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-how to swirl multi colored icing -How to swirl multi colored icing how to swirl multi colored icing how to make

how to swirl multi colored icing how to make

    -how to swirl multi colored icing -How to swirl multi colored icing

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    NAIL ART | 3D Cable Knit Sweater | Icing Gel Technique - YouTube !!!
    a sheer cues damning to show you how to recreate this design with embossed

    and let's get started the next act is always by applying the gel polish base
    on all-male skin care for
    seconds the men
    I apply one coat I'll white shell on all males and your
    one man's

    to create the embossed 3d I'm using this white
    3d jail from and Dean the which is a very thick
    shell and harder than regular jails but it's not has hired
    as the for Dior HD jail which is a specific jail to create read these like
    you do with acrylics
    and to do the designs detailed
    I use it then brash and a blender 3d jail barely touching the mail with the
    dragging the jail where into the format taiwan's
    basically design consists on straight and curved lines
    dots and small strokes there's no specific patterns
    follow just do as you please or follow what I'm doing
    it's your choice the
    your in between each designed Mail provides a major disaster
    dead may destroy the work already done like hitting your nail somewhere
    like touching them by chance or even that the design will start moving
    out of place and melting as it's pretty usual with chels


    the new

    once you finished all-male securing them for
    and remove the sticky layer from the rain meanings be able to create this
    month 3d bow or curtsy but the nail with the white acrylic
    to create the
    means it dry
    usually would and start with a median be
    to create one on the side of the well wasted eat
    and let it rest until it starts to get Matt and at that time
    you open to be with the body of the Russian see me doing year
    to give it the basic shape other bro repeat to the other side
    and in the center of the bell place and even drier Beach
    but not too dry just didn't have
    why the acrylic from getting
    the new

    Leslie just apply your favorite colors over the males
    and for me night big the pastel colors
    and each special color for each name the new

    your all males for one minute to finish
    of a buyer gel polish top coat on all male singer for wanted two minutes

