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    CHRISTMAS CAKE POPS!! -- Make SANTA CAKEPOPS for Christmas -- A Cupcake Addiction how To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Santa Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing you
    how to make this great Santa cakepop -- not just Santa's hat for this one, it's the full
    head of the jolly old man. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I've got a pair of scissors.
    And just a teaspoon I'm going to use a paper straw rather than
    the standard lollipop stick for this. You can use either. I'm using a paper straw just
    because of its lovely, Christmas-sy colors. You do want to get a nice thick one. So you
    see there as I'm squeezing it, it's actually not really bending out of shape. So make sure
    that you got a good quality paper straw if you're going to go with the paper straw option.
    Otherwise just use your regular lollipop stick. I've got a pre-rolled cakepop ball. We've
    got a great tutorial and recipe on our channel if you need help getting your cakepop ball
    to this stage, ready to decorate. I've got quite a bit of melted chocolate today.
    I've got some red candy melts. I've got some white candy melts that I've
    added just a half a button of dark chocolate too to give a really light skin color.
    I've got some white candy melts or white chocolate. I've got some mini marshmallows such as the
    little mini-sized baking marshmallows. I've got some little white sprinkles or white
    nonpareils, I believe they're called.
    And I've got a mini ice cream cone. That's going to make Santa's hat today.
    Let's get started.
    Firstly, I'm going to take the lollipop stick or the straw. Dip it in that skin-colored
    chocolate. And just as you would any other cakepop, we're just going to insert about
    a centimeter into that cakepop. And we're going to put that on the side to let it set.
    While that one's setting -- we want to make sure that lovely skin-colored chocolate seal
    is completely set -- we're going to start preparing the hat because that needs a little
    bit of time in the fridge. So I'm going to snip the end of the hat so you've got just
    a bit of a flat surface for the ball to sit on, this little ball on top of his hat.
    Were going to take those red candy melts and I'm just going to dip that hat all the way
    unto the bottom and just give it a turn around. I've tried to use the deepest container that
    I have available. So at this stage, we should have just a red candy melt hat. You can give
    it a little shake just to even out any creases or seams that might get in there. And that
    one's going to go into the fridge in about
    set, we'll come back and add the rest of the hat detail.
    Okay, so now that our hat's set. You want to work quite quickly at this point and make
    sure that it's really set because the heat from your hand is actually going to start
    melting that chocolate quite quickly. So I'm going to take the red candy melted hat and
    I'm just going to turn it in that white chocolate so that I've got a bit of a rim. There you
    go. I like a nice thick rim. And then I'm going to dip it into those lovely white sprinkles
    or white nonpareils and just turn it around in there. So what we want is really just a
    lovely coating of nice white sprinkles all over that white chocolate.
    Don't be too worried if the white chocolate moves around a bit because you can, while
    those sprinkles are on, just use your fingers to neaten it up. Now we're going to pop that
    up to the front there.
    Now I've made the little ball for the top of the hat. I've pre-made this. The easiest
    way that I find to make these little balls is just to take a bit of a spoon of chocolate
    and just pop it into the container with those nonpareils or those white sprinkles. Just
    shake them around. Were going to let that set just for a little while, not completely
    set and then were going to bring it out. And you can actually mold that chocolate into
    a perfect little ball. You can buy some different candies and some different sprinkles that
    are white round balls and that are sort of... They look a little bit like this. You can
    do that if you like but this is the easiest way that I've found without having to buy
    another product.
    Now with these mini white marshmallows, I've ripped them up. I've literally just ripped
    them into this sort of a shape. So I've taken one and I've ripped it into about
    See there, rip it off really messily. This is going to be for his beard so it doesn't
    matter if you've got all different sizes because you can just find a spot where they go to
    slot in nicely.
    We're going to take that lovely skin-colored again and our dipped cakepop ball and we're
    just going to dip that in, making sure that the chocolate meets up with our lovely chocolate
    seal as always. And just shake off the excess. Lovely.
