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( ) - how_to_make_a_fondant Mastic from candies Marshmallows laced with butter(no milk) how to make

Mastic from candies Marshmallows laced with butter(no milk) how to make

    ( ) - how_to_make_a_fondant

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    Game of Thrones (GoT) Stark Sigil Cake Tutorial/How-to (with lessons learned) - YouTube !!!
    hijack a first fans cell
    I baby said cakes
    were is a start
    K I'm start no
    have K well already doing actually
    of fun class and campaigns
    with royal icing on top that black an impressive now are
    i right has I
    screw-up I'm not screwing up a whole cake and ice cream on
    also you can make this has
    way has you want to do
    make cake yeah state haha
    its yet you know a fun a picture
    %uh this starts in July iraq we want just the outline
    it easier for you starts it already
    picture hariri why that s clear outlines
    something finds out present outside
    you want the actual giant city and
    now you gonna wanna do is roll out funded
    your dryer and John Road at about a quarter of an inch thick
    that's not too thin that it all fell apart but it's not to think that your
    image is gonna stick out really far from the cake
    you don't need to worry about the shape to the fun and just make sure that it's
    been a
    than your image of the inside a bit you going to be
    cutting out the edgier image later anyway so the overall she will find it
    really doesn't matter
    what I would recommend a is color you found it
    color at the scene color as the outline of your image so if I was thinking ahead
    I would have colored my fund black to match the Atlanta star Exeter
    you wanna do this because after you cut out your image later
    the edge color very fine is gonna show
    you see what I mean later on video trust me you want a free color find it to
    match the outline of your image
    or the background color cake if you already know what that's going to be
    yeah ruled out to be an ass I
    you want from what i hear all that out
    he's for
    chance for US part paper
    damn you sir said black fun and happy that way
    finance takes it all caring person he and
    here same here are working
    Stephen black of serviceable well-funded
    so make sure on something easy if you require
    was here that money its
    place yeah I'm he does on
    or easy to like this which is basically just
    one shit like plastic
    US tracer rounds the Indians
    and incinerated on
    saluting our drought sister yet
    on as you can see the alan is pretty clear if you get this
    you don't have to be as detailed in trial the inside lines if you don't want
    I did this because I was gonna be isn't easy to gray nose and help me decide
    where is gonna put the icing
    after you put on your background color you're not even a series and in so don't
    worry if you screw up for anything like that just make sure that the outside
    are very visible for you once you realize how you want them
    you wanna start coloring in the picture burst going to be doing a background
    color right now said don't worry about black icing
    are you are right now is some great a frosting few things like sexual
    yunis royal icing it's very simple you just makes icing sugar
    a little bit water and some food coloring that
    are you is color and within the lines
    if you want your details with the input multiple shades of grey
    India I use to she's a gray but is really up to you
    just color the picture and and then
    when you're all done coloring and you wanna go through with
    a fine P presh in just sort of refine the edges
    a little bit you know mexico hours if you want to you
    just make it so that the background at it looks how you want it to look because
    once it's dry
    its to rock
    okay some photos and after I did the background color is
    honestly me looking back I can only ship left it
    this you'll see why later okay so
    after the frosting is dry to the touch doesn't have to be burned right yep it
    so this trend said he could bring your finger over it not much it
    you an ad on the outline color like I said before
    wish I left it just the background color that I look kinda cool but as gone for
    detail so
    again the black royal icing and I did
    just that I went around and I did %uh the outlines that basically everything
    as an issue paper
    I true ended

    here's a federal love the finished signal with the outline
    i picking up pretty cool that year was a little scary but
    I'll that as pretty happy with how it came out I still prefer
    the on outline version the more abstract prisoner
    this list are to go downhill I'm an impatient person I know I am
    and I shoulda known better than to be inspected anyway I did not let the
    sizzled Rhianna before picking up and try and put on the cake
    I let it dry and maybe an hour maybe two hours
    that is not long enough for that mineralizing to try so after I cut out
    this is owen I tried to lift it up to date on the cake
    it cracks in it bands and it was just bad
    so I'm not happy without that came out and then also since I didn't cause the
    had a tense match the outline I had this really
    ugly white edge all along the
    armed perimeter of the picture so I had to go
    in with royal icing pain dry around the
    heads colored then and I just look messy shimmy
    on yeah i like it so it
    what he should do. is color find it like it owes you had a tiny that match a cake
    or smash outlined whatever giant you and let your royal icing drive preferably
    and everything should be golden I hope to learn from my mistakes
    and their if you DJ this project you
    are happy with the outcome in the end it really didn't matter
    it to you 2k I hate red velvet cake and under the red wedding
    so whatever note to self
    be more patient next time thanks for watching *** *** How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!! *** *** Fondant Ruffle Cake Ombre Style Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys looking to raise these days that spot in the subset I'll be teaching
    you how to make this ruffled cake has some background and here they have
    colored with them black america langella food color and I'm using a circle cut
    out cut out my sooo cool that's about four centimeters to one and a half
    inches in diameter up to make the ruffles you can fall to see all four
    corners region photos they have two continents as two different clusters of
    before they can create that taking a phone patentable to land just thinning
    out and thrilling out filling out the edges
    bolt what's hot on the fund in half on the phone plan I'm just getting a little
    bit of pressure as I go around the funding side and add a little bit of
    steam onto your fondant covered cake to make a nice and techie then fold up
    you'll also calls and puts them into the fondant cake just like
    find giving them all a different kind of style of ruffle looks really pretty
    instead of just having like all of them being four corners or even being a tu
    cuenta ruffle his mixed it and kind of presents the K&N shaped it to be a
