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-miniature candy tutorial -Miniature cakes miniature candy tutorial how to make

miniature candy tutorial how to make

    -miniature candy tutorial -Miniature cakes

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    How to Make a Giant Oreo Cookie | Eat the Trend - YouTube !!!

    American favorite cookie well my favorite cookie we made two gigantic
    homie chocolate cookies and then damage them with a sweet whipped vanilla bean
    filling her big for dunking and a bucket of milk you guys know I love Oreo from
    our Oreo terms to travel even drinking it and a decadent Frappuccino the one
    you requested we supersize it I knew it had to be our next video though this
    recipe it's pretty easy going to start by making the dough dough into my large
    bowl I'm just gonna mixed together are sifted flour cocoa powder and a little
    bit of salt now it's really important that you get this special dark cocoa
    powder this is what gonna give the cokie that dark almost black color now
    information and mixer am in a cream together our sugar and butter that's
    combined I'm gonna add in our egg and vanilla and then just make them a medium
    speed next add my cocoa powder mixture a little at a time
    into are too tart pans now I found these
    inch round tart pan online what I
    love about them is that they have been nice to prove that can mimic the shape
    of the Oreo has a removable bottom which makes it really easy when you're taking
    the cookie out after its basic understanding put about to cut the
    nature of the pan now using my hand I'm just going to press the dough into the
    pan you wanted to feel about half the pan make sure you put it all the way to
    the side so you really get the shape of those groups one down one to go now and
    is going to pop them into that have enough and preheating at
    degrees for
    minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean now for the
    rest of the dough in the pan and its gonna put this on a piece of plastic
    wrap and place in the refrigerator for about
    minutes this is just can't help
    firm up because with this know we're gonna make the declaration enact them to
    go on top of the cookie that really make it a super-sized Oriya now it's time to
    make this sweet yummy feeling
    serious start by creating our room temperature better
    and then slowly add are powdered sugar a little at a time
    mostly because I love it also affects the vanilla and then add your little bit
    of mouth now just gonna make this into a combined and I can win announcement to
    put it in a six inch round cake pan that i've landed a little bit of wax paper
    just to make it easier to get out and then flattened out until nice and smooth
    and even all across the King of Pop is bad boy in the refrigerator for about an
    hour to let it that so while our cakes are calling and are filling a setting up
    for the refrigerator we're gonna make our oriole accent from its gonna add a
    little fired my cervix and just roll it out of
    online I just got a set of alphabet letter and a couple swears to make my
    triangle that you are taking this sign at oriole for someone's birthday or
    something you could tell us their name right happy birthday on top
    great that we have our letters now we're gonna make those tiny little triangle
    that go around the cookie I'm just using a couple square cookie cutters and then
    I'm just going to cut this square into a ton of different trying to keep cutting
    out the accent and have a little fun with it before I bake these put them in
    the refrigerator for about
    minutes to help them set up this is a great tip
    anytime you're making cutout cookies to help him keep their shape they're gonna
    pop it in the oven for
    minutes or until they put these are and I
    confirm that I have my to cokie the filling and the topping now we're just
    gonna family
    just gonna take my cookie I don't harp and selling my god this looks in now to
    add the toppings I'm just going to use a little bit of chocolate frosting I put
    the squeeze bottle as a clue to start by putting this ring directly in the middle
    of the Oreo right now at the triangle to you actually make the shape of a square
    the leading a little spot in the middle because that's where I'm gonna put the
    tiny little oriole ball that made this aura is looking so cool but we have to
    add his little man how great is this jumbo oriole look i mean from that
    chocolate cookie the vanilla bean buttercream and the top in Astoria looks
    just like a real oriole I'm just so happy with how this turned out now if
    you love or friend that lives oriole share the video and make sure you tagged
    them if you want more super-sized check out our giant peanut butter cup and are
    ginormous Ice Cream Sandwich video I'm ready and I'll see you next time *** *** How to Make Homemade Hostess Cupcakes! - YouTube !!!
    hey guys it's Rachel and today you can see I have changed up think that once
    i know i cant stop redecorating but I knew I had to do something for
    Valentines Day
    I hope you guys like it it looks kind of like it to my gmail human look like when
    I loved by
    but I think it's really cute anyway today we are making some hope that dont
    and a cupcake
    these are so yummy you guys definitely have a good recipe a try
    that I've got started first of you going to need a stick up by day
    along with two others have chopped semi-sweet chocolate
    and it's been an up-and-down in the macro at
    in a mall until it is nice and smooth like best
    now in a second language need three cartons cups flour
    along with a half cup of cocoa powder a half teaspoon baking soda
    three qualities into baking powder a car and he's been a thought
    and this is optional class like to throw an
    just to make making a little more chocolatey was always like
    so I'm just going to with Pat up
    and then set it aside now in a separate bowl I'm going to crack into room
    temperature a
    man and a half cup a white sugar
    a quarter cup brown sugar and 80s Mindanao extract
    he happened to follow me on Instagram and Michelle looks familiar
    them is gonna with bada at this point in going to and in the melted chocolate
    I don't believe in you know because I totally forgot to you noraid I did admit
    leader and it came out
    almost anything all right time to put it all together
    I'm going to add half the dry ingredients to that
    and then makes it in
    that I'm going to add an a half cup of buttermilk
    if you don't have but I'm not and I usually don't
    just make a hacker a breaking up with a half tablespoon vinegar
    that I'm going to finish it off by adding in the rest at the dry
    and make that up
    and then here's why shamefully and then melted chocolate I forgot to add earlier
    and let alone we have first as you can see here but I kept mixing and start to
    like just like the memo cupcake batter
    and they tasted great you though all fine in the end
    all right now and had to skip it in thailand has
    this recipe makes a dozen cupcakes are you gonna want twelve cupcake liners
    many going to bake this I don't get deeper about
    on 2nd at the event just let them cool completely on a cooling rack
    moving on to the feeling
    was lyndon softened butter gone on to get nice and creamy
    after it makes and I have covered patio checker and we're going to get there and
    recorder teaspoons vanilla extract
    and make that into him
    next comes the marshmallow fluff
    campaigning in seven ounces I guess you could just inject some others
    marshmallow fluff
    into your cupcakes and call it a day but I think that the frosting is a nice
    however I did find this frosting to be a lot of there any
    that he wanted to have a paper texture just added a little bit more powdered
    then and is going to love this
    into a piping bag fitted within large around
    and you feel like cakes
    I haven't adorable cupcake or that my cousin got me for Christmas
    thank you natalie by the way if you're watching month and you can see just ha
    that the center
    and I'm going to cut off a little bit if that's so we just have the top
    this is going to give them room for our filling by the way if you don't have
    that cupcake or
    you can just do the night and dispel that
    and then I'm going to pop the lead right back up is Nikki
    legal age for cupcakes in super simple
    I know why but I am white chocolate and is Valentine's Day after all so I think
    it's okay to indulge a little bit
    so that was six people in them but I 1/2 cup and semi-sweet chocolate chips
    NTT the corn syrup not that down in the Mac leave until
    nathanson oh and by the way
    he have that little lead right there a good way to thank lynn is just to fill
    it up with some other disclaims
    so I just poured in about a quarter teaspoon or so
    and you can see that makes a nice smooth top
    now for my favorite part it's time to get the cupcakes
    something and didn't in the glaze and then shake off the excess
    in a little reflecting and then going to places I had sure I and tapped on the
    you can see this comes out so pretty it's such an easy way to get really
    impressive looking cupcake
    and you finish it all off I'm using them but a clean I think you might be where
    love you can also use leftover marshmallow filling by the way
    and feel free to do whatever it is I and your heart desires I think it would be
    great to bring to a Valentine's Day party
    articulate after dinner she could just pat let your friend at school or work
    I love that I'm going to be doing tomorrow so cross your fingers ever
    likes them
    I could just see them although I thought to but
    I will be a night person to help bring them to school have you know they have
    you guys enjoy this video
    make she's dating for all my other Valentine's Day recipes coming up very
    thin and I'll talk to you guys that time
    by guys thanks so much for watching guys click here for more videos
    and don't get is catching more Q recipes see you next time *** *** HOW TO MAKE EMOJI COOKIES - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys, it’s Ro!
    Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    I got so many requests to make something Emoji themed, so I thought hmmmm,.
    The new Emojis are coming out in July so it couldn’t be more perfect timing.
    So today, we are gonna be making Emoji Cookies, and I’m gonna show you how to
    make a few of my favorite ones.
    Let’s get started!
    The things you will need, will be: Sugar cookie mix, I’m using the instant Betty
    Crocker mix because, it’s yummy! It’s easy! And this recipe calls for
    of butter and 1 egg, but you can use whatever sugar cookie recipe is your favorite!
    You’ll also need a big mixing bowl, and I’m using an electric mixer, I like the
    hand mixers when I’m making sugar cookies, a rolling pin, an array of cookie
    cutters, we’ve got
    small, 1 larger, a triangle for the poo Emojis,
    a circle and a square.
    You can also see that I have got a ton of rainbow cookie icing, because we’re gonna
    decorate a lot!
    Alright, let’s put it all together!
    Winky face!
    The first thing you’re gonna do is take your big mixing bowl, and pour in your
    cookie mix.
    Then you’re gonna add your sh-tick of butter, then you’re gonna add your egg.
    Then I’m gonna take my hand mixer and I’m gonna mix together for about
    on a medium speed.
    Once your dough is all mixed together, and you can go like this and it doesn’t
    stick to your hands you’ll know it’s ready. What you’re gonna do is take
    a little bit of flour, sprinkle it down on the table so that your cookies don’t
    stick to the table. Then take your dough, plop it down.
    I like to take a little bit more flour, sprinkle it on top, roll it out.
    And now we’re gonna cut out all of our Emoji shapes.
    So we’re gonna cut out some circles, cut out a square, cut out a heart and
    the triangle, my little favorite, my little poo!
    Now you’re gonna peel off the excess dough around your shapes, and transfer your
    cookies onto the baking sheet with a spatula.
    To make your little poop Emojis you’re gonna take a little heart, and we’ve
    got our triangle cookie already cut, and you’re gonna use the tip of the heart,
    the little edge, and we’re gonna cut 3 nooks, going up.
    And then you’re gonna take your fingers, meep-meep-mer-meep!
    And you’re just gonna round the edges, and here you’re just gonna take your
    2 pointer fingers, and pull down just a little bit and tilt to the side.
    Once you’ve got your sugar cookies on the sheet, you’re gonna set your oven
    and you’re gonna bake between 5 to
    But you’re gonna want to keep your eye on these cookies! As soon as the
    sides start to turn golden brown you’ll know they’re ready!
    Once your cookies are done baking, make sure they’ve had plenty of time to cool,
    I put them on a drying rack for about a 1/2 hour.
    And now they are cooled off and they are ready to decorate!
    We’ve got all of our rainbow cookie icings, and I’m gonna start with yellow!
    This big bag of yellow cookie icing.
    Alright, what I’m gonna do is on the circle ones, trace all the way around.
    This is the easiest way I have found to frost a cookie, you outline it, and
    then you let it set for just a second and then you fill it in.
    Once you’ve got the top of your cookie frosted, you’re gonna want to wait about