    Now while that one is still setting, choose your best side, the one that you want to be
    the front of his face. And we're going to start sticking our beard. So for the beard,
    it is going to be as easy as just taking these little marshmallow ripped off bits and positioning
    them around. I like to start with the... I guess the line that's going to go from ear
    to ear and then work my way down to the bottom of the cakepop. I just found that it gave
    me a nice, neat, sort of a finish to the beard. If the chocolate starts to dry while you're
    sticking this beard on, that's fine. Just dip your little, I suppose, your little marshmallow
    pieces back into that skin-colored chocolate just to put a bit of moist chocolate on the
    back of them and re-apply.
    So you can see with that beard, I've tried to use the smaller ones kind of around the
    top and the bigger pieces down around the bottom and the underside of his beard. You
    can make that beard as bushy and full or as sparse as you like. And I've used about five
    or six of those mini marshmallows, all ripped up. So you should have something that looks
    a little bit like this.
    Now I'm going to pop on Santa's eyes, just a little bit of that melted dark chocolate
    on the end of a cocktail stick or a tooth pick. And just dot one eye, dot the other
    eye and then a little bit of a mouth. Just a bit of a smiley face or whatever you like
    there. The other end of that cocktail stick, I'm going to take a little bit more of that
    skin color and I'm just going to dollop a nose for Santa. If you want to you can also
    make two ears up above with that beard. It's kind of sitting. Give him a little bit of
    character. So you've got a hatless Santa. Pop him over here.
    I will also mention, because I've got the straws today, I'm not using my regular polystyrene
    block. I'm actually using flower foam. I just find it's a little bit easier for a thicker
    piece to stick into but you can still use the polystyrene.
    Now over here in our white sprinkles, you'll see what I made about this melted chocolate.
    See here how it's actually quite pliable, so you can rip that up into a couple of different
    balls. You could do this with quite a large chunk. And if you just pop it in your hand,
    you can see there how I'm able to mold it. So you just mold that into the size ball that's
    going to suit the top of your hat. And then pop it in the fridge once it's round and let
    it completely dry.
    Now as I said, I've made one a little bit earlier. So we'll take that one and just dip
    it in that lovely melted white chocolate and sit it on top. Here's our Santa hat ready
    to go so we just need to apply it now to Santa's head.
    Taking your little Santa, we will... Actually, before you put that on, I'm going to do his
    eyebrows and his mustache because I don't want to be doing that after the hat's on.
    The hat's going to take a little while to dry on there. So take some of your melted
    white chocolate and just give him a bit of a bushy eyebrow, something that looks a bit
    friendly. Make sure you don't make it too angry unless you are on the naughty list -- one
    eyebrow and then the other eyebrow.
    We've got a whole heap of great Christmas tutorials --cupcakes, cakepops, giant cupcakes
    and all sorts coming out. So if you haven't subscribed to our channel, make sure that
    you do so you don't miss any of them. We upload two or three times a week at the moment so
    we've got lots of great tutorials coming out every other day.
    Nice big bushy mustache there, this is what gives Santa his Santa-y characteristic. There
    we go.
    And finally the hat. Now for the hat, I'm just going to re-dip just the very very bottom
    of it into that melted chocolate. You can see there. And we're just going to sit that
    on Santa's head. I don't want to tilt it back too far until it's fully set. But basically
    there you have your very cool, very fun, a little bit over the top Santa Cakepop.
    Thanks very much for watching. We hope you've enjoyed this great Christmas tutorial. *** *** Step-by-Step Cake Pop Tutorial - YouTube !!!
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    you den Dekker Inc because enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to suscribe
    %uh *** *** Christmas Stocking Cakepops! Santa Stocking Cake Pops stuffed with Candy Toys! - Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Christmas Stocking Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing
    you how to make these absolutely adorable little cakepop Christmas stockings, perfect
    for Christmas. If you haven't already checked out the Cupcake Addiction Christmas playlist,
    make sure you do if you're looking for sweet treats and Christmas-themed ideas. I have
    a ton of cupcakes and cakepops and pull-aparts that you might be interested in sharing with
    your family this Christmas. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I'm resting my cakepops just in a polystyrene
    block just for drying them today. I've got a lollipop stick.
    A zip lock bag. A sharp knife.
