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    The Homeless Man VS Homeless Child! (Social Experiment) - YouTube !!! French (Automatic Captions) French (Automatic Captions)
    palais des sports
    tél h base pour espèces y siègeront pas la semaine
    si l'exploitation
    une seule scène
    l'enquêté réalisée
    elle est alors ça c'est sûr
    la nationalité française
    si nécessaire
    l'équipe est déjà de seize
    qui sera sacré jeunes
    mamadou seck
    elle est saine
    christine lagarde
    les six mois après celle acquise par cas
    les salariés de grdf
    bbc news
    déjà inscrit viennent-ils
    il est tellement de choses à leur place
    également au sommaire les priorités la remise en état de cette passe d'armes

    cependant il est important que la seule victoire saluée par la critique
    après son arrivée
    assange s'est défendu vendredi de se faire arnaquer
    non sans avoir été violent
    c'est cela aussi
    je suis venu d'au-delà
    le dernier quart de siècle dernier
    dans l'esprit de celle de son gouvernement
    jean il poursuit c'est comme ça saleh *** *** Pat A Cake | Plus Lots More! | Nursery Rhymes | From LittleBabyBum - YouTube !!!
    Like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in Don't like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in *** *** Creager Studios Sculpting 'Lesson One' - YouTube !!!



    hi welcome to the Krieger studios in our first video workshop were really happy
    that you could be here with us today
    what we're gonna be covering on this particular video is the sculpting other
    character head
    using the polymer medium super skopje from start to finish we're gonna take
    you through the sculpting techniques
    and the painting techniques and some lean techniques a very and
    now since I don't use class size but rather
    scope the eyes right into the head and also be teaching you how to paint a
    realistic eyes
    so without further ado I only get over to the work table and get started
    okay I'm I've done some more smoothing in shaping as you can see
    I'm getting a basic skull shape again referring to the skull
    and I've also marked at this point where the eye is are going to be
    that's using my my out focus point actually with
    om being able to tell how much to build up on the forehead and everything which
    which changes I
    I look at the sculpture as an ever-changing thing nothing is etched in
    stone you can constantly change back and forth
    but what I've done as I like to hollow out what my actual
    guys are going to be and I'm
    I just that's literally just bite sticking my family and they're like this
    hollowing out a little bit and then as I'm doing that I'm kinda pushing
    up like that which helps to start to form your brow as you can see
    so that's how I did that just stick that in like that
    get a little tap and you've built up beginning of this but I always
    add more on a brown later user the knows what I do as I take just a little piece
    skopje get a few little twirls
    I tend to make bigger nose is so I'm
    that's just the way I do and I i like noses so what's more those things but
    I'll wind up taking some of I'm sure
    I just lay a little then peace
    have the skull baby right with the nose will be
    and I'm going to make
    my first indentations for the nose just so I have a
    something to go by stick the ball stylus and they're just kinda
    poll the scoping out just a little bit they don't go straight up and down and
    they don't go this way they just kinda
    curl at an angle like this usually I have another
    here on the side
    been started push it around and make them north side knows flanges their
    okay I've done some are shaping on this and
    I'm ended up as you can see right along here
    and in large the little nose holes little bit
    reshape the flange gave her more shape at OJ like bigger nose as you can see
    that she's got a good size knows there
    and I I think we're ready to at the upper part of the lip
    now in adding the upper left as you can see the nose hole kind of goes back
    and you don't want your lips Justin drop off like that
    so you need to build the lip so I take a little piece a scoping
    my some scope in there
    and this will tend to be my
    upper lip
    scan and maybe later on and push it don't worry about changing the shape on
    your nose at income and you can regain that
    so beware her more just don't know the name in those things that little
    thank you worded that boys come from
    you can always count on Richard
    do that for me
    K much just basically gets them on and learn have that make up the lips and I
    cannot push them down
    come up underneath here just come
    push that up I'm just making the upper lip right now *** *** Epic Patty Cake Song (I'll Think Of You) - YouTube !!!
    as I can school and her model
    do you have got
    think and doesn't
    awareness Skye likely will be
    and number do
    discussed do as I G
    only its own mom you know what I'm doing
    on likes you know in

    yeah as no min I'll keep you alive
    hard I will thing %uh as I can think
    demand my heart do this on
    despite the house
    grouping call land
    all with some on
    on lights you no min
    some adderall me at all
    I'll keep you in mind are
    well with some on G
    on you know my doll
    does not matter only I'll keep you in my heart
    I will thing love cycle dole
    year as a couple
    well guys this is Kurt and that was me Sam
    Alex g& house in sooner doing our very own epic
    as he takes off hope you guys liked it we still did already YouTube space
    LA with this little camera right here the Canon Vixia any
    X and it is hard program with
    other creators were all this
    are bring it and making it be yourself we love with just a slow camera here
    so if you guys like this definitely check out the other stuff other features
    are making
    that you click anywhere on the screen will take you to a playlist the plane
    all that content
    and also gonna put the link down below to go check out this awesome stuff in
    there guys
    as homeless was a constant I'll see you then I S *** *** How to make a Male Topper - Part 1 - Making the body - YouTube !!!
    so this video is going to be on how to do
    email cake topper city in and
    this is actually going is a follow up for the female cake topper that I did
    and i felt quite a few credit requests on how to do a male one
    so this is sort of my model that I'm using this is a
    drying model in this is sorta gonna help me
    the show you how the arms and the legs
    and the chest the is sort of proportion differently
    that a female obviously not affect have
    that's a big difference and this is big but we're makers
    proportionate to this character so we have are
    farm and lollipop stick we
    that I usually use for making the cake toppers and I've got some
    black fun in here than any use to make the lakes
    and our guys gonna be wearing jeans
    black jeans white shoes a blue polo
    and he is going to be
    african-american sets with the request
    sir Alf was making Wong
    you have to be to see for
    half them flattened top here
    I'm unanimous order
    make a wine that defines where the leg spend up
    home game these legal up
    flattens between by cutting off just the answer
    ok Goa put a little hole in the center where the
    shoes are gonna go and
    between surfaces though the hips
    then about halfway through is where we want his legs to bend
    mine there
    and I'm going to you
    slide that onto her
    Wally pop stick here
    got my
    white here
    morning to you point
    the top of the show that's the part that's going to affect the whole
    through to find where the clintons
    spur will be his neck
    bring out their shoulders its kind were flattened
    some wonder at this point should be thickest
    at the chest and the back
    banner down at the waist and slide down onto
    use thinner than you know
    he's there that I want them to look because the
    the outer layer a fine in the program put on him for his shirt
    is gonna be kinda sick so we don't want to look too bulky
    so we make him look
    there so that it looks right
    neck definition I'm going to put in
    chest is
    so that when we put his shirt on him this
    shorts order ship shows through we want them to look
    muscular that man to find
    a flat spot where arms are gonna catch Langer so this is just
    just the chest don't worry about the Charles
    great for let this dry overnight
    and then we'll continue this okay so here we are in a queue
    and air guy is firmed up a little bit
    he's not totally hard for soft on the inside he's just got
    some firmness to his torso so that now I can
    a rule out his his shirt
    and make his arms and stuff
    me but
    apply those without squishing his body
    I'm just gonna his torso where
    with some telescope at my boo find it from use for the shirt
    and we're gonna do this kinda like you
    make eighty shirt in real life really make the bottom part
    think this of of my back
    Cox ok so her farm here
    see just can't make you mine
    wrapped around five
    them going to you term of
    the area that I don't want
    want him to be wearing a collared shirt
    some you to find where the middle is
    and some
    little holes for buttons and
    then went to had a caller you can he use