    minutes, just let the icing set before you put a color on top of it.
    That way the colors won’t bleed into each other.
    Once you’ve got your cookie base coats on, you can decorate them to look like
    any Emoji face that you’d like!
    Like this one… Haaaaaa! Hehehe!
    Deal with it!
    There’s so many options, you can make so many different Emoji faces, so have
    fun with it, whatever ones you like… Make ‘em!
    Now we’re gonna decorate the little poo! He’s so cute! Turned out perfect!
    And now that the brown has set, you’re just gonna take your white cookie icing,
    We’re gonna draw on his 2 little eyeballs, then he has a little smile, he’s a
    happy little thing!
    You’re gonna let the white set for just a couple minutes, then take your black
    icing, and make little eyeballs.
    Here are the Emoji sugar cookies that we made!
    Thanks you guys for suggesting them, these were so much fun to make and perfect
    timing for the new Emojis! I can’t wait! I’m pretty excited!
    I would suggest these cookies, they’re easy mode, for anyone if you wanted
    to give a gift to a friend or a birthday present, because they’re so cute!
    If you’re like me, sometimes when I’m texting my friends sometimes I use
    Emojis more than words!
    I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these little cookies on my Facebook,
    Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.
    And if you guys make these, please send me pictures, because I love
    seeing your baking creations, I get a big kick out of them, it just makes my day!
    I love to re-blog and re-post.
    Alright, thanks again you guys!
    Double Rainbow!
    All the way across the kitchen! *** *** PERFECT Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - YouTube !!!
    hi there today we're going to make chocolate chip cookies this is a really
    easy recipe
    here all the ingredients in this is what we need we need

    you're gonna need 2 cups are both chocolate chips
    half a teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of baking powder and
    your also gonna need 1 cup brown sugar half a cup
    I love regular sugar and also two cops
    I love all-purpose flour we're going to
    turn all this into beautiful chocolate chip cookie so
    let's get started okay we're back
    what we're gonna do is we're going to take our softened butter
    were also throw in the white sugar
    and the brown sugar
    and the first thing I really want to get this free
    we want cream sup
    its school
    now we're gonna do it in a break

    the No up well I was like to do break
    create one at a time
    into the whole during the first day
    just so they can make sure you don't get any shells
    you doing an omelet you've got
    a church and a senior shown there is a lot harder to get out
    the rig owners the second a and we'll throw in
    the then lol and we'll get that going out
    now looks good okay now we're going to do is
    take another bowl and take you two cups of flour
    take your salt
    and your baking soda
    and put that in there and you can just give it up a little straighter
    the stone and you're going to do is going too slowly
    portrayed this into the batter
    well in a little bit
    a lot another bit
    but this point batters dunno
    the only thing we have left to do is to add in the chocolate chips salsa
    for the mall in but hopefully my little mixer will be strong enough
    to make sure at this point if you make sure is not strong enough you can just
    simply get a spatula fold the stuff in it
    at this point that's it for the No
    so I'm gonna clean up my work area and I'll come back and we'll
    bake some cookies alright I'm back and what we're going to do now is we're
    going you
    just grab some ugly the dough make any size you want
    I usually go something like that tablespoon
    just a rather spoon just push it off you can make them
    small big different sizes if you want
    but if your gonna do it different sizes you're better off to become
    on a different sheet because should make a larger
    cookie that's going to have a different baking time
    so she got small ones and large ones on the same pan
    the smaller ones really you know they're gonna do faster than the other ones
    saw continue doing this
    and I'll be back
    okay I finished off the trail I did you look up all around I thought they were
    all close together
    what we're going to do is we're gonna beat them at
    for about

    minutes and depending on your other
    just keep an eye on them they might be done in
    minutes they could be done in
    nine minutes but
    we'll see how they go so
    new lows look good
    so let's get these on to me cooling rack and will be back
    all these look good
    and they smell really good tip *** *** Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies - Eggless Baking with and without oven - YouTube !!!
    hunter local everybody welcome to showbiz kitchen
    today I'm going to start another new cities and
    and let making we have found the city's the classic
    American chocolate chip cookie I love this
    cookies for their chewy texture these are going to be so good
    and the basic recipe many very simple recipe this is going to be
    eggless let's cook even for the unions and founder
    recipe one cup of all-purpose flour
    or plain flour mind up half a teaspoon of baking soda

