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applique cat how to make

applique cat how to make

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    How to make a Standing Person Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody its live here again good to see you I have been around for a
    i havent I have been in the middle of I'm movin
    and my new kitchen itself also man and ready to you sir do trials
    so I have been on act like I don't know maybe a million times hit
    to do a saint Oporto re also I have haha since I
    here it is any topper tutorial and he may have
    I'm seen via Etsy I'm mind topper
    we've done and over here have a little see any
    Kyle and I'm going to show you how to do that not this one particular but just
    you know
    hat maker so that you can up I this information is your own
    hers eating use it for a guy poverty
    easier for a girl he did you like East I'll give me her
    wait maybe skirt so whois information well I
    translate well and you understand how to apply it so I show you my tools that you
    need to gather
    and gets a
    so the tools that your gonna need to do this and in proper
    and our sons cake pop sticks
    or lollipop sticks even get these at the cake store michael's joanne's have them
    even think walmart has them
    it's like paper flower pots 6 you're going to need some
    wire cutters to cut the the six an exacto knife
    a couple tools for modeling aren't these the ones that I use
    and this is the one that I used to shape the head and eye area
    this is the one that I used for the temples in there mouth area
    this is the one that I use to add details and make lines and
    put in the mouth and that kinda stuff so but whatever you feel like
    works for you will be fine many a little bit short me
    keep your fingers waste from sticking a little gun where or water
    come with a stylus and water next to get together it's good for going fine it
    and semi powdered sugar and then you're also going to need some bond
    so I have all my fun and over here
    I color-blind as I need it if in fact that I have leftover
    so this is this my alamat finance that I make
    you can see the recipe I'm I'll tutorials can of
    and effect color this thing for the pieces they need to feel like I've read
    Luke brown for the hair red for the shirt
    and I am get those ready and I met
    a teaspoon F Tyrus powder into
    I'm each chunk a finance I'm gonna make
    about and a half cup find out about that much
    a color and then add some kind of powder to make it stiff enough and I hope that
    you dry
    you can also use CNC powder and that's it
    that just makes it harder so abt let's start Korean are fine and get for it
    so that all my indifference or ever
    finance ready here I read
    and blue like a turquoise color I every black brown
    and some whites and I just wanted to save a quick
    if you're fine it's not smoothies and in it it's just needs to be heated up a
    little bit and needed
    and I always add another shortening to kind as a
    rehydrated just really pull it
    this has the tie was added to it so it's
    pretty anime firm unstable you know it can hold its own weight
    stand up like that doesn't drip over so
    I'm if your finest use of adult I Los
    Anna this is about half cup
    so you want to add a half teaspoon for something small like this
    I just started dip it in the time los container
    just out a little bit to it so you will take some practice to get the right
    that works for you for it should be cracking her
    have a rough texture just
    work this until it's nice and smooth
    and then for him all these thank you
    got fat well overcast they don't perhaps
    often if he's a Styrofoam
    to I'm work with your figures on this is like a
    kinda soft squishy star from the back of my packing place
    but any kind of air travel do even Mike floral phone that you get from Joann's
    that will work just fine an so
    for the only that to her support system listening to:
    is me the way
    CREE Q fees
    on top six going to get
    material and the first thing to do is kinda decide
    about how a
    call you once a person to be mine usually end up being about
    eat inches or so Tahoe
    you always make the legs am taller than you think
    so here
    makes delays about two-thirds of the person's height
    her torso shorter and that I was just looks better
    some just kinda throwing this out to you long skinny
    ruch and
    one-fifth the middle to be a little bit fatter
    that's where the police can't be this is going to be our gal
    so water lakes to be skinny
    cuz girls usually wear like tired jeans
    guys I hope so
    miss reno where skinny jeans yes
    K no offense to denounce
    so on I'm making this into a you she
    so that aspire to be the butt and this'll be the legs
    and just kind of making sure the thicknesses are about the same size
    and going to
    session campus feet that to be too sick
    cut that flat
    going to take my stick here
    in just thread it through one of the lakes
    and the way I'm just gonna hold this in my hand here
    and start the bottom into sir source
    putting firm pressure on the piece if I'm here and train guided up
    through the middle of the lake until it comes out
    top like that may do the same thing
    to the inside
    if this doesn't if you get this the first time don't stress
    just a you know start over
    trying to get so now we're just going to define where
    the sky and the lake area is going to be about halfway through
    and I also do like a little crease for the butt
    and I could have pushed down backed by
    area I'm
    pushed him back five area so that the but
    sticks out further
    to find where the year
    the caps are you don't have to do this part
    I just like to you just gives the
    legs a little bit more realism
    trying to find where the cancer and things
    usually flat now the bottom
    helps hopes that lay on top of the shoes little bit better
    she has something like
    looks like this click
    leads to find
    scum the same links
    up two goals in first are found to make sure
    at the legs are going to you fit in there okay
    you want than the stands then
    makes shoes I'm just being a little bit ago
    gum with right against them the bottom there I
    makes use crease simple
    just take a small pieces fun
    get into and she
    nicotine she and make
    mark for where the heel is going to be
    do the same thing to the Insight
    training issue since I S
    when she put these on front side
    Ste share
    and then are shooter polls already ready for some
    just like that Justin to the point where the shoes are touching
    and we're gonna let this dry we don't want to be messing around with this
    and trying to build up the body while its
    on while it's Wes and socks because
    will squish the lakes and we want the lakes not be shortened stock
    one thing I will do it's just I what's
    insert another another one of our popsicle sticks just right up into the
    torso area
    well this is still soft unity quite that
    on a little come here
    and isn't that right there
    then out the top here to start the beginnings of a waste
    this finds you
    on term of this extra
    cuz I don't need thing
    if you want to add details like winds on the side of the jeans
    are like crease lines
    for the FAC now's the time to do it
    someone like
    pock marks of all these little details on things just at two
    the finished product little zipper line maybe
    can define where the crotch is that fit
    let us try for a few hours or overnight
    right as always safest but if you're patient any craft I was in there
    if you are should be good for track finish the top part a first-inning
    okays our legs are all dry now
    nice and firm so nothing's gonna switch down and we're gonna go ahead
    our next where which is going to be the shirt
    saris take a piece if I meant work it
    so it's you know tyson
    soon if you have these little cracks in their
    this is just for me getting dry it out some this may take a little bit of
    shoreen just work that in there
    just gonna rehydrate are finding it
    okay so our legs are nice and firm gonna start
    making the shirt be
    and I've got
    bloom I'm going to use skin
    shaken see this nice well and is going to you
    whether just little bit of I've
    find it and sometimes pattern aka name is gonna at a little bit Alistair
    it's not a specific amount shouldn't have to kinda make the final feel little
    bit firmer
    hander had district where
    if you add too much you're fine it's gonna start cracking you need right out
    want that roll it into the sphere
    think that get all mines out
    and then flattened one-sided
    spring pressure between the palms that's kinda for body shape
    and then going to use my
    large fault for to
    make indentation where her body is going
    like this for for hips and stuff what her shirt to fit over that
    so we're going to user bolt for
    to make a nice big hollow shape inside the shirt
    so that it fits naturally over
    I feel a little dumb girl on her
    jeans so that
    its sticks all weekend just going to you
    sure even all the way around in
    pushing because she's a girl I want her to have a little bit of a feminine
    figure want her to have a little ways
    you're always kind of working from the bottom
    with figures he I wanna be working on stuff up here
    before you finish this stuff down here because then
    it's just gonna get all smashed down a mess that's you start at the bottom
    get that where you want to be and then work your way up to the top
    just give her a little blue vintage
    shaping with my fingers here
    Justin define just pushing towards
    push up towards up towards the center
    that guys to find to where I want it to be
    you want something to be pointy
    like a news for boo just
    push towards where you ever you want to find
    to go Nash got some moves and this is where her
    her shoulder is going to be her
    other shoulder
    just take as much time as you need and get her
    sheaf the way you want
    memories can use our fault holtz's flattened
    site to make a place for where her arms are going to attach *** *** How to Make Human Figurine Tutorial - Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro Figurine Tutorial - TheCakingGirl - YouTube !!!
    girl in this video I'm gonna show you how to make your own
    from the movie peak you're sick
    for sites for friends hero is sitting on the cake was sick and diameter
    so I'm starting with the head first and I'm using gumpaste with the ball tourney
    to and ends with the title co anything bigger dismiss it outright
    so I create a bit above on cheeks and an amusing the needful to push up on
    then with a smaller and that the bar tool pushed up on a breeze to make it
    look like he smiling
    key and we now need to do anything or just me with the freemen

