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2 __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes Curve torch how to make

Curve torch how to make

    2 __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    Learn How to Pipe Delicate Oriental Stringwork - YouTube !!!
    I'm head
    hi its five-acre with any cakes
    and I thought it would be fun for it that festive holiday
    to go into some oriental string work so I have prepared to cakes for you
    one where the strings
    are very rampant and quite large
    and the other one
    where we're a little bit more elongated Ben
    with it whiter both designs are great
    your personal preference what you wanna do and then I did sampler paste
    I am copper tend bruises
    inside the center I will only be showing you though
    are interesting work so let's get to have an
    attached to make a quart I haven't put the border on your next
    it'll get in the way of measuring take a go ahead and put my ribbon
    and everything else i so the six entran cake
    and what I'm using now is this is my site in church this is where
    my I am Peter gonna go and it will tell me where
    to put that the most important thing
    is accuracy if you're of when you're measuring here your whole cake
    the app so make sure you have the same standard you know you should put
    fear for kids in here government
    grandma measuring I now have
    my pants that don't match one another in
    and that's fine doesn't need and I had
    my scraping tool you can use any scraping tool you want are you eating
    a pin I went necessarily use
    I'll pencil or marker at this point because if you
    it shows through your realizing if you don't make your
    be taken at it won't look right post because i dnt
    make cake it would be really hard to
    to move it if they need it okay said
    we have are piece on
    and is still be available in the shot and it's a kit with
    it leaves at six eight to
    inch so you can make and sixty
    heater tank alright so we're gonna fall
    the line and we're just gonna put below mark great there
    and that's going to be covered up by Roy since I'm not concerned
    I wanna always make sure that the line that I'm working on is directly in front
    of me
    so that I can making air in BR on the site
    you don't want to run a top because when you go to do your string
    it on the top the quickest and very well
    gauge so that
    there in the exact same sprawl then the exact same spot
    see what your your marks
    be exactly paralleled when so
    separate them I have the cake I'm this turntable that's the lowest turntable I
    have I'm pretty sure it's the one to make sure that I met
    the exact level that happen this cake now you can see that this was just a tad
    higher than
    rest is gonna make a smidgen armor coming
    can sign in to make my pee
    say thank you pretty much have the idea
    how by marking the top I'll finish doing that and we'll come back and mark the
    so now it marked all around my cake and I didn't mention early start in the back
    it started in front
    with the first remember to go back to string in the back
    prime gonna be of it rather happened in the back my cake
    there's a couple of ways that you can marked the bottom
    at your cake now make sure that you keep room for your part
    borders want to mark read about up in here you take a straight-edge ruler you
    could take a tape measure
    I'm I'm gonna use ml scraper
    it's about the strange thing that I can find
    so I'm gonna rest it lately
    on my board against make cake and because
    it has measurements right here in coming in and
    just below the half so I know they'll be at the same size each time
    so there's my first love
    noted the same thing all the way down you want to keep it
    as flush with the cake as you possibly can
    and I would definitely whenever you use
    for your straight edge if you have like I said something that has
    measuring unit plan it's a little bit better because that way you know that
    little tot is no holes we're making
    are gonna be the same height
    and that will make a huge difference when you go to
    taking your feeds and string ok I will continue to one more chance to
    keep it that just Nintendo
    I'll get back and check it again after I get them all in just two
    make sure them perfectly in line so you can see this that and the stack response
    with one another southeast in this not seeing me good I like to stay
    with the essay damn part children start with that first
    this the for inch round these four inches height to
    for entrance hi and Graham for him trend and high
    am take time each gently termite cake
    Ilford Ste Ste
    after a little bit more gracefully we had some the street
    there said wrister
    with the upside down part first cuz so is the part that gets everybody
    this you can start at the top and the bottom
    I mister with the bottom first just because it's the most cover Sen
    so I have my cake upside down
    and a four inch round four inch I Demi cake
    and working with a 0 TEP and a parchment back I prefer to work
    with the partial bag you can see more control
    we're gonna make are straying
    I'm at now mom now be attach it spares
    when start pressure get that strain can attach nice
    well al don't bring your kid can
    I'll gravity to do it for you and these pressure
    an attached upside unity to those
    in this one's going to be a little bit shorter need taxing
    wit you could it be worked scan
