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    How to make Christmas cookies - How to make Santa cookies - YouTube !!!
    here's my template
    I've got some green royal icing and
    first start by his letters and putting mine
    parchment paper rate here Luna
    members are going to get to step process
    I've got my needle to already in case I need to
    fix anything and calling doing
    yes patient maybe put a little dot sister family moving this a lot
    just so that it doesn't know
    of alright let's build
    the mitten I and now
    like crap in New York too much just
    Hilo yes
    here's our little man
    we're going to work our way up the parchment paper
    to have mittens
    all the way op
    just gonna move it
    do another one
    the next part center that we can make an advance
    is his noles I don't have a sheet like I normally do but
    this thing to do the dot once we get the size there then we can just
    me too much time on sheet nerve centers knows he'll get a nicer
    kinda bombay he do it on parchment paper and then pressing into his mustache
    as opposed to fighting back where icing
    on his mustache just
    gets squished handbooks more authentic
    its like a
    this work your way through the sheet there
    misty no time to me I want to be making his little butt call in advance as well
    I did one but I found out that I'm line was a little bit too small so I switched
    it up not before
    about the skin color yes and I'm just
    doing the bottle and I'll be able to pay
    that and will be it would be scholars for
    just work your way
    through the she make as many as you need a few spares
    moving along our center project here I've got ago
    I edible paint metallic like gold I got this from icing inspirations
    and you just twist here and slowly
    refuse see the color changing at the white here
    the goal there it is gets pushed up and then you can just paint
    and I'm going to just put a daughter the color and then I'll spread
    on my butt holes and working on the parchment paper as opposed to the cookie
    you can
    really run through them quickly and not have to worry about getting the gold
    on the rest of your cookie
    I highly recommend doing it this way
    as opposed to fast same with a small paintbrush
    on the cookie here you can kinda
    want you can even at your kids do it get them involved in these little steps
    when you do the more meticulous
    meticulous work are right there my buckles
    ready to go sectors mittens have dried
    and now I've got here this is well ten white now
    Friday sprinkles I'm just going to pour
    them in mind B train these things

    fly round now I've got some white icing and I'm going to pipe a long line
    along the edge in the mountains just like that
    now we're going to pick up the whole thing
    gonna dip that in the be tracked and
    to get tickets to really scare give them a little pushed
    fell just go in the search effort they tend to fall off so
    give them a little bit of a packed and there's our snow
    RR for I should say on the ad that scientists mittens
    here's a sketch of the
    I'm here transferred it now double marker on a show you the design is very
    very simple
    here's a straight line across
    okay for his skin and has hacked
    now here we're leaving here's the white
    we're just on kind of like a half circle
    for his base and then hear that beer just follow the curve
    I miss him and now
    discontent go straight down for his jacket
    for months into their own do know that line
    like that and then here
    his legs their years closer are baselines
    for the first part of the design I have the white sprinkles like I used on the
    and now I'm piping the jacket her around
    the tram fun be
    tippin five or six doesn't have a number of
    on it but that we stop being just
    hi these lines and now you're gonna
    dunk to get the sprinkles to really stick and icing
    we're gonna at the Red detail now everything ok
    the face detail got the flash
    collar and on just quickly
    feeling his face area and immediately while
    I'm dropping into black pearls now factor and there's
    for around his packed ram his eyebrows
    so it's about me a halfway in that
    space you know one size too far
    part just like that alright
    from our to read gonna start with this hack
    here this is relying on a complicated design
    very fast
    because we meet our royal icing transfers for the other little details
    come together there
    and now I'm gonna is jacket
    is for his beard leaders don't wanna get in that area
    now precious feet area here
