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( ) - how_to_make_a_fondant Mastic on the marmalade (instead of Marcelo) how to make

Mastic on the marmalade (instead of Marcelo) how to make

    ( ) - how_to_make_a_fondant

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    Disney Princess Easy Bake Oven - I Make A Cake With My Wand & Fairies Set! - YouTube !!!
    you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product range
    hey it's Laura keep any shopping centre bring you a new
    Easy Bake Oven you probably thought other done with those but we're not
    remember I'm still missing that
    I have not found it yet
    if you want to hear me go through this whole talk right now they're looking at
    you will see a link to different time stamp single-rate to the baking or
    whatever you want to see
    but for those either wanna hear that stick with me here
    because this other itself we've done before but not the Disney Princess
    there's two or three a branded options that we have to show you
    but we can put him in the original series because I we're kinda waiting for
    some special stuff too and with them
    and we finally got it for this oven so that's what I'm gonna do let me turn the
    box around
    a nap to tell you what it is it's a surprise let's see
    it's all right here this one does it does have the warming trend a top but if
    you look at the picture here the Saban
    doesn't have any Disney Princess silence I'm not sure
    exactly where what
    the other will have on it that says Disney Princess now the other
    side in the oven they'll show it to you again
    here without any branding any stored on their see notice the princess and the
    so I'm not really sure but look at all the cool things like all these debates
    you can bake in the oven
    but I got a very special set which I'll show you after we take a look at the
    public so let's do that next
    alright I am back but is not the friendly up and you'll see it's really
    cool the way they did it
    I'm gonna show you the bacteria why not this is what I have to go through
    pretty much every other I get the first thing I do is I take the back off even
    if there is a light bulb in there
    I need to see what it is and make sure I have the right ball
    and then sometimes you find things in the heavens iPhone
    change in will utensils and
    piece is a bold baked products
    so it's all part of getting the oven ready think this video was gonna be
    a lot more than you bargained for today good I still have to clean this up and I
    want to be there for you to go see what I did there
    rights are now the back in the oven
    is open there's not much to the inside have an easy bake oven really
    this is held in by two screws in an
    couple screws for this piece let its appears work
    this looks like the right now there is a hundred up all been there so more than
    when a test for you right now ok be prepared
    gonna be bright not sure if you'll see it
    who has she will cooperate
    yes its gonna give off heat so it's a good ball
    now normally they don't have the right ball been there so I would
    switch it out I found these the other day their actual
    up involves for your Hansbrough Easy Bake Oven
    at sea was there your honor know here that I see let's take a look at one
    so looks very much
    like the ball that's in there now that this one's
    more of a white soft white normally you don't use a soft light ball
    if not a hundred what's left coming up
    all clear what are these new Bold
    tale explore that
    test it okay very nice
    so now you know the ball was good the inside the other looks clean
    so we're good there there's no extra debris really think we need to worry
    so put this back her now a little too
    when I come back also the front
    was gonna take up all the screws you know I'll be right back
    all right to the next step after a the ball one another like this is I always
    wipe it down
    and clean it there's little black scuff marks on it in this one has some
    stop on itself so tend to use this
    Greenworks at all just sprayed on that whole
    that give the whole thing being nice clean
    and this happens with every single oven usually inside and out if it needs and
    on the inside
    any parts need to be clean
    so let's see if that black
    if you can see that black scuff mark okay so that does not want to cum all
    killed kato's
    in the plastic just a little where some white stuff here
    so don't normally I would not spray right onto the D kill
    because that'll affect of greater Egg and then just give that the white down
    and I'll do the whole
    with says I'm a little princess on this side
    same on this side good
    alright so we're almost set
    now all the pieces for every other than we've ever done
    we put aid bad ever ready
    I could have taken up these are very clean
    but I will think that again before I start the video
    for this is what normally would come with other so what I would do as I would
    just set it up for your
    up and then but
    up and also the instruction book which I've gotta get
    alright so I've got a
    and then this is Ken like I would start to video
    sometimes a lay the stuff out like their
    in right there is when I come back
    after it's all been clean balls been checked
    and I start like this alright so we are back
    everything in the oven has been cleaned and prepped and ready
    to show you in the video so this is what it looks like
    in this is how I would continue through the process of the video
    so that's right here right now so this is all the stuff that came with this
    Ivan the to faking paint we don't need right now
    and are two utensils in Europe and pushers and all these peer pressures
    have it a row
    for the distance and where it's both stop
    to get into the upper part called
    the instruction booklet but let's take a closer look at the up in
    but this one hears the warming tray on top but to
    warming dishes up and as I pointed out earlier
    see I'm a little princess here and the
    I'm a little princess here and an look at the front
    so you have your Disney Princesses on the front which is pretty nice compared
    to what you saw the front of the box
    um it's nice to let me
    plug it in and it's a
    currency working great so now what I need to do next is shown with the mix
    pretty excited about their cause the time's right into this
    Disney Princess up and so what next alright well there it is
    this is what I was so excited about I only get this set
    that matches perfectly with our Disney Princess often it is the decorating
    winds at and it comes with this special wind watch
    that lights up to make sounds and then the two fairies
    and their dresses are bill with sprinkles just like the one
    there's the spatula in a special cake pain that makes a star-shaped
    so that's what I'm gonna actually make today a star shaped cake
    and then here's some more information and everything that comes in the box
    but I did you know I was actually just take this set out let's take a look at
    and we'll get started okay so here's everything that comes in the one set to
    get the SPECIAL a look at this guide stars on the handle
    nicely designed their you get the pic in which is
    a star-shaped in a in this
    the mixes in the spring also will need all that in a minute let's take a look
    at the two
    ferries that you get another bottoms have a little dial on them where you can
    that you actually gonna turn to sprinkle or fill senior
    and you can also take the backs of K
    in a take out a little cardboard insert I'm gonna keep that
    I can have to wash everything and get ready I haven't done that yet
    let's take this one out
    K in the wind is also we needed it comes in
    to section so those can be washed
    happened in this one slides of the back
    K so this is what the one looks like from the front in the back comes up
    because this is your storage for your sprinkles you turn this
    and you can get into this here wash that out put your sprinkles in there
    and you are good to go there's also a dial here K
    that you control to adjust how the sprinkles come out or fill
    slides right back in pretty cool said
    and goes perfectly with our up so now when I come back we're gonna start
    making the cake
    alright I think this will be a special video it's because this is a step in the
    process that's you
    never actually see the lucky winners the little
    everything yes every time I make a video all the first
    cool the process of some other person we
    that I showed you earlier I don't believe so I'm not gonna wash them like
    the pins and stuff but he disappears and I always like to use the sole size is
    this point because even
    easy-bake his they will scratch and I just took part by part
    we know super hot water
    but they're not really tactically tui because they've been stored at least
    plastic cases but you know
    clinton also be there never heard that really is
    so now you see that for the first time
    it's time now they actually
    start making the pics the let's do that next alright everything is washed and
    ready and step one of course is to get the pain ready
    when I do they just take a little long putter I don't like using the spring is
    all the time
    I just like use real butter I'm actually getting all the little crevices there's
    and the side Crk to stick to the sides either
    actually here okay so that's it
    and their picture cake mix came here
    all process crush it up your column South
    yellow cake mix now looking at the picture in the recipe booklet nearly
    Scholl one layer cake
    not a two-layer cake like a a box rates old
    let's break this up
    it says and wanna hear teaspoons of water to
    and stir to perform better okay for better yeah
    form batter coincidence project
    left him a big lumps in their ok
    okay let's see Warren teaspoon
    really happen teaspoon
    we go
    it's pretty easy her I'm using the special the gate with the
    such as to the lake in ill michael's
    to use winstrol other away
    but I figure why not use the on I only say that because some people say that's
    not for mixing
    little news today right for them okay for them spreading okay
    pan spreading evenly put in the parliament
    it's as big for
    minutes ago on a good person appear no
    some little ones in there but you know can avoid it now where we go
    and it's great this out here to here up
    we've got a pretty good
    ok alway before I put in the other
    better give its metal why
    the make a beautiful cake makeup you look
    break school they come back we'll put it in the oven
    a public capetown we'll be right back
    II am all set now it goes in the oven
    I remember you just got to the line there you hear the door drop
    like that and we're good to go so I'll set my timer
    and we'll come back with stood alright well I thought all that was baking it's
    really hard to see in there in these particular offense I would get my spring
    colors ready the tooth fairies and the wind so
    let me do though well let me do the very first
    to the only give you two colors for this so was to this one here
    with the pink summaries
    open this K and Missy
    crystals to look for the global here to says basically the poor some in the