    fix this stream right here so exactly what they did
    here and we doing on the bottom from the top actually
    now it's very important that you
    time you go
    we're gonna skip the be went with the beat that is not but was not
    piped over that they match
    in length when think this one's just a tad too high said take that
    region me may dampen brush
    it again won't start
    might be green
    my hoping memorizing out release pressure in my pocket the FB
    make our second string
    now I'm watching my releasing
    at the same time i'm looking over to see when it matches the inside
    these pressure now I have make a turntable
    are made k table turned
    you don't have
    sometimes you can pull your string with
    a brush and hold it for second are you can make your the
    him at even merger
    so all we're doing really is straight mark just developing
    a fluidity making sure that
    liberalizing is not touching the cake you release your pressure as you come up
    the key NP
    now I'm hoping to the site at me with some of it
    unusual you want you to be able to see
    walls gather is same thing
    I'm a top of the cake has called it the ban screaming at them
    that we did on the bottom of the cake and now you can see why even
    military why you would like to put your cake
    word on after gayness
    so doing the exact same thing
    unit build up their pressure anonymity
    she racing doesn't curling
    bring it out like gravity Guinness
    show start releasing your pressure in come over to the other
    be and I it you want to link to be about what is on the top
    as close as you
    possibly can
    and this is where
    don't want that link to be too high
    we're just building up their pressure and
    and if I didn't tell you before we are working the sock consistency
    placing so that means you want it to
    foldover make an ice cream scoop
    you're pedaling
    issue pressure which yet to have been
    the way that works didn't see it quickly with my fam fresh
    just gently matching times
    accent take it
    built up
    using my finger underneath that bag just to get it
    keep the tips tree all night any
    any pressure Miller can working
    left to right because I'm right-handed you're left-handed and obviously
    were great anything else
    now you can hope to hear few minutes if you want and let the strain
    because it is a Dell
    such a small tear
    strain contain dry hat die
    group girl dry in the air no money down
    string work barely it dies
    but if you keep it and hold it
    for just a second it will dry little in the air for you so we're gonna go in
    here and take this
    up youngish train and working with the smaller
    rash and the pressures that I am working with parents precious
    are only used for releasing a never use them with pedal to us
    a refund on their allegiance relating
    we know the crease free
    industry alright so while I was playing a few minutes
    all right we're listening strengths to try AP
    beat up some new pressure leasing
    and we're going to you do the exact same thing
    except we're gonna make the strings attached shorter
    that we did before
    and forgot to mention when you're making your connection
    you're starting your connection your connection you're starting your
    you wanna make sure you have
    a nice don't that not so much
    obviously that your bulky that that you have a really good connection because
    it's a week string
    it well break so plenty for curling their summit take that off
    that P
    make finger be if you have a week's training you go ahead
    and decide to use it you can define
    be that later on you
    overpaid another strain
    giving that straight a stress fracture and it will probably break
    and is almost impossible
    if you're back streams break
    to go back in and fix them because then you killing was
    that nixon you're trying to get behind journey
    with your novel so it's a shame
    have to start over
    decreased so exact same thing as before you wanna start with a nice
    build up pressure great year string I'll
    stretch it nice don't meet
    did your cat you lick gravity do that
    for you
    now your string will be weighing on
    your other string just barely
    I should it's touching not playing you don't want it
    to have any wrinkles
    so it looks like it's actually dragging on that stream it might take it
    well you're releasing is nice
    mores it's quite easy issue damn crash
    to take off any
    problems that you have
    right to never gonna do the same thing and the buyer a service start right here
    gonna make
    a connection RP
    you say that the that we doubled up on in the singer pressure
    to come over to the second be
    me here second bitch
    now are starting to be
    in at No
    it's really important that you make good connection with that first P
    you have a nice
    though that as I was saying you don't wanna
    have any stretch fractures you're releasing
    you're watching your racing
    teensy it seems
    dinner in one area
    start releasing your pressure as you get to yet it be
    jeans back Mason
    he peered dampened pressure if I sure mate
    if any race in space breaking why you know that your bag is nice and tight
    and a seems down in your chair you
    missing pressure might need to go you be here
    icing spaced
    just Ste
    take back way
    now I like to pull my AC now and what I mean by that
    I'll make my connection and I'll just
    all it's straight out with a tad

