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    Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cup Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon Chocolate Bowl - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a chocolate cup
    I have filled these ones with white chocolate and coffee mousse and topped it with vanilla
    To make the plate take a saucer, rub it with a little oil then cover it tightly in plastic
    wrap. If you bunch it on the top side and then twist it helps to tighten it and smooth
    out and creases on the base
    Once it is tight cover it in melted chocolate. Then tip it on the side and tap on your arm
    to allow excess chocolate to drip off back into the bowl.
    Then run your thumb and finger around the edge to create a neat edge. This also makes
    sure that the chocolate is not wrapping around the edge of the plate which would make it
    hard to get off without breaking it.
    Now to make the cup part take a container that has and wrap it in some non stick baking
    paper or some foil and tape into place. Then wrap a strip of clear plastic around
    the container and mark where it joins so you know how much chocolate you need.
    Now the height of this rectangle is how tall you cup is going to be so cut it to the size
    that you want. Take some more of your chocolate and spread
    it out over the plastic. You need to use tempered chocolate for this or if you are new to working
    with chocolate you can use fake chocolate or compound chocolate which doesn't need tempering.
    I will link to the chocolate playlist at the end of this video, and there you will find
    a video there explains the types of chocolate and tempering and what all of that means.
    The chocolate should come just beyond where you marked on the plastic.
    Carefully lift up the plastic and wrap it around the container.
    Run a knife around the top and the bottom of the plastic the make sure you've have got
    a straight edge and then leave aside to set.
    Put the remaining chocolate into a plastic bag and cut a tiny bit off the corner. Then
    pipe your handles onto non-stick baking paper. You can print out this free template from
    the blog howtocookthat.net there is a link in the description below the video. Put the
    template under the paper and trace around it using the chocolate.
    I was asked this week in the comments if I could choose any five you tubers to have over
    for dinner who would I close? And it is so hard to pick. I think I'd like to have Laura
    Vitalle definitely Mark Crilley, the kids love Devan Supertramps channel so we'll probably
    have him Id like the Shaytard family, can they count as one and I'm not sure who to
    have as a fifth there are so many channels that I have even found yet. If you could have
    any 5 youtubers over for dinner who would you choose. Let me know in the comments I'd
    love to hear. If you are using real chocolate leave it at
    room temperature to set, if using fake or compound chocolate you can put it in the fridge
    or freezer to set.
    Once it is set carefully untwist the plastic wrap and push it off the edges of the plate.
    Then lift off the plate and peel the plastic wrap off the chocolate. then using your fingers
    gently lift the plate off and then you should be able to peel back the plastic wrap off
    the chocolate and you have your saucer
    With the body of the cup unwrap the plastic from the chocolate and gently pull on the
    baking paper to ease it off the container. If you use a metal container that helps here
    because the metal shrinks slightly when it gets cold. Then scrunch up the paper on the
    inside and take it out of the middle.
    Warm a baking tray in the oven or on the stovetop, put some baking paper over the top then quickly
    rest the base of the cup body onto it. Then place that onto the plate and it will
    seals into place and form the base of the cup.
    To add your handle melt a tiny bit using the tray and then put it into place.
    I am part filling this one with white chocolate mousse. The recipe for this mousse is on the
    blog I show you how to make it in the instagram cake video so you can watch that one if you
    are not sure how to make it.
    Put the mousse into a plastic bag and pipe it into the cups to
    fill them.
    Then take some strong coffee and fold it through the remaining mousse. Put the coffee mousse
    into a bag and pipe it into the cup.
    And to make the froth on top we are going to put
    take another
    cup of milk and add into that your gelatin and your sugar. Stir it
    really well, and then heat in the microwave or on the stove top until the it just starts
    to boil.
    Add this hot mixture into the cold milk and put that in the fridge and leave it until
    it is just starting to set at the edges.
    So you've just got the keep checking it until you get it at the right moment. Then use an
    electric mixer to whip it up until you have a good layer of froth on top. Then add a scoop
    of that into the cup and put in the fridge immediately to set.
    Once it is set you can sprinkle with some unsweetened cocoa powder, add a spoon and
    you're dessert is ready to eat.
    Thanks for watching liking and sharing the videos and for subscribing you guys are amazing
    and you can add all your requests in the comments below and I'll see you next Friday have an
    awesome week. *** *** How To Make Chocolate Balloon Bowls... - YouTube !!!