    A pair of scissors. The cakepop ball that I'm using today and
    that is a pre-rolled cakepop ball, so I have a great recipe for getting your cakepops ready
    to decorate and to this consistency on my channel My Cupcake Addiction which I will
    link to in the description box below. But this is about a
    ball. So it's a little bit bigger than your average size cake ball.
    I've got a pre-refrigerated, pre-shaped stocking but of course I'm going to be showing you
    how to achieve that shape today. Some red melted candy melts.
    Some white candy melts melted or some plain white chocolate melted.
    I've got just some of these little tiny white round sprinkles.
    2 spoons. A really small circle cutter which I'll leave
    dimensions to in the description box below. And an assortment of candy to go into my little
    Christmas stockings, so the tiny teddy and a little candy cane I absolutely love. But
    apart from that, just add in a little bit of color, so I've just got regular M&Ms and
    mini-M&Ms just to sort of look like some toys overflowing from our stockings.
    And off to the side here I've also got just a clean oven tray.
    So let's get started. The first thing that we want to do is we want
    to make our gorgeous little stocking shape. So here is our cakepop ball. Now as I mentioned
    it's quite a bit larger. You want to take that round ball and just sort of squash it
    out between your hands a little bit and just pinch it to make it almost like a little bit
    of an oval type shape. Then you want to take your circle cutter. And I use the circle cutter
    because it gives you that really nice defined kind of a boot shape to make that sort of
    a crescent moon. Now with the crescent moon, I tuck over the
    bottom and kind of stubby it out like a bit of a boot and then I actually pinch off this
    top section. So pinch it all the way off. Still not quite looking like a boot yet. So
    here's what you, you just want to use your hands to just sort of mold that boot shape.
    And I did
    of this and they all came out relatively the same. But bear in mind
    that once they have been dipped, they're actually very very similar. Now when you've got sort
    of a disc, sort of a shape, pinch the top there, sort of flatten it off a bit, but also
    pinch the other side and you can see there, the boot shape starts to take shape. And then
    you want to flatten off the back. It's almost like modeling some Play Doh in a shape of
    a nice little boot. Perfect! Now you'll notice as I've pinched these
    out the top of our boot. You want that because you want there to be enough room in there
    for our little toys and everything to be able to sit in. Perfect! So I'm really happy with
    that for a boot shape. Now I'm going to put that into a refrigerator.
    You don't want that to be rock solid hard but you do want to fridge it for at least

    minutes because it has to be firm. So when you touch it, it doesn't push out of shape.
    But it's not super super solid like it's been in the fridge for hours. Off to the fridge
    this one goes. To save us time today, as I've mentioned,
    I've got a pre-set one. So we'll take our pre-set one and what we're going to do is
    we're just going to get our little chocolate seal ready. So I'm going to take my lollipop
    stick and I'm going to dip it into my candy melt. You can see there I'm dipping it in
    about an inch of the way in, and I'm going to slide it up the heel of the boot, twisting
    as I insert it, and I'm actually inserting that up to about here to give that boot up
    a really nice strong stable base because it is a bit larger and a bit more oddly shaped
    than a regular cakepop ball. Now before that seal starts to set, just use
    your fingers just to wipe, I guess, the little ridge-y type shape because you want to retain
    that boot shape. So you should have something that looks like this. We're going to set that
    off to the side because that's going to dry reasonably quickly depending on how cold your
    cakepop ball is but I'm confident mine is going to be dry about the time we need to
    use it. To pre-prepare your little mini-candy cane.
    The mini-candy cane is gorgeous but I found they were not just quite mini enough for what
    I needed so I just took a sharp knife and just cut the bottom half. Try not to throw
    it around too much and then I cut just a little bit off this top section as well to sort of
    make it in proportion. You can eat those and do whatever you like with them. Perfect!
    Now I'm just going to touch that candy melt. That's actually already setting so I'm happy
    that we can get dipping on our cakepop ball. But you do want to make sure that this chocolate
    here does feel nice and set because that's what's gluing your stocking on to that cakepop
    stick. Alright, so before I dip my cakepops, I always
    try to give them a little stir just to make sure they're as nice and fluid as they can
    possibly be. So you want to make sure that you're dipping in a container that is deep
    enough to take the height of these cakepops, so a little taller than usual, give it a good
    dip and then we're just going to tap it off, rotating the cakepop as we're tapping.
