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    NEW!!! How to make a fondant face - YouTube !!!
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    you can't do the cooking by the press today *** *** How To Make Mini Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hey guys received
    with me became I've got my butt
    and the clinic me school
    Mike ship
    and beat until fluffy being an ad in my vanilla bean paste something in the
    would have been sleeping you'd like scored
    at in yours
    sour cream
    and you know
    but actually enjoying
    just until incorporated
    and my hugh a and its competitors
    has a very tall edges that's what you want paper but I N
    and you can spray decides if you like as well anything
    a special session predicate even
    to go to help you that's me even if they cut off
    degrees Celsius for about half an hour
    missing do check it because it is P in and could cook a bit seniors
    well comic LA's
    using paste should
    on in well Ron
    it's become really think
    I'm gonna say adding in Mike ala miscues gold by American

    list bachelor EU mess
    cannot just
    fine should just
    noonan for pristine
    should reaches rent
    keep climbing think you can always remove the excess
    its a lot easy to work with too much than it is to work with too little
    in the concert scraping off gently
    make sure it's nice and clean otherwise
    if you were to take a No minutes try you have a scanner will be
    and transparent no layer between
    which doesn't look very nice today men to the same phone
    based molds base metals into a baking tray and that's it for about

    hours into the class and random computer cake bakes for half an hour
    and leave it on the counter cool down
    completely but an enemy
    set on medium-low speed into South school speech that paled

    me I little bit
    the this stage in at about

    maybe for now we'll see how it goes gonna
    min and then deleted on medium to high speed
    for about
    minutes with me the that I think
    the mountains truck into the fire it like that
    and expand
    that in mind a vanilla extract skid

    he is me
    that No
    thanks to take my unless we cut here we
    for each Mike
    just the Rams make sure you've got to the very
    make some so-called cake smile
    way a little Jens not
    the maybe in the world
    face him
    attachment sleep
    nation cent
    and through the whole purses
    back because if you try to use your special
    and trying yes will
    is capable find
    slated ease minimal touch
    basic country and free between
    first Boyd
    City down thanks a lot easy first I have my
    a humongous not yes IBM but
    we but I'm gonna use and facing at least its mention
    that an answer run it for a
    magnet right up to the edge that skateboard
    message to help us guy now
    scraper as the scapegoat the excess
    special very Jimmy
    th in make sure they have all the space kind
    when using your bench scraper have a nice and medals at the ninety degree
    mmm scraping
    was in fact that down month
    sweep of the excess cages to keep your bench scraper
    from my special hot water
    no help just even surface that the cake
    Intel not there me ninth
    getting anything
    okay the circle shaped K squeeze
    posting on under hot water again and I'm going slow here in mickey
    just means good
    just a mess if it's a small corn flour analysts at rolling out my funded
    you the thing about it because it's so small
    doesn't take long to relief fund and it doesn't have to be
    and been eBay going to be a little bit because that way
    it hides all these lumps and imperfections quarter of an inch bigger
    bigger than that
    he's funny yes
    messing up
    you can see it
    fund actually coming away and thank keep reading
    that was expected happen to sleep
    shirts area that's
    really clicked it yes so when you pull
    doesn't chain
    me actually
    cooling Pacific thing
    race King tactic
    %um since these just came out now
    this still a bit tacky which is the best time to be putting
    lead us to expect from them custom called
    huge which fresh and
    just mine
    crash to sleep P
    things just
    then to attach help lower I'm gonna go
    bit past the inch
    little to the side as well like minute then the Middle Miocene
    right K
    be sitting like that say pushed

    just think that
    an effect on
    watching Pinterest and thing *** *** Fireman Sam Fire Truck Cake Tutorial. How to. Bake and Make with Angela Capeski - YouTube !!!
    tie welcome back to another decide if they could make
    I'm in shock a pesky to me showing how to make these calls for a day fine man
    Sam fight rack cake
    now I need to bake for rectangular cakes and these are nine
    by 13-inch in science and I'm using a chocolate mud
    mud cake here I'll be putting a recipe up shortly after Chuck might can I think
    you can use a packet make so your own recipe if you wish
    and I also have a vanilla cake recipe on my channel that you can use
    you need for quantities of that recipe and these are approximately

    on each layer now we need to stack to the lie is
    and we're gonna cut them into three paces sages take a
    a ruler and Misha about

