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    Step-by-Step Cake Pop Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    halcion if she had any cake pops
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    and sprinkles a definite appropriate for any occasion or holiday
    let's get started dome
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    watergate both freezing mountain top make sure to have only pop sticks and
    about I used to be scared
    take a hike upset and get them into the chocolate and coconut out halfway into
    the cake
    our this all service good patrols take a look
    they're holding the state people into the chocolate
    sugarcoat it called do tapping our yes it's a child
    prevent the cake pop okay do
    %uh you could make the cake
    but if you wanna get great bigger tumbled
    looking singles Christian koreatown what every lawyer
    the dud bomb
    if you want to look at the possible when he presented as an attempt on a
    about a are cute and Scheibel said the
    samples taken from me on Duke
    after covering the controversial a quick basket bill
    you den Dekker Inc because enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to suscribe
    %uh *** *** Ring Box Engagement Cake - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    and I am NOT
    I think savor it easy and engagement
    my hankies and I'm so excited to make this cake
    I'm really happy injury he enjoys it
    said to make the box
    I'm actually just using a light bar box that I had I wrapped in saran wrap and I
    am just using some extra funding but I had laying around from an old cake
    I rolled it out and I'm wrapping this around the late Bob box you're not gonna
    see this part of it
    you wrap it tightly and then chairman
    size now this is a spacey that's gonna set on top that's just gonna come out
    afterwards I'm just ask you some icing sugar so it doesn't stick to my black
    font and when I wrapped around
    he just brought some black sergeant and cut out a long strip
    use a little bit a water just on the bottom part you do not want to put on
    the top part so we can take back out
    and then just wrap your black fondant around
    for the lead
    I've kinda a black Times Square and then
    a black long strap and I'm just using a little bit of water intake the crappy
    now around the square
    to seize your fingers to help push
    in the aginst reach him at his size and then you really just wanna make sure
    it's nice and smooth and has a nice seal around it
    let that said overnight now
    after your box has sad for a few days to really make sure
    it it keeps its shape you can take out that spacer
    and now we're gonna cut the pillow adage is some white bonnet that's gonna set on
    top to seize a Labatt paper towel to help
    hold the pillow up into place about a dozen kinda keep an eye on you
    and then you just ready to put some the details on your box
    so I've just cut out some whites trent and I'm just gonna wrap these around my
    box on each at the edges using a little bit of water to help stick into place
    and then just romanticize
    Andina do the same thing with my lead when you're doing the lead make sure you
    leave a little bit
    extra fondant on each ads have the box so you you turning over you can just
    wrap it around like this
    now for the bad I'll cut whether the strips in half
    fault over at the hench and then pinch it together
    you wanna do without with both edges
    and then pay and Nevis Jap across the center pinching both and
    as well house that would give the little bit of a raffle the fact
    and wrapped around the bottom but that on the top your box and issues a little
    bit a paper towel
    to help prop the bow I and you want that
    to let Sat overnight as well when you take out the paper towel
    you're both gonna be nice in 3d and held up in shape
    for the ring and a roll out some thick
    white fondant cutter a circle and then with a smaller circle cutter
    you wanna cut at the center bahut and then just estimates and suffered last
    and use using some at Uppal jams that I got a cake decorating store
    you can pry get these online is bile is a little bit of water and a setting them
    into place
    is a really beautiful and really easy to work with
    now I'm just gonna cut out slot in my pillow
    so that we may bring consent into it very carefully set your bring into play
    it's easier to do this while your ring
    is by if you do it when it's dry the ring maybe a little bit too delicate
    and then you just wanna push that into place
    now I've already covered my cake
    in pond and if you like to see high cover cake in pond in step-by-step
    I will be putting a link to the in my description below and I just rolled out
    some black pond in kinda a long strip and this is going to be the border
    that's gonna wrap around the bottom
    match have my cake and you just really wanna rap fat
    a rounds and impatient in and make sure it's nice and smooth
    now I'm just using a small flower cutter and I'm just passing
    and and I need you back going around my border and that's just can't add
    a really nice detail how we're going to carve some lines and and it's really
    gonna bring out the border
    and just using a knife and just drawing a line
    in between each other flowers and then with the center
    the ninth I'm really just poking and all over the place I love the sinner the
    not just gonna make the centers in making love actually detail
    make them look nice Sen think are the lines that are gonna go
    on the details of the paddles and then the rest levine's that are gonna go
    around the cake
    I really love the way that this locked I thought that elected very
    Allegan and the saddle it it really out in
    extra detailed the cake and now you're a dip at the rest your decorations on
    senders can place my bring box on top intake at the paper towel you don't
    really want that anymore
    and then just put the lead kinda fun and angles that you can see both sides in
    the lead
    I really hope that you guys NJ video this week and don't forget to subscribe
    to my channel study
    seen xx that you're an actor they don't miss it
    video and I'll see you next week I *** *** SIMPLE FONDANT ENGAGEMENT RINGS TUTORIAL - YouTube !!! *** *** How To Make a POPCORN BOX CAKE for OSCAR NIGHT! Vanilla & Chocolate Cake with Gold Caramel Popcorn! - YouTube !!! *** *** Easy one box cake pops - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody it learned anything about one sweet love and today I'm making cake
    what questions I get asked most okay of
    how much prestige acting HK now
    depends because every case different something like seven tries so it's not
    that easy question to answer
    that today making it easy because what I'm doing it I'm making a sleepy
    box okay a house with ready-made
    frosty in it they didn't have to be exact so I just hope that
    into the cocaine and I made up the cake truffles and then I
    dip them in chocolate that's how easy a now is a hack
    you're gonna have to eat techniques that is pretty much gave
    you talk a bit thin now
    this particular mix requires a hundred any knows
    milk or