    and close it back up
    go let's do it this way see it seems
    put them all in just some you know they also say
    that because you have to size holes here on the bottom
    there's a big sprinkles if you wanna put a keeper kinda sprinkle need you can
    if you have a little pepper powder you can use that to salami said it so that
    nothing comes out
    there's my first one ok now let's get this one
    here put personal her
    I think for the one God has put all the extra stuff
    inside so pretty sugar crystals
    thank you just as much as you want and a scanner
    regulating it so I have enough for my

    that one set look at that so now all set this to make sure nothing comes out
    she's ready now onto the back wind
    I was gonna put to rest anderson also
    corporate site openings purple
    stance Kings
    lap and enter discuss here twist design and then you said it to the size no
    they're too big for the little holes that prolly be for sugar Somerset add to
    the big one here
    see as I'm practice by sprinkling here we go
    the the
    have to work good Hall right so
    soon enough the other the cake will be on the other hand will check it out
    alright all set to come out of the oven let's push it through here
    the fear up
    I say we give it one more little sprinkle from r
    haha I just to make sure everything came out great let's take a look
    so there you go
    actually looks like it came out nice is brown around the edges so
    well to his I'll come back and make the frosting while this cools down
    alright it is frosting Terry me and
    I don't think I'm in actually layer this case because it is so thin
    I don't think it's a i think what they really want to do is have a second mixer
    make a second cake and then to be a lot easier to layer
    let's get the frosting ready it's really just putting in
    look at that so tight
    to white frosting a mean one
    or let me see half a teaspoon water
    we go
    me to speak quick change here for this is if you do wanna
    for often used
    is always make a turning point with the frosting with
    relieved I think I'm gonna put a few more drops in
    just because nice at the terminal little bit softer again
    the thing to little bit now that
    drops T
    right my frosting
    red so whether be right back and we'll get the cake I'll
    little dark dark I'll be right back
    alright almost certain I think one more testing here before we
    do the deck really good you know that's what I struggle with the most
    their a triple dose let's get this out turned up and now
    and hopefully it comes right out so I want to school along the edges
    can I you know test and give it a little
    push as n around the edge but i wanna
    Creek up although cook bits here to little darker on the edge
    you know at some point you'll just feels say it's just want to release itself
    from the pain
    K and this is not the point
    just going around it's hard to take the time to which you
    tactic yet
    just kinda slowly working and hopefully it's not a big lump stuck at the bottom
    but we'll see
    there is no has come out and it looks pretty good let's look at the bottom
    nice in golden brown ok could
    there alright decorating now so the frosting
    Calumpit and spread it around i was thinkin eventually be a two-layer like
    to give you two cake mixes but
    is no way to really cut this and naked worthy
    two layers in a moment we've all been waiting for is this
    sprinkles as I they show it on the cover kind of
    edged a little in the shape of the star
    no right
    so it's sprinkle time here we go and it still frosting so what I want to do
    first will let me try
    with my little fairies here gonna go
    just a little bit so it's not open all the way such as little bit comes out we
    okay love hath with her
    ones are cool and want to have in pink
    I'm just setting the dial to about their status little comes out
    Ste sprinkled a little fairy sparkle dust
    how's it looking and I have to do the big win just once
    but Siegel said it partial
    rate there here we go the the
    others for their on the plane to the alright
    there it is he did it I me clean up everything here come back
    in what has taken a look at it and tasted all right here we go time for a
    Taser got a little
    work here and I'm just gonna kind of a piece in my key
    XTC to me smells good
    i think im I need a few more sprinkles
    lemme I mean handsome online here the the the me
    can never have too many sprinkles mmm tasty
    clip I like the man of frosting can you hear all the crispy sprinkles
    so anything about that said
    in my sprinkle ferries and sprinkle on with the Disney
    princess Easy Bake Oven hope you enjoyed it
    I had fun making it and again if you wanna see more these kinds of videos
    looking a description for a playlist as always search our channel
    and thanks for watching later if you're looking for the item you just on the
    click here watch more videos by clicking here
    don't forget to share on social media and give a thumbs up
    make up yesterday what's up what's make sure they don't forget to subscribe oh
    yeah please click here to subscribe to Lucky Penny shop
    it always remember what your Milwaukee Matty pick it up
    thanks for watching *** *** FROZEN ELSA PRINCESS CAKE How To Cook That Elsa Doll Cake Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today I can't hold it back anymore you've been asking for an Disney Frozen Elsa cake
    so here it is. Firstly to make this cake you are going to
    need one and a half of the rich chocolate cake, the recipe video for that is on the
    website howtocooktht.net and I'll link to the recipe in the description below.
    Bake it into two 20cm round tins and one 1L heat proof bowl. That you've greased before
    you pour the mixture in. And bake for around
    minutes or until cooked all the way through.
    Then let those cool and level off the top of the round cakes using a knife or a cake
    leveler. Then take the bowl shaped one and cut it into
    two layers.
    Cover the hair of your Elsa doll in plastic wrap to stop it from getting cake in the hair
    and also cover the waist and legs to protect the joints from getting frosting stuck in
    them. Then take a cake board and put a smear of
    icing on it to stop the cake from slipping off. And then add your first layer of cake
    right over close to one edge leaving about a
    inch gap between the edge of
    the cake board. Cover that in a layer of frosting and then
    add the other round cake on top. And I am using my chocolate buttercream recipe for
    this one and that recipe is on the blog post as well for you.
    Then add the base of the bowl part and then cover that with more frosting and again putting
    it over to one side of the rounded cake. Then put the rounded bowl part on top of that.
    Now we want our doll to sit towards the front of the bowl shape so take your knife and cut
    down to the base so that you cut out a rectangle shape.
    Then take a fork and scoop all of that excess cake out of the middle.
    Now push your doll down into the cake so that you can still see the hip joints.
    We want to carve the cakes so that it is smooth at the front and the sides.
    And then we want to carve the back to make it less bowl shaped. So just cut it down there
    and more like a flowing fabric dress. Use more frosting and some of your off-cuts
    to build up the gap that's just between the round cakes and the bowl shape there.
    And then continue to shave off little slices at a time until you've got a nice smooth rounded
    dress shape. Then cover the whole cake in frosting. Bringing
    it up to a point around that super-skinny waist. Once it is completely covered take
    a strip of bendy plastic and use it to smooth out the frosting. You can get this plastic
    from craft stores or office supply stores as projector sheets or document covers.
    Now that you have your doll with a flat dress at the front and a big billowing skirt out
    the back. Place it in the fridge for about half an hour.
    Roll out some blue fondant in a big circle and place it over the top of the doll with
    her hands up. Arrange the creases of fondant evenly around the dress so that we've got
    the nice folds going all the way around it and squeeze it in at the waist.
    Continue to arrange it until you are happy with it trim off the excess going out and
    around each of those folds so that the edge of the dress is not straight but more just
    like flowing fabric flowing down there.
    Make sure it is pinched in at the waist there and then cut off the excess. Then use your
    fingers to smooth the fondant in to the doll shape so you don't have like a bump at the
    waist. So it is smooth going into the doll. Roll out some white fondant really thinly
    and cut into a ribbon shape like this.
    Place the arms in the right position and then place this over the front arm so that the
    join is going to be underneath so that it is not so visible.
    Then trim it at the wrist to make it into a point at the back of her hand. And then
    using your finger just smooth out that join in the fondant.
    Where it meets the shoulder there just trim it down towards the middle.