    little bit more open and close maybe cover up a lil bit more of the cake
    could just go along with it see what looks good but I think the diversity
    really makes the part I mean all these different shapes that are stuck directly
    above and I called my fund in a little bit ly Thai just a little bit of white
    funded to a black teacher I made a made sure to color in little bit lighter each
    time to create that nice effect it transitions release movie because each
    day is different color he's showing you just how he did that at a little bit of
    white fondant whatever we have left making it a different light and shade
    and then continue up the cake very easy just time consuming but totally worth it
    Jeremy Guthrie connoisseur of raffle and as you keep growing you realize all the
    different ways that you can make the ruffles and here I show you how I meant
    that three cuenta con ojos I folded it and then a pee shooting on one side and
    that creates like it that's a three-cornered I think that would be my
    favorite kind of awful thing looks really appreciate that once I reach the
    very top of the cake I just put on some rare white truffles to color it at all
    and you can stop here or you can go up another layer ruffles that you cover the
    very edge of the cake I can win up and above the age of the cake I think that
    looked really nice and you can see him
    the clothes that I was going to stop here then I realized surely you can see
    the back of the ruffles on the other side so I thought I do one more layer
    and hide those and it looks really nice when I do that extra layer of countries
    closer love really neatly on the very top of the cake plus the end just
    filling in those spaces

    hours just to decorate the outside that's because I was truly be ages and
    also so changing the colors that they went if you went to doctor lee ages just
    have a really believe that if you would just one color then you're probably not
    offer good our way but I think when you through the ages just looks a lot more
    delicate and elegant so if you have the time I step we wouldn't skip that step
    and if you like you can just go to my channel applet a new video every Tuesday
    and Saturday thanks very much a guy and I'll catch you next time *** *** RAINBOW BUTTERCREAM SWIRL PINATA CAKE tutorial - YouTube !!!
    height so he can't deter
    accent is a little bit fun that we're gonna do Pina
    okay way it surprise inside and you can cheat list price: you up to date which
    is fantastic
    and I didn't reach the sweet butter cream swirl
    in multicolored you can decorate my like that he would you describe decoration
    this is not a video that shit
    exactly how to do it but my just she has the
    isn't K solicit said
    UK board ready for the base and then
    going to get my cake ready now this is a two liter
    unprovable so that's why he's too but my KK
    an optimal needed a recipe that you find on my channel
    I hey makes Anna

    fall two hours now
    back in a week just come out beautifully a
    you can say like this and this K
    is then she could fit in just a couple of the top so many you
    bowl to invent it just slice of the best so it's nice and straight
    the new some just
    trimming the bottom third it's got a nice black face
    this walk the talk K because it
    then and NC turn it
    find a

    planet can't okay so now into cups
    into four sections but what did he say
    is unjust put a notch into the cake so that when he comes back together
    if there's any unevenness it won't matter
    because I'll put it all back in the same place now and it is I handed people
    cut contraction for cutting helped then by all means go ahead but
    about an inch off the ground who did this is how and only
    cupcakes I hand is cuts or just a little bit
    indentation all the way around the K
    they did to the twins up and then on to you that I am confident he can round
    another I do and then hopefully
    meet in the middle thank God
    so that's my first lead
    I'm gonna do the same thing going up the cake
    %uh the new
    it's not like a kid in four slices what I'm going to do a
    it is certain that this is just my normal circle cutter
    you can use some of those and former is that you can get Justin say
    market this one happens to be a three and three-quarter inches wide which is
    perfect for the sides K
    so wanna do isn't going to take all
    the top lead and
    the bottleneck and with the remaining
    insight lead I'm going to
    cut a hole use in circle cutter now
    actually I didn't think that they say can say weekend
    might do it like this cake
    eat it point to make cake pops
    I'm just to make sure that I could exactly the right hole in exactly the
    right place them can
    and now I'm going to sell okay using
    ski okay hope
    wages eight-inches' this one which is slightly bigger than mine
    K the K&N to delete her bowl comes at just under eighteen just about perfect
    and wanted a is a police in buttercream if you want to get my basic buttercream
    recipe you'll find
    my channel and I'm starting with a very basic
    but screen for the do you want it apart well later said this is just gonna be
    own shape the cart I'm just going to transfer
    the cake and make sure its third
    set a bottle and I'm just going to put
    lead but to create and
    what's in there the
    theme I'm just gonna lie
    to look and goodman et les
    on Sunitha in the right place
    and then I'm going to do the same
    way remaining there so obviously a
    just going round the side this time just being careful theme
    okay this is the exciting bit
    gotcha already very cold and sleepy do what you like but these are gonna
    please my children their rent yeah
    not just the
    helpful if you are using certain sleep like for instance Maltese he'll even in
    to not only the cake straightaway sometime they can get to school it's
    just a little bit Catholic any of those sweet let the color comes off in your
    but he didn't effect when is no problem if you are a he simply said profits on
    likely strengthen little sweetie wrappers that's fine
    but they should be okay I'll quite nice and steady and then I'm just gonna talk
    it up but carefully
    adding the but scream around the edge line to look
    and that we good now I'm just gonna finish this all
    fighting the cronkite
    %uh %uh the math okay
    boulder covered and yes say I'm just going to
    put it yeah but screamo why not make a colorful
    opened place Mike acres just come out and vote for this is my cousin
    Hall because it's crested in the fridge I'm not not believe that it is placed in
    the center
    presented mostly and
    I'm going to start my day the middle
    Duke themes
    %uh I
    okay now in between well it. have to be hot
    put clothes in another video he was C-dot just click on the link now
    all didn't have a look inside
    and see what we've done you ready
    and this is a
    some big cuts in the temple in and seeing what's inside trust me
    came love day and if you want to do a little more than adult version this is a
    bit on now
    is cutting at this level he spoke at a ritzy
