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    HOW TO MAKE CAKE POPS! - YouTube !!!
    hear it so today I am going to be showing you how to make some cake pops I
    ask you a couple video is a go
    if you wanted to see the tutorial when I made them for Lily's birthday and Here I
    am so first we're gonna tell you
    what you're gonna need for this tutorial for
    so the first thing you're gonna want as either a cake pop holder or you can get
    the styrofoam
    and just take the cake pops in as you make them
    so I just got to start from his cheaper on
    you're gonna need some cake pop sticks and I just bought I am

    count cake pop sticks you need all sorts
    the spring goals and I just picked up some random ones that are going to go
    lily is party you need that
    you're also Kenny from chocolate and I bought me Karen daily
    wat melting wafers only because they were on clearance but you could really
    any baking or cooking chocolate but you find any
    or you need some cake in I just got some
    super moist vanilla cake some
    creamy supreme bonilla frosting I'm going to be changing the color my
    frosting so
    I got some food I and I think these are in the past
    pastel colors yeah I'm that by Wilton
    gonna need something to cook your cake and since we're not making a pretty cake
    I'm just taking it random pay and I found
    so that it could just cut arms they have those are which
    that's what you're gonna need images good start so the first thing you're
    gonna wanna do
    is oil up your hand we're gonna be making archaic
    so you know what everything ready for it to just call right into your pan and
    then stick in the event that the first thing you're gonna want
    as them egged oil and water so
    put the powder into the bowl near don't want
    3 eggs and depending on the cake mix you use it has ingredients on the back so I
    remember just follow that make sure you do it right
    and I'm your cake mix will come out perfect fairly simple
    but this one called for a cup of vegetable oil
    oil and one whole cup of water and
    your cell once you have everything in your bowl you're gonna wanna
    turned out I'm usually do this to the park but since I was
    trying to be a little bit better with it I decided to use my mixer so I just
    mixed it all up and then I boarded into
    into the pan and I second in the oven at

    cell wanted and you're just gonna wanna take it on out
    and stick it on hot and your stuff so it came for you wanna make sure you let it
    roll the head
    you're going to be playing with it and it just gets way too hot in your hand
    so cut it up into four pieces I'm found that this make the call a little bit
    so what it's calling you were going to not your chocolate now I would recommend
    doing this a little bit after one but the distance to say on
    I'm cell I'm not too much of it right now but I would suggest melting your
    after you finish playing with their cake cell
    mom you just put it in a pot and let it stress on Lalo
    and just keep stirring and tell it girlie mouth that you can also Michael a
    bit but
    anyway I'm put three drops a red dye and they're so that I can it make my
    chocolate pink because really is the birthday wishes
    totally paint eat and I'm
    you wanna make sure you start back completely and make sure you have the
    however are you get your chocolate because one it hard and then that that
    you know you can't really go back south
    I got the perfect paint and then I started playing with my cake
    sure grab a piece in breaking in half and then start
    rubbing it against each other I'm so that you get these crimes
    now I do suggest do not use the crest at the cage
    it the breaks up your cake ball ball

    trying to make it so don't use the Christ because they were just completely
    ruin everything fell I try to get as much rest as I could
    and then you wanna get frosting and it makes it into your kik
    and your cake to make the mixture then if you can kick make
    and urge marshall et ready I'm not what you want to do is take out your
    sprinkle loser and you take
    edged in tennis at the station like I will show you in a second
    okay so what you're basically gonna do you gonna and I'm not showing US cuz my
    hands got really sticky dough my camera and I don't have a tripod
    but you're gonna grab some you down can come over here and stick it
    on some point once you have a good amount on here
    on you're gonna love in the fridge for about
    minutes so that they cool and
    kinda part
    so one
    you can touch them and you feel like the outside is kinda less wet
    on and they're pretty touch you want to take him out
    and started putting some trouble on now giving air traffic can be pretty tricky
    but the first thing you wanna do is grab your stick
    and dip it in chocolate percent dividend about maybe happen engine
    and then go over to your cake ball
    and you can if they get and
    not halfway n not all the way through but just a little bit just so that
    you get that excess chocolate on the top where the state doesn't
    here and did the chocolate and you don't want to stir it because he will lose
    regions you lose the I'm you
    the bold attacks and various times
    and you just gonna want to europe
    coverage completely too lightly tapping so that
    excess chocolate will come do
    then you can come over here unjust sticking into the styrofoam and let it
