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    How to make a fondant clown - YouTube !!! *** *** KILLER CLOWN MAKEUP TUTORIAL - YouTube !!!
    of this year's Halloween series I am so excited to get the dog today we're going
    to be creating a killer clown using body paint in fake blood so I'm just going to
    be walking through showing you how to do this the first thing you're going to
    want to do is paint your face or just a solid white
    I did want to mention quickly if you're ever curious what I'm using I would have
    all of the products listed in the Description box down below you can then
    begin to hollow out the eyes and just taking this a little around the natural
    eye socket and filling it with a solid black bloc sheet as opposed to a sharper
    and more animalistic take however going to be adding a little thing like teeth
    here at the very edge but for the most part these are just a block party would
    be as you can see on obviously exaggerating the line of the mouth you
    can keep this is close to your actual now whereas over exaggerated as with
    like that I'm going back in with a smaller brush and a pink body paint to
    outline where guns are and also kind of to fine the bottom part of which would
    go so just a quick tip if you're doing this on someone who has facial hair here
    you're going to want to use a smaller brush crevice and really loaded up with
    product and apply most of the product of the top of the curb where the gun would
    be slightly drag it down you really want to get between those here so that it
    doesn't look like you know a part of it is missing you really want to make sure
    that it's just as I think it would be on somebody here
    guns mapped out I'm going to extend the smile and again if you're working with
    you kinda want to go with the shape of their beard top of the line of his we're
    at the top of the line of mouth and i'm taking that same small brush and I'm
    going to just find the teeth and slickly draw around them just to give them a
    sharper crisper edge and then we're going to darken that up and continue to
    shoot and a little bit more damage
    going to share those things with black and this is just going to make you look
    like a super over in saturated smiled about is just like ok can see all the
    darkness all of the teeth all that good stuff so then I'm taking this long brush
    again with little bit of weight and I'm going to shade over that yellow just to
    make it look like it's a little bit more three-dimensional so flat once that's
    done I'm going to go ahead and fill in where I want to open part of mouth to be
    intake at each other even further if you would like I almost wish that I had a
    little bit but that blacks beach wherever you're going to want it to look
    like about this open then I'm shaking around the mouth with reddish color that
    mixing with the black just so that it looks more real not just so then I'm
    going to take a brownish red shade and access my lines just at the back to
    smile just again to make it look like it's really open in creepy and eerie
    ok so I apologize I was kind of in the way here I'm going to start to create
    the designs around the house I just kind of went for this little world line at
    the top of this I and this was the only neither do any more detail on the other
    one was just kind of the traditional diamond shaped cloud I just created the
    shape that I want to force you to do anything like that I just filled in with
    you and then I just took the very bottom down and created this kind of diamond
    heard standpoint
    few details as you want it I decided to go ahead and add fuel tanks just around
    I design here and I really kind of sharp and give them a creamy point and then on
    this is what I was talking about I just kind of did the traditional diamond line
    item thing wouldn't have class without a red nose rate I am just taking this red
    body paint and making a circular shape around his nose I'm not going too far
    away from the natural shape but you want to make sure that you also get the tip
    of the nose really well and then slightly exaggerated just
    here I'm
    just going back in around the designs a creator and that I and shaking them just
    to give him a little bit more and then I'm also going to shoot as well just try
    to emphasize the round shape into me on there and not just hate it

    shading the way you like it I'm just gonna go back and have little
    details that are really gonna pull this together having this white mark just to
    give it more
    also going to shave that into the design that I created just to make it flow a
    little bit more seamlessly once that's done in time for the blood I am using a
    feat Jill and just made it looks crazy which actually works really well as beer
    because little chance thanks to get in there now I just applied this to the
    mouth to make it look like he was getting something super disgusting then
    I used a black liner to complete the eyes and just really make them together
    so that is the final look I hope he does enjoy this tutorial thank you so much
    for watching don't forget to tune in tomorrow for my next video I'll be
    seeing you guys every day for the next
    days and I'm so sad about this so
    make sure you are subscribed already so you don't miss out on *** *** HORROR CLOWN • Makeup Tutorial | #spooktober - YouTube !!! English English German (Automatic Captions)
    Today I'll show you how to transform yourself into a super creepy horror clown!