    Alright, now don't be too too fussy with this particular coat because we're going to be
    adding such a lot of detail. So what you want to do here is just wipe around the bottom
    of any of that melted chocolate has gone over the edge of your stick. Once again we want
    to keep that gorgeous shape to the cakepop. And then before this candy melt starts to
    set, you want to stick in your little candy cane. And don't try to push it in too far
    because you don't want to crack your cakepop, and then your little teddy bear. Beautiful!
    And then working quite quickly here because I can already see that chocolate starting
    to set. My chocolate is setting really quickly. So I'm going to take that spoon again and
    if this happens to you, you really want to get that candy cane and that teddy bear in
    there before that chocolate starts to set because they need to sort of go into the pop
    a little bit, as well as into the chocolate. But the little M&Ms, it doesn't matter so
    much if you need to add just a touch more chocolate to the tops to pop in your little
    M&Ms. I like to put 2 in the front and then I like to put
    through. Perfect. So there's your little stocking stuffed with
    toys. Now, that's going to go into the polystyrene block until we're convinced that that is completely
    set. Excellent. Now while that's setting, we can just scoop
    in some of our white chocolate. That's where our second spoon comes in into that zip lock
    bag, push the chocolate all the way to the corner, let any air out before you seal it
    up. And then we're going to cut just a nice fine tip off the end. No exact size here and
    it doesn't have to be too fine. So when I squeeze it, I'm getting a little line that
    looks a little bit like that. You also want to get your tray at the ready because this
    is where it starts to get messy. So I've got my tray sitting nice and close to me and I'm
    happy that my cakepop is nice and dry so everywhere I touch it, that red chocolate is nice and
    dry. So here's where we're going to add our details.
    And as I said, if you're a little bit messy, you can see my dipping is a little bit messy
    here I've put on my extra chocolate. Don't worry about it. There's so much detail in
    this. You can hide a lot of mistakes. So what we're going to do is you're going
    to take your zip lock bag with your white chocolate, and I'm actually supporting that
    cakepop with my finger on the back as I do this just to help support the weight because
    it is quite heavy and it is unusual shape so I'm just going to just paint on a little
    circle on the back here. And don't go too thick with these little circles. If you go
    too thick, they have a tendency to drip. So bringing our tray over, you just want to...
    You can see now I've got the tray. You just want to tip on some of those white sprinkles.
    Beautiful! We're going to repeat that with the little front circle and another sprinkle,
    all the sprinkles. So the reason that we wait for that red to completely dry so that your
    sprinkles only stick to that white chocolate. And if you do find that your little circles
    are a little bit messy anywhere, just grab your finger once where your sprinkles are
    on and you could just use it to neaten them up depending on how much of a perfectionist
    you are. Perfect! Now, final touches on this one, we're going
    to do around the top. So when you do around the top, you want to do your nice little ridge
    across here and you also want to make sure that you get in and around all those toys
    without covering them up. So I like to start with a little ridge and it's really rough
    all the way around, and then just fill in these little gaps. Perfect! On go yet more
    sprinkles. Lovely. Don't be too fussy with these sprinkles. Just get them on and get
    your cakepop back up right as it was. Your cakepop is as it's most sturdy when it's standing
    up like this. When it's on an angle or on any of those angles, it becomes a little bit
    weaker. So you want to have it standing up as quickly as you can.
    Basically, there you've got your gorgeous little Christmas stocking full of toys cakepop.
    I hope you guys have loved this tutorial. I hope that you'll find someone you want to
    share these beautiful little cakepops with this Christmas. Thanks very much for watching
    and have a very Merry Christmas. *** *** CHRISTMAS CAKE POPS!! Easy CHRISTMAS PUDDING Cakepops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Super Easy Christmas Pudding Cakepop Tutorial where
    I'll be showing you how to make this great and really really easy Christmas pudding cakepop.
