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    Chocolate Cake Wrap - Cake Decorating Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Hiram on its Tatiana from tatyana they're really food and welcome back to
    make it and so today's video is not a recipe today I'm actually doing a cake
    decorating tutorial and I'm going to show you guys how to make this beautiful
    chocolate cake crap doesn't elevate the cake to a whole new level just looks so
    elegant in Turkey today I'm eating dark chocolate from Mike a crap you can do
    this with milk chocolate white chocolate and you can apply for garnish to just
    about any type of cake birthday cake special dinner special get together you
    name it you're getting blown away by this intricate and delicate garnish the
    let me show you all the steps and all the details on how you can do the same
    exact thing let's get straight to the tutorial but today I'm using my opera
    cake recipe it's one of my all-time favorite cakes and you can find the
    recipe do that on my channels while they've doubled up the recipe out some
    height to the cake and he took my spatula really smooth out the sides were
    really nice and smooth finish so what you wanna do is grab a fabulous mood out
    the sides taking really nice even and then set your cake into the refrigerator
    to allow your frosting to that and that will help you immensely when you're
    putting on the garnish so first thing I'm gonna do is grab ruler and measure
    the height of my cake and this one measures at about
    I'm gonna
    leave a little bit of space for myself and I'm gonna cut my pic parchment paper
    at five inches
    I'm gonna take my paper and I'm gonna wrap around the cake so I'm gonna
    measure out exactly how much parchment paper and take my scissors and cut off
    that extra portion
    for this project
    you either want to use some chocolate wafers for some chocolate chips which
    everyone you have on hand is going to work just fine for this project I do
    prefer the chocolate wafers chocolate want to set is actually gonna hold its
    shape a little bit better than the chocolate chips so what I get for this
    just popped into the microwave and I set my power level to about
    chocolate every
    seconds until completely melted and I'm going to
    transfer my melted chocolate into the plug bag just wrapped around a glass to
    make this process super easy to layer pressure Peter flower on a surface
    that's long enough to accommodate the entire length of your paper I'm gonna
    grab my chocolate here in a minute snip off the end of the bed with my sisters
    tiny little and now for the fun part so you want to start at one end and just to
    appear talk back and forth now keep in mind that the cake is only four inches
    high and we kind of paper five inches so I'm gonna make it a little bit lower
    than the edge of the paper
    going to come back and do the same thing in the opposite direction
    for the chocolate is that so the child that needs to be stopped me say where
    it's still possible and it doesn't break on itself but the same time it's not
    running right off the parchment paper and want to talk about this time it's
    time for the fun part so go ahead and pick up your parchment paper
    chocolate rap and we're just gonna start at one end
    precedent and work your way around the cake
    the chocolate into places sticks to the buttercream and then I'm gonna pop my
    cake into the refrigerator and just let that chocolate set up completely and
    want to talk about this at all you have to do is just carefully peel back the
    parchment paper
    tutorial I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions regarding
    this tutorial or more cake decorating videos in the future just let me know in
    the comments section below and I'll try to include some more and the upcoming
    month and if you guys want the recipe for the cake I used today called it
    opera cake and that video you can also find my channel they can go through
    watching and I'll see you next time *** *** How to Make White Chocolate Decorations | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    Hi. I'm Katie, and today I'm going to show you how to make white chocolate decorations
    for cupcakes. So I'm going to show you a few different options.
    Here I have cupcakes that are already prepared, either with a little bit of butter cream,
    or I have fondant. Whatever you like is fine, but they're all already ready to go, so I
    know when I make my decorations I can just put them right on and they're ready.
    My white chocolate, you can either use the microwave or double boiler to melt your chips.
    I melt them about halfway, and then I stir them until the rest melts. In a way we're
    kind of doing a quick temper of our chocolate, that's bringing down the temperature so that
    it's about body temperature. It's going to create the nicest snap and sheen of your chocolate.
    So this is ready to go.
    What I'm going to be pouring this onto is, you can use parchment paper. I'm using an
    acetate sheet. This is just a plastic sheet, but it helps create a really nice glossy finish.
    Or my favorite thing ever, this is a transfer sheet, so this is just a little bit of color,
    that once I spread my chocolate on and the chocolate sets, I'm going to lift this off,
    and all of these fun little polka-dots are going to be left on my chocolate.
    So, I'm going to take a little of my white and just transfer it right on, and use my
    off-set spatula to just gently coax it over the surface. I don't want it too thin that
    it'll break when I try to take the sheet off, but I don't want it too thick either. We're
    not looking for big chunks of chocolate. So, just enough. And this works the same, I'm
    using white, but you could use dark. You could use milk chocolate. Same process. So I'm just
    going to smooth this over my surface. And that's it. I'm going to pop this in the refrigerator.
    But in the meantime, let's do one more.
    So this is just a fun, kind of quick thing you can do. I'm going to take a disposable
    piping bag and a little bit more of my white chocolate and just put it right in the bag.
    And since it's for cupcakes, I want my decorations to be really cute and fun, so I'm just going
    to be kind of demure about it, in a way. You can see I folded down my bag so that when
    I lift it back up I have a nice clean edge. Just twist your end. And now I'm just going
    to take a scissor and just trim off, just a little bit, I don't want it too small, but
    I don't want it too wide either, so just a little circle. But depending on what you feel
    like, you could do little hearts if you wanted, like a double heart. You could do a little
    lacy business, and then once they're ready, I'll take these off and cut shards. That will
    be really pretty.
