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    HOW TO MAKE A LEGO CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Today, I got so many requests to do something Lego. And I got a lot of messages from
    people saying, Ro, I’m a beginner baker, would you please bake something that’s
    easy mode. So I thought why not combine these
    Today I’m going to be make an easy mode Lego cake!
    I love Legos, I have been playing with them and collecting them since I was a little
    kid, and I even started a baking collection. See I got my little Nerdy Nummies set
    down here. Oh hey guys, it’s Ro, let me just open my, oh… Open my oven, oh yeah, and stick
    a little, oops, stick a little… Stick a little cup… OH! Oh god,
    I need to glue these down.
    Stick a little cupcake in the oven, and put it on
    and bake for
    The things you will need, will be: 1 box cake mix, I’m using a yellow box cake,
    but you can also use pound cake, that’s a really good solid cake, to take a
    square shape. The recipe includes 1 stick of butter,
    cup of water.
    You’ll also need Pam baking spray to grease your pan, the pan I’m gonna use is a
    rectangle pan. Yellow, red, green, blue food coloring. Or whatever color you would
    like your lego bricks to be.
    Cream frosting, and big marshmallows, not the little ones, the big ones!
    Not jumbo though… Those are the huge ones, the big, the medium…
    The medium marshmallow.
    Let’s put this all together!
    Then mix it together for 2 minutes on a low speed!
    Once your mixture is all smooth and ready to go in the pan, you’re gonna take your
    Pam bakng spray, or you can grease your pan with butter, that’s fine too.
    And just spray all the corners, make sure you get all the edges.
    There we go… Pfft! Pfft!
    Actually smells really good now, they must have added a scent, like, a,
    vanilla or something in there! Oh they changed the smell of these!
    Now you’re gonna take your batter, and just pour it in… Like that.
    Now you’re gonna heat your oven to
    and bake for about
    While your cake is baking, we are going to dye all of our frostings.
    So you’re just going to take vanilla, white creamy frosting, scoop it into
    a bowl, like so. It’s very sticky, get in there!
    And, just start by dying them, I’m gonna do yellow first.
    Because I want a yellow brick.
    And then mix it around, oh yeah! Oh, oh!
    And make a mess on your table!
    Once you get your frosting the color that you like, time to do the other ones!
    Once you’ve got your frostings all colored, take your cake out of the oven and
    make sure it’s had plenty of time to cool, I put mine in the fridge for about

    minutes, so that it’s nice and cool!
    We are now going to level, using a little cake leveler, and you’re just gonna
    walk it… Errrrr! Thought the cake, so that we have a nice flat top. And take off
    the excess, oh yeah! Now what you’re gonna want to do is cut your cake into
    You’ll need a sharp cutting knife, and I’m just gonna eyeball it…
    Now we’ve got our lego bricks cut, we’ve got our
    I got this idea from the girls at Betty Crocker online.
    It was a really, really cool idea, I really like it.
    So we’re gonna take 1 of these, lets take a long
    Let’s do this 1 yellow! Because yellow is sunshine happy!
    You’re gonna actually frost 2 layers, the first layer is what the Betty Crocker
    girls called the crumb coat, because we’ve cut up this cake a lot,
    all of the sides are exposed, and it creates a lot of crumbs, so you’ll put on
    1 coat, pop it in the fridge for about 20 minutes, and then put on a second coat.
    Now we’re just gonna frost the whole thing, all
    And you can get really messy with it, because we’re gonna pick up the cake later
    and put it on a new surface, so, feel free to get messy!
    I just took this cake out of the fridge, it’s nice and cool, and now we’re gonna
    add marshmallows, so that they look like Lego bricks, I’m so excited!
    I saw this tip online, it’s super easy, form the Betty Crocker girls, you just
    take baking scissors, and a little bit of Pam baking spray, and you spray your scissors,
    just a little bit! Ooh!
    There we go, so that they’re nice and greasy, when you cut your marshmallows.
    So what you’re gonna do is take your marshmallow, and just gonna cut it
    in 1/2, and they don’t stick, because the scissors are greased! Ah!
    OK, and now what we’re gonna do is dip them into the frosting. I have microwaved this
    frosting, just a little bit, for like just, 5 seconds or something.
    Just dip it in, pull it out, ah! And, here we go, I just use my finger, you can
    use a spatula if you want, but I like to have fun and get a little messy.
    Just use your finger, go all the way around, push the frosting down.
    And then again, I’m just going to eyeball it, and guess where this goes.
    I’m guessing this goes here. And then you’re just gonna keep doing this for the rest
    of the little Lego lumps.
    My lovely Lego lumps, check ‘em out!
    And if 1 accidentally falls in your mouth, that’s OK, that happens all the time
    when you’re baking! Oops!
    And remember, when you’re making these, the big lego bricks have
    little nubs, and the small ones have
    Ta-da! Our Lego Cakes are all done, they’re so cute and amazing!
    And, there’s no fondant used, and these were really, really easy to make,
    easy mode! Lego Cakes! I hope you guys liked ‘em, if you have any other ideas
    for any other Nerdy Nummies, please, leave me a comment below and
    I will do my best to make them happen!
    OK, thanks you guys, bye-bye!
    Oh my god, this Lego cake is so yummy, I just gotta take a bite.
    Oh god, that was so good, I just gotta have
    Ah, I’m stuck in the cake! I’m stuck in the cake!
    Little bit too much cake.
    Eragh! Oh gah, oh I think I’ve overdone it! Oops!