    ten-point to send him a design H pace and cut that down into three

    stacked alliance
    and I'm using
    hiya and then just take your idol I am placed on the site
    do the same with the other two reliance cut them down
    into three pieces
    more gonna do is gonna take to lie is and place at the back today
    so just line that up
    as you can see in take a knife and when you cut that excess of their
    scat that down
    take another pay some places at the back
    pain just gonna measure both sides stay
    and we need to cut that pace two feet
    the back section name say just measuring at damn
    slice of that excess there
    it's like that
    make a scene it's a little bit too high say need to slice the top part of
    until it comes even with the other section
    take your the pace
    make any use at pace to feel that section name
    so again mark that and then just cut that down there
    ok fine that's too high just market
    I'm using the knife market on both sites and slice that down
    anti get the required height
    we need to stick to your last two cases and this is going to be for the Top Pot
    same market they on the side cut that down
    in place in the front section
    no need to cut this on an angle
    so starting from the top like you I have quite down
    on an angle now I'm using a
    inch square poured here
    to Mason or you can buy these online on abe et
    on Amazon already hour at any cake decorating supplies store
    and she's gonna be a presentation for what
    now got some chocolate can ashey a
    a got a recipe on my channel and I'll leave
    the link in the description ally for the recipe video
    and this is what we gonna be using to the
    to ice the cake with use butter cream
    the time to seizing an ash today so I'm gonna take some other can match showing
    and spread it
    on an angle in the center the ball what I'm gonna use these to stick the cake
    to airport such a spread in a venom out there
    and we're gonna
    takeout cake no need to work am from the bottom line yes sir
    take them off in order separating the name
    will take the bottom layer
    and placed in the center
    name is gonna feel each layer so we gonna stick
    each piece together we can match
    and has continued to lie and this I'm to your age
    the ending he can see I'm just feeling
    I'm just placing an ash on each side up to pay since
    and you need to placing an ash
    on-site on the top as well now taking a scraper gonna scrape
    the scientific consensus gonna give it an even surface
    and just remove that excess there with a knife
    continue to do this all the way around
    again making an excess cash
    and skin savers saddened to get a nice clean finish hiya
    now you find in time that they can National Stock to say
    and it will become hot on which is am much it's a good thing
    it's much easier to work with so discontinued do this
    on the top as well again you're making an excess can ash
    from the scraper and go and finish that off
    ninety to take some red fondant
    and I'm using some icing sugar Hughes cornflower just sprinkle some down
    bring in a roll this out staking a smoother and smooth it out
    I'm gonna cover the cake so gently place it over the top
    make sure to secure their science fair test so it doesn't care
    just using your your hands dismayed that out
    all the way down to the bottom there
    and on the science
    spree that on the bottom grab a shop knife am I gonna cut that excess funds
    are now
    said a slice around
    all four sides Pandaria
    that X este now I'm using a large acrylic smoothie hiya
    and we discuss me at the cake 9 need to make two templates
    and you've got one here for the front that's for the window at the front
    and for the side now the front window eased ten centimeters by five
    and the side window ease five centimeters by
    centimeters by

    such as cut them out of paper and
    we need to line them up day so that the front window needs to be
    at the front section on the top they such as line that up
    and what I'm going to use today is a shop light
    so just gonna cut that out as you can say just
    down to way they can ashes on Jan
    to the same inside Windows
    you can say they've got the outline
    now I need to remove that funding from nasa carefully cutting
    sent up and they just feel that away be very gentle here they tanked
    damage the sites so it is creating a window a cavity
    the same in the other side
    number all that some black fondant
    for a Windows and using the same templates just cut around
    around the template the shop not
    take the window and place it inside section a
    dismayed beings and Saudi Fingaz

    from piece of paper are stripped and the strip tease

    centimeters and weights so again taking the shop like we're gonna cut
    or four science a kak as you can see they
    now these for the wheels and have made a templates
    and what I've done is up just put to and

    centimeters circles they enough traced around
    the same with the sign say need one Cingular
    among with the double so just place the dumb one at the back
    you need to cut around that and same with the front one as well
    case you can see here
    cut-outs ha the wheel section and I've got a strip hiya
    which is the same size
    maidens its
    and great fun and risking a place that underneath
    internet section a means to go all around four sides
    comes to that and work your way around to the back
    now I'm done the same with the top part game so
    again with the template they just cut half those out and stick to mean
    now we need to do is cut out one white strip
    and one red strip say it's gonna be for the bottom part so clear that on the day
    seizing some show Clearwater dismayed that out there
    and same with the top bumper this one's a little bit he could then that white
    so take some sugar clay run along the mainstay
    and stick that on
    just mean that out make shut its strike
    cuts a small red case since
    and these are gonna go and attracting
    so just stick them on and the other ones are on an angle
    a great pace a fund that's gonna go for the on the front bumper they
    to stick that on with some show Glee make sure that it's trite
    take somewhat fund in
    and roll out two small bowls these are going to be for their lights on the side
    cystic those on one on each side I need to roll out four small Paul Sauve whites
    and four small also delay stick them in the front there
    and two other top
    same with the blue
    place them on the top there for the lights
    and one each on the front day
    take some great fund in role these after the little Hans
    place them on