    you don't know what I put into this one day it however
    because amendment
    its me Easter see them clearly
    only girl he threatened the beauty happy Easter eggs because that cover their not
    deteriorate inside
    say Happy Easter
    with up but the Creswell cake
    I hope you like it ttyl don't forget to subscribe to my channel
    I'm keep working %uh are
    in *** *** Airbrushed Galaxy Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** How To Make A WALKING DEAD BRAIN... cake! Red velvet cake, fondant and raspberry jam! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to had a cake it I'm feeling a little under the weather today
    so bear with me
    the Walking Dead premiere is a few days away and how long is round the corner so
    I thought I've got a cake
    ultimate I certainly feel really hungry I wanna call Kevin McCallum Kevin base
    of this human bring kiki is red velvet cake batter than a portent she would
    eight inch round full
    get that don't she but this whole day has been off for me because I forgot to
    turn my other than
    I love you so all of the red velvet batter in the pan and
    it looked so once my cake is cooled I just carved away all that extra matter
    that looks really creepy and then i turn my cake out of the pool and began to
    carve so just hit hard with the sides to get it a little bit thinner and then I
    carved away just a little curved underneath the brain
    and I carved out this little crease between the brain hemispheres I'm really
    looking to just create a base shape for my brain because most of the shape and
    the detail is going to come from the funding that I lay on afterwards
    wasn't happy with the basic shape of my brain case I sprayed with simple syrups
    and give it an ice cream coat with my Italian meringue buttercream and then I
    put my brain cake in the fridge to chill guys ready to touch of my lips to you I
    feel really dry now the microcode is chill and I Swiss cake one more time I
    don't have to be as particular as I usually am what I need is for the
    buttercream to help my fund it
    time to prepare flesh colored actually pre died from fondant with burden the
    golden yellow and a little bit of black shelf color I better on my flesh colored
    fun into tubes so I can recreate this rainy I don't we wanted to try out some
    new role a few tubes at a time
    about four to six inches in length and just picking up all the phone off
    rolling it and to choose and then applying them to the brain and starting
    again and doing this completely free and I don't think two brains look exactly
    alike so I'm just going to go for it
    always weird research something like this was you feel like you're not doing
    it right as you lean it's such a small piece but the more I added the more
    confident my God to keep going
    lower quadrant and I covered that and to bring upside down it's really cool
    because I love my head of brain doesn't really have any flood services at all so
    I didn't want like he glad I added 12 along the bottom all the way around and
    then even at the front of the brain at the bottom and that's how I began I
    really wanted to keep the definition between the two and then not because
    it's not perfectly symmetrical I wanted to keep this definition clear so I put a
    ruler in between so that when I added the funded the other side it wouldn't
    touch and stick to the fondant I had already
    of my flesh colored I knew I wouldn't see the whole service is my brain is
    gonna be so I wanna just recreate he sort of soft rounded shapes you see here
    so I rolled two bowls of fun and Latin America bit to fit under my brain and
    then I used to love from my medical kit rather than a sculpting tool and I just
    made these lines just like you know the cerebellum lines when I'm happy with my
    cerebellum and it's looking go ahead and place that my cake stand first and then
    add a little more fun for support before putting my bring cake on top of time to
    get my brain cake in place I carefully lifted up and make sure that the back of
    my brain is even with the cerebellum underneath they just don't care of the
    few more details I'm gonna use one of my trusted medical tool to further indent
    the little sort of herbs and all the little corners and
    toral you interpret really you know the brain to release you know I really
    should have learned my brain terminology before doing this video but to be honest
    googling human brain just open so I really want this brain tumor voice and
    fresh items I am seedless raspberry jim is just Russia on all over my breen
    getting into every little corner every little nook and cranny every curve and
    especially developing a ton of gym in the middle between the two years or
    something like that
    this cake look like a bring its actually kinda scaring me but *** *** CINDERELLA CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Portuguese Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a magical Cinderella cake
    inspired by the new disney cinderella movie. Cinderella's ball gown was so amazing as she
    runs to get back to the carriage it reveals the layers of fabric that are underneath and
    the back of the dress floats out behind her.
    To make this cake you will need a double quantity of my sponge cake recipe baked in two
    and a 1 L heatproof bowl. The recipe for the sponge cake and the frosting and all the amounts
    of fondant are on the howtocookthat.net website and I'll link to that in the description below.
    Once you've filled your two tins and your bowl you will have some mixture left over,
    and I want you to bake that in another 8" round cake tin. Because we will be using that
    as well for the back of the dress and some other bits.
    For the frosting make up the white chocolate ganache and cool it in the fridge for at least
    a couple of hours then add it to one batch of vanilla buttercream and mix them together.
    And the recipe for those are on the website. Place a cake board onto a plate so you can
    get your hands underneath it to turn it.
    Add a little bit of frosting to stop the cake slipping and then your first sponge cake on
    top of that. Spread a thin layer of frosting over it.
    Make sure your cakes are completely cooled and level off the tops of them before you
    start assembling the cake.
    I am adding some sprinkles to the frosting between the layers just to make it pretty
    when it is sliced. Then add your next sponge cake on top of that and more frosting.
    Then the bowl shaped cake on top of that one.
    Using a serrated knife cut a small hole down the centre of your cake, you don't want it
    too big because we want it to hold the doll in place.
    We want cinderella to be running not just standing still so put one leg forward and
    cut down one the side of the cake. So that we've got a slit going down it.
    Then add the straight leg to the centre and the other leg in the split of the cake. Rearrange
    the doll until you are happy with the position of her foot. Making sure that her body is
    upright. Now we want to fill that gap. Using the smaller
    sponge cake that we made cut a chunk and shape it to fit in the gap.