    teaspoon of salt
    have couple but don't had to room temperature
    what a cup to have couple semisweet chocolate chips
    you can even use some milk chocolate chips are many chocolate chips
    are white chocolate chips 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    what a cup of cashews neither option if you don't want to I
    its cash in %uh you can omit them what a couple granulated sugar

    cup of light brown sugar
    optionally you need two tablespoons of
    you're good heart but to milk are milk
    will start by preheating the oven to 350 degree fahrenheit
    it is always important to first preheat the oven to that once you get
    ready the back to or even the door for making cookies or
    some kinks not other should be ready for you
    that's when you get perfect results and
    I also have the baking tree mind a bit the parchment paper
    are if you don't have the parchment paper you can simply grease it with some
    cooking spray are you can even simply much to them and flog them if required
    and this is good to go let's start by preparing the door for the cookies
    and it is always a good idea to measure out
    all the ingredients in fact lee so that you get perfect results especially when
    you're making something
    pointed up love going down in the making

    home just touch-ups alt
    makes it really well onto baking soda and
    the salt or bed even combined with up on purpose flour
    and then trying greedy in mixture is already
    into another bone I'm going to out in the bottom
    make sure that the batteries at the room temperature otherwise he wouldn't be
    able to
    with this up I'm going to be didn't really nice and then underneath
    lives in small and this looked done
    I'll go ahead and add in the Showgirl
    and keep mixing this really nice and mint
    until the sugary his bed even combined with the motto
    up to
    seconds ok miss king I added in no
    light brown sugar oil will go hand beaded without but don't
    you can all refusal hand landau
    to with this up but today I'm just using the with
    so that anybody can make it you know even if you don't have the time to end
    you can still make this recipe and don't light brown sugar
    is also very well combined with the but I'll go ahead
    and I didn't know they'll extract makes it very well
    will slowly add in don't dry ingredients into the wet ingredients
    I didn't someone Flowerbomb
    moments but that does but well
    spoon or spatula just going to wipe it clean
    it everything out from my with and
    i'm dumb been no remaining flour and make the convo until Comite
    and if you're comfortable using
    your hands you can even use your hands to me
    do make sure that you scrape the sides of the ball
    and makes every bit of the flour into the %uh
    motto and sugar mixture on so now look at this
    there's no more dry fly on let this is the perfect time to add another
    chocolate chips makes it
    and take a minute on at this point of time if you feed on the door is not
    coming together you can just
    add splash of milk or even your good or buttermilk
    so that everything comes together my Fon good
    but for me this looks perfect mice and crumbly
    menu home try to make some bonds
    it comes to get up it forms I'll very nice ball
    is how you want and now I'm going to add in some
    chopped cashews not into don't cookie dough traditionally
    one that's our youth but today I'm running out of them
    I'm using my favorite not cash in a go ahead and add that
    and then mix well until combined I'm just going to go ahead and use my hands
    but make sure that you don't need it important not to name this
    and that's it we are going to shape into long balls
    has like that I'm and then
    slightly flat and then I'm going to do the same thing with only remaining
    don't so can you seem nice cracks on these cookies
    that's what you want don't worry about the team they are going to turn on
    beautifully month BRB
    and I just called them into the oven at
    fahrenheit and make them for
    are on them the site on the cookie
    tonight and golden so make sure that you don't all a big men
    otherwise they will be crispy not sure we for my chocolate chip cookies are
    just not long from now on then
    mean big for
    minutes if you want soft and chewy cookies
    you need to make them put
    minutes and these are the month
    that got bake for
    minutes so they are nice and crunchy
    he look at the bottoms of these they are nice and golden
    that means they're perfectly done week and let me show you how you can make
    these cookies without
    using any common film I'm just going to make one cookie
    because I'm using a small container if you have any become Dino you can just
    use that and feel it
    with some sand or salt I should be about
    like on then half-inch from the
    bottom of the container I'm using the
    pic bottomed pan and I'm going to go ahead and add in some salt
    I'm just point don't spread it even me
    and along with not I'll be placing this
    so that the panties not Nike subjected to the heat
    so that in bakes nicely this way I'm using another one
    for additional support men como this
    the fam which we are using you might look weird because I have used multiple
    so that I can tested before I come up with the SP
    shared with you an on going to being the cooking in this band
    I'm just going to leave it lightly with but don't you can even use some teens
    will place the CPI doing tonight
    I'm preheating it long Golan Heights Lane because
    I and you can see there's like a good I shape and it's not getting the direct
    heat from this
    electric style if it is castano it works best and you need to pre he did
    on medium heat for about five minutes or until it's nice and hot
    shouldn't be very hot should be medium hot but
    my knees electric style so I'm just going to do wit on high flame
    and right now it looks quite hot
    I'm just going through opened the carefully and
    but the baking train side
    make sure that you close it properly and you're going to make them
    until that Dylan nice and golden had the engines
    so I they tell you for this could I which is nice and pick
    and for this electric skull I baked on high heat for
    I am ready to check them out but if you have cast I'll make sure that
    you could use the flame just a bit and take the cookie
    out have to finance or maybe
    minutes are on two legs just so nice and golden
    pixel will not turn up the heat can check this out
    mention that you remove the lid very carefully
    and take the pan out I'm not going to touch the cookies right now
    I'm going to arrested in the baking tray or play more minutes
    so the cookie that I'd be orenthal top
    let us check this one it's nice and golden
    on the bottom and it is looking gorgeous
    a break it open and show you should be nice and soft
    it's not a crispy cookie while
    knife and Oldham on the bottom
    I'm from inside night and saw looking perfect
    so I hope you enjoyed watching my video and your chocolate chip cookies to make
    and enjoy them and your family for more such yummy recipes
    new subscribe and receive all the latest update
    from to give kitchen you can also follows on Facebook
    and the social media for the regular update thank you so much
    I'll be back to within the big recipe to medicare
    by the
    do *** *** Barbie Endless Curls Doll Hair Style Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Fun Playing Playset Cookieswirlc - YouTube !!!
    cookies while a shot
    girls harsh speak hired
    hmm come with on speaker here
    recap you for some super super curly haired
    least her used
    but so are you ready go get so let's look at her
    court by kearse spell
    cell you I might get okay her hair is so
    super super long it is going to be so much fun
    styling this girl's hair like ok
    not all she absolutely gorgeous
    but her out is does so cool it looks a lot like
    come like a fake leather right here and she's got the Super sheila Marie
    here on the side route and me look at her dress
    skirt piece here oh my god it's like a little cupcake
    so glittery and so sparkly and she's so hot pink
    your computer fuck and of course we have to get those heels
    reckless and beautiful beautiful lacks to wraps euros
    those are so of love it
    so now we have are gorgeous Barbie right here right now it's time for us to style
    her here
    so we've got pressure that comes in
    set so we can easily just brush her hair out to after here sell on pretty
    systemic span class highlight
    let him take your will go ahead we'll pull up a chair here for her for her to
    sit down and
    get comfortable kids you are now at the cookie beauty salon well have heard
    Turner Brown
    so what's up a salad you like today man please give me some curls
    Pelini absolutely so we've got some styling curl tools here
    course we've got our little iron set the second comes with are so super fun
    because you can actually
    iron barbies here so these are not he did at all but we can pretend that they
    Shrek to let's go ahead we'll take a little bit
    SM here right here p.m. we will take our
    curler here and we are going into its to rate your hair out a little bit like
    camp and then we'll start curling salute to start curling incurring incur linked
    to you
    there we ghetto so all we have to do is just hold the style for
    sec and then she should have some gorgeous gorgeous bring writes in her
    spirit some all
    out what a cute her that we created
    absolutely beautiful to continue doing
    more gorgeous curls in her hair service when is all done to a plate right there
    can we will go ahead and we'll take some more here here
    and same all just can't pull it out TD to do
    hand now will start rolling it currently paring down get be careful not to get
    too close to our beautiful Barbie you don't want to burn aP's Catholic
    alright let's release the style here we cannot create fuck
    her to her
    would go ahead and style her hair
    said she could have tons and tons of girls don't
    filed court just now cute
    huh done now we can act superfund touch is likely that these
    awesome accessories like peretz we can put in her care
    to go ahead will swoop some love her hair back like this
    just click mm beretta
    nationalist absolutely pent her new curly
    beautiful beautiful I love it
    ok alone I was sad the cookies
    K out %uh
    come yeah absolutely what can we do for you
    I missed perhaps a getting my hair in curls sure
    also we can do that as well connie go ahead and get comfortable here
    there you go and we will turn outside around in her chair
    time to get
    style so let's do some straightening up else is here
    its nature ironworks ready sheets
    can we will straighten out some of her hair here so we'll just call it
    like me like that nice and straight up
    go on this side a little bit else is here is really weighty
    me to come braid straight neckline
    up good thing is that actually came with curlers that we can put
    in Queen Alfred here here so let's go ahead and get
    rolling so we'll take a piece of her K will take this
    earlier here want to start to wrap her hair
    brown curler like bad and im footed
    concealing perfectly do a few more strands
    go here guy Henry fresh out this piece of her hair
    and up in a park earlier day and time to wrap it up tonight
    do hereby happened here got two more colors too now
    do session chaired
    mind more go over and mid-sized
    Texas hugged
    here we go lower waiting for else is here to completely
    her all we are going Sheila stylized a little bit
    have heard after it's a pair here to brush her hair out
    to go ahead users
    curling tools will curl someone else's her
    solo artist West else's hair like back
    twisted hold
    alright so let's release now see the street is a little way for else a little
    leaf curl
    okay so let's go McPhee now if her curlers are ready come out
    select carefully take fees out here have houses here
    her called here we go out carefully released air pump
    married hull
    whoever did this i let her beautiful building here unravel
    yeah bomb hand dairy cow
    one more
    dairy cow first else is here is beautifully curled now
    golf course L so let's go ahead give her
    for rent well here cell already sold as collector riding on this site
    her so she can have some extra style match your hair
    already out they recall I'm
    and to catch the next have a new breeds her
    absolutely me let's go ahead most a rate not seen these curls
    to just take one of these ring let's race %um adjusts to rate me it now
    like that with their flat iron care
    now that your hair is nice history with disputes new brilliant
    we're gonna take best hand just paraded a little bit
    dreamy keep me
    use this Bharat really well
    this Bri in the back here to keep it nice and secure
    also pretty are you look no
    you I love pat Burrell need passage
    also would you like to bring to you out just
    BT easily do that will go on this side else is here want to split a QB Brady
    do you go ahead and come with of the brewery
    with our progress now honey
    side braid that some yeah she to have her here
    come people back here so we can do a big jumbo thick braid
    I mean it's gonna be out there grade but we can do one right here
    let's get our rational smooth her hair out
    users to retire will straighten some in the hair
    there we go hand calendar still bigjumbo briefer
    house at we can tie everything off with one of the little rubber bands that came
    with this Sat
    Gary can also there's our brief house smash that and me
    breed in this beautiful woman in the back yeah all party how would you like
    to have some more great
    I'll see your hair looks beautiful I would like to have a fixed rate
    alright Turner it might give very nice people picks Brady
    I'd really love how her hair is like it s one-sided
    one-sided three-hit through at some really pretty great
    back here let's go ahead and break me peacekeepers here
    well specialty double bristling this parade
    the front their answer take
    section for hair arrest now go ahead
    straightened her hair said given nice straightening Street near like that
    me so let's go ahead and parade her hair
    he cuter me huh
    used awesome here tied at a set camera
    keep everything together there we can help now will flip bias back
    year we can you look absolutely pure
    got a little too crispy batter little preheat you
    these girls look beautiful now coming back from
    not here that was super super funny
    on some tools on our clean out in our beautiful beautiful party crop
    hi absolutely in to read their hairstyles it was so much fun I love
    up love double breeds that they have going on
    really fun you have to bring the party here to set its super super super
    spy watch you hard cock
    do not forget to like this video he would like to have more like
    Scott chemical him because it is but I'm here have a wonderful day
    that's a promise you have to have to have to have a wonderful day Kelsey to
    do here
    dreams here
    ok so could you can't hurt me I feel wonderful after getting my hair done
    in the comment section can you please put Brady could be here
    by click you can where we going after this I don't know
    anywhere to show off my hair style *** *** How To Make Easy Home made Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - YouTube !!!
    in yeah
    great you lol going to eat the whole
    and what quietly I need to let I'll
    me hottelet shit p yes what the hell immediately
    let me plowing but