    Then cut another rectangle and repeat that on the other arm that it pointing straight
    up. Again wrapping it around so the join is at
    the back of the cake and then smooth it with your finger.
    Now take a strip of white, cut out a semi circle where each underarm is and place it
    across the top of the chest and around the back.
    Then trim the front into a v shape neckline just using your knife.
    Roll out some very thin blue fondant and then trim it so it looks like a long rectangle
    with a love heart stuck in the centre. Place that over the body, wrap it around the
    back, trim off one side using scissors, line up the other side and trim it off too so that
    it looks like a straight join on the back of her dress.
    Next make a mini rectangle cookie cutter and push it into the bodice just to give it that
    texture. And you can see how to make your own cookie
    cutter on the ipad cake video and I'll link to that one at the end of this video or you
    can watch it on the howtocookthat channel after this one.
    Continue to press it in all over the body until you've got that texture over the whole
    Then take some white luster dust and using a dry paint brush, brush dust over the whole
    body section and you can put it over the arms as well so it gives it a bit of that shine.
    And then to give some faint stripes on the skirt just tap the brush to let some of the
    dust fall on the top section of the skirt and then take your dry brush and brush it
    straight down the dress. Then take a fine paintbrush and add a few more thinner lines
    around the base of the dress using that fine paint brush.
    Now for the beautiful draping back part of the dress.
    Take a sheet of non-stick baking paper, place it on the back of the doll and draw the shape
    that you want the cape to be.
    Then scrunch up some paper towel into tubes that are narrower and firm at the top and
    more billowing at the bottom. And rest them on the back of the skirt. This is going to
    hold the cape off the dress while the cape is setting and while it's hot so that it is
    not going to effect the fondant. Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan until
    it dissolves then wash down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush and let it boil
    until it just starts to go golden. Remove it from the heat and stir in a tiny bit of
    blue colouring. Immediately pour out over your template and
    use a knife just to make it into shape. Now I've put mine on a cutting board covered in
    a tea towel here so that it doesn't cool down really fast. If you have a cold bench top
    then I suggest that you do that as well. And you want to let it cool for just a moment
    but not too much. If you pick it up straight away it will be runny and it will all drain
    off. But if you leave it too long it is going to set and you're not going to be able to
    shape it.
    Lift it up and hold it across the top back of the dress where you want it to join on.
    Quickly adjust the way it is sitting and then hold it. Just be patient and hold it still
    while it is starting to set. If you need to trim off some off the bottom. Using an oiled
    knife just press it down around the base before it sets hard.
    Leave it for about another
    minutes it should be able to hold itself firmly enough but we
    just want it to be completely cooled. And then you can peel off the non-stick baking
    paper and remove the paper towel.
    Use some royal icing across the back of the dress and some on the base of the cape to
    ensure that it does not slip off the cake when you are moving it to the table. Now this
    sugar cape will absorb moisture from the air so if you are not using the cake the same
    day place this cape part in an airtight container and only add it a few hours before you are
    serving the cake. Using the royal icing pipe some snowflakes
    onto the base of the cape. Add more royal icing around the base to cover the whole cake
    board. Add a snowflake to her hand and some more
    around the base of the dress. I'll do a little bonus video for you seperatley this week to
    show you how to make those snowflakes. I have also added some wire to her hair to
    make it stick out on the angle like it does on the poster.
    Then put on the let it go song and serve up slices of your Elsa cake. And it's a delicious
    moist chocolate cake that will delight all the little girls who see it.
    Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cake decorating tutorials, amazing desserts and
    chocolate creations, put all your requests in the comments below. Have a great week and
    I'll see you Friday. [music: The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv
    used with permission] *** *** Ben and Holly's Magical Little Castle Nickelodeon Princess Playhouse Kingdom Jouet Princesse Château - YouTube !!!
    hey guys welcome ATT fetuses a medio
    and today I'm gonna be showing you the little castle
    magical place at from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
    this adorable little castle has six rooms in a courtyard
    and you can use the magic wand activate
    five different magic features and show you
    I love those if soon as I get all be stickers put on
    now that we have I love our stickers on our place at we can look at the
    characters that come with this
    this is Manny plan and
    I love the characters have a little bass Ian they bend slightly so that they can
    sit down
    see how that works and we had
    Ben now all he have flu or
    and she is one other fairies she's on a polly's best friends
    and of course we have
    princess Holly herself and then
    the special magic my I can't wait to show you guys what this does this is so
    cool it looks like everyone is standing outside the castle
    let's go inside everyone is in the courtyard but we hear
    expand theory is he thought the kitchen
    in gone up to the dining room it looks like princess how he is going to join
    me but she is not taking the stairs
    now it's pushed turn
    any to note before we go too far up in the castle
    not show of friends what we can do you down below great
    idea highly if you look closely you'll see some stars here
    and on the floor of the kitchen watch what happens when I pressed the magic
    meaty see that the refrigerator door open
    watch again mikal fine pops up
    it looks like flower has moved to the living room
    K Collier their me much what happens when we wave a magic wand
    satires to see the fire let's see that again
    okay watch right here me
    match the been it looks like bands in the fitting room
    and here comes many palm to join him
    in here comes highly to join them
    have you spotted floor yet she's right here sleepin
    in Holly's bad then wake up from your nap
    there see id EC the stars on the floor
    watch what happens when I put the magic while over them
    Kelly toy box opens up and now for our last bit of magic
    we're gonna fill princess halley's bathtub
    let me contest Halle fly down to the court yeah I
    and now its many plans turn
    me how about you
    the this weekend post
    to if you were wondering
    magic wand is NAT work and then
    only and the fairy that's not fair
    I wish I could fly to comp or ban
    maybe we should make another video with the flying Gaston
    so Ben can fly round with Holly implore
    in any prom is that a good idea if you think so you can click on the like
    button to let me know
    and leave me a comment and tell me what you think
    about this magical little castle I think it's really sleepy
    from our
    years like this check out the rest of our channel
    and if you haven't yet I hope you're subscribed this is
    a New Delhi DTC thanks for watchin *** *** Birthday Cake Ideas: How to make a princess doll birthday cake - YouTube !!!
    the her
    hi I'm the pants for Houdini dot com and Betty Crocker Kitchens
    if you're looking for a special birthday cake for your little fairy princess
    I think I have a great idea for you it's a princess cake
    and as you'll see the cake forms a beautiful down over a dial
    let's get started we're gonna need 3
    and one cake that we baked in an oven proof glass bowl like this
    not persist over the side where to start cutting I've already trimmed the dome of
    one cake
    an inverted onto our cake platter I like at the Dome of this when using a
    serrated knife
    anything to set this aside if you want to snack on it you can
    now I cut this one in half
    also rotate the cake as you go
    instead of cutting straight through what tip is to kill your cakes in the freezer
    for about
    minutes before you cut them
    this will reduce the crumbs when I'm gonna do now
    as I'm gonna cut a small circle in the center each cake this way we can insert
    the dollar in later
    you can either use a small sorry tonight but can also use little decorated
    pastry cutters it right in the middle one trick to keep a nice clean edge on
    your decorating surfaced
    it's a little pieces of parchment paper you can tuck them under the cake
    I pretended from afar frosting pain just using
    for coming at you find the grocery store undertake a nice size dollop
    and place it right on and I take my offset spatula
    and spread it evenly over the entire surface then
    we take another cake an inverted right on top
