I did watch the burlap tonight
    are today today and I was awesome
    she's great shootdown beautiful that far
    she'd I'm
    and he had that I'll while you're watching
    you can ass wipe right I'm
    are talking about the find it I'm in a little bit
    if you can also quite right and share this thought would be amazing
    and then other people can watch this tutorial of how
    now now that we've got that covered an
    tonight and then work with find
    and chocolate sin estar out I with chocolate because I don't want to get
    called while I'm talking
    here an them to start at nine seconds in the fridge in a moment once you
    working with the fun at the white kids we're just let me know and I'll
    suggests that while working cell
    time click Start putting chocolate
    I don't play anything in the mall
    before I start up
    how and the morning me
    okay so these are and went over this in a session
    for these are CK piping but also two-out hiking bottle
    and chocolate that I uses gitar and eye color all a bit with Chef Masters
    candy color oil-based candy color and
    and these files are great because you can microwave them
    your hot water and then they come with CAP you can change up the steps this is
    the number two plastic tent
    you can definitely use metal tips as well just don't put them in the
    no Michael now
    I am so if you're using a metal tip just take
    tipoff so it's just like a piping bag
    and that it just comes off
    here like that and
    I'm see just fill it with whatever color chocolate you're using and when you're
    become Cassie can take this OPP you can buy these on Amazon I have a local
    bakery store that sells these
    that they are sold at Amazon I am
    there's another online store that sells them for
    we cheaper than Amazon I'll have to
    finally tonight posted in my next session or maybe I don't know
    showing happens she that I'm your call
    CK to al piping
    Michael E
    thank you on its worst I'll everyone K
    now this is the fun at Bell back you why I'm
    where an because I'm gonna paint this column an engine one chocolate
    my child very
    call I may have to make
    when it came to light when all
    and usually friend using
    I'm doing that all golden I want to use my name because it gets hard
    and hands
    ideas highlighter to pizza went all grown
    and with fund and are less likely to needed
    and I did tell people not to eat the gold
    if they're asking so here so I filled with chocolate and then if you're
    if you're growing amount which i think is ten top
    down to get comfortable now up
    so don't have flaws in it and I think mine in the fridge a return of the
    I know they still you I know that I like to tell in many ways
    and using the Find and deter them from that whereas
    in his chocolate leaders put it right in their mouth don't care
    usually people don't care anyways but but to
    I'm paying something all the way gold I usually like he's find it so I'm gonna
    to show you guys the different than how it's gonna come out
    porn actresses chocolate on a stick this in them
    and the fridge really pick right back home
    top got called while I was an
    my interest chatting
    never be steering mom here
    kinda hard because it clear so what the rain Mon
    Usenet fill the hole cavity
    my case that it got
    got hard sell
    your chocolate
    hard you were
    this or
    in Nerium where's
    St where and then
    just kinda clean out the tip with a skewer
    yes happens to all methane gas right
    so many

    not looking at the screen so I missing your questions
    three Afghan I thought that might happen
    are Messina
    I'm up there and take this one
    like to see that you guys think when you take out a break great
    should among
    unique ridge
    like a top you use in talking a lot of people
    thrown in the freezer I don't like to do not be
    hand when you get them out and make some way to call them bring all
    and they just break immediately if you try to take him out right away
    pagers immediately break at three-point land so if you
    put them in the fridge the soft enough to wear
    I'm they won't break hopefully they won't break when I get him out of it
    right now because it is pretty high
    here to you that will take him out on doin work out together
    okay now now we're gonna work with the final act
    chilling in the fridge me have any questions about their
    do you feel weird talking to yourself and not hearing us talk
    girl yes
    I've got a lot of conversations lately about pair
    and what's funny about when it
    the media's sayin to your phone thank you so much
    when the menu theme tear on it they don't show the comment
    so when I watch it videos back
    there's no comments so I actually just me talking to myself and answering
    no question like no text or anything
    cell how long do i microwave chocolate and a bottle
    I'm I would start in about
    second intervals because
    and laid them down Mike there take the top stop
    and laid them down on
    on the way named Han and laughing at me
    her yeah I thought I'm watching the media is back
    and which is not often because I do what I can time myself
    it's just me talking no comment no heart
    and that yes I that's right
    mean you're talking about like I read questions darlene thing that's wanted
    you read the question out loud
    self I do you re posted like YouTube or something
    and it doesn't look like I'm just
    saying random things cell I did Wendy and I think this is not healthy
    yep it's so fun to talk to each other
    I fear video and it's still a
    me cakes I'm my hand your video still up
    many cakes
    now well I'm
    he won here in town I think today I get home love hearing myself talk now live
    okay so if your microwave in your bottle
    and just put him sideways take this top of
    and prince I recently he state because if you leave the top on
    sec you get the bottle I'm
    funny thing you think that may come from Amazon
    I am media magnate y
    on where like didn't find the place
    their call
    CK to al I P
    models my see the real
    I'm googling on her skull okay
    Global Sugar Art happen for