    ok what's chain at saying it thanks
    straight-line releasing
    US while you can I wanna check and make sure that
    at this same plane
    as the preceding string
    writes Reagan at Turner cake over
    grab ahold are cake to me
    and just take and get your that stressed
    can in NAC
    actually need to turn make a tape like this place
    do that a quick get should
    in become best
    be be now that we're flipped
    and we know the cake is fine I want to show the pressure this is the second
    time working with so when I say I'm
    small this is the size I'm talking about and you want
    to /url about half way so the great their next but the size of my
    the problem I s
    all rights and now we're going to do the buying part and we're going to start
    again with the beads
    that are not
    as pronounced gonna make sure that
    on the rate be easy careful like in the same time
    I can see that the releases behind just like before
    we're gonna start with pressure unit
    well restart with pressure
    gonna fallout
    we're not going to allow that tipped it down
    want to be about the same hey
    going down as it is fun and went into the pits about that size
    that will connect it with the these papers
    retailer can
    make sure about the right size
    looks like we are
    and they're going to do a double one exactly what we did
    on top we're going and get on the bus be
    really think my fresh air and coming be careful not to hit
    any update receiving streams with your counsel
    make it did have a little
    live in it went ahead and got that out and I am relates to have a part in it by
    the way they sing
    what's coming out neck
    me any trouble now it
    me that I'm Tiger results
    you get to land here I try to completely release your pressure
    and p
    to your second which
    me ship now
    I started upside down you could experience great say that I prefer to
    upset them for me it just get that way but it doesn't matter which way you
    start as long as you do you
    both year
    feature alternating be irregular beats
    now we will not be making
    a the intro like this on the bottom
    design for the top
    you wanted to you could try a getaway
    okay so now that we have
    our first set a fully circled very interesting work
    we're going to go to the alternating I'm calling him double
    beats where we had it and another
    be don't actually now you're gonna start the same way
    member this is going to be sure your release your pressure
    double string in
    pressures be when
    star on the P
    get your link shippers
    killing me inside
    is excellent
    be careful not to bomb your string work they've done
    sister on the key I'm actually not wanting you to touch any other streams
    with your tip and
    extremist he carries or
    redo it
    I want you just to make sure that you make a connection and
    p if you actually try and leave a tip and your be
    again above the strain and break
    mixed up a collar that will match
    my cake and that's going to be our
    third bro and we're gonna go from each be each
    be at gone ahead and put the beats on
    and they're dry and this will be our
    shortest be
    to be
    you doing the same thing happy cue job
    and sure that it's hard to see that this is the color
    it and mixture
    four different help us with them little bit
    a bronze luster dust
    in there
    so where did the exact same thing on the top of the cake that we just in
    bottom and then we'll be flipping it say that
    now this part
    is probably a quick as per because you're just going from one beats the
    sometimes depending and the pedal dusty
    shoes facing my
    have problems this one is doing just fine
    Squires bronze which is always
    and boldly clergy in spring
    now we're just two in the bottom
    fire for oriental strong word
    you're fine
    lives be *** *** How to do royal icing oriental string work - YouTube !!!
    now I have a piece of parchment paper right here I had rapper and the cake
    and I'm going to mark where it meets
    me take
    just going