    them site
    petal dust here the face is dry
    and I'm just going to
    right here I S and LaShawn
    Santa usually do this when
    there's no mustache and it'll look nice gentle kind covered a little little bit
    there we go I
    got here of flak piping tip
    and I'm just gonna do his belt
    about to close to the edge KS like that he always stop
    now I've got my royal icing transfer mittens
    I'm gonna pop rose on
    when the icing his web that's just got a whole am i press
    bad and you see it makes the dow go closer to the edge there
    and now that bahcall on his belt
    compressed fat and
    with either a needle tool or here I'm using a boy who stick
    here we go now we're gonna fill his
    beard next step is his beer here
    I'm man just listen
    throughput sometime grouse same icing as the beer
    month in fact Frank not
    so we need to let this dry so that when we do the trim on the hot
    but the little not paid on stickam the beard on the eyebrows
    I'm gonna be doing his
    tram on this little hack and here got some white
    icing quite stiff I want to use it for his
    mustache after doing a fat line
    fighting that scene and now I'm dunking to make sure that the little not but I
    sprinkles get really
    pushed into the frosting and don't fall off
    room carrying his spring call
    they'll stick but they'll fall off a little bit I thought the beard was
    missing a little something try and get some lines
    two-way that's up to you he won t way
    just falling kinda
    curve a bit of the year icing his stepson trembling
    trying to squeeze it out that's why it's not recommended to work in
    heart racing are stiff icing on several cookies
    you're gonna get carpal tunnel null time
    okay now I've got my nose is that were made in advance
    the royal icing transfer noses
    the last step from our Santa Claus gotta start trippin
    and I'm doing his mustache under his eye here once I
    and many other what you're cooking
    while this is where
    while the mustaches where take your nose that you made the royal icing no
    and by having a row I think transfer it can be squished
    into that mustaches see gives a nicer
    finish then if you were to tight the skin color dot on top of that roughly
    see how much the knowledge and the mustache transforms back
    face busy kuelen *** *** CHOCOLATE CANDY BAR Maker Kit Set REAL FOOD Sprinkles Cookie Dough Gummy Bears Baker Moose Toys - YouTube !!!
    cookies while a Chunichi Peakhurst
    I super her right here
    Walmart my meters that
    to with this super
    you can actually here very people are
    keyway you want you back he just put top
    items one-handed yeah
    hard package called
    create superstar to take such
    or inside this book talk screen to the so-called
    decorate them its but of
    duplicate kreitzer
    me hard birds
    this comes with all the super referee looks like
    we keep just or arch into Search app
    we just art shop too hard
    yep chocolate bars ever first
    chocolate not coming to decal jumbo
    built me tartrate here dollars cast
    nope chocolate on first
    okay right here trump card
    spring sup act like every here barred
    to let's take out our yummy yummy chocolate here
    look at this yummy beautiful piece of chocolate yes go ahead and we will
    break off a piece here going to cut with a knife here
    me now we're going to take a chunk or chocolate and we are going to be him
    are smelter so now I'm just going to microwave this
    get the chop nice now so we keep reporting to work
    small okay so I've got my shop window
    built it up in here yes journey
    Lt warm chocolate select Start boring or chocolate
    torch on show up on are not chocolate maker
    just like dominant our little not blocked here sweetie
    you poor we're gonna be making a keeper called
    chocolate chip cookies right so I'm going into
    mind it was chocolate poor
    their I have are yet up there are ready here now
    for the chocolate chip cookie crunch just like a real cuts we are going to
    make it with some real cookie dough
    so I actually me a catch-up hungry here he added me
    that does not have to take so it will not hurt your tummy
    not like percent let some
    are yummy bit a could go here cellblock
    you don't hear up yes a lil bit
    here and a little bit now here in the middle
    tell you that hunt real cookie dough in there
    go ahead let sprinkle it with some chocolate chips in here
    issue just so it's super super chocolate could
    so it is our chocolate chip cookie crunch to get some
    correct handling at some pretzels sons gonna break from these pretzels that put