    are dot com

    I'll country yes Country Kitchen USA
    yes that the cheapest that is the cheapest
    thank you me see if I can find
    cookie-cutter not on
    that source I couldn't tell you price said
    can you can you find the price whoever posted that
    country country whatever dot com
    and women are classed R yes they're awesome thanks bill in art glass jar
    himself from your last go the bottle better than using
    I okay so know the person before you just said about the women are
    I'm glass jars that's what I used to now
    chocolate is the women art glass jars which I course I don't have money
    program work I'm week
    not my chocolate
    yes women are glass jars
    your fourteen-hour I think
    become I posted
    and the best place to get em on Instagram
    and the pricing and everything
    at the cheapest price for the final I think somebody
    that the country something USA
    country countries something US a cell
    okay so let me go back to this I'm out of my Japanese Luminarc
    glasses come with live there airtight their
    dishwasher and microwave pain so I'm out there in this
    and I for it here
    and then when I'm that in you
    you guys mess any information you can replay
    videos back for
    hours miss anything
    Country Kitchen USA thank you dot com
    is where you can get be's
    I made a post on Instagram about it and their
    yes there are me that bath and beyond
    and the place that I posted
    place in the mall work a.m. pretty good
    nice and hard animal models is
    your and he went missing anything you can always go back
    and look at the replay cell the mall
    half-hearted a chocolate malt yes
    cotton-like Rico
    so they're hard time to snap all the fine the way
    on the and I didn't put anything and I'm
    know like oil or corn starch or anything
    and then on one I am
    that the child so here idea for firm
    and find it to shop idea your now
    that matter so there's chocolate
    there's funding you can see what the finance you're standing at chucky cheese
    and watching
    that me Noah here time and lots of detail
    I'm campaign this one on and then this one is the chocolate
    you can't see very well and the chocolate with kinda
    blurry chocolate was kinda
    cold so it didn't catch all the detail it not so with this malls
    I like to use fun Mike all these kinds more
    I like to use money just doesn't catch the detailed
    the chocolates catch it cell
    were still can work with that now I probably still well
    use this for customer I would reduce that bind I just want to say I
    different can everyone see the difference
    it easier for me to work with find that with these malls what's the difference
    between chocolate and find a
    any easier for me to use
    finding with olive these morons and
    hopefully that's what I'm gonna show you through
    this video is why it takes less time exactly
    take last time you don't have to keep you guys can see I went back and forth
    to the fridge for one of these
    and chocolate break it's hard to get out it just kinda pain
    with more with I'm fund and I can do