    can start creating the shape of his head and his job okay and once you're happy
    with how his face looks use in effect on a banker been his smile
    and with the cleaning tool you can make a line above and below the cut from the
    to make it look like he has slipped
    now with a thin piece away fun and cutting out the cheaper the thighs
    you can use a circle cutter to make around age
    and throughout this video I'm applying water with the fresh to glue the pieces
    p.m. for the people I'm using a very small amount of tampon and
    cut in half then with the same amount of pressure Press tell your fingers so
    they are the same size
    and then when do the same thing can within the even smaller amount of black
    I'm using and apply for tonight to press down
    in a cool them both on to the site
    after you place them onto the ice
    check how they look are they looking opposite directions are I they fear in
    his own owns
    everyone here to be looking at another Pickering you're making
    include people's on when he's on the cake girl
    very thin black fun in for the top a lineup has died and diagrams
    you can use fun in away food coloring an act to doubt that the krona
    if people I'm
    only giving him one here cuz the other one will be covered with us here
    okay now I'm gonna make his body
    at the top make it down for a snack and poking a barbecue skewer
    do so later on I can't touch it hard
    now said the people aside and let them dry for at least two hours
    for this usually to smoke comes a proper funding
    starship in them and then cut the printed of on both used
    using my partner role in normal and cut it in half
    attach both pieces to the shoes this will be a friend at the speaker's
    pnr at the bottom at this year's
    anyway strip
    to make the flap of the speakers me purple and white squares
    and then within your strips and adding onto shoelaces
    stick a toothpick in each of them so they can be attached to the cake later
    for delayed I'm letting them dry on the staff unblock
    if you don't have one you can use a jar or can prolong Pisa brown fun and fold
    in half
    then let them hang over the edge from them to be coming
    but the leaning toward you can make peace is at the back at Disney
    you can also add more details by creating line from the side of his pants
    and stitching pattern on it as well
    p.m. at two pockets on the side
    for the Jack in Royal Oak blue fondant I like to wrap around the body as it's
    really wearing a jacket
    priesthood cada and moon shape enterkin the edges school with us on his
    and the meat increases on the jacket
    and also adding two pockets on this hoodie kinda two rectangles and cut up
    to quite humble for them
    key and now we're gonna family hero together
    for the arms use the same blue emerald too long pieces
    make it bent at the elbow and at peace might Eversley
    too low to very small pieces and attach it to the center as
    and now you can add on issues
    first-hand I start off with a novel and Anthony
    to create the knuckles so I should look like the roof of the house
    I think a three lines for the fingers and i cant a small triangle shape
    for the fam use your finger to shape the tips of the fingers
    for the here I'm using black planet ruling else turns
    but the bottom of this chair a little too small pieces and Mick Jagger K
    Kienan cling on the hand
    heroes here has a lot of volume so either been a fun at offers
    and added two small pieces he made on the bottom on both sides
    with the strength you ready made tackling the Islanders head
    and not
    the hero figurine is time
    thanks so much for watching and hope you enjoyed this tutorial tell me what you
    think by leaving comments below and don't forget to subscribe *** *** How to make Olaf Cake Topper with gumpaste Tutorial (READ INFO for better quality video) - YouTube !!!
    home this
    heavy one today we gonna learn how to make
    olaf I gotta bunch emails in taxes on Facebook thing
    asking how to make an is really easy so we can start
    by in the east am
    eat just gonna make to let a pulse
    for it defeat in then you gonna make
    a letter B bigger bomb like it's hard to say the fis because the ISM
    biggie he's gonna change it if you wanna making big area with smaller
    so you just need to be learned the technique and then you to the same thing
    but did US big as you wander smaller C-one
    you just need to follow the steps ok I so
    play a lot of the companies in your hand get the fit-again cases Conahan
    temperature it gets easier Cheel to mold and shape
    so you just cannot rollerball touches the family hand
    because he he used the your fingers Eakin
    have fingerprints on so you try to chill
    but %um so you gonna push down a little on the table
    could squish a lot about kisses a Heath first
    layer he's not really and I can round polished and more like a
    overall kinda shape so you can make a Boeing you squish
    on the sides and top que Rico sees a little P
    not like it perfect ball is more like at tired I think
    and now they gonna make a bowl
    a little bigger than that I E out I people have a measurement kill
    I'm going by lucky my cake topper
    always you that I wanna have my step-by-step some people say but how
    you today the measurement the size intimate urs millimeters
    answers I jewel I write down what enjoy me
    buddy you always need to look a cheer cake topper
    and see what's measuring the you know what matching
    if you need to be a little bit bigger a little bit smugly see now I'm trying to
    do it but the balls look the same so what im gonna do you
    and a little bit more impeached in New York
    ghetto all out again because we don't want cracks or
    you know fingerprints or any wanna
    try to make a special mix as they can and I love
    all of it make a role in the movie and frozen parties is going everywhere and
    making him leak
    I don't know how many media a DNA pretty sure I hope you guys gonna have
    to make a bunch for sale or for your kids and I hope this fetus can help you
    be just rolling the ball again generally in the palms of my hands
    just in case and
    I his the cutting mat i think is for patch workers something
    on the table because I think it doesn't take that much
    but you get can use granade or anything
    King sports now I can occur to pick
    and a half and we go on a Sat on Heath's
    put both of them couldn't have a letter to pick
    because he doesn't really have extra chain side
    bad she'll be shared and nothing is gonna fall of
    for and you in only to be perfect
    Megan ages so and that third ball the peak about the meeting
    we gonna it place he slid off but
    and now targeting payday I'm now using
    I'll equates a writer anything to glow because anything Florida
    any 3d human here even though the Pheonix too high
    because if they leave eighty AC on blast scene is gonna crack because gonna be
    to call so kinda fees fifty can heal me here sound we don't need
    that but he can use water com or you can use
    equates or the edible glue whenever
    so I'm cutting another to peak in the and the meadow
    just should be shared and he's other pieces gonna be there
    don't forget to take awesome as if you set you making inches fell
    then had to peek inside I know then game pieces gonna be hard is a hot rock
    everybody gets albert is that about is that a bill but nobody canady
    has a so hard but if you'll just to be