    Need cake, errrrrrr! *** *** How To Make A STAR WARS BB-8 CAKE. Learn from Yolanda, the CAKE JEDI! - YouTube !!!
    welcome I'm making a Star Wars and you don't turn away from me and any use this
    as my model to make the perfect EB I already told you I'm not you landed on
    princess land this case I needed ten pounds of my traffic recipe which I
    baked into a tenth round stainless steel balls and a five-inch around half of a
    as usual I gave all three of my case a simple syrup show remember you can find
    my simple syrup bottle just click the link in the description below simple
    step helps keep the escape voice because it takes a long time to be a time maid
    to clean two day yes I have seen how cute you are what you would have taken
    me longer to start my cake I need to attach a small board to what will be the
    bottom of the entire BB I've got a three-inch around bored out of foam core
    and I punctured a hole right in the middle of upward and I'm gonna security
    to the bottom of my eight inch here with the melted dark chocolate then I thought
    that cake over and keep the money poured onto a bigger keyboard I need to glue
    the top half of my sphere to the bottom half so I'm little mix some Italian
    meringue buttercream to look exactly like BB I do like blue once my brother
    he was ready desperate and nice even layer onto the bottom half of this year
    then I add the top half of my sphere cake and strip away any excess but are
    people coming out of the evidence this is going to be deviates but now I give
    this entire ball of crumpled in white buttercream and put it in the fridge to
    chill for
    minutes to be a little head
    don't I placed the flat side down on a five inch round cake board then I cut
    out of film score again with a whole punctured right in the middle
    obviate little head with a challenge and pop them in the fridge with his body for

    minutes to over his head just like hovers over his body fat is some weekend
    I don't see you I mean you shake your head a lot but that's not really the
    same if you watch how did he get you probably know the deal by in hell when
    my kids are children nice them one more time and popular in the fridge to chill
    again at this point you really want to make sure your kids are well chilled is
    what you're gonna do is what your hands its new that any bridges and
    imperfections in your butter cream shop this look like it lights up right
    perfect cuz I'm about to talk about rolling funded I wrote some white
    fondant and cover the has to be sure that is his head pretty easy shape to
    cover because it's not any sharp edges just leave your phone on top and smooth
    around with your head and then use a funding from there at the bottom edge to
    get that phone it really nice to take up against the Keith before you trim away
    the excess and if you need more tips and tricks on how to roll funded properly
    check out my phone it has video there's a link in the description below once
    again I roll out a large piece of white fondant to go over this entire it
    insurance fear you'd be surprised how much fun to talk
    underneath his fear of course I use my funded lightsaber as always to pick up
    my large piece of fondant and drape it over my giant beer keg and then I start
    to work from the top down more than that fine in all around the sphere and when I
    get down to the bottom really pulling apart and he falls
    undercutting away excess as I go but take your time but I think a little
    piece of white fondant in my hand and use that to smooth the actual cake so
    I'm rubbing onto fun to patch decreases at the bottom of the sphere I take a
    little bit on my way funded water it down to me what I call funded pace and
    that I just used that into any little cracks or groups down near the that the
    planet fund I live on a planet where I was born that's what these cakes away
    and move on to detail Boyd BB the orange details on BBE im gonna use modeling
    chocolate that I've dyed using buttercup yellow sunset orange and ivory
    it'll match my buttercream for the details that will be silver I have
    created some fun day with a little bit of black gel color to be in a steep
    great but I will later paint with a silver Highlander so I roll out my
    orange modeling chocolate and refunded as thinly as possible and place them in
    the fridge to chill found templates of all six of these patterns online which I
    printed out to be the size that I need them to be these templates and a very
    sharp knife to cut out all of the details in my orange modeling chocolate
    and my grief on this to cut out all these details I made use of circle
    cutters and even if you thought ulanda was detail-oriented
    she's in the leopard galaxy of detail
    orange circles now I need to add all the little in dem on the surface of BBA
    better under twins before putting the grief on the birds on BBE I have to keep
    the silver I just every single part lightly with silver highlighter and a
    soft people that I placed on all of these silver parts in their place making
    sure to keep a close eye on BB went picking up your luster coded pieces of
    fun and be sure to touch them really lately trying not to touch the surface
    too much with the silver will come off on your hand but don't worry because we
    don't live in a bit dirty
    you don't have to do everything we just met and you get me right you understand
    of course I didn't have all the details
    by cutting out all the details out of orange modeling chocolate and refunded
    by also roll out a little bit of blacks on it because his head does have some
    black detail unfortunately for BB said I have no template so I have to do all of
    this price right thing and I did used one of my favorite cake tools but
    they're not even a kick to it is an onion chopper that I found in Germany
    but a pizza cutter all lined up beside each other and I just roll it over my
    phone and get a perfect strip
    inside of these films are the little bit of that's what shortening and then press
    in a bit of black fondant press it into the spoon and then I set the list tried
    to let the fun and set up a little bit was the father was a little bit stiffer
    I used a sharp knife to level up on it in my spoon and then tapped out both I
    thought the
    the side and want to making both antennas antenna I what is
    intended as a white piece for each antenna and what i do to take a little
    bit of silver floral wire and I just rolled out the government pays to the
    right size insert the wire that will help my attention then right on BB and I
    just recreate the indentations on one of the antenna and then I set these aside
    to dry there is a deep dark green around these i've if you look into them and
    there's a little bit at the base of his large antenna so I'm gonna roll out that
    color get started on those details to help secure his eyes to his head
    I'm gonna is a bamboo skewer and some royal a sea of this is because it's a
    little bit of weight on these eyes and the cake is circular so I don't want
    them all he be a job to do
    needs both of those people are gonna leave comments certainly does
    to finish FB these gorgeous eyes I'm adding that green detail along both of
    them actually get a pressure at the surface with a little bit of clear
    piping gel baby when he looks into your eyes
    was just there are a few pops
    of color on BB so little to finance cut those little details and add them to my
    BB yes he's mine it's time for the final detail and BB head which is actually the
    underneath of his head after detailed lucky for me the bottom of baby's head