    to life
    I might stay in a case involving a little bit different paths instead of
    working with hot and then work with chocolate
    stay and making chocolate the pals since starting by blown-up San
    water balloons maintain N my name out my chocolate in best
    thirty-seconds just WAM
    but it doesn't modest area after each into one
    no mind
    I'm using doctor because it seems to
    hold them unique polls minutes in with the white
    white chocolate is optional you don't have keys much much think at a little
    bit something special
    you wouldn't you go and decrease the blade with
    and smile just don't make sure that the people incomes away
    from did the ball and it'll be easy
    have made a white chocolate thanks just the thing to sit on plans to extend
    on and it blames me
    me and my ski clean-cut
    well the
    rather not
    too much well on the whites into the chocolate doesn't stick
    and lane hair making Sam
    chocolate shapes need to go inside my ball when I finished
    I make a mistake making my shapes let teeth and
    and these breaks and make sure if you can he can t text me chain make
    nice the shapes and its strong making at Patton steamboat I keep getting it now
    we see this will make the outside area well not quite nice
    you know say make inside if you bowl quite nice nights leading
    on top reduction mean definitely an
    now I was running out chocolate Hess and I'm Bowl is
    quite and small at but it still looks quite nice all the same shit after
    should put my planes now miss the east
    and just pull out the access mean
    comes out quite easy a may have it
    managed in Poplar St the ones that
    and it my
    chocolate well in San now to check like a and getting hundreds and thousands
    is just think it makes it a little bit more special
    nominees make maestro please look nice and pretty
    and getting them in it second edible glitter
    and because much-awaited in the fridge do
    could live a condensation on them since the amplitude stick
    nice and it just makes it look quite nice and frosted
    genetically thin mustache especially if you make any effort in a party or
    understanding few he's managed it in various things
    now like my putting that was my finished Bowl
    and I'll say makes him shapes
    with the leftover chocolate that I had nitpicking
    how many he came in love cream
    lot not that great
    man admits to a base just six a much nicer with that
    better on first hit me pretty
    now and then at my nice
    shapes they made genetics a special
    near really really easy to you
    nasa made to capture month as you can see and is going to get a and Justin KK
    pic is I didn't have any injured and another story
    good measure man has my elbow
    where I put the white chocolate on top of the dark chocolate that
    and like this one as well I'd like to clean again
    and that make you a piece
    much for I hope you enjoy my video guys
    he liked him and he listens up subscribes the channel
    you think I Spy me are
    theme *** *** How to make Chocolate Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma - YouTube !!!
    hi it made M&I about the easiest
    tastiest meisters chocolate cupcake recipe ever
    have identified ever I've got from plain flour
    grams is gonna civic altogether
    in a big pile and
    grams of Casa Shaka

    grams of cocaine powder
    and then but she's been if I copy of cider
    hearty cells and I'm just gonna
    several around with my sis so that is cool
    make together
    and a
    grams adopt updated and then I just want to mix up a little bit
    he's a West about just make sure its cool colors going the same color
    fact that do not dry mix together an outfit that's one side and
    we can make some web stuff together grab another Paulo
    and I have a cup of coffee now you might have a Kapiti air
    coughing up in about
    times then just
    and today a tablespoon and coffee and
    coffers hot water and wait for it to cool down before start mixing about to
    day say I'm Enrique coffee
    and then I have
    milliliters a vegetable oil
    matters in the cafe on
    then I've got Cup about now and he just got back to conceive market in that
    kinda creamy
    victory me I'll what I am
    we also week
    large X reference to end
    right and then using away just mix it all together
    ap a sky
    Mexico you look at Grace that okay amazing
    face I just
    make sure its cool mix it together with you with another
    easy pz now we're gonna have to drive to the wet
    shuffle in
    get firing really simple
    okay so one simple mixed together and
    nice and sloppy and happily and updates and
    you gonna need to transfer into top caused it get any method and apparatus
    and a cupcake cases
    say have a nice picture and with a nice pointy
    out and or as much as it
    but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory picked up weather
    am chapel River Bugatti Cup victims lined with cupcake cases
    on this makes to make them
    cupcakes there's plenty to spare
    and just be really careful as you guys don't like
    got it all in it just click everywhere
    I'm and I'm gonna fail these up to about two-thirds to use to be close to the way
    I'm using my fifteen-passenger day
    how this is gonna take a little while so let's beat up
    now at times but I've created my oven to
    degrees Celsius I'm gonna bake them
    for twenty-four minutes
    they're ready I'm gonna get not have an AMM again leaving to go
    route we haven't had about
    minutes cool down and they're ready to eat I'm
    not gonna waste any time
    gonna on my face say
    the combat get better first that like
    all that side
    eyesight Thursday bring it up today really moist
    really spicy and delicious I'm so busy like the easiest thing in the world
    anything that they made us better in release of Ubuntu chocolate buttercream
    on and if you want to learn how to make talk about screen and click the link now
    and why are they not just a
    taken up in Marin I feel like this video
    on you want to see more videos by me then don't forget to subscribe maternal
    it's free I'm pretend present
    thanks for watching by
    if you subscribe to my channel them
    subscribe now *** *** Chocolate Cups for Valentines Day | Byron Talbott - YouTube !!!
    hey what's going on ready and today is going to be a very special Valentine's
    being video going to be doing something with chocolate cream raspberry
    can be sorta romantic inns are getting endorphins going
    yes it's basically just the chocolate cop you can fill
    with whatever you want it's a very very simple dish
    so I hope the SBS video and please share with your friends and family and your
    loved ones
    because they think it's definitely share a beloved ish and I think everybody can
    enjoy this
    throughout the year especially on stay ASO have fun doing this and that
    in the kitchen making use that topic cups feeling
    so crazy %uh
    first thing you want to do is blow up a few balloons they're all relatively the
    same size
    and do
    on next year 1 I'm not two-thirds the chocolate in this recipe with a double
    %uh do
    what's your chocolate so beautifully melted which had happened at about

    degrees Fahrenheit or so
    you can add the remaining chocolate star tempering on
    at the rest at the and melt the chocolate chips to the melt the
    at this process is called tempering which is basically just going to
    reinforce the chocolate when it sets up
    what your balloons are all taped and ready to go just refrigerate them for
    %uh I'm
    here I'm just making a simple vanilla whipped cream filling am a top it off
    with some raspberries and blueberries
    being goes crazy as you want with the filling or make it very simplistic
    once you have all the ingredients ready to go all you gotta do is some bull
    any %uh
    %uh %uh
    and do
    %uh do
    you can garcetti's good whatever you want here just have a little powdered
    sugar and a little sugar cars that I made earlier
    I will do a tutorial on this prior sooner than later
    but hope you guys have a fun Valentine's Day and I share this dear friends and
    for get
    any I
    me me like that so be sure to subscribe
    that's a comment below let us know what your favorite is urs
    got said %uh
    do *** *** 3-D Happy Hot Chocolate / Coffee in a Cup Tutorial by feelinspiffy (Rainbow Loom) - YouTube !!!

