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    I guess it's time you hear about come to my YouTube channel today I'm going to
    show you how to decorate these beautiful heart cookies using pre-made hard royal
    icing transfers to make the transfer some using stick girl I think that I
    call it with some yellow and also something called coloring you also going
    to need wax paper and a heart stencil gonna spread a thin layer of icing on
    your stencil keeping the stencil in place
    because I wanted to get a two tone I'm also going to some yellow
    now carefully lift up the stands though
    and repeat with the process you gonna have to let this dry once tried you can
    trust your heart with pearl luster dust
    and then simply peel them off the box paper once ready to decorate you gonna
    start by I seen your cookie with wide realizing
    using a needle tore it off peak evenly distribute the icing and now take up a
    bill I sing then second consistency and five does all over
    once you're done fighting all the dads give you a cookie a light this way all
    the great dads will sink into the white and now you're ready to add your royal
    icing transfers
    now take over a royal icing and fiber border for this I'm using slightly
    thicker I think
    I'm going to the border with this pain you can find the link we can get this
    edible paint them below in the Description box and that's how you can
    make these cookies decorated with pre-made hard I sinclair's first I hope
    you guys enjoy this video don't forget to check out my other videos that I
    posted thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time *** *** How to Pipe Basic Royal Icing Stringwork and Halloween Spider Web Cookie Pops - YouTube !!!
    in this video I will be showing you how to make spider web cookie pops
    including basic string work with Boyle a single
    to be in the base level two colors Avastin together and let the a singer I
    I think consistency is key you can find a video min
    sec amazing old news by
    clicking the link above
    press a peaceful tutorials and most items need to make these cookies
    can be found on its be talking a dotnet links are in the description below
    to type this way here de-icing dissection of dots
    on the site at the cookie using gentle pressure on the pike
    pure string as long or as short as you like adhere to the next up by attaching
    and leading cause of the pressure on the field
    yes inconsistency for the string work needs to be fairly thick
    to check the consistency def the stillness the ice and left
    yeah I think should stand straight up you can pay
    whatever you feel like for patterns for this cookie opaque the second layer of
    in between the points for the first and that capillary try to line so they're
    taking away from it doesn't touch the link below it
    and attach the m
    almost finished typing the whole string
    if you make a mistake close but I'm its easy to gently lift or any icing with a
    people are scared
    I'm certainly not an expert
    and hope to improve crimea stream or practice
    when she finished all your strength work hyped-up
    only read help points down with the damping
    crash toothpick or needled
    it here if you can t pearls for the spiders body pipe LAX
    and UTEP you can find this video with a complete list recipe
    tutorials on speech okay to that thanks for watching *** *** VALENTINES HEART COOKIES 💕 - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys it’s Ro! I thought I would make a quick video because I am making
    some edible Valentines Day Treats for my friends. And I thought, maybe some
    of you might need a last minute Valentines Day Gift Idea.
    I’m basically making cookies with Cookie!
    She’s been stuck to my side all morning! I don’t really know why, she just always
    wants to sit with me today.
    Cookie, do you want to be my valentine, is that what’s going on?
    Today I’m gonna be taking a traditional Valentines Day Conversation Candy,
    and giving it a modern twist. I’m gonna be making sugar cookies that look
    like the candies. I love all the pastel colors.
    But we’re gonna be writing more modern, popular sayings.
    Because these conversations, they’re cute, they’re classic!
    Let’s Kiss, Crazy For You. XOXO, they’re just not as modern as I like,
    so let’s get started!
    To start off, you’ll need to make sugar cookie dough, I used the almond
    sugar cookie recipe from my Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, but you can use whatever
    recipe you like. The reason I use this one is because it holds shape of cookies
    very well while it bakes, I love this recipe.
    I’ll put a link down below to where I’ve made it before.
    The things you’ll need to make this dough will be:

    cups plus 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3/4 cup almond meal,
    butter at room temperature, 2 large eggs,

    teaspoon of salt,
    a teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg,

    teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1/2 a teaspoon of almond extract.
    The first thing that you’re gonna do is roll your sugar cookie dough to be
    of an inch thick, lightly flour the top, so that our cookie cutter
    doesn’t stick. And now you’re gonna take a heart shaped cookie cutter and
    we’re gonna cut a bunch of little hearts.
    I’ve done a lot of baking on this table, I like to hang out here and decorate!
    Sometimes Mo and I watch movies while I’m decorating little cake pops.
    It’s so comfy Cookie fell asleep already!
    She’s like, wake me up when the cookies are done!
    Remove the excess dough, I’m just balling it over here and then I’m gonna
    re-roll it and make some more cookies.
    I’ve got a baking sheet lined with a piece of parchment paper, and you’re gonna
    transfer all of your cookies over here. And what I really like about this
    recipe is that they don’t expand too much. They really do hold their shape!
    This is why its
    Once you’ve got your cookies on the sheet, what I’m gonna do is pop these cookies
    in the freezer for about
    minutes, this will help the sugar cookie hold its
    shape while they’re baking, just a fun tip!
    After they’re chilled in the freezer you’re gonna pop ‘em into the oven
    and bake ‘em at
    for about
    You’ll just want to take them out before they start to brown!
    Cookie, you’ve been so patient that I’m gonna give you a little heart shaped dog treat!
    Yeah, I found those at the store! Good girl!
    Once your cookies have baked and had plenty of time to cool, you want to make
    sure that they’re not hot anymore, because we’re gonna be icing them!
    If the cookies are still hot, it will melt the icing, you don’t want that!
    This is the fun part! It’s time to decorate!
    I like want to have a cookie party right now because look at all these colors!
    This looks so fun!
    That would be a fun idea for Valentines Day! You could invite a bunch of friends
    over and have a cookie decorating party!
    You can come if you want.
    I get a lot of questions about what type of icing I use, and this is a royal
    icing, I made this from scratch, it’s super easy, all you’ll need is

    a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 4 cups of powdered sugar.
    You just mix it up, and then dye it the colors you want.
    I used a bunch of different food colorings to make them look like the pastel
    colors of the conversation hearts, and ta-da! We’ve got the rainbow!
    Alright, so what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna take a sugar cookie,
    and ooh let’s start with purple!
    Look at this you guys! I’m living, I’m learning, these are little rubber
    covers that go on top of the tip so that your icing doesn’t dry out!
    And then here, I just scooped a bunch of my royal icing into a plastic baggie,
    I put a number 4 tip at the end, for just a little bit more control.
    You don’t have to do this, you can just use a ziplock baggie and just cut
    a small little hole at the end.
    Cookie! You’re supposed to be helping me!
    These are really easy to ice. The first thing that you’re gonna do to decorate is outline
    all of your cookies.
    1 thing to look out for is if your icing starts to run off the side of the cookie,
    the icing is just a little bit too thin, so just add a little bit more powdered
    sugar, to thicken it up!
    And on the other end of the spectrum, if you’re having a really hard time
    piping, you can add a little bit of water.
    You can ice them all the way to the edge, but I like to leave a little bit of
    room, showing my friends that these are some fresh sugar cookies!
    Henny, what are you doing over there?!?!
    After you’ve piped the outline of your heart, we’re gonna let it sit for about

