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Making a Frozen Buttercream Transfer Machine Making a Frozen Buttercream Transfer how to make

Machine Making a Frozen Buttercream Transfer how to make

    Making a Frozen Buttercream Transfer

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    HOW TO MAKE CAKE POPS! - YouTube !!! *** *** How to make Cakepops! NEW IMPROVED Cake Pop Recipe! Firm, stable and perfect for 3D Cakepops! - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to kpop recipe let me show you how to make this gorgeous
    really study and really stable chocolate flavored cake pop get started now the
    base ingredients for a cake pops recipe today we've got some dark chocolate
    we've got some within cranes that's good about a
    percent milk fat it is quite
    a heavy cream in at the top of cream you'd normally whip to use with the
    dessert that's the basic strike a proper ingredients along with al-qaida no I'm
    gonna leave all of your measurements in quantities in the Description box below
    I'm just using cupcake today because they always break through so I always
    got plenty around you can also use a whole cake or even a store-bought cake
    for this because I'm gonna turn them into some gorgeous little cake pops as
    we go through this tutorial I also got some sprinkles I've got some jeff is
    which are a lien chocolate but you can also use red M&Ms or red peanut M&Ms for
    a similar somali pop sticks the melted dark chocolate for dipping I've got a
    microwave-safe bowl and just a couple of spoons so let's get started now the
    first thing we going to do to make a cake pop mix is going to take that
    chocolate dipped into the bowl and we're just going to pull of the cream over the
    top of that cream in that regard off into the microwave for a minute I'm
    going to migrate that for one minute and then stir and then another minute and
    then stir until the cream and chocolate is completely dissolved and that
    chocolate has completely melted through the crane but do make sure you just do
    it for one minute intervals on just a medium-high speed in the microwave
    that's what it looks like after a first minute so just take his food and just
    gently stirred around so you can see that chocolate melting
    and starting to really blend in through that cream give it a good stir until you
    are happy that your total you can and then it goes back into the microwave for
    another minute after a second minute in the microwave
    this is what you've got now I'm pretty happy that that's cool going to melt
    through nicely so don't be tempted to our microwave it make sure that you do
    give it a really good staring between you don't want to burn that chocolate
    Minister that I'm pretty confident that all those lumps and bumps are going to
    come out this cake recipe is one of my absolute favorite we have made cake pops
    in the past with buttercream and they work and they're fantastic recipe but
    I've been making them with Nash lately just because it's a lot sicker and it's
    it's a lot fairness are rather than getting that really sweet frosting
    tastes of your regular butter cream cake pops what you end up with a really rich
    5g kpop always more like a truffle and it just seems to hold its shape a lot
    better it's really good for the different shaped cake pops so you're
    sort of different characters and things like that that we make on a channel my
    cupcake addiction if you wanna see some great cake decorating tutorials but it's
    also recipe make sure you head on over to a channel insist you charles finished
    and have a look we've got nora many great ideas for decorating your cake
    pops alright so I'm happy that my kind of good nationalist you there is not and
    smooth so I'm gonna put that off to the side until we're ready to use it now
    here comes the mint tea pots and make sure that you've got clean dry hand if
    you're using a full take just chop it up into smaller portion it's just gonna
    help to get a little bit easier to crumble up so I dislike take the two
    cakes and just crumble them together you can crumble them in your head
    easier to sort of use one cake to crumble another it's a little bit
    quicker you can also just pop all of this together in a food processor and
    blend it up until it's fully combined but not everyone's got a food processor
    I like to do it both ways here if you want to make sure that cake is really
    nice and finally crumbled in your bowl before you go adding any of that can I
    show I'm happy that I've got a really nice find crime there with my cake so
    now it's gonna be a simple as taking your chocolate and cream mixture and
    just pouring it over
    know about two-thirds of it in and this is because the amount of cake you're
    going to have is going to vary slightly depending on how driver had cake is so
    light about to turn around and just have a look at that consistency so what you
    looking for is you want to combine it all but what you want is a consistency
    where you gonna be able to roll into balls and it's going to be able to kind
    of hold its shape you can really add too much when it comes to get but just to be
    on the safe side just that little bit the EU consistencies coming up and you
    can see that cake is just sucking in all of that cream and chocolate mixture
    alright so to test your makes just grab a little bit of a chunk there and just
    press it between your fingers history of compact a little bit and then roll it in
    the palm of your hand if it sticks quite easily you can see them on sticking but
    it is just crumbling a bit if it sticks and pulled the ball shape quite easily
    give it a couple of rolls then it's ready to guard but on months is cracking
    little bit it's not quite there yet so I am good at in the rest of my gonna get
    national great because when it refrigerated and when it is actually
    really quiet firms not like a chocolate truffle chocolate but it helps to keep
    the firmness of York a football which improves stability when you're dipping
    and decorating and reduces the risk of cracking and falling off the stick which
    is probably the main problem is people seem to have with cake pops I know right
    now you've got this is really dark mix and you can see how those cake crumbs
    halved in size so you really absorbed all of that gorgeous cash if you have
    any trouble rolling your polls put the whole mix in the fridge for about
    fifteen minute then bring it back out and stop rolling sometimes it can just
    be a little bit to warm our little bit too moist and you just need to give it a
    little time in the fridge to firm up you're starting to roll your different
    shapes different balls and you're not having any luck to get in the fridge
    fifty-minute bring it out and I almost guarantee
    you'll have withdrawn whatever I'm going to put in the fridge with a little bit
    of parchment paper or baking paper cuz they do stick when they're sitting and
    now I'm just going to take just a bit of a spoonful so I've got a tablespoon of
    about I guess a decent tbsp on a cake pop sizes are going to bury you can see
    there when I roll that really nice holds its shape beautifully roles are really
    nice ball now don't worry if not a perfect bowl shape at this stage it can
    get a little bit of a flat bottom is it said anyway and then we can reform bad
    shape so you wanna rock wall of the pic couples and I'm gonna put them off into
    the fridge for about
    minutes just so they can firm up well I guess that it
    can be messy work but if you're making these kids they can absolutely love it
    because he doesn't like to get a little bit messy with the kids while cooking so
    I'm gonna take those people put them in the refrigerator up to
    minutes and
    then I'm gonna bring the matter to shake him perfectly and dip them in decorate
    their comeback from the fridge and you ok couples and now feeling firm to the
    touch of a not completely sold you don't want them to be refrigerated for hours