    is actually not black so I have to figure out a way to recreate that shame
    using some kind of foam core he's more detail
    who designed BB I want to congratulate them and get angry at you know what i
    mean that's how I feel right now the head and the body are done we need to
    bring them together to make BB I begin by cutting a dowel that will be long
    enough to run through his body and secure I Drive that dole down into his
    body with the sharpened and now I look out four points around that cause I want
    to add $
    to secure the week of the first down but first a little hole for
    two cakes together but the other dollars will support the weight now that my gum
    paste covered bored with the dumpy squeezing down and I use a little bit of
    royal racing to help finally i plz baby's head on top of this porn again
    using royal icing in between and just using a sponge I just gently puts his
    head down onto that when measuring your dow always a little shorter than your
    measurement because you don't want to poke through through that beautiful had
    my kingdom in my galaxy will say princess land is careful in peace
    that's the sound in the background of princess lined up I was overwhelmed with
    emotion BBA is assembled and ready for makeup I mixed some white white I think
    color with basic black basic brown and a little bit of black coal dust I apply my
    paint with a makeup sponge I trimmed away a bit of the funds will be softer
    and I would get any line for a dip in the paint dab off most of it onto a
    paper towel and then debit I could be a droid apart what do you think
    DBA is
    I feel so proud of him and you know what this is this is what happens when you've
    been in seven movies you know what i mean you don't have time to do something
    with this much detail check out my holiday baking house ebook link in the
    description below I teach you simple fun recipes that will save you time and
    tastes good and impress all your yes all become something and good luck to
    everyone out there I can't wait to find out who wins this
    know where did when do I have to drop them off again thank you *** *** Lego Style Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi and she had to make this fun Lego cake
    let's absolutely spectacular and it's really really tough for the way
    it looks like the top of the icing is being cut to those he reveals the
    legos k come today so there's a few techniques I want to show you
    and that really is quite simple if you just follow and step-by-step
    so the first thing to do is gonna prepare the bold
    and because the bolt I miss you say looks like a leg I break
    and the way that we do these clever little building bricks used by using
    this is a commode here so statecraft amscan move that way
    Unitech aboard up just got a pink gold here and I've got some lovely pink
    should paste and I'm going to cover my port
    so just a nice generous
    sprinkling allspice in Chicago
    polisher yes
    sugar so are
    and control this nice something we don't want it
    take on the bolt
    wall now

    little precious water on top a lot
    to make sure its kind to state
    just a little bit patients and their right to the edge is just in the middle
    and then just lift onto the court
    slight shock opposite K
    scandal going to take this ingenious little
    and text shapes and she concedes just got
    raised so almost bubbles real polka dots
    and and this gonna lay on the top of my
    sugarpaste and then either with your hands all here for us
    trust its smooth of percent pressure down
    on serious need of
    until in phosphate should replace
    they remember where you really need to concentrate on the outer edges
    because the take his country sitting in the middle
    keep checking it just to make sure she because that could patent on the threat
    that's perfect did
    grants of when turning around yes
    simple on this site just try and match office
    question health self
    and then again of
    around this of society of of
    gripe type
    so then what can the list up the board
    and then palette knife push our kitchen knife
    you can just cut around the board
    okay South as you can see it has no posts so well in the middle
    here but it doesn't matter because we only need a outside
    here as long as that's done well that's fine I'm going to leave that to dry
    okay so then the cover the taken everything of the board and then put the
    onto the bold at a later date so to set up to one side
    said no going to make the
    Lego bricks on using just normal sugarpaste ready to roll icing
    but I'm using in a silicon mold sometimes
    supposed to be very very soft so we need something to toughen up a little bit
    so much she adding some ship to sell cm se
    into the mix okay
    now you might wonder how much you need and it really depends on
    what's up you doing with the exception but we want this to work quite quickly
    so I would suggest you get it yourself a fistful
    of sugar paste and then just put a little channel
    in the middle of it and then I would just
    sprinkle public water for tea spoon
    interface for the sugar paste and mix it together
    no this isn't what straight away
    you need to really do this and then just leave it for
    just for its star activating but the street little bits here I have already
    CMC in them so we can use ice try to wipe
    soon as you've fully incorporated all that powder stick into a plastic bag
    and just leave it just developed occult
    so back to all building bricks mold
    now I've got here and a call for help out
    so it's basically an eight muslin filled with cauliflower
    which is a necessity really when using this
    this to the commode because you need to just Daz
    the mold with the cauliflower I mean we are going to tap it out
    but it's really important that the whole or surface
    of the mold gets it is really nice velvety
    dusting of this non-stick powder okay now I also like to
    adds a little bit call flout just to the outside
    of my should pace with added CNC because that gives it
    a non-stick velvety feel as well thank
    so I'm just going to take a little bit I'm going to put it into
    shape my mold and then
    from the Middle undercut outwards
    with my palate not and then again the other side
    from the Middle outwards and that will shape
    your mold perfectly operate perfectly and then just
    it should just tap out now
    have a dusting brush to hand because if you do have any excess cauliflower
    and you can't just brush it off straight away so just to prove that
    this can be done with any of the colors and take
    is long or can't
    den in the middle went up to the end
    in the middle woke up today and just
    Tapout case if you do
    hey y'all Shaka pace properly up in the same scene to it
    then just leveling with a call to lower it
    will make the job so much easier she can say and I've been busy making all of
    these bricks

    and is gonna bring the cake in and show you how to put them
    onto the side K okay so I thought my
    taking to shop as you can say is actually not a cake
    and it's a dummy but you're seeing the using a yummy
    real cake but and state with me on this one because I'm using a dummy cake so
    I'm gonna do exactly the same as what you would do
    you would obviously put a crane or John or something
    on to use ideal type but I'm just using a piping gel just to clean my sugar
    so what we're going to do here is we're just going to
    make almost I could get out clause because
    when you're putting all of these Lego bricks together