    It’s kind of creating a fence, to hold all of the icing.
    So I’m gonna sit it off to the side. And, ice some more!
    I’m gonna be icing my cookies all of the colors that I have up here,
    except for red, we’re gonna be using red to write on the actual conversations.
    Alright now we’ve got our cookies all outlined and we’re gonna fill them
    in with icing! Which, is called flooding, there’s a little bit of baking
    terminology! Now we’re gonna flood our cookies!
    Flood them with icing! Which is the yummiest kind of flood.
    And I do Zig-zags back and forth, bew-bew-bew-bew-beeewwww!
    And then I like to take a little toothpick, move the icing around, fill it in.
    Just make sure it all touches!
    This is why I like to use royal icing on cookies, because you get a very
    smooth finish once it’s set.
    And then you’re gonna do this to the rest of your cookies.
    Now it’s time to use our red royal icing, I’ve made the red royal icing a little
    bit more thick by adding a little bit more powdered sugar.
    I do this because when you’re piping on letters, I really want them to be firm
    and hold their shape. They’re a little bit more detail oriented.
    Now I’m gonna pipe some popular conversations, I was thinking of some while
    these were drying. And the first one that came to mind was BAE!
    Gotta give a cookie to your BAE!
    Alright, here’s our first
    Next I’m gonna pipe ILYSM, I Love You So Much!
    Now I’m gonna pipe the rest of my cookies and come up with some fun conversations.
    I really like this idea because if you have any inside jokes with your friends,
    or family members, or a special someone, you can pipe some of those little words
    on here too!
    Ta-da! Here are all the Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies that we made today!
    It was a very fun twist on a traditional Valentines Day Candy!
    We’ve got: Text Me, Senpai, Relationship Goals, Ship It, Yes Queen,
    I love you so much, On fleek, or it could be eyebrows on fleek, up to you,
    up to you! Swipe right, for all my girlfriends using Tinder.
    Keepers to the right, creepers to the left!
    My squad, Pizza? BAE, DM Me, and Netflix and Chill, which is probably
    how I’m gonna be spending my Valentines Day!
    And, let me know in the comments down below what you would put on a Conversation
    Heart Cookie, because I’m probably missing some things.
    I hope you guys enjoyed them, this is a very fun, last minute Valentines Day
    gift idea, and I hope you have a good Valentines Day, bye-bye! *** *** Royal Icing Heart Arches- Cake Decorating- How To - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi and the person that they are crossing
    factors in cake decorating bit every so often I like to give you that it's
    something that's really all school
    to see me do some Australian list for for so now I'm gonna show you another
    Australian latest design that's really a lot of fun
    you kind of like assessor is when I show you how to do this
    straight-laced this is Roy I think heart
    show you three different designs that how you can do them
    her lot of fun really easy really fragile
    so let's get started so we're gonna take
    our cooking all their and
    take a Sharpie
    Hall ran inside to get this
    size heart you are you really want about for entire you can make the smaller
    not a whole lot bigger site don't know that they be strong enough
    let's get are smaller one in here lined up
    trace around the outside it make sure your
    points of Tehran so you can see your points are lined up
    now you've got your design turn it over
    face-down and you've got your
    number for writing tips: now you can do this which is cutting out the edge in a
    bag and
    you can see I'm just pinning it down just a tiny bit some I think
    you can do this by just cutting off the tip your hat but we don't recommend it
    for this one
    he really wanted even consistency have your
    on I think so
    for its gonna get started here getting our line thin
    only little trick to this one is you need to get around the corner and you're
    gonna need to start well
    at broker when just coming back over you're gonna need to stir
    angling outward ago
    get around that corner and I recommend
    kinda going around the site next just so there you then
    not real even pressure here
    and kinda hole and rock back towards yourself
    know it but we really did turn it to get a little better angle
    still common around here
    must stop and home I'm center once
    straight down come back over here
    and move around min try to get many
    as even as you can alright so there's that hard
    next we want to give ourselves a border
    I when he is just a little e-motion here literally year
    turning your tip
    in the shape of an EE and
    just about imperceptible but at the screen isn't really squeeze and release
    it then there in between
    now you can use a straight shell if you want to but I kinda like this
    strength that this kid's and them wanna come around the outside
    and I want to reverse that so stick out and come all the way room
    so if you intend to have
    wanna be's you wanna make $
    million thanks
    because these do break to get a nice
    her she can do just like this you up to get a nice curvature
    music insight I'll it oatmeal
    our container and has cut those in half
    and we're gonna leave this over that outside
    now you can lay it where the center it here
    or where this way so we're gonna Drake it
    me bring this up so you can see
    market very very carefully can repair it
    yes blank that now there should be a tiny bit of my thing left for me glued
    it before and you just wanna touch it let me on one side
    too much flew here will
    make it hard to get off and we want it as easy to get off
    as possible so
    it's been a couple a days I let our hearts try
    longer then overnight and the reason is it was really kinda wet rainy humid
    updated them and it's David is for not gonna be dressed so I'm drive her couple
    a days
    an out that the thing you know very wet humid let them dry longer
    you can see that once they're released I K just fly
    right %ah we have to be extremely careful
    at its website and you could set that ramp up your K
    are on thank you can't you can't but roses in sight
    it's just a really pretty ss3 let me show you the next time
    so that when you can see I draped over this way
    next time I read rate the opposite way
    tennis quiet
    you can see it looks a little bit different
    and virtue and digest class the
    called broken pieces from another moment you see that was just flat
    this one's really nice for just standing straight up
    on a cake in putting your flowers here or even
    on for weddings but the bride and groom in front
    so this is just great accessories and pretty simple to
    so I'm sure your minds aren't really working you guys better
    trying to figure out what you can do this designed for
    I know when I made in my mind started working again I had a meeting in a lot
    thing about
    years but I just love the design and I really hope you try it
    and I hope you send your pictures and your stories about how it worked out for
    don't forget to subscribe it's always free
    and like us ensure City Kan that helps a lot
    join me on my blog don't need to heat up the art frosting dot blots what outcome
    there's always new stuff but not always making a video
    and also Steph probably is lot also
    join me on Facebook they are prostate where their own time not sinister
    join the conversation see all the NCAA and lots more coming
    game *** *** Classic Over-piped Scrolls Trellis Cake - YouTube !!!
    hey its by the trumpet them a cake design
    and we're gonna be doing some mini cake piping today
    so I am let's begin
    alright so we're gonna be doing am
    at trellis basket minutes late
    tulipe flowers coming out and some leaves
    this came by accident and I was making cupcakes
    and a few the cupcakes when I went to character
    traps just had some issues
    and I didn't wanna wait to cut peaks though I did paper of
    and I realize that it by train them
    upside down so they were this was where the paper was
    it not like a mini cake surrender then
    waste the cupcakes sir have my family eat crimes
    I decided to go ahead in turn them into cue
    many cakes so I'm gonna show you what I did
    and here we go at before I start and you won't act that's them the tools you
    gonna need
    and it's now I you only a small mini cake and
    8 cake board to put them on and what I did was I just took actually my has been
    same strong Anna but a
    sheet cake boards and we cut it down to
    to fix to that the cake soon the plans
    an you'll need some relating you need a

    p.m. E writer you on the
    wrote to you
    and you'll need to leave to am
    the small sides gently this in st.