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    *** *** Chocolate Cupcake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    do I
    my hands today for shady
    I luscious to K
    I don't harass testing of
    are simple yet many couple years that that
    my last yes %uh of everybody seemed see
    Aloha Tower harris et cetera out Shivdasani
    same here flash said again that big on Sunday
    unsalted butter at room temperature and the chocolate mixture
    whatcha gonna show you had a Mac

    grams of coke at you the hot cup
    so no clue what title in hand some experts around until all their
    laps to go
    mean and how to cut gotta
    let's him we can match up buddy
    mixture pressed against the cupcake that
    we going to a crane about a and Matt Cassel said
    Press now that so cramped muscling way and if it's at this is that
    now let's check that moisture a lot I'm am a Christian
    X do yeah
    ok right so much the bank had a pension sign in the south and what that
    now I cannot do much of a match guarantee that guy now on and how flat
    to chop
    much announced
    Beta Tau Gamma and interests and a ticking
    and the race the
    got to meet laptop
    but something to my it at a plant is located
    as Phillips was there that three-quarters well
    it brass
    how well okay so not only are acid
    okay should take that he is twenty-five minutes yeah
    right now da same
    wanted a couple skullcap

    grams have sifted icing sugar

    grams unsalted butter at room temperature
    call to pick up milk and want to taste and serve another
    extract but it's not about to read
    half the icing sugar I'm just gonna bait
    we link the
    the to provide
    yeah we're gonna have to come to Pat
    and this is the way mister casey disgusted and at the time just take the
    right consistency
    email ok and the female you finally checked
    you do its
    do you yes
    drama should look something like this:
    last month it premium to what are you up to try
    got some awesome big Mattel Scopus must
    yet passing day Israeli guy
    my stomach upsets at the event you know just pull someone up like an awesome
    right now got something click here i mean this is pretty basic
    that just makes my pretty I'm just gonna skin some glitter on them
    they have chocolate
    I get home service AT&T sarisi brass
    miss many city I'm going to make from depression slipshod
    okay I some scenes Jr
    ones I haha so what you must tell me what you want
    say what impressions the ones they had read it on television cuff
    before the hearing and seeing your comments I'll see light at promised a
    yes year
    do *** *** Making Chocolate Cups- Baltimore International College Chocolate Cup Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    there used it somebody on no boundary
    died okay sure not to pay and you
    stake line so I this early
    you can see
    his on even then you try to do it again and
    shake the checkered this is to make the actual cut
    a couple choc than you you include
    attack and it up okay and
    dissenting anger you can make Inc plane
    even okay
    the same way to
    up needed shade above watch
    sugar pop up
    when does it usually take for that too good average between five to seven
    minutes depends on your room
    Temper Trap consider charted already sets
    with that tried very quickly to someone's as they're not that witness
    mom is important to you tickets on
    and out handout I think I have some way your
    you can just can't pass I think you tool
    and if you do a whole make order
    Nadu its and
    can see the top need to spread out power
    and I wondered
    United which the you would like be at the plate
    yeah I think you're playing and the same that is what
    same way think your who's there is little
    good understand every thought you would use bullets to make tackle Cup *** *** The Cookie Cup | Byron Talbott - YouTube !!!