    and just repeat that a thousand times does just so you can tell that I'm
    learning with you
    and make sure you don't want this dick all the way through because
    it'll start to droop want its drying I would suggest keeping them in the fridge
    right after you finish them because you do not want them to not
    any for right now one the party starts nurturing instinct to take them out you
    do not want these babies and how much does it make sure when you finish
    things are going on under stickam straightens the refrigerant now I am
    going to admit these cake pops
    took or ever to make and I only made about

    I'm I got up to about
    and then started getting really really
    complicated because the chocolate started to hurt in senior make sure that
    you melt your chocolate
    on time and right when you're about to get them but anyway I hope you have
    the skatepark who are you some of them came out pretty good but others cannot
    normal but anyway and I hope you don't have a wonderful day and I'll see it
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    today I'm making something really really fun and these are
    santa hat cake pops
    if you're the ingredients that
    need so I have white cake here this is a peppermint cake that I needed another
    recipe of Italy into that at the end
    I'm using buttercream icing and I just made this this is Wilton's
    buttercream icing all put a link to that as well we need some little lolli pop
    sticks or candy pop sticks that you can find at most craft stores
    I also have some jelly beans here holiday theme jelly beans
    and hear what I have just taken some other white and I've cut them
    rate in half with a knife and we're gonna use those for the top
    I'll the santa hats I also have
    red white and green
    chocolate all these are actually can denounce
    so that's gotta be we're gonna use that as well
    this recipe and I also have some
    wat sugar here so those are the ingredients
    so let's get started alright so when they do is I'm just gonna take
    Mike H and I'm just gonna pop in
    the cake into our
    kitchen mixing bowl and for this year
    I don't have any precise measurements what I want you to do
    is just take whatever Kate that you have you wanna make the cake that I made
    in another video you can take roughly half that and
    do what I'm doing here you can make different recipes with it I'm not
    measuring this way just want to do was take as much case you want to quit last
    I'm just gonna do I'm not going to work a lot of the some
    santa hats butts
    apps put enough in here so I know they've got nothing here Sunday's
    cutting a cake
    over here into little cubes just to help the mixer
    so there we go rate
    so I'm gonna be the cake and then I didn't actually makes a measure to me
    so got a little piece left here alright sets
    almost half a cake you know me two thirds of that cake
    and then we're going to do is we're gonna have him
    our buttercream and this is the
    Wilton buttercream recipe that I'm using today and
    the reason why reading said is we want to get this
    all nice and moist moist enough so that actually sticks together so
    at first here I'm just gonna put in a little bit and we're just gonna say
    about measuring seven is putting a few clubs
    little no couple little but she's in there
    get this on my team rates now in another video
    I use a hand mixer but today I'm using this but you can use whatever you have
    and if you don't have a mic so you can still do it you can put it in a bowl
    and just break it up cut the k in too much smaller pieces that I have here
    you know just to make it easier and then put a little bit away saying and
    basically you just wanna
    you know just get your hands in there and just makes around Kahnawake
    this is exactly making meatballs so when you knew this going in my machine going
    hun I just want to break all the pieces down
    I don't want to get everything well incorporated we have something
    weekend form together into a little
    go let's go for it high in a second
    us alright site mixing I don't know maybe
    seconds or so so I'm just gonna
    check the
    I'm just gonna check the consistency and see if I can get into
    little ball you can kinda see face we sit together here
    can see it kinda holding I'm gonna put a little bit more
    in there I think it just needs a little bit more so I'll just take a little bit
    sleep that get down there and I'll get this going again huh this let go for
    second say no cuz I can say
    already not just checked that again see now it's nice and moist
    if I squeeze that together you can see here
    that I can make nice the law love it's not bad I think that's good enough
    once it hits the chocolate we're going to cover these in chocolate and that
    chocolate is going to create a little shell crater lake
    you know that like a in a show which is going to protect this and kind of
    help prevent it from falling apart so there we go
    beautiful now if you're making these
    you know for anyone else in your immediate family I always suggest wear
    gloves because
    you know people appreciate the fact that you did wear gloves in the works
    you know getting your hands all in there in whatever but anyway fans only
    fans on the person
    so that's it for this step so basically what you want to do
    just make sure that you don't add any too much icing just added in a little
    bit at a time and check it like I did