    try to keep them a centered as possible ok
    and the top okay is time to do a crumb coat
    account what is basically just a thin layer frosting the covers the entire
    and it feels in the crumbs their final coat looks nice and clean
    look like this was completely covered some go ahead and show you a nice trick
    you can actually speak keep spreading the frosting over with your offset
    but a nice way to get it release move just use a piece a paper
    Cup the paper like this curve it to the side at the cake
    and pull straight up you get a nice
    smooth edge continue around the entire cake
    the side look really small and it's gonna take the inside
    and spread it smooth also doesn't matter how that's gonna look at its gonna get
    filled in later
    now to finish my crumb coat and remove the piece is a parchment paper
    just fly them right out if there's still a little bit of a messy edge just come
    back with their offset spatula
    and smooth it over now that her crumb coat is done
    I wanna put it in the freezer for about
    minutes to set up before we finish
    frosting it
    I have one already set gonna go get it time to our final coat
    and for this when we placed on a really nice serving platter with a little
    ribbon to match
    ice and nice sized I'll
    on top and start spreading and I'm
    you can actually turn a pedestal like this
    to make it easier to frost the cake
    okay all covered have a few choices you can go ahead and make it smooth again
    with that same technique we did with the crumb coat in the paper
    or you can give it a little texture you can do lines up and down
    I think I'm gonna give it some little swirls
    just take your spatula precedent to that
    frosting and spent and lift up it sort of looks like billowing fabric
    there's really no pattern to this its all random movements
    I think we're ready
    now that we're done frosting the cake is time to insert the DOL
    be taking fashion doll and we've just basically
    wrapped it with some plastic wrap this will protect the clothing
    so it doesn't get any frosting on it I have already discussed occur right in
    then was gonna cover with a little bit more frosting to fill in that whole
    if your fashion doll has long hair
    you might consider wrapping it in plastic wrap also citizen get frosting
    on it
    the next step
    Israel a pipe a decorative pattern on the bodice using the pink frosting
    always squeeze a little bit %uh the frosting out into your bowl beforehand
    in case there's any air pockets
    squeeze in holy place
    and then pull out as you release pressure you get a nice little rose at
    or star
    continue around the entire bodice I meant that some straps
    over her shoulders now you can add some candy highlights
    I have a little stars it'll be perfect for a fairy princess
    can put on a little clusters have three but one more star
    it's a little bit larger right on her bodice you know put in my little stars
    right next to it and now for the crowning touch
    you can make a wand and a hat for your fairy princess
    I love to use a real doll for the skate at the birthday girl can keep it as an
    extra special memory
    I'm leave Hansen for Houdini dot com and Betty Crocker Kitchens
    K *** *** The Little Fairy Bakery: Birthday Cake - YouTube !!! *** *** Birthday Cake Ideas: The Princess Castle Cake Birthday Cake - YouTube !!!
    the ivory gown in for Houdini dot com
    and if you're already excited about best magical castle cake
    then I hereby declare that you too can make this in your kitchen
    we're going to find out how to make this cake for a boy or a girl
    to show us how we turn to our friend be Hansen but the Betty Crocker Kitchens
    Haley Lori now back
    very impressive looking thank you if you don't know what you're doing
    wealthy take it step by step you can do it I believe you step
    okay well you can need for 8-inch square cakes and I'm
    chilled these in the freezer for about
    minutes so that they're not to have
    many crimes when we cut them
    now to make your tears if your castle more level
    I recommend cutting off the domes on your cake son is a Syrian knife
    go ahead and do that that only use about
    one third of a cup and scoop right on top
    then spread evenly
    and at that time
    taken next cake inverted and put right on top and try to center it
    and again another third of a cup
    into one more layer
    recent pushed down a little bit to try to make it more level
    now this one we're gonna cut into quarters
    gonna put a little dollop frosting
    spread a little bit now be the glue
    for starting the next year at the castle and just repeat that much can use one
    more layer on top
    now we're gonna cut this one in quarters again to get about two-inch
    squares we going up even higher
    we're going to a third tier hahahaha miss gonna do two for that now
    we're ready to do a crime ca a crumb coat is basically a thin layer of
    frosting that we spread over the entire cake and I will seal and some other
    that your final code is nice and clean actually have one ready to go
    that we can start during the final coat on a move this year
    thank you that looks fancy already
    yeah for a little grander presentation I put on a pedestal
    that's great an hour to start the final coat paper CD have to be with
    as close as you can to get a flat finish the better I just like to get all the
    icing on first and then I'll try to flatten it out
    so now I have this little by saying and I start to slice it off
    running my spatula in don't start on UK
    you wanna Stephan outside and lysate in for
    now the fun part
    we get started at creating program it looks good enough already by
    okay let's do it I'll play to sanding sugar and this is pink sanding sugar
    I'm gonna do I'm gonna take these ice cream cones
    ice them in the pink frosting and you're gonna roll it in the sanding sugar
    nice glistening glistening effect sanding sugar you can buy at the grocery
    you can put here and you can just put your fingers in
    around after the next time you can meet five
    these so now ready to put them on
    castle track basically I would put your fingers in here and then hold at the top
    balance it me
    put it in a little bit to the icing
    make sure it hears meet
    one for the top you to
    American at some accents and candy
    well I have some sugar cue stars
    anthem gumball handsome little
    wafer cookies so this should cubes
    you can displace them we're gonna put his all-stars apparently user frosting
    as the glue
    dip it in a little bit maybe
    somebody's gumball so now we're gonna create the doors and the windows
    his little wafer cookies news
    to for the door and then I've cut from a little shorter to make for the Windows
    so on a pipe on some accents
    had looks so gorgeous and little girl would love to have this
    party you out the final touch
    candle hell were in the rent
    light em up and sing happy birthday it's so great
    this is very girly girl can you do a voice cast sure you can just frosted
    with chocolate maybe change the color palette
    use in yellow and blue and red candies you can change the wafer cookies to
    chocolate or vanilla
    a great idea amal definite Rag & Gamble just wasn't ready
    soared I love it I like to thank you thank you
    that I my government for Houdini dot com
    show *** *** Торт для принцессы "Крошка Ника". Cake for princess "Kroshka Nika" - YouTube !!! Russian (Automatic Captions) Russian (Automatic Captions)
    с одной стороны торгового оборота и
    перестаньте какой то ни стало
    осталось за гостями
    лупу штук сигарет площадки для нас
    самое главное чтобы она была не такой
    команда очень теплая есть
    строительство газопровода кроме
    того ющенко
    остатки сетей
    но поправок в устав
    ликвидность на побежали обстановке
    понимаете спартанцы сентября роста стала
    мостотрест себе кусочек в
    г.о интерес к другой стороны чем обычно а
    когда те времена
    га хайдфельда взгляд сказано он был
    отменить и вообще я считаю что для
    повышения эффективности одеяло
    на себя обязательств в планах
    на украине
    как отмечает риа новости
    не принимает
    да они работают
    нет но многие любят когда их открыть сайт
    органов и тарифов *** *** Lalaloopsy Baking Oven Real Cookies and Cake With Disney Princess Anna Frozen Doll De la Hornada - YouTube !!!
    half a metre accident he me
    day me he
    with fever %um so
    many actually opened act very
    an average take a look and see what we have in fact that we have a
    hey sugar stock eight-minute
    we have me
    he Catholic are
    confetti girl and hard
    here and they actually
    me Ryan and
    this is spatula So You Think You campaign
    we this heart pushed rudin
    ended part use
    to you removed the really your I'll
    prolly on lot here help you with this this is the little
    so he this is a by shapes
    cookie train he
    that super you hand
    army be here already impacted
    one more very important thing that we today
    %uh you know what
    me today help this is on
    I'm thinking
    pueden Maingate
    started interview we have to lucky and
    are little baby that's it