    the scraps I have here from a shirt flat out a little bit more
    try to remember to go up and down so you can see what I'm doing here so forgive
    me if I forget
    trainer work and Iran were to show you
    and just remember when you're making a caller to
    cut the right direction
    and rap around the neck
    you have extra just kind of the extras think that
    so this ok
    is gonna be holding teddy bear
    some I'm to you sort of prep n
    smoking teddy bear and flap
    stay around circle just
    along gated cylinders use my tool to make some clothes
    many use my and more pointy to hear
    to nixon stitch marks in its belly
    pinch out my hand
    area first define the wrist
    squeeze out to area for our men's
    to find more than oklahomans
    my up to the bicep
    see shoulder pinch of what you don't need
    make sure that about the right size this is where
    our little you know figure dude
    kinda comes in handy you can kinda see how the arm is
    shoulder by said forearm hand
    we want to make sure that looks right
    shoulder bicep
    for to find
    bands here uses
    make a cut halfway down the middle ok
    them do when
    finger two fingers three and four me
    rule role
    each finger
    we have heard from use our extra blue that we have down here
    cam hack
    this all ramp hadaka
    give it a couple pringle
    I'm like thank you you know rolled up his sleeves
    kingpin couple little
    shirt mine here
    given model for our mind to define his mother schools
    just going to add to this teddy bears cute factor
    I'm gonna put them up a little bow around his
    neck using some of the leftover green I had
    from our Ardell stress so that they match rule out a a long skinny peace
    the green really concerned about going all the way around
    like that
    cute little mouth by role in a series a little round balls
    one to
    in slightly smaller one
    many use a little bit a black
    pinch it into
    a a would cure drop and then
    flatten the top to I have like a triangle shape
    and it's going to be
    helps marina give him some cute I
    you some more black
    and for that year's
    routes or even a long-dated cylinder
    experience hand
    Press my Baltimore down to the center
    I'm going to cut that in half
    and those will be the Q years
    K and
    more peace
    think so
    this one's gonna be there the bow the bow that
    hanging down that's called like that
    miss going to pinch hit in the middle over in half
    right there over him
    injured in the middle and
    fold the ends over
    when you use this tool to define the middle part at the bottom
    given couple detail did
    right *** *** How to make a sitting guy topper - Part 2 - YouTube !!!
    for the head gonna get a
    something that looks good in size
    about portion moon defined
    the two I areas chain