    If you wanted to, really do anything, a little cross-hatch design, a little tic-tac-toe.
    Anything you feel like you could pipe, whether it's someone's name, any decoration you can
    think of is great for this. This is very classic. And once those set, I'm going to be able to
    lift them right off and transfer them onto my cupcakes. So now I'm going to take both
    of these and put them in the refrigerator. *** *** 3 Ways to Make Chocolate Decorations | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    So I'm going to take my chocolate that's already tempered and that's just cooled down, and
    I'm going to put a little bit of it right onto my acetate sheet, my transfer sheet,
    and just take a small offset spatula and just spread it. You're looking for a very thin
    layer, not too thin that it will break, but just thin enough. Imagine like a piece of
    thin brittle like a candy. Just spread it all over.
    What I'll do is pop this in the fridge once I've spread it out really nice and thinly,
    and it'll set up within, I'd say, five, ten minutes, you'll have a really nice sheet of
    chocolate to work off of. You don't have to fuss too much with it. Just make sure it's
    nice and even. And one is ready to go.
    Now, for the other I'm going to make a little bit of like a chocolate squiggly design. So,
    I'm going to take a little bit of my chocolate right into my cornet and you can see it just
    goes right to the bottom. I'm going to take it and fold it over, and I have a really cute
    little cone.
    This is also great if you want to write people's names on birthday cakes. You just write happy
    birthday with the little chocolate cone. Just snip the tip and you can go as wide or as
    kind of small as you want to.
    All I'm going to do is just make cute little kind of squiggly designs. When they're set
    I'm going to break these up and put them in shards kind of on top of my cake. It's going
    to be really beautiful lace to put around. So easy, incredibly easy, but it looks really
    So that's it for that. You want to do enough that it's not going to break on you, so a
    good layer of squiggle, a very technical term. That is it. So, all of these chocolate designs
    I'm going to pop in the fridge or the freezer until they're nice and firm and set. Then
    I'll take them off of these transfer sheets and put them on some cakes, and you'll see
    some really beautiful designs. *** *** Chocolate Dessert Cake- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    higher I would lessen welcome back
    to the ER frosting moment here within catering
    basic and today want to show you how to make this very
    prim and proper desert K you didn't respond really well
    molesters is OK I show you this
    today show you how to make he really fine
    jet downside K Masaru show you how to make a
    his shop class really simple cool check
    when it issued to you that home and

    peace treaty all
    make this very simple very easy
    but like I said very improper and cooking dessert K
    let's get started we're starting without chocolate
    because they take a little time to cool in here and all that so
    we want to start their I've got I'm I
    parchment paper step down to the backup
    my cookie sheet
    and live down just a little bit of it so that it doesn't move
    I just want to spread my
    up not chocolate here
    Nokia Money running at tempered chocolate
    so go online and look how to either temporary or CHA
    or just buy a temper chocolate with her and this will work with candy now
    as well which are are ready to pamper so
    this is where in office bachelor comes in really handy
    he just wants you to spread your chocolate out
    even lame higher surface here
    and week you want to be fairly
    n may have just a little too much %uh
    you want the TV pic want to be nice and
    then spread out and take off
    out west action here him to come in with I
    ben Shahn well has
    get that nice and smooth Anne
    now need to set this aside and let it cool
    probably about
    it you can see it
    kinda shiny now you know get to a point where it's got just a little bit Joe
    sheen and that's the point we won't come back in
    hand maker pack McCann
    on Fri
    what you look like an alien
    it's a nice state flag
    make I want is you
    couple of commercial tools you can't seem to really enjoy that for those are
    you working on shots these kinda things research
    this is what we call home and listening you can see question his
    actually came from the hardware store but you can tell it like it is
    kitchen stores and get a green shops Co has to rate at
    usually three different sizes just like this one test
    basically just wanted shoes which side come
    that you want to use this case only use largest
    each to scan put here
    and stay in my turn to just exactly what we do with our bench
    taking a couple times to get the cruise
    that you more now you can get one take this and move it up and down
    to get away the edge you can just
    while its trade downed a little more difficult you can also
    taking up and then take it back across to hatch
    pattern on the side crosshatch hack she can do a lot of things would
    you can also take a and spin it around on the top
    she had yeah take in the center
    in after real even pressure
    hardware around next pointed you
    show you how to get nice and ripped
    chocolate around the Sun now we're going to use I cannot move fast I have just
    we should have then this cannot ship
    now you got to remember that cannot is just Chapel Church
    and heavy cream melted together
    no to get this thing is you see how easily it caps off
    you wanna just continued had T through my teeth them
    heavy cream to chocolate chip until you get this night
    then consistency so
    for this we want to use something new
    poor you get from one to four and he won a special
    was checked for Chace around the NGV reluctantly
    on the top edge Fiat
    secure no you don't want to linger too long are you
    walls will be ray each who had a
    you this release
    and consistency going on
    to get a nice Keeney
    trips tens
    connects to land one show you is this