    be rate oh wow candy
    so excited to be here and guess what
    he didn't tell you this part but she's gonna let me
    eat the cake in the cookies that we meet today and
    so permanently in addition to you think
    come that ass working on few here
    she care spraying have unit people
    yes indeed fact and
    somewhere paper inlet see up
    p is happened sister
    and I also have a trip and I think is a
    the net said up
    so I me this be for be
    T said see
    announced the that it
    I'll a lot any of that yeah
    at Monday's prayer p.m. freight
    neck we are going to take
    are me
    you are a little mixing bowl very
    right P and sure AM
    so you yeah yuan
    mesh peace
    the me and he label
    three-ball and ash use yeah
    me he said cupid
    cataracts he pinches
    are am hinges mine
    mmm you

    ok and then there's on
    my dash and
    right make that up key
    PNS more cake batter
    he can on
    a rage on a
    place okay okay neck
    now put it in the oven from
    any just had this new palm how
    what does now goodnight ok ok
    arm %uh home BRC I'm
    anyhow any hope okay
    yeah him
    but we are ready my are
    K into up and right here
    special is a great line press it
    right you there yes
    okay here we go up
    King field keep make sure
    ollie in little-known are split
    hi the little-known and decide
    on a are okay yeah
    well now I'm playin
    for hurry K today happy me
    our sugar E you know tell forehead
    were single and match
    me she
    and and a isn't it spray glue baby what

    and actions buyer and
    that and then archerd peacefully
    great thank you I N comes up
    prayer PC
    could be spread and make %uh
    he ok and now I'm
    got the directions there him
    Paul p.m.
    take me they're all
    Press all you
    he said
    and family plane
    that mean hard to gonna doll help
    Wade well time
    you here are
    K here mom
    faded old
    yeah okay here few weeks show
    in think that tiny little me
    why how they look home good
    now our way her well
    have campaign place
    shooter he that name
    we'd some
    all it'll be and yeah
    K I have
    p.m. and
    just same way
    and already mister
    which will take about eight-minute on the up
    property or stack K
    sale fully prop me
    me that frost
    K have no idea what
    play me
    hear from help yeah
    I'll add a little more
    and then happens at I'm not finished
    before we passed our
    K he
    baby people gosh
    but they only anything like he didn't
    their few hard let me
    okay okay yep
    okay well me hand
    unfunded first top

    hand start cool Mary
    have here K
    me today are
    yeah p
    you ask me anything battery bank
    okay now really
    you yeah but are but no hat
    property now the and decorate
    and me pay every me okay
    yeah I'm
    yet and them
    he had in
    Hughton lol
    actually happen out
    hi hers
    for me
    lemme tell us fattened

