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    HAIR CAKE (ft. HowToBasic, MaxMoeFoe, and iDubbbz) - YouTube !!!
    welcome to the filthy Frank she'll come back i'd of Stevie today may not be good
    for me anyway we're going to take it
    dropping its fucking discuss your shit we can make the best case I'm sorry that
    yeah yeah yeah yeah
    oh yeah I don't use right now
    I think I sent out
    yeah I would honestly I would cook but that's like
    here to share
    and trying harness lord I'm sucking the battle that's going down the hand cramps
    in my mouth it's humanly possible to keep my head down this road projects so
    a waiter waiter
    tried to
    did you know millions of israelis to kill innocent Palestinians palestinian
    like this out when it goes well balanced Chinese banks right
    description and that's it for tonight everybody else
    ship big night *** *** Cake Pranks Strike Again - YouTube !!! English English
    - Last week I sent one of our assistants, Jason,
    to a restaurant with a birthday cake
    for his grandma, and he asked people to hold it.
    But the cake was rigged
    so that it would immediately fall off the tray.
    So he did it again,
    and he brought his grandma with him to Chili's.
    [Pharrell's "Come Get it Bae" plays]
    - You miss me? I miss all y'all.
    - It's my grandma's.
    - That's beautiful.
    - Actually, I'm looking to take a quick picture.
    Can you hold it real quick for me?
    - Sure.
    - All right, if you just lower it so I can get over it.
    And three, two--
    - Oh!
    - Oh, hi, grandma.
    - Oh, my birthday cake.
    - My grandma's coming. It's her birthday.
    - Oh!
    - Jason.
    What'd you do to my cake?
    - He dropped it. I'm sorry.
    It's all right. It looks okay.
    - Said you had an interview?
    You have an interview? Good luck, man.
    Wanna do me a quick favor?
    Could you hold this real quick?
    My grandma's birthday. - That's awesome.
    - Oh!
    Grandma. - Jason.
    What did you do to my cake?
    - We just got a little messy, Grandma.
    We'll get this. Here.
    [singing] Happy birthday to you.
    [both singing] Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear Grandma.
    Happy birthday to you.
    - I don't think so.
    - Can I tell you something? - Yeah.
    - You're on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" right now.
    Thanks, buddy. Elbow high five.
    Thanks for being a good sport.
    You want some cake? - I'm fine.
    - Good luck on your interview.
    - Oh, he clapped and everything.
    So sweet. *** *** Cheese Cake Factory Waiter Kevin brings the food. - YouTube !!!
    the handsome guy with a boon very handsome guy and he needs jeans and
    later she wants to get some cheesecake that's what we know for you know you
    need more coffee or so later
    thank you thank you the food we have a sad
    have some soup and a little family *** *** My Jacket Got a Waiter Fired - YouTube !!!
    who would have thought that wearing this jacket in ordering pasta
    would have caused such a colossal misunderstanding I'm Stephanie from Los
    Angeles California
    let's talk about that huh good mythical morning meet today's episode is brought
    to you by
    or a brush ninety percent of all bad breath is caused by dirty dirty nasty
    if you want to get rid of one hundred percent in the ninety percent don't do
    the math just get
    and or a brush at CVS Walmart or or a brush dot
    I am and if you want to sponsor an episode or
    episode that good mythical morning sickness an email that show at rattling
    dot com
    will get back we need hopefully you had a great weekend
    welcome to the new work week or school week
    a whatever your week maybe or may it be met the call if you just lay around and
    do nothing
    welcome to that week doing nothing doesn't matter
    I had a good weekend you know I spent some quality time not only with my kids
    but with threats kids because my wife and I graciously took them and said that
    they could be in a positive environment for
    I'm a few hours just Katie know what you know what
    now three you up to date you why said
    and then you we can exchange and then you keep my kid
    and I will be freed up to date my wife that's the arrangement that we have UN
    no money changes hands that the beauty up
    that's the key is really the key there is that naar kids like being together
    Lynn you really I don't pay you to babysit my kids you don't pay me baby
    see your kids
    its it's wonderful and you know what I didn't even pay for my date
    because we had a gift card all year
    I like to take my life to romantic places Undertaker two places
    with the food is really good in is there like you know
    do maybe there's like really good Yelp reviews when you can see yourself a
    I could would consider myself a foodie kinda
    you know like a foodie junior because
    because a gift card overrides
    you just going where we'll be where food is good will sometimes say
    I'm where in los angeles la to good places the EBA sometimes you just gotta
    take the gift card that your mom and daddy got you for Christmas
    and you gotta go to the Cheesecake Factory I'm not above that
    no shame in that mean you good you watch TMZ you see stars come out at Cheesecake
    Factory oh yeah
    you know not ever watch TMZ but if I if I do
    I definitely wanna know what they ordered Cheesecake Factory any