    if they don't say all perfectly you'll be up to see the tight
    through the joins so what I'm going to do is in a tight one of the colors
    and keeping kazakhs that's what covered my borden but i wanna the colors
    and all I'm going to do is just cut
    a triangle helps them from the middle here
    I'm just going to
    around the side
    so that's where my lego is going to go ty so if he does if it doesn't join
    perfectly all your see through it
    is pink color rather than cake beloved state what palestine
    dummy so now I'm going to stop putting my
    bricks on this is the exciting home office Lena make sure you dust all the
    now all you not gonna get all of its not BS a perfect
    but that doesn't matter because we do have another get outplayed
    which is this amazing and edible glaze
    sprite now this is and is totally edible obviously but what it does is open a
    really shiny
    plastics or no onto a Lego bricks which makes it look really really
    really realistic one other thing it does is take a while to call traveled
    so you'll see that and it's a bit like to so
    I'm just gonna take my edible glue or
    your kids he said global water as well just a nice
    light coating of this all over that triangle
    sugarpaste and then
    was gonna start building
    up my pattern don't push it too much because you don't want to get rid of the
    you know the AM that it'll break
    pattern you have so painstakingly made
    to see what I'm doing
    multi-use the city skinny ones
    just chime make it easy
    in exciting she can now don't forget to go
    horizontal as well as versatile set but I think you'll probably see that the
    idea raise
    that it's seven the variety and the colors in the shapes and sizes is what's
    really important so I'm going to
    finishes you don't want to watch me do this and I'll come back to when the
    whole of this triangle
    is covered in mud bricks so as you can see I finished up covered the whole of
    and more emergency trying goes let's call it with the
    building bricks and is still looking at a bit cloudy where you store the
    so this is where my magic or as Google a sprite comes in
    so I'm going to and protect myself says
    and but putting into the late
    of a cake box so
    nice bit of Sprite but the edible grace bright
    and then we short shell squelched
    just tougher the whole of the building bricks
    with it spite not got some excess ones I haven't used
    on the cake put those into the box as well give those a little squirrel
    because they can be used just to scatter around the fort on the top of the cake
    at the end okay so what's up to I can lift
    out can you say hey lovely in shiny that lurks now while we're at it we can also
    spray our cake board now this is gonna fit into that
    that little cake late
    but trying to do this often aerated we'll see we'll be there circulation
    but again just when we have scientists shots shots klutz
    someone's big one like that as you can say
    I have a bullet wasting it for the middle around the outside
    we've now got that really lovely shiny plastic nut
    so let's leave that over to that side okay so now
    we're going to and the cover the cake so we gonna do this in a bit if white is
    normally covering a cake
    only move over there to make sure you've got your cake but the bus to clean
    everything on it
    in fact on it have my cake entire
    I'm going to just a nice coating
    piping gently just to make it nice the sticky so that my %uh said
    showcase to stick to it the case of covered my time a waistline
    edible little Mike piping gel and I've needed my sugar pesos nice a soft
    to the rollout actually clashed
    dusting of icing sugar and one on the top
    and then just rolled out she normally would coffee or cake
    I always measure
    whether rolls out enough
    using my voting pain top
    doubts about the link to a rolling pin and that's what I've got here so that's
    so I'm now going to take a palette knife
    them from the middle not say it's probably about middle
    I'm just kind Copts hey
    down and then I'm free don't have to do this
    pointing at me move has a little bits
    tonight cover my K and snake
    cart obviously that's going to go own missile
    home tennsco over
    my lego said has just make sure that you toppled
    although he okay around the outside
    yes police say that I've used that cut
    for that like I've heart so make sure you concentrate home getting this
    all beautifully cover it of hey
    won't come out to this part here witch-hunting
    passing tell I'm just going to take
    this and just thin it out
    so it looks like it's toll in fact you can take some other these bits and

    and space to get the idea
    it's been torn away
    missile is gonna be okayed tearing a sugar paste on the top of your cake
    I think ok great looks really effective okay
    perfect okay so
    than the bottom here let's make it a bit more dramatic
    set hair big lumps away
    that's it perfect K so now we've got thats
    we can just cuts he
    excess away all around
    cited tank
    if you want to use military term that I can see them hiding someone let other
    make sure you show with your leg I've worked really hard
    to create is to make sure that you get maximum
    you local FL and let's take our
    are sprayed cake they remember I'm using a dummy haces gonna look very very easy
    for me to put this on the court
    obviously you're not using a real case you could be the bigger part not so
    she's got one of these
    take lifters or something you need to lift it onto the ball
    police say I'm just using polystyrene song and I have to just a little bit
    pipe in jail just keep take their
    my chances easily left my cake
    Ponce the middle the ball to say you need to properly use to patronize or
    take lifter
    okay and that really easy it's only funny
    we can use some it KK
    to put these additional parts all
    to make it look even more realistic
    and she can probably say let me make this
    this morning can you say that have taken
    some children's Lego men
    at it then to the mix and if you've got a Lego cinematic whether it be a child
    or an adult
    I think that your agree that they'll be toting
    actually ecstatic and dumbfounded when you present them
    with your amazing like a cake *** *** LEGO CITY POLICE CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a lego city police station cake at the request of my youngest.
    To start with we need to make a lego texture mat. Take a lego base board and make a border
    around the edge using lego bricks. Then heat up some reusable food grade molding gel.
    Pour it in and tip it and spread it until it goes all the way to the edges. Then let
    that cool and set. For the frosting take one batch of vanilla
    buttercream and mix it with a cooled batch of milk chocolate ganache.
    I'll put all of the recipe quantities for this on the website howtocookthat.net in grams
    and ounces and cups. You will also need two trays of chocolate
    cake, baked, cooled and leveled. Place your template on top and cut around
    the shape of the first building. And the template is also available on the website.
    Place it on a spare cake board or a plate and add a thin layer of frosting. Then continue
    to stack up those layers of cake until they match the height of the front template.
    Then cover the whole thing in frosting.
    Repeat that in the same way for the next two buildings layering them up and then covering
    them in frosting. Then place them in the fridge for the frosting to chill and firm so that
    they are a bit more stable.