    because you don't want to run out of cake and then all of a sudden it's too
    wet to go all what do I do now
    so he added the icing just a little bit at a time you will never go wrong
    okay so what do we do now as I just going to fix everything up for next step
    and I'll be back in a second all rights are next at now
    histogram some of our dough mixture
    and I just have a little pizza pan here just put them on
    and basically we're gonna do is just gonna roll on you rule them into little
    balls whatever
    whatever way you wish what you want to do
    is get them into a coma okay so I'm gonna push down like this
    you can go like that if you wish you just want to basically make
    account so it's gonna be whiter and flat bottom
    but you know kinda
    the top doesn't have to be super pointy
    so just like that you can do it that way
    you can take it and use role slightly like this
    can you see me doing that to sleep that
    supply more pressure say
    to me that's a little bit you know to sharpen too high but
    it all depends on what you what you like me so many different types hats I guess
    who's to say what's right and what's wrong and by the way this is not my idea
    I wish I could say that
    this was my idea but this is all over the internet
    and I was downtown the other day and 10 the little coffee shops had
    he's in there for sale dollar
    salt here you go everybody's making this year it seems
    so there we go so there's a first one democrat
    gonna make another one here
    just to show you so I get into a ball first and I just kinda roller
    understand flat bottom because that's the bottom a sentence has flattening out
    here's another one
    if you've got kids the kids will
    really love doing these you can make any size you want some
    those start getting into a ball and they're all
    now when I when I made the actual dull
    if you find that it's a little bit dry and its falling apart on you
    just out a little bit more um
    icing in cash that America doesn't look nice at all
    closest go
    so now what I want to do is I just wanna chill he's down
    a little bit to set the folder for okay and since there's
    butter in that buttercream icing when I
    chiles what's going to happen is the buyer's gonna solidifying its going to
    you know help it hold its shape the sea view using a some kinda by saying that
    you had it
    to your cake mixture and it doesn't have butter in it it's not going to be
    you know sauce but a really does
    you know how to set have its advantages so there we go so I may

    useless this up because you probably say I can see them very well
    hopefully focus in here we go
    so they don't really look like much yet
    but just wait okay so
    I'm gonna poppies into the fridge for a while I'll be back in a bit
    so these are and five minutes and
    I can feel that the pretty chilled okay
    so remember Reese so remember at the beginning
    I showed you the white chocolate can denounce
    well I just put those in the microwave I use
    the the defrost mode kept and he did
    the white chocolate a so this is our first step and this is important
    you wanna grab your little cold here
    you want to get in there and just depends
    just a little bit on my only does
    that okay perfect uncut just like that
    and one and it wasn't a mistake
    my part my stick in there home
    ca don't worry about the chocolate coming off
    just let it rip off now okay so
    what I've done here is that created the bottom part
    of the half who would I want to do is I'm gonna do this twice because
    I wanna have the hatch a little bit thicker so that you can actually see it
    on me end product so you see this
    you wanna and you also want to put the chocolate on before you put the stick in
    because it's rather hard to do that once the stick isn't
    so that's our first step and if you don't want to
    take this in Dunkin are you could hold like this and then just take your spoon
    and running along
    the side that's what I'm gonna do the second time K
    so that's our first one so I got myself a little bit if
    styrofoam you're just gonna pop that into the styrofoam Gulf
    I want to show you that here so here's our first one right here
    okay dori body dripping
    snowing do is gonna do the second one
    scrap it
    you know
    and if you're worried about breaking Getafe us you know Spooner
    for whatever you have and lifted out go
    and take your stick
    just gently priest her places press it
    in there what's spring that a little bit
    say I make mistakes
    and no one will ever know because it'll all be covered up with chocolate
    and then we go and if you think we never make mistakes
    in the shop haha of course we do we're all human
    so there we go
    understand what that to spin around
    so I'll take that one now in a place that one in my
    little block me
    so we got so what we're gonna do now gonna let these dry K
    how to show you the three that you get so here we go
    we just move out of the way near there
    some just let these dry for second I'm just gonna come back
    okay so the cake pops
    have been I just put them in the fridge when they've been not in there but maybe
    four minutes
    Sanders I just he did this up again
    and I've used a frosting and so that is
    warm and it's ready to go so wanna do is a mistake
    one or cake pops and now we're going to do is we're going to be very very gentle