    Are you scared of clowns? I don't understand why...
    I started by applying white mascara to my eyebrows but you can skip that
    Next, I'm using a glue stick and applying it to my eyebrows in both directions
    Don't worry, this is easy to remove with simple makeup whipes!
    I'm now pushing my eyebrows in the direction they grow and then applying translucent powder on top.
    Let it all dry and repeat the steps as many times as needed
    The more times you repeat the steps, the more even your result will be.
    I only repeated the process three times because I didn't need it to be as perfect
    But you can get a better result if you need it by applying more coats of glue.
    When it's all dried well enough, apply a good coverage concealer to your brows
    It should be a bit orange-toned to balance out the blue
    I then applied a skintoned eyeshadow to some parts that were too uneven
    Next, I applied white greasepaint to my neck and jawline - don't forget your ears!
    I covered the rest of my face with white Kryolan Aqua Colors because they don't smudge as easily
    This doesn't have to be super even!
    Powder your face with translucent powder
    and then use a dirty yellowish brown to contour your face
    Next, we're applying the main outlines of the face with a brown eye pencil
    This is only meant to be a guideline, we're now painting over them with black
    Then we're filling the shapes in with either black or red, depending on what it's supposed to be
    You can create any design you like, be creative!
    I'm now drawing some cartoon-like expression lines because I think it fits the style of the look
    Apply black eyeshadow to places the black color could crease easily
    Draw some bloody tears underneath your eyes
    Next step is to draw on the mouth of your clown
    It should look big and creepy, make enough room for the teeth we'll be drawing on later
    Color this in as well and blend the black into the red slightly
    Now draw on the teeth - keep them uneven to make the clown look even scarier!
    You can chose to draw them differently though if you like
    Start filling in the black a bit, we'll come back to it later though
    Fill in the teeth with white first, then add yellowish eyeshadow to make them look scary
    I then added some fake blood to the parts I liked, you don't have to do this but I thought it looked cool!
    Next apply mascara to the lashes, red liner to the center of the waterline and black to the outer parts
    Now we're filling in the rest of the mouth with black, you can use a black lipstick if you have one
    And you're done!
    Check out my other #SPOOKTOBER videos! *** *** Spooky Clown Make-up Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys and thanks for coming back
    today's I new toy you're gonna do a makeup tutorial how to make your face
    look like a creepy clown
    so in can you need to get
    make cut special makeup with all the callers
    you to get clan clear white makeup
    something called spirit them something called spirit gum remover
    in something called accelerator
    place you also gotta get all
    cup for water
    and kitschy kitchen kitchen knife
    so for singing at a deuce she is
    you fill up the cup with water
    he shot a couple water
    n you you mix it in with your hand
    when she get a good you could call it the first car you want to the base layer
    I picked dark band
    so and the line to the dark brown and spinner and
    hoops no nothing
    want is good
    you get it on your hand
    you he is going to turn brown like like dark skin
    when she hit
    fingers dark you have it on your face
    you cover it you can't get enough to cover the whole face
    the talks are completely pram and then
    wanted when she get enough you gotta take big seller in the spray in your
    you no
    it's okay
    second he could do its get get the
    kids kitchen knife okay you and
    got it don't kill you want to get a nice lehrer
    Oaks okay I you got the fam
    can cake pick you do
    UK Houston nation
    immediate defended shape you more on the nation
    can you just
    clamtxt.com funny lines because plans were shiny orange
    okay second thing

    is a key yet the yellow for the I S
    Koyie rising yellow
    she was getting she'd but you don't want to get him the ball and in the last step
    is to make your lips read like a plan included
    sure you put your it we're at home
    he didn't read to cover your whole average
    in a lull in fighting clan
    okay thanks guys by lol shoot don't forget to like and subscribe on
    include shoes *** *** DIY HALLOWEEN CAKE | Frankenstein!! (Super Easy) - YouTube !!!