    the see now
    I had unfolded that piece of paper and
    I now have salad tape each its
    Ian Ian now wrapping it Redfin East yes
    and the LPS of Condit I had in
    about two-inches' which is
    half of the high up our key
    right here in what I'm doing is and going around
    in and play scene this red
    the or right where the fold is
    marking making
    them all I tried
    to come this piece of parchment paper
    earlier into two-inch yes you
    don't feed
    it right in order for us
    despite yes orientals works you can
    skins here we're gonna use
    Steve right now I see you the recipe
    people's the on the description this is the
    se fue guys will just come over here
    great here I have Steve royal I seen
    and they also have a number one Wilton the and they have eight down
    paper towel right here just took over my nose I'll
    whenever to remember those dots
    with those little holes that we had made earlier we are going to pack
    lil thats
    royal icing thats right I'm
    those holes
    we me and you guys will understand what this once
    want me some gonna do this all the way around
    and year I have pretty much call for
    every holes send now
    I'm going to buy some more royal icing
    thats in between those docs
    that we had my here if you end up
    million and meals the break just like take
    a dump brash ingest
    black snakes
    I'm thats have now Haidian and we're now ready to strike
    I've been quite strange but before we start doing it I have to fight
    after you guys that this K
    will have to be flip website names camp so we're gonna do
    this part
    the one so we are gonna
    thats p
    or we had I you
    witness I I
    me while at the same time way
    stream bien
    were gone do that
    right the
    know when I actually use a Dom rash
    to kind of freaks mine strain
    make government right so we're gonna start
    than x
    earlier thats people
    that we are see
    start your string
    just fixing
    shape worst
    yes you guys just saw
    so I'm gonna keep going around and
    feel I get to right here and I'll come back
    and the we now just have to my strengths to fight
    sale I'm show you guys have to close s
    had to apologize EF my cheek
    has an for
    Kenya Roland s
    I'm trying yeah make sure that you guys
    see what I'm doing now many use my
    don't brush again position that string
    where Am I now this dot brash
    technique came up with that on my town
    and then find that anywhere just read that anywhere
    on HS
    came up with that remember when you make on the French macaroons
    we sometimes use adult brushed
    kind of flat and a be
    that reform when we're
    piping it and that's how I came up with that
    yeah maybe seeing
    use makeup brush again just flat and that lil the
    me the been each unit
    these one again sale
    I'm left does Liam Cashel the threat the air
    I call them stream casualties but I wanna show you guys that
    I'm not perfect I do make though still
    casualties my strengths to break and I've broke and I think about five of
    so we're now gonna leave this air dry for about
    minutes and then we'll
    flip it back and do the others I now sleep arcade the other way around
    this stream works that the pipe earlier
    have all tried and we're now ready depart
    the stream works its gonna face downward
    sale the same way that we need earlier
    we're gonna squeeze some icing
    and batch that to that dot quite to that point
    where ap White facing string works
    are connected
    now that dots are actually the ones
    next big event teens are string works from
    patching cake itself
    and we're just gonna kinda eyeball it to make sure that
    are stream are about roughly the same
    lang as the one
    thats facing just cleaning up
    and ass I am squeezing icing bag
    and all supporting this stream maker
    on when we're about to close this
    section I'm gonna show you guys what happen
    iffy Jess keep squeezing your icing bag and you don't pull your stream
    say I C can all see there's White Castle
    piece right and a half do more strengths to pry
    same screen
    I'd the and within I E
    we can attach are ICM
    on the joint weights connected
    in Regency squeezing while at the same time
    polling are i've seen are straining
    and letting it drop
    just slowly fall that
    to whites each week now
    we have one stream left the pike
    and so squeezing gently while at the same time
    going in there in your string drop where you want it
    the end once it gets long enough that you think it's sufficient he slightly
    gently falling being
    stop piping that's you
    joint then you can use
    a not brush to clean joint chess
    now to alright so we are gonna let
    these air dry again for about
    minutes and then we'll have to flip it back
    the other way again so that we can do
    this once right hearing
    we have now fleet decade the other way around and we're now doing
    the strengths that's going in the middle are
    numbers strings so the same way we did earlier
    week Patch I seen on that joint
    and then we squeeze gently while at the same time
    following when you string connecting drop on Excel
    been once you get about long enough
    think it's not enough he test that's your next to me
    now if you have better hand controlled in
    I I do any fear handy slots 10-year you can do this continuously
    back I don't have that great
    can control and my he snuck past and the Sun actually doing it
    one section time
    so the same way we did earlier gonna keep doing this and feel
    I get to the point where I'd start game and then close it
    and Internet it air dry for
    and then flip it back yeah and
    did the advice we have
    can what strains field strengths left by and I had already fled
    the escape upside down here we are almost done
    our streams
    just to clean up kill
    it's all that EN when I come back
    I am going to show you guys the finished product once I
    with the escaped again *** *** Elevate Your Royal Icing Techniques - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone its body from 5th AV cake designs and today we're gonna show you
    how to create this beautiful
    wedding cake using alright I'll icing techniques
    so let's begin the first day ago wanted to
    is to do some brush embroidery with stiff consistently a thing
    a number to nuzzle and
    pinned number two round artistic rush
    schools have them for this you can I didn't
    go ahead and freehand year
    rail a sink lower and this will be a res as I am going now
    where you can use any type
    have rose impression cutter such as
    at Patrick cutter were
    a blossom cutter an imprinted into this of
    find that before it dries and follow it that design
    with your releasing