    your mom for Chris's gave me in Christie
    a gift card to guess where the Cheesecake Factory
    the we also went back you know I don't go on a date I think we split it in half
    the wind energy we're gonna get to Cheesecake Factory business Arab
    your mom's gift card we went once and we split an entree cuz it big
    and then we went back with our kids which is
    crazy I would recommend that anybody if you have three children
    your the Cheesecake Factory on like a Friday night
    budget but you might kidless you can concentrate
    on on a new relationship yeah I mean it was a nice dinner we said outside heated
    you know and the menus me is very large is on advertisements in it
    yeah I did X you seems like it seems like you should get a discount
    because the ball advertisements in the menu its freakin spiral-bound
    I don't think you get a discount but you should
    but we're not here to talk with the Cheesecake Factory we're here to talk
    about what happened at the Cheesecake Factory because something
    ok there was a mess up there was a big misunderstanding at the Cheesecake
    Factory involving me
    and my waiter of court is operative word
    okay sup I ordered
    something kinda pasta with garlic
    now first book it did take a very long time for me to figure out what I wanted
    in you take the waiter came back like
    times and I was like to know what
    I'm usually not
    degas usually gadget give me some you know I eat anything
    is difficult I'm is difficult but I was stressing out over and
    my wife said well what do you feel like dis first she said she said
    he's good at things like that she's like close the menu because they have
    what do you feel like eating right now I think this is a good question
    like did she say and then play it close the mean amplitude place that on your
    forehead or no it wasn't like a
    it wasn't like a telekinesis I think he was just giuliani made without touching
    you wanted me to separate myself from the intimidation
    a beam multi-layered menu in what did you feel
    in hit me it was clear as a it Thursday
    at night at the Cheesecake Factory
    something creamy okay
    and i've been there something cream sometimes you want something light
    marlena something creamy something heavy something with some pasta
    we're talking Alfredo type situation so I went with
    this I don't know it was pasta in a creamy garlic sauce okay
    it was good it stayed with me for seven days I can vouch for that
    but it was incredible now
    I order this pasta and my
    waiter comes to me actually do you know they
    they do a lot of handoffs there so I was like I have one waitress
    and in the waiter comes up and give me food as he's given me too who haven't
    seen this guy at all
    in he comes up in his life
    would you like Tommy John A and I was like
    now for his had allowed out there its lower on the patio at the Americana in
    Glendale others liked people walking by its kinda hard here
    but it's like eating in a club or theme park just not nearly as cool
    but there was this a as a club this caller in Parktown
    depends on where you're so he says
    would you like coming out an essay yet
    any kaelin's in little bit closer
    give me barger but only having I don't know if he had on him but he just said
    I thought as I can go get it now tonight yeah anything denny's like
    would you get your jacket now I'm wearing this jacket I was wearing this
    jacket and this is a No
    mean is a good look at Jack I guess presented jacket that's really should
    start a conversation
    you know now is just a gray jacket that fits well
    that saw the zipper and you were thinking that's it doesn't separate here
    you quite a particle breast pocket zippers or passports for
    but it really should start a conversation why is that like a passport
    because this is I have had roughly the same height as the passport I don't
    think that we're confident listen did you think about that when the waiter and
    well it has a passport zipper
    I thought why is he asking my jacket but the interesting thing was
    is directly over his shoulder I can actually see a front patio
    was the H&M where you Verisign and Jackie where I got the jacket
    on a different occasion yeah so I pointed over a shorter asset
    a genetic any got a very confused look on his face
    use like what said HNN
    in any sheepish sheepishly
    through it and walked away
    he looked away and then walk to act looked away awkwardly and never came
    back with Parmesan cheese
    okay he backed away slowly later
    another person my initial waitress
    he's been by asking your got a question she comes up she says did he did
    did someone come in ask you if you want to partage an asset yeah I think I told
    him yes
    but he never brought it and he said okay arctic air that a seventy percent down
    my meal at that point
    but human head finish at the last thirty percent I enjoyed it was in bed with
    in she ask about your jacket she said nothing about Jack
    and then okay so red comes it comes
    in the next morning comes to my house to pick up his kids
    and tells me this story that he just told you
    wow this is weird and then it down like okay
    read can you tell me again ima point plan like a judge
    recon unit can you tell me again for the record you're a lawyer
    yeah the judges usually yeah actually ask those questions but OK