    and any Rams now to
    and pretty much yeah
    on my eyes it any seconds and then on high
    to scrape the mixture into a
    that you've prepared and lined with baking
    %uh and then you can at spread out evenly and pop it into the oven to bake
    so I okay now and it's expected to
    minutes that I actually picked
    forty-five minutes cuz I didn't want it to actor I actually match because be
    app cake pops to be kind and moist
    so now we detect K anti-scratch
    into a ball and then I'm practice
    cremate for staying packet
    squeeze as much as I can
    and just mix it together
    today Missy
    but that's what makes a good and I actually think it's going to be perfect
    Hansard messy
    that you can say hello that's gonna roll into a ball it's going to keep its shape
    so I wash my hands
    prepare try and we'll come back and I'll finish selling the Mac
    up some baking paper on it right and we're just going to take this cake
    and roll it into little balls now you can be
    yeah I'm really precise and measure each one sedentary
    you doing something fans like a winning you might want to do that
    but this is just my son's cindie say
    I think that be pretty much happier anything we get say
    I'd like to just scratched together a little bit and then
    route between my hands
    and just keep on going to hold a mixed-use you step hey it's all done
    took me just a

    of them which is perfect because this
    kids can be classed she teaches and
    only a couple left on the
    I have keys
    now what I need to do is stick this in the fridge and children up a little bit
    and then we'll be ready for tipping
    so actual metal table said yes and now
    and iceman now sets and candy melts at which at kinda like chocolate that a
    little bit different I like to use these two K
    that's because they set up the creek act and can just use next plane out TYT
    what chocolate if you like or other chocolate should look at I K
    I actually I don't because I to mind it just makes sense to snake just finished
    now what we have to do a easy have to get these cake pop sticks
    much can you get guys craft stalls or you can get
    and online eBay and just wanted to 50 and
    NJ chocolate is melted Michael A
    and about
    percent hey and public and a
    and Carolina do that said
    each other no cables
    once you finish that you get popped back into the fridge to chill out for a
    little while
    and that helps to make sure all
    jacket lunch fall off when you're doing it in there
    chocolate if you just try it that's right away
    because it's not really secure it hasn't children ask from atlanta cable
    disdain chocolate jam-packed saying they had a little bit to chill in the fridge
    for a few minutes
    and now they're pretty secure SSL you need to do now if
    take say if you just different
    and then follow that that's how easy it is
    now if you want it to be add estan tf
    you need to find some way T poppin 70 droid app right
    batman takes place here I'm just gonna down the track
    and anything to stay the night flights it easier to set that say
    just do that was to remain in pots just
    allowing excess to drip off compact NSX
    and that's how ET's West asset you can decorate and how do I i
    that is on the fund's inmates and just as i hack oprah's hi
    and you can change the color that came out cost to make money the county whack
    thanks for watching my tutorial
    books que hacia *** *** DIY Origami Heart Box & Envelope with Secret Message - Pop-Up Heart - YouTube !!! *** ***

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