    minutes at the most is enough but what I push they don't easily push
    out of shape they want and not as good a little bit of a flat bottom on the
    bottom of your cake pops so you want to just take them in your hand and just
    reshape them as you roll them into really nice bowls I'm just rocking them
    around a rolling them around in the palm of my hand and making them into quite a
    nice bowl now they don't have to be perfect and they don't have to be
    exactly sized but if I do have one to four you won't capable it don't make
    them too big so too often people very great be cake pops but once you enter
    decorations in about
    percent extra thought you kind of think that that's
    about the size that I think you should baby then UNLV decoration and end up
    being gigantic if they're too big to be too heavy and they'll fall of the stick
    so you want something a bit smaller than ago about ping pong ball sized
    the general idea of those bowls and has given that lovely
    round smooth shape I won't worry too much better in the rest of them and now
    it's time to get dipping and decorating
    pop sticks and you gonna take your ball I most like to use the bottom been
    sitting on the train it's not just a tiny tiny bit flatter so just give it
    that stick and just put about a centimeter of that chocolate on a stick
    man take the stick and push it into the bottom of the cake couple just over half
    way so you can say that they've got this not a choclate CEO so underneath it that
    I can attract I'm gonna put it back into the fridge for a further
    that's just going to let that chocolate feels that the children feel is very
    important and it's kind of what holds everything together so you want to make
    sure that your job is looking lovely and firm for you go decorating alright so
    we're back from the fridge or the Fraser River you've decided to set your cake
    balls and you know this because this little sealed will be completely phone
    to touch when you touch it shouldn't trip there should be absolutely no
    stickiness to your chocolates and will be completely firm completely set you
    want to take your chocolate now I just given that another mark wave just to
    make sure that it is really not in fluid and you going to take you capable and
    we're just going to keep it straight into the center and I liked just rotator
    know whenever you duplicate purple you want to make sure that your chocolate
    dipping into goes over that chocolate seal that you've just said in the phrase
    up and that's just to make sure that it's all completely encased now you want
    to top it off and you also want to turn it so you want to tap your rate not the
    actual stick itself you don't attack to hide ya and I think having a rotating
    the pope like this just gonna give you a nice even distribution of chocolate and
    its gonna make sure the chocolate drips off in a nice even wet so you can let
    that you can decorate with maybe some different colored chocolate or some
    candy mountain climbing to show you just a really quick and easy decoration
    technique through really fast
    EV kids birthdays baby showers could include anything you can think of this
    is a great kapok decorating techniques so I'm happy
    pretty well starting to set but it's not set yet so depending on what you want to
    do you might have to work
    relatively quickly here is a polystyrene block to say it might take populist
    arrested in what city you can also use flower farm or something like that and
    that actual cake book stands on the market so now I'm gonna take much
    sprinkles and understand a sprinkle them on just the top half of my cake pop
    around cherry jeff is already M&Ms and just sit on top I'm gonna finish that
    off with a lovely ribbon and you can see there what you end up with absolutely
    delightful a gorgeous simple simple little cake pop I hope you guys enjoyed
    watching this tutorial as much as I've enjoyed making it for you today and I
    hope this cake toppers will become your new favorite thanks very much for
    watching *** *** Sofia Makes Cake Pops I Cake Boss - YouTube !!!
    her pal why
    hi I Lashelle today show you how to make
    wanna make favorite keep first
    engines come up that age kick and I can't do this by hand
    I'm not killing his also that's gonna happen when the next
    now we're gonna dump this into our mixer I hand gonna take some frosting
    were in close clock and British
    to think like it he keeps I think and add another skit
    now gonna jump Cup
    now that we got it bad or any time to make some pot
    anagram and my sheep
    so we're gonna bed
    right now it's just soft shape
    now top piece interface nappies
    are you control them into parts any
    kinda like me us make a nice any
    now I'm gonna put a stick each one
    domestic white choc me if that helps
    sinon fifties in some white choc
    I'm gonna put its siding is nice
    now just gonna sprint
    help plus this
    for more recipes like this could TLC
    dot com slash Cake Boss *** *** How To Make CAKE POPS!! Cake Pops Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** How To Make Cake Pops (Red Velvet) - YouTube !!! *** *** Rose cake pops how to make flower cake pops roses cake pop tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** Cake Pops Recipe Demonstration - Joyofbaking.com - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    beans dome
    hi I'm Stephanie your ski joy baking dot com
    today we are going to make cake pops cake pops happy
    really nice hard older candy coating
    yet inside it's cake and frosting mix together and it's wonderfully soft and
    moist in all
    really nice and sweet sock to make cake pops
    course we need cake and we need frosting you could use
    any type a cake any flavor frosting
    but today I'm going to use a vanilla flavored cake
    and a vanilla flavored frosting now you can find the recipe for the cake and
    on the site and I do have a video to go along with that and
    you can even because cake pops on there's quite a few steps
    you could make the cake the day before and then that will save you a step
    on today so now I've made my cake and now you need a large bowl
    and I'm going to crumble the cake into the ball and make it into like
    little find I'm crumbs you could do this in the food processor if you want I just
    do it by hand
    not and if you you can see that a
    cakes normally have a bit of a crust on the outside
    so a darker color if you want your arm cake pops be really white
    inside and just cut that of now if you use both
    up these layers cake and all the frosting you will get about