    Tools and equipment today: I'm using a green and white paper straw rather
    than a lollipop stick. You can use a regular lollipop stick but I just like the way that
    this lovely heavy duty thick paper straws look for Christmas.
    I've got some melted dark chocolate. I've got some melted white chocolate.
    I've got some red mini-M&Ms. And just some Christmas tree sprinkles. Now
    I've bought those in just a little container like this. I think Wiltson also does them.
    If you can't find those just make some sprinkles out of maybe some green fondant or modeling
    chocolate. We can cut-up a little spearmint leaf.
    I've got a pre-rolled cakepop ball ready to go. If you don't have a great recipe and tutorial
    to get your cakepop mix and cakepop balls to this stage, check out our channel. We can
    get you here ready for decorating. Firstly, we are going to take our paper straw
    or lollipop stick. Dip it into that dark chocolate about a centimeter. Turn your cakepop ball
    upside down so you're working with the flat bottom and just insert that straw about a
    centimeter of the way in. Now you want to let that chocolate seal set for as long as
    you can just until it's quite solid. That way you have got a nice... I guess a nice
    firm seal ready for dipping and it'll make sure that your straw or your lollipop stick
    doesn't fall out of your cakepop ball. Okay, so it's time for dipping. It's going
    to take our chocolate, take our cakepop and just give it a twist and let that chocolate
    meet up with our lovely chocolate seal. Now for this one, see how I've got a little point
    to the top there? Do just give it a little shake and try to flatten that point out. You
    want it to be as smooth as possible for when we add our white chocolate cream on top, I
    guess you'd call it. And as well as that, you can see here, it's
    just losing shape a little bit so I'm just going to make sure that we keep that nice
    lovely round pudding shape. So as always, tap off any excess. You see when I'm tapping,
    I'm not actually tapping the stick. I'm tapping my hand that's holding the stick. Keep it
    nice and round, and around that bottom again, just keep our lovely pudding shape. Beautiful.
    Now I'm going to let that completely dry. When it's completely dry, we'll be ready to
    pop on the white cream and our final decoration. Alright, so now that our pudding is completely
    set. We are just going to dip into that white chocolate about a third of the down the cakepop.
    Don't be shy with that white chocolate. We do want to get a bit on there. Once it's like
    this, give it a good shake. Shake it around and you just want to let that white chocolate
    kind of dribble down the sides a bit. If you find that it's not dribbling enough, give
    it another dip. Sometimes if the white chocolate's a little bit thin, just takes a little bit
    of coating to get it to...to give us that nice dribble. You can see that you're getting
    a lovely kind of a I-just-dripped-on-there kind of a look. Keep shaking it. So you want
    something like this around your edges. Once you've got that, we're going to take
    3 of those mini red-M&Ms. Pop them on top -- one, two and three. And then we're just
    going to take those Christmas three sprinkles or whichever bit of greenery you're using.
    Just slide them in. This is one of the absolute, easiest and most
    effective cakepops that you can make this Christmas. And I think you'll agree, they're
    very effective and something everybody will love. Thanks very much for watching. *** *** Santa Claus Cake- how to- Cake decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi Island lesson that with some cake decorating basics
    today we're going to do an adorable harshly fan to face
    this one easy and fun and a real classroom favorite
    let's get started or sad face
    we're going to use a number
    start it
    this is figure I think it number ten
    and smaller figure painting
    number seven
    and quitaque first for using a heart
    KK this one happened to be a 9-inch a 10 inch by
    inch would work great
    to begin we wanna mark
    for are have santa hat so
    about mmm little more than a third way down
    that's for senator hatch can be so this of the Senate had
    and this will be his beard here I mean you think we better
    because it's faster you can definitely just use a spatula
    but the Sun but you wanna
    an even layer red just
    that just a tiny see that see where
    okay and then we want to put
    the red also to hang around the site the back
    and the science
    now offering really good
    winning hacked justice seeing here but
    today not acted
    just landed lately now fence is also going to have half up over come down the
    but before we do that we need to put his beard on
    so reserve that for later this is step one
    gonna do knows and the bottom lip
    for the number ten figure I think it wanna come up high