    cut out three rectangular shapes up gray
    fund in and dismayed Little Indians there with a knife
    I some shoe glue on the back and we're just gonna stick
    one in the center that's the biggest case
    the other cases to go next to the window
    and do the same
    that small pay switching CK the back to what's a whale's
    now I'm using a 3-pointer its enemy to cut hiya
    and these for the wheels so discuss

    a round circles there to sentiment is H
    so clear those on need to cut out three
    small red circles again with that to centimeter cut up
    and cut them in full and as you can see I'm sticking
    two cases her we own now using a 3.8 centimeter cut up
    me to cut out to rap to around
    blue circles as you can say they have cut that one angle
    kinda to small start-ups
    hang to the strip stay include the stars
    on their on the blue round circle se I'm gonna stick one at the front
    no one's gonna go in the back section and sent up
    take his to small yellow cases and stick them on the Site
    thank you show that this track now cutting a street
    this trip ease two centimeters in width
    and it needs to go heard from the front and work your way around down to the end
    back just moving that everything is making sure that it's trite
    means to the same with the other side as well now role at a great pace a fund in
    and she has two feet in between those two strips
    on the top day says cut that out if you need to use a ruler measure it
    needs to go all the way down to the bottom dismayed that out
    and take a knife and cut that excess of thing
    now roll up three
    strips a pl/i in there approximately
    one centimeter week and mechanic
    a.m. clear the Sun for the lattice for the latter they
    says he can say at this place in china clay
    there is much easy to work with when you have a client on the cake
    just to say many other site remove the excess of
    name and cut those into small pieces in place
    down send today well at two ships and great fun don't
    and stick them either site cut that excess of
    role at a great pace a fund in I'm gonna stop covering the port
    says you can see a cut that in half and misusing some shoe clear on the boat
    I'm disco stick that down
    and using a knife just cut that down evenly
    take blamed enemy excess of the Port de
    to the
    same with the back role at some grain funded
    and cut it in half now you need enough two feet that side texan
    to smooth it out take a smooth and kiss me that as well
    game take a blade I'm just gonna cut we're going to remove that excess of the
    says cut that down straight do the same with the back
    backside as well now against a cow wheels on
    used by some chick lit the back can stick each wheel
    K now would have done here is have made to figuring
    I have made a video of the senate alger one
    I'll do one show labor the video was just too long sigh
    if you'd like me to make show you how to make this figure a place comment ally
    now cut out some letters just using
    some she's one of these cutters you can buy these online
    on e-bay on Amazon or a pic Eli cupcake shop
    and so we're gonna stick the figure rain summers gonna play sit there in the
    and I was gonna stick those letters on me
    and there we go
    a beautiful three-day finance and cake hope you guys enjoyed watching the video
    and I hope you guys have fun making it I'm so thanks for watching
    to look for a showing another video again shortly place for free to
    subscribe to my channel
    as upside videos on a weekly basis place feel free to follow me on Facebook I'll
    on the link in the description to lie and as I said I'll leave the link in the
    for my check or cash recipe my vanilla cake recipe
    so thanks for watching bye bye *** *** How To Make a Fire Truck Birthday Cake with Betty Crocker - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody it's time to make my car favorite real-life superheroes
    firefighters party
    I'm Laurie Kellman we're gonna have a bucket brigade race an obstacle course
    in the backyard
    and as you can see we've got everything we need to spring into action
    including this fantastic Fire Engine cake our friendly
    Hansen at the Betty Crocker Kitchens is back at the firehouse I'm in the kitchen
    so let's get started Haley Peters alre
    I love we're doing a fire engine cake are america's brain is so cool
    our fire engine gonna be bright red great okay to start
    big chocolate cake and eight by 4 inch pan okay and I start by cutting off the
    domes leveling off a little bit
    using a serrated knife just cutting across
    an hour to take the first piece here that we cut
    now I am here and the next one
    gonna cut just a little piece of
    gonna lay it down here just to lay it out
    a little bit have and frosting on to connect it later okay
    man's last one gonna cut rate in half can act like that
    now be the front-runner by now there you see it already coming to head that way
    so now I can take a little bit of frosting just to connect the pieces
    witnessed my right on their
    that is some seriously red frosting will do the same here
    that a simple food coloring in
    to get a really vibrant color you can use a gel food coloring
    and also the cake moves a little but you can always put a little bit