    golf ball saw size
    cake pops if that's too many then you know just tap the recipe
    in fact today I am just going to work with one layer
    so I just use my hands just you know just rub it between my fingers
    to get into I'm
    it's really small crimes and don't worry when you're baking the cake if it's not
    perfect because
    you know we're gonna be crumbling it's all really doesn't matter to just into
    small cramps
    key that looks pretty good
    you can see I'm just kinda running it through my fingers it's good
    job for the kids to help you with okay so now
    course make sure you wash your hands nice clean hands when you're doing this
    and wash me dis like those are
    okay so now this is it I'm one cake layer
    idea I so it's hard to know exactly how much frosting unique to
    add so we're going to do gradually I would say somewhere
    for this amount is somewhere between third and a half
    cops so
    milliliters but
    like I said I don't add it all at once because you don't want it if it's too
    I you your ROM as well as if it's too dry
    your cake pops will fall apart special when you try to different so we want to
    try to get just the right amount
    so I
    dad little and now you could
    mean there's couple ways you can work it in with the spoon or spatula
    to tell you the truth I am I always use my hands little messy but
    that way I can really feel or you could just
    like a single just work it in this way I
    that's not going to be enough friendly and this is just a simple
    on butter frosting combined
    broader and confectioner sugar you may know that is powdered erasing
    little vanilla extract and
    just a little milked for cream to thin it out getting the rest B's
    with the vanilla cake so now I'm just going again work it with
    my hands you wanted to hold it
    together like when you squeeze it you want the
    you can see this is kinda still crumbling so I will have to add but just
    work it in
    making cake balls is really technique
    and what should get that down then you could use chocolate cake kar
    red velvet cake you could even use quick breads for this
    or if you just have some leftover am Kate can you just show up
    plot all make a few cake balls
    K we're almost there as you can see it's really starting to
    come together maybe to
    Salam you don't add too much besides it being sought me it
    the mixture will get of week sweet
    I mean these are sweet as it is but
    when making too much okay I think that's looking good
    do is just take a bit and see
    so I i'm getting a nice ball so I think we're about ready
    so now
    to make your cake balls I am I like bold
    golf ball size which a say maybe one and a half
    inches in diameter before centimeters you could use
    like you want to try to make them all that same size because when you put him
    in a display like this
    one dollar the same so I'm you could use
    at will scoop for my favorite way is to use a scale
    and I use about Tom announce
    I love batter mixture which is about 25 grams
    so I'll just take a bit and then try to roll it into
    nice smooth groundball
    likes all I mean you can always fix it up
    later once a chilled but will try to get him about same size
    so just rolling between your hand your hands get a little are
    dirty you know it's have like a wet cloth try
    wipe it off as you go so and then just have a
    a baking sheet with the piece %uh be there parchment paper or repeat issues
    wax paper
    so I'm gonna get probably between