    By now your molding gel should be set, remove the bricks from the edge and peel it off from
    the base board. And you now have a nice lego texture mat.
    Place some light grey fondant over a cake board and roll it out fairly thinly. Add the
    texture mat over the top and using the rolling pin press down firmly all over the surface
    . Then simply peel it off.
    Take a knife and trim around the edges of your board. And we now have our lego base
    Take some more light grey fondant and use the texture mat to make an impression.
    Then using a pizza cutter cut out a 7 x 8 rectangle. Then cut out a section from the
    top of that and base to make the letter for the helipad. Use the side of your knife just
    to straighten up the sides because lego doesn't bend.
    Roll out some black and put the texture mat over the top.
    Then using the shapes that you used for the cake cut out one of those for the top of each
    building, making then a little larger to allow for frosting and fondant on the sides.
    Repeat that process to make some green 2 by
    use you knife to make sure it is straight on the edges.
    Roll out some yellow and grey fondant. Rub a little water on the yellow and add the grey
    to the top. Slice it into little pieces the size of a
    two by one. These will be the lights for around the top of the building.
    Now lets make the windows for the police office building. Roll out some white and cut it out
    using the templates. Remember that you need to do the front one side and the back too.
    I just have the front and one side here. Mark off the centre line with a slight indent and
    add a vertical line too. Using a dry brush add some gold luster dust
    in each window corner and then brush blue over the top of the whole thing.
    Add some strips of white across the base of each window. You'll need to dampen the back
    of the fondant to make it stick. Then trim it to size.
    Cut a strip of blue and place it across the top of each window.
    Then place a strip of blue up between each window and along the edges.
    Now for the prison cut out some black fondant and brush with a little silver luster dust.
    Then rub a little water across to dampen that fondant. Roll a snake of light grey and place
    it across, using your template as a guide for where to put those bars. Add them on the
    bottom windows and then going down the centre of each window. Then add strips of grey down
    and strips of grey across. Cut a strip of white and add that across the top. Add another
    one along the bottom of the jail cell and then add a thinner strip down each side on
    two of the jail sides only, don't do it on all four of them.
    For the garage door. Cut a square of white then make indents across
    and down. Brush it over with blue luster dust and add a strip of white across the top.
    Roll out some blue using the lego on the sides to guid how thick it needs to be.
    Then cut some strips the width of a two block.
    Roll out some thin strips of white and add them to the top of the front fondant police
    station part.
    To the other smaller front bit add a strip one side and a half a strip to the other smaller
    front bit and leave the last one plain.
    Using edible white food colouring write police down the front of the blue support.
    For the police sign Cut a square of white and put two blue strips across the top. All
    of these fondant details can be made up to a month ahead which will give them time to
    dry out. If you need to make it for a cake today or tomorrow then add some tylose powder
    to the fondant which will make it dry out faster.
    Add the cake for the police station onto the cake board. Then add the two smaller pieces,
    followed by the front one. Now put a strip of white along the corner there using a little
    water to hold it in place. Add the side and then the back of the station.
    Add the black roof on top and then add a strip of white to cover the join.
    For the jail add the piece that has white sides, followed by one that does not. Repeat
    with the other two. Then add strips of white the the two sides that need it. Then add the
    black roof on top. Choose the best side of the jail and add it
    into place next to the police station. Cover the whole garage in white fondant then
    add the door to the front and the roof to the top. Then add a strip of blue along the
    edges and add it into place. Add your fondant grass piece out the front.
    Use some spaghetti to support the lights while they set. Just use a little bit of water on
    the back of the fondant to join them onto the cake.
    Add the front of the station, again you may need to use a little spaghetti to support
    it while it's drying out and joining on. Use edible marker to write the police sign
    and add it to the top of the jail.
    Add some strips of blue and the helipad to the top of the police station and a cylinder
    of white and red. The next day remove that spaghetti.
    And add a lego police car and robber and policeman out the front.
    And your lego city cake is complete. If you have a helicopter you can add that on the
    helipad too.
    Big one, blow Yay
    Subscribe to how to cook that for more cakes, chocolate and desserts.
    Click here to go to the channel for more crazy sweet creations and here to go to the website
    to get the recipes.
    Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday. [music: by youtube.com/setsailtv used
    with permission] *** *** Lego Worlds - Cake Castle (1) - YouTube !!!
    lolololololol go away from the mother will hun landed
    I hello everybody and welcome led to a a new let's play on a game called a Lego
    and this is a a brand new game was actually a game that is financially
    out yet this is a a an early access version of the game which means that the
    games basically in beta so
    it might be a little bit buggy it might be a little bit broken and that's just
    because they're they're still working on the the game
    a basically just sorry I trailer for this a game last night and I was like
    whoa I need to play this game it looks absolutely amazing
    exactly the app by the type again that are there like to play
    and awful why not record my first time playing and a bring you along for the
    the ride
    speaking of a riding it looks like I've got a horsey friend already
    as a I don't need to try this game but I said I've really only seen the trailer
    and that's about it
    it seems just a baby mainly about exploring and just playing
    and of course this is a Lego game building and how cold does it look
    like everything's made on Lego like I know that might seem
    obvious step but I after nearly a girl up the the
    other LEGO games like be like The Hobbit ones and Star Wars and Indiana Jones
    like Batman ones all that
    but the thing that I always complain about is the fact that looks at things
    are made of Lego
    blossom things are like the ground and things often on actually made out of
    Lego and below
    hello who are you do you think I get a lot of things
    now on actually made of Lego but in this it looks like
    every single big when the game is actually
    made of Lego and I think that is way cooler and then having like only a few
    things made of Lego so
    now I guess what the %uh the plan is for now it's just explore just her to ride
    around see
    what and who I can find and have a little fun
    who's like a founders is a farm own a desired as a police officer here
    might seem to to get close to people in a and if I'm unlocking something
    well they just waving to me how do I had way way back
    and I'm scared I'm gonna punch the most something cool I can't I consider my but
    I don't know if there's a waving
    command I guess I'll just add to I didn't dope
    I spotted a a a tractor in the the background down here however I go in
    there take this for a bit of a
    right and it is going to be faster or slower
    than the air the horse was quite good but but you're gonna see carry things in
    seems like a little trailer thing on the the back up it looks quite cool
    and the Sims 2 p.m. some chests around him a direct unlock some things in these
    Chester the whole bunch of them around here
    but I can I open ease up an hour just follow who love this money
    okay I'm not sure what the the money does my guess is not money its LEGO
    pieces nearby wonder
    what it does looks like I can actually like Bowie things
    seems like a little menu in the other top left hand corner
    looks like a or maybe just a used to to build it was like I can come to build in
    Paignton things with it
    and it's going to be a little bit about a play around with that then shall we so
    think we're press this button I had right I can do some patriotic by big
    gun being I guess I campaign the ground which which color should i paint the
    ground then let's paint air
    and or just do I a big a stampede a big stampe hill this can be in this campaign
    to all rain so there we go
    welcome just like just squirting like orange fabrics over the the surface here
    like this
    I that's pretty cool what else can I do that a.m.