    Sri don't mind you tell them no and the cake so in a
    cake toppers have outputs three years
    or topics and everything so they know
    if they charge you anything event a few children now with the black
    gumpaste you gonna make it really tiny bumps
    with the bike unbeaten everybody always ask me about how I get the black
    I used a airbrushed um paint
    i think is the easy one to get the black come
    is easy to match him makes because I already
    liquid I didn't get alcohol and everything but he
    you also can't get that power there one injures
    next week any clear alcohol if you get on them
    see how to do that just leave a comment below and they can make a video
    like showing up the difference between powder
    out likely created in everything it's always like
    white paint or but I think then people
    everybody asking me about because i think is the hardest one to get it
    black things to be like cannot purple I got purple other day I don't know what's
    going on
    so with the two or the bacon that bring pressure just gonna
    get some little dots to be perfect because his knowledge
    perfect little balls and the back by now
    brown now we gonna do here
    and arms so you just gonna make a little
    snake Anthony only say had
    if you watch any other video or every day and night
    step-by-step players Satish case make
    in you gonna cut but one is almost two inches in
    know that she was a little the smaller E you
    the measurement but he doesn't heavily
    how he to be changes now can be whatever you think is cool
    and then you just gonna use the fetal home
    he's a I got there own Michaels or Joanns
    ends s
    but is a tiny dresses and they helped a lot because
    if I was using a big one I wanna be able to make a to cut like that
    that the that the blue peace of phone
    is a cracked a phone bill Munson unique for kids
    for them to play around I was putting my cake toppers and everything too dry and
    talk to them
    because they don't take and cleaning and everything
    cell that say they seem double piece made em
    and I'm just doing exactly the same thing and Harding
    cutting little pieces to give details because the branch
    know what branch so was not liking ice flight hours
    che peace so I'm just cutting some details summit
    he doesn't have a rule we just cut pieces and just getting word
    is a little baby extra so it's easier for me
    made a she gets confused then you just play stood right
    does art the trip three parts for heath care
    every time then you making a cake topper try to print a featured leave your
    computer on the some peaches and you can look
    up that what are you making and other heavy buying
    knows all of because it's everywhere but if you're looking at the beach a week
    and I can
    cokie that it you now because he's seen the details and everything so you see
    the hair and dot
    so now you gonna make the same thing as the sneak with the brown been based
    but it at the hedge one piece you can leave a little bit
    Extra gum paste because we need to mold Heath months
    so that's what I'm doing I'm leaving atlanta be
    extra dime piece could be a bottle and H
    just should be able to cut the fingers
    pained to make huge
    I don't have them commissioning chill be cash
    I go with the flow and they can if weekend at the to be craving
    so it's gonna be a little bigger than you guys are thinking gonna show
    K cell there's this deceit and has a little
    um it'll be extirpated like a little ball
    so even a flat and now in your fingers he just pitched in together and now you
    gonna kill a cow is
    and blackmail David you how to make a handy gonna cut the vichy predator
    um for it than that loop sorry
    arm hi has the camera water balloon
    he just getting there leader details again you cut the
    my fingers like that and the details and now he just looked a little bit
    became which you don't lose the shape and is not likely to feeders
    like every year I can real here hand so you can each Orianna
    the sizes he is all over the place but Egypt me five
    because he has them the five fingers made their
    can data details to the look like a tional branch
    in place on the phone to too high and we gonna chill
    the same thing again mighty for this time I don't renovation Kamran
    reconnect make the cut
    keen on that F another and another to make it a five-point
    que Rica now it just might Italian I don't
    just take it I'm sometimes in a few a rash
    is that a way for you to don't be in a rush us are making it because
    cake toppers is all about details as much detail that you can make
    it take another caller home America
    cut that lead o details again
    I prefer to let it dry after it that to peak in a contagion angst
    before I to get
    all live together but I'm making the video were gonna probing
    each but it on am buddy you get can meet
    so another to pecan halves
    he gonna need to hide it to peak on the grounds on getting a little
    extra Matt Brown me there
    or just to be
    able Cheel kinda hi me to pick you made it select a fair
    and a good night squished it could be trade in the middle
    way there
    and now we gonna roll everything together
    key out but don't be scanned the stakes on my mat
    so sometimes raised in the blue craft sometimes the he need a
    is really good and really cheap you can buy a bunch for like a dollar
    heat and dollar stores so
    a skinny so we gonna roll there together
    too high that took because it to pick is just to hold on I'm
    up you know soul he doesn't fall down or if you need to shape
    Jan others pay because he sold it is not gonna break any
    he I lost the gumpaste you can take enough he anything
    so we gonna get the extra help because we need the peace n
    the to peak to be able to place in his body
    we need extraction so beaches get a little
    how in that span and weaken the deal
    home its likely the same thing on here and
    out ahead just and grab another half a pic to peak
    analytic the extra brown gumpaste
    and we can you repeat or are over again
    me police the extra and bro
    well rover
    marika if you roll a new feud and I'm gots to you
    long like and doing it you just hold it again n roll into gets the shaping
    because you can occur expand of on the bottom so
    its from key like you don't see that too big now
    you just but the extra grumpy side
    que Rica
    in your reality
    he's just be patient and we think everybody says oh
    what's the most important thing she learned how to make a clock
    toppers his suspicions sometimes takes a long time
    for you to get something but he gets the one you know like the faith everybody
    a letters there in a sink planners oh my god
    I'm so bone I I'm not even that own
    but now lettuce enough am asking about how
    on scene and the faith if the noses
    at the the hardest part eightieth is not always been you get in the first time
    me now even need a major ballot I missed you sometimes need to make
    the faces line
    times because if you copying somebody
    like a pink anus or something they have the details cell
    you need to be as close as you can sell eat trying trying to get
    the phone has a set because those is taking you and placing
    the treaty trenches oh here make their
    leaving the longer one in the meadow if you look at the chip
    has I'm gnashing the feature but a I'm looking at the beach in so he had a long
    one in the middle Kanban weaken Press
    are together made