    lot of this is going to be beer so me
    getting there murders knows bill that's kinda show
    she no just let it build up to that and I think that
    come down and release then his bottom lip
    we want to be c-shaped batter in the center
    and dinner homicide
    and Ness the things a lot more
    uses video that makes sense we want to send
    II and we want them to be a nice
    elliptical shape this is where you your number seven
    Pennington for I'm just happy and
    I have a bad you can see I really just he meant it in there and let bill
    this is a figure painting trick now
    feed you I below a little creepy
    because July walls but you'll see
    out we go that's
    that allow it take care so
    we want to max you just a lot of it
    balilan and you want to be a sky lil
    should fantasizing nice and bright get him break
    who need partly i and for this and just two years
    my paperback again we just the tiniest bit
    Cavani and as you can see here so
    we want to fill in from the popular on President you owe me
    well I'll with
    center for the Iran and my teeth and we're gonna
    philanderer credit cheeks can
    eyebrows I make sure we have nice
    big star the INS and his gf
    touch flash I think you don't think you could you just a touch of black
    a thing because really it's just cue
    of here mini-game
    nice plump you
    and then
    parent to come back and and get him moved our
    shining just like that
    told you I was gonna look a little creepy at this point next
    we want to do your connection wanted you
    senator cheeks can
    they're gonna start about his nose here
    and we won
    bill build build build build
    come up under the eye and
    into the I a little bit like he's smiling at his cheeks a referendum eyes
    without like that so
    you want to come back and now and we want to start on Santa's hat
    Minister white zig zag and I'm using my

    I'm using my number
    started I just wonder why I think they're
    for the Bremen don't worry I didn't forget it eyebrows but account as i
    press to come up over the hat
    and I'm gonna stop here it is
    edge because have to come down him to the pier
    now as I trust uncovers I internet here
    Kim big bushy eyebrows now
    I'm using just a slight tick that letting it be for Learning Center
    tempting on it now
    we wanted you Senate master so wanna start here
    come up in a room come up in his cheeks
    Sarah and come back to the center come
    up into his cheek big
    around Sweeting motion now
    we're gonna fill in the rest with the same
    big swirls
    nice big poles and very much been nice big round
    here in swirls and basically all I'm doing is just a nice
    even pressure
    an swirling around them guiding
    this Hannah answer can be bigger
    and some can be smaller
    just one don't want to be too tight
    you wanna uptake bearded Santa Sep quickly this
    well then this is really a quick cake so around the sides were just gonna
    continue on with this nice big swirl
    and we're not going to need a border for this one is we're just going to use
    these nice swirls
    so as you do make sure you come down to your plate
    can in we'll see fill in all the way around
    now on this i'm only we don't think so on his hat come down like
    said for
    okay for any bring just another live right down
    one decided to just a little bit thicker here that supposed to look like his has
    flopped over
    come all the way down to about there
    so what's a have it's coming down around his face
    touch here just a little if you need to a recap
    pic in except through one and another one in the state rankings but kinda on
    wanna make the fallen and defense have and what is going to use our
    hyping are bad to
    bring out the specs is just squeeze and pull squeezing the latest poll
    as you really think your pulling away to get that nice sharp point
    and if you want to you can feeling just a little bit
    where that has hash out nah
    a straight shooter brownback
    sure just for finish really are sent
    faces done but i wanna anticipate hot love extra
    little garnishes
    that had a little bit her down so
    men and a little bit of Holly you sometime needles
    should designate for
    getting near or at the top of the point
    holly berry
    to slam bill me and bill
    release I'm gonna read heat
    so we're just doing is this have
    nearing to appoint and back down the other side
    lease build me
    and that's it I hope you enjoy doing heart-shaped Anna
    this is a lot of fun it's really easy I hope you get it right
    don't forget to follow me at my blog
    they are crafting got lots but dot com
    and don't forget to subscribe we will have a lot more to come
    thanks for watching *** *** Christmas SANTA OREO POPS! Make a cute St Nick cookie pop for a tasty xmas treat - YouTube !!!