    domestic a and steps
    to me and well me
    market where buyers are going to have it's all good label you want to start by
    adding one
    Cup up bashing K went shake a
    and me
    and he's won cream this RTL already ate the one he finished me
    B&B brown sugar and butter together it's looking it
    next to and today governor to crack at one time
    you have to slowly incorporate this into the next day /img /url
    eight-member kill you want to mix in tone of the anymore
    the ok let you an email to take 2 teaspoons opener at fact
    I love the smell is soul so lemme I
    it all the time but it's a pity nature and then you want to make that into you
    makes you
    and little you want to prepare the they keep the next year which is just want to
    keep the light
    beaten thought at and TT turns up hot water
    next month in your day baking soda mixture that we've make
    it to this make sure K it is and how the cookie the bride
    so you wanna slowly make added to get going to and
    happy teeth billion South
    again you wanna make this together next morning three cups of clarity this
    Rd it and this is all purpose flour Android but one in a half cup
    on not chocolate chip cookie
    mmm smell so good
    you wanna slowly make their like this and incorporate the topic here flower
    that a of getting already
    killing you me initial look like this and
    looked at and now I'm going to take nap so you don't have the key he
    but we do have a hand but it wants big cock is just fine
    and make make big-time once the one to do with take two spoons and
    but to go and display fit you want to take them for practice they are gonna
    spec an excellent day is in the oven and preheat your oven to
    and innovate district penny many I
    huh yeah at OP
    way to handle it call you from another
    me me meant I'm look like a holiday
    what you wanna hear yeah
    you by me bomb
    bingamen them *** *** Rainbow Cake: How to Make a Rainbow Cake by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    downtown are going to be making this a rainbow cake
    it is rainbow layers on inside and it's decorated using the pedal tipton will
    show you how to do it video
    with remove battery so I hope you like every most good
    all rainbows today so let's get started so to make a rainbow cake
    we're going to need prepared buttercream and prepared vanilla cake batter bowl
    these can be found on our channel and will provide the links below
    we're going to be using red orange yellow green blue and purple
    jail pace now these are Merkel urged else
    and they give really vibrant colors to your cake so try those ones out if you
    haven't before
    we're going to using six different balls in order to dive both
    %uh are buttercream and the cake batter
    for decorating the cake I'm going to be using it