    hey whats up guys today after she and I make a very fine and delicious dessert
    that I like to call
    the cookie Cup so for stabbing a prep around king or my like I'm using here
    with a little bits of butter
    I just makes you get around all the little crevices and edges and the mic
    are just so
    that cookie dough doesn't stick to the sides as it bakes
    and it makes life a lot easier when its cool dont remove it from the mine
    next you make your cookie dough so get some soft butter
    add it to a mixing bowl and then you to add your
    sugar which is brown sugar and some white granulated sugar
    give this a good mix and Ukraine this together should take about two to three
    minutes the song whisking
    on and your dad you're hauling continue whisking in town that sterling corporate
    into the cream butter and sugar and then you start slowly incorporating your
    all-purpose flour a third and time
    I'll halfway through I would recommend switching out the west with a rubber
    dissing following dreams together and decide and makes for
    live it clean your oven mixing notion I want you done incorporating all your
    flower add your chocolate chips
    and continue mixing until he happy Easter Impala go
    and then you throw into the refrigerator for about
    minutes to so it'll be
    easier to work with
    I alright so what's to do s children after you be able to work with it flour
    your hands with
    all-purpose flour
    the does a stick your hands as you work with it and begin building the base
    at the bottom in my with some cookie dough now you're looking at for a
    thickness have somewhere in between
    a quarter of an inch and a few minutes the case but really it's using your best
    judgment and liberty common sense
    because you don't want the cookie dough to be too thick otherwise the baking
    times gonna
    very drastically in you have some raw spots in the cookie and lewd overcook
    and obviously you don't want to think otherwise it will be brittle and break
    on you when you try to remove it from the mud
    now another tip is to use some sort of brown device with a rolling pin or
    smaller cup
    to I really make your dollars even as possible around the edges the mother RAM
    ASO just look for something like that the kitchen that makes your life will be
    I want you done for me at the mind you going to throw into
    degree oven for about
    to 20 minutes
    are so what's the dough is golden brown and crisp in just its beautiful planet
    I'm in and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes before you mess with it was it
    has cooled down in a brushed
    inside and the cookie Cup with some I melted dark chocolate
    and this is going to do two things seen allow you to pour milk in it later on
    without absorbing
    into the cookie making its I need its gonna give the
    could pick up a little bit more structure and allowed to be are less
    once that's done actor in the mud upside down and pull the
    crispy beautiful cooks doe
    out the month and then you gonna throw this into the refrigerator for at least

    Paso that the chocolate sets up
    once the chocolate sauce and upload rich poor some
    ice cold milk Street the middle in a guys have it the perfect combination
    milk and cookies
    so excited about this
    this oh my gosh fun week is a good week
    I'm excited right so I mean you have the day one small one
    doesn't matter have a small I'm look fresh look at mine
    that oh my gosh small I was really excited about this one
    alright so the trick is so the tickets a milk
    and then by track I'm just look history on this Dominic and so down a
    kansas-based 3 in New York the guy who invented
    are created the krona is the guy who created this as well
    so he does little shots so a little chairs to Dominic Enzo
    cheers okay up
    for another snap mmm
    death a crispy cookie
    has to be pretty straight to hold the No
    make sure doesn't absorb too much in the cookie but the chocolate helps
    but I think that will call him in person are properly aligned
    home and know it's like a standard chocolate chip cookie a little bit
    but what a cool idea I of
    you can we thought to room my thought I would fall part was the low point in
    there but you made it
    sturdy enough that does the charger is that's what the chocolate therefore
    abdominals care law here now will hear
    everywhere republicans really good I definitely will pry recommend making
    the shot last version but then again you will get as much no
    so you know too little give-and-take but this is pretty good
    like this idea them
    so bad on why did they get this everyone gets their cookies and
    no so why not make pick up the holds the low
    the turkey their with ripped off everywhere I think that up
    that's the catch with this cup jet fuel a messy
    but well obligation to this video if you did please thumbs up subscribe comment
    future video quest things you wanna see my channel and
    this is a blast to make have fun did you enjoy it
    I think she enjoyed it so CSX there with a delicious recipe
    by everybody *** *** How to make a CHOCOLATE BOWL using a balloon How To Cook That by Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! *** *** The Chocolate Ball | Byron Talbott - YouTube !!!
    hey what's going on are very welcome back to my channel today amina she an
    interesting take on chocolate
    to kick off chaka week I'm a star of by showing you how to make
    the chocolate ball first administered out by tempering some dark chocolate so
    essentially just gonna bring it onto 101 degrees Fahrenheit or so I
    in a double boiler and that should take about five minutes %uh
    %uh ok
    %uh plus the dark chocolate is thoroughly melted and up to temp you
    take out the dub boiler
    and add a few more dark chocolate chips to adjust to cool the temperature down
    to iraqi nineteen ninety degrees
    this is where the chocolate is actually tempered properly
    and it's getting cool and harden and it really shine months and the mold
    I cover more about tempering on my website burnt out da comp to check that
    if you're interested on but once the dark chocolate is tempered important
    your mold
    about a quarter the way just not seeking I thoroughly coat the mold
    on and then once you do that in a cap it off coat the mold
    and then you put in the refrigerator after about a half an hour into
    completely sucked

    one thing wanna keep in mind I with this mold in particular and eyes that
    you want to give it a turn every two to three minutes otherwise it is gonna be
    are really a dance hard spot on one side or the other some issue this costly flip
    man CNN nice even chocolates
    fear also one other ways you can tell that it's actually done and completely
    Harden is that it will pull away from old just slightly
    and leaving dis a space in between the mold and the Chocolate
    one thing I do here are the you don't necessarily have to do is I just get a
    little hot spatula and run around the center and the spear to take away that