    you'll want a small
    artist brush this one's at

    and this one is named Wong

    and and a scraper absent
    sort your choice and then a have a
    cool boiled water and a member or
    another number one point by
    the color facing you what you flowers to be fair
    what you wanna do first haha you're going to give yourself
    I am base to work with said I'm going to be making
    me just going to Easter my piggy bank yes
    richard Bennett good want clean
    say you going to you me
    be and escrow at the bottom here
    not too high and down get to you cried at it is not completely per picture
    going to be over painting and with your rope
    so don't worry
    it's not exactly kar to wait the you want
    important part is you want to bring it down
    to YouTube I'm the urge to the edge
    have your own unique a step pressure
    in Remi's and
    you all know how picky I am Sam Diskin nightly
    the exit which is where you brush comes in
    trying that's me
    then top parts grill to high in a Munich him
    and to the center you gonna do and Macys grow
    see one in thresher even pressures you bring net see renowned
    you can see that he's keen king and receiving intake
    the key Inc out with the brash network is
    quickly put it back you wanna use freshly
    beaten icing good taking a nap is not hearing
    you want to keep your pressure Nathan evening
    you going to bring your see to connect
    with the bottom and your escrow image
    ruinous around so you can see I can't tight
    with my hand facing the other way I'll be treating your am so you can see
    exactly where I want it to look like
    see you want to look like that
    you see has started in the middle
    in your ass is right okay
    the next thing you're gonna do we're gonna draw some straight line
    for me personally it easier to turn it this way and Rome a straight line
    it doesn't matter whichever is easier for you
    CS tear antoine
    scroll with their key activity that you should be in to make alliances
    gently take up to I minister in

    it won't scroll chips a little bit I
    meeting gently coax it aren't there
    you never want to get here in for anything to European me tips I'll
    scratch it
    and they will constantly crew on you daily
    am so you want to take your your line
    in bringing straight
    across Syria making parallel lines you can continue making your parallel lines
    brown your ass girl to use the scroll
    you don't want to have them too close together but then you also don't want
    them to fire part
    book linkage rowland's in keep in mind the size
    the cake
    keep your pressure constantly going pressure pressure pressure
    then when you get to reopen and relieves pressure income of I have a few on here
    so now I'm going to just take an
    any humps and bumps the name might have that would cause problems lingered in
    the air over painting
    sign you want to take your lightly dampen brash and gently
    just take anyway is that sometimes it's easier to do that
    than to try and make an exact connection and this line needs to be straight
    in pale you can continue to do this
    down you scroll
    net went broke no problem there bridges can take your damn brash
    in gently lift him up in get him
    at the Mt
    you know is me me the man any have camera turned on
    you somehow
    become this nervous Nelly and I'm not
    do you think I want you to remember is just to have fun
    made under nitrogen is the other day
    in she was just having a blast that meant him right with me
    was a stage
    Martin's line Indian check the rest featured
    anything coming up the edges and with this small the cake
    and win gandu any larger than

    you it down to a one I went good

    either you don't want to smart very important yet not realistic
    make it very upset with this little line
    myself talking
    to the cakes and asymmetry did Amy
    down his stay in technology wanted to get musicological task you don't want
    in at didn't want this year and even though its delicate and beautiful she
    don't want those lines
    to be too thin in the morning you want them to be to you
    bookie could that you really want to look like
    is a trial won't do that
    it here a very small to keep you even hear pressure even so that the
    thickness of the airline stay in Spain just take your time
    make sure that you're going straight you can start going at an angle
    which can happen when you come down to this
    area rehear if that happens just natural I never snitch
    the new thing these were originally some cupcakes then
    head rich cupcake challenge
    you don't believe in ways to me
    only seen two hundred figure something out in a head

    this design an bigger cake
    in really like didn't buy my went to work for smaller cake
    women do one more in a minute check
    into thank him over my
    Sea scroll lying then just can't take my damn brash
    in gently now
    moving those lines to stream take that her way
    and United for it to work with the purse pink and swim emptying weinrich
    it and the a scene last longer it doesn't break down under
    and an assist small hands
    it the pressures easier me to if you wanna work with it as well
    and disposable pan are featherweight back
    it's fine whatever you are more comfortable
    it's gonna be when removed from you
    issue now
    I'll turn it around were actually you're looking at it
    from the direction then it's going to place so our next step is we're going to
    knife him the axonal
    lines and what you tryin
    find the middle point and your design
    in making easier for you to come out
    even at the end
    and can across nyack train keep the lines spaced
    the exact same that you did that you did two straight lines
    just fixing my county
    sharing and stand me
    thing and is it rang keep the spacing about the same
    wanna keep your pressure nascent
    even and keep your pressure even into how
    master slow your knee so few moving quite fast
    you don't want your pressure to be a little bit harder and
    you moving slow you know what in pressure to be a little bit
    and gently touch and
    that one didn't want to stay if you have one and it is in it hearing
    don't were sick is that most likely will cause you problems leaning
    weekend happening screws
    these were yeah make sure that bandmates were going
    I did forget to say
    I am used the rub down take care
    consistency for this to make sure you get all the air bubbles that
    last thing you want is the lines to have air bubbles in
    Easter breaking where they're not strong enough to Boulder
    when you do use from work
    so I'm gonna finish decide man
    I will go ahead incident boring you with it
    mentioned and no lines finish the other side
    and will its crew except that it and humoral antibody here and then
    her comeback what you did
    understand today and now work
    been twitching and runs
    tribes so we have
    are cross I am lines I'm I wanted you to see
    when it looked like I have mentors 28 you can do this you can add your scroll
    for your little trellis when you're done
    any you to sign or you can add it before
    I've done it both ways and I and it was easier it by adding it first
    the next to you going to do as you can as scroll with your