    user ball pool to sort of define the area little bit more
    little ball
    me the space for that yes
    up push
    up for the No
    get couple nostrils
    for their defining
    take a little bit a white button side for the eyes
    and for the mouth
    and third
    then little bit of weight in there for the teeth
    but little indentation
    could define where his cheeks are in a he smiley nannies happy
    and give them a little bit her lip
    go ahead impress her mom mmm
    finish sort of
    shape in his face
    going to you fine
    sided with char
    for an awful lot going to get too detailed this good
    someone let him dry for a little bit
    so that I can add on is here and his eyeballs
    and then he'll be done that's where we are
    so far
    okay our gentlemen
    is almost complete we just gotta add his facial features
    and his hair and he will be done so
    just like the to gallo going to use
    my edible ink pen here non some
    I S
    who and remember to breathe was for my breath
    drown has I Bruins
    okay so manner use a little bit of money brownish gray find NQ
    put on his hair
    when this mmm
    means mine tend to sort of
    continue haired downward
    so it looks like it the
    had a couple details on issues you
    me there we have it
    her daddy and mommy baby shower toppers
    think they look pretty cute
    if she fees of
    so that they can be put on the baby shower cake and hopefully she's gonna
    send me
    photo of the finished cake remember if you need
    a baby shower talker mean you don't feel like making one yourself just
    email me info attorneys & Cake Company dot com or visit me on my website
    artisan cake company dot com and I can help you out with that
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial be sure to subscribe to my channel for more
    free tutorials on various things and if you have a suggestion
    just let me know an hour talk to you next time thanks *** *** How to make a Standing Person Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody its live here again good to see you I have been around for a
    i havent I have been in the middle of I'm movin
    and my new kitchen itself also man and ready to you sir do trials
    so I have been on act like I don't know maybe a million times hit
    to do a saint Oporto re also I have haha since I
    here it is any topper tutorial and he may have
    I'm seen via Etsy I'm mind topper
    we've done and over here have a little see any
    Kyle and I'm going to show you how to do that not this one particular but just
    you know
    hat maker so that you can up I this information is your own
    hers eating use it for a guy poverty
    easier for a girl he did you like East I'll give me her
    wait maybe skirt so whois information well I
    translate well and you understand how to apply it so I show you my tools that you
    need to gather
    and gets a
    so the tools that your gonna need to do this and in proper
    and our sons cake pop sticks
    or lollipop sticks even get these at the cake store michael's joanne's have them
    even think walmart has them
    it's like paper flower pots 6 you're going to need some
    wire cutters to cut the the six an exacto knife
    a couple tools for modeling aren't these the ones that I use
    and this is the one that I used to shape the head and eye area
    this is the one that I used for the temples in there mouth area
    this is the one that I use to add details and make lines and
    put in the mouth and that kinda stuff so but whatever you feel like
    works for you will be fine many a little bit short me
    keep your fingers waste from sticking a little gun where or water
    come with a stylus and water next to get together it's good for going fine it
    and semi powdered sugar and then you're also going to need some bond
    so I have all my fun and over here
    I color-blind as I need it if in fact that I have leftover
    so this is this my alamat finance that I make
    you can see the recipe I'm I'll tutorials can of
    and effect color this thing for the pieces they need to feel like I've read
    Luke brown for the hair red for the shirt
    and I am get those ready and I met
    a teaspoon F Tyrus powder into
    I'm each chunk a finance I'm gonna make
    about and a half cup find out about that much
    a color and then add some kind of powder to make it stiff enough and I hope that
    you dry
    you can also use CNC powder and that's it
    that just makes it harder so abt let's start Korean are fine and get for it
    so that all my indifference or ever
    finance ready here I read
    and blue like a turquoise color I every black brown
    and some whites and I just wanted to save a quick
    if you're fine it's not smoothies and in it it's just needs to be heated up a
    little bit and needed
    and I always add another shortening to kind as a
    rehydrated just really pull it
    this has the tie was added to it so it's
    pretty anime firm unstable you know it can hold its own weight
    stand up like that doesn't drip over so
    I'm if your finest use of adult I Los
    Anna this is about half cup
    so you want to add a half teaspoon for something small like this
    I just started dip it in the time los container
    just out a little bit to it so you will take some practice to get the right
    that works for you for it should be cracking her
    have a rough texture just
    work this until it's nice and smooth
    and then for him all these thank you
    got fat well overcast they don't perhaps
    often if he's a Styrofoam
    to I'm work with your figures on this is like a
    kinda soft squishy star from the back of my packing place
    but any kind of air travel do even Mike floral phone that you get from Joann's
    that will work just fine an so
    for the only that to her support system listening to:
    is me the way
    CREE Q fees
    on top six going to get
    material and the first thing to do is kinda decide
    about how a
    call you once a person to be mine usually end up being about
    eat inches or so Tahoe
    you always make the legs am taller than you think
    so here
    makes delays about two-thirds of the person's height
    her torso shorter and that I was just looks better
    some just kinda throwing this out to you long skinny
    ruch and
    one-fifth the middle to be a little bit fatter
    that's where the police can't be this is going to be our gal
    so water lakes to be skinny
    cuz girls usually wear like tired jeans
    guys I hope so
    miss reno where skinny jeans yes
    K no offense to denounce
    so on I'm making this into a you she
    so that aspire to be the butt and this'll be the legs
    and just kind of making sure the thicknesses are about the same size
    and going to
    session campus feet that to be too sick
    cut that flat
    going to take my stick here
    in just thread it through one of the lakes
    and the way I'm just gonna hold this in my hand here
    and start the bottom into sir source
    putting firm pressure on the piece if I'm here and train guided up
    through the middle of the lake until it comes out
    top like that may do the same thing
    to the inside
    if this doesn't if you get this the first time don't stress
    just a you know start over
    trying to get so now we're just going to define where
    the sky and the lake area is going to be about halfway through
    and I also do like a little crease for the butt
    and I could have pushed down backed by
    area I'm
    pushed him back five area so that the but
    sticks out further
    to find where the year
    the caps are you don't have to do this part
    I just like to you just gives the
    legs a little bit more realism
    trying to find where the cancer and things
    usually flat now the bottom
    helps hopes that lay on top of the shoes little bit better
    she has something like
    looks like this click
    leads to find
    scum the same links
    up two goals in first are found to make sure
    at the legs are going to you fit in there okay
    you want than the stands then
    makes shoes I'm just being a little bit ago
    gum with right against them the bottom there I
    makes use crease simple
    just take a small pieces fun
    get into and she
    nicotine she and make
    mark for where the heel is going to be
    do the same thing to the Insight
    training issue since I S
    when she put these on front side
    Ste share
    and then are shooter polls already ready for some
    just like that Justin to the point where the shoes are touching
    and we're gonna let this dry we don't want to be messing around with this
    and trying to build up the body while its
    on while it's Wes and socks because
    will squish the lakes and we want the lakes not be shortened stock
    one thing I will do it's just I what's
    insert another another one of our popsicle sticks just right up into the
    torso area
    well this is still soft unity quite that
    on a little come here
    and isn't that right there
    then out the top here to start the beginnings of a waste
    this finds you
    on term of this extra
    cuz I don't need thing
    if you want to add details like winds on the side of the jeans
    are like crease lines
    for the FAC now's the time to do it
    someone like
    pock marks of all these little details on things just at two
    the finished product little zipper line maybe
    can define where the crotch is that fit
    let us try for a few hours or overnight
    right as always safest but if you're patient any craft I was in there
    if you are should be good for track finish the top part a first-inning
    okays our legs are all dry now
    nice and firm so nothing's gonna switch down and we're gonna go ahead
    our next where which is going to be the shirt
    saris take a piece if I meant work it
    so it's you know tyson
    soon if you have these little cracks in their
    this is just for me getting dry it out some this may take a little bit of
    shoreen just work that in there
    just gonna rehydrate are finding it
    okay so our legs are nice and firm gonna start
    making the shirt be
    and I've got
    bloom I'm going to use skin
    shaken see this nice well and is going to you
    whether just little bit of I've
    find it and sometimes pattern aka name is gonna at a little bit Alistair
    it's not a specific amount shouldn't have to kinda make the final feel little
    bit firmer
    hander had district where
    if you add too much you're fine it's gonna start cracking you need right out
    want that roll it into the sphere
    think that get all mines out
    and then flattened one-sided
    spring pressure between the palms that's kinda for body shape
    and then going to use my
    large fault for to
    make indentation where her body is going
    like this for for hips and stuff what her shirt to fit over that
    so we're going to user bolt for
    to make a nice big hollow shape inside the shirt
    so that it fits naturally over
    I feel a little dumb girl on her
    jeans so that
    its sticks all weekend just going to you
    sure even all the way around in
    pushing because she's a girl I want her to have a little bit of a feminine
    figure want her to have a little ways
    you're always kind of working from the bottom
    with figures he I wanna be working on stuff up here
    before you finish this stuff down here because then
    it's just gonna get all smashed down a mess that's you start at the bottom
    get that where you want to be and then work your way up to the top
    just give her a little blue vintage
    shaping with my fingers here
    Justin define just pushing towards
    push up towards up towards the center
    that guys to find to where I want it to be
    you want something to be pointy
    like a news for boo just
    push towards where you ever you want to find
    to go Nash got some moves and this is where her
    her shoulder is going to be her
    other shoulder
    just take as much time as you need and get her
    sheaf the way you want
    memories can use our fault holtz's flattened
    site to make a place for where her arms are going to attach *** *** Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying... - YouTube !!! *** *** 19 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand (Part 2) - YouTube !!!
    today we look at
    photos you really have to look at to understand these
    amazing photos will cause you to do a double-take
    oh wow that's a pretty
    amazing exotic caterpillar well it's not a caterpillar
    do you see it let's zoom in a little closer
    its actually birds number eighty
    we all know what's going on here but the allusion looks pretty real
    it looks like the guy has a dog had the good news is he can't buy me lick his
    number seventy is this a magical boat floating a few feet of the water
    nope the water is just so clear that we're seeing the shadow of the boat on
    ocean lower number sixty
    ladies you know what they say about the size of the guys arms
    he's playing the wrong sport with an armed outlawing actually he doesn't have
    a ridiculously long arm
    is extended are just happens to line up with the other guys Armon
    number fifty
    her legs were not photoshopped out she's just wearing leopard tights which
    happens unmatched
    floor tiled
    number forty
    you know that saying does the carpet match the arm hair
    I know girls shave their legs but do some also shape their arms
    will she does not have a super hairy arm it's just the leg of some guy
    off-screen on number thirty
    nice purple sure bro he actually does it have
    a tiny little man body the guys lying on the couch
    and the girl leaning over him is wearing the purple shirt and even after hearing
    that it still looks like it's the guy's body
    your number
    is he giving us the thumbs
    up because he knows he's going to be at a play footsie without using his book
    when he grows up
    actually we're seeing cue arms here his in another kids use
    under the table
    number left you might wonder if the girl in the white shirt said
    hey guys you don't make a great picture if I was in the middle and spread eagle
    and you
    all stood around me actually those are her legs but the legs at the girls on
    either side of her %uh number ten
    well it looks like the girl with the dark brown here is wearing the blue
    bathing suit and her head is like
    disconnected and then the girl with the lighter brown here hasn't
    extra long neck but actually it's the other way around this head goes with
    this body and this head goes with this body do number nine
    this year is not floating in the sky
    so what's going on here some people think that the darker blue
    is actually not water but is the beach in the shadow
    however I don't think that's right others say that this is an optical
    effect called looming
    hard to say what's really happening but it's a cool image
    number key her bridesmaids are not little people
    there will be no midget tossing at the reception
    the bridesmaids are in fact just sitting down on the knees
    the groomsmen number seven
    he does not have a bandaged up Burhan
    what looks like a white bandages actually just part of her top
    dome number six
    what if I tell you this is not a convertible parked next to a van
    do you see it it's just a clever painting on the side of the Bann
    number five are we looking at a human Barbie missing her private parts just
    like a Barbie doll
    it certainly looks like this girl's legs just mysteriously stop
    of course we're just looking at her chest which just happens to line up
    with her legs number four
    David Beckham just chilling on the wall
    with arms like that no wonder he play soccer
    or football number three
    outage apparently she's pouring beer on herself to Big Sur broken arm
    will Budweiser is not robitussin and it's not Windex
    I've heard a double jointed girls but this takes the cake
    actually hurt elbow is not bent backwards her
    arm just happens to blend in almost perfectly
    with her friends on number two
    no we're not looking at the three-legged race world champion
    this girl doesn't have three legs look closer
    she's just holding a base which looks like a third leg
    on and now for the number one photo you really have to look at the understand
    for more videos like this subscribe here number one
    this guy is not standing by a reflective late
    in fact he's not even standing by water at all
    look closely do you see 'em can you guess what's happening here
    let's rotate the picture in see if that helps
    he's actually lying down on uprooted tree
    which photo did you have to look at the most understand
    hey guys thanks so much for watching my newest video I really appreciate it
    if you're new here subscribe I wanna give a shout out to users
    loop actually got by Nicolas Cage impression
    in my funniest photoshop video I don't wasn't the best impression by I
    appreciate the love
    also for more photos really have to look at
    understand check out my part 1 video here *** *** How to make a basic lego man in fondant How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes - YouTube !!!
    and Michelle yep how to make up a basic
    like to think that make the party and had thank
    and miss me to grow
    color she can see all the different body hot and bought a
    is make some all the videos changing the different characters different colors
    ambition like a as a bit more details such as doing had a nice but for this
    which can do very basic like a fucking okay
    to wife Joan is that men must have felt em play
    out Kat I am
    that likes to party and helps that I've got an idea propulsion
    I keep a fair said you doing that you could print out of it picture
    I like a I get and then scare everything
    size against the picture sup I I found in
    I'm gonna roll at I don't like tea and gonna keep it quiet ek
    after that the legacy that will stand up compaq
    summitry and a couple template I'm
    missed out Matt likes and I'm gonna cut around
    keeping them
    as many as I can that makes me around a little bit right
    if you find you do struggle which is no fund
    just add a bf based on modeling paste to it and it will thicken up your iCal
    just make that'll be easier PT's so
    one minute in Outlook an attempt to act on my feet wet weather online
    likes to I'm gonna make
    a little indentation just pennies back Nike run into a few of my just funny
    cities back my he's gonna an where speech
    be Ben and Aunt a shit like that okay
    now he spend a bit more time the night after
    just to make sure its level time gonna
    flatten out just a tiny bit %um
    and then I'm gonna put the next line and
    Czisny in it up likes chest
    and perhaps love it you think that today
    cuz it's fair and Ted and p
    now am NOT have worshiped and little bit that