    if you choose to use a
    am cutter to make your impression
    you're gonna want to do that the night before and allow your fun dentist that

    if you choose to go ahead and freehand it just allow you after you cover your
    allow your Fenton just that so that you don't
    have it so that by that is it to stop

    be Kate word and the bee
    border this is after gonna have the cake will also had some
    oriental string work designs
    on it so you will need to have your cake
    attached your cake board before even starting

    you also want to divide your cake
    into for its before you start your brush embroidery
    so each at the main for our
    is in the exact same equal distance
    from the other flowers
    sale have one underside run in the back
    are too unsafe everyone in the back and
    one in the front
    they all want to do that the under fire love your cake
    and above the middle have your cake were hit as you can see I have already made
    my a calls for April a sink street work


    you'll want to pipe
    at the same design Iran care cake up on the top
    above year holes and down on the bottom
    once you finish the pressure embroidery
    we can move on to the next decorating design

    we're using paper in jail that's mixed with a little bit
    a satin sheen paralyzed
    powder you wanna filigree and whatever type it is saying you like
    in between the races on
    you can do a little bit ever over piping
    to give it up op
    in a better I F appeal and depth perception
    when you have finished with your gel
    you can begin to paint your flower with the exact same satin sheen

    and a little bit at ever clear alcohol
    go ahead and paint your piping gel
    as well
    once everything is painted you can do your oriental string work
    thank you for joining me and I'll see you in the next video
    bye bye
    0 *** *** How to Make a Korean Sponge Cake - Asian Bakery Style Recipe - 생크림 케이크 - YouTube !!!
    intended she looked at him like he and today I'm going home even if the high
    had a its recreate bash King K
    and his cell having hi he's not he's
    me its really years heat
    far tenure and about rapid
    actually looking
    that free people here
    near the compound equal parts sugar and water
    only just when it is all over low heat they thought it would inject a little
    freshness with a little bit like pee on you gonna reservist I'm into you in fact
    the cake is well
    just take summer the stripping of
    that steer couple pieces
    students you may be 3G he just left them with Intel is shaking and false
    and thank you citrus PL make sure to organic citrus
    Street or use cryptic really many comprar office
    for my child
    p.m. and that's right he cloud and cattle in Adelaide baking powder and my

    fall and by capillary what your insuring
    that a couple
    you're in showing that you're winning a real bitch I am really
    hoping you're gonna shock
    any for articles that may be lodged behind and you're also going to make
    sure everything gets
    really make the combined spot Mac Taylor
    separate my lvl always so I think
    laughter he worked here crack it let's get the whites in this for one actually
    my gimmicks your without my headlights for me and you can rock your %uh
    in cradle your and yeah ok in the shell
    that but if you're very very concerned he also let the light just went to your
    fingers that way there's no
    kid a bit poaching you what your

    all up like to go in there remember the whole
    axle separate year but when you're about to be ok with that
    en route to the beach temperature also also contribute to higher
    a lot you're wrong so when you're well-being actor and quite he wanted to
    make sure there's no chaser that bad little
    Noel Clarke Brady and he ok I want to stinker a
    sugar I'll beaded outbreak my yep
    in like
    people here and yellow in color Mexico
    eight-mile oil my
    water enrollment remember that line in front
    the herbal therapy for both there for twenty years
    risk leave at a normal she kept any
    at fifty hip bone Kate much like my Japanese cotton sheet cake so you wanna
    our money so when they get copied we're going to I will likely make it harder
    released gmail my sugar anchormen I want to you beat it with a wire whisk you can
    hope to do
    I'm not just take longer when you reach this soft peaks stage that means when
    you left to do peter
    it will handle fifty and animal health of rework down
    you can begin spring cleaning your sugar just a little bit I'm about
    a tablespoon or so at the time while you were with him
    the light ok a lot these days endoluminal
    in another indication that they're ready it took test almost nothing comes out
    its toll quite and this one is magical qualities that million chanted me about
    being like personal debate let out but I'll
    here we have a separate patient me back my own quite drunk driving and my
    wedding relook
    so I want to combine both plant tissue all
    my home exchange right module up
    bit really don't think takes a while you're working and bright and may have
    have developed that they didn't get
    gonna make you a star and fully embarrass just as the only
    do you wanna still obese people endured right here where ask you to help out my
    actual make just taken I'm now only have to delete can buy bullets you a better
    our way so usual slit