    grown a little bit if necessary he can
    chai to you place
    IQ like he wanted to look like became
    I don't need then much home to pick for the head but you can cut that out
    and display some rain I did write if you have time just let me read right but if
    you don't like
    I'm showing the video I gonna use the ones not bad right but
    E I prefer to let each I so now with the Y compete again
    we gonna I'll make his head
    that's the most important part I think that cuz
    everybody loves a little faith so we gonna make it the whole
    need to be bigger than everything about when you make for his body so
    what a delightful have a measurement I just grow
    and they take on the body he faking kids
    see if he thinks if big enough for his missing something so now
    army looks like no idk saigon the road just pushing one-sided
    antique so we can gain more like it cheer jump ship
    cm just rolling one side so
    on is more like it Monica triangle shape
    kitty head kind of like that it's not a triangle but
    can am wider and a top
    in a bottle cell see a little be
    smaller and the bottom and the top utica
    check if he slips
    or and everything so you the earth think a gonna roll
    up and down up and down up and down to make indentation right there
    because he's I spared deeper than the rest on his face
    so that's why we gonna do a day make make that space for his
    and keeps moving everything because when you making
    something and we can base or a dole if you making something you just trying
    something else so he tried to keep
    everything in place here we go I'm sorry about that I like guys because his white
    on the white height arm
    but I hope it gets kinky on everything
    so now we have been thinking he should put his
    I S and this is a football tool I think I don't know how we call here but it's
    about as she gets confining UN
    you let me know am I can try Geneva link below for you guys to find it
    so we just gonna make cheeky little balls way they're chill
    like to deep space it's
    cheap places its making
    PC because they're gonna place that's and now we gonna do the same thing just
    a little
    bad for where we gonna but he's not so I there
    right day now we gonna make
    arm with another piece %uh why can't these you gonna
    make she little balls that's gonna depend despise the pain to the size of
    his faith in you making
    but it you try to you make to
    bowls the same size and teach those little holes then you just make
    for he such so you make you be show Dance
    around eight n you gonna just police right there
    the lease crashed down just police radio
    yeah seek
    I think he gets confused easily was really bright
    I hope it gets kinky any cow
    come now that set
    Hanau hi call I think that power high 82 again
    I'm you just gonna grow up in now up and down
    in two separate their mouth and that less than he's
    H if you don't have the skew if you want to I can try to get out where it is in
    is leave a link below just lemme know but if you don't have and you don't
    wanna spend money just get them
    and a fork or a knife then straight
    in do the same thing just don't cut it just goal
    like so lonely you know making their mark
    because you don't wanna cut you just wanna you know do best separation you
    little separation for his mouth so he had this piece to
    the heath chief make their so that's why we gonna do now
    we gonna just crash and make a little reach angle
    for Heath from teeth and even the police granny
    and they re Denmark then beaches kit
    and then you push down a little bit that top part he's not
    so you don't see the top part other chief annualized
    then you just pay day so we things like it's reading inside his nap
    so now those ball 2 I'm just making a little
    mark up his thing both if you don't have that tool you can
    use like the backup for the paintbrush ends like and
    or something is just a little chilmark
    the team does so he's kinda funny and you can try to roller
    again each year lost any shape
    check if he has no marks any everything is the way you look
    be wanting to look like you know great day
    so you have the teeth this my and analysts
    he get if you lose any marquee did it again somehow make a market for the nose
    we check H East Inc is big enough for
    your body I think it it's somehow we gonna make it carry
    the notes a little orange gang peace
    game and the pea such to picket hmm
    here again he just make a little teared up shaped like a comb
    but that a general be you know he's not perfect carrot if you look at the
    and those from the carriage can a little squished now
    way that cell is not like a really perfect
    me because I don't think carrots they hope perfect but
    at the picture from olaf he's not and just it send details to look more
    ballistic me
    carry kelso we have the to take and Megan at least
    lani there between the nose and
    me here we go
    and you he lost the marks because you using hands to play for their
    he just did then again she
    making can check every chingo other marquee anything
    meant how to play East be sure then the TPS query
    because it's like every tangle can so the the side they should be
    kind of like so just to be sure
    his face he's now keep
    now we gonna paint but the same thing tonight
    like I is from my airbrush I connections
    early make it with airliner is it the brushes
    call aligning said very tiny little one
    which is going on thinks the details on his
    I when seeking a closer for you guys
    he down if behind the eyes
    is not on that level it abolished where the ball meets the fates
    I think you guys can just and I hope we can just and
    and and now we gonna do is add a house so that's why you really helps to have
    the picture
    close to you because you can see all the details a
    and what else we need we need his price
    home and only use this
    is a doc maker he should guys don't have it you because I don't think about this
    here in US
    but he should I still have a it let me know what went right to
    to find where you can find it but again you don't each by a tool for that you
    can use the backup the brash
    Oona King rounded you can use you just gonna make Chile doubles media
    so you can use any I'm just teasing that case is right here next to me
    see ease how much they're
    he so cute so now
    home buchanan week white dainty just gonna make a little dot
    is then like reflection they say
    just to give the letter B Moore min
    stamps here because and try to lead the face
    jot cuz I did that once I was in a rush
    denied a giant analysts putting that together and I just
    placed my finger right there and there was a math because black paint and why
    can't these forgetting
    unit is there a lot all over again you cannot in truth and thats
    and they did baths old just be careful that age I
    the paint first and then you put that together actually everything Josh you
    the any gonna let it dry to place the arms and the
    the head and the here breed me
    the holes because compete get a very hard if you don't have to hold their
    you not gonna be able to do it so just get another to be can just make the
    and then you can please try again buddy he just wanna make in
    like once so like I'm doing now and if you can't reach you
    just be careful because is all wet so you can lose the shape
    in be due Monday after all the work
    cell replacing that that's the the problem see my fingers
    almost there in the paint and still wet some just be careful
    can we gonna
    chess try to make an be in a position to new one should be because once it's dry
    you can on with anymore
    saying it to this I now how on he won him to look like
    so I'm gonna place the hair play now but I think you guys should wait a little
    each was completely dry so he doesn't lose the shape those ago
    slapping down because is not right and gonna jury
    bring out the cats am I wanna show you get sirico
    just pushed down making
    anymore D the way you want to look
    he can
    he's really cool I hope it does he is going to help you guys should make a
    I also have the step-by-step on my
    the website www that cupping cakes
    I have all of have and I have and Elser Chris stuff is coming up
    and I'll out but another one Michael South teaching about burns
    and Bell antonin and Mickey Minnie
    in this step-by-step kinda this video but is not a video every step than a
    to make the hands at the nose I take pictures and a bit the equal
    and any say it to help you get I hope to get like this video
    I hope you guys can make olaf now
    lanie know if you guys like it comes up the pedo
    and leave some comments below than the white gates
    want to learn next thank you so much bad *** *** How To Make Gumpaste The Krazy Kool Cakes Way - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is how I making
    a quick tutorial on how I make gumpaste had a lot of people ask me
    whether I make a mess of hot weather i buy it all remaining
    and I have purchased pray make gumpaste
    to be honest with you haven't really been totally happy with any particular
    I started making my own outpaced about your call
    and I really like the texture I really like how it holds up
    so maybe can try and and I may be like it you
    okay what what I is chill make fondant
    sci-fi the wheelchair share a white rolled fondant
    you guys can't find this at Hobby Lobby or at my holes
    and this is five pounds okay it's the big box of a little box
    the reason I like shit by this status because at Hobby Lobby Day almost half
    forty percent coupon then you can plant
    online and so the price usually at Hobby Lobby is $