    these and ten-minute
    so easy Selanne
    Chinese okay so here's find a
    here's the chocolate and then catching a bow and finding yeah
    yes and do all that and do all that lies
    up my son is having
    a hard time me %um phone and money
    I mean just get this one out hope that go
    well rain cross our fingers on this one
    because I do on these shopping
    sometime crapshoot
    some come out okay from
    down so it just came out afraid some
    ideal and a mic set for a little bit because when they come right
    other freighter freezer I I'd like to use while tens find
    an now
    and its Malton yes thank you
    flattened find I keep
    and and that more it works really well
    and and I I'll show you guys back
    movie starred
    healthy just changed it it's finding
    recipe I guess and everyone was in a huge uproar about
    oh you're from Panama me so many
    she that my the two I really like that name
    and he said they're stuck with that nice and somebody else
    asking do I add Tilos I don't I don't think that makes it more like campaign
    I think right and and differ I don't have to do that
    I haven't found that that
    I have a problem with just three
    on it bat F that works better
    for people Tilos powder make that sell it
    like stronger and not sticky
    cell some people like to at
    cell your findings not sell kinda let much
    like the when you first get the point now it's just kinda like
    sticks to your real sticky in
    just text your finger Tyler
    I will and shy Michelle she asked me if I can show how I cover the rain
    I may do the rain from start to finish Senate fine and just kinda real sticky
    when it comes out
    but I adding Tyler higher will make it not like that you make it a little bit
    so it's not sticky will be
    you know more scare kinda way
    campy anyone's ever worked with them I don't I issue the street find
    I liked it King I
    from at five but I don't need to deal
    so I'm fine is really on
    on working with right now cell on it chocolate I think so I'm gonna
    that's been sitting for a while so it's kinda warmed up a bit
    I hope they all come out in one piece thought you get out
    don't put it in the freezer an
    I put them in the fridge so that they don't get super
    freezing and fragile that's one
    one track and then when you tap it now don't hear me
    million right not at night
    way just kinda like
    now area barely tapped
    everything a
    there as if you find
    you can kinda now and away using a brash
    and he's making right now are not for anyone I don't suggest using your
    or anything there her a customer
    please don't do that these are not for a person
    now I'm going to use my finger
    just not this party way K
    there's the rain you i mean it's measuring right now
    I'll and K
    cell and the lighting still okay can pretty dark
    my hand cell with their
    hi I'm using highlighter right now Albert mister highlighter
    there's a million different kinds of highlighter and
    November edible said only melee
    however they are non-toxic just like Tesco
    past just like all efforts as non-toxic on it
    an I'm not gonna go into that argument
    is the personal decision I use more
    am but I do tell my customers want
    made you ask for it mike l hard everyone
    me I an back
    you know with all the pictures and stuff going around although like sparkly in
    gold everywhere
    it's really hard to think he no as to me thanks i won
    this I want this look this is what I am why
    and sell you say
    okay I can give you that left but this is what you're happy
    and if they say I'm cool with that then
    more power to you that's what I think at
    so and but like I said with like a
    with ed add-ons or whatever I like to use money with this
    you just can't use fine
    has to be chocolate cell right now
    any semi-fat we never discussed politics religion or high later
    best back here we go
    let's just say decorative purposes
    only as mentioned on the bottle here L
    it says metallic powder used to decorate
    showpieces chocolate decoration I'll
    that we're doing and other decorative
    he stream work also fit pastries
    it okay this Constantine is the pastry ap

    their disco death police on in through brown
    who in I yeah I'm
    me you okay were you move home for everybody get
    all and it is good ass highlighter to being
    okay so I mean it started right testing
    ally now they are less I just separate entity
    okay so the brash I'm using right now
    is an have a basic
    fluffy brush actually opening over my brushes
    likely before starting cell my freshman yr
    have a million russians now the different things
    kinda crazy
    okay we can't discuss minded
    brass from Michael best
    nasa brash and this is
    and number