    in the new camera hand
    in a crack ways machine you're going to
    role I
    NAT I just lost that know I'm going to just try to attach it rather than take
    lines in continue to roll
    and you shouldn't be able to even see it reconnected you can you rule
    a back now to use year and then take it
    straight team
    to the coroner in release price now since I didn't lose that connection
    and going to do is going with my damn
    rise in gently
    it here it's you can't even tell right connected and now we're gonna do this
    see we good overall you can roll
    in antic
    much you gonna come around to see
    EU rule
    in into a crack for it mention to pass out
    the same place as you did your other one evening
    bring that
    Excel began ruled
    squished year sanchez in match him
    news kinda tapping him back into place to never gonna add on
    the decorative spire and I'm doing
    my personal chillin SEM is start
    just looking at minus-nine I'm going to start
    with me
    p.m. eat it
    and do and upside down as
    men mir in
    to the other side you can use any color you want
    I tried using uplift and didn't like the way
    it looked on the green so I went ahead and stayed with green
    let's do that again Minister
    we're gonna come
    make this rule
    time release in nearly any side
    anything keep him out longer going to take up that size creature
    reform management fix it with the president just replaced it with the
    minute little cram it down in this one
    man just bring in a little
    on the ocean here now will come
    machine you just have a nice not just mine you can put as many as you want
    remember you can write to file you do act
    prompting liner chalice so
    with the next one trimming
    this lani unity the exact same thing
    dismay clicking
    in British long and with the issue pressure
    is the world cocaine
    if you wanted to you could just use your perch weak hand with their
    and a tipping sometimes it's easier
    you think be worried I Met Your wines
    is what you're comfortable
    I don't like him me take you martin say which should be in
    now since he's actually want to take him
    I its evenly as possible so that he doesn't leave a mark
    burpees said he was never there
    here to unity year
    in really intense in get
    senior you cannot time
    does not have much not be too strong one more time where the sugar and I stirred
    Draper modern steam tulips now
    is my uncle individual design
    it now
    its chain
    leaving him our in
    San when you're not using your kid especially when it's there
    small took place at one point I for one
    I either gritted cover on or rested
    I'm p.m. holder paper towel
    and or if I can help me
    finger over it will not serve you just don't want drying and then use specially
    when you're
    at this late stage the games nineties go to redo pag
    me may have just gonna put some decorated will
    tots in in to do it
    die that doesn't help wind its
    want us riskin reading brush do dat
    that doesn't have a point night pressure
    your die release pressure take you chip
    Rambus for actually took him do not do that
    would not be a good thing you want a
    treasury-white you die release pressure
    M&T your chip in go around and that generally will get you
    a nice rounded topped that we don't have to make
    and other consistency just but thats repeats
    impolite hind stay beautiful beads
    duty Marine and you did you eat where you want you
    daisies if you do
    really is never flower you want
    lookin married even do sugar flowers and since I'll
    mainly quantity I need me tiny tiny panties
    this is a unique right now I'm just going to make
    my line coming out just looking at mine is I'm
    so I want to make my lil buying came out this way we believe they can be attached
    the just one is for line
    still materials
    tree release pressure income world peace sugar hanging
    by and Megan know their mind
    I will have attached rate here come out just a tad
    wider making pressure
    mean bringing
    him down Naseem crew
    to have longer just skip it
    interesting ok so we'll go ahead and at Arbys
    now one point by line will try to reach mass spectra at believes
    in here first City actually the night
    make sure they have a good slow-going I always check my flow before eating
    city and only
    in the couple's traces and I'm going to little this
    sleepin here so you wanna
    make contact star you re
    and then just can't take that back and forth with your hand to make a little
    bit of a scalar
    release pressure income at 2 p.m. and love these p.m. you need to
    because any beautiful beautiful points you can make your lease going in any
    direction you want
    nature does not grow just one direction
    just right
    in make sure to keep him in los mas o new issue pressure
    the engines me
    pierced you a to Guinness to use the freshies
    stinger will hired screen wine merchants
    ornery here's unique damn re thing
    release pressure
    now he came up higher them a scroll simes
    in nineteen taps these
    and they were gonna put ur the Sun our lines
    so it's easier obviously mister inside
    some insane burgers
    each want that line to eat rice didn't denton
    nearby you you want free here
    your line
    for your time
    see if it seems to be weakening still when you are releasing your pressure
    just wait a few minutes really isn't it I'm right
    you to make him a little bit bigger
    just by adding more pressure before you let go
    in pumping is keeping accurately
    news input is one little tiny one rechter
    to I'm
    and I'll go and side
    and it's okay if they stand up a lil I want to swim
    too much you know it your way
    1 I'm doing with the other ones mine moss green Cali
    in command as dark britain at conferences in current de Plano to
    leaves look alike okay and
    hours gonna put our border on
    so I'm going to be at the top
    heard this border first just can't put my hands
    looking at the green chic
    so I found the best way to do this
    is to start here at your point
    selling me show you your aunt this is stirred hear your point man in trying to
    make the connection coming around the other way
    so what you wanna do
    is you're going to shell order you make pressure release
    come down pressure release
    come down never did move far enough back so that your shells of him at the same
    anger that we rating pressure release contam
    any fuel line at you're tuned with your proceeding shall
    there should not be show
    one continuous crew no no no we stopped and started
    see don't have to worry about turning in
    just remember to release
    her to a pretty name again demand solution I'll
    to you gonna make contact pressure
    release and pull back pressure
    release and call back you see me do this borderline
    several times
    in on this last one new release
    come down just slightly
    and then take your damn brush bring him back to
    in touch him in and its grow
    which would be a lot easier than trying to connect him
    on the other side cynic
    have a nice connection and we're gonna do the same border down here
    and around here so I'll go ahead and do that
    out come back sherri the train final result so within
    minutes you have a cute little cake it would probably be faster if
    I wasn't the ring and if you mess up
    a Cupcakery doesn't come out from
    your paper correctly you can only strange
    detainees no cake imprint cute little too fine and there never will be at the
    so I am hoped a share with you some
    and staff and what I do when something doesn't quite work out where one
    I *** *** FILIGREE HEART COOKIES, HANIELA'S - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make Royal Icing (Plus, Coloring and Consistency Adjustments) - YouTube !!!
    again in this video I'm talking about royal icing and
    consistency adjustments realizing is my favorite decorating medium but let me
    back up before I dive into how to make it
    when we talk about the typical decorating icings they're used on
    cookies and wide as I prefer this one
    I'm typically there are
    is realizing the second is confectioners icing also
    known as a glaze
    and the other is rolled fondant which is a sweet sugary dow
    I perfer royal icing because it's made with confectioners sugar and egg whites
    as opposed to confectioners Ising which is made with confectioners sugar in some
    other liquid elements such as water lemon juice or milk
    and that might not sound like a big difference but it is the egg whites have
    a lot of protein in them and they cause the icing to set up
    and drive very very quickly I'm
    that becomes important I'm if you're doing a lot of cookies that require love
    layering icing and the faster those
    under layers can drive the more quickly you can move on to the next step
    likewise if you're doing what on what techniques which will talk about a
    couple videos from now where the icings go down what next to each other
    the faster the dryer the less likely are the colors are complete into one another
    so there are a lot of
    advantages to realizing from a drying standpoint
    those egg whites also give it high tensile strength that's the
    engineer in me coming out me means that makes the icing more stretchy so allows
    for more delicate line work in detail work
    as for rolled fondant I mention that this is sweet sugary
    does some decorators will cover the whole cookies with that
    I'm really not find doing that I don't like the texture of it will dry crunchy
    but when you chew on it reverts to kinda gum equality which I think interferes
    with the test at the cookie
    so I do love her role fun that can be shaped and molded but I'll typically
    only use it for small isolated elements on cookies that
    one can fuck of it they don't like the texture about sir Roy icing is my
    favorite animal show you how I make it
    the recipe is also an ultimate cookies and cookie swap but I think it off
    also helps to see on how I blended because consistency is so so important
    with his icing as will learn not only in this video but
    as we move forward so here it got I start with
    my basic that Juve rising stars with two pounds of powdered sugar that the
    standard size bag
    in the grocery store in a very got that in the ball to that I add
    about half teaspoon of cream of tartar which is an acid
    that one's a little acidity obviously shortness I'm
    to the icing but more importantly it keeps the white whiter
    over a longer period of time so if you doing show pieces like gingerbread
    houses that white icing of their really crisp some decorators add white food
    to the rising to keep the white I've never had to do that and perhaps it's
    because I use cream of tartar so that goes in
    this point you want to give other just a quick stir to distribute the cream of
    and then the next element
    because it is the egg whites I'm in order to contain any risk of
    contamination from Salmonella
    I'm you want to be certain to work with pasteurized
    egg whites which com in different forms you can
    use those the comment in the container and typically five large egg whites
    which is what I call for this recipe would be about