    honey Cappy keychain me
    let me
    paint husky a
    easy Highlands still
    to have thought army
    Press how badly it raining schedule not a lie
    cash saying I'm sound last night
    remmy they got and me I
    yeah okay now
    got send me mass huh
    K hmmm
    sq particles me high-speed
    sakina kind okay Skype tonight last
    yeah okay heard
    I'm yeah
    yeah charred now
    yeah I get the ass
    here well
    Hyundai any
    yeah I am Paul
    it gave me the last happy child
    just scared
    said laptop me
    practicing thank you
    yeah %ah
    me her yeah
    huh me only spring extract her missus
    in game yeah
    last night me glad to get
    healing just think
    yes your letter chapter stick it
    any eyelash yeah
    and DK I me
    her stage
    yeah talk a non-issue
    yeah okay now Spain
    his Chi yeah
    shake-up should be all
    stickiest yeah me
    can that deliver crazed
    her me huh lil
    spy her
    Katie spoke hi
    thank you highly Keelan
    served *** *** Oreo Cake Pops - No Bake - In The Kitchen With Kate - YouTube !!!
    today I'm show you how to make really simple and delicious
    already a cape Russia Oreos in a few
    first wanted back to develop I'm using
    golden or yes but you can't at the only nation like
    next happening typical ok
    at small amount preachy at a time and steric im
    he now wanted create individuals mixture
    like EST price
    plant rapid well
    thanks aunty train station
    and the changed
    French to challenge them a what you already
    polls have children study conducted French you now what
    candy now in the MyPlate I picked up
    they have can denounce because she's not up
    see that's what did it tiny and
    and the most
    what just stick not and Korean if it keeps the time
    make sure Cup appalled
    I chasing to decorate mine picky three
    I like to stand my already take nt police car
    not already ate cake
    will be the eighth despite my channel be enjoyed the video give it comes up and
    feel free to leave
    any but the comment box below *** *** How to Make DIY Cake Pops {Easy Dessert Recipe} - YouTube !!!
    hello everybody today I'm going to show you how I make my feet
    keep pocket often get requests for party
    graduation different events around here so I'm sorry honey
    his I'm getting ready for my mom surprised
    and I thought it would be fun to share with you how tiny he's really cool cake
    pops that are super easy
    and funky any with your family the state initiated the hymie
    be's beautiful cake pops work for you birthday party
    especially all you need is cake that is cool and you can make it from scratch
    reading about the grocery store whatever you want to you
    Taylor right here allergies are sloughed specification and your family
    you just need to have cake it's ready to be toward heart
    here container ice-t_ again if you prefer to make your own that's totally
    cool actually easy as quick as possible
    I have to make with a hundred and fifty about so this is the easiest way to I've
    learned how to do it you want change %uh
    feel free Sydney I think Katie believe you
    lollipop sticks that I used to welcome what is becoming a
    pack so it's
    easy I think it's about three dollars for those I'm getting his party today
    because I making you have time for the party and then what happened assorted
    table decor but also in a street for everyone
    thank you for coming to the party you don't need them chocolate that you want
    cold your cake pops day and then I like doing a second later
    top with light drizzle over top just make them look really pretty so
    let's get started in terms of told ya so you need a fork in this building to mix
    it all up
    and I like having tea tree shredders box paper parchment paper on top so that
    they don't stay
    to the actual hands so here I i won KK
    to over here on the side there are equal as well. I'm going to show you how to
    get started
    start you just gonna destroy your key kid
    love this park it's super fun they think that it's just
    blasted kinda party that you just finished making
    so it doesn't matter what she picky kids because in the end it's just become
    crop yes there polyglot so as you can see they're fully cooked peas indicate
    no iraqi he is totally smashed
    you should be able to run for further hearing any major clocks
    now fear a thing to be added so for each
    cake mix so for one box I use how
    container I think if you feel that saddam going for more
    it's totally whatever you wanna do you it'll be easier the more I see you have
    because we'll make a stick together easier
    but he had too much to be so desperate they won't be as good
    so use your judgement I usually use but have one of these containers I think
    her one box capex aidid outbreak in
    now yes it's really fun for kids could make a decrease factual injustice must
    all around you wanna make sure the key is
    evenly coated or the cake crumbs are evenly coated