    you have to do this you can keep it really shiny and keep the seam
    I think it's actually beautiful sometimes with that nice shiny sphere
    but me personally I like that smoking here's a fact and is taking way that
    seen in the middle
    and kinda roughing it up a little dis makes it look almost like a perfect ball
    chocolate on the site the big Jack truffle but thats or my take on it
    and once that's done all you do is get a hot plate or a hot little Pyrex
    container like I'm doing here he'd up in some water
    wipe it off with a towel and you're just gonna melt the bottom the actual
    chocolates here
    and that's gonna create the cavity for you to be able to fill with whatever you
    want %uh
    alright so what's your chocolate boys ready at to be used basically compared
    with whatever you want you can fill with brownies are different
    toppings ice cream news I mean there's a million one different variations for
    this recipe
    the whole inspiration behind this recipe for me was really an traditional Sunday
    done a little differently obviously and I love the idea the caramel and vanilla
    ice cream Starbreeze you can do bananas I put some peanuts on their
    and essentially just melts the chocolate around the caramel on the camel around
    the chocolate
    and kinda makes is cool up delicious hot page
    and really really good care mall around the ice cream
    and I think it's a really cool twist untraditional ice cream sundae
    that waiting to be made by you %uh
    I'm really excited to try this sucks absolutely incredible
    I want to pour the sauce on or before cause down it and I smelt the effect
    that this is amazing
    right here goes
    over hopefully cast as it's amazing
    right away like bursts open home
    love this desert alright track
    little bit and a strawberry
    whom mmm
    sure we're I love how it melts around the desert
    so reveals the desert as it goes down just a really cool fact
    very simple dessert I really don't think that it that difficult as long as you
    have mold
    if you don't have them all you can pick up a balloon I've actually done it so
    much and before except and said the
    horse fear I've done like a half sphere as I was like a chocolate cup
    and I was for a Valentine's Day suggest that as well you're interested in
    like I different way of preparing us for I love the idea that the chocolate that
    that's almost a container for the desert
    and then as you pour it melt the chocolate kinda mixes with the caramel
    mixes well with ice cream in the Piazza has like this
    I'm sorry this refined
    Sunday you can definitely go crazy with the attic fan as playing a little brown
    on the bottom
    and there's a million different variations and I think it's a it's a
    very cold desert I def recommend you guys trying it out
    sharing it with your friends and family this is definitely something you don't
    make all the time
    I but when you do you are you trying to impress and people you dislike blow
    their minds out there so
    tried out share with your friends and family hope you guys enjoy this recipe
    if you did please
    subscribe comes up and calm a block or feature video questions wanna see my
    and of course I see you guys next time with another delicious recipe I guess
    do *** *** Coffee Cup with MUSTACHE - Easy Cartoon Drawing Tutorial - YouTube !!! English English
    This is Mei Yu, the creator of Fun
    coffee with a mustache
    And this'll be great to draw with my other cute foods and drinks from my Fun
    First, let's draw
    a little curve like
    followed by another smaller, shorter curve
    So this is going to be the coffee part of the drawing
    Let's start the cup
    a longer curve like that
    and at the end let's draw a
    straight line going down on either side
    You can make it as long as you want
    and that's going to affect how tall the cup is going to be
    To make the bottom part look more dimensional and
    let's draw
    another curved line like that, and just connect it with the two lines
    let's draw the mustache
    Just like in my other mustache drawing video, you can start by drawing a
    leaf shape like that
    And draw another leaf shape on the other side like that
    to complete
    the little mustache
    Time for them
    big Fun
    And let me know in my comments below what other cute things or foods you'd like to see
    me draw in the future
    I'll try my best to draw as many of them as I can
    Okay, there's a gigantic pupil
    Shade it in
    I think it'll be a great idea to draw this for your dad for Father's Day
    or for his birthday
    or for any coffee lovers
    Here comes the other Fun
    We're almost done! Let's draw a little eyebrow above each eye
    and a curved handle
    As a finishing touch, let's draw some nice steam coming out
    It looks like a nice cup of coffee
    There you go
    All right, I think I'll have some fun with this cup of coffee
    Let's change the mustache
    into maybe something like this
    He looks tough
    like some kind of tough
    or wrestler
    with a cute little smile, because he's still happy. Look at this thick mustache! It's eating his face up!
    That's a nice mustache
    And maybe
    he's got something on the chin, too
    There we go, nice and hairy and thick
    Let's add something like this for the eyebrows *** *** Make Hot Chocolate Teacup Cupcakes! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Hot Chocolate Teacup Cupcake Tutorial where I'll
    be showing you how to make these gorgeous and very very simple little hot chocolate
    teacup cupcakes. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I've got a little bit of ganache. Now ganache
    is just two parts chocolate to one part whipping cream and I've used milk chocolate. We microwaved
    that for just a couple of minutes in
    second-intervals until it's completely melted. That gives us
    this really nice frosting finish, tastes just like chocolate but it doesn't crack like chocolate.
    So it's really nice and soft like frosting when people bite through it.
    I've got a prebaked cupcake. Now I've baked that in my silicone teacup molds. These are
    gorgeous little teacup molds come as packs of
    teacups and
    mine on eBay shipped over from Hong Kong, I think, for about
    seen them for up to
    dollars a set. Do not pay that. You shouldn't have to.
    I've got a couple of marshmallows. I've got my Oreo cookies. I've just got
    little mini-Oreo cookies which we're just using to decorate with today.
    A couple of spoons. And I've got my knife.
    Now as I mentioned, I've prebaked my cupcake and I just went with our chocolate cupcake
    recipe but you can use absolutely any flavor you want. When I baked these, because I know
    that I want a really nice, flat top on this, I only filled them to halfway so you can see
    that I've filled them there just the halfway mark. And as they rose, they came up the cupcake,
    not quite to the top and we've got about a centimeter or so gap at the top there.