    tablespoons of this product alternatively you can work with Pastor I
    show up
    show eggs so these are and director pasteurized in the show on their marked
    with the P
    and that's what I got measured out over there I will say that these eggs are
    much more difficult to separate from the typical act
    so you may have to use a little bit more than five large
    egg whites might have to crack six it is to get the equivalent liquid content
    one other alternative to using moist pasteurized eggs is meringue powder
    in this works well as as well this is simply dehydrated and whites
    with some other additives are typically a sugar in it and some other I'm Adi
    pick one thing agents the key powdery a min
    this would need to be hydrated that is mixed with warm water
    before you actually put it into the royal icing
    I typically don't work with it because it can be gritty what she really
    dissolve it first
    that tends to make the royal icing a little bit more sponges in a few to work
    these products here but that's also a possibility okay
    aren't making it a roughly five I'm large egg whites in there
    just going to the ball
    at this juncture since I've got a really small mixer here I minister to combines
    my power charger doesn't
    flaw everywhere and start this on
    and my royal icing I'm before I start that my rising mixes to a very thick
    consistency I do that on purpose because
    when you start mixing you'll notice the icing is kinda gray and murky and loose
    you have to mix a relatively long period of time for to turn
    crisp white in the incorporation air is what makes it
    go from gray to white so I'm so it's very very thick when I do this because I
    don't wanna pump a lot air bubbles and I need to mix it long enough to get the
    white but I don't incorporate a lot of air so i mix the pic if I were to make
    so much looser end up with much more abt air bubbles and and product
    summer to start largest to get it going
    and once that I see if thats I'm I've got a massive sugar
    combined with the egg whites I'm just gonna scrape down because the powdered
    sugar does like to come ride up the side in the next
    mixer and make sure its all in the center for the mixer
    and it'll be safe pretty soon to turn this to high-speed
    I only mix for about
    minutes was generally long enough to get this really
    sharp white very very
    okay so starting to come together I was gonna turned up to high school in
    Atlantic Canada Mexico very very effect
    okay so now the I character in the egg whites are
    have come together but it's timing of quiet
    white ceramic pick up the high
    high speed high speed workout
    makes this may be for
    minutes then you should see a color changes to
    the very first
    white by the time it's done you may have to scrape down the sides of the ball in
    the process we're just gonna let the style for a bit before I do that
    and national corporate air not only to the wider the the ICE office
    victims considerably
    some bears her recipes that require them to be for
    minutes I see no reason for
    that I P
    simply as long as it takes for the become taken very crisp white usually
    that's about one to two minutes after it come together
    and we're about to that point I met her often experience very well looks like
    so as you can see
    Chris white very very very thick in fact this is so thick I call a glue in my
    and you were your hear me referring back to you glue and in the course these
    videos I'm
    referring to icing at this consistency is made with Japan's approach her about
    five large egg whites
    have teased him cream of tartar this is the perfect consistency
    for putting together gingerbread houses and gluing three-dimensional cookies
    together but obvious it's not gonna work to create a smooth icing topcoat
    and some other affects on cookies that will talk about later used to be filmed
    the right consistency for almost every decorating task I will show you I'm a
    little bit about how to do that but first before I do that this would be the
    time to actually flavor up the icing so let me
    get that Peter back on their I encourage you to flavor up your icing
    to taste everybody has a different flavor profile but I do have some
    I'm flavor combinations in quantities in my book
    I'm gonna put in about in each
    each flavoring flavors differently as well extracts we were differently than
    lament is different than an S so again for going to taste is usually a good
    rule of thumb in my book
    affinities been a woman I will stir that off
    what's important to the cookies taste as good as they locks everyone reference
    properly flavored
    an hour ready to move on to consistent
    Carney icing and consistency adjustments normally for this task I would dole out
    a small quantity
    are the icing I'm because thats at that that quantity there's about four and a
    half to five and a half cups depending on
    how long a mixed in the size the exact size the egg whites
    not uncover hundreds of cookies topcoat hundreds of cookies and oftentimes are
    not doing a run that large so I usually will dole out in this mark wannabes
    I'm as I'm about to do
    to collar top and now is the time I like to call kar it actually was very very
    fickle supposed to lose and I don't know what the science is here
    but I find thats and you'll see I just wanna
    point is out this clings very nicely the
    this burden in fact you might come back tomorrow night
    still be standing here still be stuck to this experience this is what I mean
    about the glue consistency that's kinda what you're looking for at this stage
    and this is the stage which I car because for whatever reason I find the
    car sets better with less modeling and spotting
    if I mix it in when its second and later fin
    two different consistencies if I put the car in when the ice is very very loose
    tends to migrate more as it dries and I just never get the same
    smooth even finish as I do if I car this way
    a word on food cards as you're gonna hear in all these videos consistency is
    for your icing if you're taking you know all these precautions to bring rising to
    the right consistency the last thing you want to do is mess with that
    by putting in a lot of liquid food card to make a really intense color
    that's what you're going for so I tend to prefer
    in fact I very much prefer working with a highly concentrated food coloring
    and I work with the liquid joe also known as a soft gel food coloring
    highly concentrated and a little bit goes a long way so it doesn't mess with
    the eyes inconsistencies much
    you can also work with aid gel or paste recalling what is even more concentrated
    but the disadvantage of this form is it usually comes in a wooded container
    which makes it very difficult to dole out into the icing have to do with the
    toothpick in this case for the trusting needle which I use for other
    tasks I'm and just very very massive it doesn't allow you to create color
    on the advantage of this type is that often comes with the dropper top
    which allows me to actually count out drops have Korean can create precise
    ministry what I mean by little bit goes a long way I was gonna put in a
    couple drops a pink here another common for Karzai per for certain brands some
    have a very strong
    aftertaste particularly in the colors are blue black and purple
    I find that Chef master brand not only does it come in the size of this
    dropper top but it tends to be much more mildly flavored
    so we'll get a pink goes a little bit along with will have goes quite a long
    as you can see has just two drops in about a couple by saying
    that's about a medium pink I wanted a little bit darker which set a few more
    and this is still a clue consistency but if I word
    to I'm use it for other tasks is gonna need to be
    and out tonight to talk a little bit about consistency adjustments
    there are many that I describe in the book i'ma talk about the three that I
    use most commonly
    the first is for I'm outlining which is creating fin lines with the parchment
    paper cone
    and that requires a relatively thick rising but not quite as that is this
    generally I add about oh half a teaspoon
    to three-quarters of a teaspoon above water
    Thai Singha this thickness together to the right consistency
    I'm not sure the exact quantity and I had that about a one cover my glue
    I'm not sure what quantity I have in this fall so I'm just gonna
    eyeball at this point I can do this all by feel despite how the icing looks
    in fuels to the spoon but if you're a beginner I would recommend you
    start with the guidelines in the book the measurements I provide
    and move from there I'm scared a touch more
    water and you noticed I'm not using electric mixer at this point because I'm
    moisture and look what I don't want to be whipping at high speed an electric
    on air balls into at something to be stirring from here on out
    when I do any kind of thing I sang so this is looking about where I want it
    for outlining
    which is again piping fin lines and borders on cookies
    it's about one-half to three-quarters teaspoon per cup guru
    and what i'm looking for. is