    Add some frosting and put it into place.
    Now with the rest of the cake that you've got left over there cut out curved shapes.
    They can be as big or small as you like and then add then to the back of the cake so we've
    got that flowing effect to the back of the dress.
    Now where her foot is we want to take some cake away so we have room to add frills but
    can still see a little bit of her leg and her foot. Which will have a glass slipper
    on it we'll make it look like that later.
    Now for some shaping, we want smooth out the curves over the dress os that it looks like
    it is flowing around like fabric. We don't want hard edges. And we want to shave off
    just a little bit at a time. Down the back of the dress make it smooth
    where the different cakes join to each other so there aren't lumps and bumps there so it
    just flows down. At the front of the dress when cinderella
    is running it sits a bit flatter on the stomach area so just trim off that bulging bit
    For our crumb coat take a small amount of the frosting and melt it in the microwave
    or over a double boiler to make it liquid. Then spoon it over the cake and spread it
    out. When you have really fresh crumbly cake like this. I like to do it this way because
    it is easy to get a thin layer of frosting without pulling chunks off the cake and making
    the cake have holes in it. So you can just spread it out with this liquidy melted frosting
    you can spread it out really thinly.
    Once it is completely covered refrigerate it for about
    minutes or until you can touch
    it without it being sticky. Put the rest of the frosting into a piping
    bag and just pipe it onto the cake. It doesn't matter what pattern you do it in. Just like
    colouring it in just to give a layer of frosting on there. Then use a spatula to spread it
    out smoothly and take off any excess frosting.
    Once you are happy with that place it back in the fridge.
    Mix some different coloured fondant. Now in the movie the layers of the dress are blue,
    green, lavender, lilac and white. So you can mix a range of colours there. Take
    a piece of one colour roll it into a snake and then use a rolling pin to flatten it so
    that it is about this thick. Then use a fondant tool, you can get these on fairly cheaply
    online or from cake decorating stores. Roll it along one edge just to thin out that edge
    so it kind of ruffles up. If you don't have one of these then you could use the back of
    a teaspoon instead.
    That gives you some ruffles but we want to make folds along the back edge of our fondant
    as well. If you have tylose powder adding that to the fondant before you make your frills
    will make it dry out quicker and hold its shape faster. Flatten that side at the back
    there and trim off the excess fondant. Now grab your cake out of the fridge and add
    some flat fondant behind her leg. Take the frill we just made and add it into place going
    over her leg. Now you are going to need some screwed up pieces of non-stick baking paper
    to hold up that frill until that fondant dries out.
    Continue to add more frills, little sections at a time are easier to work with. And use
    your tool to make sure the ruffles are round and open and looking surved. We also want
    one or two layers of frills around the base of her dress going the whole way around the
    cake. Make sure you have a nice shape of frills coming down the side there so her dress can
    drape down along that line. So you want to make sure you have a smooth line of frills.
    Now roll out a nice piece of blue fondant and using the same tool as we did before make
    ruffles along the bottom edge. Flip it over an rub a little water onto the
    fondant so that it will stick to the cake. The drape it over the back of the cake lining
    up the frill at the base of the cake so you can just see the other frills sticking out..
    As it narrows and comes in towards her waist just pinch it in to make pleat sort of things
    in ti and use scissors to cut of the excess. Using the same tool we used for the ruffles
    gently make indents in the fondant flowing in the direction of the dress.
    In the same way add a piece of fondant to each side allowing it to bunch up a bit around
    those front frills. So that you've got like a bit of fabric bunching up. Smooth and trim
    it around the back and blend it in where it joins to it just looks like a crease in the
    fabric. That will be easiest if you cut it on an angle going down in line with the direction
    on the fabric on the dress is flowing.
    Wrap a piece of fondant around the body smoothing it out at the back. Then cut another piece
    in the shape of the front of the body with a v shape at the base and add it to the front
    there. Once it is in place use your knife to cut the shape of the top of the dress and
    take the excess fondant away.
    Add a couple of lines going up the dress on each side.
    Repeat that at the back. Apparently for the movie it took
    minutes to get the corset
    and the dress on the actress and if she ate anything while she was wearing it she was
    in pain. I think it was a little bit too tight.
    Make one more frill, add it around the top of the dress and flatten it down in the centre.
    Roll out some pale blue fondant really thinly and use a straw to cut four tiny circles.
    Place them in an almost square shape overlapping in the middle. Then use a knife to make two
    indents down the centre. And add to the top of the dress for butterflies.
    Add some cream coloured ones too using a tiny bit of water to make them stick.
    Now for some magical sparkle. Brush some white luster dust onto the frills and onto the dress.
    Cover her shoe in white luster dust, and for the shoe I used a little bit of clear alcohol
    to make the white luster stick to that plastic there. Then add a gold butterfly so it looks
    more like the glass slipper in the movie. And Cinderella is ready to go to the ball.
    The ball gown for the movie took a team of
    people a total of
    hours to make You
    can make this beautiful Cinderella cake in a day.
    And if you want fireworks from the castle just use the Surprise Cakes App. Add it to
    your backdrop. The bigger you make your marker the bigger the fireworks will be.
    Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolates and desserts, click here to see
    more of my videos and here for last weeks magic chocolate flower dessert and here for
    the How To Cook That website. Have a great week and I'll see you all on
    Friday. [music: Mountain Flight by James Brett used with permission]
    And if you want fireworks from the castle just use the Surprise Cakes App to your backdrop. *** *** CAKE TREND ~ Buttercream Flower Wreath Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hi today I'm sharing the
    on FB lowry lovemaking but being plowed
    and saw any you happy requesting be
    lowry subscribe to my channel don't be
    any lot
    coming weeks right now
    she had me beautiful re make the flowers uneasy
    last week cream recipe at details below in the description
    you can check media FB back at night in some beautiful pastel shade
    I'll peak peach and hurtful I also have some
    in an actual about it being hola as well and pale grey
    I've gone ahead and play happy into Outback
    again and detailed list below every single color I used
    as well T sign went along with it I think we were eating
    two different sizes all a capital T have my trusty
    ball which you know I love
    on everything ok I'll except the have 84 St
    which is just basically like a junkie vision of it
    I have absolute number seven our names here
    as well as extra ok shortly
    and we have lots and lots little parchment sweet
    lab aunty and lastly I have to compete right
    he's anything that you like all toppling contain
    leads pretty much anything he can bind ask that you can play
    Saint Louis of reach because he won't be
    out nice and between I onto the cake
    now the she company we mind on
    p and do you think creates a beautiful thing
    rise the best thing you need to do is just attach
    a little bit into it place passion
    on smeeting damn and just
    want you around at all now making sure holding
    I'm with the I and what
    and the smallest top I'm just gonna do a quick
    regal kind shake you

    all the way around just like
    out flowers that we don't have pics go around
    little rainbow shapes staying with foreign this trial
    and row this time thing
    an apt and happy beautiful
    rise by some hot
    a little regal
    loop it around and do not always been one
    and on next round blaring
    happy final run
    house at least understood to help
    many thanks between flowers and I just take the passion paper
    all placed under P sheet and one thing happen in time collection
    openings bridge nesler I'm gonna be working on it
    a beautiful her close rise Sony

    patenting and process
    this time I'll to layin just a little
    now with all the flowers on me from right to left
    I'm left-handed most people who are right-handed do you find it much
    yet to be from left to right thank you of direction
    and oh and if he was comfortable you
    now to make that point in my rights he did the same little wriggle
    start any place you I think it's right
    and a half and even regal around
    keeping as small as you can
    Sunday evening to go around just
    nice me tools quite long
    now to do final flower we're going to stop me angry
    and building a little kind and I'm going to come across
    very close to me make all metal scrap this trial
    going to switch to our white Angela roe by
    also very close to me
    another row lean just a little bit and finally
    run it comes how much
    would be

    finally making lawson's we tap pale peach
    humanity more detail see Apple awesome
    hey imputed time and we should
    detail once you have a tree full you can pop it into the fridge
    so I'll investing Donna I'll cut
    apps me cream on each round cake
    Thursday take my hail p same colors K
    and pie around the edge
    not alway inge just all
    by that happen each earth me and
    he got my flowers asked and the parchment
    and buy some family
    and some me
    and million lined and buttercream
    taking and blossoms
    and placing them on top and then taking

    late packing tape and then
    perhaps only time I'm gonna squeeze lol
    more Rico just to get and on texture
    you can also see do another idea leaves
    you now but in Boston okay
    and final touches number sheet
    now playing what green into the center lawson's
    and the guys we have out lowry
    K I hope you guys enjoyed left yes
    saw him anymore you but I P I'm here in the east
    Mario the next few weeks and mom he should
    left town don't be found any valid *** *** How to make a makeup cake tutorial. Bake and Make with Angela Capeski - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back to another upset if they can make
    I'm a jerk pesky to diminishing had to make this my cupcake kit first for gonna
    set up by making I shudder
    and you need to roll out some black fondant am I gonna be using a
    centimeter square cut up
    need to cut out one square pates and then we're going to be using it to
    round cut up and we're gonna cut at four circles from that's quite a pace thing
    now call four colors here
    am I gonna roll out a lot pink make any use that

    to sorry to see him a day round cut up and begin a cut-out
    Cirque from each color there same with the pink one
    and one patron name
    now manages women take some shoe clear all

    I'm just gonna brash the inside of this
    am circles than making a place all four circles
    inside that that case there
    K now we're gonna make the little brash and we're gonna roll out along pace
    attack fund in
    and just measured up against that
    and that section name I'm gonna take
    to small light poles hey let's play some sugar on the side I just roll that out
    with little point most take one on that side
    nor do the same with the other side as well
    K now we're gonna make the plush
    and the plush section namely to roll out to pink
    piece a fund in and I'm using air
    for sentiment around kinda thing so I just roll out for
    different colors day
    now wrote some black fondant when using a five-cent it may cut ever gonna cut
    out threesome sorry four circles
    take a circle cutter for before am I gonna just
    cut out inside of their circles there
    now going to take some sugar Clearwater I'm just gonna spread
    the sugar around that circle there
    I'll take that that ring name a place
    over and around when
    now any make their and the PATA section now
    now I just roll out I liked page
    a lot and using a
    sentiment around cut out by Anna cut out that
    circle thing roll out some are ancient
    fund in
    using the same round cut I will cut on the circle brought some black funding
    using a5 centimeter square cut a cut out one square
    I'm gonna take up
    cinematic cut-up
    place it in the same today can cut out a circle take some sugar
    and on our range pace we're just gonna spread some schindler around
    circle they take up black
    pace own place at around circle thing
    now you need to make
    too precious and a row to some black fondant
    some gray fund an aka down and just
    to orange circles and is using some sure burglar
    to stick those faces together and discourse down
    the round pot thingy take a shop