    him right here
    into art shockley I salient talented
    just like that an hour just to cover the rest up
    any text student
    me yeah okay then I'm going to pop
    into the freezer so it can go ahead and say it will be back to check subsequent
    some mail can make one copy yup stamps
    some point he's this super yummy yummy much money damn alright
    here we are going to place in one at the school on Mon
    toppers right here you can see he just kinda stamps
    chocolate with the super fun mold on it so I'm not gonna
    there so I am going to use the heartland and I'm just going to put it here
    next so now we have our most pot okay so now we are going
    to Ashley p it's super super yummy cummy
    are so I'm going to person might check cleared
    yep check cleared
    scares facility SNF
    gummy bears in there go ahead sprinkles
    peekskill wrinkled in ERC you he was in place to park
    sprinkles they're yummy candy candies super
    funny yet discovered all dark chocolate
    delete any day %um i cant
    just for the fun it'll put some sprinkles
    so they're hubcaps got
    now we'll just let freezer back to
    around gonna be up her fun cup
    cell start pouring a little bit us chocolates or just
    little bit like it team so now we have just
    chocolate in here I'm a sprinkle some fun sprinkles in here
    did to do like that's now have some fun sprinkles
    until a bit more chocolate now on top
    okay now we have our sprinkles covered in here sonya
    want to create space for our actual peanut butter
    actually terms with this little tiny like pappy holder's right here
    so we're actually gonna places into the chocolate so we can create a little
    space for our actual peanut butter tea cup
    let's go ahead least are little mold maker
    just like actually see how to create a space around it
    perfect tune-up said into the freezer and wait for this to try
    and the redevelopment get better could make a rainbow
    waffle candy bar so we've got this mom right here
    to me well texter were gonna at this cute little texture pack right here
    in at chocolate in here
    to me happy hype
    to just cover it a minute and some super fun
    white chocolate chips TPS had some super fun
    rainbow sprinkles cured
    said there we have no internet
    whereas some chocolate we are going to
    had a little the military for cut here
    had divided up a little bit sell it lacks elite we just put it right in here
    right now
    and then we'll just put some chocolate on top a bit yep
    cover it rest into ShopRite just for fun
    scandal in medicine sprinkles to the bottom of it yeah
    just ready with their
    huh this just now out of the freezer
    so we are going to lift the slick happy holder right here
    limply stakeholder every issue 3 popping out like that
    look at me the puck area us to put
    are chocolate our peanut butter so I've got some
    yummy creamy peanut butter here that we are going to scoop up some
    peanut butter into our chocolate malt
    SP buttercup have to be like super super fun so here we go
    just pop right into the box there okay so we've got her
    get better in here now just for fun we can add them
    colorful Eminem into the world's as well
    d santa hat
    show yellow and their yet let's go ahead cover our little plan Cup
    now listen shuttered and we will cap
    into the parish yeah they're yummy chocolate chip cookie correct so let's
    go ahead and reviewing
    NC how we treat hijack
    her it looks like it's ready now oh my goodness I wanna pop it in my mouth
    because it's so tough lady
    Scotti you looking at look some pure all
    only good and it's filled with such yummy cookie dough goodness
    to let's go ahead axis extra fun little details to it
    we're gonna do L at them chocolate on top here
    just for a little bit at some detail so we're just gonna add some
    extra little chocolate ships to rate here just like happy
    took a cheap
    yeps even adding extra
    little tip on here to help us with really get some chocolate
    tough let's go right tools work in a little tight ass support right here
    Kloet and some super fun frosting
    all over it go ahead we'll just rented shell this frosting
    back and forth like next back and then we will head a little bit
    spurring costume party and hutch
    data absolutely beautiful I'm
    huh this chapter come but I cannot wait to French
    to it state so go ahead we will put this
    on our plate here heights and now let's take our next
    boxes are yummy gummy twist in a little bit
    too so it kinda loosens up in our little chocolate bar mold