    hey welp
    I definitely enjoyed her now yep
    look lesson head
    no for her okay
    I am anarchy now up
    leader alarm there'd
    I'm pay Bay
    okay computer lip
    our mmm well good
    paper due to assess def
    okay any on be okay guy
    well that's it for this video I hope that you enjoyed seeing the lower lip
    see baking oven
    I had lotsa fun making those goodies inside it
    and I have another thing that goes along with that I think it's from our cookie
    cell he'd like to see me do another video
    like this click on the like button to let me know and leave me a comment and
    let me know what you think
    did you think that cake with the yummy would you like making an allowance he
    making up an
    you think it was funny when princess on I got cake interface
    happen we meet comment and let me know this is a media
    know it the CTC thanks for watching n
    another video destination come back the only super
    we Derby PC
    Lee payment plan kids kids price X and Droid me make me feel
    don't *** *** Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The New Wand - YouTube !!! *** *** Barbie Bakery Life In The Dreamhouse Play Doh Cake Cookies and Playdough Cupcakes Baking Toys - YouTube !!!
    okay guys you ask for n you got it
    today I'll the opening up the Barbie Malibu
    Avenue bakery that a couple days ago I
    open the market fair and asked you for the next video if you'd like to see the
    bakery or the pet boutique
    and when I was reading the comments initially I thought for sure be the pet
    in and the bakery that one salty that today in next time
    I will do the pet boutique and here's the bakery at a box
    comes at all kinds of good game here is a little tray and it has some
    doughnuts have been crushed demand some heart shape of harm him
    looks like some type of high so that's why the things I think we can't find
    that right
    in here there's also
    a plate of cookies knows lucky me.
    and the plates like in the other said I showed you they have this little round
    part here that snaps down
    onto the table that way
    they don't follow of the things don't fall off so that's pretty handy
    there is a pathway you can snap that on the table
    there is also
    a plate that has a really yummy looking cupcake on
    see bad put that on the table
    see oh my goodness and not the cookies off
    here is a little looks like maybe this is a little coffee mug
    trying to see what was on it a little decoration on one side and then it has a
    decoration with the BET
    occurs so far BB and the other side
    he and then there is also
    like in the market a little computer and that is for
    checking now at the bakery if you make your selections
    there is a water bottle and then to
    indeed baby utensils too little forks
    okay so that's a little pieces and then as you can see there's the table
    there are two chairs milli-q
    happy question and I have some part details on the back
    one barbie dahl and
    this is because part of the bakery says the little bakery shell
    and this is for all the goodies live bien
    this is so cool there's a little lever any internal ever
    and the shelves turn Oklahoma the cupcakes Ontario
    cell sent his place at doesn't come with a ton of things
    I thought we could use some Plano in week it but some
    you know line the shelves with some Plano goodies and there's the show
    appears well so we could do that and then
    you can see the back the structure there's the little man you hear there's
    a little chandelier
    so that's a very basic little place at it has the
    onnnn that pops up that shows that is the bakery
    and our show you a little sad that now
    okay some now get some Plato out okay ty Barbie
    offset up and she is sitting at the bakery and Wii
    are gonna take some Plato and make some things that you might find in a bakery
    say I have some brown Plano
    when I think about going to a bakery
    I think about fine things like bread and rolls
    and definitely pies and cakes and cookies but
    not just sweeping so we're going to take some brown play-doh
    and we can make bad into a loaf of bread
    net actually
    so easy to do so there's one little low
    and let's turn this into
    maybe some dinner rolls so here is a little roll
    and here
    is another little role
    are right so there's a Ralphs we have one loaf of bread
    into dinner rolls and another thing that I like to get
    at the bakery are cookies so
    will make some cookies now alright so I took some brown played out and
    I actually and these are a really big fat cookies for
    a Barbie doll but I wanted you to be able to see a little bit of detail
    so I also I did take mom
    that little knife than a year's supply tell and I just scored it a little bit
    so this look like a loaf of bread and then I did the same thing with a little
    nap and
    say okay so back to the cookie so I have to
    cookies this is my cookie dough so this is the actual cookie
    and then I have some light blue frosting and matches my fingernail
    husband that was good piano
    but okay so I have some frosty
    them play dough frosting and it looks like I have too much
    and cover my whole cookie so let me call someone that away
    and this will be
    the frosting Park key that looks yummy
    okay so there is one supergiant or muskogee
    and here's my other one and I did some hot paint
    for frosting hi prolly acting much Latin so that people do this
    be and Press that downed
    at this big cookie so now we have two huge
    cookies and next I thought we would make some cupcakes
    okay so there's our cookies okay
    so I'm still using the brown played oh this is the light brown
    I key and we are going to shape
    a little muffin cupcake
    okay so does have a flat bottom and then round side
    he and will do can around top
    and he usually they are
    a little bigger around the top
    they are on the bottom so
    that works about right
    p.m. and next we'll make some frosting I'm going to get some
    different colored Plato I think Clint see maybe we can do you yellow
    okay so I have some yellow plate also there's our little cupcake
    here some yellow
    yellow out he and
    what I'm gonna do you print this is roll this into a tube and try to make some
    swirly frosting
    so let me move some things I can show you how to do that so you can take your
    yellow Plato
    and then just roll it out roll into a long tube
    me and
    this'll probably too much but take bad he and start rolling now
    around the base the cupcake so that
    it is like crostini tube a frosty
    in the press that down
    so there's our little cupcake head
    here we go
    now we have a little cupcake
    hand went out Fri May quoted me one of my favorite types of cupcakes are
    be like that yellow cake that tastes really buttery
    so we could do that and then we can put chocolate frosty that sounds really good
    to me
    so will shape another cupcake
    in ban I'm going to use
    darker brown Plato for my chocolate prosti
    up sometimes it's so hard to get the lives of Plato
    he and this time
    green to Joe first take a little bit and kinda
    put it on top is if I had smeared on Wednesday night
    which is a less fancy huh looking cupcake but
    still delicious okay so here is our
    yellow cake
    cupcake with chocolate frosting
    you know what would make these look really cute
    is if we had like fancy cupcake papers that go on the bottom of them I wouldn't
    like it
    on-scene maybe we can do some this blue play dough to do that him to do that
    what we would do
    is try to fit it up around the bottom
    they have such cute cupcake liners now
    with panty little designs from
    I don't know how you know about this pretty good think
    they have those lines are have to see if I can do that
    that there
    that so bad right knee and it doesn't have to be perfect
    Netflix queue actually I think
    you guys I had to tell me what you think and maybe
    for this on week to you know
    Nazi happy break P
    Heather open rate here so can just roll that into a little ball
    and actually make it like a cookie or like
    big circle like a pizza crust and then fit that around the bottom of the
    pressure all around the sides they hair
    we go to be a cupcake it sorta looks like a bowl of ice cream
    and you can be anything you want it to be okay so there's our little cupcake
    here around a little cup K
    flatten out on the bottom so they set up
    flatness one on the bottom and here's our cookie years with our
    yummy frost team and arm to read
    Carlotta Bradley let's see what else would we find
    at a bakery but I cake
    policy cake at a bakery okay so let's do a chocolate cake
    so that should be pretty easy to do all the things are actually pretty easy to
    so cakes are usually
    will bakery cakes I guess are usually round sometimes cakes are just square or
    so here is the bottom layer archaic
    can will put a layer I
    let's see we could do
    this is so bright I don't know if I wanna do that bring to the yellow
    but still blue will do blue frosting
    between the layers on the cake and then we can do blue frosting on the top tier
    maybe the glue is just taste you know like banal a
    but the we use and I i include guy which is not healthy
    happened okay RA
    so there's our bottom line you know anymore up the dark brown played out to
    make our top player
    and then we'll need more blue play dough for frosting and then we should have
    really yummy things for are barbie
    Malibu Avenue bakery okay
    so from that looks like eighty whoopie pie
    which is a popular deserve where I live
    where you take to big cookies and put frosting between home
    this is going to be our cake though
    okay its own kinda smoshing together you don't look like is an Oreo cookie
    have been okay so here is our deal issues
    K in now okay
    we're gonna put some blue frosting on the topic that
    as well
    you all have to leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite kinda
    bakery item is like your favorite dessert there's a bakery where I live
    that has been bashed cookies
    after and they have they're like can play chocolate chip cookies but they
    also have
    Eminem's an arm and they are so good in a huge
    I like as big as my face they're really really big and yummy
    okay so here's our frost team and
    actually we should make a layer of frosting to go around the whole
    outer portion of the cake because usually the whole cake is frosted
    and you don't even know what flavor the cake is until you cut into it
    cell let's do that next some gonna roll out
    in this hobby the frosting that goes all around the side
    K once we have across that nobody will know what flavor it is they won't know
    that it's %uh chocolate K
    because it'll be hidden by all the frosting okay here we go
    the last little par
    hey shape it up a little bear
    be an while I
    I and archaic what do you guys think about that
    I think we should cut into it and see what it looks like
    and inside because it's going to have those two layers of chocolate
    okay there we go alright
    behind little played only and we well
    cut into the cake okay you initially I took my little
    I call this my little play tonight hand
    and I went around the side the cupcake paper
    to put all those little lines and can you see that
    when did that and the balloon to you
    and now we have our cake so we've frosted it with our play dough in here
    we go
    we're gonna cut into it see if it looks like cake
    here we go than
    bended Yahoo oh my goodness
    value a lot like K okay so
    there's a way to make a very realistic looking play okay
    guy okay that's all I have for today but please click on the like button if you
    would still like to see me
    open the pet boutique and leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite
    bakery thing it's
    you like cupcakes or cookies maybe like fresh bread
    thing for me the big cookies with Eminem's and be chocolate chips in them
    but I also love fresh bread be for more Disney Cars
    Plano and the price I find check out our channel:
    please subscribe and thanks for watchin *** *** Ben and Holly the Wand Factory - YouTube !!!
    somewhere getting amongst
    worn a bramble whose his own little Kingdom Hall
    el lunes yes
    everyone who lives here he is very clearly is
    small go back to
    well hymie
    said hi the
    in The Hollies little genome
    two days the bench stops
    back the victim costs don't want him back to me
    be through pregnant
    lovely morning yeah he can heistra operate
    have you come to join us for one practice she had I came to see height