    just cut that they are
    and decide that's straight to get
    to now just can't give
    mind times my status now if you wanna keep it very basic
    you don't have to at non-aligned
    cinnamon to dismantle lento so that
    round of slightly phone it is Bianca
    likes is quite round went
    alley SpaceX in half and just got to this line here
    sign in to one side
    at the center silent to the other side the center
    and pushy knife carefully
    play now percent
    just me %ah him at Link toll
    I they've got
    electronics tourist
    and don't want to get
    thinking and sorry best have and how dry some big enough to cut out the Bugatti
    said the book sent ass to
    crisis at hand and again just
    compound you have to do them small is he up scaling up
    so they really think that he can do at my temper is just a little bit bigger
    than a normal size like a
    it get and to do the same size
    they are quite small and just make it very clear capture
    got your basic Rd and it's just a really nice simple shape
    nothing too fancy on the body and Ashland
    painting up and that she can attach a to you thanks
    now tonight do with water rhd
    therefore I liked my deep fair and just make sure
    sistema but to the top sometime next
    terms the pub
    water and mistake
    the party tonight faxer
    I'm track now he perfect fit not consider sticking it on the waistband
    stick is buckingham expect set I'm
    victory just making setup terms can take a small nap now
    had now opera
    size here which had I
    must Cup is making happen right size
    mining time my sim I've got here
    and a hat just put it on
    testers handled it armagh
    for his head me case this site map there are some changes to stop the ball
    squash site between do you think that an umbrella
    backpacks train make a
    shape letter had
    tell but shape that now
    do you have not max tangent take another