    with this one cake layer
    okay its go
    I I think it's more
    you can get somewhere around there to
    now or we're going to do is cover
    are baking sheet with a piece to plan plastic wrap
    and they were going to refrigerate our kickball
    until their coal that will take maybe one to two hours
    some people like to put them in the freezer for maybe
    minutes or so
    be very careful if you're going to put them in the freezer because you don't
    want your cake balls frozen when you get them in the mail to
    candy coating cuz I'm what will happen is as the
    after the cake balls defrost it tends to crack
    the odor coding cuz the cake expanse so I I prefer to put them in the

    hours now if you didn't want to do
    I'm dip them in the candy coating today what you can do is you can store your
    cake balls just at this
    on stage in the refrigerator
    soul you can kinda break up the steps or if
    another way is you could actually freeze these and then
    I later like a month or two later you could take them out
    charm up the freezer put him in the Air refrigerator defrost overnight and then
    dip them so you have quite a few options there
    sup put them in there for curing so want your cake balls are cold
    now we're going to dip them in RM candy coating
    so at this point we wanna have everything ready
    today a so the first thing you need is
    at these candy melts they go by a lot of different names candy melts candy wafers
    confectionery coating
    on candy chocolate or even a summer coding
    and what these are is they're made of like
    milk solids sugar veg for oil
    and flavoring and
    they come in a lil as you can see a wide range of flavors
    I finding it come to taste like sweet white chocolate
    you can also buy these in like dark milk
    hot chocolate and even peanut butter or chocolate mint
    so I'm you need that
    and for Mon
    cake balls that we made you need about a pound
    the candy coating which is

    and then what you also need because when you melt the
    candy coating still quite thick wanna thin it out
    so it the they it coats the ER cake balls really nicely
    so you can add either will need probably a
    tablespoons you can use a
    flavorless or like canola corn vegetable
    you could use shortening or you could also use what's called these
    paramount crystals and naps
    home colonel oil with other things
    CQ sad and then what you will need: is
    you need your cake pop sticks also known as lollipop or sucker sticks I find this
    is about
    four-and-a-half inches long 11 centimetres I find that so
    a perfect lawn specially if you're going to stick it into the star from
    so have those and then if you want we dip if you want to
    on but sprinkles for some kinda can you could also use
    sign finely chopped not shifting scope can I
    UPS crash candy there's all kinds of things I mean your imagination you just
    let it run wild here and then you will need
    if you wanna do it like I have here we stick them in the sire for me it makes
    it easy
    for them to dry and then XI centerpiece
    so you need they is star from can be bought in all different sizes
    and if you want like you're doing a centerpiece you didn't want the
    styrofoam actually show like that
    which you could do was get a container and then get your styrofoam and then
    had it to the size of your container and then you know
    looks they could always put some stuff on top to cover up the styrofoam now
    all this all these things can be bought at cake decorating stores
    you can buy them a lot a craft stores like michael's joanne's or you can even
    buy them
    on online salt like I said we will need for one cake layer about twenty six of
    these golf size
    up all size cake balls you need about a pound now if you don't want to use all
    one color I'm using all the
    the blue here lot of times I would just melt
    like a half a pound to earn
    grams one collection see here I'm
    I'm using mainly the pink in the blue so I used to happen
    pounded Beach now I'm going to melt this
    in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water
    you could also do this in the microwave if you wanted I'm doing my crib courses
    microwaveable bowl
    and do it medium heat you don't want to high heat medium heat so I
    if it for pound I would first I'm do it like one minute
    stir it take it out Sturt really well and then do it in
    first and keep stirring cuz you know one overheat this
    so I'm gonna just put it over here
    and I you know either a wooden spoon or he prove spatter I'm gonna let this
    mount a bit and then I'm going to add some mom
    I'm at shortening today
    okay so at this point I'm going to add I think about a tablespoon
    up the am shortening now if you are using these
    crystals I would only a use
    teaspoon she don't need as much as
    you're using either the shortening or arm
    the vegetable oil
    so I'm just gonna start with that and then we'll want CERN
    camby has melted them see how fluid it is and if we need to add a little more
    weekend at that point
    okay what's good sees
    running nicely offer my ass spatula
    take it off the heat here
    yeah that's what you're looking for
    nice means now if wall or dipping if you find it starts to harden what you can do
    you can just either Papa back over your from
    your saucepan or back in the microwave
    for now I'm pretty dip here
    first what we got to do is take your
    stick and
    so now your cable TV they were perfectly round and smooth and you weren't happy
    with me at this point you
    kinda fix it up make a nice around small so just take your am
    nurse lollipop stick just give dip it may be just a little into their
    and then we're just gonna stick about half way into work cake ball
    now tax is kind of like a glue and then you can just come in
    fix it up there solved in a few here to show you
    production line thing you don't want to push it all the way through and then
    you know your kickball crack