    but with the coupon comes out well you like about fortune box
    so it's a lot cheaper than buying gumpaste already made and you get all of
    the time pace
    for very little price okay all right let's talk about
    China Los the service this is a catch-all said I and it's basically the
    same thing but
    for some reason sometimes it comes in two different labels missus
    rx international hi titles Potter
    this is the same thing we can but it's not too different labels
    you can find this at any takes up I place my case a pipe a sells it for

    this last up very long time home
    and each one is about 2 ounces well it is exactly chances
    and if you cannot find titles powder which is what these are
    you can also buy up contract against
    or gum arabic which serves the same purpose
    okay okay I'm so
    the recipe today it is basically an shoes hair on your chest so
    the only difference is that this is the way this is the comment that I use
    okay so what I do is when you open here
    your box ok okay it costs
    it should be which the
    packages so each holidays
    of China have passed K Anish
    what I do and basically take
    large on and I headed up

    even plates
    for mention are fine chain
    a want half cheese old
    your child's
    K all services on all parties
    so here's my pic of ongoing like us.
    take my shade any bouquet call attention
    for and breaks you need some although Greece
    and I always have tons of fun case
    on hand haha spotting favorite so all I can do is
    you take one other for break stay already cut you can take half a teaspoon
    up your child's powder or whatever what are you seeing
    some traffic and or your gum arabic
    okay and for every
    break it's half a teaspoon of titles
    came saw like to soften it up a little bit before I start
    and basically you are just
    meeting the fondant into the title stop
    you wanna do this class of leaked to the press staff should quickly
    main your child exploding
    scope flying everywhere say you need any
    that and really well you don't need for ever
    just you know enough so that you know that
    but I also spend well blended cheer
    pace so I pretty much do this
    Chahal I don't see any white powder residue left at all
    on my on a work surface
    that's pretty well one day I don't have any more white hot on my surface
    and so what I do is I just make
    a giant chill or learn how to this thing here
    and the reason I'm doing it just because I'm gonna cut it up into equal portions
    so that I can
    cover it our wrap it in saran wrap with plastic wrap
    so that I can story because I
    small pieces at a time you know what I have a
    air because it does try pretty quick K
    solve this
    about of okay
    also like you I have kept this
    into for call of hearts all
    firsts i cud metal bond
    hope this happen at all and then i cud
    this happened
    so there I got for parts
    and iraqis and plastic wrap
    so quite a bit of gumpaste
    added just at half a brick that comes in the five-county Fox
    well to find it don't forget thanks to find out your
    percent coupon
    it is a lot cheaper you can get a 23 dollar box a fondant for like