    started it's a number

    this is considered pastry tip
    he alerted me to drop in my yeah
    without Cup know the moment
    my back fun tightening yeah I was doomed
    holiday my reading welcome to the top Mikey
    now Columbia my flags on our very nice
    need looking dessert cake so I'm gonna start
    and about an inch from AK and squeeeeze
    and rotate and release
    to point okay
    so I want a nice fat place to put my
    factor may come directly across from
    this is how I'm gonna get nice even I'm
    pacify thing here you can see that this
    big star chick makes a nice rifle it's really pretty
    i'm in a mood so between the ears and it'd be about
    hand and income
    correctly crust now
    grass tree crushed here that
    tough make right place now where we can cut and flat
    and you
    can see that they turn back
    dark and we still have more mahogany color hair
    and if you touch this its tacky
    but not the United pull up in a child so this is about the point
    where you can cut your flack
    so first thing you want to do is start
    diagonal cut all the way across
    and I'm making these about an inch and a half
    why you really can make them anywhere
    now if you wait until this is
    too hard and you try to cut hit they'll break
    and you'll just lose 'em okay so
    you got your diagonal so now we need to make
    are cuts that come directly across and this'll give us
    what size our class are going to be separatist are here
    just straight down about this for a while
    and you can see you're gonna lose some so you want to make out the Nesquik
    chocolate to get
    and a flat-out this years ago and the freezer or fridge
    for another
    minutes or so or just leave it out about another
    and it should be good
    you have time that serve those class
    on power K an
    good news about 6 a.m. you can see Africa
    one here now you can go home all different directions this one
    wanna go ahead and just anger straight
    India just seem kinda get a look how that will be
    get a little bit and her excited take kinda
    doing it with some different scientists try to kinda Nationa
    use the same size all the way around
    watch to make sure that your edges
    are all the thing going in the same direction
    you can see it got really Bay
    Hall design here for the top UK
    it's really quite simple you can't keep these
    flag her
    plastic nice cool place in the last a really long time
    him in the freezer and that way when you're making dessert cakes there are
    ready to go
    you can see good really pretty
    topper here care I hope you guys enjoy
    where they had a fears simple dessert cake okay
    you can find me at the R crossing at Facebook
    you can find it doesn't get any doubt they are defrosting got lost but dot com
    you can you know me to Syria cake decorating question
    at cake decorating instructor at gmail dot com
    if you like this video please share
    don't forget to subscribe and you can always share
    your work with me if you tried it K or any other than any others
    on my channel please send me a picture
    you can now host on right on Facebook at the art
    crafting thanks again guys wealthy all against him
    do *** *** Decorating a Chocolate Ganache Cake - YouTube !!!
    the do
    the alarmed FBI moment from the King Arthur Flour company
    and today I'm going to show you a variety of techniques
    for decorating cakes all right now we're gonna take the cake that we poured with
    an eyelash
    transferred to a cake for and then
    decorated and finish that one began ashes Mason cold
    I'm going to look and see if there's any feet if there are
    and they're generally are it's good practice to just go around clean that up
    so the cake can look a little nicer
    when you put it on the board the Corsican eyes to a base border
    in which case you won't have to worry about that
    some people when the poor cakes to put a ring here and put the cake on the ring
    so the cake is actually elevated
    and then the Grays can I just ripped down T can do that or you can do it the
    way I just show you which you can also wind up with the clean result
    with fewer dishes to wash which is a good thing so to decorate this cake I'm
    gonna make another eight piece cake and I'm gonna
    just twirling towards the centre going to aidid those
    morning senator kinda even things out
    and I can just put some rosettes
    on either side the first month and here we have a chocolate cake
    filled with chocolate cream in road to the chocolate cannot
    and finished with chocolate buttercream
    done *** *** Decorating a cake in pure chocolate ruffles and wraps - YouTube !!!
    hello my name's Nick econ today I'm gonna show you how to decorate a
    wedding cake with pure chocolate muffins
    and day
    taking a she now is quite check a and takes a little bit a practice
    but I'll take it in stages step-by-step to get a good understanding on how to do
    so what I have here is a frozen marble slab has been sitting in my freezer
    overnight at least eight hours by Daily
    longer the better
    and here in my town
    I've got tempered white chocolate I prefer to use
    temper chocolate but this particular technique that is a marvelous finish
    to the cake a lovely snap eat really beautifull a
    he could alternatively just melt some chocolate rather than temperate but it's
    not gonna eat in the same way
    it also need a flexible food grade
    so whatcha gonna do now is on a scrape down the port
    many ice crystals performed on that
    what that down year ago
    and the kitchen clock and then
    with my Lehto
    take a little bit the temperature ok let place around board
    and work as quickly
    as possible cuz this is gonna start setting immediately scrape off
    the chocolate and then lift up the decoration
    from the boys she gonna a better time to work through this take a small
    palette knife I'm attach chocolate onto their
    and wrap it around the cake
    and then using the cake board
    underneath you can turn the cake round is your
    turntable another amount of
    chocolate onto the rack picking up
    quickly and attach that
    to the cake and as top part the cake