    fall and blobs of my spine essentially
    and that should be perfect consistency for outlining we'll talk more about
    consistency adjustments each other videos attack all
    the actual technique for the guy just wanted to show you these few
    of confessing to justice you get a sense of what you're really looking for
    here's another roughly one cup of glue that I made before
    in this time I wanna loose knit to what I call
    make it the sizing up my hand what I call topcoat inconsistency
    which is the consistency arm
    with which you would spread icing on a cookie to Beaver splat glassy surface
    and I often do talk warning without a border I like this a little bit thicker
    than what you might know
    as flooding consistency which will talk about next
    so for top coating to discover who I generally am
    water again stirring starring in it
    we gonna do this by fuel now but it
    because it has become second nature do lot a lot a cookie decorating every day
    of the week
    but to start helps to measure it out and also to know what visual cues you're
    looking for
    I do have a range on this this one and a half to two and a half teaspoons because
    I want a little bit thicker
    top coating for me is covering a cookie without any outliner damn
    so i won a little bit thicker for smaller could be so it doesn't run of
    the cookie edge
    I can be a little bit looser for larger cookies so that's why I have that range
    on the the a.m
    Inc the proportions there and I'm just gonna put in and partner have to spend
    that exist about to close friends have water in there
    and this is going to be just about right now this one wasn't tempted
    but hopefully you can see
    here i'm looking for the Ising the flow relatively slowly off the spoon as
    opposed to plopping for outlining its flowing relatively slowly
    in those tracks you know on the icing hits the ball it creates these tracks
    they should disappear in roughly 15 seconds or so into the box the rest the
    if it up the right consistency so that stop quoting consistency
    when I'm not working with the icing because the protein in the egg whites
    across a very very quickly
    I always cover with plastic wrap sometimes
    and oftentimes flush with the plastic wrap from that skin from forming his
    after you don't miss the last thing you want is ice crystals are rather
    sugar crystals Nepal Cove welcome your icing because they can
    fog parchment Collins and it's free all sorts of havoc
    group this when I'm already maxed out one inconsistency earlier
    me take a third of
    cop above the fic glue
    I think this is a little less than a cup and show you what it looks like when it
    comes to flooding consistency so did
    distinguished flooding from top coating flooding is when I actually already
    outlined the perimeter of the cookie and I want to flood the interior with really
    lose Ising to give us move topcoat
    I could work with top putting icing for this most certainly but you can move a
    little bit faster if you just lose it up
    a bit and since you've got the outline acting as a dam on the cookie
    there's no risk runoff if you have a little bit looser
    in this case I generally use anywhere from
    teaspoons of water
    perk up a Vaquero and again there's a range on it because I will go
    heavier with the waterfront got a larger cookie too smoothly topcoat
    you'll see saw this in the next video
    so I think I put in about 2 teaspoons there may be a little bit too much for
    this quantity
    having a hard time work in the water in and now when working with
    this flooding conditions arising you wanna be especially careful
    not to pump too much air into it
    because this is when you're gonna be incorporating a lot more bubbles with
    the Isaacs loser some
    trying to stir as
    gently as possible this to me
    I over shot with the water loss than a cop
    a by singing here and it's running really fast of the spoon
    I want typically looking for is a two-run less fast office building in for
    the track to disappear in
    seconds or loss and I know if you can see but
    they're disappearing almost immediately
    but you know that's actually not a big deal and I'm glad I made this mistake
    and everything you know and the tells me I made a mistake is a great club
    surprising that are distributing well into the
    the liquid so I made a mistake but you can always corrected by
    adding more powdered sugar to second on top I do you prefer to sift the powdered
    sugar in
    because perjuring com P and those com comes can pop
    clock cones and pastry bags and things
    and hopefully this will thicken up just enough to about the right consistency
    I like it when I don't make these kinds of mistakes because left during
    you do have flooding icing the last area can do it by Mayor at adjusted
    just overshot a bit too much but if you see a lot of air bubbles
    dropped the ball on the countertop that cop some air bubbles
    as we get into the outlining top coating video and flooding videos
    I'll be showing you how to use a trusting need all also known as a turkey
    laser to get a pop any air bubbles that do
    end up kicking themselves up into the icing
    so there you guys little bit figures got a little bit more body
    is not racing of the fair spoon quite as fast this would be a good consistency
    for very large cookie I might even picking up further
    for smaller cookie say to you when the two inch curtain
    that's it on royal icing and the basic consistency adjustments there many more
    consistency adjustments
    I'm dedicated to each technique such is dipping stenciling Mr going with your
    final to make cookies and as we'll talk about the future videos until then
    with sweetly it
    just I'll
    good *** *** Royal icing a polka dot heart biscuit How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes - YouTube !!!
    miss I'm gonna nice stash chip cookies
    show you how much I liked them
    now and I'm for I'm not legitimate and talk about something also show you how
    to do
    team's top outlining I'm Mariah nice n
    you gonna drawer around the edge
    he could be
    match and up and Heidi just
    take a brush with tiny watch on just ni
    now edges economies to condemn
    and flight deck to finish firms and fled in a white color
    strap in your ass a nap to the ranch
    perhaps knocking it if you want to let UN team tried far type into it
    candy that's fine
    came to mister
    about tell
    Pam just
    have tax Frank kept when he cannot
    speed up straight on myself up mastectomy I'm
    home inside
    in the icing happen said festers and Jenna
    not that I'm my
    you want to go trying keep
    about the same time camp sure
    stops think

    sure I have to do it fine rice in it drank too much
    West Farms
    skin just sit on top that
    attack sent on to the contest stunt
    St so much
    safe that Anna sect jail
    another happy P
    outline Michael hiked s
    online do whatever color you want to do it
    being kept fully Carolina planning he do math
    up a little bit just water and then open paint brush
    me and Sam
    at this time
    you want doing reasonably way you mentioned hasn't stopped
    McShane plant in nineteen as well
    to the NTSB cocktail stick

    asks me Brian
    mines and you know passion is just now cashed
    just pic just
    time and what's your SN I'm guess
    come down that act
    signed up to
    to send again this time careful not to me
    to try tonight in fine on hand
    sheesh that much on my hands
    trying fine print keys
    and again you don't have to do it hatchet completion happen
    shaped cookie
    casket action
    campaign to the accent is any
    Anasta have little bitch texts write it down brush
    just touch them at missus land the surface
    hind to can now use you now I
    this attache you get message
    dot some of her am century
    nightline tryna pakistanis flooding
    to the map I'm you minus taken the money
    and Michelle when the Middle East the Flint inconsistency which
    always wants money
    the can get them and have now I'm just a little bit
    I have
    months ethic thanks now me
    named Raymond key again
    to pain mission Raymond camp
    to I'm not
    terms that clinton again
    template nice in back to make it to the end
    and he cocktail stick smacks your
    nation comes to the eighties you
    mine mind and gap snapple's
    tell them even
    I'm closer
    Comanche trail your in mind with your instructor I
    one's work transcribing
    past edged caps I what wendy is time and have a cup have

    and energy the same that's what we did before
    why would pipe in adopt maps
    type in a complete ass to show you and then what you gonna do
    take and stop but the doc
    just pull out actually
    even that's right how shape man
    Anna safe slight hatchet
    rather than having a sec just
    knees might be land to
    action and i said im time bob
    right to ram now
    stretch showing results are the same size as I finally have different sizes
    like home
    man another
    along in a teacup test to camp on a monkey a hockey player up
    aka a shot and
    luck see you asked after mami and
    wanna him here
    happen quite space for will have to miss you I'm
    someone struggling through as one this one
    top standpoint I'm to bomb
    happened guess and part time on it come to them
    I have time thanks for watching *** *** How to do royal icing oriental string work - YouTube !!!
    now I have a piece of parchment paper right here I had rapper and the cake
    and I'm going to mark where it meets
    me take
    just going