    8 coattails that's a Justin opening round one
    you can use any size what you want and for all the cakes I'm going to be making
    each other in an 8-inch round pan so let's get started
    the first thing we need to do is to divide the batter equally into the six
    different polls because each fully colored a different color
    so just using a standard cookie scoop I'm just going to you
    divided equally into all the cake batter is
    out at the mall after the
    cake batters all evenly distributed you want to be. is even as you can
    so that each layer on the cake is going to be pretty much the exact same size
    so now you want to put each different color into the ball
    starting off with the orange yellow
    blue where you've got to read
    we have heard
    0 some just gonna start mixing up one here
    company is a difference between each time I make sure you wash them before
    you put it into another color don't want any color mixing
    to mix it all up and I'll be back show you how to get them ready for the cake
    so what you have
    each batter with the color mixed in you're going to
    Greece your cake pan and then you're just going to take
    all up the cake batter and you're going to dump it into the pan
    and then slowly going to try to work it out
    to the outside up and to get to the edges
    there's not very much cake batter each of these and so you do have to just be
    to be gentle sorry and two just gradually push that cake batter all the
    way to the outside
    when I get that their I'm gonna pop it into the oven
    degrees Fahrenheit and its gonna bake for about
    won't be very long because it's really fanciest wanna watch it carefully
    I'm gonna repeat this process
    that you see right here for each other batters
    so to prepare buttercream for the outside of the rainbow cake
    you going to follow the exact same steps that we did before
    making the cake batter colored you're going to divided up into six equal parts
    and color each with each different color I'm
    before you scholar everything though I want you to pull out about two cops
    all the buttercream and leave it for I see in between the layers
    and then color the rest up so all other cream-colored
    how being mixed and we've got are white
    left up the side and that's going to be used in between the layers
    so just set your icing aside and we'll get ready to
    staff the cake what I love your cakes how big they should look something like
    this beautiful rainbow
    so the next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you left all
    each of these layers and then we'll be ready to stack
    so much of the layers level unless you're going to do was in between each
    you're going to put us through %uh the white buttercream
    and you're just going to smooth around so in a stack each
    just like this and on those the blue
    Press that down make shirts
    even all the way around and then another scoop %uh
    the white buttercream so it back when I have filled up
    and created the rainbow up cake
    so I finish stacking all the layers with the buttercream
    and at this point the cake is very unstable because of the amount of butter
    cream in between each layer
    so before I do my crumb coat I'm going to put it in the freezer
    to let it freeze solidly and then I'll be able to apply my from Cote much
    each year so now the cake is frozen
    it's gonna be much easier to apply the crumb coat
    so I'm just going to the really thin layers going to have lots of icing
    on the outside with the pedal defect so I'm just going to cover the whole entire
    cake like this
    really lightly and then I'm going to show you how to do the pedal effect
    so if this crime Cody and now I'm going to be using purple
    first at the base and I'm going to work my way up and enormous do the pedal fact
    I'm just squeezing my day and then calling and pressing at the same time
    so squeeze and then pollen press
    and I'm going to do that all the way around and then I'm going to switch to
    my blue
    so have my blueberry cream ready to go now when you wanna start your next color
    you wanna start in that gap
    where the pedals were so you just going to do the same thing
    so it's just kinda alternating to the pedals are stacked right on top of each
    they're just a slightly alternating
    so many go through and finish all the different colors in the cake
    and I'll be back when I have completed all other end up
    here's the completed cake with buttercream piping
    and I'm going to take a big slice on a bit so you can see the inside rainbow as
    and after I've done not I will be back to show you
    here's are completed and cuts beautiful rainbow cake I honestly think this is
    one of the previous case that i've
    ever got to make so I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it easy to replicate
    on your own so remember if you like to give it a thumbs up
    and remember to share its and always of course subscribe to our channel so you
    can stay up to date on all of our future videos
    you can find us on Facebook Google+ and on Twitter
    I'll see you again next time *** *** [Cooking With Curly Brow] Christmas Cookies - YouTube !!!
    cooking today and human
    Christmas cookies for you
    and now we gonna meet that but like the beautiful ladies there
    various times you
    always *** *** CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE -- Chewy Cookie -- Slice and Bake - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi it welcomes these israeli making a delicious
    you reach you the chocolate chip cookies if you lots of particulars
    old-fashioned delicious to you once thought of it this is the recipe for you
    now if you must get ta C chris is putting this together that
    utterly he's to subscribe to the channel: really appreciate
    subscribe and estate us let's get on the arm is delicious
    chocolate chip cookie how yes
    its day
    freeze yummy cookies were gonna need
    all these ingredients which are run through quickly but also frightened and
    description of
    we've got a couple saw branch about 1 cup all
    recognition about to a half cups of flour
    cups of chopped cheese
    so don't skimp on the chocolate chips really acts the flavor

    thanks will use a teaspoon of baking power
    and a
    and I'm going to be using a quarter teaspoon of salt for peaches so
    so taking our cup butter knife just melted that down
    almost fully I miss deliver solid in their I'm going to add to that
    our soft brown threw up and our regular
    white should I stick up for each and I'm good times in which we don't need to use
    a machine for this and just use which
    two-piece up to a smooth cream so what you think that together
    I have and you can you sure like to think so if you happen but I just wanna
    show you a simple way to do this by hand
    when they're going to IRS into the mix
    so just may take to you like to be
    nixon adding with ash over and Fatah
    and stop to make that any day his feet up slightly
    doesn't think of and just went 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    it's just give a rich flavor to the tower itself
    and beat that truth now wants all rights and banana mix nicely in with a slut and
    creamy mixture
    I'm gonna go to using the West
    to using a spoon and I'm just trying to take out flower
    and using issue
    I'm going to put back home of a flower into the mix
    just getting the lumps out making that lovely smooth and light
    so without flour and now it's gon stop following that through
    into the flowers completely incorporated into the into the cookie dough
    and one says he hopes
    the I'm just gonna take the rest of lower now and also I'm gonna but
    or a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda
    just she got into the mix
    and then again which is gonna make sense through
    to get a final cookie dough ready now I'm gonna lovely
    spiff cooking for chips into that
    so we gotta up two cups chocolate chip
    I'm just got to mix those through an interesting little
    fact that chocolate chip cookies he's with Wakefield
    apparently invented chocolate chip cookies when she was looking to
    actual to a cookie to replaced because he had
    she told the chocolate work would melt when it actually
    she he just spanked entire inching up the chocolate chip cookie
    so it was lovely ball if
    cookie mix you know I missed two options here and i think is taken
    heaped tablespoon and roll it up into a little ball
    down on a baking tray now if you preheat an oven to
    degrees Fahrenheit
    that's how I want next week celsius you from
    make that into their home ground when take about
    or you can do what I'm gonna do which is to actually the whole commits into the
    fridge call it down
    and I'll show you what I do with it because I'm going to actually freezing
    used as I wanted
    right that's what I just cooked through these of for you now before I actually
    showing the trimming down and and freezing up the dough
    to you can see that the cookbook well strike from the mix
    and there you have the cookies that absolutely perfectly cooked
    is just
    minutes from start to finish I'll take is on that mountain called on
    the side
    so there's three cookies cooked through
    actually before leaving to call for those view that the sign in to
    cook them straight away you'll be enjoying chocolate chip cookies
    for those that want to freeze down either the whole batch for part of that
    to music as and when you want follow-on watch
    how we do that so what's a cookie dough has
    chance to cool down in the fridge gonna take this out now
    on the side you might need to break this if you make the Fulham at
    inch to pieces and we're just going to roll this cookie dough out
    into a sausage so we roll out the dough that so it's a roundabout foot-long
    square yes nicely and then we can take a
    a little piece of wax paper and just
    role at straight onto their the bankruptcy goes around
    and we can just wrong that into which you is turning heads
    and for failing to the freeze up ready to use when that
    fault showing them in a moment I magic
    so you can see have to make cookies
    so want to come out of the freezer
    you've got to cookie roles and
    you can use them pretty much as you want if you want to just two for five cookies
    you can do
    if you want his wanna just cut the end of the
    concede a cookie mix you going through that so we can just get a knife now
    so we take care and inch at a time at
    to have sent me his and we just cook which is cut through
    paper anything just feel the pain for of
    you yes still the paper of
    and that goes on straight onto the baking tray ready to cook
    so there I
    and I'm just feeling the a the paper for these
    and then go on to make untrained same as before we've got none is heated to