    clean any excess of a scraper
    & Poor's and then like a next level
    i'm looking across the marble slab say that
    this bit and get warm and the NAP it will be cold the next
    my small and chocolate what a shock
    final a quick clay if you don't like
    the ruffled edges you could always just remember just by using the edge of the
    and then cut it in half so
    you have was straight band without the roughly
    edges which every prefer
    so if they're a little bit then and
    selling the National cake is showing through
    you can always make another band
    and put that
    Trinity to put that over the top known as a bit
    see through the essay I might just put to have a band
    just gently
    feed and into their
    mamsted down it
    a little bit a joke that UK
    you have
    urged with the maps and now we're going to bomb to ruffles
    if you've only got
    team up with and it worked with wanna put this back in
    the freezer
    get another few hours and go back to the cake later
    say you can either cut this in hardcore use a whole shapes want to quickly
    just left that on hands what
    basically concertina filled that
    into a lovely shape they've got a limited amount of time
    to do this before it starts at so
    and units were quite quickly see if you believe this but to no one here its
    set too hard and snap and then
    this fine position that goes on to their
    and shutdown
    and sure enough the keenest on the chocolate at the moment just to stick
    but only if this is getting a little bit
    set you put a little bit as at chock Alana using
    you up at night just teasing you don't cake
    you wanna make a smaller raffle
    it would cut that chocolate in heart and you sure
    Palin I'm just say get under there again and
    yeah I'm concertina
    that chocolate obviously that with this report says to heart
    make neither work with the now the Reg which is a bit
    less cut and more delicate fine
    give you that's what a finish then touched it you
    in the best position have a look which works best
    to the cake one
    move around and
    actual an expat a chocolate onto a
    is trying to keep create that day
    check to just fill any gaps and
    last one gently
    things quite warm quite careful eighth
    into into place
    to allocate just to check that everything
    is know you'd like it made always add a few more
    the band's or replacing the Raffles if you know with the position
    there we have it one finished cake
    with pure chocolate ruffles and wraps *** *** White Chocolate Mum Cake- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make Chocolate Curls | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    So I'm going to go to the fridge and get my sheet tray that I put in there so it would
    get nice and cold. To make chocolate curls or chocolate cigarettes I have a cookie sheet
    or a brownie pan that I've let sit either in the refrigerator or the freezer just until
    it's nice and cold. I'm turning it over so I have a nice flat surface to work off of.
    My chocolate is going to go right on, I have my tempered chocolate, right onto the surface.
    I'm going to use a small offset spatula just to spread it out really nice and thin. Just
    all over the surface, and you're going to see, because the sheet tray is really nice
    and cold, it's going to start setting up right away. You can tell when chocolate is starting
    to set. It'll go from a very shiny, glossy, wet look to start to become mat and thick.
    You can see already, as I spread, my chocolate is starting to cool down. What I'm going to
    do is keep spreading not really for the purpose of making it any thinner but just for the
    purpose of continuing to cool it down.
    The next thing I'm going to do is just grab my bench scraper. You can take your chocolate
    and kind of hold onto the pan a little bit. I'm just going to push it away from me, and
    what that's going to do is create nice, big, kind of thick, beautiful curls. You want to
    do this when your chocolate is still slightly warm.
    And you can see it's a great way also to make cigarettes. Just sort of push away from you.
    Really nice, big shards, and when I put those on top of, if I have a cake that I've covered
    really beautifully with a ganache or with any sort of glaze, if I put those curls kind
    of all on top it's going to be a really beautiful presentation. You can see how nicely they
    kind of curl right on to each other. It's like self cleaning your cookie sheet.
    That's it. I'm going to save all those. Be careful not to break those up, because they'll
    break pretty easily. So turn your pan around and do the rest. You can just sort of inch
    it away from you. Really nice curls. A great technique if you have a block of chocolate
    you can just take a grater, or a knife, or a peeler, and kind of grate big shards of
    chocolate in the same way and get those really nice, big pieces. *** *** 7 Chocolate Decorations - Shards, Spheres, Discs and More! | Elise Strachan - YouTube !!!
    hey guys at the laser welcome back to another my cupcake addiction episode
    then you'll be showing you how to make them really fun and super simple
    chocolate decorations I love these guys because they help take all of your cake
    bake them straight over the top today need to be using chocolate so I've got
    white and milk if you're using chocolate that contain the ingredient cocoa butta
    you will need to temperate compound chocolate which is tough but that
    doesn't contain cocoa butter melted down the microwave and its gonna set really
    not visible through its really well with candy melts you can make your
    decorations light bright and fun colored as you like and you think to some basic
    household equipment so I've got a tough deal behind them bubble wrap so make
    sure you're working with clean dry bubble wrap I've got some brown paper
    towel roll and I just cut it into little section
    paper-thin baking paper and I'm using a silicone cake pop all I've been a little
    bit of luster dust off the dust is really readily available it'll be cake
    decorating stores and had just a little bit of something extra thing about
    decorations today and I'm also looking at thought of sprinkles I've got