    far enough that it doesn't come out when we do
    now I find it's best to port
    my candy coating into a d
    not very wide but deep so I can really
    I wanna put the whole cake ball
    into the coding and you want it
    you wanted dear you don't wanna roll here on getting
    cake right just in case any cake crumbs Comox so take your
    see that good
    say take and then just dip it in all the way
    rate up to the and and then over and do
    is just kinda turn it cuz you want the excess to drip off
    and turn it as your joints on
    drips of evenly just a bit of a technique here to
    more you do it the better you get
    was kinda twirl it some people like to gently
    tappet whatever works best
    some people tapper with her hand some people tap it on the end of the ball
    so there we have our kickball
    now if you will just put that point like that if you wanted to claim
    ha or if you wanted to decorated later
    songs come to another one could also

    show you here's with sprinkles takes a little practice
    and if they're not perfect then if you cover them with sprinkles or not sir
    it all cover that up so don't worry about it
    so there we have it so then what I could do
    as I have some sprinkles like to take I'm
    streamlines kiss do it over ball on SE
    and I could a good mix my sprinkles
    sound cue up
    see you want to have it over to someone that did rip off
    don't walk an aerial again where we have that styrofoam there in clean that up so
    just continue to do and decorate
    do a few more these and then I'll show you how to
    pipe a little decoration on the top so now what chu
    Dept your on cake balls now if you have like I have here that's common to every
    run down you could just take a Kleenex
    you know damn kleenex and kinda clean that up so now
    if you wanted to attach like some kinda candy
    what you can do is just taking a toothpick her
    skewer here and just dip it in your candy coating
    and just put a little on the back up your candy
    and just place it on here
    however you want and that candy coating will act as a glue and hold it in place
    now if you wanna do some fancy stop like the Nissan
    swirls in school Eagles are dots
    what you need is a piping bag or
    even a plastic bag and I've just got a very small plane tip or you could just
    on cut off the end your piping bag you don't really need to tip
    in an is poor
    now some beer icing
    you don't need that much for this part your work
    and like you might want to use another color as you can see where the ones I
    I at
    a.m. pink and then I it did the blue
    or if you do blue hooded white you know
    what's inside Tapti so now
    test and then if you wanna you can't
    I have actually want a good the piping I put some sprinkles over the top but that
    I mean really this is wary
    get really creative soldiers
    you want the your kickball dry and just
    and practice a little here get my
    and then
    just however much you want
    squiggles dot likes all
    and then if you want you can put some more sprinkles over-the-top different
    color saying collar
    here early and the cake decorating this is where you have a lot of fun in New
    liking see the rave differ one all different sprinkles and
    let your imagination run wild soul
    watch these are done again you can keep these probably
    every room temperature some people like to store them in the fridge cuz they
    prefer them mom
    cold and just have fun
    so until next time i'm stephanie horse cave joy baking dot com
    beans dungeons
    dumb *** *** How to make Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops - COOKwithAPRIL - YouTube !!! *** ***