    a.m. run out
    karnal biggest
    that as well he perhaps on your life you don't need to worry about too much
    so just you little round cutter just cut a small
    round shape fondant now know that water not
    just attach it to the top others had not stupid
    ground no and chain
    stock that what
    and same the Pops hatch now
    might be slightly wider an excess culture
    to pick some images come Rolex site
    think one cutting out its gonna stick
    on squash lol that traditionally Catholic
    to down at Waterman
    discussion a added
    centrist get little bit washer again
    Madrid mystic and to the party
    making sure neck he's pretty central
    now you taps maps again just
    for I'm
    from item in a row P so far and
    to homes
    just can she not like us txt how
    cue track out like chapter on TV
    likes and outcry slammed
    massive arms am
    turn trying keep it reasonably even sometimes it doesn't
    the same on the way down to twenty much
    and put it against him on Monday his critics is the same line
    and his buddy tax that
    to that companies do that around-the-clock
    yeah he
    to now he announcer little bit bulky
    top jus Cup
    love they are just allow your
    to push that party
    around in a fiennes now
    people today Scion tation downed
    slightly fat halfway like Amanda
    touches and that ap I'm gonna
    are not that close to it
    mistake yes to decide
    I was the changed position now to wear
    be perfect to me
    Smith in four times
    here stripped tiki can use on
    seasonal right now
    if you want to leave FAP could write updates to the terms do so arm
    any do that he won are you can try it out
    his little hands I would suggest leaving it little bit too dry
    just to make sure that they are sacred tend to make them
    in the lying down position way on the tracks before stop
    which isn't another happen again role at
    to slightly oval shape which I'm just gonna squash
    page each and much
    meant that ran into that class shape which will go on
    today letterman's now
    if you just make them now before it stick them on
    the make sure about the same size as it can be cut
    cock to handle the size time sent
    SM its signs cam
    to on water I'll
    love trial action China
    Ryan icing armies just
    teams position generate mom
    happen something
    and I amount and sometimes in my hand and contacted in hand
    caustic and like him chance
    mistake is your basic
    like a figure tri-star command Raptors gonna give at
    even if subset little bit
    farming background in case becomes but she basically
    Africa tracks take get all soft cialis
    changes clothes paintings of can
    when you get to Marty type have face *** *** Despicable Me 2 3D Minion Cake HOW TO Cook That Ann Reardon (Minion Movie) - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC *** *** Polymer Clay Tutorial - How to Make a Puppy Dog - YouTube !!!
    the gonna happen and
    K here and you're watching how high heart attack
    I I yeah
    at that happen I okay your ex
    Yahoo Hotmail here and their
    before I came here K fear for a prayer
    I peace game there
    iraq after I finish area of Iran starter
    I yeah I and the car
    for me prime then we've got a ball
    their be the cop at the mall for
    back haha thank God I'm placard
    karo people here years and black lacquer thinner
    revolver yeah he's at last that I have rolled out her
    okay here I hate me feel better Barack backpack
    I R iraqis wrecked their car after
    I glass be are color
    a handful wracked by a straight hair
    a K nato throughout the season K
    I am using haccp Baker answered: first for
    we've got afghan pattern are krämer
    fire key supplier tower and in fact for
    no longer be for the ice and are earning
    hierarchy per got our at bay and basically got her own heat for our
    its star happier I think he's alright I
    right see where deer head which we
    usually are ecstatic at the bottom and i'm taking a larger piece
    at the Palmer I am Telling and clearing egg shape
    an SBR bottom at anchor fuel tankers to this happy they are
    and her affair be ok here because I gave him a long time ago
    and our I think I could make him appear
    now okay active cases for
    be back hot air
    there's also a mineral them are empty like a cylinder shaped and ban them
    and there might take my mediocre all and went and got
    pretty here and then there are this is gonna make up
    of as you can see I
    back mystery
    fact our
    and how the same thing for the other side
    and that
    campaign money up to hope
    banded ap
    nah can be put faith in Mr Excel
    up and now
    take money at all and on Kate pushed air
    an agent can make their loss
    afternoon fact pop
    matter to pieces that plank care
    rolled out and make their
    and he basically the same shape it there but these are going to go
    vis-a-vis his forearms play some
    on the sides here put him in
    and taken a doctoral try again
    press up he made his up
    normal same thing I'm me see fears over there
    think about him free yeah repetitively
    K home at any rate this story at home
    now I K ahead I'm yeah I'm going okay
    use a piece at high to think that their
    cut hair answered in the bottom up
    and then placed this ball clay on the top and I'm gonna roll into a little bit
    more today
    and place that hardtop
    so up
    I think we're making credit rating to decide here future when they ran through
    wifi here have their hair cut
    now I have another he said a reply that had occurred on this tomorrow
    and I right over into a bar and their Karen making its or their
    up and oval-shaped event planning it out welfare
    an expanding my hope
    now I'm going to you take this case is black
    clay that I have grown back and it was appalling I'm going to make her own this
    gonna be
    Harris and put it right are pop
    and I think probably got a taxi with big house
    I are I for me I'm gonna be I
    when I orbit better than when I have things like a scene out here
    so and put these I'm
    weapon right over the top of the muscle
    up play fair
    and Pomare and do the same thing on her side and i hack
    how to perform at
    pushing their hi same here might be at
    face caravan ap
    you can see that and Mac but as I
    I'm like this the
    my me hope to rely on pressing their and it being a long white hair
    I have put its I'm lines with my hair out for offside as I
    right now kayo
    and what may it now arm that his I made a pair of pants I handle here where
    and I think they now and I'm program at Miami alright
    sat in my home time it takes to iraq
    and put a carajo hair and ask it this time
    feedback and take pieces can't play with Acrobat mention a rare
    and this will be his car make a small room wall
    their own imprint
    of a if you can feedback and now
    Take Miami all Press writer
    satire primate by that time up
    and then and there K
    on one side and thinking this whole
    here up
    p feedback that indicate my nail cool
    hurt them holder in my hope
    this app or
    start to fade back output pairs yes I have active cases a black
    and I had rolled out yeah
    we're gonna make their and another hour long prior say
    like this now I have to mention that that
    alright alright brian michaels in everything I have higher
    by express online and that it got everything you could ever dream of
    combat power
    by all the different price hikes Sarah if you want to get there
    makes a cabinet that sector and you can ask her out and they will treat you
    right act now I've got my
    year that kind of Latin America here vacancy
    at print there are right about there a healthy happy
    here makeup
    and we think I have your cares on a good shape
    the scapegoat I fair yeah
    you take my face is red gonna crap car I'm
    and Hays State after all
    you can cut their just free hand if you like I was like he is fantastic this
    makes it
    run/walk insist their panel
    faster back to this is going to be a scholar and I thank you for a hat on
    I have no doubt on
    I'm going to press them kinda liked it marks and that's fine I'll be
    and it puts on a car now i cant call with Paco
    thanks I'm not
    no them
    right next to have a game and take place in black this is not very good at
    setting iraq
    eight or nine and I just got kinda like Freeman
    cut that spot that we're gonna randomly play on
    get the Harry S find a different girl on his back
    thought of that battle are this
    I back
    I pay bad
    not that far off place around if an area east
    couple of prior his car misled
    and couple more probably
    you and put another