    I can lower to rate I can smooth I can flatten it removed to write
    let's try removing a bit of terrain men shall we as a how do I do the controls I
    can make it bigger and smaller
    and then although I just like smash through it like this
    step back and just destroy is called a is kinda like grass and dirt in stone as
    so just love the the Lego bricks and they can see underneath
    as well and I guess I can change it to like moving circles
    but wanted to make a few little holes like this I this
    is a really really cool look now instantly I just got up
    a big pit which I can atanasoff particularly useful but I've done it
    and so was I spending my knee my money to do that
    I could actually see where Rob lost any on all it seems to be a
    a floating flower up here Beckham I can't rhyme belly flop if i cant
    was going to one run if the mother is a few other things in this
    area looks like there's a a trough here and all
    I seem to be when I find these items I seem to be unlocking them
    maybe I can later on place these these things down then
    let's go back to be the menu then and to see if I can then place things what else
    do we
    we have come I don't switch throughout her now a brick building
    I look %uh this is how I can build like with individual blocks
    I wish I try an make then let's try and
    be real wood a
    the as they look real tony La hausummi show let's build a little house in this
    seems to be
    a quite a nice place near the the water let's go like down here somewhere
    and there were looking at the controls it seems a little bit more I
    a little bit more complicated so a is placed break I wanna Tuesday
    as that is how I choose the size and things a bit I also wanna choose the air
    the right color
    now I'm gonna build a a orange house no surprise there and I guess I'll build
    with these blocks
    and so I guess I can just place them them anywhere then so there you go
    going to stop placing them down just like a real-life Lego
    I can place them all in a row and I know meter to spin them around I think I
    I didn't look at the %uh the controls for long enough the moment I'll be sure
    how to
    how to to do that am what do I price I think I can do it up here can spin them
    owner nasser undo that is is this to to spin a haven
    I had this is how I rotate them and announced I go back in here
    I can stop placing them going along this way wonderful I can always do them flat
    on the ground I had this is how I do them down lower
    then I can try and fill it in like base pay week I think
    this looks a little bit like a wall was actually bring back a lot of memories
    are I
    and a big a lego fan I used to and Bob still have a a a very big Lego
    collection would spend
    all of the time building and it does really bring back memories building in
    and there you go here is my house let me just
    go through the the dole which we can pretends here I got to spend a tool on
    and now I codes wanna get used to at a running around and
    I just exploring for now there seems to be lots to love this site the ride
    almost anything
    on tobacco's riding ago I wanna ride ago let's get off the the county going right
    onto the little goats good I like but not die like he was having
    the best time of his life so let's go and try and find that the big thing is
    that a little go
    around here let's jump on and let's go for a little bit of a
    a ride i'm happy I don't know how happy the the goat is but but I am happy at
    and it does seem to be getting darker
    I don't know if there are any Google ease in this game or not
    a mushrooming not up with a twist a
    I can really rely on the the show to be the house I bill can I
    really I don't think it's gonna a help me out too much
    the lawn seems to be absolutely massive I don't know whether it goes on for ever
    but it seems to be ago an awful for quite a long while
    okay sorry about that I'm now back in the the game
    I said at this game is in a in beta a so it's not finished yet so be at the game
    might crash in the might be a few other problems like that but yeah you just
    letter to bear with us so are you there was one more
    a bond over here which I'm gonna have a look in and I'm gonna keep on heading my
    way to the biggest thing
    the big thing that I thought I spotted in the distance and
    I can just see yeah whatever the the big thing is at all
    I had looks like I got myself my my first weapon up what a a
    a good assorted ok stop climbing nope just through the door it's very simple
    through the dollar's all I need from you and they're right Calle go two holes
    and is right beside the ball for a little bit I also read story also did
    not mean to charge in
    to you that I know what I think it is a building let's go let's go let's go
    check it out
    I know the list together a snowy area and down that way
    and as the more chess set with some some money in
    and there's some really big trees where she is it was in a building
    or was it just a a really big tree I think my just been a really big tree to
    be honest the head is just a
    it was just a berry berry a tall tree this is quite a cool looking area and
    he's like a little buggy downhill and a polar bear
    polar bear are you friendly
    yes of course these from the and of course I can write it cuz I can write
    everything in this game I
    because there are few yetis around here as well but check out my brand new
    these look cool well let's go for a little bit of a drive
    if I can work out how here we go we r of drug abuse that was going on here
    a look the some wolves in a polar bear fighting o'neill
    those walls the bombing the pool polar bear right you leave my polar bear
    French Huguenots knocked it over
    I got that is made of Lego I just knocked on its side %uh now they seem
    cover really really I can literally
    anything I C that has legs I can just a ride look at you
    up up up up up argue are going to be
    bye bye I want to go back in the the buggy because I wanna drive around
    president that way I got more chance help discovering call
    being the No try not to to run over a polar bear and that would be pretty
    I displaced in school because just pretty snowy absolutely everywhere let's
    just go into
    I keep driving in and see what we can find seems to be a big pit down here
    wolf steady now
    steady I cannot be a yet another the best driver in the the way out
    this is cool to see we can like drive up this hill it seems to be able to drive
    pretty steep places which is quite handy I said we've got to be the edge of the
    the snowy area
    I we're going back to an area where there's lots of trees and lots more
    things for me to try and crash into
    yeah I don't think this is them the ideal ground to drive a little was not
    with a skeleton alright is the skeleton friendly I'm a shooting all