    and you want them to look sort of like a key piece
    what do you think I see if mixed in as bad as it possibly can
    then you're going to want to run a 4-3 just make sure there's no clumsy I say
    and not a picky is sticking to the pan this is a good opportunity to break up
    the larger chunks that maybe the kids didn't catch the first time so what's
    K is ready and Nathan sticky consistency you're going to want to take a piece
    Boone advocate all wash their hands because no one will want to miss out on
    this opportunity
    anyone to use Google cake batter plot in your hand
    and make it into a ball this is the most tedious part of the whole activity
    so the more hands the easier it is to let you can't get involved
    it'll be a little messy but its totally fine so this is goodbye to keep up I'd
    go with it
    if it were my key and its just a bass ice for you know a national tree but not
    overwhelming I find that when I tried making jumbo size limits people having
    to cut in half and share them with other people because they're very
    rich what's called a chocolate so now you have your complete release
    follow your keep ball yesterday not really keep up
    yet so what you gonna do as you want but this summer that's cool you don't want
    them to heat up too much is the icing will get a little nutty like I lost in
    this nice ball shape I usually put them in our garage
    covered with plastic wrap for you know half an hour or so
    so you can just come out they're cool but they're not frozen
    and now I'm going to take my chocolates you to use whatever kind you want again
    I'm doing this because I like to paint colors I think it'll look pretty
    you can use dark chocolate you can use whatever you want to call it but I do
    recommend chocolate versus something with a coconut
    I'm just because it it kinda make X hard crash
    some take your job what you want according to my place eight ball and

    you want to make sure that there are no chance to your college should be nice
    and smooth
    so that it goes really nicely over your cake pops
    so then accepted the easy part you just have to get just a
    a chocolate did indicate hot
    Jet Li sure
    halfway three quarters the way you can appreciate them a little bit if the
    no changing at all and now you're generally going to
    all it in the chocolate you just don't want to roll in a little bit to let all
    the excess chocolate drink of
    because you won't be able to let your child go as far as it possibly can
    radio now to display fun trade make sure that that his family in their
    year's gonna let that they want to do all your cake pops
    before your chocolate elsewhere you may have to do a couple reached
    day and then just going to let us at once they're cool
    them what's the fun part we get to decorate their homes and I don't give in
    your cake pops a little bit time but so that they
    chocolate work any coding hit hard a so here you should be able to just touch it
    and rub it and not
    any chocolate come off early fingerprint you want to make it harder
    so this isn't what makes keep pop it nice and hard
    on the outside and then when you bite into it like this release of delicious
    Kate mixture
    so now I want to decorate a little bit so a metal container
    I've mix one little tablespoon
    a coconut oil and a handful of chocolate chips
    almost from Cali so I just wanted this later
    lavender purple color and I don't want to actually drizzling
    on top yes just like this
    just to give it another colored it more interesting
    the next lines like not you could do some flowers
    or you know for the

    that's our staff so it just delays redecorating I really like you miss
    and I can actually reuse the bottles in just the laminating and
    so there you have it how to make your own kickoff I hope you enjoy and let you
    you over maybe before how you made up or send me some pictures on our Twitter
    out Akbar txt and show us what you've created with your key
    of I would love to see and I look forward to connecting with you all night
    thank you so much for watching a puppy list down below
    where I found an inspiration for how to make this originally and I will see you
    next video
    by so many just lovers love whale
    making one I yeah
    with me really makes freedom whelan you
    groundnut you want to learn million
    going on *** *** How To Draw Santa Claus Face! Step by Step Lesson cartoon easy beginners - with coloring page - YouTube !!!
    today until dry going to trust santa's
    face mister
    within just
    these she space and now we're going to show means
    teams what's up
    said write-downs this
    and mash
    I think
    this time how's it going
    chest Ste
    snow X scored
    gonna show his beard it's going to be bumpy in me
    it's going outside full
    yes here said
    any size she skied
    it's when dams its this
    its hundreds just
    seems yes
    winning smelling we can really see it
    much sons
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