    here Traco get people back to back
    of it and me too I'm gonna back
    I heart that way and I think that being there
    nest box pack
    now pocket a my
    might be some wire and I'm
    figure 6 kilometres there are easy to come by
    I R a lot of crackers probably Michael
    and maybe even Walmart
    me and i'm having to prove he's a liar and said that we can
    act like they can't play crap
    so I'm making only took an hour and a half its top
    I'm sorry yeah I got any pics on there
    okay nap and one skipping
    yes collar
    right here
    and next thing you need is a scale
    and it was a ball player I have Roman commander said Monday
    and perhaps had his
    bad here and you could
    her attack crap
    you can pay I
    or could bad up
    right back guy like that I'd
    that's how I'd up
    for came here to learn more mad I think this tennessee is ready to quit
    and we're gonna be a camp for all probably about
    at yeah and when he said expect your countrymen here
    cool off and then you are at a
    got the rape
    prior indirect wholly-owned for I heard it here
    at hotly their you rather
    party with you hackberry her Iredale
    say out at hi I'm and her younger
    are hey market career
    way comment for time
    here we are here get ready get your heart racing career
    gonna but I swear here are
    where piece of paper he said movie star
    out here
    for his referees
    making see you there
    day pair
    her tracks where K
    okay crack a beer
    okay these
    the *** *** Видео для детей. Капуки Кануки Готовим Вместе. БЛИНЫ. Лепим из пластилина - YouTube !!! Russian (Automatic Captions) Russian (Automatic Captions)
    решили приготовить блинный
    в селен старое
    простым делом
    закрываем крышкой
    горячей воды
    были ли можно заворачивает
    а может и варенья если ты любишь сладкие
    новичок приведешь не соленую рыбу и икру ул
    я пойду получил ранения
    я приехал
    и красная икра что на 5
    сентября без прав
    сам данилкин

    если вы новичок
    надо вставать
    на месте оказалась единственной из стран
    но и всей планеты однако
    единая россия в
    в строительной индустрии я так и не
    смог за январь март
    вариант турчинский снг
    вадим менчиков сковородку
    зажигаем концовку
    в приветственной речи он
    давайте посмотрим что получилось
    аккуратно перекладываем его на
    красота и сразу кладем следующий
    чтобы сковородка для стоянки
    на машины наш мир
    я люблю сладкие призы
    сложим его попало
    и еще пополам
    наш первый блин всех
    а что мы положим в среду юсим
    товарные остатки
    что это такое
    красная икра
    аккуратно перекладываем
    который был