    well actually channel Hill my main camera just died and we are going to
    enjoy so we just have a lot of style here this is my bestie Jessica and if
    you guys home to see her there but we decided to make a frankenstein k today I
    mean I don't know it was an idea from interest from Nottingham
    but it turned out ok so let us see how he does look pregnant sign cake then
    we're going to show you exactly where did it all start that we used to just
    keep watching gonna start off by showing you will lead to you
    or the Frankenstein things we've got a Pillsbury cake mix that I'm
    just going to go ahead and preheat the oven to
    but you're just gonna follow
    whatever cake mixes by and then it just makes it all up in a large pool of
    course you could ok if that's what you want to do but we just got a box thing
    and following the directions that are on the box and if you are making your own
    just continue to follow the recipe and then we are just going and makes it real
    good chance pour it into the pan to be fairly self explanatory sorry about that
    but we just boarded the San in moved it over with a little satchel is so that it
    was even
    the edges and then popped it at
    about something like that and then we just
    waited for the heat to get done until last night that masterpiece now is the
    fun part so we really get a ninth grade color we tried to find you know a crate
    or black I'm staying in the store and we just quit
    ok I have to go home if I just missed all of the colors may be slightly
    resembles a gray or black and we just got really lucky so I wish I could tell
    you how he mixes color but I really can't do is just grayish color so your
    gonna make sure you can buy it or do premi that would be even here so then we
    bought the green art and what you're going to do here is just let this all
    over the case and get real move so that you can begin it to design
    your little friends instead based on to the case
    just very traditional
    chunky doing it this way if you do this I would recommend putting it
    in a different container and making to just smaller I say we haven't decided to
    know you like that though the best I hope you guys enjoy this video and if
    you do this to be sure to take new pictures on Twitter *** *** Billy - Jigsaw Saw Makeup Tutorial | LATEX FREE (CC) - YouTube !!! English English
    (creepy music)
    I want to play a game.
    In front of you, you will find three boxes.
    There are no boxes.
    THERE IS one subscribe button.
    It is up to YOU to hit it.
    If you fail to complete this task, I will not answer any questions, comments, concerns...
    The choice is yours.
    I'm starting off by painting my face white.
    Now for this, you actually have two options,
    one is water based body paint, which is what I am applying first,
    but then I also decided I was going to demo white cream makeup,
    which is something you'd find more at a Halloween store.
    This covers up eyebrows very, very well, and also feels disgusting.
    Using grey eyeshadow, I'm then taking the MadeULook angled brush and drawing
    the lines that will separate my mouth.
    I'm also blending that color in towards my lips.
    Also give yourself a butt chin!
    Using the same grey shadow, I tapped in the furrow in my brows.
    The SAW puppet isn't "angry," looking...
    He's just a little... "slightly irritated"
    Also blend that color down onto your nose to give it that puppet contour.
    I'm then going back in using black eyeshadow
    and pretty much outlining everything that I just outlined.
    Using an eyeshadow brush, I am going back to that grey shadow and contouring my cheeks
    in a very "swoopy" way
    Try to get this line as blended as possible.
    I'm then creating a shorter black line in the same area, and blending that out heavily.
    To draw on my swirls, I am using red body paint.
    Going back in with that light grey eyeshadow
    I am VERY lightly finishing up contouring my cheek bones more towards my nose.
    You want to be very light going around this entire cheek area because it will look more like a shadow.
    Because I am wanting it to look like th cheeks are sticking out further than my natural face,
    I am also going to contour in my temples.
    This will give the illusion that my cheeks are sticking out, and my forehead is actually narrower.