    take off from here way it looks strength taking
    both the Los your batter and you don't pass out of the air should just be
    really gentle I've got my body ready in the S&P he did and you know when it's
    ready when it's kinda got to move slow
    Pauline dairy lefleur Hurley I will no longer see animals
    cheney are people who mostly you know for and you what
    Korean either look here take place
    I love my heat slightly cool there still a bit we're i'm
    but I just remember life around me pageant all weekend
    over analyst
    at which
    Friday offbeat: is the line the bottom with parchment
    and you can just hear back now extend its life on my shot a
    in reflecting the eighty what they are small
    fragrance feet the big hockey
    up the ass
    eat but I read stopping we're going stabilizer however loyalty that it is
    also walking to them
    I'm flavored are close not tell anyone he doesn't kill
    be John accused of just you wait the simple fact that you get earlier in
    and then remember if you think I'm back keeping everything on hold will help you
    cool way %uh easier and better every move court might bolt like
    demand for which taken can't get growth in Kollam
    slowly shemale morrow sugar and making a
    more like an adult like a girl a long class sugar just a little bit at a time
    all my junk food actually waiting for love gotta cool completely before we
    so after with it and wait for them Mar
    August 9th stabilized a altar with everything together he can
    Friday with shopping a said just kinda
    later removed and/or it'll be in the eighth right
    PLO contact group send a it makes the whole thing they for free in passion
    much like particularly I get clock alarm top
    only want a repeat the whole concept you look at the top
    with car back from both yet and then another dollar
    that cruelty this can't be back to tuzla
    Kelly sponge cake and Ole Miss quick p.m. topping
    ok fresh dairy just screwed over the top
    for this Company K I don't buy them of their right to do occur because the
    whipping profitably leaders
    that Apple Mercator he let it cool simpson work my way down to the bottom
    swish it left a great group of its popular
    and you think he'd eat the cake all around well hopefully he can also get to
    work for you
    and kicking my office bachelor right here on this diet
    removal out you can go over any blemishes your imperfections there right
    now are just little
    and gatliff's title of the Act and that's another reason I lives like a
    oil makes for easy cleanup and be mindful that this is not that deep into
    the contest
    confused in texture is a little bit more delicate there how is your day she it
    will come together
    maroney did decorate you can get whatever free
    around here are you likely to happen to Keely manchurian
    mole go whatever your heart desired but
    shot babe looked really good today a little use this
    insulator be four it doesn't have to be perfect as long as it's pretty and up
    your here like fluid all that a incident here ranging
    may stop a this month that is completely optional but if you were at the top
    good for the day you can tap it gets a little bit warm
    general enmeshed this is my homemade
    strawberry chair that I just push through it did
    and he ended up with just a little section water just special it on there
    a little bit goes a long way and me
    today help me street-level fachet rate
    in a couple ever bet more to eat sell it
    flight from
    he wouldn't let him cry
    ok take a look
    any on the left him a
    I'm how pay it back that heavily layered
    in that black thing that people often stop a shooting all about *** *** How to Make Chinese Takeout Cakes! - YouTube !!!
    hey guys it's Rachel and today we are making these chinese takeout box cakes I
    call them cakes but they're not really cake they're more like
    rice krispie treats but I don't know what I should call i mean there's like
    frosting on its close enough to eat cake
    and I want to put this video before I left for a bit Connor LA tomorrow
    this is a really quick and easy dessert to do and yeah I also wanna say
    and nobody is allowed to obtain detailed because I know they're pretty crazy
    I have these like cat male figures right now good enough time to actually pay my
    so I found these light left over from something I'll hopefully they're not too
    distracting in the video
    but yeah I think it's time to make the cheesecake rice crispy treat cupcakes
    so let's get started first of May CAI race crispy treats
    you're going to need one and a half tablespoons of butter on that happy pack
    have marshmallows
    I SkyMall this palette makeup measurement description box below
    is one of my career that %uh 22nd in a vault until I get nice and melted down
    gonna be super sticky so don't get them in your hair
    now are going to add in three cups and rice crispies
    and he was gonna hold the set
    now are going to need our takeout boxes
    about these from my cosby you can also get real takeout boxes
    and that would be really cool to some just going to take skip to the ranch
    crispy treats and press them down
    I'm using a rubber spatula that way I won't take as much
    now you're just going to need somebody paying
    and I'll email into this but if you must be in the Description box below
    so adding a little bit and yellow food coloring to give it back %uh yellow
    and I'm adding in a little bit a brown
    and going X Factor you going to print and color kinda like this
    now I'm just going to love this into a pastry bag fitted with a
    rounds market and are going to pipe on the new north
    this is really easy you can kinda going whatever design you want
    as long as it looks pretty random obviously you don't like Rosa noodle
    now we're gonna do the peace
    you can you think let I was looking for a six-month but I can't find any at the
    grocery store
    so I use these Japanese can ease the pain are kinda random
    so definitely use Eclipse or any kind as small green round can't even find
    for the carrots were going to use starburst which is a little bit easier
    to find
    here I have the orange one and I'm just going to use a pair of kitchen scissors
    to cut these into fourth
    now we're gonna make some pork strips are just chattin
    subject matter and some red starburst for about five seconds to soften it
    in a memo that out and to have a flatter rectangle
    and then use my kitchen scissors to cut out sugar
    memory just going to arrange these air takeout box just go ahead and make this
    kinda random
    do last night issues we r chopsticks
    and poke into holes for your party and the Pocky is gonna be like I'm chapstick
    I like it because it's fully edible display never going to cut out our
    arlington is in the Description box below
    he was going to glue stick these onto your takeout box
    and that's it I think this could almost be an April Fools Day video
    because these pretty realistic for a distance I mean like
    you guys are at a distance that this looks pretty re alright hopefully
    minus the facing the takeout box but that's okay hopefully you're seeing this
    video before the
    but because that means that
    I was able to get this up before I leave for LA tomorrow I hope you guys enjoy
    this video athey you guys next time
    bad guys thanks so much for watching click below for more videos and don't
    forget who's this guy from work you
    tease Pakistan *** *** Traditional Steamed Sponge Cake (鸡蛋糕) - Chinese - Recipe By ZaTaYaYummy - YouTube !!!
    theme hi guys
    and dull had ever come to that that I i mean today
    on that that me I'm gonna show all my months recipe
    tradition nothing's binds K wish
    also can be known s the dugout in Chinese
    he don't got also mean spice cake that is big enough I N
    but today I'm gonna share how to make the Steam version
    my mom used to make and sell

