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    Alternating layers of chocolate cake and white chocolate mocha cake filled with caramel cream cheese buttercream and covered with dark chocolate ganache and camo fondant.

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    • Cake with fruit
Today is my birthday 11/14 so I made myself a chocolate cake with SMBC and fondant.
    • Cake with fruit
Alternating layers of chocolate cake and white chocolate mocha cake filled with caramel cream cheese buttercream and covered with dark chocolate ganache and camo fondant.
    • Cake with fruit
So thankful for all the wonderful Cake Central members, their pictures and ideas. A special thank you to the cake posted by Nataliee. I got my inspiration from her for my daughter-in-law's birthday.
    • Cake with fruit
Longhorn shaped cake for all the longhorn fans out there.
    • Cake with fruit
I finally had the honor of making my first wedding cake! it was for my best friends sister, i actually traveled to Colorado in the summer to make this.....not thinking of how the houses do not have AC there. it was defiantly a very difficult challenge but it came out beautiful!
    • Cake with fruit
I made this wreath for one of the mums at the school gates who`s ALWAYS raising money for different charities this time it was for st Catherine`s hospice, they were trifle flavour and I cant believe how long all the little toppers took!!
    • Cake with fruit
Chocolate & More Chocolate!
    • Cake with fruit
Fall flowers, pumpkins & baby
    • Cake with fruit
Small 8in birthday cake with sugar flowers
    • Cake with fruit
10 in Pinocchio cake topper
    • Cake with fruit
8" and 6" tiers of chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache and fondant ruffles
    • Cake with fruit
Royal icing in a classic design
    • Cake with fruit
    • Cake with fruit
Lego Chima
    • Cake with fruit
Mexican Sombrero Fiesta Cake
    • Cake with fruit
    • Cake with fruit
Dummy cake with all hand made edible dogs and accessories. Each Dog is hand made and then painted.
    • Cake with fruit
Kevin the Minion made for little Baileys 4th birthday :)
    • Cake with fruit
cupcake cake covered in icing and fondant decor
    • Cake with fruit
vintage airplane baby shower cake.
    • Cake with fruit

A number 2 peppa pig cake for a Huddersfield customer.
    • Cake with fruit
Chocolate with velvety chocolate cream
    • Cake with fruit
Had some leftover ganache so decided to make a cake instead of freezing it. Textured the ganache with melted ganache and used a fantasy flower that I had made months ago. Leaves and border are modeling chocolate dusted with petal dust.
    • Cake with fruit
This cake was so much fun!
    • Cake with fruit
Floral Cupcakes
    • Cake with fruit
Love doing these
    • Cake with fruit
9" Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, decorated with a handmade flower paste poinsettia. My first ever handmade realistic flower!
    • Cake with fruit
A princess and her dog for Antoinette 4 years old. This is a marble cake with chocolate ganache and fondant covering and decorations.
    • Cake with fruit
Starbucks mug cake
    • Cake with fruit
Chocolate Cake for the main body, lemon for the tail. I used a flange and pipe with rice krispies and modelling chocolate for the neck and head. Spikes are gum paste. Completely covered in fondant and then airbrushed. Fire was curtesy of a "cake fountain" fire work. Just wish I could post the video :)
    • Cake with fruit
Dalmation puppies, all edible
    • Cake with fruit

                        This cake features some fundamental techniques, and hand piped decorations! Sometimes the classic feel is the way to go. Thanks for looking!
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