    needs to be cell seasonal
    I'm and which is gonna call please for no longer than about
    and we have beautiful chewy chocolate chip cookies
    and what you don't use pots back in the freezer
    ready for next time so there's a right cookies cut to size on a cookie sheet
    rate to go into the on are shown in a moment when they're cooked
    and they just ten minutes later you got a beautiful place chocolate chip cookies
    I'm almost an hour call so tell me some frozen
    they have lovely plateful of choc chip cookies
    more in the freezer for you you want them an accent I really just soft and
    chewy and delicious
    just broke one of those in hearty fancy that's cool
    loans in Los chocolate taste his crunchy on the outside
    consultant you in the middle to use the way it should be smells
    delicious taste delicious so stay in touch
    all those picked him up there yes when he wants to subscribe to the channel:
    really appreciate and thumbs up/down
    know if you wouldn't comments I love to hear any comments from you guys
    up we do let's analyze all rights reserved coming months
    a few correct I use this week which having
    finish I'll see you next time be good deems
    hi and welcome to seize teaching what time is it when in neighboring
    and a nice big basket lemons net free it's time to make
    lemon Tamarack hot *** *** CHOCOLATE CANDY BAR Maker Kit Set REAL FOOD Sprinkles Cookie Dough Gummy Bears Baker Moose Toys - YouTube !!!
    cookies while a Chunichi Peakhurst
    I super her right here
    Walmart my meters that
    to with this super
    you can actually here very people are
    keyway you want you back he just put top
    items one-handed yeah
    hard package called
    create superstar to take such
    or inside this book talk screen to the so-called
    decorate them its but of
    duplicate kreitzer
    me hard birds
    this comes with all the super referee looks like
    we keep just or arch into Search app
    we just art shop too hard
    yep chocolate bars ever first
    chocolate not coming to decal jumbo
    built me tartrate here dollars cast
    nope chocolate on first
    okay right here trump card
    spring sup act like every here barred
    to let's take out our yummy yummy chocolate here
    look at this yummy beautiful piece of chocolate yes go ahead and we will
    break off a piece here going to cut with a knife here
    me now we're going to take a chunk or chocolate and we are going to be him
    are smelter so now I'm just going to microwave this
    get the chop nice now so we keep reporting to work
    small okay so I've got my shop window
    built it up in here yes journey
    Lt warm chocolate select Start boring or chocolate
    torch on show up on are not chocolate maker
    just like dominant our little not blocked here sweetie
    you poor we're gonna be making a keeper called
    chocolate chip cookies right so I'm going into
    mind it was chocolate poor
    their I have are yet up there are ready here now
    for the chocolate chip cookie crunch just like a real cuts we are going to
    make it with some real cookie dough
    so I actually me a catch-up hungry here he added me
    that does not have to take so it will not hurt your tummy
    not like percent let some
    are yummy bit a could go here cellblock
    you don't hear up yes a lil bit
    here and a little bit now here in the middle
    tell you that hunt real cookie dough in there
    go ahead let sprinkle it with some chocolate chips in here
    issue just so it's super super chocolate could
    so it is our chocolate chip cookie crunch to get some
    correct handling at some pretzels sons gonna break from these pretzels that put
    him right here
    into art shockley I salient talented
    just like that an hour just to cover the rest up
    any text student
    me yeah okay then I'm going to pop
    into the freezer so it can go ahead and say it will be back to check subsequent
    some mail can make one copy yup stamps
    some point he's this super yummy yummy much money damn alright
    here we are going to place in one at the school on Mon
    toppers right here you can see he just kinda stamps
    chocolate with the super fun mold on it so I'm not gonna
    there so I am going to use the heartland and I'm just going to put it here
    next so now we have our most pot okay so now we are going
    to Ashley p it's super super yummy cummy
    are so I'm going to person might check cleared
    yep check cleared
    scares facility SNF
    gummy bears in there go ahead sprinkles
    peekskill wrinkled in ERC you he was in place to park
    sprinkles they're yummy candy candies super
    funny yet discovered all dark chocolate
    delete any day %um i cant
    just for the fun it'll put some sprinkles
    so they're hubcaps got
    now we'll just let freezer back to
    around gonna be up her fun cup
    cell start pouring a little bit us chocolates or just
    little bit like it team so now we have just
    chocolate in here I'm a sprinkle some fun sprinkles in here
    did to do like that's now have some fun sprinkles
    until a bit more chocolate now on top
    okay now we have our sprinkles covered in here sonya
    want to create space for our actual peanut butter
    actually terms with this little tiny like pappy holder's right here
    so we're actually gonna places into the chocolate so we can create a little
    space for our actual peanut butter tea cup
    let's go ahead least are little mold maker
    just like actually see how to create a space around it
    perfect tune-up said into the freezer and wait for this to try
    and the redevelopment get better could make a rainbow
    waffle candy bar so we've got this mom right here
    to me well texter were gonna at this cute little texture pack right here
    in at chocolate in here
    to me happy hype
    to just cover it a minute and some super fun
    white chocolate chips TPS had some super fun
    rainbow sprinkles cured
    said there we have no internet
    whereas some chocolate we are going to
    had a little the military for cut here
    had divided up a little bit sell it lacks elite we just put it right in here
    right now
    and then we'll just put some chocolate on top a bit yep
    cover it rest into ShopRite just for fun
    scandal in medicine sprinkles to the bottom of it yeah
    just ready with their
    huh this just now out of the freezer
    so we are going to lift the slick happy holder right here
    limply stakeholder every issue 3 popping out like that
    look at me the puck area us to put
    are chocolate our peanut butter so I've got some
    yummy creamy peanut butter here that we are going to scoop up some
    peanut butter into our chocolate malt
    SP buttercup have to be like super super fun so here we go
    just pop right into the box there okay so we've got her
    get better in here now just for fun we can add them
    colorful Eminem into the world's as well
    d santa hat
    show yellow and their yet let's go ahead cover our little plan Cup
    now listen shuttered and we will cap
    into the parish yeah they're yummy chocolate chip cookie correct so let's
    go ahead and reviewing
    NC how we treat hijack
    her it looks like it's ready now oh my goodness I wanna pop it in my mouth
    because it's so tough lady
    Scotti you looking at look some pure all
    only good and it's filled with such yummy cookie dough goodness
    to let's go ahead axis extra fun little details to it
    we're gonna do L at them chocolate on top here
    just for a little bit at some detail so we're just gonna add some
    extra little chocolate ships to rate here just like happy
    took a cheap
    yeps even adding extra
    little tip on here to help us with really get some chocolate
    tough let's go right tools work in a little tight ass support right here
    Kloet and some super fun frosting
    all over it go ahead we'll just rented shell this frosting
    back and forth like next back and then we will head a little bit
    spurring costume party and hutch
    data absolutely beautiful I'm
    huh this chapter come but I cannot wait to French
    to it state so go ahead we will put this
    on our plate here heights and now let's take our next
    boxes are yummy gummy twist in a little bit
    too so it kinda loosens up in our little chocolate bar mold
    and let's review and see how your teeth cute and adorable it works
    I hope it looks yummy the so here it is
    that memory wanted these little tiny textures on it so we'll just pure
    texture of TT
    to look at how cute hired
    time for fun three let's go ahead and go around this hard with some
    our little cake jail frosty secrets
    Monte this site to with a big help
    shell for our heart to the mechanic
    make at me okay speak yes two-week decorated
    Hartley time little flower sprinkles them sprinkle some
    you adorable little sprinkles onto this one right here
    in the middle are hurt well fill it with
    than chocolate
    let's go ahead and put some gummy bears on your summer going to cover up the
    word last week our love for actual spares
    gummy bear here can be there there all on child
    fell hi right let's check out
    our little rebuild me for chocolate hmm
    so let's go press/ap pasta so let's go ahead popular
    topper ok hungry
    topping yet not just great to don't want to crawl
    so trippy in yes at lapses in the men's on top here
    can spring colors
    time for a peanut butter huh so here we go yet hullett
    looks spur recall
    high eighty-eight rate there okay this fun couple sprinkles
    people given spurring calls to lift all whole
    but just chocolatey yummy doubles on here
    detailed lots and lots and lots of fun spurring calls poured on it
    spirits i coming up sprinkling
    you act all these little sprinkle dots all over our chocolate bar
    oh my goodness her like right now block
    right here see so here are hardcore just
    yeah on hmm
    all her head NP you okay yeah spent
    haven't are
    smart can't let fear they are all about which one are you gonna start with come
    out we start with me
    care so let's cut into you are you can make any
    ends me how yummy TCS looking have yeah
    even happen gummy bear you gonna make from
    now the taste test Syria hired
    she week yummy dummy yes oh yeah
    delicious yummy hunny get today I love it
    have much time for a little chocolate chip cookie crunch right here
    select this one rock-hard yeah shed
    how that all higher area him right in there
    oh my goodness why candy bar let's go ahead samples
    hurry up hurry up yeah but
    my delivers thanks
    past peace
    oh my goodness which one now let's try out our little
    rainbow waffle so here we go give it a try me here
    yeah okay Wow that
    this all about labor in there all
    tasty and Eminem's get or shop
    so now I'm last
    aren't this week should be losing
    absolutely losing with better go ahead
    cut this one right here
    wow it is just completely ok him better
    okay speech my goodness I don't even have any more than a better one I had
    II it was thought to be cookie much
    you fun hired
    first should reach killers fees
    parts for sale take
    catch hard
    everywhere it's just wonderful wonderful wonderful so I