    and I don't really want to turn it upside down so if you're
    little bit worried take your red
    and tilted to the side and then
    to start getting slowly gonna try to do the slowly so you can see
    and basically what we're doing now is we're going up
    the top of
    centers hat and
    I don't want him completely go over and wait so very careful because
    very very easy to go over the way and then you're gonna have to go back
    and do the weight again months
    some very just take your time because
    so easy to go over you know
    silly that's good can
    snow house
    you can see already that is starting to take shape now wanna do is and any use
    and red candy melt slash
    chocolate and any use that as the glue
    to glue on the top little piece of Santa's hat
    you don't have to stick it directly to the top you can stick it where ever you
    see see where I'm going on here let me turn camera so you can see
    return my hand rather so they were going so well and I'm here
    some using the glue right which is our red can email us
    and that's how we're going to get that on there
    okay so that's our next step
    and we want to make sure that this
    is try before we go on to our next step
    alright what a half years old piece of parchment paper you can use wax paper if
    you don't have parchment this is just the catch
    our way chocolate so what do you do here is
    I have our little white sprinkles and I want those two stick
    toe at the top of Santa's hat and you don't have to do this
    you can now I'm too sleepy like this
    also what I've seen as i've seen these hes santa hats instead of using
    if you want you can take a little piece a fondant and just roll it into a
    circle and then just you know popped on the top just like we did
    with this so when they do now as I'm just gonna take that
    and misguided little bit right into their
    and then I'm gonna take sprinkles
    and just get them on their
    and if you don't like that way we can do you can just take my hand
    just sprinkle on sleep that
    so adding that little
    you know little bit of melted chocolate
    we're now adding another little layer
    you know of design to our hacked so there we go
    see that don't worry at the end and as you mentioned you be able to see the Sun
    just a
    camera might not be able to pick this up
    current okay now
    we want to fix up the bottom so what I'm gonna do now
    so I'm just gonna take some or white chocolate and I'm just gonna start
    putting it right along like this
    and I'm just like gravity do its thing
    and if you really really good you can really get it moving here
    just kinda keep it in a straight-line so don't talk to too far forward
    you wanna kinda get enough on their you can
    you can actually touch it if you want to just go around like this
    so any little mistakes you can clean up
    what we're gonna do is we're gonna put
    sprinkles on this part
    so what I'm gonna do now group
    get like that and then take sprinkles on researching in all the way around
    something can discuss with him here just last year
    use on taking sprinkles
    of that camera there
    just get them all over that chocolate
    to sleep that
    and there we go look at that
    does not look great center stack
    so these are my Santa hat cake pops
    I hope you enjoyed this video and all see you next time
    okay I was just cool and it's not the end the video yet
    so you're going to another one I do couple and I just give you the idea
    yeah I know I said it was the end videos plans
    for around was just a little bit on their
    on it too much on the red
    ago think that's good enough
    okay them
    so done as I just poured few more the little
    only crystals in here just down
    like that these are really really fun
    I mean these last week and they did not last very long at all
    you're gonna we go few more
    you does not look nice
    I'm a little closer here isn't that cool
    look at that so there we go now we're gonna do the bottom
    it's more white chocolate scanning it great honor
    you know what you don't have to be accurate
    super accurate and you can see my chocolate stripping down
    onto the parchment there it's just easier
    clean up later there
    no XP
    K and brown
    her sugar
    and a sprinkle on to sleep at
    you know we go
    and their weaker beautiful look at that so
    this really is the victim so this really is the end the video
    this time I'll say goodbye for real so these are my
    santa hat cake pops I hope you enjoy this video
    if you did please give me a thumbs up subscribe if you like getting my videos
    and I'll see you next time
    alright I just heated up my green
    chocolate that was getting a little bit thick okay left us in the fridge for
    about five minutes sender
    the talk is but Press that chocolate is all
    nicely solidified so what do you do now is in its gonna take
    the little Colin just like we did with the center at
    miss can get right in there this time I don't have to worry about
    getting anything on the bottom
    I'm just gonna turn it and Po
    and then just let it drip of
    and if the chocolate is warmer
    that's going to scott Morris gonna drop off
    quit thick coating here now at this point here what you can do
    you can take your little Christmas
    tree at this point here you can see a little Christmas tree
    and you can start you know taking a
    take my my spoon here
    and you can just kinda neat little little marks