    chocolate way possible and then regular fun bright colored sprinkles let's get
    started the first technique that I want to show you today it's kind of like a
    critical defect so it'll take some pot from paper should up into a little ball
    to run tonight and tie and then open it back up again it's relatively flat out
    that kind of gives us this little bit of texture that when we have to create
    trouble design all of that text just gonna go on to it for a little bit of an
    added effect I'm gonna brush hop the sheet with them gold laughed at us you
    can see what happens when you had a little bit of color touch up with
    decoration as if you have a clean new makeup brush that allows you to put a
    lot more luster on in a much shorter amount of time instead of working with a
    teeny tiny little paper saddam you take some of my milk chocolate and I'm just
    gonna spyridon you don't need too much and then I'm gonna use my off thats
    actually spread out to the edges across that lasted up so you could also use a
    knife but these a fantastic the spreading around the chocolate may just
    make the job of it easier to try not to be spreading over it too many times as
    you want to drag the lasted us up off the paper and through the chocolate are
    you sure
    department should look something like this no I'm gonna put mine just onto a
    tray for that that's really not been flat and you want to put them in the
    fridge if literally take like five minutes to that because it's so nice and
    with that when setting in the fridge I'm gonna take my bubble wrap and I'm gonna
    get milk and white chocolate mousse you can see a couple of different variations
    so again I'm gonna pop a nice couple of tablespoons of TSP chocolate onto the
    bubbly and you need a little more of this chocolate because they have to be a
    bit thicker than not parchment paper and then I'm gonna pop some white down the
    other end and in the middle I'm gonna put a dollop of age now I'm gonna give
    me the guys it's a little thriller and the end of my office that's actually not
    too much I just want to model them a little and then I'm going to use that
    special come up to my milk chocolate spread it out to the edges and then come
    down to that modeling chocolate and then wiping my milk chocolate all that I
    don't get too much of it in tomorrow watch all clips I'm gonna come down into
    my want to the edges now as I get close I'm going to just move that marble
    chocolate together and kind of just scrape the two of them together the back
    of your truck but not a great indication as to how it's gonna look so if you want
    to see how it's looking at how about modeling effects coming through you can
    pick it up and you can look straight through that one can go into a trade and
    into the fridge that fifteen minutes to that now going back to you than just
    straight pottery paper again I'm gonna show you like Lockheed version and then
    a really fun kind of a colorful vision once again taking some of our milk
    chocolate springing it on an enemy of my office to just do my truck evenly over
    my parchment paper
    beautiful not take that and get a couple of good tax on the bench to smooth it
    block improve before it got to that i'm gonna take my little
    mocha colored way possible and i'm looking to sprinkle them don't go too
    crazy with these you don't you don't want to pack of really powerful punch
    I have moved on with things like chopped up pieces of tire barone Reese's peanut
    butter cups now before I put that went into the fridge before it got to that
    too much you'll notice that it put it touch dry but it still flexible so I can
    still pending around the opportunity to cut into some fun shape so I mean you
    the night then I'm just gonna cut down the thought that I've got really nice
    kind of pages I'm gonna divided into three or four now gonna take my knife
    and I'm gonna cut straight through the center here and you can manage to get
    all the way down all three of your people it makes it a little smoother if
    you can get everything done in
    cut world divided and separated and ready to
    go on a trade off into the fridge that a similar technique but a bit of a more
    fun and flatly different spin on it was going to take some white chocolate onto
    strength plane parchment paper and I'm going to spread it around my office but
    it does pay to not go all the way to the very very outside edges of your
    parchment paper could you can see I'm actually using the just to maneuver my
    paper round so I can handle it pick it up get it onto those trade not been
    easily against I'm not talking on the bench to flattop and then we're gonna
    put them fund brought funfetti thought of sprinkle over a white chocolate this
    is fabulous for a kid's body fabulous anything where you just want to add a
    pop of color but you want more than just sprinkled on a regular cupcake with this
    one again I've let it just get tacky but still flexible so I can still kind of
    roll it around but to touch it I'm not getting any chocolate might think I'm
    gonna take the circle cut it all different shapes and sizes and I'm just
    getting into the chocolate and just cut out for a nice little circular shapes
    just a little with the little to make sure that cutting knife in shopping

    or problems getting those that if you find that your truck sticking to a
    single cut it and try to pull it up the paper just wait another couple of
    minutes because it might just not be funny that enough and then some of my
    alternating thought and then that won't get fired on at right as off into the
    fridge to moving on now for a little cake pop mall I'm gonna use the side
    that doesn't have the little holes in a bit normally let the little bit of
    public strategy baking and I'm gonna use my last it does so rather than the
    entire inside could we find that to be so effective I'm gonna take a left
    adductor my paintbrush ticket into my little containers toughing it over the
    now you wanna take a little bit of chocolate I tried this with the white
    chocolate and it wasn't as effective Dr Oakland give you the best result no