    so I hope this helps let me know if you guys have any questions
    I can pretty much you do this recipe
    with any type of fondant and a if you make your own marshmallow homemade
    and all you basically do is
    for every two and a half pounds %uh your homemade fondant
    you will use should take to teaspoons
    up titles powder alright K so let me know what you think
    hope this helps somebody and if you have any questions let me know k talk to your
    body very soon take care
    aback *** *** Tutorial - Simple Sugar Figure - YouTube !!!
    hi its journey from delicious cake design today I'm going to show you how
    to make a really simple quick
    and easy sugar again
    East which is basically modeling paste made from fondant with
    some gum powder added to it the gum how to such as
    come take you can't will just make it really strong
    and make it dry hot unlike regular funny see any a few different colleges
    some sort of skin coloring the color for his
    pants his church paint
    his shoes in his eyes you also need
    10x cutter scalpel and that wasn't right spaghetti
    palette knife perfect paintbrush a really thin paint brush
    either I sent it or so claiming to
    Ben B skier non-stick rolling pin fund its Mina
    and some water tactically
    so for the first step let's make lakes
    I've got some blue gray colored camp 80 for his pants
    scanning needed a little bit the heat in your hands will actually help to make
    the gum paste
    softer and more pliable and will help to stop it getting
    cracks in it rolled into a ball between the palms of your hands
    name stopped making sausage
    there on the one hand up and down the other so you can see that the sausages
    said it quite uneven
    so get you from its me don't and use that
    to just rocking back and forth to make a more
    even sausage
    say make this is about as long as you want two legs to be
    to make the Nexus pick it up in the middle forever one finger
    band they have transits

    you can see the endocrine rounded
    and thats not going to be good sticking on the shoes latest saree
    surely get your palette knife we can use a scalpel for this
    just chop at the ends skin
    flat surface and is push it back in a little bit from where's
    units clashed from to pressure you coming me
    is could use it again and they have the lakes
    get your what gum paste or whatever color shirt to be
    kents needed it me roll into a ball again
    personable you
    teenagers have AT&T that this is pace in between
    them to stop rocking gently recon for this will keep the
    a tape it point
    miss him flatten slightly
    then just hit pick fresh little more time
    tougher than anything the news that T
    secure course I
    on turn it easy
    your fingers too much news that
    the heels and from the hands just because anything you can end up with
    little dance like that
    towards a secure
    next I'm gonna get my paper GM
    and just make a dent
    in that tournament but the neck
    but that mimic the dried spaghetti
    and push it down to the home I'm
    this is just for security to help secure neck
    and the head miterrand and thats the torso down
    take a small bowl fresh garlic paste
    can in the meeting you move into porn
    wanna do sis he's looking good tonight they get a sausage shape
    squash group
    a paintbrush tips and more around the neck
    home in home miss
    whose the
    gets more the Y
    based on it
    color your shit is again
    simple who also is every status let's make a ball pit
    pics and start to roll into a sausage in your hand
    weekend its Mina
    to finish up the sausage to make it nice
    and even happened from the dent in it
    want arms to be thinner than the lakes
    to pay them and when you're on your sausage
    the impact michael's couple and kinda and I A known
    in the middle meeting
    mom since its mission want p
    him to make sure the Honduran even think
    both see get