    So the first thing that we're going to do is take our
    mini-marshmallows but I tried them but I just didn't think they look as authentic. And whole
    marshmallows were a bit too big. So just cut those
    hot chocolates
    out of each pair of marshmallows. And then you want to take your little teaspoons. I'm
    just going to give that ganache a stir. You can see there, it's really quite nice and
    fluid. So I'm just going to spoon it into the cupcake.
    I will mention I've only just made that ganache probable
    minutes ago. The ganache will
    actually set reasonably firm. So if you make it too far in advance. It will set and you
    just need to microwave it again just to bring it down to that nice, runny, spoonable consistency.
    Lovely. So you can see there, I'm just using my spoon
    just to tap down that ganache and make sure that it's going right to the edges and in
    all of the little corners of our cupcake. So we're simply going to take a little half
    pink marshmallow, position it in, and our little half of our white marshmallow, position
    that one in as well. Add our little teaspoon and our
    How simple is that? It's incredibly easy. It's a great way to use these little teacup
    molds. You can also use regular cupcake liners and just pipe a quick tea cup handle out of
    chocolate, or make one from fondant to hang over the edge to create a "cup" from regular
    cupcakes, without the tea cup molds. I hope that you've enjoyed this tutorial.
    If you loved it, head on over to My Cupcake Addiction and hit the Subscribe button for
    lots more from us. And as always, thanks very much for watching. *** *** Milk and Cookie Shots Recipe | Eat the Trend - YouTube !!!
    ship down to cancel has really been the driving force behind so many from the
    trans including pioneering the croissant don't hybrid
    the krona and now he's a plane that crashed in a ball pondered
    like your have your milk Inc Okies at the same time
    well now you can I need the trend me find the latest
    grazes the highest hybrid and the most amazing
    culinary creations and show you how to recreate them at home
    for you start making the Dell Inc remain together are shortening with both the
    this recipe really created a hybrid of sorts we combined classic chocolate chip
    cookie recipe
    with shortbread recipe and that is going to help these cookies keep the form
    the shot glass with a them now just had are light brown sugar
    and our regular granulated white sugar industry
    together and so it's nice and combined now and it had one egg yolk
    can are vanilla and then just stir that together
    over here have my sifted flour and salt
    this incorporate that a little bit at a time well it's important to keep in mind
    we made this recipe is this dough is going to be a little on the prowler side
    but that just means that it's really gonna keep its shape we bake them
    you know I found so interesting is when Dominique Ansel with creating this
    was inspired by Oreos which is my favorite cookie he'd never had an Oreo
    actually had his first Oreo couple months ago and if I was so bizarre that
    dip their Oreos and milk and that's kinda when that light bulb went off and
    he thought
    anything could have both at the same time zone that have a chocolate chip
    cookie mug shot was created
    as you can see our dough is really crumbly
    that's totally okay now metropolitan are many chocolate chips
    and using any talk which is really important because if you have those big
    chocolate chips actually gonna get in the way
    the form so at this point he was going in there and to ease your hands all
    rights another this is nice and combine
    and a gram I forms I got these little guys at my local bakeshop
    we just love Luna pop they look like shot glasses I sprayed them really well
    with nonstick cooking spray
    the dispute that made 0 right into the path and then using my hand
    I'm just gonna create a well and push the donor list i doing about a quarter
    inch along beside
    at the glasses to actually create pick up because the reagan
    killing now and really make the compact in there so use a lot of pressure on her
    just push that Dell against ok
    and you can find these calves that's okay you can also use a muffin tin when
    a jumble nothing

    but these are so great because they're the perfect shot glass alright
    I have this one done and is gonna keep knocking out the rest
    once you find a cookie dough into the caps put them into their for greater
    minutes a month at they were gonna beat him at
    degrees for about

    how good it is tougher to pick it up like
    I just like I love it
    so after you pick them let them rest for about
    minutes he shouldn't have
    any problem getting at the mall
    long you spray them down now turning to coat the inside with melted chocolate
    this is so impaired into this travel to picking up shot because if you just put
    them out directly and their
    we get soggy on open fallout this is gonna prevent
    and you that from happening also just had a really heavy flamer
    to shocked song india's take my melted chocolate
    part directly in their and I have found that the easiest ways to fold
    up halfway in
    and is going to turn this today goes right painted
    and then you don't wanna point this chocolate back into your traveling it
    sometimes in their cities have another bowl
    as soon as you're ready really really quick just love it over
    had and keep in mind you can do white chocolate
    actually thought you hated maybe do some peanut butter chocolate hazelnut spread
    as long as you have them have a barrier to prevent that not from getting

    from just
    phenomenal at the Center for greater

    minutes oh my goodness take a look at our chocolate chip cookie shots
    chocolates in there it's nice in fact that the prof
    Cup now just porn armelle now Dominique Ansel
    labor's his home now to he should have an ally we just added a little bit
    extract he also makes topping our porch of but no
    just care hardened shot alright guys
    get hand he said the best way to enjoy
    to take welfare take by on my little chocolate chip cookie mug shot
    thanks so much for watching let me know if you train you like to see a snake in
    the comment box below
    I think even during my mug shot we'll see you next time option *** *** How to Make Chocolate Lace Dessert Cups - YouTube !!!