    but now you can join us okay that
    dole am I would yes you
    hey I so I am goal
    you know how much find one practice bid hmmm
    from now you can practice lifting rocks with magic
    hi since Herman
    on fairytales keeping her high school glee
    to Bowl week homes
    we have to do more pack her hull hu
    K more don't get me slow
    such a break XP
    me hutch
    show him honey here chillin un-backed
    lock huh
    %uh Taal hymies tall bring me
    house once practice carrying not
    area where honey sprocket how well
    how to happen I was riding frenchie
    stitch a notebook wasn't very clever %uh
    sorry Miami not to worry when she's getting engaged
    me Ohio I can't mandate
    world %uh ones make magic but magic com eight Mons
    it's like she can the next chickens make Xbox don't make chicken
    thanks didn't make chickens Ste
    whatever haha the important thing it i cant men poems by magic
    some I Hyundai the elves that made it
    hulls like
    loss traded everyone not sacks
    some very good making mom this
    the out by dummy

    she hurt you
    else did use the ones honey they just make
    them only help you
    hierarchy my
    she pushed it auto ok format
    hotel by
    all okay
    up princess Kylie what can I do for you
    police broke another one she pushed it arnelle
    I see not kill latte we'll just
    Nate beat and follow me will make the hard hats
    we'll be taking did to me good ball
    Bowl no everyone
    good evening deep job home
    the devil

    the one back from
    keeps pushed great why
    world K because moms
    I'm not K budget
    chivalry the lawn today he

    now as possible with
    like Tommy now
    watch wrong with the old one try to keep
    she pushed it auto ok yes
    yes but we need to find out exactly
    what's wrong the old field
    the exultation lose it needs a new stake
    and a calm service it this way it
    the East is the stick house week gray wooden stakes
    problems some steaks just hung around you
    da but the steak for a while and
    must be specially perot hadn't
    made from the right title train correct
    ninety club don't want to talk to my mom
    comes from a few train because I am Nani plum
    they would flee yo blonde holly should come from a
    such me the eight saktay such
    over eight actress old come from
    I am the mask and screw-up
    a trainee I'll let's see how that feels
    you foot
    me he just needs a little tree in
    this stage a blunder up yeah eat a dick still of woodwork
    dotted hunt
    equal how a naughty adventures Holly
    we need to make it into the kid following me
    good the east he is the clockwork
    %ah well speedy
    he could clash he's decomposing plant
    good good con huh
    th baby one is a big skills close
    addition had blocked me on the heap leach
    I from whistles dick was sold
    %um Ian Curtis team the
    that doesn't sound right David E
    movie on coming hun not %eh
    nanny plum holly's blonde needs testy
    to all the testing go home the
    one testing blood need is the safest place to do
    magic in the kingdom trust me just ask your entity watch
    we don't want the magic eking out and causing problems well
    funny Oct Makiki is not meant to be fun
    the shouldn't simple magic
    is what we do here what's dealing
    he slapped got speechwriter not to jinx
    helped trust yield
    we're going to test the one hand by turning the Yemeni
    he do something else can tenido
    outcry which or stock with hikes
    I wage admits on the the the
    lemonade has turned each whole lot
    okay why would you want it
    it's not my Jake each days
    sensible magic page magic
    well what would have you the Kindle however how
    me K hot
    you'll did magic out Shahi that test
    to go home hmmm its lumen I'm eight to
    into a frog
    nah deep dob my ones not working right