    and let's review and see how your teeth cute and adorable it works
    I hope it looks yummy the so here it is
    that memory wanted these little tiny textures on it so we'll just pure
    texture of TT
    to look at how cute hired
    time for fun three let's go ahead and go around this hard with some
    our little cake jail frosty secrets
    Monte this site to with a big help
    shell for our heart to the mechanic
    make at me okay speak yes two-week decorated
    Hartley time little flower sprinkles them sprinkle some
    you adorable little sprinkles onto this one right here
    in the middle are hurt well fill it with
    than chocolate
    let's go ahead and put some gummy bears on your summer going to cover up the
    word last week our love for actual spares
    gummy bear here can be there there all on child
    fell hi right let's check out
    our little rebuild me for chocolate hmm
    so let's go press/ap pasta so let's go ahead popular
    topper ok hungry
    topping yet not just great to don't want to crawl
    so trippy in yes at lapses in the men's on top here
    can spring colors
    time for a peanut butter huh so here we go yet hullett
    looks spur recall
    high eighty-eight rate there okay this fun couple sprinkles
    people given spurring calls to lift all whole
    but just chocolatey yummy doubles on here
    detailed lots and lots and lots of fun spurring calls poured on it
    spirits i coming up sprinkling
    you act all these little sprinkle dots all over our chocolate bar
    oh my goodness her like right now block
    right here see so here are hardcore just
    yeah on hmm
    all her head NP you okay yeah spent
    haven't are
    smart can't let fear they are all about which one are you gonna start with come
    out we start with me
    care so let's cut into you are you can make any
    ends me how yummy TCS looking have yeah
    even happen gummy bear you gonna make from
    now the taste test Syria hired
    she week yummy dummy yes oh yeah
    delicious yummy hunny get today I love it
    have much time for a little chocolate chip cookie crunch right here
    select this one rock-hard yeah shed
    how that all higher area him right in there
    oh my goodness why candy bar let's go ahead samples
    hurry up hurry up yeah but
    my delivers thanks
    past peace
    oh my goodness which one now let's try out our little
    rainbow waffle so here we go give it a try me here
    yeah okay Wow that
    this all about labor in there all
    tasty and Eminem's get or shop
    so now I'm last
    aren't this week should be losing
    absolutely losing with better go ahead
    cut this one right here
    wow it is just completely ok him better
    okay speech my goodness I don't even have any more than a better one I had
    II it was thought to be cookie much
    you fun hired
    first should reach killers fees
    parts for sale take
    catch hard
    everywhere it's just wonderful wonderful wonderful so I

    else just
    do you
    everything but so delicious can you please play
    Kenny to so these are offered me
    take testing elber dinnertime care
    yeah I'll *** *** Surprise Nesting Eggs Yo Gabba Gabba! Chocolate Surprise Eggs Baby Shopkins - YouTube !!!
    I'm are you in the club well
    let's open some surprises with yellow Gabba Gabba
    let's start with T
    up are this is in he didn't you shop cans
    this is to be fit sent to be said
    is a special addition and this is Brenda blender
    she's also a season to shop called
    anti-israel her mmm
    hmm should
    stumping in filed
    lemme hmm
    Watson plaques
    would think more shop can ans
    the shop cans are seen in teal and from the pantry
    this is the people our she's rare
    and did is Cornell must add
    you think you comin can let he who really happened here
    it's from the baby depart- ment but my favorite
    this is baby puff fifty what happens when a giver squeeeeze
    isn't it cute
    hmm kinda looks like she's puckering up for a kiss
    mmm the open practice nothing left in there
    and Lee Rd opened for nothing left and Mary
    either teeth empty
    bro be doesn't open whose last
    bad tryy its moon houreld
    let he went inside mood now Louis
    T being shop cans
    and a chocolate surprise an egg into part B
    cooley Law let's start with our shop candice's
    season teach happened and we have a she'll
    you guys know who that is this is he off
    in heels is a common
    well well think now let's open the Barbie AGD
    mmm it looks like we got my hair bow
    hope you enjoy
    all the surprises this is Amy Delhi tttt
    thanks for watching and *** ***

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