    trouble they worked beautifully could you get that really not contract between
    the golden brown
    I'm gonna take about half a teaspoon of chocolate and I mean a drop in and then
    I'm going to gently used the back of my spoon to just run that chocolate right
    up the side once again trying to move around too much in there because we want
    not a little bit of luck to death the state just driving around to make a
    leftist straight don't worry if these are a little bit we're gonna do to cart
    get that first coat on and I'm gonna get them into the first thing about five
    minutes and once this that you want to come back I'm gonna reply just another
    thing to cart the reason that I do to encourage and not one thick want this so
    that I get not even edges otherwise the tropical got a tendency to a pool down
    the bottom of the bowl and you don't get a nice kind of the top edge you can work
    with when you try to join the together one second card although it back in the
    fridge for five minutes and they're ready to pop out for a final technique
    that I am using my deposit back and just spooning in some of my milk chocolate
    and get a pair that I just got a very fun little tip of the end so I've got a
    really fun to spend but in a nap tailback
    moby the past paper now and I'm just gonna create almost like a bit of a
    Celtic swell or a bit of a haphazard spoke to the knife and began loopy but
    you also want to make sure that we go over a couple of times that it's strong
    enough to hold their own way and then back into one of your little towel roll
    like a nice curb almost like a bit of a basket but not quiet very now go off
    into the fridge to set as a little sneaky extra take me call you but that
    the block backfield did you know that if you've got a steady hand you can
    actually brought in chocolate right things like Valentine
    sorry putting short messages you can't write an entire but you're not fun would
    like love by just writing thread on some parchment paper up and making sure that
    all of your lid is completely join up to get that perfect Valentine's Day all
    about hard work making chocolate decorations it paid off and we have a
    ton of different options for now I guess this is the big reveal my favorite one
    have to be the one with the lifted us to get that all you wanted to be not and
    family that they take it out of the fridge down on the table and then just
    feel that back you can see there beside that we've got the last two tough talk
    on what you've got is a really not take it kinda giving you that crinkled effect
    without really you think anything fancy at all
    we don't want me that kinda like to break them up into almost like triangle
    shaped or different shapes thing remember you can always make them
    smaller but you can't make them big again if in doubt leave some of them a
    little bit bigger than you think you're gonna need until you really about
    decorating stage and you want to make sure that you've got enough pieces to go
    around but wow factor to make them super nice and high next
    people are just
    gonna be a little kind of Kleenex and they just come straight out you can see
    those gorgeous little could fly color and detail kind of in a bit of a
    filigree affect how little the funfetti think you should just be able to pop
    those little circles out of that main piece of chocolate whenever I make
    chocolate decorations I try to never just make one type because I think your
    cupcakes or cake snow banks can look amazing with sort of a bit of an
    assortment old different sizes shapes textures and colors on top the bubble
    wrap is another one that I think the beautiful wow revealed that oversaw its
    flat on the bench again and then I'm gonna peel and putting quite a bit of
    pressure without cracking my truck clinton so that I can actually pull that
    bubble wrap up in a thick white family into the chocolate and I get to the end
    I'm gonna put my hand on the rest of my people and pull the remaining bubble
    wrap off once again just break it up you can cut it if you want but if you do
    want to cut it using
    knife then I'd recommend just waiting for that chocolate to come to a little
    bit more of a room temperature could then it'll cut a bit easier it would be
    a likely to be in places that you don't necessarily want nothing in how cold
    that that is texture it's an amazing decoration and had so much hot and well
    fucked up anything you make you a little triangle for those waffle bowls or
    whatever sprinkle of you should just come out like lovely triangles but be
    very very careful with the pointed tips that you know not those tips off their
    effective because the shop and pointed a little lettering should just feel
    straight up the back of that parchment paper because they've made sure there
    are joined together the perfect as they are and then for a little chocolate
    bowls if all these ones because they're in silicon they kind of gonna want to
    suction into it a little bit she could have to peel them away but be careful
    because they can kind of pop out and surprise you sometime you can see those
    gorgeous little details that we've got enough of a hint of Mattel it to make
    them super classy but we haven't had to use tons and tons of lusted us to get
    that affect you want to use them as hot as you can but you can also take them
    away from hot for iPad for just a second or two to slightly mill those ages and
    then use that heat and therefore they just to join them together they make a
    gorgeous affected everyone's gonna be able to you how you did this we've made
    seven amazing decadent and utterly delicious chocolate decorations you guys
    are only limited by your imagination but the how you can apply the cake cupcake
    bake brownies pretty much whatever you like if you subscribe to the channel
    make sure you do for two new videos every week if you make anything new to
    me that I would love you to integrate and using my cupcake addiction how I
    would love to share some of my favorite either way that thank you much tuning in
    to my cupcake addiction *** *** Piping Chocolate Writing (for cake decorations) - YouTube !!!