    underneath so this ones ready to be crumb coated
    likely already have one ready to go so this
    interpreter for about an hour yet metal from up the frostings their final Colby
    nice and clean
    gonna go ahead and start to frosted wanna put a nice size dollop on top here
    and up here to take a lot of
    first a lot but we're gonna spread it all out and will even take the excess of
    after least not at all
    and now it when you do the top here you what you want the
    frosting to come over the edge is a little bit gotta help you frost the
    not coming here yes and no frosting the sides again
    just to get them some a little bit of frosting will hopefully go
    up over the edge informal lip which will make it easier to smooth out the top
    him come in like an airplane landing
    scrape take up them
    despite now are a welcome thing as last step
    need to take some of that white frosting is going to the ball and had a little
    dropper Blackford Chizik make some grape
    okay allied
    I'm just gonna nervous and a little bit
    take them to fill a pastry bag
    cap on this for think that's a good idea
    caps on you think a okay I'm using a disposable pastry bag
    you can years increased recall you can use
    freezer bag that's right i mean have it'll work for this
    moms gonna up a whole the cut my bottom this I'm gonna cut and medium sized hole
    which is probably became
    eighth dimension porn inch diameter from so this is
    you know about quarter when Jimmy a little bit smarter first I was gonna
    fill and missile
    area year a little gray
    get a little separation metallic separation here
    here gonna come back with my spatula
    again miss this one just
    man out a little then before you do any more paving
    unpronounceable cookie wheels okay Israel chocolates and cookies
    putting here
    you know the two on the other side so now
    my pipe little hubcaps this basically just little dots
    Center you just wanna miss any good details now SNL into a bottoms gonna
    Paul down crust
    and follow that bottom edge and then
    up around wheeling do that on both sides
    them get the from front bumper
    this week actually did a little bit thicker
    two streams just
    that out so now and do a couple more pipe accents
    and I have already filled up another pastry bag with white
    to run into a window in the front and then a
    I the outlined out the window then fill it in
    gray and again
    come back and
    due to side with notes
    sahnoun a pipe the latter on top
    squeeze a line across and then another one parallel to it
    you gonna do mines across
    I think what else there is a higher we have hoses plans
    yeah licorice spirals there with about one on each side
    came right here that now Natalie
    so now I put some little wat dots here and that's gonna show us remember
    flashing lights enable alternate
    reading a lot there me to read their yeah camp
    okay me put them on them gonna put
    dots at the back headlights
    her facts while our done that looks fantastic
    it looks like it's ready to rate top and put out a fire somewhere that's perfect
    thank you so much fun to make
    anyone to make this cake is gonna be a big hero to their cues thanks eventually
    thanks Lori
    you can find more great birthday party ideas birthday cake and inspiration
    right here on Betty Crocker dot com I'm argument *** *** Fire Truck Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Fire Engine Birthday Cake - YouTube !!! English - How To Make a Fire Truck Cake English - How To Make a Fire Truck Cake Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    This week my baby boy turned three, his favourite thing at the moment is firetrucks. If I was
    your mum and you could have any cake you liked what would you choose? firetrucks, firetruck
    cake, Let me know in the comments.
    To make the firetruck cake you need to print out the template which you can get from the
    shop on howtocookthat.net, I'll put a link in the description below the video.
    Now firstly you need to make the cakes. If you regularly watch How To Cook That then
    you'll know I usually bake the cakes in flat trays and then stack them up, your other option
    is to bake in a large tin or box like I'm doing here and then cut it into layers. The
    advantage of doing it this way is you get neat and perfect layers. The disadvantage
    is that for a cake this big to bake it takes a long time and it also tends to get overcooked
    on the edges and the top and the bottom. That means you have to cut all that off and throw
    it away. So you can choose which way you'd rather bake it.
    Use the template for the top view and cut rectangles of cake. If you used the one big
    tin method to bake it like i did then cut off any overcooked parts. Use a cake leveler
    or knife to cut it into layers.
    Stack them up to make the level of the back of the truck. Then fold your top template
    on the line and cut another layer of cake to the right length for that top shorter section.
    Then make your frosting of your choice, if you go to the Frostings taste test video you'll
    see recipes there for 7 different frostings recipes. Today I am using the French buttercream
    Use your template for the top of the cake and cut a sturdy piece of cardboard in that
    shape. Then cover it in foil and tape it into place.