    then you just remove the residual layer and its dead
    I hope you enjoyed this nail design and if it right out
    please do not hesitate in showing me the results don't forget the bumps up this
    video and subscribe to the channel from our tutorials
    daycare and see you next time *** *** VEGAN CHOC CAKE WITH PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING recipe, video # 1221 - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone this is a me today I'm going to show you how to make this chocolate
    cake with peanut butter frosting start to make this cake I have all my drawing
    creature this poll I have two and a half cups of flour going to make a slightly
    larger than usual just my sister's birthday and she's coming over to my
    daughters cups of flour a couple of half sugar a teaspoon of baking soda and four
    tablespoons cocoa so I'm just going to mix with just two children all mixed
    together I'm good at a cup of water and i think im going to need more than it
    took up so I have a little bit more but I can usually tell by how about her
    looks and gonna for cable spools of cooking oil any oil of your choice
    doesn't have to be accurate you could actually liked the script without oral
    but it wouldn't stay for a very long and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar not
    going to make sure the afternoon off but extra water here and all decide if I
    need more
    get to lose that's more like a brownie mixture cyl another quarter of a cup of
    watery a bit of a greased and floured
    and going for movie and going to bake at
    decrease until toothpick inserted in
    center comes out clean
    going to make my frosting and I'm just going to take a scoop of peanut butter
    market pushing some hot water here and I'm just going to add but it's time to
    get my peanut butter milk and mix anybody shoe
    what that till it's a good keep reading
    ok my cake is ready and I have removed the clip and then going to put my peanut
    butter frosting on top then gonna spread it out
    sprinkle some peanuts and a microscopic improper tricks with an actress to get a
    better grade that I know we're here I have tablespoon of peanut bar interlocal
    going to heated in the microwave cobalt down like peanut butter ok to mix at
    Coco that I'm going to trickle down over the calf of my cake
    and that's it I'm just gonna
    up in the refrigerator $3 quickly even chocolate cake with peanut butter
    frosting and it will look like you to a lot of time but actually very quick and
    easy to make hope you enjoyed this field and I put a link below for more cake
    recipes thanks for watching
    but for now *** *** 6 Best Cupcake Frosting Styles using a STAR Piping Tip. Perfect Cupcakes! - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome to my cupcake addiction
    I'm really strong and to Danny sharing with you my favorite stalls a frosting
    using a stop popping today last week I should because some great techniques
    using round piping tips and today it all about this top let's get started
    so the best up to date resting South I'm gonna show you how to do the little
    appointee peaks for this I'm gonna be using my smallest piping tip
    even if the tickets themselves a quite large the director may taper a pastry
    tip the point
    my piping tip is quite similar to love them it got I will take on it and it's
    been really quiet
    talked so many thought of by piping a knife around
    manned just really raffi on top of the cupcake anonymity is the backup my knife
    meadoff match is making a little bit by for example terminating quite a bit if
    the labor
    have these cupcakes could then a lot a little pick to pop take your piping bag
    now and you just want to start around the very outside edge
    and I'm just squeezing into them squeezing I'm gently lifting the bag and
    then when you get to the top original peak put
    really quickly that's going to be that nice little point if you to slow it
    kinda gonna break and it's not going to be point you can end up with a little
    bit of a rounded top on your little
    peaks so you want to do this all the way around the fest lie and then come back
    and complete a second lap all the way until you get into the middle
    want to get into the middle don't be afraid to come to squish those last
    couple in
    because you got that mandate what you get in and out with is eight-b_ usual
    perfect cupcake shaped selection of spike in ELP eighth
    to get my unusual decoration on the fun today i mix a little bit of gold luster
    dust with the alcohol or even some water
    waited for the buttercream to crest which takes about
    and then just randomly painted some other little peek but that gold luster
    a bit edible gold leaf really finish them off nicely
    benefits you
    like to call the bike colors well if tacky if I did make a lot of these names
    that myself
    so ball there's only gonna be using this same sized
    tips so your smallest piping tip once again and you going to feel that with
    two different colors a frosty
    I'm gonna show you how to do this at the end of the video with multiple colors
    the frosting
    but traffic orange and yellow and you don't have to use double collar
    I just think it kinda cool effect and then it doesn't need any other
    say wanna make sure that by the bucolic the parking at the end of your little
    packing tape
    and then study around the outside edge you getting little
    tiny Lois well see want to keep them as low as you can
    and you need them to slightly oval at the edge of your cupcake liner
    don't make a mess but defense on a slightly overhanging affirm a frosting
    Italy will be easy to work with here
    take this little
    all the way around the outside and then one final one in
    the middle just for a bit of hot
    and then you want to create a second layer and when you do this you want to
    overlap so that it coming in between each of those little swell the after
    you should get about
    so honest and thighs cupcake
    and anyone to finish it off with one final well on the very very top
    the way evened out with is a really cute Emily de Tagle
    active minute to swell which brings us to number three the classic
    low swell some sitting at my medium sized piping tip it's an open stock and
    it's got
    eight little points on it once again to just move to the next five
    up that you've got in your pocket standing in the center of the cup they
    can make a little blog
    and then I'm just circling around the blob innocent as a condom use it is your
    all the way around the at
    ever so slightly overlapping edges before
    into the cupcake you can actually almost drag that frosting back
    through the swell to give a nice finish are sure you know when again just sent
    you can see how I
    simply circle around the initial dot but I make in the middle
    and putting the slightest amount of down with pressure on the popping back there
    to keep it nice and flat and to finish that end of neatly a number for style
    today is the most frosting you ever get a cupcake the one calling this one
    the mega frosting Fewell I'm using my me
    m5 into it once again for the fun instead of standing in the middle a
    minister and
    outside you wanna stop just slightly over the edge of the cupcake liner
    come around in one big circle and then make a circle in New
    smaller as you come in we need to the center-field that little Hall
    and then you're essentially coming here and putting a swirl on top of a swell
    it in Thane it's a double come pick fell that is a ton of resting but you know I