    burn science and concerns can arms
    he see how the diagonal makes a nice shaping on the tape it or say
    see in a small amount of fish fish color paste
    enroll in Temple cut it in half
    cities to make sure that my hands are roughly the same size
    and there are two ways that you could do this easiest way
    roll into a ball that the clinton
    and then just get on the end that was a bit more
    the other women chain bone to bone
    Tapert slightly
    fatten inducements comes to fatten to even
    get discount coupon
    contestas mmm trying to nap
    may come from
    to do this mean actually need to
    witnesses China kicking paintbrush
    indent home and on
    in and we can
    so this is the two AZ can do it
    the reason the size ball fresh-faced
    well into fall
    case it's pretty good didn't warn you brush
    dad the paper around the neck
    let's just make sure the spaghettis there at nine it's too long
    can pick to the company see you
    it's too long mom is to understand management access
    shipped through this killing
    using the problem at hand communism fingerprints there
    minutes they had secured onto the neck
    their couple ways to do the mouth the way I prefer
    is to just get and ICM
    tapir tube can use the end in debt a smile
    you can also do the same thing if you wanna small smile
    with on the field training tools that you can use other in that kinda looks
    like I am
    half broken strong and you can't put in the mouth at like that we gonna do it my
    way which is to use the
    ended in icing tip hold it at an angle
    softly pushing
    me see he's got a smile
    getting really tiny bit in the flesh cut and paste to put their
    roll it into a ball
    can pretty much gives them
    sprints the news
    me Lewis and now has a nice
    a couple ways and during this one way is to get you banned me skewed
    dick the flat and in San black coming paste and
    chests pressed them on but that means that the ended
    the am the skewer has to be really flax
    without too many holes and or anything like that in which a lot of times
    they aren't so the other way that you can do it is get the point in it you can
    be skewed
    in about where you want the eyes
    chichi small holes
    hit a tiny bit if you're black covering paste
    seeking the whole they're really small
    unifil them it's just a little bit to paste so is Kennedy tiny
    really tiny can really small bit roll into a ball as usual
    want to have you
    the ruble luvm
    thank them into pools can now for this you might wanna
    finer tip brush concealment
    morning in the room homes and then the pressures easing the forest just a bit
    too fat
    to do this job push it in
    mary has life
    my brown colored damn pasty for the hair
    news whatever color you want obviously
    sprawling to a ball there
    my non-stick rolling pin neural net reasonably
    and get my parents got a kinda detail X shape
    it's always better to move excess space walk around the cutter runtime min:
    cutter paste it's sticky little bit you cut my
    gently push it out when you get your
    feel sure the guy and
    paper she wouldn't pic
    back at his head he became in
    Latin this
    the his head and this is here
    the case in and the last thing we need to do is just give him some shoes
    am I'm doing issues with black gum paste
    take a small amount and
    rollin into long cut it in half so that you have
    you even size shoes for all half into them
    a ball weakest sauce in shape
    the end
    just secured on mixing skinny the same at the other one
    phone small sausage Latin
    who turns and
    and stick it on and they haven't you're finished
    gumpaste via *** *** Flower and modelling paste Peter rabbit cake topper tutorial How to make a Peter rabbit cake fondant - YouTube !!!
    SPO the making Peter Rabbit and
    just diet smuggling pay a light brown color
    tits farm Manchester got here gestures French ass fucked cannot do that nama
    fund into a few like you ain't
    I love it fair to I'm gonna leave some but
    his head yes I'm just going to take rest for the party
    just control somehow months she crack Sims
    train I'll out not gonna do is for anybody who can create
    I basic share and just gonna be at
    passionate tomorrow let just trying to squash the top
    me by today cry
    case that far ASIC
    peach rabbit shaped okay many a bit like retirement
    centrist cockpit like past scanner
    from this into a look back hatcher
    share gonna pro out black
    each fixed the front apparatus that's about
    up size-wise arms fit well-managed
    up smarter times the party right attached mistake
    push I'm family is quite big
    this is peter rabbit Mac doesn't smaller depending on
    the size of each a night cleaning company
    and I shot I'll
    tufts factors troutman using you
    modeling tool I he's a cocktail stick
    Chevy professor ok
    lines I'm sign open it in now
    gonna create a tops these tanks Sat
    just of the
    white path as a buddy just keep pushing
    but he mad lento to create a line
    how while you can see media
    gonna bring it crashed comes down side
    that white peaches I'm undamaged try and push
    Hannah strange
    and you can do the same the site I'm just going until
    which can be used man and you can choose a high schooler
    such as fun to tear drop shaped
    gonna squashed Anna back
    smack childbirth inside was taken on I'm just gonna
    a.m. Nepal not to
    aligned and me
    trial mistake
    another wash from me shop to me Puntland
    just push that under buddy bet
    sucked big time into me
    she speaks cookout now
    you can do yon stirred up am 2 p.m. see my gramma
    bpm sorta I'm
    down schram I cannot mobile energy now
    adding believe cut to cock
    Hester discoverer out try
    and just once for long enough to read fatty
    idea public rolled money perhaps try and catch
    that mister buddy get its hands
    see size right hand on Oct based on to come
    just down past is little bit
    change it he can to
    gonna lame back on to blow again a wrap the blue around
    somewhere about touched contest launched come tonight he s mine
    Linea minor decide
    last max made
    what happened inside his jacket and put it back on
    stick to it can you can do it I
    Easter switch is pushed back
    and and I'm not gonna push the very con- a bit on China beneath us
    Saturday trickle back she's gonna
    she tight
    top after party change much honey to half-mast creases
    guy leaving without calling japan akashi ninety
    colored just CAF a couple triangles
    plan with Dan
    attach to top each
    K you don't have to have to call a

    it to you back me
    minor Guinea tumbling free noms set
    action key part about going back to brown
    for the face not gonna need I'll ahead
    team-best just roll involved
    holding it against your body CT sidelines what's lacking
    comparison for she can't Cup passions right
    action for happy ap Trinity
    cracks and my J used take the head off by
    so that pumps just tiny bit
    just keep haunted
    and she budetti excite ice managing
    now it's just checking Press both witnesses
    and decide where nice to go
    islamic slight tation gonna just pushed back
    lobac to the back had from
    just keep checking it looks like against your body not gonna do now
    she's in the night I'm just gonna
    and night turn it around no I'm
    and the other side second camera
    going down ups nice face okay
    countries not mine
    down from is that lecture another
    me and for them out now
    very nice I'm gonna do it's just
    indentation with the bond tell disconnect and damn
    for Mac I create an eye socket
    cease-fire tend to get them even
    stuffed animal Albany to try and get your ass
    madelinetosh burn it down tiny Connor
    side going into him
    is just for a cocktail stick through spotty had
    to sit on just check statements and
    prop but if not prints check two min
    I'm much thanks
    wench happy with it on the body
    to her water from atop at the bundy
    back counter-strike
    down can see same actually doing
    gonna my in a
    around his mouth let me just a little bit Sep just got
    love Muslim past if you find it easy to use on
    she's hot just cameras
    Obama flattened and last and aside
    and nurses how K
    chapter that just another mantra
    and I'm not gonna try and a track
    out cash I sent risk a stating that fast
    if you want to hang our heads trying to four times on weekend that's fine
    is easy to activate
    men trains mean
    just stop internet and outside
    do the same side Africa as you can use it at brown or black
    have come into I'm just now
    two balls and want to be smart enough to incident
    suck it so they turn up much shrouds mcnuggets
    size by conducts milestone when you've got one right size
    just rolled it on the bus ticket class
    can just pull up bar to
    in the masochist hartman lights much time
    yes i'd trap I'm me
    but getting some buttons doubt out of pale yellow
    I'm just gonna well three of our
    just go three
    discount check on tap
    use passion a thanks now
    gonna at the time so you wanna in bloom again
    czesc that mix-ups much time to try to help it
    much just Kerala past sausage
    share likes to and behold against
    a budget see how the hot tech time
    track about team looks like just gonna have a tam
    up in front grounded a lot
    said shopping with the size shape captures to club
    watch on back of them hush abt
    Press the comp time
    for it happens ground again be used
    for the head and body and literally just gonna
    two balls you know pic
    gonna put that Washington and each piece leaves
    am she won even critics find intentioned but Mia
    paintbrush house to keep him play
    jiska posh aunt
    likes stick into one and
    to time to take shape
    to cock not browned
    now I'm gonna at yes

    first Ashika
    how I'm gonna keep
    one bit think a combat the comeback
    be attach to the head
    I'm just gonna look against his head how r
    parties to base probably to how think
    recruitment pick up crying just cutting
    I'm Cup and
    share out
    that's why
    just gonna an app a top company