    Cut some extra rectangles of cardboard and stack them to the height of under truck so
    they can support the cake. Tape those together and then stick them firmly into place on your
    cake board. Lining it up with where the wheels of the cake will go so that they will hide
    those supports. Add some tape and place your cake board on top of that.
    Put a thin layer of buttercream onto the cake board, then add your first layer of cake,
    then add more frosting, and another layer of cake. If you are not using the cake the
    same day then add some simple syrup to each cake layer because that helps to keep the
    cake really moist. And simple syrup is made by heating equal quantities of sugar and water
    in the saucepan until the sugar is dissolved and then let that cool down and then just
    use a pastry brush to dab some of it onto your cake. Continue to stack your cakes and
    your frosting until you get to the height of the back of the truck and then add your
    smaller piece to the front.
    Now what you need to do it put the side template over your cake and follow the template to
    shape the cake at the top and the front. If you don't trust yourself to keep the knife
    straight in a straight line you can print two templates and put on on each side of the
    cake so you can line the knife up with both of them.
    Now you need to cover the entire cake in a layer of frosting and smooth it as much as
    you can and then put that in the fridge for an hour to firm up.
    While it is chilling we are going to make some fondant details.
    Firstly to make the ladder roll out some white fondant fairly thickly and cut a straight
    line using a pizza cutter down one side. Now I've made my own rectangle cookie cutter here
    and I show you how to make your own cookie cutter on the twitter dessert video. If you
    don't want to make a cutter you could cut these holes out by hand it will just take
    longer and they wont be quite as even. Once you've cut them then use a ruler and
    a pizza cutter to cut down the other side to make it match. And then leave that out
    to one side to dry.
    Cut the side panels from the template and roll out some light grey fondant. Using your
    template as a guide cut around each one. If you go to the firetruck cake post on the website
    it will detail there how much you need of each colour fondant and it will link you to
    the frosting recipes and the cake recipes and everything else that you need.
    Then use a ruler to indent lines all the way up each one so they look like a roller door.
    Take some more fondant and roll a thin snake and using a little bit of water attach it
    to the lower edge of the roller door. Then roll a tiny ball of fondant and add one to
    each end of the handle. Then repeat that so that you have panels for both sides of your
    firetruck so you should have 6 altogether. Now we are going to make the small square
    panels, you can cut it out of the template or just guess and make a couple of squares.
    Next to make the horns for the top of the cake. Take a ball of light grey and place
    it on the bench top and gently roll it between your little fingers applying more pressure
    in the middle to make it narrower there. By keeping it on the bench top it helps keep
    the base of the horn flat. Make two of those then leave then upright to dry. roll out some
    more grey and cut two circles using a drinking straw, we will add these to the horns when
    we add it to the cake.
    Moving on to the dark grey fondant we want to make the small square and then the rounded
    rectangle. To do that cut a rectangle and then just trim a small amount off each corner.
    Then make the door handle cut a thin rectangle, then put an indent across it on one side.
    And a couple more lengthwise.
    Now for the side mirrors roll a ball and cut it in half, place it flat on the paper and
    smooth out the shape then turn it on one side the way that it will sit on the cake and flatten
    it to one side. Repeat those so you have two sets, one for
    each side of the cake. Then cut some thin strips for the windscreen wipers, bend them
    to the right shape, cut them to the right length and leave them there to dry out.
    If you will be short on time when you are making the cake then you can make all of these
    fondant details up to a month before hand, leave them flat on baking paper on a tray
    somewhere that they won't get bumped. And once they have dried out you can put them
    in an airtight container. For the small bit at the front roll a little
    snake and then cut it in half.
    Now to make the hose attachments at the back of the cake cut three circles out of dark
    grey using a straw. Then using a small round piping tip indent on each one with little
    Now cut two small rectangles the size shown for the back corner of the cake. Now cut another
    rectangle in the size of the panels on the back of the cake.
    Take the cake out of the fridge and roll out some red fondant and work quickly lift it
    over the cake and then lift and smooth the fondant on each side. At the corners of the
    firetruck you can either lift and smooth your fondant around the corner. Or for an easier
    option you can bring the fondant out at the corner and squeeze it together to form a join
    and cut off the excess with scissors. Take a ball of fondant and gently rub it over