    and which is gonna cut that top section name
    to keep it the fresh look

    role at to pink
    am to pink pieces and this is going to be for the pencils
    take some I've refund in them to spell that out for the fam pot at the pencil
    and clear that on a same
    the other one stake a small piece of pink fondant for the front
    tip the pencil I just play some that at the front thing
    and SCANA beef the lipstick in need to make three if they
    aids so distraught some black fondant and do the same with some great fund in
    spell that out
    take a knife and cut that part off
    some sugar and we'll stick that pace and
    the plaque part take some
    pink fondant roll that out in this is gonna be
    the top part of the lipstick misusing a roll-up
    take a knife and cut at an angle than
    just clear that I'm with some sugar Claire
    and leave that injure I need to take a seven inch cake
    and unbanked when he a with four alliance
    and what we gonna do ease way going to stick their
    and those last two a cake for day some using white chocolate can ash today
    used by the crane and used to spread
    and the Ganesh on the port take the first layer
    now placed on the board a and is feeling each land we think a Nash
    I'm eating chocolate can ash here and a
    just spread some around the outside and on the top
    and I'm using a scraper ting get even
    and even ages surrounding just finish it off they
    now I'm using pink fondant today
    and need to spread am sprinkled out some icing sugar corn flour
    and roll out the fun didn't gently lift that and place it I for the cake
    make sure to secure the ages for say am they don't tempt take a knife
    and we're gonna cut that excess funding of take a smooth out making a smoothie
    and the scientific cake
    now covered a 12-inch bored with some life under
    not placed Irvine around and I'm gonna use a royal icing now I'm just gonna put
    some in the center today
    am against spread that out there I can secure the K
    key am onto the board day so just lifted up
    and place it in the center thing
    a place to ribbon around the bottom section name and I've cut out
    a message there with the sky taken by these cuts from any cake decorating
    and a stick them on the board Dane can get it done here is up to seasonable
    and from trying on
    send texting so we're gonna do you use
    we're going to take some should glow what up everything stick
    Alito figuring since the cake said just place a little bit issued by Antony
    and the position the figurines
    am how've think look good on the cake
    so I can name sky someone donates
    i'ma stick them on place a few on the board as well
    I'm just do that
    with all of them
    in the week I am beautiful
    my cupcake as you can see by the videos quite an easy cake to make
    am if you allow the fam figurines to drive at night they're easy to handle
    so thanks for watching the video and place
    free to subscribe to my channel and I look forward to showing you another
    video again
    thanks for watching buying *** *** Make a Smoking Volcano Cake - Dinosaur / Hawaiian Party - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English English
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Volcano Cake Tutorial where I'll be showing you how
    to make this great, smoking volcano cake using your giant cupcake mold.
    If you follow my channel, My Cupcake Addiction, you'll know that I love to show you how to
    make not only giant cupcakes but heaps of different things using your giant cupcake
    mold. I'm a big fan of many users for the one [pen].
    So tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    Mine's going to be for dinosaur party so I've actually made mine as part of a great, big,
    dinosaur, volcano cupcake tower. So I've got some little plastic dinosaurs.
    Now I've picked this up in a pack. They came with all of these trees and it's a really
    common place at the children. In Australia, I bough mine in K-Mart for
    dollars and
    dollars I got, I think,
    pieces, and more than I could ever use. So the birthday
    boy is going to get a lot of extras when we're finished with this cake.
    I've got myself a square cake board. I'll leave details of the size of this cake board.
    And look, it's really going to depend on how many dinosaur and how much of a setting you
    want to put around it. I've iced mine with a bit of green icing so some green fondant.
    And I do have a whole tutorial on my channel that shows you how to ice and fondant a board.
    So I will leave a link to that in the description box below. And I've just got mine on a little
    cake decorating turntable today for ease. I've got my giant cupcake which has been baked.
    We do have a whole series on how to get your giant cupcake or baked and out of its little
    cupcake liner. I've used a mud cake today because I want a really heavy-duty cake for
    this volcano. We're going to be coring out the center of it. if you use something like
    a mud, it's quite a dense cake and it's going to hold its shape a lot better than if you
    use, say, a sponge. I've got those on a cooling rack.
    And I've got a couple of trays. Now this is just going to be the catcher of our mess today.
    I've got a circular cookie-cutter. I've got some of our dark chocolate ganache.
    And I've also got some white chocolate ganache. I will leave all of the ingredients for these
    recipes in the description box below. We have a whole tutorial for the dark chocolate ganache.
    For the white chocolate ganache, I've made the recipe as per the instructions below.
    Then I've halfed it and I've colored half red and half orange. You can use any food
    coloring you like. It can be liquid, paste, gel, powder. It really doesn't matter for
    ganache. I've got a small serrated edge knife.
    I've got a big serrated edge knife or a bread knife.
    I've got just a smooth edge or a butter knife. I've got some scissors.
    I've got a couple of zip lock bags. And for our smoke effect, I've got just a
    little plastic shot glass. You can also use a little candle (Inaudible
    glass, plastic, it doesn't matter. And I've got just a little new medicine dropper.
    These are any about a dollar for us down at the local pharmacy.
    You're also going to need a little bit of dried ice. Now, initially I thought, dried
    ice: what a pain, where am I going to find it from? I got dry ice pellets for
    a kilo, which is so much more than I am ever going to use. It lasts for a few days so long
    as you keep it airtight. It doesn't need to be stored in the freezer, so long as it's
    in an airtight container and it gives us that brilliant smoky effect.
    So let's get started. Now the first thing that we want to do is
    we want to carve up our giant cupcake. So you can see there's going to be quite a bit
    of mess. We'll pull our rack out here and pop that off to the side. I want to try and
    catch some of my mess so there's not as much cleaning for me to do as we get through this
    tutorial. So you want to make sure that you've got a
    nice, flat bottom on the base of your cupcake, you can see there as it's risen, [for] it's
    drying on its face or cooling on its head, I guess. So it's flattened down quite a bit.