    in the tree in my on-camera her miss you can do this
    where we can do you stick it in your styrofoam
    and then you can get a read it later with some
    other different colors so what I'm going to do is I'm going to be using a little
    alf white and I'm just gonna put will weigh curious
    on it to comic look like snow Cano
    maybe we'll put a little star on it
    you can kinda see
    Moore also gonna get a new let this dry
    me put this in French and let it dry and then we're gonna dip into the way
    chocolate after
    the seats right now it doesn't really look too much
    you know like a Christmas tree
    on also right now you could use you take you anything you want me not to take
    let's say I want to take no sprinkles just take no sprinkles and a sprinkle it
    making it look less now could do that anything that you want to do is
    you know isn't there are no rules now I'm just changing
    my idea right now on the fly go
    no I put different color
    sprinkles went for now I'm just gonna let that dry
    and I'll come back in a bit thank you spring over my
    white chocolate here and
    modest dip that in no
    say now we've got some snow on their say
    now if you want a little bit snow everywhere
    you can just gonna you know you put a little
    too slow drops here and there
    you wanna do no actual turns you can no
    turn as your going on
    see another little technique where you can do
    Winehouse you can take a lot on your spoon
    on the interview spoon and then start making online
    see just how to turn it in discos and then when you can use can take you sugar
    and drizzling on there will happen is the sugar only state where the actual
    chocolate worse
    you see there you go kinda looks a little Christmasy like that smoking you
    just gonna do another little here
    takes on the chocolate
    moves go around
    knowing it was a good
    sprinkles we can use
    sprinkling on
    to sleep that
    much you
    you look at that
    Christmas tree
    I will start here museums and get some
    a chocolate
    use star there
    see my star
    look at that
    thank you
    closer to sprinkles a gun at the bookstore their internal star
    so beautiful *** *** How to Make Valentine's Day Cake Pops! - YouTube !!!
    hey guys at SkyCity world and today are making these really yummy valentines day
    cake pops
    these are so delicious and they're really cute as well
    blonde and pink for let's get started %uh
    here I had a predate yellowcake this is just a box next cake
    and then go ahead and cut into quarters then I'm going to come ons cake and
    %uh that is Rev the cake back and forth and then breaking up with your fingers
    and until you get Nathan of small pieces
    themes and now I'm adding in another cake order

    threat of have a key that a couple dont
    now I am from Intel frothing
    I ended up adding in about a third of a cup to getting the right consistency
    to go ahead and makes it around %uh
    do want to be just my enough so that you can pack into a ball in your hands
    him using a knife can skip to step on the cake balls
    and I'm just gonna go home and pack a little bit and then run into a ball
    you want these can be about one inch in diameter
    and then just places on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper
    to make a hardship kapok go ahead and take a kick ball and flatten it out a
    little bit
    and then pinch the and into a v-shape pennies when your fingers
    to make a low end and the top home
    and nation to kill a heart shape and
    and here's our finished cake boss place this and the French about twenty minute
    nah for decorating unit in sprinkles along with uncanny aunt
    I'm using the built-in brand here places into a Mac or a safe glad
    good and I miss going team other than a low-power setting
    makes you stir them every
    seconds to send
    when it comes out into the something like that nice and smooth
    good not take some lollipop stick
    insert them into the candy month to happen and
    and then place this and you're choking bop
    %uh good %uh
    him during the paint
    %uh and the Red the polite refrigerator cake pops at this time
    but I found that if you get them when they're too cold Kenny mother gonna
    and you don't want that and to make nearly
    then even coating I found as well to eat and product
    and it's really nice it's kinda like paramount crystal and it's really gonna
    then I candy coating you can also choose used in vegetable oil
    or shortening that hearing going to use the EZ pins
    go ahead and add the India candy coating luck still warm
    and just turn around and now this is going to make your candy coating nice
    and smooth and
    bent now ready to depart cake pops
    came during the break any coding and I just about the accent
    and then for this 1 I'm adding a little hard to pinpoint
    nickens he had or what the fuck
    or you can choose to cover your entire cake up with sprinkles
    this is when I hear it looks think it looks so fun and festive for Valentine's
    %uh years at the finished product looks like
    home %uh
    and Here I am doing for my red cake pops you may have to remind your candy
    coating a little bit
    that is making design a low-power and I'm adding on its bank of investment Inc
    I have is really nice cake pop stand that a government target
    you cannot see this tire from block to place a que pasan did right
    and handling the heart cake pop you might have to rock it around in the