    вот такими нас получились
    подписывается на канал для оценки
    экономики будем готовиться вместе *** *** мамонтенок из мастики мастер класс - YouTube !!! Russian (Automatic Captions) Russian (Automatic Captions)
    добрый день дорогие презенты
    сегодня я вам покажу вам как я лепил
    мамонтенка для этого типа
    единственный момент литвин
    естественно мы показываем как я
    сделал ошибку
    при обыске у меня уже готовы
    вот я в данный момент не впечатлила
    надо киев
    я сделала
    тел по ул
    фол кружков
    и дело тут делает пополам
    друг дружке присоединила
    вот насадкой
    для крема
    чтобы сделать
    вот так вот у меня получилось
    маленьким кусочком мастики из
    коричневого цвета
    алла к ним
    хочу рассказать немножко мостить ком
    ну что вы видите там но киношки
    другого цвета коричневый то я
    сделал дня
    потому что в пользу из еао основном для
    лепки мастикой
    итальянского производства
    называется принцесса
    пока что она очень караганда
    млн вот
    нашла такой ли себя способ внутри
    мастика ул
    который делает сама
    оборачиваемость и кпсс л
    и он же делать
    не пела в то что мне надо
    съели или ножках именно
    при церкви принцессы облепленная внутри им
    и ничего
    вот так немножко подождем малояна
    на туловище им
    но есть и кулак чтобы она
    вот теперь не видели в тот момент находился
    в курске
    ножек тело я вот
    нам немножко как поделаешь
    слишком затирать и не стала потому что там
    будет свисающие
    хочу вам сейчас показать
    один способ
    более легкий
    как мне кажется
    чем ниже тем которым не пользовалась ян
    вот сделать кими заказчиками
    мы рады вам
    на выделенные разного
    я думаю что можно будет инструментом
    у нас вернуть их
    делать имитации волосиков
    статьи третьем
    и будет
    не хуже чем не жалеет дело
    я не вечно нет плати
    поэтому я делала таких картин
    и потом так же им
    но дело имитацию
    ap моды мастики
    очень удобно
    очень хорошо держит форму по корту
    но имеет такой путь милан
    для кого то минус
    для меня
    такой сильной напряги потому что
    я нашла для себя
    нужная способ
    с ней работать
    ананд течет рука при длительном контакте
    она учения
    нагревается со ставкой о какой то
    какау маска поэтому
    я плохо руках
    есть опыт комнате анал начинает
    вот так чтобы
    у меня тело не было простым комочком виде
    а решила тоже делать
    пока ты явно не состояла нет я делаю
    пятый пекин
    по трем показывала же как я по периметру по
    всему телу
    вот явить я сняла ее
    заготовка своем
    из пенопласта рубио предметам в парк нету
    потому что
    у меня не любят люди когда
    в точках
    какой нибудь инородный предмет
    вот я показывала
    как я делал последнего стенку и
    по поводу чего фифа тела по поводу
    ну заострить внимание на том что
    владела себя нужно 2 г и
    ведь три копейки сразу
    делать волосинки затирать что
    потому что если он немножко под сцене
    вот тогда бы
    уже по другому от осмотреться
    а поскольку постольку
    помните прохладным да вот мастика
    нельзя стрелы внимание на этом
    мастика если
    у вас нагрелась на силовой путь к
    общественно хвостики
    такая вот оно
    мы ее
    оставьте немножко
    в покое
    дайте ей
    под заострить а потом работать и дальше
    или же помещении делает серию просто
    а прохладней температуру
    и в принципе проблемы
    м сми им
    нет м
    вот я сделал уже готова меня
    осталось только голова
    попова воду головной
    я я все таки это настораживало наши
    дзюба чистку
    об этом не предупредила друга
    потому что там
    это испанский
    все таки я не могла обойти гололобова
    очень тяжелый сама по себе

    аушев опыт
    получилось очень тяжелая
    конструкция скажем так и без
    пашки и потом еще был
    пока же расскажу
    таким образом не крепилась стопы
    все это конструкция держалась хорошо
    почему потому потом потому что хочу
    сейчас часто рассказать
    немного константинов
    для ножек и головы
    я использовала
    цвета слоновой кости
    у меня в основном
    весь набор
    трасса пойдет т

    мне понравилось статье роман
    еноты и сделка не очень много
    то же красок оттенок киношно
    и поэтому основание тайшет
    я красила
    двумя красными
    чк reach него шоколадного цвета
    получился такой хороший красивый цвет
    но дело было так
    смотрю он слишком виноват
    я его подрезая и тараненко мэс центра
    есть это дело по п ц
    хоботов опытом
    тесты киева
    но заглаживать сначала инструментом
    а потом еще укрытие неровности
    прохладных пальчиками
    все хорошо затирает докладывается и нету
    таких перепадов
    морщинки знакомая цели и здесь
    поднесите этого не сделают
    так а вот мне голова
    но это естественно
    еще будут дорабатывать
    губу ему меня не буду делать
    да острем
    внимание на глазках
    сейчас села
    как разделу
    нижнюю губу
    впоследствии потому что штамм покажу вам
    я цвет
    положила внутри
    как бренд язычок ну и полностью авто
    все эти просто вот
    будут указывать как не доложил он так и
    сделает то в губоп
    ну вот такая вот он не получилось
    работать можно бесконечно
    особенно когда уличил есть nyse что там
    да делать и делать конечно это может
    сменить очень много времени
    я люблю проводить
    дело и на данный момент
    все это делаю
    такие от морщин кипур гладко мин
    в конце ix то что еще поработаем
    так вот так я таким образом еще вопрос
    большего гило счет того что мамонтенка в
    мультике счетчики довольно таки
    не дело в копейске
    именно здесь я решила сделать
    мастичные гладким
    обычно ялта россии особенно
    к другим ее
    каким нибудь куколкам
    я крашу
    а здесь и решила пункта
    по эксперименту первая судимость
    делаем белая сновании потому голубое
    малодетной что потом
    поражает черная
    когда я никогда вот выкрасить и хочу
    заострить внимание
    белой краской походите см
    глоба и
    и черных таять
    нем момент такой по обменникам
    на черной краски поставить берегу оби
    не то что тяжело а вообще невозможно у
    меня кумиром не получилось
    если первоначально он есть а это сделаем
    а потом
    при этом
    прощай цену в черное темным пятном
    мой совет если бы провести полосах
    д черным
    и черные делать
    за речки мастикой и ежели
    любите делать и сделаем
    из белой мастики маленькой дочке пяти
    раз коллектив
    и уже на черную краску
    не хочу умирать от столицы филиппин
    можно быть потопа спецотряд приступила
    краской и уже будут привиты будет
    так вот здесь я очень хотела показать
    картине ти хотела радужную оболочку
    по краю
    голубой мастики пока годика и я решила
    пройтись от акимата
    но переборщила
    думаю что
    молоко получается страны сделать
    то что вы хотите
    это не проблема
    и глаза знала выпал новую делать
    не стоит
    просто можно взять ведь и передачи им
    просто бумажных салфеток
    кисточка просто влажным и пройтись
    заретушировать предсказать трофей
    и сеул
    пройдет ли уйдет не нужно им
    будет очень красиво
    но оттенять
    я бы не рекомендовала
    глаз и
    все очень киеве роуд
    если делаете
    если новости иногда их семей нужно будет
    сыграть в фильме коллектив
    вот видите на черная
    из белой краски
    делать очень легко
    в мицпе ламбик она тоже есть
    он снова чуть чуть
    комментура живым важно кисточкой сек у
    меня руб
    сложно найти какие то есть наматывают
    не нужно ли снимки устройств
    мы так и не вспомнил е
    теперь мы ему
    делать у машин
    мне захотелось служить делать
    двух цветов внутри их посветлее само
    я просто сделать небольшой кусочек
    мастики телесного цвета ей сначала я
    получилась самой низкой семье лояльном
    и в полтонны
    ирина два тона
    я не использую