    from Michaels the
    I can she I don't know
    fiddles at all show the number
    I I am very organized she saying I'm so organized and I
    ideal you should see my pantry
    my sprinkles are organized by color
    in the Roy GBM rainbow am
    rainbow things cell how do I clean them
    I use Don dish soap
    to clean all my russians afterwards
    cell the disc yes and in a tutorial on the desk and Astor AP
    its on Instagram and that went over well
    economy I now anyways moving on
    when a highlight this thing
    and now with this year a highlighter the whole
    she main if you're doing it gold and I do a dry
    because if you do not wet and the like them or not
    finished you don't really have to worry about than
    that top part so much because we're gonna cover that with Micah
    this is very sloppy I'm not an expert
    highlighter I don't really care about getting everywhere now
    there are
    expert highlighter people out there 1 I'm that like a mic Steve Lawler
    you know make collected collected
    yeah I'm happens
    so anyways he is kinda want to get these little edges
    with much here so if you do a wet
    am I've noticed that with at least with the other Eastern
    have like a little bit more map looking hit
    shiny SHANY
    where chigney
    people like two small Chinese like Shania lot on Instagram
    which in highlighter destinies change headaches
    it doesn't give me a headache that does make me think he's really weird
    I don't like cover line staff in highlighter sell me that my
    she'll I haven't done any like four highlighter cake pops yet
    I've done for high oldest use ever cleared
    I have used and clear
    been no I'm I'm how many alcohol in the house
    cell I'm aware now I only drink beer
    I'm a cheap date you now where
    I never have any I need to go by ever clear and I thought who defeated four
    anybody ever I am more members who did the tutorial on their
    gold s Cara Cara care at an
    from Karen's kit or cakes are ones that length L they may remember
    did the tutorial on the highlighter and S the difference it was great
    now I'm a difference between
    our teeth and yes a difference between all the highlighter
    that yes it was ours then K
    company right and
    yes there you go she did
    a great tutorial on the difference between
    all the highlighter ass okay so you can see this month done
    okay so now I am going to you
    and she didn't and tutorial on the difference between all the highlighter
    that and how different
    let with different liquid and it was great
    it was really eye-opening and
    Albert mister she said she left it the best in South like that
    she said and she's the bomb an
    okay so now and their hope we get from this chocolate
    to come now it's probably poll
    now came me
    I'm get another rush out here my brash
    my breasts thing
    doing sees I'm mom I'm at
    K summit take a little bit icicle it up
    chocolate and here's my white
    sanding sugar and you I don't know you can see on the edge but there's a little
    up gold disco death is just for my engagement ring
    k-pop there's a little bit of gold this cast in there
    sticking it like that extra sparkle cell
    that's why with gold sparkle
    condom on at
    see for anyone looking for Great Mall super cheap she found my at
    be for cheap wet the axially
    ok okay fell
    my be to call can I'm
    only gonna go but the chalk on the place where I want the sugar
    and try not to like touch
    you're my something no mommy
    you can also use I am
    my character or something like that just like to use
    chocolate just because it's here say you're basically only gonna put it on
    and places that you want the sugar to be on
    and Manny might be
    to who also manage my fingers up
    but not great but to the chocolate was little too cool
    when I make him for customers there
    here min if I pick it up
    it's an email to my fingers is just really hard here everyone
    so for the sugar to stay keeping his character up
    or you can I just use chocolate you just put the chocolate
    on the places where you want it to you
    where you want the sugar to stack and then if you have for Michael
    extra sugar in places that you don't wanna
    even just clean it up with Michael ash sell it
    now perfect there so there you know there's
    raining I cover both sides with high later
    now because you're gonna you gonna take am their reading
    use this is what people usually deal and you can just stick it on my
    dislike the cake pop I don't cover the back
    not gonna be on where right touched it
    I do you usually wear glad yes and I were chocolate class
    they're just called chocolate cat labs and their white
    and their kind of like
    and I don't wanna go get up to get them
    but not a lot of times but they're just black kinda white fabric eagle eye
    and there'd called
    white chocolate yes con very down and they're like
    so cheap to back something Sony actually I just before we put those brushes away
    wonder she the issue Alan I think I just got these men
    expressions for highly you
    and I KK pack and I have and then hip-hop
    good I have a lot to brushes lots of different branches
    okay want to delays when you add
    bozell a Spurs bells
    cakes or some for a dollar
    yes they're cheap
    Spurs I'm one thing okay you
    %um i feel like im really I
    economic analyst at way
    extremely dark where I am
    so you guys home getting too dark
    I'm well do you know can I do have basic cake pop tutorial
    yes I will
    do basic cake pop tutorial I didn't kinda bland
    my K was kinda captive for help
    after ok you're welcome for the rain
    tutorial and there is another question there that I messed
    I'm sorry flinched
    nothing member
    I got a good tip from watching someone else's copy and paste
    that we may find yes like funding
    of him how much they charge for k-pop oh that's a tough one
    a lot I charge main base price
    an Park eight passes twenty-five dollars
    heard as an and not spark less this is what you're getting
    for twenty-five dollars in if you want something like
    what I am eight tonight I don't know if you guys wanna know
    charge a so I can find it
    leave that anti like to keep up with me fine and then a flower
    and then with the goal that in any like fifty dollars
    am and people pay it you charge it
    and have the skill to you Paul of what they're asking you to deal
    and you can charge it
    sell for but for the mermaid one
    I'm amor mean one thing I just and it took like four malls and I have placed
    be time each cake pop and
    it was quite a bit more was like

    dollars that and she got
    Ford ok
    nobody would like a lot of work and play you know a week's worth home
    crap cell you know not but not everybody
    can charge that I just one point that out
    your your brand new only don't look at yourself and say oh I'm under charging
    and that not like a day you know I've been doing this for five years so you
    have to look at something and say
    if somebody wants you know like and something that looks like mickey mouse
    or whatever
    and you have to make it look like that
    if your gonna charge that prices so I basically know if somebody comes to me
    and asking me
    you know can you make a mermaid cake pop that fights so over the top that people
    are just like no other they're mine
    yes I can how much it cost and they're not
    disappointed does that make sense
    everyone I hope it does and I'm not
    I'm really not trying to be I'm the last person to be like oh and the best and
    know you've never heard that me bat
    I can guarantee that my customer
    it's gonna be happy because I put
    every men and heart and soul into
    my work to make it absolutely perfect every time
    cell hopefully that helps you guys *** ***