    candy coating little bit to get it all coded
    but just be gentle when you doing med
    and you can see there really adorable as well
    and here I was going to drizzle up with some melted candy coating
    makes you add in some canola oil in this out though as you can see I got some
    declined it looks almost like a zebra print but I think it's like you did
    and if you add an extra touch go ahead and added I think treat bag
    I got mine at Michaels does go ahead and tired of it the bell
    I think that this makes it a really cute gift for a friend
    and that's it these K Cups are really easy to me and who never had key party
    they just think you're really moist cake do I hope you guys enjoy this video
    don't forget to share your creations add me on my Facebook page kathy has next
    happy Valentine Day aunt
    to make this cake pops of pain pink hot pink color and then we gonna add from
    killed us to get the shimmering effect I'm gonna show you how to do very
    whether you like it or not she can be a bit long tutorials let's get started yet
    best of which are both molecules of my condition called a favor from Australia
    on it is damaged couple might take the boys got a number that just quickly on
    top of this with some fathers day special such got some one on it which
    I'm going to remove from you get with the squiggles fine can just keep in work
    without making a difference but you can get in caramel mud cake cake really you
    can use any help that you like as long as some rice cake and it's got an actual
    publicly posting something just say you've got enough feeling to bundle
    together on a big ball and you crumble it and that's that's pretty much come
    get the kids to do this all you have to do is just work here and I'm pretty much
    make a big boy now covered that put in the fridge but that children back twenty
    minutes and it'll be easy to roll and bold as you can see I put a little scale
    here I normally wear them to about 28 grams of fun that a nice time but you
    could go between
    grams and give your day
    so all you do is you pop some of your mixture onto the scale up and I'm not
    gonna really that perfectly today that nice round shank them just to give you
    the basic idea of how I do them but if you really want a nice round will just
    keep rolling and rolling and rolling it to you happy with that shape and that's
    why I love working with this cake that moist cakes it's so easy to work with
    said you're doing the front party in example instead of worrying about doing
    it on the day you can actually make these three three days in advance
    pick up to actually dipped into trouble makers in their deal has that nice
    beautiful tight end just
    if you're in utica cups are really becoming easier because this will give
    you one nice to feel of how your actual back should be like so this texture I
    want your rolling in and you work around with it in the future we do wanna make
    your own recipe you know you know what you're looking for you know how much to
    have to be you know everything about it is a really good steppingstone if you
    want to start with pickups and you don't wanna go through making the recipe tried
    to say they have got them however you know a plane once you roll them up or
    put them in the fridge and let them sit for about
    minutes and then we go
    open and let them sit in the fridge for about
    minutes and as you
    can see some of the old really nicely into any cracks or anything but a nice
    trip in some you can see the correct but that doesn't matter because once it
    sucked into the chocolate nominee not gonna feel very very didn't really have
    to worry too much about the correct because the chocolate covered all you
    have to be more worried about to get a nice round shaped up so that for example
    if you if you go to the supermarket and Medicaid easiest way is
    granted but
    grams gave me twenty three KAG books to just make sure you look at the
    Graham divided by with
    p.m. 28 grams and that will give you an idea of
    how many cake pops you gonna have trouble only use how do I never use joke
    hello anything I thought only use color powder and my favorite favorite
    chocolate to dip my cake pops in its initial email it's a really really
    really easy chocolate to work with especially if you're beginning to the
    taste great but it's just the consistency that you need for the cake
    pops up on me and put them back replicating thickened in on them staring
    it now you have to start in
    seconds if you don't do that gonna happen if you
    gonna been and you gonna get in then you gonna keep transmitting it up but you
    can't because he already been to every
    seconds take it and terrorist
    little market for
    seconds taken in store for

    not only took two bits and now look at these beautiful and nice and shiny
    ensuring you that I have not ended in its just dat thicken and stirred for

    seconds until thickened and that's what you get and that that's what you need to
    be able to get a nice food color palette and you can think and I'm just gonna
    Starion finally gets to dock quickly add too much mike boorda come up if that
    happens to just add some more white chocolate melted against the color line
    license and again I like to pretend to be an even more funny I can tell right
    now they don't want a baby pink hot pink and a little bit more and staring and I
