Cakes on christening parties

Cake with an angel-and little bible will make a great gift for christening parties!
Baptism called rebirth of man, during which he is given a new name. Exactly from this moment the child appears Guardian Angel, Child - is a very important event in the life of any family, which ends home a sacral feast. Some parents arrange celebrations велелюдне with a large number of dishes, some are satisfied only sweet table. But in any case, all buy cakes on christening parties. In conventional confectionery shops can not buy cake, the relevant for their appearance Sacrament of Baptism, so art studio "Present" offers to order a cake christening parties of your child. This cake to order can be made in the form of хрестильне cross, his adorn the figures of angels or infants. The figures can be edible or porcelain that they can be kept at the memory of this festive days. Cakes on christening parties for boys draw with children's accessories (пінеток, подгузнічков, бодік) of blue color, made of caramel or мастіки. If you choose a cakes on christening parties for girls, lack at the art studio cakes with ribbons and butterflies in pink Tony. Professional wizard "Презента", using different accessories at drawing a cake at christening parties, make every cake exclusive, unique. But we must remember that in the design of the cake at christening parties babies still should be predominant white color.
Since the feast with the child involved not only adults but also children, your order has been cake will be made only of high-quality ingredients. All children cakes bakers art studio is manufactured with the use of natural products and dyes.
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