    of the ball
    %uh hi I'm back Julia sure here
    today doing a variation my popular chocolate lace
    in chocolate doily videos I'm gonna be piping a free-standing chocolate
    like the one you see here that's perfect for housing
    putting miss Isabella raise putting in here the senior somewhat later
    embarrass just makes a lovely elegant presentation
    where the chocolate is really the centerpiece the reason it's a variation
    on the other two videos
    is a its freestanding I'm not shaping and around the cake
    and be its to town and got to chocolate and I've got a little bit have
    dark in a little bit white in and around the dark bottoms minute show you how to
    do that
    first why decided the size couple that I wanted
    and this is about three inches it just so happened that my Heinz vinegar Dr
    is the perfect diameter it's also straight sided
    so this is gonna be the form against which I'm gonna wrap the chocolate that
    the the jar is wrapped with parchment paper because I'm gonna be laying
    chopping up against I need to get out of the jar
    will stick to class let me show you how I did thats
    basically want to determine the size that I just cut a piece of parchment
    paper I like to use the role parchment paper for this particular
    application because its curve a certain nicely conforms to the bottle without me
    having to
    work to bend that and that cut it may maybe three or so inches tall I want to
    cut it
    higher than that chocolate template the template am an actual pipe the chocolate
    cell that the chocolate doesn't
    fall onto the glass and ice need to tape the same place to stay secure for
    this is another is like %uh actually slightly shorter than the label to stay
    by discovered does not stick welding class that will stick to the label
    so this again is gonna form structure around which I'm going to wrap
    chocolate as the cake was it like a cropping video this is
    the primary support PS now the pipe the chocolate strapped a different template
    for this I like to work with flat she parchment paper that doesn't have any
    curve too and I getting big
    pieces large increments like this and I cut down to size and the reason I like
    to do that is because if it's
    of the role of curl up on me as I'm typing my chocolate and that's just
    that's really distracting South and to do this particular pattern and again you
    can do it infinite array of patterns I'm just gonna do a relatively easy one for
    you that doesn't take as much precision or control
    as Mike rap on the cake I've cut a strip
    and you might ask well gee how large that stripped the world depends on
    what you're wrapping it around it because this was three inches I
    cut my strip about three times pie this is where the math comes into the
    equation which is

    about nine inches long plus I added about it and should I add that inch
    because as i at Chocolate
    it's gonna take a little bit more
    then that nine inches to wrap all the way around and not have
    a gap at the back but I like a little bit about overhang
    industry harm if that later it's just easier to attach it later
    a girl our part which has the white dark chocolate in an upper part which is for
    squiggly pattern so I've marked that often the template it's about two and a
    half inches tall
    in total so marked a guideline for me that one and a quarter inches which is
    gonna mark office to pop parts
    they've also left about a half an inch on top for handling room and you always
    want to do that when you're doing a raptor have to pick this up
    wrap it around something later and still impossible to do
    if you put your fingers into the chocolate you nicely piped I do those
    with pens I am gonna turn it over so there's
    marks don't transfer into the
    which make India especially in white choc left you'll see it
    it'll definitely transfer into either chocolate I'm working at the high-grade
    couverture chocolate which is a chocolate intended for piping
    its its fat content is a hundred percent cocoa butter is there no fat substitutes
    like palm oil on it and that's an important distinction because
    some other cheaper chocolates like Nestle's and Hershey's will have palm
    oil substitute in them
    they never now as follow a as
    these higher grade chocolate to do that much harder to pipe with now also set up
    much more quickly so if you're slow Piper
    it may be hard for you to get through the whole strip if you're working with
    something like a Nestle's brand not tipping on the brand because it's great
    for other uses adjusted
    happens not to be great for this kinda piping work
    also I have not tempered the chocolate which is a process to bring the
    chocolate up and down three different temperature phase a site setup really
    crisp finish
    Chris in solid and stands well at room temperature
    have done that just because it's a shortcut but if you know how to do that
    and would like to do that
    in your pipe relatively quickly I would encourage you to do it with this project
    has chocolate
    is freestanding so overtime until softened at room temperature and it's
    less likely to do that if it's tempered
    in a future buddy alt all address that whole tempering issue but
    gone for now you can work with that either way this chocolate here was also
    and tempered
    I've had this at room temperature now for at least
    and the chocolate has and wilted so it's quite possible to do it either way
    but if you're a beginner and piping slowly than
    I'm tempered is probably better because temperature other will set up more
    quickly on you
    okay enough said a minute piping
    I've got my chocolate in the back to snout didn't
    curvature chocolate and I'm going to see you
    tested on my work surface first in then start by just racing along
    the bottom for a little bit a reinforcement
    along that central guide mine
    in my forefingers to studying the tip in the town a type a lot more quickly with
    chocolate I do with royal icing because it flows faster so
    have to keep up with that if you are
    okay I'm gonna do it converts Crawley upper edge
    so I'm not going any higher than that
    inch guideline a marked out earlier
    amor roving everywhere in between
    I'm just kinda reinforcing and points just for a bit more stability
    and I'll start with the top I do there's just rolled hoops up and down
    happened down pretty tight little loop surprise
    you know maybe three sixteenths
    not quite a quarter inch apart Shire
    at the bottom you just wanna make sure that all the chocolate connects because
    if it doesn't
    the lace will fall apart when you take it off the bottle want is wrapped around