    else just
    do you
    everything but so delicious can you please play
    Kenny to so these are offered me
    take testing elber dinnertime care
    yeah I'll *** *** "Eugenie Cookie" Rainbow Heart Cookies Slice & Bake Surprise! DIY Rainbow Treats - YouTube !!! English English Korean
    Give me thumbs up if you think it's pretty.
    And subscribe for more beautiful videos. Thanks!
    Thank you for watching. See you next week! *** *** How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies! - YouTube !!!
    hey guys this guy's in route and today are making the perfect chocolate chip
    these cookies have just the right amount chilliness on the inside in krajina
    the outside so let's get started first go ahead and measure had two cups
    all-purpose flour
    and then add this to a small bowl
    then add in a half teaspoon baking soda
    along with a half teaspoon of salt and then whisk everything together
    may need a cup a brown Chevy make sure this is packed of course
    added to a separable nada they have couple white sugar
    and you also need three credits cup butter now and this recipe in city
    living room temperature better
    and twenties in melted butter it is going to make you cookies
    a lot chilean to go ahead and add this year barred
    and then use twenty Nexus again and the Winston one of the reasons why I really
    like this recipe is a time you stand mixer hard
    now going to crack in an 8 any of them you can a joke
    after richness and then a tablespoon vanilla extract Mendes give a sister
    now go ahead and add in your dry ingredients and mix everything together
    this can get a little tricky to do with this been so eventually I switched email
    now I got the semi-sweet chocolate chips from Trader Joe's
    and I really like this because they get a nice rest Eclipse your cookies
    and I'm going to add a cover these to my cookie dough
    of course you can use regular chocolate chips as well and then just makes
    everything DNA by hand or using a wooden spoon he can't now covers a plastic wrap
    and refrigerate it for about
    then wanted to ask a valid credit and giving a cookie
    I'm using a nice can skip to do this and make that much
    easier so covers give it and then roll it into a bar
    and places on a cookie sheet about three inches apart tender steak is at
    once that Caylee and place them on a cooling rack
    and enjoy I really like this cookie recipe
    because this could use a nice and chewy on the inside are remaining crispy on
    the outside
    and of course a glass of milk makes is the perfect dessert
    so I have been azinger this video don't forget to post pictures indications my
    facebook page
    and be happy to be to them in an upcoming video thanks for watching an
    do that next time I'm *** *** GIRL SCOUT COOKIE - EASY BAKE OVEN! - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    and this is the worst Girl Scout cookie ever had in my entire life
    carry handle
    ok so today finally doing the girl she's so it can burn the house down and I
    wasn't allowed an easy pick up my sister but she went through and I think the day
    like caramel coconut caramel delight actually ok but i dont wanna do that
    because I really good growth enterprise so
    there's like yeah we know he's all over our first of all that's here there so
    they give you choose that there are just as good as the box thing though the
    direction the baking spray ok alone
    time to make her tired shortbread cookie mix into Apple iPad on what we have
    going on and so forth that says pull up with water use the perfect milliliter
    measuring tool to add militarism
    so that this and this is not a bad one

    baby don't have all of it
    ok do you really wanna press down lightly because you don't by using the
    tempura batter night possibly create full so they will be even got the same
    size being a sure these are crumbling
    it's been in the box for a while just like a little teen you know it's

    needing little white paint won't die I was picking up his dog poop in the
    whole ok dear which a lot of the kitchen ok so I just got a little water because
    look at it looks just like them out how to do this
    ok look at that and then I'm gonna take
    if you're really chafes
    lost my keys you know I did the smart one day one of them turned out slowly
    all the way to the right time reaches the end of the track we're putting them
    in writing to make those and then we talked with I think it doesn't make
    you know little girls there is well that will work on the angry and allowed to
    bed for seventeen do not been about 10 minutes we get a few more so that a lot
    faster so we're gonna step aside and let them cool to be a nice little crispy
    I want to crack the next week to melt chocolate goes up here
    dark chocolate I love a good dark chocolate
    interact like basically what we're going to put the cookies on top by Charlie and
    then and then a little chocolate drizzle the dressing alright so it was not
    working on the easy-bake oven like heart break up in so I'm melting the truck
    crystal meth on the step up like Hamburger Helper what's for dinner
    tonight this is a mass message
    hours later I do not recommend that you do this is very dangerous children
    sticks the easy-bake a hundred years but don't do those parent supervision or you
    can just mail them in the microwave like normally don't meddle in the microwave
    ok I think that's good enough was just going upstairs already so we're back the
    house Charlotte finally like it does not smell like dog just
    that's hard talk
    first win
    ok driving right now we're nothing gosh wheels on the bus go until you crash
    exactly ok so I'm putting it all together when someone is better than
    I think that means to be a certain but it all in stock you which I did they
    kill or because you know your mouth shut and liquidity and chocolate stripes on
    this and yours you literally just looks just like in the box for sure looks bad
    luck by the way to do it from scratch by the little girl who's he
    breaking my entire life using not like I know but I stopped estas not as hot
    anyways I hope you enjoy the video and we will see you next time if not then
    who did Beth a crazy person it was be it was so big you are not allowed to play
    bike I feel kinda on ya
    after visiting onto the emails and messages
    on YouTube that you wanted to see how I made and cookies from frozen
    here it is cell I'm gonna for show you how to construct the shape
    I'm using an Bell could be better with their round
    cookie-cutter I'm using my sugar cookie dough recipe you can find a special be
    in the description area
    now I'm gonna be using answer
    cake toppers so that's why I'm putting in lollipop stick
    if you'd like to learn more about how to make about to confine
    morial in my other video your
    you can find this term but down below in a discussion area
    first thing we gonna do is we're going to true
    braided portion that's the here I'm using
    I think that number to hear you can also use but the paper
    one-and-a-half DM me that would work as well
    sugar icing is about medium step consistent
    so it holds shape your
    go to make their portion they're gonna work in sections like Sheila
    each section crashed before you move on to another section just so there's some
    kind of definition
    they'll just blend together
    to make their decorations unaddressed a reason I've been consistent
    Fitch's about to based big
    last thing we have to do is create are going to decorate the face I'm you feel
    a bit better does
    called to the cheeks
    first I'm going to do eyelashes and then we'll
    a header eyes where like her life finger
    ok to attach the mouth
    I'm using tiny little doubt that by staying and then heart sprinkles
    and that's how you make Anna
    from frozen coke if you'd like to learn how to make this the cookies that are
    used for the
    goes okay you can learn that in my other media you can also learn how to assemble
    this predicate
    thanks for watching guys and up to next time *** *** POO EMOJI MERINGUE COOKIES - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys it’s Ro, welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    I got so many requests from you guys to make something Emoji related,
    and I had so much fun making the emoji cookies last time, I love Emojis!
    I use them all the time, sometimes I text and communicate with my friends and
    family more than I actually use words. I don’t know if you guys do this too,
    but, I use them all the time, so I thought OK, we can do another Emoji related
    thing. But I wanted to do something we’ve never done before.
    So today, we are going to be making meringue cookies for the very first time
    on Nerdy Nummies. And, we’re gonna be making them look like one of my favorite
    emojis, the little Poos!
    So, today we are gonna be making Emoji Meringue Cookies.
    Let’s get get started!
    The things you will need, will be: 2 Tablespoons of Meringue powder, the one I
    am using is by Wilton,
    cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder,