    and Marjorie
    margins he's I'm going to shape
    right message with chocolate as you can
    army taking place on how
    K canes using I think you need to know
    shop use your he's a great
    his dortch
    used anything message
    his have
    K use my shop
    and also my shop he should
    elvis and he called
    being wanted
    for point and
    around yes I'm from his birthday
    together impressed I really feel you really well have to do that
    showing me this video him
    some left handed them lawful
    walking should I think this is really about
    me right
    so people you can take
    recollecting them his
    tiredness and behold home from heart
    chop which is one pretty nothing near
    fictional on skincare you don't need too much miss you
    you are right huge some me
    painted changed
    like hello
    Hall mile up
    house wanna come to Salou
    a whole lot too small because you want to be certain
    okay across know what your message
    the economic happy birthday Micah
    cameraman so
    pending and have big cake is and you also want to try to make sure that all
    wire things started are white piece
    happy birthday
    I obviously my first letter is not connected
    but that's okay
    the same might go
    I can you make a little dot just have to collect that later
    and cross my team my
    here so
    am here
    what we need to do housed
    free-trader I could make a problem can't
    he did yeah way back
    intended are not and then
    actually happen again were many
    K my
    here many
    McKay hear what I did was I made this little chapel like a
    waivers you have YouTube video for in a half a block
    just because it's for demonstration purposes only
    pain see what kinda push for jim pickens you can just
    mandolin bitten came comes out very nicely
    so pick up peace
    and that the case plants down this way so we can
    happy you up
    down K Jim
    partnership problem finding a place to put the Black
    not been going in the middle here
    became might go down below
    me me
    I have really will
    I could put him I could
    go game steep
    dollar did you send any my family would know is that there was no not there
    wonder where a guy at the gate was bigger you can set it up a little bit
    better and
    but that gives you a general idea what to do
    you then when you moving the brown wooden around them
    parts doesn't break
    jiang go
    hasn't his
    absolutely gorgeous strawberries era all the way around your
    your K have already said well
    this cake is ridiculously small hole but still gonna be delicious
    is but if you're around there I see it on the big enough for four people so if
    anything happens to me
    with one for the x
    for the birthday boy him
    okay me ago thank you very much *** *** Chocolate Sweetheart Cake - How To- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    I am it lasted WYD they are trusting
    welcome back I've got some k to Green Bay
    as usual but today and here
    in my daughter's new studio this is Leah
    obviously my daughter did you do today
    to help show how to meet you beautiful can
    RK may be worth a shot me a lot I don't know that
    but she works with White Hart Lane can you know
    all the time simply way so join us
    let's get started shouldn't a tram
    Pask with chocolate now the key is mostly frozen
    which is really important I meant for the king of really quickly
    and move beyond it Potter after
    the cannot is called again I want to show you
    how much you gauge whether you're not
    is about the writing you want to be able to
    have core of the and your stature and that way you can tell
    did about the right thickness you also want to make sure
    that is pretty close to room temperature warm but not hot
    you know it's not right thing so I'm like super other view
    videos were used in a specially imported generous amount
    we want this to go all the way down the signs went to top
    may get my of that here in the middle and start to move the chocolate
    over the sides notice that I'm not my thing that's happened what united as
    they do this every day
    it's really important to you move your turntable and
    not your spatula as much because you really want to be.
    then and you don't want to get mom said chocolate
    yeah that's really sure and it starts to actually
    hard and big plays
    so as you can see on some parts for all recovered on others were not going to go
    ahead and move this factual around very quickly and very evenly
    as soon as it covered all the way around
    we Wiley & Lomb now
    business go quickly in the freezer so that this concert solidify
    might undertake is so pretty frozen once the Sun
    practices everyday solidifying
    and yeah I think for candy heart that's just me
    as you can see she's got some our committees are cut it out
    YouTube everywhere and we've got some larger
    she's actually doing it fairly touch a the
    can lean on evaporated for twenty like it hot
    love it here that we're using here so that they stay
    was just trying to work on so I do this a lot where
    and an easy day
    technique here and it doesn't have to be
    you know droning on line they can be abstracted makes really cool
    I many israelis here and as long as the design an insight touches the outside

    when it dries then
    you you'll be fine and
    the thickness has to be
    not too thin because you

    teal be able to take bath without breaking
    and usually when you do this you wanna do a lot in case I'm doing great
    cell Leah and I glassware design their
    which is great on it owner also even greater the border
    and she's gonna use some cornelia if the you to watch my videos are
    really familiar with karnal a ever designed we really need
    about 3 each so she's getting more than not
    so that we cover breakage but we want three-way
    3p and reread for our Design and about $
    small three media and three
    large what's the next technique you can use Leah online just making them smile
    and sending some rising
    and your didn't think that both ways and yeah
    NJ entity that way now and do you do one that didn't even have a border with to
    think that I'm
    she was thirty that one okay can see the way and I'm here but this is
    really really for see if there's not even a border
    bassam the great thing is we did in this freakin
    but you can also John here out Indiana's
    you know exactly what you want or really just playing with it
    and if you don't get it is only one it is enough to not the white chocolate
    down again
    and start over just break them up he handed you end up with extra
    you can store or you can break my
    and not come down again sometimes the end here
    get dry but the inside is still aren't so I have to do is just
    and call it and then you get your chocolate
    to come out now we've really done a couple they want to see that we can't
    fit those
    into still that three maybe these ok I DR
    medium-sized ones we need an area an enduring
    poetess and I'm just making sure that all the hoping that can detect the edge
    that %uh stay
    but it'll be super cute answer
    really whole designing
    my son and discontinue making
    how about some solid we just got the one in
    I usually just put a lot
    in the air and then I can push it with
    if it's seven-up I can push it with
    the end up my they had am NOT
    leading a march I am just pushing it with the end it like that
    here and the best there this I am doing now
    it's a little rat but when you take it up that
    the other side will be completely smitten