    know people that love a ton of rusting there is something in this video for
    if you're looking for a similar effect but nowhere near as much resting
    girl with the toll trusting swell and number five tile today
    for the fun you using your online I just frosting tip
    save me from once again had a devoted a point but it's quite substantially
    in the opening that it got to get us well you study in the middle again
    and you going to make a nice little dot and then curl around it
    lifting your bags and no downward pressure on that bad you're actually
    lifting it
    ever so slightly as you can around you're putting
    the relay is
    a frosting on top and then pulling the bag weight quickly see get a knife
    tip for this particular stalin swelled larger piping tip
    the easier it will be and if you're pumping out a lot a cupcake
    this is the perfect way to for us to tell them in the least amount of time
    which brings me to our final style the rainbow frosting swell
    for the movie got modest the list on my channel is one of my more popular videos
    but it shows you how to achieve that multi-colored effect we've
    as many colors as you like but I do recommend trying to stick to that
    3 once again really loud popping to I'm shoving it
    all the way to the end by packing bag and you want to open that piping bag
    nice and open
    I love the color combination are yellow
    pink Ambler you'll see on taking a large spoonful
    and when I put the second coloring I'm sorry trying to make sure that I get it
    roughly at the same level
    down the bad the third power I'm very gently pulling in and I'm using my
    finger the kindest keep it off the Spain
    and then using hands just ever so gently current solution together a little bit
    using the flat at the back of your hand push them all down so that the three
    different college a suitable heading dense that pop into
    after roughly the same time
    I'm this is great with the three colors but you can you
    any leftover frosting if you've got a little bit have a bunch of different
    throw them all in a body bag and see what you get makes you do not test
    squeeze in a ball to make sure the all three of those palette the coming out
    before you start popping on the cupcake
    now we're gonna do another one of those toll frosting swells but once again you
    could have done
    any other styles are shaded a using the rainbow technique
    I love the color combination of the pink the blue and the yellow
    because it up into the play maybe get purple with blue in the army
    you get green and where the yellow and pink me
    he kinda get like a bit even RNG color hardly have been able to show you at
    techniques to David hadn't thought of before
    I V guys have enjoyed learning some new and interesting for staying at
    techniques using
    your stop hyping tip make sure you want more frosting styles for fabulous
    cupcake the check out my smooth frosting
    stoller tutorial and subscribe to my competitive you want to see more for me
    as always thanks very much for watching *** *** How to make Owl cookies decorated in royal icing wearing knit hat & scarf - YouTube !!!
    hello welcome arlene here today will be making these adorable our cookies
    they're all dressed up for winter they've got their nice knit hat and
    scarf let's get onto the step-by-step tutorial here is my cookie can see here
    this is two cookies melded together I use my little hot cookie and I put on
    top of powell sheet and now I have my template that I'm transferring onto the
    surface of the cookie here I've changed them on here I want too hot to be curved
    down there and then his belly I didn't add anything to the template I'll just
    do those working in brown color my ice to reduce it
    now I'm just continuing my lines just so that i dont once I start decorating so
    the wings I'm just doing like a circle three like let's get started with her I
    say I'm going to start with the ground here and do the area outlined the center
    which will be a wider sure it's actually a lot of very jail made that nice kind
    of golden color the brownish chest by rain pulled us and now I can flood this
    will do the winds out after just to create some separation and one street
    area coming in flood the center I'm not being described as Gordon to be here
    touching my face I'm going to start with the brown
    now we are real me on I'm drawn to circle
    Brown I see more and now I'm flooding the second term white III white job
    to the white shirts
    really nice
    Park nice why not
    I meant to this morning to draw some
    you can certainly do I really don't feel like anything called cash now on the
    wings I'm just connecting right here I'm area kind of going on top of you are you
    seeing here
    to work on his high nice goin' strawberry dust and her we do before
    around for the top and then what all this too much and you don't want to
    find more
    and now I'm just from here
    and I'm not falling down
    to get the rebels out there we have our Nick to work on the scarf flooding that
    very same color year
    and shake
    my white I C and I'm just
    don't perot them to march
    and now we're going to grow
    want an honest I was actually working in the same ground as I did the body I'm
    going to call it just really don't see the point of breaks in the crash
    wednesdays are dry I'll be able to color them in with my dark brown marker maybe
    my block one whichever I decide that scarf again no I got a little rectangle
    part here we go and grab my wife I say cross before adding the other part of
    the scarf
    I'm stunned just below first time around
    the surface
    bit wider first area because it kind of finding it that's why they're not the
    same size as well
    the narrower in the back and now I'm doing the white line
    Joe and then the beat I made it using goal non metallic gold and some yellow
    there like a triangle you the bottom that was the eyes
    but few have had time to dry enough so that I can cause I'm coming in with an
    America where there are markers freshers kind of soft and this is great for this
    particular application not really good for fine detail and you see here I'm
    just dark and gives it a different finished the same as the body and I
    don't want to have the harshness of black on the feet and black is super hot
    here in detail for detail and all it is a dark towards the center and then on
    the other side as you pull and I just could use a nice little touch to the
    parking lot site down just for the direction a little bit easier for me and
    now I'm going to show you what I did and I'm starting in the center and it's just
    a little dog you see and then here poll and I'm just alternating side
    and it gives the look and now here I am going to go to this one and many here on
    the edge since it's only going to be one senators want to pull the impression
    that you can see other I'm just calling for the outside across they are little
    detail I rarely done they're repeating the same same thing here on the house so
    first off here the scarf is missing so you can only do one song playing center
    and then stopping here . pull towards the centre dog hunters crossing over
    gives us the nice look
    here is the completed hot white icing here to the to the sea but we didn't
    feel earlier
    now in my little gingerbread man
    here but one click here with my
    come to life
    is my little too
    so she pleaded little here little extra touch I'm going to add someone
    and and
    if you don't have any future Instagram thanks so much for watching *** ***

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