    But you really want to cut it along, sort of along this line with the ripples because
    you want that to be the base. So you might go just a touch underneath that. We'll have
    a little bit of a ganache circle. So as I cut that, I'm actually going to turn
    the cupcake around. That will give me a really nice, even cut. Fingers crossed. And look,
    for your volcano, it doesn't matter if it's not a
    a volcano, it's a mountain so it's not technically supposed to be perfect. It going to be just
    a little bit there that I need to trim off and there's my nice, flat base, ready to go.
    Turn that over. You're looking at the bottom half of your volcano. We'll pop that just
    down there. This is going to go with some of my leftover ganaches for dinosaur cakepops
    to go with my extravagant dinosaur desert table for my son's birthday.
    So you want your top here. Now you're going to take the top and I'm going to cut along.
    So I'm holding it here but you'll notice I'm not actually at risk of cutting myself. I'm
    just going to hold it because I'm holding underneath where the knife is going. And once
    again, I'm turning. You'll see how beautifully the mud cake cuts in comparison to, say, a
    sponge cake. Alright, so now you want to just position
    that on top. And what you can see there is a little bit of overhang. So it's kind of
    looking a little bit like a mushroom now. We want to trim that over hang off. But be
    warned, this little bit overhang can be a little bit crumbly because it's quite firm
    because of the different cooking spray and the cooking oil that we've used. So I like
    to get my smallest serrated edge knife. The other thing we want to do is want to cut
    off these little ridges that are common with giant cupcake cases. So to begin with, I'm
    just going to run my knife around being really careful not to cut yourself there. So I'm
    going to run my knife around and just smooth them out. It's just going to look a little
    bit unusual if you've got a big volcano that's got kind of these perfect circular ridges
    on the top. So you don't have to be perfect about getting them out. So once you've gone
    around your first layer, just position it on top. So you've got there sort of nicely
    sized. The only thing that I do want to do is just grade down that edge a little bit
    because it's just looking a little bit like it kind of drops down a bit too neatly there.
    So leaving that on top of that giant cupcake. I'll pop it back in my tray just so I can
    once again store the mess. I'm just going to go around this like this, just by eye.
    And just shave it down. Alright, now for our volcano, we want to take
    the top off. So I'm just going to cut straight across the top. Have a look at your circle
    cutter. And once again, this might change depending on how big you want your volcano,
    I guess, hole to be. But I don't want to take too much off the top there because I do want
    to try and retain a nice top to my volcano. So that's about the same size as my circle
    cutter. You want to go a little bit bigger because you need that flat ridge to come out
    about a centimeter all the way around your circle cutter. So I'm going to just go down
    another centimeter and cut it again. You can see how many cakepops we're going to get out
    of all these cut off. That is perfect. So this is going to be where out lava sits and
    it's all going to come over the top of our volcano. We'll just do a little bit of tidy
    up and we'll come back and we're ready to get decorating.
    Alright, so we've cleaned up a lot of that mess. Now take your nice, neat top and make
    sure that you sit it down. I'm just going to sit it behind me exactly in the same direction
    because we've trimmed it pretty well perfectly the size. You don't want to be turning it
    around here. Take your circle cookie cutter and right in
    the middle there, push down. Leave it sticking out just about a millimeter so just a fraction,
    fraction of an inch and give it a twist. Now this is the great thing again about mud cake,
    as you twist it, you can actually see that cake is now twisting in that little core and
    pull it out. You don't want to go all the way to the bottom of the cake. This is going
    to be where our hidden lava is. So when I actually cut the cake, lava is going to flow
    out of the center of the cake which is going to be visually spectacular. But you don't
    want to cut all the way down to the bottom or your lava is going to seep out underneath
    your giant cupcake. So you really need that cake there to catch it.
    So now for the top cake, once again in the middle. You just want to push that cookie
    cutter through and I'm going to push that all the way down because that's quite a thin
    piece. Lift it up and push all the way through. So you can see there, I'm actually pushing
    it all the way through. And then we'll push that cookie cutter out.
    So take your knife, we're going to take a little bit of that chocolate ganache and just
    moisten the top here with a little bit of ganache. That's just going to be a delicious
    glue. And then we'll stick our volcano top back on. Perfect. Now we can see a volcano
    starting. Now what you want to do here and it does get a little bit messy, hence the
    tray and the cooling rack underneath, is we're just going to scoop this ganache on and just
    cover the outside of this volcano. You could leave it raw like that. It still does look
    very volcano-like. But you don't want to expose the cake to the air. It's going to dry out
    really quickly. So this ganache is going to seal that cake and make sure that it's going
    to last couple of days. So you don't have to be frantically making it on the morning
    of your child's party. So you can see there I'm just going to use
    my knife and I'm just going to start at the top and just, almost just let it fall down
    or drizzle down. Don't worry too much about the rim of the volcano because that's going
    to have our lava ganache in it anyway. And I'm just going to smooth it over until that
    covers the whole thing. Alright, so you've got your volcano there and that ganache is
    still really wet and quite sticky. So if you'd leave that for an hour or so that ganache
    is going to start to firm up. And when you do actually serve this cake, it's not going
    to be that wet and sticky. It's going to be quite firm. It will actually almost solidify
    a little bit around the outside of that cake. So it's time now to apply our cake to our
    board. So we want to take our cake board. You want to take just a little bit of chocolate
    ganache and this is going to glue the cake to the board. Pop it in the center. And then,
    using that knife, we're going to lift the cake off the try using the knife. You can
    also use a pellet knife or [you might even] use a bread knife for this just because it's
    a little bit longer. So I'm just going to slide it underneath the cake. Once again,
    my cake, a lot more stable than if it was a sponge. And don't worry if you're moving
    a little bit of that ganache around. I'm actually going to stabilize it by just putting my fingers
    in the larva hole, transferring it. I'm going to take my other knife and I'm just going
    to push that up against the cake as I pull this knife out. Beautiful. A seamless transfer.