    the see now
    I had unfolded that piece of paper and
    I now have salad tape each its
    Ian Ian now wrapping it Redfin East yes
    and the LPS of Condit I had in
    about two-inches' which is
    half of the high up our key
    right here in what I'm doing is and going around
    in and play scene this red
    the or right where the fold is
    marking making
    them all I tried
    to come this piece of parchment paper
    earlier into two-inch yes you
    don't feed
    it right in order for us
    despite yes orientals works you can
    skins here we're gonna use
    Steve right now I see you the recipe
    people's the on the description this is the
    se fue guys will just come over here
    great here I have Steve royal I seen
    and they also have a number one Wilton the and they have eight down
    paper towel right here just took over my nose I'll
    whenever to remember those dots
    with those little holes that we had made earlier we are going to pack
    lil thats
    royal icing thats right I'm
    those holes
    we me and you guys will understand what this once
    want me some gonna do this all the way around
    and year I have pretty much call for
    every holes send now
    I'm going to buy some more royal icing
    thats in between those docs
    that we had my here if you end up
    million and meals the break just like take
    a dump brash ingest
    black snakes
    I'm thats have now Haidian and we're now ready to strike
    I've been quite strange but before we start doing it I have to fight
    after you guys that this K
    will have to be flip website names camp so we're gonna do
    this part
    the one so we are gonna
    thats p
    or we had I you
    witness I I
    me while at the same time way
    stream bien
    were gone do that
    right the
    know when I actually use a Dom rash
    to kind of freaks mine strain
    make government right so we're gonna start
    than x
    earlier thats people
    that we are see
    start your string
    just fixing
    shape worst
    yes you guys just saw
    so I'm gonna keep going around and
    feel I get to right here and I'll come back
    and the we now just have to my strengths to fight
    sale I'm show you guys have to close s
    had to apologize EF my cheek
    has an for
    Kenya Roland s
    I'm trying yeah make sure that you guys
    see what I'm doing now many use my
    don't brush again position that string
    where Am I now this dot brash
    technique came up with that on my town
    and then find that anywhere just read that anywhere
    on HS
    came up with that remember when you make on the French macaroons
    we sometimes use adult brushed
    kind of flat and a be
    that reform when we're
    piping it and that's how I came up with that
    yeah maybe seeing
    use makeup brush again just flat and that lil the
    me the been each unit
    these one again sale
    I'm left does Liam Cashel the threat the air
    I call them stream casualties but I wanna show you guys that
    I'm not perfect I do make though still
    casualties my strengths to break and I've broke and I think about five of
    so we're now gonna leave this air dry for about
    minutes and then we'll
    flip it back and do the others I now sleep arcade the other way around
    this stream works that the pipe earlier
    have all tried and we're now ready depart
    the stream works its gonna face downward
    sale the same way that we need earlier
    we're gonna squeeze some icing
    and batch that to that dot quite to that point
    where ap White facing string works
    are connected
    now that dots are actually the ones
    next big event teens are string works from
    patching cake itself
    and we're just gonna kinda eyeball it to make sure that
    are stream are about roughly the same
    lang as the one
    thats facing just cleaning up
    and ass I am squeezing icing bag
    and all supporting this stream maker
    on when we're about to close this
    section I'm gonna show you guys what happen
    iffy Jess keep squeezing your icing bag and you don't pull your stream
    say I C can all see there's White Castle
    piece right and a half do more strengths to pry
    same screen
    I'd the and within I E
    we can attach are ICM
    on the joint weights connected
    in Regency squeezing while at the same time
    polling are i've seen are straining
    and letting it drop
    just slowly fall that
    to whites each week now
    we have one stream left the pike
    and so squeezing gently while at the same time
    going in there in your string drop where you want it
    the end once it gets long enough that you think it's sufficient he slightly
    gently falling being
    stop piping that's you
    joint then you can use
    a not brush to clean joint chess
    now to alright so we are gonna let
    these air dry again for about
    minutes and then we'll have to flip it back
    the other way again so that we can do
    this once right hearing
    we have now fleet decade the other way around and we're now doing
    the strengths that's going in the middle are
    numbers strings so the same way we did earlier
    week Patch I seen on that joint
    and then we squeeze gently while at the same time
    following when you string connecting drop on Excel
    been once you get about long enough
    think it's not enough he test that's your next to me
    now if you have better hand controlled in
    I I do any fear handy slots 10-year you can do this continuously
    back I don't have that great
    can control and my he snuck past and the Sun actually doing it
    one section time
    so the same way we did earlier gonna keep doing this and feel
    I get to the point where I'd start game and then close it
    and Internet it air dry for
    and then flip it back yeah and
    did the advice we have
    can what strains field strengths left by and I had already fled
    the escape upside down here we are almost done
    our streams
    just to clean up kill
    it's all that EN when I come back
    I am going to show you guys the finished product once I
    with the escaped again *** *** Double Heart Cake How to Decorate -Mothers Day- Anniversary- Birthday- Tutorial - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    I fleischman care well wrk for today's tutorial
    yes really pretty it's really I'm an intermediate to advanced level
    the decorating part but beginner don't be afraid you shape
    it's really pretty for this project
    kill me only tip and never
    or 23 start
    a number for right here and a number 124 row step
    if you feel more comfortable with asmara rose to
    that's OK too I'm using to
    eight-inch hearts you got any
    actually four layers and
    happy for time positioning
    my heart on the board here
    I want to be of that like that so I have to decide how much
    at this edge to cut off so just take my marker
    and Mart quite like to cut it out stack
    these three together the three layers
    and cut that I want you know today parts me here when I
    baked the cake parts bin in the bottom of the pan which is a great practice for
    not sticking
    but also helps in maneuverability with the cakes
    you want to use a nicer created or
    a cake knife for this very need to be sharper
    because it a little bit difficult shape cut through the cake
    and the paper it is when it delicately do it make sure you're straight up and
    at this point
    with poll of a good portion is a keeper
    and remember there's gonna be I think also between
    about decay and the next K to
    so if you get a little more often you anticipated initially intended
    you can always filling with filling and frosting good
    they are my heart
    this cake is toward so it actually has
    for there so we don't get to think with our
    filling here our case of Hannity
    to top our case you're beautiful up you know I get carried away
    this case it happens to be a banana cake with banana cream
    and I'm gonna go ahead and use
    at Chapel cannot Shh in the center
    you can achieve it escape bro just a little
    thank goodness it's don't know
    no no yes I am play seen the case with their
    middle section after what I wanna call it fate that
    know that it cannot share in middle
    Minister placing
    my chopper heart that I have cut-up theater
    marked in advance can't just make sure that it's where I want it
    what's been lost
    go ahead and fill these
    and then we'll move on to icing collect that something I should know
    cannot tastes great in a min love these cakes it
    part but the player these but in everything that it does
    says it sent to they create kind of glue and a little bit of stability
    make sure
    get closer in stick to two cakes together
    okay now because i buy and you can see that one is a little colony other
    that's okay we will compensate with Beijing
    but that is our construction for double heart
    ready to start icing now
    an afternoon thing you'll notice that there's some blue tape on my poor
    and a cake decorator specialist commercial cake decorator
    wanna hear greatest skills with the ability to think on your feet
    and then adapt so my part wasn't quite stiff enough I usually is class and this
    is carport
    and it wasn't am happy enough so I don't have included
    and keep it good I am keeping this up will take my hair
    so let's start locking that don't match shocked
    you guys should know by now there's gonna be a quick guys are involved
    so I want to level up for many years a double layer there
    and for heart you wanna definitely go around the outside
    and let the I think
    fall over the edge might cover that edge
    not gonna Korea is one of the hardest cake I
    see it as a pro your plan to go around it now
    time life-giving girls and edges
    but with the quick thank their and the drywall to or your bench night
    you're likely to get the best result so I got a nice even layer that out five a
    quick answer
    and it is going to use my of that here too smooth at a little bit
    okay I wanna make it perfect because
    I may be going back over again between go ahead and use your
    that let to kinda spread down the side
    a little Baxter from my and you can see that I had free from my test
    getting these corners nice and sharp is gonna make the difference between
    kinda sloppy looking cake one that really looks good
    so covering it
    but that and I think I double its gonna be really essential
    okay camera
    here if you can get it at work I'm gonna start here wanna knife
    SharePoint so what my I think to meet up there
    can move around my cake
    this way
    wanna come back and while I'm here hand on the upside
    and then I'll continue around amuse Mike Trout here
    Minister and the back at wind up and get here
    the heart and I'm gonna move around slowly now I'm standing to the side in
    this case what I want to do this slowly move
    my turntable come to a point
    you can see from my first passion
    pretty good and then I wanna come back around
    again very slowly
    basically I'm just taking off action
    icing and come into the point
    it's actually pretty good so
    here a minute come right at the point and
    and to hear see i kno have a nice shirt point now
    and come back this way to
    my point pretend that I'm gonna give it one more passed here
    to my point
    get to the point and rotate around another sharp point
    and back this way again
    my first wife is just to take up XSI same
    now there's something I don't normally do that I've done here I actually I
    make a good color yeah
    have done that as I'm gonna do some detail in white
    on the top gonna do some lattice and show you how to do that and really
    you can do but on way
    from but having a little color underneath is really
    pay so I think about it stop messin with this now
    and go ahead and start kitchen decoration on
    to my work on the top of the cake and
    what I want to do is create a little bit
    frame for the top %uh this cake so may use rescuer
    I'm just gonna mark about like that
    okay and I'll come around in this
    said I want to creat
    frame shape and I'm gonna create latticework for this your usual number
    one writer
    and you want to decide on an angle that you're going to use
    and so I Minister this corner we're going to use
    a drop line and that create
    thing know that i'm gonna use show you what about a quarter-inch
    separation now if you like this you can go ahead and just to use
    the straight so
    for drop liner mechanics are you wanna anchor
    pull up even even pressure let it drop
    and rock back on your heels to get a fairly straight line
    the drop line is actually quite
    ET hey wanna pick a place here
    and come back across to mitch is here hola
    let it drop
    an anchor
    let let it drop thinker
    now if you notice where I can actually use the end up another
    lying now actually works out pretty well
    to get him even a and you don't have to worry
    not exactly perfect companies lot flowers so now that my lattices finished
    and going to continue on with my number
    for writer I'm gonna do a little reverse
    shell here
    watch you can see the pressure control I'm squeezing in releasing squeezing in
    to get the fat part and the skinny cards
    and you really want to use kind of some reason here so