    the body of
    I'm square on looking at the lace wrap you know I'm not
    piping on the diagonal because otherwise the things I'm piping will be crackin
    it's important to orient yourself to what is your piping
    he's a pretty easy patterns cuz it they look a regular
    and I just forgiving you know I don't have to be is exactly what this
    pattern whereas the daisies on my cake was much much more precise
    okay why do those eggs egg porter at the top
    just replicating the one that's written from a me
    this is kinda random squeal pattern at the bottom is going to do some curly Q
    lines and again this is very easy you can pretty much do anything
    me to come back in and fill those holes group
    with the white chocolate to this little so the
    bottom half with a solid I like some other to be solid because then it's a
    better receptacle for think that that's all lacy
    sometime softer listen songs will flow out at that and you don't want that to
    make these a little tighter here okay amigo
    now but I'm a dark chocolate get my white chocolate has melted adjust the
    same way to smelt it so it's just flew it if you overheat
    white chocolate has a tendency to get thick very very quickly and then it's
    really hard to pipe
    saying one another in a double boiler over low heat and watching like a hawk
    to spot when it's just melted
    someone grab that fill the Sentinel finish off the piping and the lace
    okay come in white chocolate here just coming although Hall
    a typical I test the flow I work surface get those glasses back onto so many damn
    and mind you might my dark chocolate still not set up
    so when I lay this white chocolate and i wanna be careful not to coming or it
    with the dark which is why music the pastry bag rather than just smearing
    along the bottom I don't wanna smear the pattern
    the dark pattern and discover this part's a little tedious but I
    it makes for fun a fact imagine doing this with different colors
    chocolate which is possible to and its okay the overflow
    is the low pings because this is the back side in the truck but those parts
    gonna wrap
    up against the bottles you're not gonna see the fact that I've run over some
    dark lines but when I'm not doing is my tip is above
    the chocolates I'm not dragging my tip in a dark chocolate so hopefully not
    smearing any other
    try to push it a little bit into the Haute South cuz I don't wanna leave an
    air pocket
    okay now since the chocolate isn't tempered I want to get into the fridge
    pretty quickly rightists at this out here and when to set up at room
    gradually over time %uh chocolate bloom would get kinda gray haze on it
    but I put this into the fridge as soon as I'm done painting and
    that will suppressed the bloom as long as I don't bring my product in an ad in
    the fridge a lot
    after its Payton said I sell my movements into the French partially set
    and I also handily did this on a cutting board
    because this makes it really easy to move to the refrigerator without having
    to move the straps to be sure you're moving on something that'll fit into
    your refrigerator
    the shouldn't take more than one or two minutes depending on the temperature in
    your fridge
    okay so it's been in the fridge chilling
    to the point that I can pick it up without a dripping
    there could even be a little more set off a mass
    if you'd like as long as its top liable I'm just gonna
    secure the back my bottle
    and use the
    cutting board is the guy on the bottom rapid all the way
    it's okay that overlaps a little bit I'm only gently pressing and they're gonna
    do need to and attach it
    once it's fully setup that's looking pretty good
    because back now into the fridge to fully set up before I can
    remove the rapper %uh
    okay so this has been chilling now for few minutes in it the joint I'm a very
    depending on the temperature here for it just went along
    longer than usual but one tell-tale sign it's ready is the partner or begin to
    lift away
    of the chocolate and that that there shouldn't be any attention
    involved in polling of
    the parchment paper or the chopper in set up an hour
    okay so when I come to the back here where there's overlap before Paul the
    parchment out
    I need to take that chocolate that's on top of or I'll take all the chocolate
    underneath that of two just gonna score at
    and gently remove it if I can
    just certain stuff so that that's clear body chocolate on top
    and I should be able to remove the outer part rent that step
    the next step is getting a bottle out you want it make sure you disengage the
    tape if it's not come
    if it's not popping off on it down but this I didn't get to tape it coming out
    and then just ever said chant me
    left the parchment out on the inside
    if it's sticking with it means the chocolate has gotten soft
    and we want to set that back in that fridge to chill a nap before I ever met
    that paper
    and if the capital is set up it should do that pretty much on its on
    you wanna do this really careful aim
    and their you have a complete its owner %uh
    good I am back and got my place
    and all that and I just said it gently on the planet picked it up by the part
    that has the white and dark chocolate is on more solid than the top part
    and I'm not sure what the city so and as I said are great for
    filling with putting names or even ice creams are Moose's
    I've got a raise putting that I made earlier and I'm a final it in here
    with a pastry bag with a large opening in the bottom rather than spurning an
    because I'm then unless I more control and less likely to plop it on the side
    of the lace em break at
    I'm just gonna fill it up probably sample serving up to where the weight
    chocolate and I think
    and topless in there is in mint and then you've got a fabulous
    desert again I wanna be a little gentle with these berries are not come down
    on the lace itself
    in a little sprig would have meant such as one possible idea
    for what you can do with these cylinders and one possible pattern mind you
    your infinite number ways you could actually pipe that s
    by like this to turn a fact if you have a team at a race videos to check him out
    about one where rap the entire side to the cake
    and also one where do flat doilies which is actually the beginner place to start
    if you're doing anything with talk like that lies flat
    til then live sweetly been Don
    the on
    good all all *** *** How to make: Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe- simple and foolproof tutorial - YouTube !!! *** ***

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