    So we're ready... We're getting to the point at the end of our volcano tutorial now. You
    can see it's really starting to take shape. So what you want to do here is take your zip
    lock bags and we're going to put some of our red and some of our orange ganache in each
    one. So one's going to have red and one's going to have orange. Make sure that you let
    any air out of that bag before you seal it up.
    Alright, so from here, you can probably guess what we're going to do. We want to just cut
    the corner off your zip lock bag. So just make sure that you're not doing it over the
    cake. Just cut off a corner. It doesn't have to be particularly fine. So I'm going to cut
    off quite a chunky corner there. Make sure you know where your little piece of plastic
    has gone and pick it up as soon as you can. You don't want to risk that plastic going
    into one of the cakes that you're making or any part of the cake you're making, especially
    not when it's a kid's cake, actually when it's anyone's cake.
    Same again with the orange. Alright, now for the lava, I like to hold
    them both together and spin as I'm going. And then turn them around. Beautiful. Once
    you get to about that full, SO about
    of the way full, take your toothpick. And remember
    we want this to be visually spectacular when we cut it. Take your toothpick and just give
    it a little, kind of a little stir. But don't stir it too much than you combine the
    You really just want to marble them. Now, what I would suggest here is keeping
    some of that ganache and applying these last little bits just before the party. So if you're
    going to make the cake the day before, make it to this stage the day before and then you
    can add all of your little figurines and all the other bits and pieces, and then leave
    just before you're going to bring the cake out for the party. Before your guests are
    going to arrive, come in and finish filling and do your final effects so that it looks
    like really, nice, fresh lava. And that way, particularly if you're going to do the dry
    ice technique, that way your ganache is going to be really really nice and easy for you
    to put your shot glass into. So I'm going to serve this cake on a day and
    I'm not going to put my dried ice in my shot glass in until we're ready to serve and sing
    "Happy Birthday". The cake is going to look absolutely gorgeous. And then when I want
    to... I guess it's going to look a little bit different once we put that shot glass
    in. It's going to be obviously a shot glass sitting in the top of it. So we'll take the
    cake away, put it in the dry ice, bring it back, smoking candles in it, singing "Happy
    Birthday", and everyone will be amazed. To finish this cake off, I will finish it
    off for you today. So what we're going to do is... taking your... Actually, I might
    use the orange ganache first. I always prefer to have more of the red than the orange. I
    think that lava is typically more red than orange.
    So I'm just going to take it and out over the side. Nice big globs of lava going out
    over the side, all the way around. Now taking your red... And this is... It really
    does start to get messy. Like I said, I like to have a little bit more of the red. So taking
    your red, over, sort of in those gaps. And don't be afraid to kind of go over and then
    over a bit again so you get that really nice dribbly effect. I will also mention with this,
    you don't want your ganache to come all the way up to the top of that crater. You want
    it to be just below when it's all finished. And if you can, you really, you want it to
    be sort of pulling it at the bottom of the volcano there. It just adds a really nice
    effect to it. So if you're finding that your ganache anywhere
    is not going all the way down, you need a few more kind of bits of it around the bottom.
    Just do a nice, big, thick, blob on top and it will just naturally kind of ooze down that
    way. Now take your toothpick again and give it
    a little stir. And then you just want to just push some out over the top. So it kind of
    almost have to spoonful of... It would have been a little bit better here. Just push it
    out over the top and just give it a really nice, big, marbled glob over the front there.
    Stir it around. Make sure that you've got that marbled effect happening. So I think
    I need just a touch more orange in there. Put a little blob of orange on top. And give
    it a little swirl. Alright, so to stick down our dinosaurs, I'm
    going to use that ganache as just a glue. You can also use melted chocolate depending
    on how far you want to transport that. But this ganache is going to set quite nicely
    anyway. So I'm going to take my trees first. And I'm
    just going to put a little bit of any colored ganache on them. It doesn't really matter.
    And I'm just going to place them around my volcano. So at this stage, if you have perhaps
    spilled any little bits of crumb or you got any mess on your board, this is a great great
    way to cover it up. Add in a few trees and add in a few dinosaurs in anywhere that's
    not perfect, suddenly becomes perfect. With your dinosaurs, just put a tiny little
    bit of ganache on each of their feet. You really don't need much and they're going to
    come off the board really easily if you use ganache. You'll just be able to pick them
    up for you. If you use chocolate, they will kind of require a little bit of prompting
    to get them off of the board. Stegosaurus. Alright, so
    I'm happy that's all looking pretty dinosaur-y. Now, it's time for our finale. I've got here
    my dried ice. So I'm going to take that dried ice and I'm going to submerge it into that
    nice melted lava, just push it down. So you want to push it down. And then you can see
    why here I decided not to do this, like at the very very beginning when the cake first
    goes out because you can actually tell if there's a bit of shot glass in the middle
    with dried ice in it. So it's not ideal for the whole day but certainly for the main event.
    So I've got some hot water, just tap hot water, and I've also got my little medicine dropper.
    And you just want to take 4 or 5, just depending on the size of your medicine dropper,
    5 to that warm water and pop it in there. And there goes your smoking volcano.
    So there you've got your fantastic smoking volcano. I hope that you've enjoyed watching
    this tutorial as much as I've enjoyed making it for you today. And make sure that you head
    on over to our channel for lots more great dinosaur tutorials. Thanks very much for watching. *** *** Rainbow Cake: How to Make a Rainbow Cake by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!! *** ***