    and to me
    okay so moved down to
    decide I'm gonna put here are some string work
    this is gonna look rather elaborate it's not elaborate but it's also not so easy
    I have marked all the way around the cape which you can do about it
    Cup measure works for this cake to use happen so
    I'm gonna make

    can theory and then I'm going to connect
    two more below that mom
    you don't be in a hurry gotta let it drop
    upstream or squeeze let it drop let it out
    when it crashed and attach
    and then one more attach
    let it drop let it rock wit it rock and attach
    okay so wanna show you how to handle this inside it is kinda the hardest part
    you want to skip this one for now and star
    on the inside
    now or for those you love and you notice an action at breaking in between the
    by Anna releasing
    here one long strange actually
    simpler little time saving player is a
    takes a llamar skill so that I move around here
    okay the hardest one is going to be here
    merit got it so border some hard liquor little different than borders on another
    normally you would go all the way around and you can do that
    but I really prefer to meet up here at the frat I'm actually gonna come this
    and I'm also gonna do. larger version every for Shell
    and their right on the edge to it hangs over the site one on top
    one on the bottom one on top more on the bottom
    and meeting right here and when I repeat that
    now to go faster it looks like it's one long chain and it's really not
    I'm using that same hand movement the South earlier up close
    to get the narrowness up the show self Minister
    here come back
    this direction now this one
    gonna take a little deeper a little separation there
    can I can go ahead and keep coming around and noticed that I'm covering
    the edges a my lattice
    and normally I would move the turntable to do this rather than me move myself
    but for the camera
    me move this way come right down
    to appoint okay so for the bottom edge
    we need to do the same sort of thing I'm gonna do a little bit %uh papa said
    aminika biggie she shaped
    and p see here here
    to this is a see had a river show
    getting way and they're okay
    want to do the same thing here this way
    can't hear
    about what I was doing that for a second
    okay so I just wanna show you the whole thing bordered
    and we're gonna start on flowers now we're going to use an unusual color
    scheme here
    and the perfect opportunity to talk to you guys about color
    so I'm using lavender and peach together
    but you're not to things that you normally find if you use
    pink beige lavender and pink beige peach it works great
    and you'll see a minister which Syria
    and what kinda start here in the middle
    wish to urea was kinda been
    Shane with to fans
    I either side so I miss
    wisteria to kinda begin to traveled down the front
    this cake and that is really the beauty have a heart cake
    is the center section you can do so many pretty things
    show this is another Harper minute do was stare you down the front and a cover
    over mine
    cover over my pretty
    lace there my stream where
    I also want a little bit him I was teary to come up into the
    the most you can be a very scattered making me a heavy comp but can also be a
    very light
    from what that would be very might come down to hear
    metal layers but the case that makes it so interesting
    lattice underneath the borders and Ernie amid the flowers on top
    kinda is my wisteria as a rain here has no immediate hanging
    of my latticework so I just wanna give an example of color straight being
    and you can see more this on how to pack rosanna stick
    the coercion but a straight at the back with the pink that light pink
    and then to fill the rest to the back with my pink
    beefed peach now
    can you give it a good shake down
    kinda see in the back there
    and it's good that they're not even because my roses all turned out
    different colors all over the Cape
    gonna get a good squeeze out let your colors black
    now these pedals are turnout stick a squeeze and a flick your wrist
    and really sick I know you love coordination for roses
    take it up this curious
    twist down have a skewer in it kinship here
    scissors I'm in a place my first arose here
    now I'm hooked up with my skewered get a little bit of icing under their pad
    holder I wanna
    now that one is mostly pink
    start to see the pH come in
    little more variation
    which is really what we want we won a lot of movement
    of color me next time I'm in a place here
    we cannot hold it up put a little icing under
    so for those of you who are who are working on making a rose on a stick
    you'll notice that
    as I get to my lower pedals
    actually I am away from myself a little bit
    to get right up under there
    nothing I wanna mention as you reload your colors checked bags
    don't be afraid to reload with one color more than another hour or so
    with their families ready the need to reload I might be loaded white
    or have your pink for have your pH
    so I dropped leaf tip
    in a paperback and I'm in a straight up the middle
    this with my white bag my quarterback and phil was agreeing to get a nice
    variegated leaf
    have also made a later
    clean but I have not Foley incorporated into the way it's like getting a little
    more verification
    felt with mysterious it's very light be
    just a tiny squeeze and release squeeze in relief
    in there a little bit gonna overpower
    now when I get back here behind my rose a minute squeeze let it build and
    makers zigzag motion and belief squeeze but bill's exact motion
    and release don't forget to change ur
    your angles here you don't you leave going all the same direction
    say come back here and make this one standout
    let it build and released all that's left to do here now that I've
    put in my leave
    is to read on the cake this cake happens to be from mothers day
    and haven't shown you guys writing before but
    will do it now so I like to rate it an angle
    on the cakes for a little more interesting if you like straight across
    that's fine too
    and the letters are tall and then
    so there's my H and again I've stripped a bad surprise surprise
    say I'm filling up the space with the large letter but it's time to end
    and I'm basically using it drop technique
    did for the
    this detail on the side so happy
    began a long skinny him with embellishment
    and don't be afraid to mark this out
    practice on the board in advance
    happy mother's day
    no man at a couple little hearts
    handouts are double heart cake
    so I hope you enjoyed our double heart cake and I hope you learned a lot
    please try seventy techniques here advanced
    really go for it as much stuff as you want your beginner
    use the techniques that are at your love an enchanter sup ago one level up
    thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe *** *** Elevate Your Royal Icing Techniques - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone its body from 5th AV cake designs and today we're gonna show you
    how to create this beautiful
    wedding cake using alright I'll icing techniques
    so let's begin the first day ago wanted to
    is to do some brush embroidery with stiff consistently a thing
    a number to nuzzle and
    pinned number two round artistic rush
    schools have them for this you can I didn't
    go ahead and freehand year
    rail a sink lower and this will be a res as I am going now
    where you can use any type
    have rose impression cutter such as
    at Patrick cutter were
    a blossom cutter an imprinted into this of
    find that before it dries and follow it that design
    with your releasing

    if you choose to use a
    am cutter to make your impression
    you're gonna want to do that the night before and allow your fun dentist that

    if you choose to go ahead and freehand it just allow you after you cover your
    allow your Fenton just that so that you don't
    have it so that by that is it to stop

    be Kate word and the bee
    border this is after gonna have the cake will also had some
    oriental string work designs
    on it so you will need to have your cake
    attached your cake board before even starting

    you also want to divide your cake
    into for its before you start your brush embroidery
    so each at the main for our
    is in the exact same equal distance
    from the other flowers
    sale have one underside run in the back
    are too unsafe everyone in the back and
    one in the front
    they all want to do that the under fire love your cake
    and above the middle have your cake were hit as you can see I have already made
    my a calls for April a sink street work


    you'll want to pipe
    at the same design Iran care cake up on the top
    above year holes and down on the bottom
    once you finish the pressure embroidery
    we can move on to the next decorating design

    we're using paper in jail that's mixed with a little bit
    a satin sheen paralyzed
    powder you wanna filigree and whatever type it is saying you like
    in between the races on
    you can do a little bit ever over piping
    to give it up op
    in a better I F appeal and depth perception
    when you have finished with your gel
    you can begin to paint your flower with the exact same satin sheen

    and a little bit at ever clear alcohol
    go ahead and paint your piping gel
    as well
    once everything is painted you can do your oriental string work
    thank you for joining me and I'll see you in the next video
    bye bye
    0 *** ***

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