    he wants a boxing match alright stick it up sticking up the old one too
    hi I all I seem to whenever I destroy them
    I seem to like unlock something I'd recommend dress up as the mall with
    to see the skeleton there was another go to discharge her over the years go take
    this guy as well then I generally use my sorted out as bi don't have much time
    an hour maybe it is look you can see the other moons going up
    maybe the the Google is are coming out but because it's dark
    okay this is how I can customize myself so
    I can come to choose my characters I really only have the
    the two at the the moment hook up in like a porn
    yeah I don't seem to have any case just a good I like barnaby new characters or
    anoint I really show i hack here we go he ready
    the characters that i've seen let's dress up is that the Skeletor
    maybe if I dress up as a as a skeleton
    and then that way the other skeletons are going to attack me and is looking to
    buy vehicles as well
    how let's go let's buy a list by a small plane then shall we
    eyes are gonna just appear all I got a few of them I think
    I right let's go into let's go and try and fly away then shower
    this is the way to travel all look britain is a the plane right there
    anyway I just wasted my money in those

    right next to me anyway and a helicopter no it doesn't matter we get to go
    and a fly around in this rather awesome looking playlist it's like this is the a
    the ocean there doesn't seem to be much underneath the the water not that I can
    anyway he keeps like showing off new areas maybe this is new BIOS
    that are found this seems to be like a really big I shot down there
    believe is a statement I got a job how I could have a look at this Ibiza Spain
    men here
    checking if anything inside them of course there is lots of
    I love these LEGO pieces that I can go in that pic up and there are let's go
    back into my plane
    I parked it very nice little is known as the snow bed all over the place down
    race going to keep flying and %uh see what else
    we can find in this a this crazy crazy Lego world
    yeah looks like this just skeletons all over the at the place at the moment
    I just because it's night time they don't seem to be too much above a friend
    I was able to do with them quite nice that is another
    is another lady wondering around down there I want to try and find some more
    but because that seems to be where we love the the chest are
    which is where all the the new items are let's go
    and to keep flying around and see if we can find any building the sixties wheat
    powers around the place doesn't seem to be anything on top of them though
    over yet there is them lots of man-made buildings
    now all over the place and the new ones have exploded found some more things
    a prominent have another go trying to do some actual building at all
    look at this place the call the that the swirly whirly trees look down here
    okay welcome back to the the video sorry be the game crashed
    and I actually played it for a while longer and then again crashed again and
    then I sadly did lose the footage
    Arbor I was busy I was busy will firstly I discovered this desert
    which was pretty cool and I found some pyramids and I went to look inside
    and so I kinda just destroyed them a little bit upcoming which one it is one
    around Delhi those couples as well
    happened he's a pretty cool as a yes and I i found neither does a hip
    and I've been exploring and I've actually started building
    my very first home all miss some so money's down his I wanna watch out for
    a yes so basically I have been building business I
    and this is called cake castle and so
    it looks like I was very impressive I'm was a really good at building is costly
    seen as big lollipops up there
    and in the middle of course there's a a a very big cake
    I which I put down over the way up in doing it
    as if I T goto to hear I can actually just place
    in at these already built things as if I wanted to add this a very colorful candy
    I could say look just place the here and I fly up
    and I kinda just were let down hello love the %uh the bricks they get built
    and then I have myself a very lovely colorful candy cane
    it is cool as a let's go in at one on the the other towers let's go into this
    candy cane
    down here like vs
    mannequin gunfire I love these bricks and then yeah i feel myself like a
    castle so
    I what I hope you're able to do is like you could build something
    and then save the design and then you can keep rebuilding it
    as many times as you want just like this look there's system jelly is well known
    as all these different houses and things
    and this is how I build the actual card as well there's one for a car so
    you can just place down and George as well let's let's let's build a little
    George George can
    got the other castle foresees one of our guards i buy less gas go inside there
    let's go inside
    and my first house I will eventually build a proper house which I will
    actually built myself rather than doing it this way
    this is pretty cool is pretty cool how quickly I can just have this
    great big massive thing here made outta love these
    these different kinds of blocks and I you can also
    I just bring in whatever animals you want the sci-fi one today a
    a pet dog inside my car so unita
    to buy it the first time with the the Lego bricks you found a bit then
    I think you can just bring in as many as you once I could stay
    dog I want to have lots of dogs
    and then I think I keep pressing this is going to give me lots of dogs
    all made maybe is a maybe cuz I was already riding a dog you won't give me
    another one let me try
    and a selected now and here we go I got myself another dog
    and then I could go in if I wanted get myself for another dog and then I can
    have dogs all over the place around here
    his are reminding me of my lovely world already I know what else can we do then
    Wallabies alike difference
    sets okay a changing seasons
    right let's see what happens here so I'm gonna place this down here
    and I guess I'm gonna build something so basically visa like the LEGO sets
    and that you would buy in a in a shop I kinda alter together so it's rather than
    animals in biko's a nice color everything together so there's just a
    nice little house down here
    hike I go inside I died on tobacco year ago
    a good inside the house and who love God going up stairs
    lookin you save me you see being the little window waving
    I below hello there little gonna turn right you come into the building again
    out this is cause I guess you can
    probably collected by hello love these different step there is a lot of fun
    things you can do I can dive into the pool
    I can try and dive into the water
    I guess I wasn't very very graceful at doing it as a little barbecue down here