    I'm also using that shadow to add shading between the brows and above the brow bone.
    Going back to that red body paint, I'm drawing on my terrifying lips
    As well as starting to fill in my terrifying eyes...
    Do your best not to open your eye when the paint is not dry.
    Im then going in with black body paint to outline my lower lip as well as the puppet mouth.
    Then going in with black around the enitre, "eye," as well as filling in the pupil.
    While that's drying, I am going ahead and detailing up that brow bone area.
    I'm just adding some shading using a fluffy brush and some grey shadow.
    Go ahead... and line your eyeballs.
    Now, if you have an outfit to complete this, by all means, get dressed.
    If not, or you're just too lazy to find a white shirt and a bow tie,
    I am applying my regular white body paint to my neck and my chest.
    Also leaving a little room open for the bow tie.
    I'm then filling in said bow tie using red body paint.
    ... and filling in the rest of the area with white.
    This is what Jigsaw would look like naked!
    ... with only a bow tie on...
    No, I'm not naked.
    I'm then just doing some shading and details on the bow tie using black eyeshadow
    and black body paint.
    Also, filling in some highlights using white body paint.
    To give this bow a shadow, I am using grey and black eyeshadow
    just to create that soft shadow underneath the bow tie.
    I am then using that same shading technique to create the separation in my "shirt"
    as well as where the buttons and wrinkles go.
    ... and I for SURE knew where my black jacket was, so I went ahead and got that!
    (music) *** *** THE GRINCH MAKEUP TUTORIAL! - YouTube !!! *** *** Annoying Orange Plays - BUDDYMAN KICK! - YouTube !!! *** *** Henry's Kitchen 12 - Special Valentine's Day Babycakes Cake Pops - YouTube !!!
    the mall so
    and welcomed a resched where today
    we're gonna be making and race special valentines day babycakes cake pops
    K k-cups for babycakes care gonna start Friday
    putting our cake mix
    and of all one day
    quarter a couple milk

    house wanna be there forever yeah
    it's very important when you're riding a bike to make sure that you're wearing a
    now senator any case cake pop maker
    and start by
    plugin this yes as you can see that yes tree
    truck and short cord to plug this into it use an extension
    do is basically just poor
    mixture into these holes I was a little too much on that one
    I we could see its cooking already
    shit you know in some countries a
    chocolate covered almonds are considered a delicacy
    and then and other countries a
    step children are often abused or sometimes even abandon
    to let it cook for about five minutes lol
    the city
    my social security number a
    sure yes

    okay sure alright that was random
    okay should be ready now I
    ok we're just going to use a fork
    to kinda priorities
    out and we're gonna put him on a little stand
    okay let's just scrape up a little at this cake
    build-up from our balls
    just lurk a pause in the fridge announced at work under grace
    I'm there for her cake balls in the fridge then we're going to work at our
    start by emptying
    our clase mixture and to look up
    France warm butter
    melted butter
    I you know there's really no right or wrong way to do this
    the No

    okay organically these the fridge for about
    minutes to cool
    and when we're done we're gonna have had for a special Valentine's Day baka
    pay cake pops and
    I homie all
    peru's still love her me
    soldiers are any all the
    its name me the new rulers
    staying in the the man
    home a
    I'm happy Valentine's Day everybody
    cake pops
    I homie all come I
    you still love her me 0 *** *** The Best Scene from Stephen King's It! - YouTube !!!
    a little young for you
    in Chi Richie old be p
    Richie in here
    I didn't
    makeup on
    pop not Richie I had a balloon
    what are you all up nonchalantly deluged
    I West one
    Louis shot
    am by
    of by
    Hill real
    yeah past us yeah got it to all
    taps crawl to me
    all like if you see me
    you me wide open like a point guard few
    now I am fear I
    yeah last yeah
    just your pretty little loading
    you you know taxable for the *** ***

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