    I can be judge and lawyer what up about
    what a lawyer I said wrecking your
    can you repeat to me your initial response to the waiter
    when asked if you would like Parijat yes
    yes it's worth it
    okay and then what did so then what did what did he ask
    and I think this is a question I meant to ask as lawyer what was the
    waiters initial question would you like to comment on whether
    and then you said yes and then what was his follow-up question
    where to get a decade and if you were to say his
    follow-up question with a little more speed and little
    more mumbling did you do that for me
    with you i promise i woulda where to get a jacket
    when you get a jacket at would you like to comment on that
    and then see polls baby was it
    asking the same question and gain in that's exactly what happened
    ladies and gentlemen here's what happened it dawned on you the next
    what happened was the guy came up to me and he said
    would you like to comment on that I looked up to him and I said
    something he couldn't hear you it looked like I asked a question
    what you know I said yes maybe though as I said yes but what did you just say
    like yes your yes what would you like an ESPN
    would you like tom is our net I heard where'd you get your jacket at
    and you said H&M white H&M
    so in his mind he said what you like parmigiana with that
    yes up would you like parmigiana
    with that H&M
    so what could he have been thinking it that might think he was thinkin like
    well that's why he can't back away slowly is never came back I'm
    outta there I'm out in this conversation I don't know what to say either he was
    thinking that
    oh they got plenty a parmesan cheese at H&M and I've already been there so don't
    worry about me
    or I work at par I work at H&M in they are allowed Parmesan cheese
    or maybe he was same just
    just go to H&M and get some parmesan know it was me to come over there yet
    I'm I'm going to a gym later you know about the Parmesan machine they have
    a genetic don't worry about it for all I've got it covered
    for all I know the guy got fired as the person came back later and said
    with your permission Affleck when he asked me how long and I said yes and
    in n he never came back he did he still over
    am looking for and then the
    manager was probably told
    the manager came to my waiter the Parmesan man and said listen
    the guy out there in the gray jacket you know the one looks like he got
    information and
    he asked you he told me he wanted some parmesan
    and then he says yeah I asked me wanna parmesan and he said H&M
    and I did not what that meant yeah it nai heavy in more
    you know him is as some point the guy made the decision
    I'm not going to say at listen I don't understand what you mean by H&M
    all I wanna do is give you partner Jack you know he could have said that to you
    but instead he backed away but you know I i feel is picking up early would have
    done the same thing
    this in this game weird am outta here if he wants
    part I is gonna have to get himself at this point where at least it will help
    of a guy
    released it was a minor misunderstanding we're talking about jackets
    and Parmesan we're not talking about like at accidentally
    nuking country or something like that this is not some big this is not some
    big decision this is just
    no assessable misunderstand me and you know you got parmigiana
    eventually everyone everyone happy that the waiter
    is bomb vol did not fired waiter if you're watching this
    sure you're not I'm yes I will I promise almanac
    and I got this jacket at H&M case closed
    how we can end this show rhett and Link Cowboys now we're bringing this one back
    because we got so much flak for help or of cowboys we played last time this kit
    on it we have a lot of options on here that
    we never seem to get to you but maybe we need to investigate the Wii Odyssey
    persuaded by
    okay to work out ways again okay still
    will horner still out here on the Prairie at a a
    I now I've got a thing for beef jerky
    but you know I'm one man can only take so much beef jerky
    that's right that's why I only take beans been telling you for weeks now
    you know readers are unique and I've been meaning to tell you better
    listen I know we should we we got this dule sleeping bag arrangement thing
    right and judge strictly for me up
    and him but when I say do i mean we are in the same sleeping bag
    work live or Wat poor efficiency and a
    mission but the beans come to counteract a your experience
    I would be warm it warms me for second you know it warned me for second with an
    with the with River really unpleasant old
    listen partner if you wanna sleep but the couch then
    at your business hear your way on over to the steers
    if it please I'll be here eatin remained
    I will have to let me jerk I think I'm just need my home sleeping
    do *** *** Cheese Cake Factory Downtown Fort Worth Texas .Ordering Food Kevin is the waiter. - YouTube !!!
    well we get too many of the big manual really needs to go to so are you showing
    the small one
    a nice selection manages to bed thinking about having a suit themselves maybe
    half of them with
    she does restaurant
    I know
    okay thank you thank you very much *** *** Little Britain - Scottish Hotel - Soup - YouTube !!! *** ***

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