    team spine skate at is on how most
    him up the butt achievement she's probably of and you ate just got
    of he had a fling ingredients that you in it
    stop all preheat steamer
    life to pay
    not shovel seats together
    mean lower cake flour baking powder
    and sup the mom
    in a mixing bowl least
    eighth sugar and sponge doubt the most by its get up on high-speed
    minutes and to poom nothing
    sonya makes adults no and resent in
    the next check and wanna
    lastly gradually fall dry
    Canadians there
    transfer in cs6 inge rolled bamboo bath guinere
    lively freshman paper and jumped up and to rate sludge
    at Publix up
    easy in the steamer what thirty-five to forty minutes
    or were wrecked it need boiling water
    that it whose for
    minutes before serving
    be sure to check out the USB and no website and receive
    every posting up the mailbox by subscribing mad newsletter
    beneath anything
    I'll *** *** How to make Chinese Sponge Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi this is Annie and today I will be showing you how to make Chinese sponge
    if easier than you think it only requires a few ingredients
    and it's super tasty and delicious please continue watching if you want to
    learn how to make it
    you'll need
    egg yolks
    egg white
    cake flour really fine
    sugar and some canola oil
    manning the oil to the egg and we're just gonna be back
    but next wall combine it with the cake flour
    I'm adding the egg whites to a mixer up
    and we're gonna beat on medium until they form step
    peaks the
    when the egg whites starts to look
    Rafi you want to add and the sugar now this is a really fine sugar
    you can just take some sugar and put it in a blender or food processor until it
    gets really pottery
    you know the egg whites is ready when you looked up the
    whisk and %ah
    it's pretty firm now of all be
    egg whites into the egg yolk mixture up
    we just landed and all other eggplant is incorporated
    if you don't like that eggs now you can add
    happen teaspoon vanilla extract you at this anytime
    I just got to put in earlier I have some
    an expensive ass cupcake Panthers Carolina some cupcake lining
    and we're just gonna carefully spoon these into the cupcake
    once you're done not going up all the cupcakes you want to cook
    these Chinese sponge cake until the top is golden brown and
    degree up in this recipe makes 12 cupcakes
    here is the finished Chinese sponge cake I hope you found a tutorial helpful
    please subscribe to my channel and also like this video
    if you have any questions about the recipe you can leave me a comment below
    or leave me a comment on my blog and anything
    dot com thank you *** ***