    the cake to smooth out any lumps and bumps. Using a knife trim off the excess fondant
    from along the base of your cake. Roll out some white fondant and cut out the
    front windscreen and put that into place. Cut a white strip for along the front, using
    a small amount of water attach it to the cake and then use a ruler to straighten it up once
    it's one the cake. Cut some light grey head lights and stick
    those on top. Cut a strip of white fondant and then cut
    some thinner strips of red, and lay the red across the white to make stripes. Trim off
    the excess red. Cut another rectangle of red in the size shown
    for the front of the cake and then make some indents down the front. Add that to the front
    of the cake and add your stripy piece just below it on top of the white strip there.
    Just above the stripes add your two dark grey bits that you made earlier. Add the windscreen
    wipers, using a little bit of water to stick them on.
    Next cut a thin strip of yellow and place it across the front of the cake, trim it to
    the right length and then use a knife or a ruler again to straighten it up.
    Roll out some blue and using your straw to cut out circles and place them on for the
    head lights.
    Take some more blue and roll two cylinders applying more pressure at one end to make
    them thinner at the top. Place them on top of the cake. Roll a thin snake of red and
    wrap that around the base of each light.
    Now to make our door, cut the shape out of red then flip the template over and cut another
    one. Cut out the window shape out and cut it out
    of white fondant and place it on the door. You can then add the door handles and the
    side mirrors that we made. Cut a circle out of blue, I am using a piping
    tip to do this and add it to the door. Then roll a tiny ball of yellow and place it on
    the door. Using the tip of your knife indent and drag
    it out to make it look more like a diamond or star shape.
    Add the horns to the top of the cake and add the little circles that we made just behind
    Carefully place the door onto the side of the firetruck. Then using a little water to
    make it stick add the side panels into place and grey squares into place. Add a yellow
    circle into the centre of the dark grey square. Now on the back of the truck add the two dark
    grey rectangles that we made. Then cut a rectangle from red and add the firehose attachments,
    then place that on the back of the truck. Roll out some thin yellow snakes and cut them
    to the size shown on the template. Roll out some blue and cut out the shield shape and
    place the sheild over the yellow. Take a small ball of yellow, place it in the middle and
    indent it just like we did for the side doors. Add the shield to the side of the cake And
    then make another one for the other side. Then add your two grey rectangles to the back
    off the cake and add two yellow snakes to one and a grey snake on the other.
    Just like we did for the front of the cake roll out a strip of yellow fondant and criss
    cross that with red. Then trim off the excess red and wrap it around the back of the truck,
    then use your knife to make it straight. To make the wheels roll out a strip of black
    fondant and use a fork to indent it all the way along. Flip it over then take a mini oreo
    and roll it up. Trim it off when you get all the way around and gently press the fondant
    around the edges of the oreo. Using a piping tip cut a circle of red and place that into
    the centre of each wheel. Next roll out some white and cut circles, then cut semi circles
    from the edges and place them onto the red of the wheels. Repeat that so that you have
    6 wheels. Add those to the side of the truck. If you want toto before you add the wheels
    you can put some black fondant on the cake platter to make it look like a road like I've
    done here. Cut a thin strip of dark grey and place it over the wheels bending it down at
    the front and the back.
    To make the fire hose you can roll a snake by hand but if you want it really smooth and
    even a fondant extruder makes the job quicker and easier, place the fondant in the tube
    and twist the end. To make the end of our firehose roll out a cylinder and make it thiner
    at one end then using a knife make indents around it and trim it to the right length.
    Using a dry paintbrush brush it with gold luster dust.
    Now I've added a couple of dark grey strips to the top of the cake and to the sides of
    the road, you can do that too if you want to. Then coloured the leftover frosting green
    and smeared it over the cake platter for grass. To give the grass like look of not looking
    like smeared frosting but looking more like grass just get a fork and put that through
    the frosting pulling it up until you are happy with it. Add the hose attaching it to the
    back of the firetruck. Then add the gold nozzle to the end. Roll some teardrop shapes in blue
    and add them to the end of the hose. Get your fireman to check the cake is OK. Then you
    can store it in the fridge until you need it. Just before serving to the table you can
    add the ladder and if you want you can add a fireman Sam toy to the front as well.
    Then it's Party time...
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    Have a great week and I'll see you on Friday
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