    a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and
    cup of water.
    Then to get them a darker color brown we are gonna be using a couple drops
    of brown food coloring. The chocolate powder does make the meringue a light
    brown color but it isn’t quite brown enough to match the Emoji.
    So, this part is totally optional, but I’m gonna be using some brown food
    coloring. You will also need, a plastic baggie, and at the end I’ve attached
    a number
    tip with this little coupler, a pencil, a number
    some royal icing with a number 1 tip, I’ve just put it into a plastic
    baggie to decorate for more control. Some cute little candy eyeballs to decorate,
    these are by Wilton. A baking sheet, a piece of parchment paper, a mixing bowl,
    and a mixer. Now let’s put it all together!
    The first thing that we’re gonna do is prep our baking sheet, so over here I’ve
    got the baking sheet, and a piece of parchment paper that I’ve cut to fit
    inside. And you’re gonna take the number
    with our pencil, a whole bunch of circles to make a little template
    on our parchment paper.
    Once you’ve traced out all your little circles, now you’re gonna flip it upside
    down, ooooh! Look at that, onto the tray.
    You can still see the circles, but, the pencil will not be touching your food.
    Very important! You don’t want to leave the side with the pencil marks touching
    your food. Now we’re gonna set these off to the side and we’re gonna start
    making our meringue.
    That means poop in sign language!
    The first thing that we’re gonna do is we are gonna combine a pinch of salt, our water and
    meringue powder into a big mixing bowl.
    Just a reminder, you'll want to use a large stainless steel mixing bowl, or a large
    glass bowl to make meringues, those will be the best.
    You want to make sure it’s clean and super dry because meringues are kind of a
    finicky cookie, and this
    cup of water is all you want.
    You don’t want any more!
    For those of you who have never used Meringue powder before, it is just
    an egg white substitute, it is made from pasturized egg whites.
    We’re gonna add our water and a pinch of salt.
    You’re gonna take your mixer and mix it together until it gets a little foamy.
    The next step is while we are mixing, we’re gonna slowly add our vanilla
    extract, and gradually add our sugar. This could take a few minutes because
    we’re gonna keep mixing until we get a stiff peak.
    See this is a stiff peak, it looks like a little mountain and it holds
    its shape, even if I move it around a little bit, that’s what we want.
    Earthquake! On the mountain!
    Now we’re gonna add a little bit of food coloring, just a few drops of the brown
    food coloring. Again this is totally optional. The cocoa powder will make our meringues a
    light brown, but I want it to look exactly like the little poo emoji!
    So I’m gonna add a few.
    Last but not least, we’re gonna add our cocoa powder, and then we’re gonna mix
    together on a slow speed. Just mix until it’s well combined.
    Now our meringue is ready, you’re gonna take this plastic baggie and I've put a
    tip at the end, and I’m just gonna stick it in this cup, and I’ve
    folded down the sides, to make it a little bit easier.
    And I’m gonna scoop my meringue into the plastic baggie.
    Might get a little bit messy, that’s OK, that’s meringues!
    And then you’re just going to work the meringue down to the bottom.
    Usually I use a little hair tie or an elastic tie to secure the top of the bag,
    but this time I’m just going to pinch it with my fingers.
    Meringues are super sensitive to heat, so the less I touch the bag, the better.
    You want to pipe right away, so that’s why I’ve grabbed our baking tray,
    and I’m gonna start to pipe our little Poo’s.
    A fun little trick that I like to do to make the parchment paper stick down
    because the ends always curl. Is you’re just going to take a little dab of
    meringue, boop, stick it on the underside of the parchment, and stick it right
    there on the baking sheet.
    We’re locked, loaded, ready to make some Poo Emojis!
    The technique I’m gonna use to make these, is very easy, you’re gonna start
    in the middle, start putting a little bit of pressure, work your way to
    the outside, outline the circle that we've traced.
    And then you’re gonna come up a layer, and then one more, make a swirl at the top
    and start letting go.
    There you go!
    Look, it looks just like a little poo!
    And then you’re gonna do this for the rest of your meringues.
    Meringues are done, now we’re gonna pop them in the oven at
    degrees and
    bake them for 1 hour. Then, this is very important, you’re gonna turn the
    oven heat off, and let them sit in the oven for an additional
    while the oven cools down. Then we’re gonna take them out of the oven
    and let them cool completely at room temperature.
    I like to think of baking meringue cookies as not really baking them,
    more like slowly dehydrating them, oooh!
    While your meringues are baking, if you notice any cracking, you might want to
    turn down the temperature just a few notches. They’re very sensitive to heat.
    Our meringues are out of the oven, they’ve had plenty of time to cool,
    I even had extra batter, so I’ve got a second batch in the oven right now!
    And now we’re gonna make them look like the emoji.
    So I’ve pulled up a picture on my phone, ahh! Of the little Poo!
    And we’re gonna stick on the little candied eyeballs with our royal icing.
    I’m just gonna dump a few of them out and pick my favorites.
    I like to match up the little eyeballs, because they all have slightly different
    sized pupils.
    You’re gonna take one of your candy eyeballs, and on the backside we’re gonna
    put a little dab of icing. This will act like an adhesive and then we’re
    gonna stick it on the front of our little poo.
    Then we’re gonna do it to our second eyeball.
    Oh my gosh! He’s getting so cute, I can’t even!
    Ahhh! Look at him!
    Alright, now it’s time to make him smile, you’re gonna take your royal icing
    and we’re just gonna pipe a little happy face.
    Boom! Poo Emoji Meringue!
    He’s so cute! Now we’re just gonna do this to the rest of our little meringues!
    Here are the Poo Emoji Meringues that we made today!
    Thanks you guys for suggesting something Emoji related, I am so excited because,
    we have never made meringues together, this is our first time on Nerdy Nummies,
    making Meringues!
    Also, I made a video over on Wilton’s channel about working with meringue powder.
    It’s very versatile and you can use it for many different things.
    So if you’re interested in learning more about that, you can go click over there,
    I’ll put a link down below for you to check out.
    If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies,
    let me know, leave me a comment down below.
    A big thank you again to you guys again for suggesting these, I love Emojis!
    And, a thank you to Wilton for partnering with me to make this video.
    Alright, thanks, bye-bye!
    I set this little guy off to the side because, he looked a little derpy,
    but that’s OK if you’re making these and one looks like poo, ah-ah-ah-ah!
    They’re good little snacks, little taste testers!
    Meringues are crunchy on the outside and they’re soft on the inside.
    And, oh, a chocolate meringue, oh pfft!
    Oh, pfft! *** ***