    delaying it who I see what you mean
    that doesn't sound right be
    when did you last have this one serviced
    ten years ago just one should be serviced
    what say yeah duo here
    dry tagged yeah
    much better me yeah gentle I don't think you're
    ok satellite aids
    are you going to get any I'll
    I suppose I'll have to me CL down fatty thou's
    be a good y'all
    widened seems to be working perfectly didn't wait ten years before getting its
    again yes wise old owl sorry he
    see man I would like her yo
    way up to them clinches highly it
    doing want text
    patent my ok yeah
    sheet of notebook why state honey
    a *** *** How To Make Playdough Kinder Surprise Egg Rainbow Cake - DIY Play Doh Cake with Toys - YouTube !!!
    the first like love and today we're going to be making a mi
    played okay yet not at the plate okay
    its a rainbow played okay with surprise two ways
    right now we're going to show you guys how to make your very downplay no
    rainbow surprised toy cake okay
    so obviously to make play dough cake you're gonna have to have a lot of
    rainbow colors the PLATO so we have Rd rolled out the red horns in the yellow
    and now
    we are gonna show you how we did this using green
    and Brandon Escondida with it well for olympic
    and in them green play doh and couple
    tools that you will find in your kitchen and he thinks he's great
    down wealthy we cannot let him know how great he is okay
    now as you can see Brandon Hantz in large
    I'm Paul played on he smashing that out now and then he is going to use it
    rolling pin to make it nice and smooth rule that a lot but you know
    who yeah alright
    now it's pretty want to be too that and then
    and you me call veep
    Plato uniform in shape and size ridiculing
    wanna our seal the holes in
    and passing that around and then we have a little
    like a little tease night it's just and all night
    and then we cud around the side appall
    and bad forms the circle up
    so that's how we made I'll are pieces
    %uh played okay I love the different layers while a
    plant you did a great app
    good ran a look whoa who
    mare is our dream PCK okay so now you can go ahead and start building our case
    so we're gonna start with the red and that will be our bottom layer
    and then the next step will be to cut out the space for the surprise choice
    in orange which will be the next layer so we'll do that now
    okay so now we have are surprised when he's ready
    have those there and in Britain is going to use be lint from
    a water bottle to cut out holes break points to think
    me things to do before prime
    me a pic or no I'm
    angles hang
    and then and trying to figure out how we're going to cut through this thing
    without cutting
    who is happen easily one spot where there's now
    you know tilly I don't know to get burned might go around
    being a kid
    it's not very symmetrical okay and
    and maybe we could use a small ladue
    char for the large storm with a large today
    youth dual smaller
    well bid ole
    and okay we grew up
    so now you can just lay there and have the red glare then
    actually we could put some points inside now
    when I can assure you toys we had we can keep it
    hack mmm
    them here's where the main one will go
    rate so we're gonna have to put a hole in the center
    are the different layers case analysis start with the next player and because
    these toys are now
    all the way under the orange Plato Bradenton try to make me
    similar pattern with the holes that they will fit over and cover up
    the toys it doesn't have to be perfect because it is
    plated rate it it'll be okay
    there we go
    it works pretty well
    you could probably actually use your fingers just to let you know early
    dig holes but at for our main
    a getting
    world know the center AGP
    I so matter
    press around month
    along there we get
    now on to the next level okay so now we are going to move
    onto your neck player with his green and
    this line we still have to do the same center hole but we can do you
    new holes for the surprise sleep
    how many gonna do this time and the Dube or more
    hey and then that should complete all
    our surprise toward rain then we have to you
    we have to roll out lot point lead over the frosty
    has our last fall
    that looks exactly like toy nice to play with growing up
    they were wouldn't but with his call did you have announced they were wooden in
    the hand holding
    connected like other wooden sticks to him did you have a whole nother her yeah
    I'm pretty good choice I'll do you think a comment did not figure toy
    looks exactly like huge tinker toy so there's a
    other rooms okay
    that's cool thank mislead them
    okay now we're movin on
    believe you we have the red orange yellow and green
    now we have a blue and you need to do these
    similar happy them onto the green layers
    that we can fitted over a little surprised hallways
    and then it should be.
    also should be covered after that then we just have to do that
    the red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
    we have two more layers accident and then we p.m.
    prostate min all right now looks good
    que haces now
    all brain including the blue layer on and then we can use some
    extra blue from the cut-out to you plug the holes
    you cover the surprise towing
    very nice did you play with playing a lot when you're here
    didn't build ready to go
    okay now we just have to be
    now we just need the other two color yep house okay
    they were getting close now so now we just have to put on har
    indigo and then are valid
    in now we have a real okay
    keep network demolition actually
    red orange yellow green blue indigo violet we're done
    day know is getting the new icing on a I will get from white plate only
    lot two-way player for that and then we'll roll it out
    and cut it open that's a you
    okay and now brain is gonna roll out to be
    white lymph rustic Inn Plato crusty layer
    and this will be for the top the cake and so
    here it just has to make another layer just like the k players you can roll out
    and then he can use the same ball in little teeth night to you
    cut around the ball and then drape it over the top
    well it's pretty even any good
    his stem him
    we get alright from alright
    to we have the top and now we are going to work
    on me frothing that one girl around the side in the case
    down need like um long to
    rolled out that we can press all around the side
    now end up looking like the huge circle
    through baseball cap
    yield would think if %ah kitten
    II be using brute strength
    now is the wider
    yeah by: but also we don't it doesn't
    be perfect because we can always been impressed at how pluto is very forgiving
    sell it doesn't have to be per you may have to cut that piece in half
    and spread it out otherwise we're in room space
    alright so now we have are
    white he's a plane over the top our world how can impress their
    over the top and then we have police I
    to wrap around mmm
    he do that now we can hang around afterwards in cut it
    that looks good all right now it is
    Qatar play dough frosting on the other side
    him to get out with
    AP right now looks great
    very professional
    hmm always need to cut
    edges pendant ok Flickr img
    speeded family I'm hungry
    perfect okay
    so now we have our cake of profit and I took from the extra Plano enrolled
    out and put that around the bottom
    and band week also you some extra play-doh
    to create need a little help stop so that
    decorate the cake had impressed though
    randomly all over it and then we have
    ace sooo surprise I throughway
    for right on the top
    sup and limp
    yellow here how are you doing around that time
    good on
    maybe pound
    yeah BT media
    slap here yellow
    can last all Pam really him
    him okay
    pellets Hill and
    very happy Aitken nurse
    Friday pressure me a little
    think a birthday cake okay there didn't
    have been it's our very own clay no surprise K
    with cancer rainbow mother and but it can a surprise on top
    and we've got our hidden surprise toys in the mail on it

    she handed over to wait maybe we should show
    obsolete turn it around the show everybody the entire capers
    I just remember you cannot eat this cake
    hidden did yep Plano taste terrible
    okay so now we need to cut open
    our view paul I hope beautiful rainbow cake on we're just using it
    Plano see don't need anything sharpen you might not happen and I'll help you
    this is just a pie server okay here we go
    up you how he typically think
    yes good okay there
    yeah I can't wait to see you won't be able to see it
    the Lakewood gonna make sure your
    get it right K panetta huge slice thinking
    hungry and we give head
    old been
    oh my gosh tell
    so it with really partners
    equitable my only threadbare
    didn't bearing their
    is inside armor-plated no rainbow cake
    not the economist in a surprise he did
    hi guys make she clicked the like button
    if you wanna see the surprise toys that we hid inside RK
    and leave us a comment let us know what's your favorite advocate
    highness chocolate didn't think mine is but now life
    now or ice cream K only ice cream cake
    I guess played okay it's on list now to I don't have that would be really
    up but this is disney cars toys love and a
    our lives a
    good *** ***