Cakes on 1 years

Cake in the form of unity with foot, piramidas and other nice things trifles to its fans.
birthdays of children - always a great event not only for children, but also for their parents. The first day of the birth of a baby, without a doubt, a special event in the family. This holiday is celebrated in a narrow circle or on a large scale, but invariable attribute of the triumph of a cake per year.few parents prefer to buy cake under normal confectionery shop. As a rule, for the most significant celebration of the first year of life baby try to order a cake, which satisfies the parents and in appearance, and the taste.
The Pastry art studio "Present" with big inspiration and responsibilities are made various children's pies. Of course, cakes for 1 year event, as a rule, do not attempt to, he pay tribute to the guests, invited to the holiday. But assess the bright, colorful documented product can culprits triumph, stopping on it the inquisitive mind.Cakes per year for infants are a perfect backdrop the photographs, who replenish Ukrainian collection. The formal procedure cutting special cake shoot on video. On the pinchukartcenter website you can find a variety of cakes per year for boys: as a typewriter or забавної marvelous device,in the form of пинеточки or infant bottle and teat.
Pies per year for girls decorated with ribbons and лялечками, figurines babies and cats. You can order a cake, images which lack in the gallery "Презента" or propose masters of their vision of a cake per year (often these cakes bought in the form of unity). But that would dessert you choose,cake to order on our art studio remember it for a long time to you and your registration, and taste.
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