    ваш киеве по очистке для крепления ушей
    затяжная и она хорошо будет держаться не
    у нее компании м
    в ответе
    немножко опоздали но вам потом я там еще
    получит файту стр
    за труд
    и силу
    конечно если
    вы делаете
    большего мамонта то может быть там
    понадобится а здесь просто вот
    за десятилетия
    соединила между собой питания и никуда они
    не пенкин
    именно таким не играет принцесса
    я хочу показать
    свои крестителя стихии
    вызывается точны принца
    но частный дом
    но не остановится ясухико истерикой
    мне не нравится м
    если дощечки
    тем не менее
    именно вот этого то просто
    на такое
    нужен и симпатичным мамонт меня получился
    мелкие детали напомним tech по
    составил небольшой кусочек первым делом
    вы просто
    простите меня за то что
    внеся показывала квартирах
    итог вроде уже и минфин получается
    но и все бывает что когда работаешь
    беседа нужно трудиться
    фокус тренинг на тему потому что
    когда и где угодно
    and drop туда внутренним
    ушла вошли страны
    но бывает такое
    увлеченно липецк
    и когда смотришь напитки
    здесь я делаю так же как и делал
    белый чубчик такой планету
    дело метод сбылось
    впоследствии я не стал с покатой также
    все я уж потом пасечник алании
    таких тоже
    и еще одним из телом воротник чел
    мне потом он
    покажут этот
    то о чем не говорила
    когда крепила голову чтоб она у меня
    никуда не делась но чтобы не было
    но уверенности
    она б на месте держаться
    потому что голова казалось
    довольно таки тяжелой даже
    но почисть cayenne
    не выдерживала
    сделаем воротнике общественно когда
    буду с
    согласно этим покончено внимание
    токио увидел на то что несет арестовала
    нет причин говорить я немножко прошлое
    когда дело
    в роли
    а ведь сейчас я еще хочу
    минфин м
    както мамонт летний сменить нет показался
    не очень
    завершенным скажем так
    нет на борту
    еще морщинки
    после того как вы уже знаете из тела и
    тихвинской пройдитесь по всему
    синком еще раз инструментом
    углубить потому что пока вы делаете одну
    бета можете зайти ведь
    кейт морщинку можете им зайти египте
    на ней
    ну вот the sun такое шоу как я делу хохолок
    которым мамонтенка
    дело насечки соединяя
    доходят руки мои
    и видич кино
    имея на принцип понятие вот
    показывают присоединил капельки
    было лишь

    и тут роль нем
    на затылке волн
    и вот щас обращу ваше внимание
    что я и сделал
    воротник на шею
    таким образом
    немножко нам богом
    замазан немножко на тело и когда она
    получилось у хорошо
    ну я стала сниматься порода
    сразу же тоже долго не водилось а просто от
    колбас проскакала
    прибыль от него ее даже нем кончала
    просто обидно улитки провернуть такую
    когда вы делаете маленькие ровная
    не надо тайна прорабатывать помню
    достаточно будет у такой
    букет невесты или живут мамонтенку вко
    они итак
    красиво будут смотреться
    ведь никто же бти не прорабатывали просто
    сделал округа мешочек
    при плюс строева
    виктор пилипенко розочки
    подход потому его не видно будет
    муж такие мелочи
    мастика объективны мягкая
    поэтому есть не еще пока работать
    чтобы розовым
    парча у нас
    еще пока рановато последствием все
    подправляя июля она будет
    вместе с тем временем
    как мы уже знаем
    как положено
    чтобы это не было просто палочка
    квота розочкой
    я еще не решил маленький институт
    посмотреть с левым вот секрет
    на этот раз
    и все
    и она всё держится они даже не нужна никакая
    чтобы степей
    типичный они снижались все он
    просто петровым
    вот он мамонтенок уже подан стоял в
    коробочку держится
    я сделала
    в данные
    тортики меня попросили руб
    его обернуть мнимый скидка сделать кремом
    поединку конечно
    можно было дать и подсохнуть чтоб она
    держала формы
    ну нет пункта
    и этого им нужно было толстенькие слоем из
    the king
    войну произвольной форме
    померила что у него нет рынок вполне на
    ней хорошо смотрится
    сам в торт
    дело было бы украине красители и покрасила
    немножко крема
    но мной белых делать такие вот
    тут то не сильно видом в перехода но очень
    красиво получилось
    мне понравилось
    ну вот

    мамонтенок на практике
    атлант мамин
    посев семян внимание
    на встрече *** ***

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