    like doing it that way to get any powder is good sometimes it can be little
    clumps of powder and slowly just into that nicely today a bit more power and
    I'm gonna stare it now when you use jealous specially if you're not
    comfortable working with chocolate the junction Cesar Chavez if you to cart
    into hot it definitely makes the chocolate a lot more Dulce you lose that
    nice shine and paddling techniques with so I would really recommend don't use
    any Dell power nap never ever ever had a problem it just gives you a nice smooth
    color shine at the easy to work with the whole time it's a nice clean power down
    now just pick up sticks and just get this is the structure you have to do
    this don't get this but don't try to make a dipping them in because we can
    happen to catch up soon I'm using some just some straws here just just used to
    break off all the not gonna do anything even halfway put them back in the fridge
    for about
    and then you're ready to dip in your truck color so few more and then they
    would end of the show you how you do that it will continue easy to debating
    if you gonna talk up or anything like that would do much in there and all I'm
    doing is dipping it in and swelling it this is up to you you're comfortable
    with just my luck to swirl and then just typical some people tech near East in
    the lot of different from me just swelling and then just tapping in excess
    of just taking it around and looked like a few bumps sports or anything just to
    be driven again if your chocolate is not running then you're not gonna have in
    any problem with chocolate covering it nicely just will do whatever you feel
    comfortable in and then what I do is shake the top of it seems they know some
    swelling and getting all the texts and then I'm just gonna kind of flattened
    out the top and then they go no i didnt in the fridge because I want to block
    and it was too high
    put them in the fridge and temperature on the table and only takes the bet that
    up completely that's a really good quality chocolate work we gonna show you
    one more time to keep eating and they could be put on the table like that
    minutes now I had someone inside just tied up in the tire and a
    little boat around them
    I'm happy when they just as bad as lying around that never used it today just
    replaced our firm block and I'm using the back of a paintbrush and I'm gonna
    make some holes in a complete the cake pops don't trample the k-cups in
    straight away if you don't have a whole because you just break them
    final product if I knew those gonna put them into one of these draws out of use
    North white cake pops do something nice but I just never use this data to show
    you how you can decorate it if you put these light just put them on top this
    would be a really cute pregnant so you can leave it as that if you like I
    sometimes I really liked it but then I do love should really think so but I'm
    gonna do now just drive point but a drive to keep russia and I just got
    killed us and you can use a new build us a few good to you
    decorating shops
    different brands of all of the same thing I've tried many of
    them and they pretty much do the same result and to dust bowl sheila is really
    really think all you do is make sure no I just get the Dustin just put it any
    way you like
    into circulation you can go straight down its not gonna leave any streaks or
    anything on this he could do whatever you feel comfortable just work around
    you like to do that's one done already
    many takes like a second to do them any ticket Keith another difference and you
    just dusting them another really nice looking get with dusting images a couple
    of waiting you don't call you chocolate chocolate colored it black and white
    creamy color and then you put his pill shimmer and if you put the telephone
    individuals that make a beautiful I like that would really really simple because
    you know covering the chocolate never gonna get you
    you notice of any good about
    my father because I didn't have enough
    trouble to do the other
    extra lighter is well another really good thing if you
    do i click and then uses blue and then you please tell she could do it in a way
    we don't cover the whole to do like little piece of areas of these she
    actually looks a lot nicer in real why then recording it with recording it
    doesn't look that great you don't notice that Sharon in that little but you don't
    actually not even if you think you might be able to get a little bit but looks
    much nicer now because I just trying to hide it so I'm just gonna buy the month
    but I didn't kill just to break out around
    hope you guys enjoyed this
    tutorial to very easy to do and places crushed my channel Channel shara a
    really really appreciate it if you want to see anything else so all the shapes
    mean everything i sorry about that though get I'm just playing around with
    the camera on trying to get the right color angles and everything done only
    don't like it but because I love this particular cake it obviously I'm not
    gonna taste great and it doesn't really moist cake it actually tastes like a lot
    like that can put together doesn't take very clunky but
    experiment with them the carrot cake
    thank you guys for watching hope you enjoy the tutorial and please don't
    forget to subscribe the best video and pic is there much later bye *** ***

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