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    How To Decorate A Christmas Cookie - Reindeer Pattern - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone last year I posted a video on how to make these tiny reindeer
    have received a lot of questions and fan on how to make the rest of the pattern
    so I made this video to show you how it's done I'll
    start out by anything it reshaped cookie with red flood consistency right thing
    an attempt three the me
    you describe tool to help evenly distribute the anything
    by allow the anything to dry and leaf eight hours before moving on to the next
    use the scribe tool to draw lines in the anything
    these lines will be the guide for the pattern
    they don't need to be evenly spaced but you can use a ruler to help you make
    them sherri
    the new the mud
    P shorter lines indicate where the rain barrel girl
    the No
    the men good
    this is where things get a little bit more complicated
    defection on the pattern is made up of time and she put a group together
    in order to make the diamond evenly spaced I do something that looks like a
    but with eight lines and then thanks the diamonds will go in between each of the
    the my
    the need to make a timing chain
    easy tip 1: and flood consistency real-life thing
    to make a small that then shape the dot with the scribe to 'em
    up the
    the me

    and you
    the new
    the mud
    %uh and
    the No
    the men good
    good up
    the movie
    the my
    the mud
    would up
    the me
    you can you describe tool to remove the anything from between the diamond
    if they get too close to each other and
    to make the reindeer start out by piping the head and the body
    the new used to describe tool to shape the years
    and the mountains
    %uh and
    good the
    the No
    the men good
    good up
    then check the lame and the tail the movie
    the my
    the my
    paper series of lines to fill in the rest into space on the cookie

    and you
    the move
    the mud
    the makeup and moved our
    try to make from it evenly spaced has passed the
    you can use your screen to alter Markt where you want the docs to know before
    you begin piping
    good up
    the movie
    the my
    you paid an outline all the way around the engine the cookie
    the mud
    and up
    it takes me about
    minutes just to make wanna leave cooking
    I know it takes a lot of patience but let me know if you decide to try it out
    for yourself
    thanks for watching everyone by
    hi guys welcome to my youtube channel in this media I'm gonna show you how to
    6 different Christmas design its media is especially for those people that
    don't have whole day
    to spend on cookie decorating but still if you'd like to make something you need
    I hope you'll find some inspiration in this video tutorial also I would
    recommend when you are in a rush
    that you use
    up to for different callers maximum
    Busta they will cut your time down as well
    using what scholars first we're going to be very popular web don't take me
    this technique is super easy and really really fun
    and it produces a nice design
    on any cookie any shape
    when doing little what you want to make sure that I think that you are piping
    over but I think is same or similar constancy
    and icing and any it shouldn't be tested
    and then take an email to Laura to big and run
    tool 3rd I think make sure that you liked the tool every time you run it
    yeah I think
    second design
    simple or stocking I'm using my honey cookies for this video tutorial
    and as you see they don't play completely
    flat their little harder to decorate for that reason
    so I would suggest that you start outlining from the edge
    you don't know all the way to the edge this way
    you prevent overflowing
    but of cause you can also use sugar cookies or
    gingerbread cookies chocolate cookie something that you are more familiar
    with boasted my sugar cookie dough recipe
    you can find it in a link that it's posted down below in this kitchen area
    now let's make this pretty star
    this is a super easy take me finest Center
    your star to see I'm starting
    always in the center
    and now I'm starting the line with the dog and I'm
    ending the line with the dot
    I love using sending should there so if you're sending shit another
    it sending sugar Heights mistake
    so if your mind is not perfect but once it did it's gonna be all
    fine another one are these cute mittens
    when typing this stuff the snowflake it I'm starting the line with the dot
    demanding the line with that this will give you a nice clean
    and use the teddy bear
    starting with the years
    you want to breast I think under the ears than using a simple
    dabbing motion brush
    nice texture
    and now here comes the fun part
    we are going to do another one but to make the sweater
    and again using email to Laura peak you looking for in a little bit I'm using
    you can also find it
    in the video %uh in the description area under the video
    you'll see their I
    tools used in this video and you have all the tools that I D
    posted there
    and now we're going to finish dis adding I
    I'm using edible marker
    and use the lost the first set over 60 signs simple trees this is a very
    popular design
    timeless Christmas tree Christmas lights
    and that's it six different Christmas cookie designs I hope you enjoy the
    video tutorial
    hopefully you will get inspired by it and you make some big business
    don't forget to subscribe onions on YouTube and you'll get over the hump day
    believe it to you via email thanks for watching out soon expand *** *** Christmas Cookies Decorated with Butter Frosting, Recipe and Christmas Cookies Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi guys welcome to my youtube channel
    in this video we are going to decorate Christmas cookies with butter frosting
    many of you mentioned butter frosting in your comments I decided to show you
    couple of techniques have been used to decorate cookies with
    something different then for Life thing you can make butter frosting from
    scratch or you can also buy it in a store
    I'm using assaulted by their male
    powdered sugar you can use different flavoring
    Savannah lakes track you can also use lemon if you like lemon flavor
    or almond extract is nice as well
    are you could combine them all together start wave: Mel thing
    your butter in a microwave and now we can
    make the frosting so basically you just need to add
    all the ingredients into the ball
    nominating vanilla extract you can control the thickness
    with the milk if you want your frosting to be a little finna you can add more
    make sure you cover the frosting with clear plastic bat to prevent cresting
    I'm using Emery colors the column II thing you can also use an open collars
    especially reds are really hard to get so if you can find them a colors you can
    built on but I recommend using a great colors your hair
    my sprinkles are sending sure there's you can now Hughes
    the whatever you like to use whatever you have on hand so let's get started
    I have some should increase
    sugar cookie trees using small spatula if you don't have a small angled spatula
    you can also use butter knife this is probably the simplest technique
    you just want to apply very thin layer
    I'll frosting on see our cookie and then using
    sprinkles our number else you can
    sprinkle some of those on top
    here is a a tool that
    %uh it's really handy usually it is for cakes but I find it works really well
    on cookies like this to gives it a nice texture
    and it's super super fuzz I'm using small snowflake sprinkles
    to decorate my other tree
    here I'm just going to ed some gold stars
    you can find is in my calls these are from built them
    this would look really pretty on white I thing
    here at American some starting with the green
    and then using the same collided toiletries
    given different texture and then sprinkle some top
    this frosting Wilcrest but it doesn't take as long as royal icing at say

    minutes tops perhaps depends on where you're lucky if they are located if it's
    to you meet where you are it may take a little longer
    but generally
    minutes and it crushed and you can I am
    affect them are stored them in now in airtight container
    you can also fight
    with the frosting really quickly
    then no you can the different colors I'm gonna do
    bull snowflake these are really pretty and super super fast
    and to finish this off we're going to dip them into sending sure there
    if you can find it all I'm using you can also use the fourth
    for the loss design I decided to make a meanie star
    ending is expected line defeating to silver sending sugar and that's it
    I hope you like this video tutorial don't forget to check on my
    other video tutorials for Christmas that I posted subscribe to my new laws on
    YouTube and you'll get all the updates
    though the two via email Merry Christmas *** ***

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