    taking years and now I'm gonna but some weight but that's on me
    on the tele and
    its JP and again so I'm just gonna
    pension and fish like he did last time mind in a bit of a pin at
    and I like to do you
    the polka dots we deal
    down a straight line and then the next row is actually
    on in the middle
    the airline so it was kinda be an end up on the diagonal to when you do it that
    yeah that scary really cue
    I love doing doing
    can it but that's a really makes it 3 right now
    review and one was the last for an importer and we're gonna show have had
    over the cup
    so the last min Lee is gonna show is one of my mom used to do
    with a strained my all the time which is done in royal icing
    but really the same technique so it's just a lattice work across
    and then she's gonna a border around the outside
    we're gonna do this one is different for action on layover
    her circuit service which in this case is a cop
    you can also use my mom used to use all
    bus salt shaker boxes /url softboxes me and doesn't have to be perfect
    white chocolate yes really do need to be a little bit hurt but with what happened
    it really does in a little bit messy is actually a little bit more modern
    but you want the last word to be fairly tight to their house constraining
    just putting just a little dreamers
    shell border around the house I and that would you give me just a score
    chocolate right here in and then let donna
    carefully to rate this okay class
    and then we want to let that I'm
    and an extremely carefully pull it off
    so I tough it is kinda late if I know this is going up so it's not gonna get
    hard but you can't touch it
    now I'd hate my fashion a lot and it's great to use in of that
    and creative team around the edge
    cutting what the excess chocolate away just so it doesn't stick
    now what we want to do as we want to get our special under me
    hold it really flat this is the harder
    I and move around
    BK use your turntable not your spatula
    what we're doing it for free in BK
    from the board all the way around
    then might get up underneath him and I'm doing here
    did you attend another quickly see whether he needs to be mostly frozen
    get it get your special under the edge
    can now who
    we did we're going to begin to put the hearts on we're hearing a mock
    were really really gently a show you how to do want you have the largest one
    what do you do it that early and you can't put a little chocolate the back so
    we can stick it on here and I'm gonna penetrate
    at the BET so that it can anchor
    it we can use it in anger okay
    and then next we decided they were coming in have
    by Cascada comes around and this is often the way exterminate might have
    is up with that anger and
    the top know this is going to be a little bit tricky so I mean it but this
    but someone behind it work and it now and I'm gonna hold it
    well yeah the next few just getting pôle
    the a carefully like that and it comes up pretty easy just don't wanna Mira
    because though del no great so
    hutch uncle who work and you know
    meant that this one behind him and holding can you not
    guys pretty quickly see you don't have to hold it till I just make sure it
    so remember that critelli lace one
    that we did I'm we broke it so
    receive any use it we're actually gonna put it behind
    me big heart
    and penetrated in accent with this time
    and we're just an essay contest at the hearts
    and make it look pretty so
    this is actually are latticework that we put
    over the captaincy happy dancing around it is
    it's really kind of a dynamic black
    so to balance out the top I'm gonna go ahead and put the solid heart
    just behind and is gonna Tackett lately for filling in our cascade no
    and all caskets go we start from the bottom
    in the top and move
    toward the center so we're getting real close to our center here
    or is continuing to play with our hearts and filling in at this point this is
    really important about cascade
    that they're going to be a point where you see that you need to fill
    in and that's what we're doing here he is that they don't
    really want to go crazy with your
    initial flowers our hearts or whatever wanna be on the phone where it's needed
    I think I want one more right here
    and I miss a we are done with that part of it
    now leftovers I think it be great to just put around
    so I hope you enjoy it pledges me this a little sweetheart K
    great not under no I day
    and you can t wait around JFK but

    hartford for little girl not hard
    this is a great day doesn't just great Peter
    PB here but the light
    please do anything
    here at yeah and
    these right there's a lot going to a meeting at my
    more yeah
    yeah alright
    drillers do
    doing *** *** How to Decorate a Chocolate Cake Fast | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    Hi, I'm Katie, and today I'm going to show you how to decorate a chocolate cake. So here
    I have two layers of a really beautiful, you can see how rich this chocolate cake is. It's
    like heaven in a cake. But I have two, eight or nine inch layers. You can use any size
    you like. And what I'm frosting it with is what's called a ganache. A ganache is a little
    bit of heavy cream. You bring it to a boil and you pour it over your dark chocolate chips
    or milk chocolate chips and just whisk it together until the chocolate melts. What I've
    done is you can see it's slightly thickened because you can either let it sit out at room
    temperature or you can refrigerate it for about half an hour until it's nice and spreadable.
    And I'm ready to frost my cake. So I'm going to take a big dollop of my ganache right in
    the middle. And this is a very kind of homespun chocolate cake. But if you want to go even
    more decadent, you could take this same ganache and use it while it's warm, and just glaze
    the surface of your cake instead of swirling it like we're going to do. You can see, just
    with my large offset spatula, I'm just pushing all of the frosting to the edge of the cake
    just making sure I have a good layer. And now I'm going to top it with my second layer.
    So yummy. Delicious.
    So the rest of my ganache right on top. Oh, my goodness. I think I have the biggest sweet
    tooth of anyone in the universe. I'm pretty sure. Then all I'm going to do is slowly let
    the chocolate just kind of seep down the sides of the cake, and it's just going to relax
    itself out. And you can see already I'm getting those beautiful swirls. So pretty. Just swirl
    it all over, and if you need to add more, you can definitely add more. But now, all
    I'm going to do is angle my spatula and just push the ganache down the sides of the cake,
    go all the way around so it's all covered.
    And another great thing. If you've ever had a Brooklyn blackout cake, they take the leftover
    crumbs. So if you have a little extra chocolate cake batter, you can bake it in a separate
    pan, take the crumbs, and just push the crumbs all along the surface of the outside. It's
    a really nice look. But all I'm going to do is, staying with my offset spatula, or you
    can use a spoon, just create big swirls all along the sides and the edges. You can see
    how... I know it may not be the fanciest cake in the world, but it's definitely probably
    one of the most delicious.
    So that is it. Just clean up your edges with a wet paper towel. And that's how you quickly
    and easily decorate a gorgeous chocolate cake. *** ***

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