    as well
    but I do a little bit of cooking on the barbecue %uh this is so cool
    this is awesome I'm cooking a a nice little Lego sausage down there
    let's have a little bit over Alibaba bite now I do need %uh something to me I
    think I'm skin and bones at the moment and I can sit down a little louder I
    have a little bit of a relaxing time have a nice simple by English breakfast
    absolutely delicious I this is their life this is the like this is cool
    this is a a nice little thing this is be a car here as well I guess I can
    I can go in take this term for for a spin so maybe I can just by disc are
    separately now this is a
    a very traditional Lego car this is the at the title Lego car I woulda
    build when I was playing Lego let's go for a little drive it's very
    fast and very crazy it's kinda my little bit difficult to to control driving this
    thing around. it's a
    I a very quick but I do wanna drive around for a little bit I do wanna see
    if there's a anything else and anything new for me to explore its like
    anytime I just drive or fly around for a bit I keep his running into new things
    week but a full circle but I just arrived back you followed by
    my dog that cake castle I didn't realize I got in a a
    a complete circle and he is George again doing a a very good job keeping God
    let's go and drive off in a
    in the its direction than chali mentality we can find around cases to be
    Robert weed and bright colorful flowers in this area
    these assume some logs I think those were down there
    and who's this guy hello sir I at a pirate's
    had this is guess I thing every time I discover wannabes new characters
    a means that I'm gonna be able to to dress up as them so I'm just hoping
    I'm gonna run into a cap soon a new PC that is a dragon
    has a track in over there right let's see if I can be brave and I can go on
    back to the the Dragonfly got that sorted night so can I use disorder had I
    can use the other sought to attack let's see
    if I can go make my way to this dragon and the if I can I am
    I S lady the evil dragon and say love the the residents of cake castle
    I a right direction I can make that jump over the long haul
    all out nope i guess i cud hopefully I'm gonna
    a startup yeah I started off very close by so what I can do then
    is I can build my bridge across rather than having to to be stuck if i go to
    I can just go and make myself my very own bridge so
    if I go I'm just placed a scare like this isn't it a bit pointless Eli can
    see if I can fly them building it
    if I kinda just do this it's not the best bridge page should work if I can
    climb around here and then jump across their ego
    I do my bridge to get across in a little bit closer
    but not quite close enough altogether a wizard
    maybe an evil wizard that's controlling be the dragon is well down here
    well it's going to build myself another bridge I think I'm gonna go a little bit
    I go around here like Mason just based on all over the place and now
    if I go back to her to playing I can come to climb across my
    very rough temporary bridge I can go on the
    and they're trying to slay the dragon all he's not he's angry at me well look
    at said I could press white
    I think I could've actually reading the dragon by then if it's too late now
    because I've
    angered at all I did it I slay the dragon armor hero
    and now to destroy the evil wizard take naps and thats
    and okay I don't think is an evil with that he doesn't seem particularly evil
    is just a look standing here looking a little bit worried at me
    this place is cool though was that is like volcanoes and lover around here
    anybody to be very careful not to at 24 limber
    it's like you're quite a quite a and also mary let's go make my way up here
    but somehow there's a a snowman here is what I want I saw
    how there's a snowman I love the way you can just climb up
    any of the %uh the walls as well as you not getting stuck everywhere
    hazardous volcanoes all over the place around here should we go into
    climb up to the other top
    these volcanoes and we can have a a look
    inside and see
    that is anything call in there let's go and a climb up the the edge around till
    getting a
    a little bit stuck a.m. okay well I mean the volcano now
    but not only the way I expected to I think there was a an option

    per he got my supper here ivan is an option as well
    to whenever you want ther to skydive yell if I press guide I've
    then no matter where I am I can just go and fly back in
    from the %uh the skylight yes I things are supposed to be if you get stuck
    insiders them block somewhere but you can just going to start skydiving
    I anyway I think this is a been a good first look
    at this the at this game I let me know what you think
    now I think so far it looks a really really cool I know we're only
    as tracking the other surface after the Amana things that you can do in the game
    already at the address that this game is not out yet this is still only early
    access so
    yeah let me know if you are enjoying it and if you wanna see a more videos
    held this game out certainly like to to play more the game into your if you want
    to see a
    and I'm very happy to share it with you about now wanna thank you all
    very much watching and I will see you all
    later bomb *** *** Lego Movie Pancakes - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hey guys today I making a Lego pancakes made up my pancake batter in a bunch of
    different colors they have a yellow here and I'm just gonna market the outline of
    the lake ahead then I wanna come back in with some black white and red for a cute
    little town and just make an adorable face these squatty bottles and you can
    find them most of the cheapy dollar stores and they are really fun and easy
    to use
    come back in and stuff feeling it even know I know that these aren't quite as
    exciting and fancy as the spectacular pink a coffee see on youtube but they
    are still super fun to make give it a minute or two to cook
    and then flip it over on the Lego block so I'm using my red again and I'm just
    gonna make a big rectangle and the great thing is if you're not happy with it you
    can just go back and add a little bit more sorry for the blurry camera guys
    it's trying to focus on a black p.m. so it's kind of tricky now I'm gonna make
    some little circles just off to the side and that's gonna be the little chunky
    bit of a Lego top if you wanna see us make the recipe out of the link below to
    our rose pink cake and that has me making the recipe itself on camera so
    that you can see exactly how it's done but it is super easy and it only takes a
    few ingredients now it's time to stack it all together and enjoy it with some
    yummy maple syrup and be sure to check out all of our other great videos for
    some call Katie ideas *** ***