    much AM indentation from the bottom
    and be going up but
    inside I'm much exactly the same
    give up he can't try around it account to
    get them the same size and shape
    and what should happen but can actually attach them
    with that water I'm to to
    ahead cam
    them together and I'm girl like
    I have them at their power
    love it apply
    century snap out using the black I'm just gonna pain
    and Teresa nice searchers
    just fax it kind of got and use a recent approach
    hi just gonna
    hey esakal into his eyes became active seems
    I'm just gonna berle to release Mar Isles
    now back inside nice circuit
    Sachar squash am a bit
    and ac any unitaf trained
    I'm cinema inside cap K and then
    I need today announced trying to be difficult to do it
    well you just going around around
    like power for the tail I'm just gonna stick
    that are too but the backs of two it might strike strike by up to do it
    okay if you're making us stirred up your family to do it
    thank you for watching
    if you liked this video I would like to see more please click on the images and
    the in a video suggested
    also please do subscribe to my channel using the button on the bottom right
    hand corner of the screen
    you can also visit my cake apply to my facebook page to see more cake
    and ideas *** *** Fondant Cake Decorating - Making Figures (Part 1) - YouTube !!!
    me hi
    I'm Norman same with the sweet life and we are showing
    cake decorating techniques and find on and right now the Saints gonna show how
    to make fund on
    animals while least the panda bear right now so what he's doing is he's
    he's taken some white ask that nice fund on
    and some a black fat nice find on
    anne's making balls so he needs about
    two-inch ball there are ways that Dom
    you do not necessarily have to use as much I product
    you can go ahead in use rice cereal treats
    and down go ahead and make those into balls and then cover a min fond on
    but Dom for this segment we decided to go ahead and make solid
    our fund I animals so
    right now the veins may condemn body the Panda
    and he's gonna after he shaped into a ball he's now making into a cone shape
    using this finger just give a little bit have the neckline
    and increasingly the big Candace Bailey
    sane went ahead and cut that pop art of
    so that the head will then fear onto
    the body the Panda he's just using his finger to give it
    shape that he once he's using a ball
    tall and making the belly but now the panda
    and what he did was he came in
    and then just slightly up now is going to take
    and do the arms have the Panda and then the legs so
    he pretty much has have two balls the same size
    and and another two balls slightly
    smaller its role in the Mile
    into a cylinder shape
    flattened the bottom
    now what Saint did is he uses finger depress
    in one side so that dan the body
    perset in that area because
    what you want to eliminate is you don't want to just put two legs there
    this way the legs look like its part out the
    panda instead of something that you made afterwards and placed on the side
    he's using a knife just to give some
    and then once again a little bit a water
    buttercream to glue it together
    so the
    arms are done the same way as the legs were done
    what he is doing right now is cutting at an angle
    so that then the arms for fear
    onto the Panda just very nice leave
    evenly once again you want to give your pay and a lot of personality in the lot
    times just some extra lines little creases
    to make it look like com the arms are bendable
    a little bit a water now
    there's a couple of options at this point here depends on where you want the
    placement of the hands
    if you want a little bit a gap
    between the arms and legs
    what you can do is use the fiber feel to go ahead and feel win in that area so
    we're gonna grab a local chunk fiberfill
    and Jess place it is that will give that
    space in between the legs
    and where the Army is once that water dries
    then you can pull out the fiber feel
    now to attached to head to the body you have a couple options
    you can go ahead in use spaghetti and you do want to use the thickest
    spaghetti that you can get
    or a toothpick I I myself like to use
    the spaghetti because the fact it's all at a ball
    I same way with the arms we could have used a little piece of spaghetti
    to anchor their arms to the body and so you want to use the thickest forgetting
    that you can get
    so what you gonna do is just break it off and we're going to press a
    into the body we're gonna use a little bit a water
    just as blue
    serrate now Zanes gonna give it
    some shape he's going to put little holes in for the ears
    our next step will be
    placing the years and nose
    to watch the other segments in this video series or
    for how-to videos are most any other topic
    visit monkey C dot com *** *** NEW!!! How to make a fondant face - YouTube !!!
    good gains
    it said Jeffrey E thank makes the booth is indeed but my time he tellin doboj
    her expect the bathroom do Pete
    I'm arkansans the predicate
    he had to he now you to
    well to claim
    he didn't wedge
    K making these distractions
    posts and does not
    this gives the look different days the page
    when he tried to
    him now you to
    well to claim
    he you to the you
    gotta yeah
    way to
    to yeah
    to he now you to
    I he didn't wedge
    way to
    making these distractions
    with to stop and then post and
    apt against gives up her daughter from
    the best to well he
    he had to go back he now you to
    that to campaign
    he to the challenge
    to yeah
    do the cooking I good gains
    it said Jeffrey E Saint makes the booth is
    can devote my time he tell doboj
    her expected transplant do
    Pete I'm arkansans the predicate
    when he
    to he now you to
    to heal
    yeah okay
    he did good
    making he's just like sardines
    with to stop playing then pays and does not against gives up her daughter from
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    he had to him now you to
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    you can't do the cooking by the press today *** *** How to make fondant figures.Modelling a doll with edible sugar paste - YouTube !!!
    well we're going to make an
    darth a rock climbing
    to make not despair man with half
    home ang placed fun than
    mayberry in we have right and I we have gotten the and
    okay will have placed the skirt
    and with her tool
    the company convicted lang and
    we have
    with that worst weekend yet the flower
    we have created not wearing fun than we happily cede
    in the dock of the bay see if it were named Nick
    out that this okay we have placed an outdated
    I'm bin ich we have use
    it fun ban with
    skin color okay now we are going to play
    the arms with ethnical little hope
    you know your to speak later on we have Place d'Armes
    okay look at me this mine and with that have place in North

    love make every month effect a
    will have me commune ass would have made a big day
    ok hello kitty the way fifth
    in now we're going to make it here
    to maintain her well-made
    and a theme theme theme have fun than
    in that shape me and will place it in the hit
    with Lacey around here and where
    little but it did make our country okay
    we have tiny looked at that part
    for the prime will have made little city in the ma'am
    with that place and I am then
    to in white expected that of
    Nissan English we should need to
    baby ice on here we have the cellar door would have been the
    I with people been that time
    okay and this is how it all ready to place it in the
    cake *** ***

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